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“You can follow the money… all the investors are smelling it.” — CNBC commentator

Why 5 Billionaires are Buying this $4 Stock

Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, & Jeff Bezos are all backing a 
tiny $4 company… with the potential to ignite a $130 trillion new energy revolution.

Find out why in the 30-second demonstration below…

Elon Musk says this is the key to “Tesla's future.”


It’s called a “Gigafactory.”

This massive factory in Nevada makes more batteries than anywhere else in the world.

And Tesla says when it’s done, it will be three times bigger!


But it’s just the beginning…

There are Gigafactories in Buffalo, New York.


Shanghai, China.


Berlin, Germany.


And Austin, Texas.


Most people think Tesla is just an electric car company.

But as you’ll see today, these Gigafactories are the centerpiece of Musk’s master plan to transform Tesla from an electric car company… to a company that will power everything.


Your cars… your home… your place of work… all of your electronic devices… everything…

In fact, Experts say just 100 Tesla Gigafactories could power the world with 100% clean energy…


But 5 of the richest men in the world are betting Elon Musk is dead wrong.

Billionaires Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson & Jeff Bezos believe the future of energy lies not with Tesla…

But with the liquid inside this cup.


It’s an epic battle for control of an energy revolution Forbes reports is worth over $130 trillion dollars.


And today, you’ll discover why 5 billionaires are betting against Musk…

By backing a tiny $4 company behind this liquid.

And how this little-known company could dominate Tesla in this coming $130 trillion energy revolution… and deliver massive returns in the process.


It all starts with a shocking demonstration from Ph.D. economist Nomi Prins.

A 20-year Wall Street veteran with ties to Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs…


She’s appeared on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and CSPAN.

Nomi recently visited Musk’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.


In a moment, she’ll show you the shocking truth she learned there…

And demonstrate – live on camera – why this liquid is better than a Tesla battery for the next phase of this $130 trillion energy revolution.

But whether you decide to invest in this $4 company or not, please pay close attention.

Because understanding the details of this billionaire battle could have huge financial repercussions for decades to come.

It could mean the difference between a comfortable financial future… or years of financial struggle.

Stay tuned…

You’re about to see with your own two eyes what’s at stake in this $130 trillion energy revolution… and what it means for you, your family, and your wealth.

Hi, my name is Nomi Prins.

And I want to bring your attention to these two blinking lights.


They’re here to demonstrate why 5 of the richest billionaires in the world are betting against Elon Musk…

And investing in a tiny $4 company that could derail Tesla’s plans for the future and transform the entire world around us.

Ok, here we go…

On this side is what Elon Musk is betting Tesla’s future on.

It powers every single Tesla electric vehicle.

It transformed Tesla from the laughing stock of the auto industry into the biggest car company in history.

And as I’ll show you later, Musk believes it will soon power not just cars… but homes, businesses, all your electronic devices… everything… and turn Tesla into the “biggest company” the world has ever seen.

It’s a lithium-ion battery.

And as you can see, it’s powering this blinking light.


But 5 billionaires are betting Elon Musk is wrong.

Look over here.

As you can see, the liquid in this cup is also powering a blinking light.


Well, Billionaires Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos are betting this liquid is the battery of the future.

And here’s why…


Not tasty.

As you can see, unlike what’s inside a Tesla battery, this liquid is completely non-toxic.

There is no lithium. No cobalt. No nickel. None of the exotic battery materials that are toxic and extremely expensive.

For example, lithium in Tesla batteries costs about $150 a pound.

But this liquid costs just 5 cents a pound!


And that’s why these 5 billionaires are betting on this liquid.

It’s simple economics.

When you factor everything in, this liquid can store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery.


And watch this.

All it takes is regular tap water…

Mixed with what's in here…


As you can see, this has nothing to do with hydrogen, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, or tidal power.

And, of course, this doesn’t involve oil, coal, or any other fossil fuel.

It is 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

In fact, unlike Tesla batteries that are notorious for bursting into flames…


This liquid is so safe you could use it to extinguish a burning Tesla.



