Daymond John’s Angel Investing Mission


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What You'll Learn…

I'm launching a special mission to discover our nation's greatest visionaries before the world knows them by one name like “Musk, Jobs, and Gates.”

daymond john angel investor
Daymond John,
The People's Shark

These brilliant entrepreneurs are building startups in dorm rooms, garages, laboratories, and factories across America.

I'm investing $100K into these small businesses because I believe “the next” Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft are out there.

Let's back the new generation at the beginning of their stories and maybe become a part of history.

Today, we're going to take you step by step through our mission.

It was developed by over 100 of the brightest business minds.

What is Angel Investing?

So a few quick things before we begin.

You're gonna hear the word “startup” a lot.

Startups are small, privately-held businesses.

They're called startups because they're just starting up.

Founders might dream of their companies becoming unicorns – meaning worth at least $1 billion…

unicorns chart
unicorns chart 2

Or ringing that bell on IPO day.

daymond john shopify ipo

But that would happen down the road – if ever.

Now, when you're talking startups, you're talking angel investing…

Being one of the very first to bet on those founders.

How Angel Investing Works

You see, when you buy shares of some stock, you aren't helping that company win – not really.

You bought your shares from someone else.

But when you're an angel investor, you're investing directly into real businesses.

The founders put your money to work right away. 

You'll get to know them. They'll ask for your advice. 

The Story of Tesla's (TSLA) Angel Investors

Elon Musk asked his first angels in Tesla…

“Hey, what do you think… should we sell our technology to Ford and Mercedes? Or should we build our own cars?”

If you were one of Elon's angels, you became a part of Tesla's story.

Pretty cool, right?

But if you waited 'til Tesla IPO'ed, Elon doesn't even know your name.

Tesla's angels were able to invest when the entire company was worth barely $7 million.

tesla angel investor chart

It was a lot more expensive for stock investors on IPO day.

tesla angel investors vs. ipo investors

And while neither side is complaining…

The angels experienced way more upside…

tesla percentage gain angel investors

Because they played a direct role in Tesla's future.

How to Start Angel Investing Today

Alright, since you're literally getting in on the ground floor…

Angel investing is riskier than boring blue-chip stocks.

So what I'm about to say is extremely important – please listen very carefully.

We're going to teach you our “1,000X Formula” for identifying deals with the potential to payout, well…

It's in the name.

But most importantly, we've joined forces to find the next generation of visionaries who've created the startups that can lead America's Comeback.

I'm also investing $100,000 into the startups we select. 

Anything I make from that is going to charity.

We've already identified two incredible startups that passed our test with flying colors.

We'll tell you all about them right here.

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5 thoughts on “Daymond John’s Angel Investing Mission”

  1. Where is the “Get Started” link? I’ve read up and down all the pump of this ‘opportunity’ but if I don’t find the “Start here” link soon, then like I’m sure thousands of others have done, I’m gonna stop wasting my time reading all this “What we do” and “what Daymond does” stuff and spend my time engaging in real opportunities.
    FYI, in this day and age, when someone reads you have a great opportunity for them and click a link that will reveal what that is, they don’t want to spend 4-5hrs reading and watching videos about what the opportunity does – especially when the link said, “Here’s how to get started.”
    In a word, this method of delivery is a bit dated and sales pitches are not attractive marketing options to real opportunities.


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