Elon Musk’s Strange New A.I. Device Could Soon Mint Millionaires

“Astounding.” “A revolution in science and technology.” “Fortunes stand to be made.”

Are you worried about being replaced by A.I.?

According to Elon Musk, you should be worried.

Goldman Sachs already predicted that 300 million jobs will be lost or degraded by Artificial Intelligence.

And 300 million jobs could be just the beginning.

Elon Musk believes A.I. is advancing so fast, that soon it could replace ALL jobs and make us obsolete.

That’s why he invented this strange new device. (Click here to see how it works and what it does.)

He believes it’s our only hope to survive the threat of Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, Wired Magazine said this device could usher in…

“The next step in human evolution.”

According to one hedge fund manager…

“This is one of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve come across in my entire career. Fortunes stand to be made.”

Former hedge fund manager Eric Fry also believes a lot of people will get rich from this device…

Because it’s set to revolutionize the $11.9 trillion global healthcare industry.

“Thanks to A.I., millions could fall into poverty and spend their entire lives depending on handouts from the government. But the ones who know how to invest in Elon’s new A.I. device could walk away with a windfall,” says Eric.

That’s why he recently released a presentation showing you exactly how to potentially profit from this new A.I. project.

Click here to watch it now.

After being named “America’s #1 trader”…

And after giving his readers 41 chances to make at least 1,000% gains…

30-year Silicon Valley and Wall Street veteran Eric Fry believes this is a game-changer that will mint several millionaires across America.

And he found a backdoor way of investing in Elon’s new A.I. project.

Legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman and George Soros…

Have collectively invested billions of dollars into this one play.

Because the executive team behind this investment is set to make an important announcement on July 23rd.

If you wait until then, it could be too late.

Click here to get all the details…