Environmentally friendly.

And stores energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium-ion battery.

It’s Tesla’s worst nightmare.

I call it “Liquid Energy.”

And this breakthrough is promising to change everything about battery technology.

By the way, those aren’t my words.

The U.S. Department of Energy calls it a “breakthrough” that’s a “totally new approach to battery technology.”


It’s part of the “trillion-dollar holy grail” of battery technology, according to industry experts in Powermag.


That Bloomberg says “could eat lithium’s lunch.”


Think about that…

The lithium-ion battery is the foundation of Elon Musk’s empire.

It took Tesla from nothing to a trillion-dollar market cap.

And yet, this tiny $4 company has a battery that can store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla battery…

Today I’m going to show you how this energy revolution could deliver maximum profits to investors as this projected $130 trillion-dollar revolution in energy picks up steam.

And let me be clear…

This is NOT about electric vehicles.

You see, we’re on the precipice of what one energy official told the Wall Street Journal is a “Historic period of transformation.” It’s a global shift in how the world creates, consumes, and uses energy everywhere.


In our cars…

In our homes…

And in all our electronic devices.

The way we use energy is changing.

It’s happening now.

And it’s moving fast.

So fast McKinsey research says it could compress “a century of work” into “less than a decade.”


It’s a huge amount of work. That demands an equally huge investment.

In fact, the President of the United States calls this energy revolution part of the “Biggest investment in history.”


Love him or hate him… and actually, whatever your personal feelings are about the President… you need to put them aside.

Because most Americans don’t yet realize the huge financial stakes involved in this $130 trillion energy revolution. And most are going to miss out on what comes next.

But please make no mistake.

The world’s richest people fully understand what’s coming next and are taking full advantage of the situation.

Because it’s all about the money.

I’ve already shown you how Elon Musk is involved…

And how Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos are backing one tiny company behind “Liquid Energy”…

But that’s just the beginning.

Major corporations are getting involved also.

Google spent $3.5 billion on this energy revolution already.

Apple’s gone bigger with $4.7 billion investing calling it “good business.”


And even though this has absolutely nothing to do with fossil fuel…

ExxonMobil has gone even bigger with a $15 billion investment!

That’s crazy when you think about it.

They are the second biggest energy company in the world!

And even they are seeing the writing on the wall and hedging their future.

Which is why State Street Global Advisors – the world’s fourth largest asset manager – is calling it a “paradigm shift” in how everyone invests.


Because EVERYONE is pouring money in.

For example…

Goldman Sachs announced a $150 billion investment in this trend.

Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are going even bigger.

They’re in for $1 trillion… each.

And not to be outdone…

JP Morgan is investing $2.5 trillion in this trend.

I could keep going.

But let me make the point clear…

In all, Forbes reports companies worldwide have committed a whopping $130 trillion to this shift.


It’s a staggering amount.

But most Americans still don’t know what this shift is about. And that’s why I’m here today. I want everyone to know what’s really going on.

Before it’s too late to get in.


It’s just getting started.

You see, money flowing into this energy revolution hit an all-time high of $755 billion this year…

But like I just said, it’s expected to surge to $130 trillion.

That’s a 17,118% increase.


Let me repeat that. Investments in this energy revolution are projected to surge 17,118%… from $755 billion into $130 trillion.

To put that into perspective…

Here is a list of the current market sizes of the hottest tech trends vs. the projected investment into this energy revolution.

AI – $387.45 billion

Electric cars – $411 billion

Internet of things – $158 billion

5G – $64 billion

Blockchain – $4.9 billion

Robotics – $41.7 billion

Metaverse – $38.85 billion

Energy Revolution – $130 trillion


As you can see, it’s huge… specifically 117 times bigger than the current market sizes of the hottest tech trends combined.

And while these tech trends have made people a lot of money…

It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what comes next.

And it makes sense this is bigger when you think about it…

I mean, all of these tech trends use a LOT of energy.

