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Hi, Luke Lango here.

And I’m here in Silicon Valley – the A.I. capital of the world – to show you the #1 A.I. stock to buy right now…

It’s right down there… in the Valley below me.

Incredibly, it’s not Nvidia, Google, Microsoft or any of the other AI stocks making headlines.

It’s a company I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of…

But it’s already generating lots of buzz here in the Valley.

They’ve got a business that I’m certain everyone in America – me… you… our friends… our families… literally everyone – will be using very soon.

The incredible thing is, not one in a thousand Americans has even heard of this company before.

In fact, very few of the folks on Wall Street know about it either.

This is without a doubt my #1 AI recommendation to buy today.

But mark my words: It will NOT stay unknown for long.

I’m going to give you all the details for free, right here in this presentation.

There’s no catch.

I don't need your credit card info…

I don't need your email address…

All you have to do is stay tuned.

I’m confident you’ll have the chance to make a lot of money in the next few years, with just this single investment.

But before I tell you the name, ticker symbol and other key details about this company…

I first need to address the elephant in the room.

Why in the world would I give away such valuable information for free?

Well, you’ve probably noticed it in recent years…

The incredible wealth-building force taking over society.

Every aspect of our lives is getting disrupted by new technology.

It’s extraordinary… historic… revolutionary, even…

Every day, it seems like technology companies take over more and more of the American economy…

Amazon took over retail.

Uber took over cabs.

Apple, our phones.

Facebook, advertising.

Netflix, movies and TV.

Google has taken over data.

What’s happening, in short, is that we are in the middle of moving from an analog world… to a digital, computer-powered society.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the things you value… the things you buy… the way we all interact with each other…

Are changing in a massive way…

And we’re never going back.

Which is why I’m here in Silicon Valley, a city full of people who leveraged technology to launch the most successful businesses in history.

People like Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison and Elon Musk.

And when you look at the stock returns of those guys, it’s obvious why they billionaires many times over.

Shares of Jeff Bezos’s firm Amazon are up 1,400 -fold since the company’s IPO.

Shares of Elon Musk’s Tesla are up 22,364% since the company’s IPO.

And shares of Larry Ellison’s Oracle are up an incredible 1,652-fold since the company’s IPO.

That kind of performance turns a small stake of $2,000 into more than $3.3 million.

It turns a $15,000 stake into more than $24 million.

So, while starting your own tech company may be the number ONE way to get rich in America, let’s face it…

Most folks don’t have the time or the connections to do it…

Or they simply don’t want the stress and risk that come with it.

That’s why it’s so important for you to know the second best way to make a lot of money in America…

And that’s financially backing the kinds of people I just mentioned.

It’s by investing in the next Jeff Bezos… the next Larry Ellison… and the next Elon Musk…

While their businesses are still small and unknown.

In other words, become an early-stage business investor…

Invest in people who’ve got a great idea…

And who are ready and willing to start and grow that idea into a hugely successful business.

And there’s never been a more exciting time to do this than right now.

As we enter the most world-changing epoch of our lifetimes…

As Artificial Intelligence creates opportunities for untold wealth practically out of thin air.

Backing an entrepreneur in the early days can generate incredible wealth…

Where an investment of $100, $200 or $500…

Can blossom into a $5,000… $10,000… even $50,000 or more.

It happens all the time…

And that pace is only accelerating as the smartest entrepreneurs in this town tap into the power of A.I. to transform the world we live in, in incredible ways.

The key to profiting off their achievements is to find them when they are still small and off the radar of most investors.

Finding these opportunities is what I excel at…

Let me show you what I mean…

Follow me.

We’re here in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the offices of a company called Globant.

Now, you’ve probably never heard of this company before.

Most people haven’t.

Remember, that’s a good thing.

Globant helps companies re-invent themselves by harnessing the power of A.I. in their businesses.

Because if you know anything about huge corporations… you know how slow they can be to adopt new technologies.

Well, Globant was founded by four friends in a bar who had the crazy idea that they could walk into these multinational firms and get the job done themselves.

Leaving a completely transformed business in their wake.

When I first learned about Globant and the types of billion-dollar companies they were inking contracts with, I knew it was going to be big.

I knew any companies struggling to keep pace with technology would flock to use a service like this.

So, I recommended buying Globant before A.I. was even a buzzword. In fact, it would be almost three years before investors started taking A.I. seriously.

Shares of the stock then tripled, giving my readers an opportunity to make peak gains of 211%…

Today, Globant is the leading A.I. consultancy in America whose clients include Coca-Cola, Nissan and even Google.

It’s an incredible success story and one that’s not even close to being over…

My readers had the opportunity to become early investors before the business took off like a rocket ship!

And this is just one example.

Let's check out another one…

Impinj, Ticker symbol PI, is a company that Inc. Magazine named one of the “most innovative post-IPO startups in America”…

It’s a company you’ve never heard of… and they’re taking over with a technology you can’t see – radio frequency.

Impinj is a great example of how often the best startups are the ones working on projects and products that never make the headlines.

It’s crazy how many of the best buys fly completely under the radar.

BUT the cofounder of Impinj is a fellow Caltech alumni, so I had my finger on the pulse of this rising star early on.

Once I learned that a deep well of patents they had applied for were finally granted, I knew they had secured a virtually untouchable advantage in their industry.

Even if no one had even heard of them yet.

I recommended Impinj back when shares were trading under $16.

Shares recently hit $140!

That’s over 8-TIMES your money.

Here, let’s check out another one…

Here we are at the headquarters of another young company called Shopify.

Shopify was founded by three computer programmers who wanted to start their own online snowboarding store…

But these guys quickly realized the platform they created was way more valuable helping other people start their own business.

It’s been a massive hit with customers…

Since I recommended it, the stock has soared as much as 17-FOLD.

That’s 17-TIMES your money.

That turns a small $2,000 stake into $35,000…

Or $5,000 into $85,000.

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

Like I said, I’m an expert at finding these types of opportunities…

And I’m finding the most promising ones right now inside the A.I. space.

