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Biden’s $1 Trillion Dirty Clean Energy Scam

(Cleaner Air, Lower Utility Bills, Energy Independence — Lies, Lies and More Lies…)

Get Ready for $20 Gas … $1,000 Utility Bills … and a Chinese OPEC When This Clean Energy Bombshell Goes Off June 1st.

In 2018, for the first time in modern history, America became energy independent.

We no longer needed OPEC, Russia or any other hostile country to supply our fuels.

In fact, for a brief moment, America actually became a net oil exporter…

Prices at the pump dropped nearly 40%.

And the U.S. began sending 8.8 million barrels of oil, gas and other fuels around the world … every single day.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Politicians in Washington … they turned their backs on fossil fuels … the very energy that powered America to greatness.

They cancelled coal, killed the Keystone pipeline and in bursts of brilliance … froze drilling permits for oil and gas..

After choking off our domestic supply of fossil fuel … they went ahead and gambled $1 trillion, and our ENTIRE future, on “clean energy.”

Gosh … that’s more money than we spent on a boarder wall, America’s infrastructure and VA programs … combined.

A clean energy bet, that as you’re about to see, is not only dirtier than fossil fuels, but is actually IMPOSSIBLE to fill all our energy needs.

I want you to fully appreciate what’s at stake here, folks.

They’ve put the very FUTURE of America in grave danger.

Our future, our children’s futures and our children’s children’s future.

Those aren’t just my opinions… Those are the warnings from scientists and experts across the nation … specialists who advised Congress that “two decades of spending on a clean energy transition have led to escalating energy prices that help fuel the destructive effects of inflation.”

And that: “…extreme shortages will result in billions of fatalities from disease, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths.”

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, pushed back at a congressional committee … and said that the administration’s clean energy plans “would be the road to hell for America.”

But all their warnings have fallen on deaf ears…

For whatever reason … fear of climate change, pandering to their voter base or seeking favor from progressives … Washington continues to go full-steam ahead with its green energy plans with blind obsession.

And that, my fellow American, has put our country on collision course with, what I see as, the mother of all energy crises.

Today, you’ll see why its $1 trillion gamble has sent us like a runaway stagecoach charging toward a cliff … to what could become a massive, unavoidable, decades-long nightmare.

Imagine paying $300 to fill up your gas tank…

Not having electricity to heat your home.

Watching your utility bill double, and even triple…

And that’s just the start!

I’ll show you just how bad life in America is going get…

And you’ll see the simple financial move you must make before June 1 if you want a chance to protect your finances.

And you’ll see the simple financial move you must make now if you want a chance to protect your finances.

It’s the very move I’m making to protect my family from the economic shocks to come.

I believe it’ll also keep your family’s financial future secure, in spite of the calamity.

There’s not a moment to waste.

We’ve reached the point of no return.

Progressive politicians have sent us down “the road to hell” … and, as you are about to see, there’s no turning back.

They told us that clean energy would make our lives better, our futures brighter and our nation more secure.

They promised us a rose garden … and gave us weeds instead…

President Obama promised the transition to clean energy “could create 5 million new jobs, easily”…

But where are all those jobs? They don’t show up in the numbers.

Bloomberg reports that he created barely a fraction of that.

Nancy Pelosi said clean energy legislation would make our economy “greener and cleaner.”

But research from Harvard shows that solar panels will create 78 million tons of hazardous waste in just 30 years … and large-wind farms, well they actually increase global warming rather than helping to reduce it.

Bottom line: Clean energy, isn’t so clean. In fact, it’s very dirty.

But wait … there’s more! The clean energy promises don’t stop there.

President Biden promised us clean energy will power America to fresher air, bluer skies and a more promising future.

But it didn’t turn out that way…

Washington’s own research shows that, after 15 years of effort and billions of dollars in expenses, clean energy provides just 12% of America’s energy needs.

In other words, it has barely moved the needle!

But that’s not the half of it.

Progressive politicians pushed the pedal to the metal and doubled down on their clean energy bet … raising their wager from $500 billion to $1 trillion … and then did the unthinkable.