Again, this is NOT just about EVs.

But for example…

Over the next dozen years, the amount of energy required to power electric vehicles is projected to rise by 2,186%!

And if you think that’s big…

Mobile phone giant Ericsson predicts almost half the world will be using 5G phones by 2027.

That’s 4.4 billion new phones.

But get this…

The extra speed of 5G phones means they use up to 4 times more power than a 4G phone.

Imagine the energy increase when billions of these power hungry 5G phones start rolling out worldwide!

That’s why the demand for energy is growing like crazy.


And all of these technologies of the future are supposed to run on this?


The lithium-ion battery?

There’s no way!

I mean, I can’t even keep my phone alive all day without recharging it.

That’s why investment in this energy revolution is reaching a fever pitch right now.

And I predict…

This transition is going to create more new millionaires than at any time in history.

Yes, even in this crazy market.

Think of it this way…

Microsoft created more than 12,000 millionaires since it went public.

And CBS News reported Bitcoin created as “many as 100,000 millionaires.”


At the peak of its value, Bitcoin had a market cap just over $1.2 trillion dollars.

But we’re talking about a projected $130 trillion in investment.

That’s 100 times bigger than Bitcoin at its peak.

After all, we’re talking about something every man, woman, and child on the planet actually uses…


So imagine how many new millionaires it could create.

100,000 millionaires? A million millionaires? 100 million new millionaires?

$130 trillion is a lot of money to go around.

Which is why… over my 20-year career… I’ve never been so convinced of an investment’s potential like I am about “Liquid Energy.”

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in life. Plus, there’s a lot of volatility in the world right now…

But with inflation roaring out of control.

And prices are soaring in food, fuel, housing, everything.

And more and more Americans are being pushed to the brink of poverty.

There’s one thing everyone can agree on.

We need more clean, abundant, and cheap energy.

And while everyone knows about Tesla…

I mean, Elon Musk is a master at getting media attention… let’s face it, he’s in the headlines every day…

You can’t make money by betting on the past.

And as you’ll see in a moment, the future belongs to Liquid Energy.

If this company grows to just a fraction of Tesla’s size, the wealth you gain could be substantial.

It’s the equivalent of turning back the clock and investing alongside Bill Gates when he started Microsoft at the beginning of the computer craze back in the 80s…


Or Bezos and Amazon during the internet boom of the ’90s…


Or even Tesla at the dawn of the electric car era in the 2,000’s.

And to put that into perspective…

Elon Musk built the first Tesla factory dedicated to building lithium-ion batteries in 2014.

It’s called a Gigafactory.


It’s in the Nevada desert.

Today this massive factory makes more batteries than anywhere else in the world. And when it’s done, it will be 3 times bigger.


Since then, he’s built Gigafactories in Buffalo, New York.


Shanghai, China.


Berlin, Germany.


And Austin, Texas.


In fact, I recently visited the Gigafactory in Texas. Here’s a clip…

When Musk started building these factories, Tesla traded for $43 a share…

Since then it’s soared as high as $1,222.

A 2,836% gain in 7 years.


But remember…

Right now, the tiny company behind “Liquid Energy” trades for just $4. And my research shows a tiny stake in it now could hand you huge returns as this $130 trillion energy transition unfolds.

But you must act now.

A massive catalyst that is already underway could light a fire under its share price.

And incredibly no matter how you feel about him, you can thank President Biden.

It’s all thanks to the Infrastructure Bill…

And how it amounts to Presidential payback against the world’s richest man.

I’ll get into the details later…

But it’s no secret the two don’t like each other.

Elon opposed Biden’s Infrastructure Bill from the start, saying, “just can this whole bill.”

He even once called Biden a “damp sock puppet”…


But Elon’s beef with Biden is coming back to bite him.

That’s bad news for Elon.

But it could be great for the tiny company behind “Liquid Energy.”

I’ll explain that later too.

Stay tuned.

You’ll get all the details on why “Liquid Energy” is destined to eat Tesla’s lunch, what it is exactly, and why it’s the champion of the $130 trillion energy transition.