And I gotta tell you… I’ve never been as excited about the moneymaking possibilities in early stage investing as I am right at this very moment.

Today, I’m going to show you some of my best secrets for cashing in on the next tech upstarts, before they take off into the stratosphere…

Starting with where to find the best ones…

And that’s right where I’m standing now: California’s Silicon Valley…

Also known as “Startup Heaven.”

Also known as “the moneymaking capital of the world.”

There’s a reason there are more millionaires and billionaires inside this 10-mile radius than anyplace else on the planet.

Silicon Valley is where all the smartest and most driven entrepreneurs come to turn the best ideas in the world into the best businesses in the world…

This is where all the opportunities are!

Just over that hill there…

That’s where a 21-year-old Steve Jobs founded Apple out of his parents’ garage…

Today, Apple is a $3 TRILLION company.

Early backers made more than 900-times their money!

Just a $5,000 stake turned into 4.5 million dollars.

Just over there is where Stanford students Sergey Brin and Larry Page wrote their first Internet search algorithm, called “backrub”…

But you know it by its current name, Google.

Today, Google is a $1.5 TRILLION behemoth.

Early investors made more than 2,200-times their money.

Enough to turn every 5,000 into $156 million dollars.

Just over there is where entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings started a movie rental service called Netflix.

It’s since grown into one of the world's leading internet entertainment platforms.

Early Netflix investors made more than 370-times their money.

And this is just the short list of incredible opportunities that started right here…

You’ve probably heard of and even shopped on eBay, the $25 billion-dollar e-commerce site.

Well, that started right here too. In 1998, it was just a small startup.

Early eBay backers saw more than 59-times their money… 

Silicon Valley is where a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg came to turn a small startup called Facebook into a $790 BILLION social media giant…

Folks who backed Facebook early on saw an incredible 250X return!

Ever heard of the tech giant Nvidia?

This is the company that makes next-generation A.I. computer chips that power everything from 5G to the Internet of Things to driverless cars!

Well, that was started right here too…

Early backers of Nvidia were rewarded with 1,133-fold returns!

An investment of just $1,000 would have turned into over $1 million today.

And that, more than anything, demonstrates the sheer profit-generating power of Artificial Intelligence today.

Standing here, I am literally surrounded by billion-dollar ideas!

Silicon Valley is like a breeding ground for getting rich.

More than 1,700 NEW MILLIONAIRES are created in America every day…

That’s more than one every minute.

And believe it or not, the rate of new millionaires being made is actually speeding up!

If you want to make a lot of money quickly…

If you want to be one of America’s next newly minted millionaires…

You need to know what’s happening right here.

This is ground zero.

There’s probably no greater concentration of wealth and opportunities than RIGHT HERE.

The question is…

How can regular people who are NOT Silicon Valley insiders take advantage of this incredible situation?

That’s exactly what I’ve spent my entire career showing everyday folks how to do.

Because I’ve been involved with many of the biggest deals in this town…

And because I’m on a first-name basis with top industry insiders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists…

I can show you where the next big opportunities are…

Even if you’re not starting out with very much…

Because this widescale artificial intelligence disruption is set to enrich virtually anyone invests in this new technology at a pace never seen before in human history.

Now, what I’m about to say might sound controversial, but…

It’s absolutely true…

There’s never been an easier time to build great wealth in America.

You heard that right.

Because of the stunning and rapid rise of A.I. applications…

It’s never been easier to get rich in America than right now.

Just look around you…

In the past 12 months alone…

A startup named MicroVision as much as quadrupled investors' money this year…

A small company called Verses AI has shown early backers as much as 6X returns…

Investors in Silicon Valley startup CXApp could have captured as high as 9X returns on their money.

Again, all these gains happened just this year!

Which is why I’m so excited to share with you what I believe will be the next 1,000% Silicon Valley winner.

The incredible thing is, the rate at which investors see these huge gains is only going to speed up…

Not slow down.

A.I. could mint more millionaires than any other technology in history – and if you blink you’ll miss it.

In other words, this huge downpour of cash is only getting faster and more furious.

How do I know?

Because there’s a secret behind this incredible change, which most people don’t understand.

When you learn this secret, you’ll see why what has happened in recent years is nothing compared to what’s coming next.

It all boils down to something called: “The Law of Accelerating Returns.”

The Law of Accelerating Returns explains why our world is changing at ever-increasing rates, and in ways most people can’t even comprehend right now.

Why some companies are growing so quickly, and making so much money so fast, compared to how long it took years ago.

And most importantly: If you understand it, this simple concept provides you with a roadmap for how YOU can make a lot of money, more quickly than ever before, in the very near future.

It’s worth taking a quick second to understand what this is because it could have a massive impact on your immediate wealth.

You see…

Most things in life progress in a linear, step-by-step manner…

Think a caterpillar becoming a butterfly…

Or a toddler becoming a teenager…

But technology is different.

It doesn’t advance like everything else.

Instead, the speed of progress… and the speed at which people adopt new technologies… actually gets faster, quite dramatically, over time.

In other words, technology progresses “exponentially.” Not linearly.

That’s because technology builds off each innovation that came before it.

You’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law. It’s an observation made in the 1960s by Silicon Valley pioneer and Intel founder Gordon Moore.

Moore said the number of transistors we could fit on a microchip would double every two years, which would rapidly boost computer power.

Few people believed Moore, but he was exactly right, as you can see from this chart…

Now, here’s the critical point you must understand…

Looking at this curve, you can see how the rate of technological progress actually got faster, every year.

What very few people understand, is that the key ingredients of our modern, digitized, and computerized world are exploding in power and speed…

And, thanks to rapid advances in A.I., the cost is collapsing. 

Here’s what this incredible change looks like in the real world…

In 1976, a digital camera weighed 4 pounds, cost $10,000, and only had 0.01 megapixels.

Today’s digital cameras have 1,000-times the megapixels… weigh 14 grams and cost $10…

In other words, they’re a BILLION TIMES better.