They declared outright war on fossil fuels by killing off pipelines, cancelling coal mines and freezing new drilling permits for oil and gas companies.

They doubled their investment … putting a full $1 trillion on the line … and at the same time, crushed our supply.

And, in doing so, they’ve set the stage for an energy crisis that will make the 1970s feel like a walk in the park.

Imagine paying 3-4x more for daily necessities like milk, toilet paper, jeans, because of soaring freight costs…

Think of what will unfold when millions of middle-class Americans take pay cuts due to mandatory power outages at factories and businesses to conserve energy.

Imagine being unable to call for help if your spouse is having a heart attack … or your home is being broken into … because those same outages have shutdown cellphone towers and communication centers.

The way we work, eat, sleep, stay warm, keep cool, care for ourselves and our families … all of it will be blindsided.

And that’s just the start…

Because our ENTIRE economy will be brought to its knees…

Stores … factories … and data centers across America forced to shut down because of random, rolling blackouts.

Our military crippled….

Air Force jets grounded … tanks at a standstill … troop transports useless … cruisers and destroyers trapped in port by a lack of fuel and electricity…

It will be the mother of all energy crises… unlike any we’ve ever experienced before.

Remember the Arab boycott in the early 1970s?

Gas rationing? Odd and even days?

I remember sitting in our Olds 98 with my mom…spending hours waiting in lines that were a mile long … just to fill up half a tank. …

Or seeing fights break out when tensions ran high because people were waiting on line for hours.

And that was just from a shortage of gasoline…

Now think of what will happen from a shortage of ALL forms of energy.

In today’s modern world, everything in our lives … our jobs, our security, our freedom … they ALL rely on energy. Every. Single. Thing.

Do you think a crisis like this sounds far-fetched?

IF so, let me give you a reality check.

We’re already seeing it play out in Europe…

In 2000, Germany signed into law its Renewable Energy Sources Act … legislation that went all-in on renewable energy and set in motion plans to shut down all fossil fuel power plants.

Wind and solar farms began springing up all over Germany and along the North Sea.

It became the poster child for clean energy in Europe. Other EU nations eagerly jumped on the bandwagon.

Everyone from Sweden and Poland to Romania and the U.K. began to embrace clean energy and declared war on fossil fuels.

No smooth, gradual transitions. And no well-thought-out backup plans.

Instead, they quickly enacted bold, new laws to phase out fossil fuels…

They banned fracking…

And they began to shut down coal-fueled power plants one after another. By 2021, half of Europe’s coal plants had been closed or slated for retirement.

Politicians in the EU gambled their nations’ futures on the blind pursuit of clean energy, even though clean energy only met about 20% of Europe’s electricity needs.

The EU in their enthusiasm for clean energy…put the cart before the horse…

And now, they are paying the price…

This past winter, Russia shut off the flow of natural gas to Europe for only a few weeks … and sent the whole continent into a panic.

Germans hoarded firewood.

People in Poland burned garbage to keep warm.

Electricity bills in the U.K. soared.

German industries were “savaged” by skyrocketing energy costs…

And the entire continent braced itself for a winter of power outages and rolling blackouts.

And boy were they lucky that Europe had a very mild winter.

If a normal winter hit … fuhgeddaboudit.

Why the chaos? Because clean energy alone simply cannot provide enough electricity. It’s literally impossible. You’ll see why in just a moment.

And without enough traditional power plants to carry the load … or their own sources of fossil fuel to run them … Europe set themselves up for disaster.

They’ve not only jeopardized the health, safety and financial future of their citizens…

They’ve given Russia the power to shut down their economies … cripple their armies … and bring life to a standstill with the flip of a switch.

All Russia has to do is permanently turn off the flow of natural gas through the Nord Stream pipeline … and Europe would plunge back into the dark ages.

I hope their predicament has got your attention, because similar signs of disaster have begun to surface right here in America too…

In 2020, California had to enforce four days of mandatory rolling blackouts during one of the hottest heatwaves on record … the first non-wildfire blackouts they’d seen in nearly 20 years. Then, just this past summer, the state declared a grid emergency yet again.

