Our Most Important Forecast in 50 Years



Our Most Important Forecast in 50 Years (Watch here.)

I take great pride in our long history of accurate forecasts for investors:

  • In 1987, we warned of the stock market crash months in advance, as well as the explosive recovery that followed.
  • We've accurately called nearly every major up-and-down move for gold since 1999.
  • In 2007, we warned that the real estate bubble was about to burst, triggering the Great Recession.
  • In March 2009, we announced that the market would soon recover, just before the longest bull market in history took off.
  • We accurately predicted Donald Trump's 2016 victory and the even greater bull market afterward.
  • Just last year, we predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine, turbocharging the massive spike in resource prices that we've just seen.

And now, we are releasing our most important forecast of all.

It involves the convergence of three terrible cycles:

The cycle of debt …

The cycle of inflation, and …

The cycle of war.

We believe they will upend nearly everything about the way we live, save and invest.

Those caught unprepared could see entire fortunes erased overnight. But those who know what to look for – and what actions to take right now – could have the opportunity to create true generational wealth.

That's precisely what cycles expert Sean Brodrick and I reveal in our emergency video broadcast, Financial Judgment Day, including …

  • The most important forecast in the 50-year history of the Weiss companies.
  • How Russia's invasion of Ukraine is unleashing a series of pent-up forces in the global economy that could change our world and our finances for decades to come.
  • The time-honored cycles that accurately predicted the Great Depression, and how we've used them to accurately predict nearly every major move in stocks and gold since 1987.
  • The economic devastation that occurred the last time the cycles converged into a supercycle.
  • The global catastrophe this supercycle is predicting right now.
  • How the facts on the ground in Europe and around the world are completely in sync with the predictions that our cycles research is generating.
  • The next three phases of this crisis: How investors could build a substantial fortune with each.
  • What investors must do – beginning immediately – to help insulate their income, savings and investments from the repercussions.
  • The supercycle investments specifically designed to protect and grow very substantial wealth in these chaotic times.
  • And much more.

If you are invested in the market right now on any level, I urge you – do NOT miss this all-important conference.

Without a doubt, it is our most important forecast in 50 years.

Click this link to watch our landmark video while there's still time.

Good luck and God bless!


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