Exponential progress explains why the smartphone in your pocket is 1 million times faster than the computers that sent the first men to the moon.

In the year 2000, it cost $46 million to buy a computer that could perform 1 trillion operations per second.

By 2016, you could buy a computer that performed eight times that many operations per second… for just $400.

Today, you can log onto ChatGPT and access the power of a supercomputer capable of performing 100,700,000,000,000,000 operations per second… absolutely free.

The point is, all the technologies around us are getting better, faster, and cheaper…

And it’s creating a gigantic shift in the way our economy works and how we build wealth.

What’s interesting is that it’s not just the actual technology that increases exponentially in speed, power, and sophistication… but also the adoption of technology that increases exponentially too.

In other words, the rate at which people begin using new technologies increases exponentially too…

For example…

It took 120 years for the landline telephone to gain full adoption…

But less than 20 years for the mobile phone…

Incredible, isn’t it?

That’s exponential progress.

It took 50 years for the television to reach peak adoption… but only 30 years for the PC.

It took the internet 18 years to achieve mass adoption.

But ChatGPT? Just six months.

Do you see the big picture?

Do you see what's happening here?

The world around us is changing at never-before-seen speeds… the speed and capabilities of our computers are increasing at unfathomable rates…

This is why the rate at which tech companies increase in value continues to speed up…

Just consider…

IBM is a 109-year-old company, founded in 1911.

But it didn’t become a billion-dollar company until 1953… 42 years later!

It took AT&T 47 years to reach the same milestone…

But get this…

It took Google, founded in 1998, just 8 years to reach a $1 billion market cap.

By 2004, Facebook had done it in just five years.

By 2009, Uber had done it in under three years.

In 2012, virtual reality firm Oculus did it in under two years.

In 2016, it took a young company called Jet.com just 4 months to become a billion-dollar company.

That kind of growth was totally unheard of 40 years ago.

These days, it’s a regular occurrence.

Even the speed at which these companies make money is accelerating…

It took Netflix a decade to make its first billion dollars…

Its most recent billion… just 31 days.

Apple’s latest billion took less than 2 days.

As you can see, it’s taking less and less time to generate incredible wealth.

So much so that we’re no longer even measuring some companies in the billions anymore – but in the multi-trillions.

Again, look at Apple…

It took them 48 years to become a trillion-dollar tech company.

But Apple’s next trillion? And the next? Just two years each.

Never before have such small groups of people built such incredible wealth in such short time frames.

And here’s what will really blow your mind…

A.I. performance is now advancing at a rate no one could have predicted.

Instead of every 2 years like Moore’s Law, performance is doubling every 3 months.

That means we are at the forefront of the biggest and most explosive wealth creation event in history.

So buckle up, because if you’re invested in the right A.I. companies – which l’m prepared to share with you today – you could set yourself up so that you’ll never, ever have to worry about running out of money again.

But let me be very frank with you here…

What we’re dealing with today is not all roses and sunshine.

There’s a serious “dark side” to all the technological progress we’re seeing…

On one hand, those who understand and embrace these changes are making more money faster than ever before…

On the other, folks are getting utterly demolished at the same incredible rate.

The world – the stock market – is essentially ripping apart in two.

Remember Blockbuster?

It was doing $6 billion in annual revenue in 2004… but by 2010, they’d declared bankruptcy.

Absolutely annihilated by Netflix…

How about taxi cabs?

That industry was devastated by Uber and Lyft.

As these ridesharing companies soared to billion-dollar valuations, the old taxi industry was demolished.

It lost millions in revenue.

When was the last time you were in a Kmart or JCPenney?

Amazon and others have moved so much of our shopping online that traditional retail operations are being devastated, one after the other…

In 2019 alone, a record 9,300 retail stores announced closures. Remember, that’s before the coronavirus pandemic even hit.

Because many of the businesses in the “new economy” are leveraging the incredible power of A.I. technology, they simply don’t need as many employees compared to before.

Already 1 in 4 companies have replaced workers with ChatGPT!

Tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs as a result.

And regardless of how you feel about that, the truth is… this is a trend that is NOT going to reverse itself.

Investors who own or back outdated business models are getting crushed.

Businesses – and even everyday people and investors – who don’t understand these changes are getting wiped out.

I bring this up not to frighten you, but to show you that this phenomenon has stunning real-world implications…

If you’re holding lots of slow growth, “old” stocks that grow at 6% per year…

And your neighbor holds innovative tech firms growing at 100%+ per year, that’s the unseen force of exponential progress at work.

That’s you falling behind.

If you want the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of… you have to understand the rules of the NEW A.I. economy…

That’s why it’s imperative that you stay ahead of these massive changes…

Or else, risk getting left behind.

That’s why, to help you get started along the path to financial freedom in the new era…

I want to share with you the next tech startup – and several others just like it – set to take over the world!

But before I do that…

I know what you're probably thinking…

“Luke, have you ever found these early-stage companies before?”

The answer is YES, many times.

And often, my first tipoff as to whether a small, young company is likely to explode into the next tech behemoth comes from my own life experiences.

For example…

My friends and I don’t use cash anymore…

In fact, we go out of our way to avoid businesses that are “cash only.”

That’s why I recommended digital payments company Square, now known as Block, before it soared as much as 15X.

Or take Wayfair.

My wife and I bought our first home three years ago.

We both grew up in an era of online shopping.

We didn't have time in our busy schedule to go from store to store.

Half of the stuff in our home ended up being from Wayfair.

As it turns out, we weren't the exception to the trend.

We are the new normal as my peers increasingly become homeowners.

Folks who followed my recommendation got in on Wayfair before it soared as high as 800%!

Also consider the incredible story of Salesforce…

Today, Salesforce is a $220 billion giant of the software world.

It’s one of the pioneers of the revolutionary and hugely successful “software as a service” business model.

Salesforce is also one of the greatest stock market winners of the past two decades. Since going public in 2004, shares are up more than 50-fold.