Years ago, electricity suppliers in the Midwest created a last-ditch plan called a “MaxGen” event. When there’s not enough electricity available to meet demand, they call on every available backup generator and hope it will be enough…

MaxGen events rarely occurred before 2016.

But since then, there have been of 40 of them.

It’s more than alarming, it’s downright frightening.

And look what happened in Texas…

Stories of people struggling without power for days during the 2021 “Texas Freeze” we’re all over the news.

But what most people don’t know is that Texas was a breath away from an EVEN BIGGER catastrophe…

In a little-noticed interview with The Texas Tribune, officials who operate the power grid divulged the true story…

They revealed that the state’s power grid was just “seconds and minutes” away from a catastrophic failure … a failure that could have left Texans in the dark for months.

Where was all the abundant clean energy then…?

Just like Europe, U.S. politicians have turned their backs on fossil fuels before there is anywhere near enough clean energy to take their place…

Just like in Europe, the knee jerk transition to clean energy has weakened the U.S. power grid to the edge of collapse…

And, just like in Europe, the price of electricity has started to climb all across America…

But please hear me out … this is just a small preview of the nightmare we’re about to face.

You won’t hear anyone in Washington talking about the signs of the coming disaster, but they are there for anyone to see…

A massive energy crisis isn’t just coming to America. It’s already here, knocking on our door.

A team from The Wall Street Journal ran an exposé titled “America’s New Energy Crisis,” and concluded that: “Fossil fuel plants are closing faster than green alternatives can replace them.”

In the very first line they state: “America is wrestling with the worst energy crisis in nearly five decades.”

They get it, they understand what’s happening. It’s right there in the very first line. And yet our elected politicians ARE STILL dead set on a rapid transition to clean energy.

President Biden said: “[He’s] proud to have taken bold action to build clean energy at home,” and that, “our historic progress to confront climate change continues.”

The United States Department of Energy stated: “We need to do all we can to achieve President Biden’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.”

And VP Kamala Harris shared her two cents: “[We] will cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half by no later than 2030. And by no later than 2050, we will reach net-zero emissions.”

The damage from their blind, obsessive rush to clean energy is growing by the day…

And it’s only going to get much, much worse.

A former member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission even admitted: “The crisis now is much worse than it was in the 1970s. Everyone is looking around, and no one seems to know what to do.”

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope … an opportunity to protect your family, sidestep the coming crisis and even grow your money in spite of it.

But you must move on it before June 1.

I’ll show you why in just a moment.

But first, you should know who I am, and why I felt it my duty to bring you this message.

My name is Charles Mizrahi.

I am one of the key leaders at the financial research firm, Banyan Hill.

I, along with my colleagues, study the financial markets closely … technology, health care, consumer staples and the like … along with, energy.

Using our research, we show people how to make simple investments in these markets so they can build the financial future they deserve.

Odds are, you’ve seen me on the major networks sharing my insight…

You may have even seen me teaming up with Former Governor Mike Huckabee…

Or perhaps for Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin…

Or maybe even political commentator Bill O’Reilly.

That’s because I’ve had a pretty good track record of success over the past 40 years.

Take 1987 for example.

The stock market was soaring higher, but I saw signs that trouble was coming. I got my clients out of stocks and into the safety of cash two weeks before the infamous Black Monday crash.

Even the New York Times wrote about it.

Then, in December of 1999, I warned my clients: “We are seeing the worst technical readings the market has seen in over a decade. There continues to be intense speculation that reminds us of the late 1920s.”

Four months later the dot-com bubble burst … and stocks plunged.

In 2005, I warned of the housing bubble stating: “All the arguments that we heard close to 20 years ago about the eternal housing bull market are playing out again…” and that my advice was to “watch from the sidelines where you couldn’t get hurt.”

Sure enough, the housing bubble popped … and triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

One more quick example. December, 2021. Everyone was raving about all the profits they made in tech stocks. I published a statement warning that our current market was “Crazier Than the Dot-Com Bubble.”

