Crypto Millionaire Abandons Bitcoin After Crash For THIS


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He started praising Bitcoin when it was trading for just $61… putting him years ahead of the curve…

I'm talking about Crypto genius James Altucher. He's made millions in the cryptocurrency space…

But, as of now, he has complete sold all of his Bitcoin.

Is it because of the 2022 cryptocurrency crash?


In fact, today he owns MORE cryptocurrency than ever before in his life…

… and there's a certain coin (not Bitcoin) that he's buying like crazy.

He's predicting it will deliver 8,788% returns for investors…

Turning a $50 investment into over $4,000… or a $1000 investment into almost $90,000.

Click here to find out what this coin is.

Best regards,

Matt Insley,
Publisher, Paradigm Press

P.S. James predicts an 8,788% return for this coin alone by 2025. Find out its name here.

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