Yet, during its spectacular run to the top, Salesforce was widely ridiculed by traditional stock analysts and fund managers…

The company’s detractors said the business model didn’t make sense. They said the company couldn’t sustain its awesome growth.

They were dead wrong…

And they missed out one of the biggest wealth-building opportunities of the past 20 years.

Or, take nuclear energy stocks, some of the world’s big wealth creators recently.

Today’s nuclear power has changed so much over the past decade that it’s essentially a whole new industry.

Last year alone, nuclear fission startups took in $4.7 billion in private investment.

Thanks to stunning advances in computing power and material sciences, we’re now close to achieving near-limitless, safe, carbon-free energy.

We’re so close, in fact, Microsoft has already signed binding purchase agreements with a nuclear fusion startup funded by ChatGPT creator Sam Altman.

Again, the speed of this development is exponential progress in action!

As a result, nuclear companies are producing huge amounts of sales and profits… and their investors are making millions.

Just look at these massive gains we’ve seen generated by nuclear energy companies…

NextEra is up 40-FOLD since its IPO.

Public Service Enterprise Group is up as much as 11-FOLD since going public..

And Cameco rose as much as 72-FOLD over 4 years

Turning every $5,000 invested into more than $360,000.

Unfortunately, many investors totally missed out on these incredible gains.

They fell behind while others accumulated true wealth.

Those people grew up in a world of linear thinking.

But what’s needed now is exponential thinking.

What I’m looking for are companies with the ability to soar 20X…

Not 5X over decades…

That’s the old way of investing.

Look, I know I’m throwing out some extraordinary gains here, but I want to remind you that all investments carry risk.

While I’ve been focusing on some of the market's greatest successes; not every company will perform as well, of course.

Including some that I pick!

And if you ever want to see the results of those picks, including my average gain, you can visit our Details and Disclosures page.

But listen, here’s the bottom line:

With technological progress picking up, there’s simply too many incredible opportunities out there to settle for less than 1,000% gains.

I want companies like…

Digi International, which is up nearly 21-FOLD…

Silicon Motion Technology, up as much as an incredible 44-FOLD !

And InTEST, which is up as much as 133-FOLD…jumping from 20 cents a share to $26 today.

Now listen up because I’m going to let you in on a very big secret…

If you want to generate incredible wealth in the rapid way that Silicon Valley is famous for…

If you want the opportunity to see 20X gains in a very short period of time…

You need to be looking at a very specific type of startup company.

And it’s going to sound totally off-the-wall crazy at first!

Are you ready?

Here it is…

I want you to back businesses that don’t create any physical products!

That's it!

That's the secret!

The world’s best businesses – and the businesses that are exploding in value in the NEW economy – typically don’t create anything you can actually touch or hold!

I know that might sound completely insane, but hear me out…

If you look at the biggest stock market winners of the past 20 years, you see that most of them have one key attribute…

They don’t actually make anything.

Google… Facebook… Netflix… Amazon… Microsoft… Booking.com… Trade Desk.

I call these kinds of opportunities “hyperscale opportunities.”

A company with hyperscale potential can go from tiny to $10 billion in the blink of an eye.

Instead of creating physical products…

They are in the business of collecting, analyzing, presenting, and protecting information.

And startups developing new applications for artificial intelligence are the ultimate hyperscale businesses.

This is a tectonic shift in how our society works… what we place high values on.

We used to place high values on companies that make steel, cars, clothes… chemicals… or produce oil and copper.

Yes, we still value creating that stuff!

But it's not the highest value activity in our world now.

The new elite is made up of people who can leverage A.I. to collect, analyze, present, and use data.

These are the people you need to back with your money.

If you don't, you'll get left behind.

Take Shopify for example…

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms.

It helps people set up online businesses.

In 2015, Shopify had 162,000 businesses using its platform.

By 2023, that number grew to more than 4 million.

That’s explosive growth!

It went from being a $1.2 billion company to an $87 BILLION company – 72-times bigger – during that time!

Shopify massively increased in market value over a short period of time because it generated huge customer growth.

Yes, a company like Shopify must spend money and time creating and developing its online platform…

But once the platform was created, Shopify could add millions of new users and increase their revenues without having to spend much money.

They don’t have tons of employees compared to traditional “old school” companies… they don’t have expensive factories or manufacturing plants.

They’re not weighed down by huge and unnecessary costs…

So, the company’s profits can skyrocket.

That’s hyperscalability.

Early Shopify investors are experiencing incredible wealth creation right now…

And the stock has risen as high as 15-fold since I recommended it in 2017.

Compare that to high cost, “slow growth” companies like FedEx or GM and it isn’t even close!

This kind of growth never used to happen…

But hyperscale companies do it all the time!

Take a company called Paycom.

Paycom develops software that helps companies manage their payrolls.

Its offices are just around the corner, over there on Santa Clara Street.

There’s amazing wealth creation happening with Paycom software.

Thanks to incredible demand for its services, Paycom’s market value increased nearly 22-FOLD since 2014.

Paycom doesn’t make any physical products.

In fact, it has very few employees compared to other “traditional” payroll companies.

Once the software is created, Paycom can produce and sell additional copies of the software at minimal cost… so the company’s profits skyrocket.

Make it once and sell it over and over again!

Just look at how shares of Paycom have crushed those of ordinary payroll companies, like ADP.

It’s outpaced them by over 10-fold!

You could have pocketed tens of thousands of extra dollars in cash if you had been in this stock.

Investors in Silicon Valley are obsessed with scalability… for good reason.

The bigger you can scale, the more money you can make.

Just look at Copart stock…

Copart manufactures nothing.

They invented a virtual auction technology, called VB3, that lets car dealers sell vehicles over the internet.

There’s no need to manufacture software more than once. So as long as Copart simply keeps their platform updated, they sit back and rake in service fees on over 1 million car sales per year.

Copart’s shares have soared 317-fold since their IPO, beating the S&P 500 by 34 times over.

So, just how powerful are hyperscale stocks compared to “old school” companies?