I told everyone to sell speculative tech stocks. One month later, tech stocks cratered … and the bear market was unleashed.

Each of those warnings … '87, '99, 2005 and 2021 … proved true.

And, in each case, those who listened to me were able to protect both their family and their future.

You can likely imagine why those at top firms, such as Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch pay for our insights.

However, with all that said … the warning I want to share with you today is, by far, my most serious warning yet…

We are on the verge of the biggest energy crises in American history … a crisis that puts our economy, our military, our financial freedoms and our way of life in grave danger.

I know it still sounds hard to believe that a nightmare like this could sweep across America…

After all, everywhere you look, Washington is doing its best to tell you there is no energy crisis.

President Biden has even told you that the surge in prices is temporary … just a brief spike caused by the Ukrainian war and “profiteering” by oil companies…

And he’s even pointed out that prices at the pump have already started to drop…

OF COURSE they’ve come down from their peak…

That’s because the Biden administration tapped into four decades’ worth of Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

In just a few months, the Biden Administration drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level in nearly 40 years.

Keep in mind, these reserves were meant for a national emergency — like a terrorist attack. Or a MAJOR crisis … like in 1973 when OPEC placed a total oil embargo on the United States.

But Biden tapped into the reserves a month before mid-term elections to bring down prices at the pump… and help ensure Democrats held their seats in the Senate.

And it worked.

But, as a result, there are only about 20 days’ worth of oil left in reserve.

Think about that…

Thanks to a short-sighted political maneuver, the very safety cushion meant to get us through an energy crisis has already been depleted to its lowest level in decades.

And it’s only a short-term fix…

The instant our reserves get shut off, you can bet your bottom dollar the price of gas will start to soar again.

Our president also told us, in July of 2021, that inflation is temporary…

He said that it had to do with coronavirus and lingering supply chain issues … not a shortage of energy.

But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that higher prices at the pump mean higher costs to manufacture and transport goods…

And we’re not just talking about packages ordered from Amazon or meals delivered by UberEats…

Every item we buy, every service we use, depends on energy.

When the price of energy goes up it sets off a chain reaction…

The cost to fuel tractors and to fertilize our crops. The cost to run the paper mill. The cost to run garbage trucks. The utility bills for a hospital…

Everything goes up.

The more it costs to make, service or ship an item means the more you’ll have to pay to buy it.

Everything from bread and toilet paper to your garbage collection and health care will soar in price.

Look at what happened in the 1970’s crisis…

  • Oil shot up 360%.
  • Gas shot up 460%.
  • Ground beef soared 120%.
  • Even the price of a candy bar doubled.

And that was just from an oil crisis…

This time, we’re on the verge of an all-out ENERGY crisis.

The pain will extend FAR beyond the gas pump…

You’ve seen what the mere threat of mass power outages has done in Europe…

We’ve already seen them start to happen in California and Texas…

And you’ve seen how the ENTIRE Midwest is on the verge of frequent rolling blackouts…

Now imagine what mass power outages and mandatory blackouts all across America would do…

Even if people somehow manage to keep their cool, the cost we suffer will be staggering…

Those four days of rolling blackouts in California just a few years ago, are estimated to have cost businesses nearly $10 billion.

And the Texas Freeze in 2021 power outage cost the Lonestar state a whopping $130 billion.

Now multiply that across the whole US … for several days each week … month after month … for up to 10 years…

Businesses profits will plunge. Factories will regularly get shut down. Stores will be forced to slash their hours. And paychecks all across the nation will be slashed to the bone.

While prices for our daily expenses soar to the moon.

It will literally cripple our economy … all because of Washington’s hasty, $1 trillion bet on clean energy coupled with their war on fossil fuels.

And it’s more than just households and businesses that will suffer from a lack of electricity and fuel…

Jet fighters, Humvees, tanks, helicopters, drones, cruisers and destroyers all rely on fossil fuel…

And our military’s bases, command centers and communications all rely on electricity.