But first, let me fully introduce myself…

Again, my name is Nomi Prins.

I hold a Ph.D. in International Political Economy. In other words, how politics influence the markets. I used these skills on Wall Street. Where I made my employers at JP Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs rich.

And I was well compensated for it.

Before I left Wall Street, I made a million dollars a year.

But I got sick of watching them take advantage of the little guy over and over again.

So 20 years ago, I quit.

Since then, I’ve written 7 books and made appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and CSPAN to expose ordinary main street Americans to what I believe is Wall Street’s biggest unfair advantage…


What I now call “The Great Distortion.”

It’s how Wall Street insiders take advantage of the massive amount of money central banks inject into the stock market.

You see, ever since Richard Nixon cut the dollar’s ties to gold in 1971, the US Fed has been fabricating money like crazy.

This chart from the Reserve Bank of St. Louis shows the money is 34X bigger today than in 1971.


If you’ve ever wondered how Wall Street executives get multi-million dollar bonuses, this chart explains it.

Instead of trickling down to main street Americans, a lot of that money ends up in the stock market… enriching Wall Street’s coffers.

All this money distorts how the economy should work. It makes those at the top rich at the expense of everyone else. That’s why I call it “The Great Distortion.”

I’ve made it my life’s mission to expose The Great Distortion and, more importantly, help my readers have the chance to grow richer because of it, not poorer.

Now, this $130 trillion commitment to renewable energy is just the latest chapter in The Great Distortion.

And I’ve already shown my readers how to make money because of it through my various research services…

Like up to a 53% gain on energy transition company Flour.


And up to 31% on electric infrastructure company ABB.


But that just scratches the surface.

This massive excess of government money has propped up the stock market for years. And this market distortion has helped me close out big winners in almost every sector, including…

140% on Walgreens…


And 293% of BJ's in the retail sector.


181% on Boeing…


And 392% on Wynn Resorts in the travel sector.


200% on Wayfair…


And 109% on Paypal in the online shopping sector.


112% on HSBC bank in the banking sector.


81% on Algernon Pharmaceuticals in health.


172% in social media company Twitter.


And in the technology sector…

77% on Cisco.


And 468% on Microchip Technology.


In the interest of full disclosure, these were all options trades.

I could list hundreds more winners like this…But I think what’s coming next could be even bigger.

And let me assure you, it has nothing to do with options. All you need is a 3-letter ticker you can buy through your normal brokerage account.

And if you get in now, before this $130 trillion energy transition distorts the market even more, I believe the tiny company behind “Liquid Energy” could be the best recommendation I ever make.

To explain why we need to back up a little.

And discuss why Elon Musk built all those Gigafactories in the first place.


He’s built them in Nevada… NY… China… Berlin… Texas… with more on the way.

I visited the Austin Gigafactory, and it’s a marvel of engineering.


And as you can imagine, these massive factories are NOT cheap.

Giga Nevada cost $2.4 billion.


Giga Buffalo cost almost $1 billion.


And Giga Shanghai is going to cost an estimated $5 billion.


It’s costing him a fortune.

Why is Musk spending all this money?

Well, the answer is in transcripts from an internal Tesla meeting that recently went public.

They reveal Musk is betting these giant gigafactories will generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for Tesla every single year.

But get this…

It’s NOT by selling more electric vehicles.

You see, Musk’s plan is to roll out on a newer product that sells for 10 times the price of an average Tesla vehicle.

It’s a drastic move that will change Tesla’s entire business model. And it’s why Elon Musk believes Tesla could become the “biggest company” the world has ever seen.

I’ll explain exactly what is going on in a moment.

And then I’ll show you how “Liquid Energy” works.

Because remember…

Billionaires Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos are betting this $4 company could derail Elon Musks plans.

And with hundreds of billions of dollars up for grabs… every single year… if these billionaires are right, the share price of this tiny company could skyrocket.

We’ll circle back to that later.