I recently created my own index of 15 hyperscale companies and compared their returns to the overall stock market over the past 5 years…

And what I found was simply jaw-dropping…

If you bought this basket of hyperscale stocks, you would have crushed the stock market by more than 7 to 1 over the past decade. Even after factoring in the temporary pullback of 2021.

And these are just the already big, well-known hyperscale companies… Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix… companies like that.

I’m not even including the up-and-coming A.I. hyperscale companies…

Like the ones I want to share with you in a moment.

But do you see how incredibly powerful this concept is?

Do you see how if you’re not investing in hyperscale startups today, you’re going to get left out of the biggest opportunities in the world?

Because Artificial Intelligence applications are the most hyperscalable businesses ever created.

Look, the infrastructure A.I. needs… already built.

The cloud… already built.

The data centers… already built.

So, all A.I. businesses need to do is release the software and the superhighway is already built for them.

Meaning, A.I. startups have the never-before-seen potential to scale from zero to a billion dollars or more in a couple months.

Which leads me to the one major drawback of hyperscale stocks…

They can move very, very fast.

These stocks can move so fast that if you’re even 2 weeks late it could mean millions of dollars in lost profits.

That’s why I pride myself on getting there FIRST.

What’s my secret?

I'm a venture capitalist!

I made my first million in college while I was a student at the #1 university in the world, Caltech…

I started or funded 3 successful businesses, many in my spare time as student…

Before I graduated!

One was a popular social media company… another an equity research group aimed at linking new tech upstarts with big-name seed investors…

Another was a sports data analytics business I co-founded with Fred Clare, former GM of the Dodgers.

My point is…

As a venture capitalist, I’m plugged in to all the deals going on in the startup world.

I know who is starting all the companies…

I understand the exponential technologies reshaping our world… and who is working on them.

I'm no more than a phone call or two away from almost anyone in this world.

One of my top contacts, for example, is an entrepreneur who just sold one of his online businesses for $60 million…

His most recent project is a venture-backed startup using A.I. voice analysis to detect lung disease in its very early stages.

Another of my top contacts is a guy who’s been called one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time and the most successful founder in history…

He has advised and helped fund more than 150 companies…

He’s been involved with 300 rounds of financing of more than $3.5 billion…

And 45 successful IPOs and acquisitions.

Look, I’m not telling you these things to brag, but rather to show you that in this business it’s not what you know…

But who you know.

Any VC investor worth his salt will tell you that who you know matters more than anything else.

My network of contacts is one of my most valuable assets.

I learned about an incredible opportunity at a company called AMD by leveraging my connections with researchers at Caltech.

I learned AMD was set to launch a series of CPUs and GPUs that were going to be on par with Intel and Nvidia.

Folks who got in when I recommended the stock at under two bucks a share had the chance to see as high as 83-fold gains.

I’m friends with a guy who sold his digital education startup to online textbook retailer Chegg.

We used to play basketball together in open gyms at Caltech.

Our chats on the court are what led me to recommend that stock at under $5, before its astronomical run up to as high as $115 a share.

Utilizing my contacts…

Understanding these breakthrough technologies…

Learning about these businesses while they’re sometimes still on the drawing board

That’s why I was voted the #1 stock picker in America.

I know, that’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days…

But unlike most, I’ve actually earned it.

This ranking came from one of the most widely recognized financial ratings companies in the world.

In 2020, a year of massive turmoil in the markets, I beat out nearly 15,000 financial experts…

Including analysts, brokers, and hedge fund managers on Wall Street… to claim that title.

That’s because the opportunities I look for aren’t the “easy to find,” “big name” companies the so-called “experts” like to feed you…

Wall Street won’t tell you this, but the “breaking financial news” you read on the internet?

Venture capitalists already saw it coming 3 to 6 months earlier.

Meaning, by the time the general public hears about a major investment idea, the big money has already been made…

By those who got there FIRST.

Getting there first is my most powerful asset.

And it can be yours too…

Here, I’ll prove it to you…

Earlier this presentation I told you I’d give you the name and ticker symbol of a Silicon Valley A.I. startup you should buy right away.

Here it is…

It’s the company behind me.

What’s so special about this small startup?

Well, what they’re doing is going to radically change one of the most important industries in America.

And in the process, change the lives of me, you, and just about everyone else in America in the coming years…

If you’ve ever sold a home before, then you know that it’s probably the worst process in the world.

It takes forever, as long as three months, to close a sale.

Not only that, but it costs an arm and a leg to sell a home!

Agent fees, staging costs, closing costs, repairs, and more often take out more than 10% of the sales price of the home.

I’d venture to say that selling a home is the single most inefficient retail process in the world today.

In fact, it’s one of the only shopping processes in the world that has yet to be digitized and, by extension, streamlined and made hyper-efficient.

But now that all changes…

One small, emerging A.I. company…

The one right here behind me… is pioneering a breakthrough, e-commerce platform across the entire U.S. real estate market.

And in so doing, will finally leapfrog the $1.9 TRILLION real estate industry into the digital era – and eventually create the “Amazon of houses.”

The name of the company is Opendoor.

Opendoor is an A.I.-driven e-commerce platform where anyone can go to sell their house, whenever they’re ready, instead of on someone’s else’s timeline.

By streamlining the home-selling process, Opendoor will:

Accelerate the home-selling timeline – By leveraging A.I. and machine learning, Opendoor can accurately price a home in minutes, and sellers can close their home sale at that price in as little as 3 days.

Cut out costs – Using A.I. to almost instantly price a home lets Opendoor eliminate profit-takers in the supply chain. That can slash selling costs from 10% to just 6%, with closing costs as low as 1%.

Reduce hassle – By streamlining the real estate supply chain, Opendoor turns selling a home into a super-easy, one-to-one process between the seller and Opendoor.

The opportunity here is unmistakable.

Opendoor’s digital platform for buying and selling homes offers a significantly superior shopping experience to the status quo.

The company’s head of data science is known for his work on the Human Genome Project, the quintessential Big Data project of our time. And for honing Amazon’s extremely profitable product recommendation system in 2005.