No fuel plus no electricity equals a crippled military…

That’s right, Washington’s big, all-in bet on clean energy has put our national security at risk … right when the military threat from China is the highest it’s been in decades, and they’re sending spy balloons over military instillations in our heartland.

And what is their answer to this increased security risk…?

To double down.

You heard President Biden. We’re spending trillions of your tax dollars to do it.

On what planet does this make sense?

For decades, America was trapped under the thumb of OPEC.

Then, in 2018, thanks to the breakthrough of fracking, we finally gained energy independence…

For the first time in 75 years, the U.S. was once again a net oil exporter rather than a net oil importer.

But then, in its obsession with a rapid transition to clean energy, Washington clamped down on oil drilling, refining and pipelines.

And in just two years’ time … two years … it turned America back into a net importer of crude oil again.

The sun doesn’t always shine…

The wind doesn’t always blow…

And neither of them is available 24/7 everywhere in the U.S.

You see … there is only ONE way that clean energy could ever work as an around-the-clock power source that powers a nation…

With batteries.

Vox calls energy storage:

Time said:

And the International Renewable Energy Agency declared:

Powering America with 100% clean energy will require a huge amount of supersized batteries.

Electric vehicles can’t run without batteries.

And power companies can’t store renewable electricity without big, utility-scale batteries.

Cities, industries and the military won’t have constant, reliable sources of power without thousands upon thousands of batteries…

We’ll need zillions of batteries everywhere … from trains, ships and planes to massive battery farms that are more than three football fields in size. All across America.

And that’s a HUGE problem.

Because we have to import the rare earth minerals needed to make all those batteries.

And take a guess where we need to get them from…China.

Yep, China.

China sits on top of 40% of the world’s copper, 59% of lithium, 68% of nickel and 73% of cobalt … all of which are needed to process batteries.

And that barely scratches the surface…

Research from the Manhattan Institute shows that the U.S. is 100% dependent on imports for 17 critical minerals need to make clean energy work.

It would be a national security nightmare.

And for what…

After decades of being at OPEC’s mercy, we were finally energy independent. We had all the energy we needed. We were the No. 1 source for oil in the entire free world.

But Washington threw it all away … for a silly, failed, all-in bet on clean energy.

Now, to add insult to injury, Washington’s clean energy plans would make China the NEW OPEC…

Every home, every business, every power plant … our air force, our army, our navy … all of America … would be dependent upon China to provide the rare earth materials we need for the batteries.

It’s no wonder experts are sounding the alarm…

And here’s the real kick in the pants…

A 100% clean energy future is only a dream.

And that’s because it’s literally impossible to make enough batteries.

There aren’t enough mines in the world to provide enough materials. Research from Prager University shows that global mining would need to increase as much as 2,000% to meet battery demands.

You can’t stick a pipe into the ground for oil without environmental regulations shutting the operation down…

So, do you really think the U.S. is going to approve a 20-fold increase in mining operations to make all those batteries?

As for third-world nations, it’s bad enough they’re resorting to child labor to meet the current need for batteries…

There is just no way they’ll ever have the resources or even enough minerals to make Washington’s clean energy goals a reality…

And even IF we could mine enough minerals for all those batteries, it would take FOREVER to make them…

Case in point.

Tesla built the world’s largest battery factory in Nevada…

And as impressive as that is, it would still take that factory 500 years to make enough batteries to store just ONE day’s worth of America’s electricity use.

Imagine how long it would take to make enough to power America for a week … or a month.

It’s impossible.

That’s not speculation or opinion … it’s physics.

Washington’s clean energy goals are a pipe dream … a massive PR stunt to win votes.

They bet BIG on clean energy … $1 trillion BIG … and it backfired.

Now, America – you and I— are about to pay the consequences for it…

We’re about to face the worst energy crisis in our nation’s history.

And this is what grinds my gears…

Although they’ll never admit it, they know it. They know their $1 trillion clean energy gamble is backfiring.

Why else did President Biden go to Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, to beg them for more oil…

Why do you think there’s suddenly talk of a “huge new drilling project” in Alaska…

And why do you think the Biden administration quietly approved plans to build a new oil terminal … the nation’s largest … in the Gulf of Mexico…

But they can’t openly admit they’re wrong…

It would send their voter base into a tizzy , and they’ll all be looking for new jobs come the day after the next election.

