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Roaring Kitty Returns

Keith Gill, widely known as “Roaring Kitty,” returned to social media, igniting a major reaction in the stock market.

This marked his first public appearance since 2021, immediately sparking interest and activity among retail investors.

He posted an image on X symbolizing a renewed focus on the market, which drew significant attention back to GameStop (GME).

GameStop Stock Skyrockets

Following his posts, GameStop (GME) experienced a sharp price increase.

The shares, which closed at $17.46 on Friday, opened much higher at $26.33 the following Monday and peaked at $36.90, including after-hours trading.

This represents an increase of approximately 111.34%, showcasing the profound impact influential social media figures can have on market prices.

Short Sellers Face Huge Losses

The sudden rise in GameStop's (GME) stock was a blow to short sellers, who faced substantial financial setbacks.

Estimates indicate that short-selling hedge funds incurred a mark-to-market loss of approximately $838 million on Monday.1

With more than 24% of GameStop's (GME) freely available shares held short2, the pressure on these positions intensified, suggesting potential further coverage and associated price movements.

The Ripple Effect on Other Stocks

Other stocks commonly grouped under the ‘meme stock' category also saw notable activity. AMC Entertainment (AMC) rallied 78.4% on the same day.3

This movement highlights how sentiment and speculative trading can spill over from one stock to another, particularly those with similar trading histories or investor interests.

Analyzing GameStop's Fundamental Health

Despite the excitement surrounding GameStop's (GME) stock movements, analysts remain divided about the company's fundamental health.4

Although the stock price has increased, the company's underlying financials have not improved. In its latest quarterly report, GameStop posted a profit of $63 million, which is mild considering the drastic stock price movements.

This disconnect raises questions about the sustainability of its stock price, fueled by investor speculation and social media influence.

What Investors Should Watch Next

Watching the company's next earnings report will be crucial, as it will prove whether the stock price can be justified by its financial performance.

Additionally, monitoring short sellers and social media influences will be important, as these could indicate new stock sentiment and price shifts.

Stay alert,

Stock Trend Alerts

Stock Trend Alerts Rating: Neutral

Bullish Cases:

  • GameStop Corp. (GME) saw a substantial stock price jump following Keith Gill's social media buzz, highlighting the market's strong responsiveness to influencer activity.
  • The significant surge from $17.46 to a peak of $36.90 demonstrates robust buying pressure and investor interest, which can further drive upward momentum.
  • GameStop's history shows resilience and recovery, drawing investor interest similar to its patterns in 2021.

Bearish Cases:

  • The sharp stock increase is driven by speculative trading rather than solid company fundamentals, which could lead to volatility and potential declines once the hype fades.
  • GameStop's financial health is still questionable. Only a marginal profit was reported, with previous quarters showing losses, which does not support a sustained increase in stock price.
  • High short interest in GameStop suggests a significant portion of the market is betting against the stock, expecting it to fall. If short sellers cover their positions aggressively, this could lead to downward pressure.

Neutral Cases:

  • The market's reaction to influencer activity like Keith Gill's is unpredictable. While it causes significant short-term movement, it doesn't necessarily indicate long-term trends.
  • The ongoing interest in meme stocks like GameStop and AMC reflects a divided market sentiment, with equal forces of speculative buyers and skeptical sellers.
  • The company's upcoming earnings report will be crucial in determining the current stock price's actual performance and potential sustainability, providing a clearer direction for the stock.

Conclusive Sentiment: Neutral

The bullish and bearish cases reveal a market heavily influenced by speculative trading and social media, adding to its unpredictability. GameStop's fundamental health doesn't strongly support a sustained bullish case, nor does speculation alone confirm a bearish outlook without the upcoming financial results. Maintaining a neutral stance is wise until more concrete financial data is available to assess the stock's underlying value.

GameStop Corp. (GME) Stock Price

Today's RatingStock Name & Ticker SymbolPrice When RatedAnalysis
neutralGameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME)$36.90Neutral: While the substantial price movements indicate a high level of trading enthusiasm, the underlying fundamentals of the company do not strongly support a sustained bullish perspective. A neutral stance is recommended until clearer financial improvements or market stability are evident.
Current Price:

finviz dynamic chart for GME
*Charts are delayed during market hours. Please click the ticker symbol for a real-time quote.


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