He calls the entire housing market “a trillion-dollar problem he’s out to rightsize.”

And the A.I. algorithm he’s helped build is capable of making 1.4 billion calculations on each home they evaluate.

Its computers look for signals that a house might be an outlier, performs overall risk assessment, and manages its housing inventory.

This high degree of accuracy on every transaction is what’s really fueling their growth…

Opendoor already operates in 53 markets and has partnerships with over 90 homebuilders.

From 2021 to 2022, the number of homes they sold jumped 80%!

And for every sale the company made in 2022, they generated an average of $397,290 in revenue.

Now if you’re thinking you’ve missed the boat on this one, trust me…

You haven’t. Not even close!

Because I believe Opendoor is on pace to follow the same incredible trajectory of other tech giants, thanks to a powerful force called the “network effect”…

If you’ve never heard of the network effect, it works like this…

In 1994, Jeff Bezos developed the best and most efficient way to buy things online.


His service was far better than other e-commerce sites.

As a result, lots of people wanted to buy things on Amazon.

The more people used Amazon, the more sellers wanted to ensure their products were listed on Amazon.

The more sellers wanted to be listed, the more buyers it attracted… and so on.

That’s the incredible power of the network effect…

Each new user vastly increases the value of the business!

Amazon created a virtuous, self-reinforcing cycle that exploited the network effect to the tune of creating a company worth more than $1 TRILLION.

The network effect is the secret behind the hypergrowth we saw with Google, Facebook, and Netflix too.

Going forward, Opendoor will leverage the power of the network effect as well…

It already owns the world’s best online home-buying and selling platform.

We know that because it’s already proven it can sell 4-TIMES the number of homes as its next biggest competitor…

But has still only penetrated less than 1% of the U.S. real estate market.

The more home sellers Opendoor has, the more home buyers the platform will attract, which will bring in home sellers, so on and so forth…

The company will eventually and inevitably turn into the Amazon of the real estate market, a position that my modeling suggests will command a $100 billion-plus valuation one day.

In fact, it already has backing from the same VCs who backed Amazon before it got big!

So they see the massive potential here too!

Not to mention the same folks who got behind Block, Facebook, Spotify, and Yelp!

Big picture: Opendoor is an A.I-driven, $100 billion -plus “Amazon of houses” in the making, and an early-stage investment in Opendoor stock today could generate incredible wealth over the next decade.

The best part is: It’s off the radar of just about everybody!

A company like Opendoor with hyperscale potential can go from tiny to $10 billion in the blink of an eye.

The ticker symbol is OPEN, and you can buy and sell the stock in any online brokerage account.

Remember: You heard it here first.

But it is far from the only hyperscale company I want you to buy right now.

Like I said, I want to open my entire world of VC-style moneymaking opportunities to you today.

Opendoor is just the start.

I tapped my network of insiders and contacts to create the ultimate list of technological A.I. startups ready to change the world…

I went out of my way to find the tiniest hyperscale companies not being written about in the mainstream news…

And off the radar of Wall Street.

For example…

One of these startups licenses a platform to developers that allows them to scale any AI-powered applications rapidly. Their big advantage is that they’ve figured out how to provide a better product that appeals to A.I. innovators at a fraction of the price the incumbents charge, (I’m talking $5,000 versus hundreds of thousands of dollars). So, as you can imagine, customers are switching in droves…

Yet it’s still so early that they’ve only captured 2% of their total addressable market so far, which means there is a lot of room for growth – in both their revenue and share price. So far this year, the stock has returned nearly three time more than the Nasdaq. Buying shares of this company now could be like buying Microsoft in 1995.

You’ll learn about a company that’s radically improving how you interact with the businesses in your life – from your banker to your doctor to your favorite clothing store. From making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for online… to getting you through to customer service faster… this company’s turnkey A.I. solutions will save you time and lower your stress levels. Samsung, FedEx, and AutoNation are just a few of their big clients, which is why this young company is being called the next “de facto A.I. partner for large enterprises.”

You’ll also learn about a young A.I. robotics company that’s re-inventing how warehouses are run. In a world where everyone has gotten used to free overnight shipping, using A.I. robotics to increase efficiency is now a must have, not a “nice to have.” Which is why Amazon is rapidly scaling its implementation of this company’s technology at its fulfillment centers in the U.S. and Europe.

Softbank and Walmart were both early backers of this company. Walmart is a customer too, along with Target and Albertsons grocers. Their revenue has grown at triple-digit rates in six of the past eight quarters, and next year’s forecasts were just revised higher. The stock is on a rampage, and I’m extremely bullish on its growth in the coming year.

And this is still just the tip of the iceberg.

In all, you’ll learn about 7 new A.I. companies.

Odds are, most Americans have never heard of any of these companies, but they all have these things in common:

1. They are revolutionizing the way we use technology in our lives… 

2. They’re hyperscalable… 

3. And best of all, they’re off the radar of just about every mainstream investor on the planet right now, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

But if you want to get in, you have to act soon.

Remember, these hyperscale companies can move incredibly fast…

Which is why I’m going to email the name, ticker symbols, and full write-ups of all 7 of these A.I. startups to folks who sign up right now…

That will give you the opportunity to get my top 7 hyperscale picks in just 5 minutes.

Because that’s how long it will take you to receive your access to 7 A.I. Hyperscale Stocks to Buy Now.

Why am I essentially giving away such valuable information?

Because the rules of business and building wealth are being rewritten in front of our very eyes.

Very few people truly understand the far-reaching effects of what is going on right now.

Even fewer understand how to capitalize on it.

Want to hear something crazy?

50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will die in 10 years and be replaced by startups we haven’t heard of yet.

That means HALF of the companies you’re doing business with today won’t be around in a decade!

If you want to be one of the ones who gets rich, you simply must understand the massive changes taking place right now…

You’ve got to understand the rules of the NEW economy…

There will be more disruption in the next 20 years than in the previous 80 years combined.

If you're not making money from these moves, you're getting left behind.