They can’t just hand China the keys to America in exchange for a clean energy future … because that would national suicide … and also get them slaughtered at the polls…

And they can’t fulfill their promise and win their $1 trillion gamble, to make America run on 100% clean energy by 2050 … because it’s physically impossible.

That leaves them, and us, with just one choice…

Washington’s ONLY OPTION is to quietly embrace the very things they’ve shunned … the very things that made us the strongest, richest country in the world — fossil fuels.

So, they’ll continue to preach their clean energy rhetoric. And they’ll continue to throw money at their impossible gamble … even though it has already backfired.

But, behind the scenes, they’ll be frantic to get their hands on as much fossil fuel as they can.

They have no other choice.

And it’s already starting to happen. You’ve just seen it.

The talk of new drilling in Alaska, overturning a fracking ban in California, greenlighting new oil pipeline work … all the signs are there, if you know where to look.

But there’s a major problem…

You can’t just turn on new fracking sites, pipelines, or oil refineries with the flip of a switch…

It can take up to a decade to get approval and bring new oil fields, pipelines and refineries online.

But Washington doesn’t have 10 years to wait. It doesn’t even have six months to wait…

Our oil reserves are running out, quick.

The next massive spike in energy demand is set to occur around June 1.

That’s when summer will begin, and the next wave of record-breaking heat waves will send energy consumption through the roof … overwhelm power supplies … and set the stage for large-scale rolling blackouts.

The next massive spike in energy demand is set to occur around December 21.

That’s when winter will begin, and the next wave of winter storms will send energy consumption through the roof … overwhelm power supplies … and set the stage for large-scale rolling blackouts…

The next massive spike in energy demand is set to occur soon.

That’s when winter will begin, and the next wave of winter storms will send energy consumption through the roof … overwhelm power supplies … and set the stage for large-scale rolling blackouts…

And the quick, desperate need for energy will put one specific fossil fuel at the top of their list…

Natural gas.

It’s the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet…

Data from the International Energy Agency shows that, since 2010, switching coal power plants over to natural gas has kept 500 million tons of CO2 from being released … the equivalent of putting 200 MILLION EVs on the road.

And North America is swimming in it.

At last count, the Energy Information Administration reported the U.S. alone has enough natural gas beneath its feet to last 100 years.

Add in our neighbors to the north, Canada, and you’re looking at an absolute treasure trove of available natural gas … just what the West will need to get us through this unavoidable energy crisis.

What’s more, those are just the current recoverable reserves…

Continued improvements in drilling and fracking technology have allowed us to reach more and more new areas of gas each year.

In fact, America is so rich in natural gas, countries like Germany, France, Spain, the U.K., Poland, Japan … and even China … are begging us liquify more of it for transport, so they can buy more shipments from us.

And here at home, about 38% of U.S. powerplants use natural gas to generate electricity…

As the energy crisis erupts in full force, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to use more of it … a LOT MORE.

The Hill reported:

Forbes stated:

NPR reported:

And a Forbes contributor predicted:

Real talk — natural gas is going to take center stage in America’s future.

It’s the only realistic way to get “cleaner”, stronger, and we’re going to produce and A LOT MORE of it…

And I have my eye on a company that’s set to grow by leaps and bounds as we do.

You see, while I have a long history of helping avoid crisis before they happen, such as the crashes of 1987, 2000, 2008 and 2021, I also know how to profit from it.

In 1987, I was named the top market timer, and made average annual gains of 100% or more year, after year, after year.

In 2008, I assembled an “inevitable portfolio” of stocks. All told, anyone who invested $10,000 into it is now sitting on $53,400.

And in 2021, I told folks to buy stocks such as Occidental Petroleum, Amerco and Progressive … which are up 21%, 39% and 50%.

And I am doing the exact same thing right now.

The natural gas company I’ve identified is in a perfect position to help us throughout the crisis and grow its operations.

