What is Infinite Energy Software?


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And what is the largest unused energy source on the planet it’s tapping for the first time?

Well, that energy source is something called “trapped” energy.

infinite energy software infographic

Most people don’t know this, but more than 60% of the energy we produce here in America is wasted every year.

That’s right.


This means a ton of the power we generate is simply “trapped” in the grid.

And the numbers are staggering.

All told, there are 12 trillion kilowatt-hours of trapped energy going to waste.

That’s equivalent to FIVE TIMES the total output of the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia, which is arguably the greatest wealth-generating resource in the history of mankind…

Responsible for the astonishing growth of Saudi Aramco… the world’s first $2 trillion company…

infinite energy vs. ghawar oil field

But let me give you another way to think about the size of this untapped resource…

One years’ worth of trapped energy in the USA alone…

Could power the ENTIRE country of Canada for almost a quarter of a century.

Like I said earlier, there’s really no way to overstate just how big this is.

So what’s going on?

Well, in large part, it’s a problem with the legacy power grid.

With our old system, the power generated and the power consumed must balance each other perfectly.

That means if more power is produced than needed — which happens every day all over America — it’s simply trapped in the power grid with nowhere to go.

The legacy grid has systems for dumping this “trapped” energy by converting it into heat … or even running it through a huge bank of light bulbs.

Yet that’s the equivalent of growing an entire crop, and when it’s ready to eat, burning it before it can be consumed.

It’s highly wasteful.

Especially because this isn’t uranium that needs to be mined…

It’s not oil trapped miles underground…

And it’s not even a solar panel that just needs to be bolted onto a roof…

This is power that’s already been generated.

It’s ready. It’s available. And the scale of it is breathtaking.

But this is where “Infinite Energy” software comes in…

With each passing day, this breakthrough technology is turning more and more trapped energy into usable power…

This means trillions of extra kilowatts could potentially power American homes and businesses for the first time…

It gets better…

According to Billionaire Venture Capitalist Chamath P., the extra capacity translates into TRILLIONS of dollars.

He says:

infinite energy chamath p. quote

This means trillions of dollars of unrealized revenue is just waiting to be unlocked for the first time.

And like I said, this is where “Infinite Energy” software shines… It’s tapping this trillion-dollar reserve of “trapped” energy and turning it into power we can use.

And while software being at the root of the next breakthrough in energy might seem strange to energy barons of the past… or even a decade ago.

In today’s world, it makes perfect sense.

This is just the next example of software that optimizes our existing infrastructure… changes the world… and that, in the past, has made early investors a fortune.

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