You're missing out while others are cashing in.

The choice is binary.

You either invest in A.I. and make a lot of money… or you choose not to and you fall behind.

That’s the dividing line I’m seeing emerge in the market right now.

It’s only going to accelerate and become more entrenched.

If you choose not to invest in A.I. startups, the opportunity cost is almost unfathomable.

Exponential progress… new A.I. applications… hyperscalability… they’re changing our world in profound ways…

Which is why I’m doing something an insider like me has never done before…

Today, I’m on a mission to bring my venture capital connections and investment ideas normally reserved for Silicon Valley elite…

And make them available to everyday people on Main Street.

Because there have never been so many opportunities to make money, IF you know where to look.

I want you to go out there and get it.

I’m going to show you how…

It all begins with the report I want to put in your hands today, 7 Hyperscale A.I. Stocks to Buy Now…

But before I send this report your way…

There’s another very big opportunity very few people know about right now…

And one well-timed move right now could pay off big over the next few years.

Here, follow me…

I'm sure you've heard…

In the next decade, cars that drive themselves will be just as much a part of our everyday lives as smartphones are now.

The key to unlocking full autonomy is to enable cars to have complete “vision” – or, more specifically, give them a human-like ability to see and respond to their surroundings.


All the major players in the driverless car space from Amazon to Waymo agree that a laser technology called Lidar is the answer…

And it’s true.

Lidar helps autonomous cars “see” their surroundings by bouncing a laser beam off objects in their path.

It uses the difference in laser return times to create 3D representations of its surroundings.

The only problem is…

No one has found a way to produce lidar sensors cheaply enough to enable driverless cars to be produced on mass scale.

Enter the startup company behind me, headed by a 27-year-old boy genius who’s already being called the next Elon Musk.


Instead of going to high school, he attended the University of California, Irvine Beckman Laser Institute as a teenager, one of the top laser research centers in the world…

In essence, this young company has built the industry’s only viable long-range “eyeballs” for driverless cars.

It’s light-years ahead of anything else on the market…

Which is why this new company is a rare exception to the rule about hyperscale companies being only those that don’t make physical products.

In fact, it is the only sensor in market that broadly meets ALL automobile manufacturer system requirements for perception tech, including:

  • • Long range…
  • • High resolution…
  • • Weather resilience…
  • • And Zero interference.

But the real breakthrough is how this whiz kid has figured out how to make these sensors at just a FRACTION of the normal costs! Similar to the company I mentioned before, I’m talking $500 versus the incumbent’s price of $75,000.

It should be no surprise, then, that his small, virtually unheard-of company is landing tons of auto industry partnerships…

Seven of the top 10 passenger car original equipment manufacturers have partnered with his business, including Ford, Honda, Toyota, GM, Volvo, and more…

Altogether, his company has established commercial partnerships with 75% of the global passenger vehicle, trucking, and driverless-taxi ecosystem.

And this small company is completely off the radar of just about everyone!

Well, except for a few of the Valley’s most successful visionaries, including Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and Facebook’s first investor, and others.

Thanks to this young company, the transition to autonomous vehicles is finally right around the corner.

Yet the money to be made on this inevitable trend starts now!

You’ve got all the ingredients here for massive upside…

  • • A young upstart with a HUGE innovation… 
  • • Exponential progress to create better, more powerful technology more cheaply than before… 
  • • And early backing from some of the most successful VC investors in Silicon Valley history. 

This could be like uncovering Intel in the 1980s as they were debuting the silicon microchip that would make personal computers ubiquitous in homes across America!

Before it soared over 90X!

If you want to the chance to make a lot of money over the next few years…

Get in on this opportunity NOW.

I don’t expect shares to stay cheap for very long.

The beauty of it is, you don’t need to risk much for the chance to make a lot of money here.

I recommend you take a small amount of money and back the next Elon Musk.

You’ll get the full details in my new report called The Secret Startup Taking Driverless Mainstream.

In it you’ll learn the name, ticker symbol, and key business details of the company that’s going to change the automotive industry forever.

Oh, by the way…

I know the guy behind this company. I recently sat down with him to get even more details about this incredible situation.

So, inside this report I’ll share insights into this incredible opportunity you won’t find anywhere else.

In short, you’ll have every last detail you need to smartly capitalize on this historic opportunity.

So, how do you get access to everything I just mentioned?

You'll receive it all when you become a member of my venture capital-style research advisory called Innovation Investor

Even if you’ve tried other investment research before, I guarantee you’ve never tried anything like this.

Innovation Investor helps everyday people get in on the ground floor of explosive new technologies happening right now…

Opportunities in artificial intelligence, next-generation energy, biotech, supercomputing, and every other cutting-edge breakthrough that is seeing a flood of venture capital funding.

All come with the same thorough, ground-floor perspective that you’ve seen here today.

With technological progress picking up exponentially, there’s simply too many incredible opportunities to wait a decade or more to see 1,000% gains.

They’re happening right now!

Just imagine if you would have put just bought into my recommendation of ON Semiconductor at under $20 per share…

Today ON’s stock is over $100.

A 5-fold price jump that would have turned every $2,000 invested into more than $10,000.

What would that mean to YOU?

Or imagine if you put that $2,000 into my recommendation of AMD…

You could have turned that $2,000 into $96,000…

$5,000 turns into $240,000.

What would you do with an extra $240,000?

Or if you put just $5,000 into my recommendation of Blink…

You could have seen $138,000 in just over a year!

That’s game-changing money, folks.

Today, you have the opportunity to leverage all the new A.I. technologies rolling out right now to transform your life.

That’s what Innovation Investor is all about.

It’s like having a front-row seat to all the newest and best opportunities before everyone else!

In many instances you’ll hear directly from the entrepreneurs with the big ideas…

You’ll hear from venture capitalists who are getting behind these deals…

But most important, you’ll learn how to capitalize right alongside them.

I’ll show you how to get there FIRST.

Here's how it works…

Every weekday, I’ll send you an issue of Innovation Investor.

I call these my “Daily Notes”.