It’s one of the top-five natural gas producers in all North America.

The CEO got his start with Shell and has been in the industry for more than 40 years.

Its free cash flow has been climbing through the roof…

That means it has plenty of money to both grow its operations … AND to reward investors through share buybacks and dividends.

They have by far, the largest future inventory of natural gas in North America. They also have over 75 years’ worth of current drilling inventory … more than enough to help get us through a long-lasting crisis.

And it has the best greenhouse gas emissions score out of any of its peers … by a mile.

To top it all off, this company signed a deal to supply gas to the largest natural gas producer in the United States … for the next 15 years.

Talk about checking all the boxes…

During the last big crisis we faced, the pandemic, shares of this company shot up as high as 1,400% from 2020 to 2022.

And that was a medical crisis … a pandemic…

Just imagine how high it could go during an all-out energy crisis…

When I saw the potential of this stock … when I saw how much free cash flow this company was generating … I put my 40 years of experience and connections to use to really drill down into the details…

And what I found was incredible. This company checks off one box after another.

In fact, the CEO himself has purchased $1.3 million worth of shares in just three months.

And they weren’t stock options awarded to him as part of his salary or a bonus…

He bought them himself, with his own money.

Now, you KNOW big things are about to happen when the CEO of a company puts that much money on the line.

So, if he’s investing $1.3 million in his own stock, don’t you think you should invest too.

That’s why I’m investing in this stock. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about going “all-in.” I don’t have to go all-in. If this stock goes up 1,400% again, I only need to invest a little to make a small fortune.

I think you should invest in it too.

I expect this company to deliver tremendous gains … more than enough to help cushion your family from sky-high utility bills and a shrinking paycheck.

It’s my No. 1 stock recommendation for getting through the energy crisis.

In fact, if you invest in it now, BEFORE the next, big spike in demand hits, it could even help keep your financial goals and dreams on track … even if the crisis lasts decades.

That’s why I want to give you access to my latest investor report. It covers this opportunity in exacting detail.

The report is called Energy Fortunes. It’s valued at $199 but I’d like to send it to you for free…

I’ll tell you how to get it in just a moment.

You can have it in your hands right away, so that you can purchase this natural gas stock in your 401(k), IRA or just in a regular brokerage account.

However, I don’t want to stop there.

There’s also another opportunity I want to share with you…

An oil investment.

You see, while everyone is raving about electric vehicles, they still represent less than 1% of cars in the U.S.

That means 99% of Americans still need to fill their cars and trucks with gas.

Gas also fuels the 45,000 flights spanning our skies…

And the countless container ships transporting goods to stock Amazon warehouses and Walmart shelves…

That means we’ll need more oil … a LOT more.

That’s where my No. 2 energy crisis recommendation is going to shine…

It’s a company that has oil and gas operations in not just one or two, but FIVE of America’s richest shale formations.

It’s been named the “World’s Fastest-Growing Oil and Gas Brand.”

  • It has delivered stronger and stronger results across all of its top U.S. resource basins.
  • Its free cash flow is at an all-time high.
  • And a few months ago, it signed a deal that DOUBLED its presence in the massive Eagle Ford shale field.

This company is in an ideal position. I can only expect that the worse the energy crisis gets, the quicker it’ll continue to grow.

And, as icing on the cake, it pays shareholders a 9% dividend.

That’s huge. FIVE times bigger than most other companies.

It’s money in the bank … every three months … that can be used as an extra cushion against rising utility bills and gas prices.

Plus, just like my No 1. stock pick, during the last crisis America faced, shares of this oil driller soared. It shot up as high as 1,530% in just over two years.

And while there are no guarantees when it comes to investing, all my research leads me to believe that it could do it again.

That’s because Washington, while it can’t admit it in public, is desperate for more oil.

Its failed clean energy gamble has ripped open a huge hole in our energy supply.

And you’ve seen just how badly they need to fill it…

President Biden went to Saudi Arabia practically begging for oil and all he got was a fist bump from a Saudi prince.

