Fastest inflation rate rise in American history 



This is worse than analysts expected. And it's just the beginning.

Starting many months ago, we told you inflation would explode, and it happened just as we said it would.

The news is no surprise to us, but it's shocking nonetheless:

The Consumer Price Index has now recorded the fastest rise in the inflation rate in American history.

I need not tell you how dire the consequences will be – not just for anyone with savings, but also for anyone who wants to build wealth and retire.

But I do need to give you some urgent guidance:

First, don't expect this inflation surge to end. Our research tells us it's part of a 5-year supercycle that's just beginning.

Second, watch our blockbuster 60-minute video about this crisis. It's exactly what the doctor ordered for this inflationary cycle, and precisely on target with what's happening all around us RIGHT NOW!

Second, seriously consider acting on the investments we name near the end of the video.

They are already surging. And today's news tells us they will continue to surge.

Third, don't miss the opportunity to get our continuing investment recommendations for the entire duration of this 5-year supercycle – all for LESS than the cost of just one year. Details here.

Just be aware – if you delay, you will miss this opportunity entirely.

Good luck and God bless!


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