That’s right, they're not weekly… they don’t come monthly… you get them every weekday.

Like I said, these stocks move FAST and waiting 30 days to hear what happened in Silicon Valley a month ago is not going to fly.

In every issue, I’ll share my best “Idea of the Day.” This could be buying shares of a great company on the dip… pinpointing a breakout in one of our favorite stocks… or simply urging caution when it’s not a great time to buy.

I also give you a full rundown of Market Health from a technical, fundamental, and valuation perspective. And I always include charts to illustrate where we’re at and where I think we’re headed.

I also include anything noteworthy happening in the startup world as well as the macroeconomic environment that might affect the tech companies we focus on.

Lastly, I’ll share notes on our current model portfolio, stock by stock.

This is more information than most of my competitors will send you on a month-to-month basis.

But I get it out to you, without fail, on the daily, so you’re ahead of the curve on every early-stage opportunity headed your way.

But I don’t stop there…


I send out real-time alerts that let you know when to buy, sell and capture profits.

This is what they look like and these are just some I’ve sent out over the last few months…

Sell alerts for 70% profits… 260%… another 70%… 1,000%… 120%… 90%….

I think you’ll also love Innovation Investor’s

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When I want to speak to you directly and I want to get something out faster than I can type and edit, I take my message straight to video.

Here you can see a few videos I recently sent out to Innovation Investor members, highlighting my perspective on events like the Fed Meeting… and taking deep doves into my favorite sectors and stock picks. All of these videos are off the cuff and up-to-the-minute and I think you’re going to really benefit from the insight you get here.

Remember, if you sign up for Innovation Investor right now, you’ll also get my brand-new reports on 7 Hyperscale A.I. Stocks to Buy Now and The Secret Startup Taking Driverless Cars Mainstream.

Let me know in the next few minutes and I’ll also include, as part of this package, my report on the small startups on the bleeding edge of the next-gen energy revolution…

When I talk about the huge investment opportunity you get when you cross tech and energy, I often get shrugs.

Which is absolutely insane because exponential progress isn’t just happening in the software space – it’s also happening in energy.

Sadly, most people just don’t realize it. If their lights come on in the evening, they don’t think about every happening upstream to make sure they continue to have power in the age of decaying grids and energy shortages.

I’m telling you, not paying attention to the companies driving a reliable energy future may be one of the single most expensive mistakes you could make now.

Thanks to applied A.I., the hardware and software used in the energy industry is becoming so powerful that computers can now optimize the perfect method for drawing ore from the ground… they can identify and harness the best source of energy in real-time… and they can forecast and sidestep power outages a day in advance…

The implications are incredible… and, economically, Forbes has estimated it’s part of a “$100 Trillion investment opportunity.”.

By incorporating A.I. into our energy infrastructure, we can say goodbye to brownouts and blackouts in 100+ degree weather…

We can say hello to cheaper, infinite, always-on streams of energy.

And that’s what most people don’t get YET…

A.I. isn’t just about making tech companies bigger and better…

A.I. is the ultimate tool… the ultimate advantage… that will help solve problems across stalwart industries that have followed the same playbook for centuries.

These next-gen energy opportunities are on the launching pad as we speak.

They have 100-bagger potential.

These opportunities are so incredible that I had to create a separate report dedicated to my three favorite upstart firms at the forefront of the A.I. energy revolution.

It’s called 3 Next-Gen Energy Stocks to Buy NOW.

And it’s yours when you take me up on this offer today.

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My report on 3 next-gen tech companies ready to change the world.

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But today I’m on a mission to change the way business is done in America…

Just like I did for Innovation Investor subscriber, Rob M.

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Hey Luke, just wanted to give a shout out to you for all your newsletter recommendations. They have been incredibly successful. Today alone I made $100,000. Attached is my screenshot. Keep up the good work!” – Rob M.

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Where else in the world can you try something for a full year and get a refund if you don’t like it?

That’s how confident I am in my work.

Look, I believe that there is a nearly 100% chance that A.I. will fuel an economic boom that spans the next 5 to 10 years and beyond.

I believe there is virtually zero chance this will NOT happen.

And the most money will be made in hyperscale opportunities.

If you're not cashing in on the tech boom, you’re missing out on the biggest moneymaking opportunity in generations.

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Just like Mike Lorelli, Former CEO at PepsiCo and Former CMO of Apple, and satisfied Innovation Investor member…

When I think about the insights that Luke gives me…

This guy is on top of everything – A.I., semiconductors, software, EVs, the network effect, storage, scalability. Every dimension you can think that's on the leading edge of technology, he is totally on top of it.

So many of us wish that we had had the foresight 20, 30 years ago to invest in Apple…

I'm not gifted enough to have been able to have figured out all of that, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be left out in the next tidal wave, which is A.I.

I want to be on the forefront of it. And Luke Lango totally keeps me there.

Luke comes across as this humble guy and he calls himself an analyst. And I think, “Excuse me, you are a lot more than an analyst. You are a god to me, you're not just an analyst.”

I hang on his every word.

Since you’re still here with me, I think, like Mike, you’re the kind of person I’m looking for.

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Please don’t let that happen to you. At the end of the day, in a capitalistic society, the person who controls the dollars controls the power.

And all the dollars are going to be controlled by a select handful of companies and people around and invested in A.I. companies.

And if you’re not a part of that, you’re a part of “the rest.” And if you’re part of “the rest” then you’re basically just following the commands of those in power.

We’ve seen technological paradigm shifts once every 20 or 30 years or so in recent history.

So you may be thinking if you miss the boat on one, it’s like “oh, maybe there’s next time.”

Look, if you miss this, I don’t know if there is going to be a next time.

This to me feels like the end game.

Because once you develop machines and software that truly learn from themselves, think for themselves… where do you go after that?

That is the end game of technology.

This is it.

There’s not going to be a next time. At least in my opinion.

I don’t see why there would be.

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I’m confident the next Amazon… the next Microsoft… the next Tesla are in the research package I want to send your way.

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August 2023

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