Now, the only safe, reliable place to get more oil is right here in the good ol’ USA.

And this company is ready to help provide it.

You’ll find all the details in my second new report, Oil 2.0.

It also is valued at $199, and you’ll see how to get it for free in just a moment.

I believe that owning these two stocks will protect your wealth, provide a steady income stream and put you in position to reap massive gains in the years ahead.

And I have one more very important investment recommendation for you as the clean energy crisis unfolds…

Energy is only as plentiful as your ability to get it to where it’s needed…

And that’s what makes my third stock recommendation an absolute must-have for your portfolio…

  • This company is one of the most well-positioned pipeline operators in the country.
  • It has one of the largest and most diversified networks, with pipelines servicing ALL of America’s major oil- and gas-producing shale basins.
  • They move crude oil, raw natural gas, refined oil, and refined natural gas from fields to transport hubs and refineries.
  • And they even supply water to fracking sites … which the oil drillers need to pump into the ground to force oil out.

Pipelines are the arteries and veins of America. Without them, no energy.

At the end of the day, it’s next to impossible for anyone else to replicate this company’s footprint.

And its network is growing larger by the moment…

In fact, Washington had quietly given them approval to put another new pipeline in service. It will move natural gas from the Haynesville shale basin to terminals and refineries along the Gulf Coast.

Plus, they recently signed a huge deal to lock in 20 years of liquified natural gas sales.

This company also pays a big dividend of close to 9%.

To top it off, in the past few months, management and company insiders have bought a ton of shares … and have a lot of their own skin in the game.

That’s another huge sign of what they expect the future to bring…

And of course, like the previous two companies, its shares shot up during COVID … enough to triple your money in less than three years.

But, again, that was during a pandemic.

Take a look at what happened to it during the 2008 financial crisis … in seven years, its shares soared over 1,400%.

I’ve put all my insights on this company into a third, new report called Pipeline Profits.

This unmatched pipeline company is an ideal addition to the other two opportunities we’ve just talked about…

After all, the stock market can be unpredictable … and there’s no way of knowing with absolute certainty which of these stocks is most likely to climb … or if any of them will.

There is always risk involved in investing, and you should never invest more than you can stand to lose.

But by investing in all three, you maximize your chances to protect and grow your money.

In past crises, shares of these three energy companies have shined.

And those were medical and financial crises…

What do you think will happen to them in this crisis, an actual all-out ENERGY crisis…

I think they will go up even higher.

And while you wait, you’ll collect as much as 9% in passive income.

By now you see why these are my top-three stocks for the catastrophe that Washington’s clean energy gamble is about to unleash on us.

So, its time for the big question — how can you get free access to all three of these reports right now?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’m the Chief Investment Director for Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Robert, a reader from Iowa, sent this email…

And Barbara said…

John, Robert and Barbara are paying subscribers of Alpha Investor. And their emails are just a few out of many that I’ve chosen to highlight.

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Of course, everyone’s results will be unique…

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I’ve helped John, Robert and Barbara do it … and I even helped Sarah Palin as well…

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But I expect this to be the worst energy crisis America has ever faced…

Washington’s $1 trillion gamble on clean energy not only backfired … it has also put America on an unavoidable path to disaster.

Those who do nothing will watch their financial goals, and dreams, get vaporized as utility bills skyrocket … paychecks get slashed … and energy becomes more precious than gold.

But it’s not too late to protect yourself…

If you act now … before the next big, overwhelming surge in demand kicks America’s energy grid into crisis mode … you have the chance to do much more than protect your family and sidestep the crisis…

You’ll also have the opportunity to grow your money … in spite of it.

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Sir John Templeton became famous … and rich … by investing amid the outbreak of World War II. While most people were running for cover, he was buying stocks.

In the 1970s, amid the Oil Shocks and stagflation, Warren Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway into a money machine … and by 1982 he had a net worth of $376 million.

John Paulson achieved fame … and a $2.5 billion fortune … in the depths of the 2008 financial crisis.

All great investors know that crises not only spell danger … they also bring great opportunity.

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Charles Mizrahi
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March 2023

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