Stocks Could Crash on July 19 at 4:05pm ET


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There's been a “slow-motion” crash this year.

Most people don't realize it, but the number of Nasdaq stocks down 50% or more has now hit a near record.

And on July 19, it could get worse… much worse.

At 4:05 p.m. ET that afternoon, one of America's oldest and most beloved firms will make an announcement that could send it plummeting.

And take down hundreds of other stocks with it.

The man who called the 2020 Crash has posted a new public warning here.

Including the details of one little-known group of stocks that could actually GO UP after the big announcement on July 19.

We urge you to prepare now.

Many popular stocks like Netflix are down more than 50% from their recent highs, and a lot of people are betting on a “turnaround.”

Click here to see why that's a big mistake right now.


Marc Gerstein
Director of Research, Chaikin Analytics

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