But first, let’s take a closer look at Elon Musk’s New Master Plan.

Musk’s New Master Plan Revealed

Now, most people think Tesla is an electric car company.

And for good reason…

It was the first car manufacturer to surpass a trillion-dollar market cap by value.


That made it bigger than BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen combined.

It also made early investors extremly rich.

But while that may have been true in the past. That is NOT what Musk has planned for Tesla going forward.

You see, over the years, Musk has published what he calls “Master Plans” for Tesla’s future.

He’s published two so far. The first came out on August 2, 2006. The second came out ten years later, in 2016.

Those two laid out his plans for building electric cars. The Roadster… the Model S… The Model 3… etc.

That’s old news, and, in March 2022, Musk announced he will soon publish a third master plan.


And surprisingly, Master Plan part 3 is NOT about electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Other Business

It’s about this…


Now, it may not look as fancy as a $100,000 Model S.

But Tesla sells this semi-truck sized box for $1 million dollars.


That’s 10 times more money.

And that’s the discounted price.

This thing costs $1 million only if you commit to buying 10.

If you only buy one, you’ll pay $1,235,000.

That’s almost a quarter million dollars more.

Who knew Tesla was in the bulk discount business right?

I’m joking, of course.

But despite the high price tag, incredibly…

Tesla says demand for these ‘remains significantly above production capacity.”


In other words, even at a million bucks a pop, they are selling like crazy.

That’s why this is the centerpiece of Musk’s new master plan.

He wants to capitalize on this insatiable demand.

So what’s in the huge box?

Lithium-ion batteries. Thousands of them. Enough to power a small town for an entire day.

It’s a mega battery.

And it’s fittingly called a Megapack.

And it’s the centerpiece of Tesla’s other business – the energy storage business.

It’s the bigger brother of this, the Powerwall.


That relatively smaller battery is for residential use. So homeowners can store energy produced by solar panels… for use at night when the sun isn’t shining.

The Megapack is the same concept. Just a whole lot bigger.

And like I said, demand is so high for these batteries Tesla can’t keep up…

Which is why Musk wants 10X production as soon as possible.


Now, most people think Tesla is just an electric car company. But Musk wants to transform it into something bigger.

And that’s the hidden reason Tesla is furiously building all these Gigafactories. To pump out these huge batteries that sell for 10X the cost of a Tesla electric car.

But that begs the question…


Why is there so much demand for these huge batteries?

Why are they worth $1 million a pop?

Who is buying them?

And why do 5 billionaires think “Liquid Energy” can rival what Elon is building? And send the stock price of one tiny $4 company soaring?

It all circles back to the $130 trillion energy transition I told you about earlier.

And how it’s the latest chapter in The Great Distortion.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m talking about the transition away from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas…

To renewable sources like hydro, geothermal, solar, and wind power.

Now, just to be clear…

That’s not to say these fuels are going away anytime soon. Or that we don’t need them.

Personally, I believe we’ll be using fossil fuels for the rest of my life.

But this isn’t about my personal beliefs. This is about how massive injections of capital distort the market… and how you can potentially profit from that.

$130 trillion is a lot of money.

And as I showed you, it is set to go parabolic in the next few years.


It’s a transition has been going on for years.

But there’s always been one problem.

Renewables can’t deliver energy on demand.

Think about it.

Energy from fossil fuels is always on demand.

Take gasoline, for example. Just add fire, and boom… instant energy.

But that’s not the case with renewables.

If the sun isn’t shining, you can’t get energy on demand from your solar panels.

And if the wind isn’t blowing, wind turbines can’t deliver energy on demand either.

To make matters worse…

Without a way to store energy, we can’t even use all the energy that renewables supply us with.

For example, one of the biggest solar power farms in the world – The Topaz Solar farm in California – can produce 1,282 GWh of energy a year.


Well, if you wanted to store just 10% of this energy…

You’d need over 42,000 Megapacks!


And that’s the simple reason why Megapacks are selling like crazy.


These batteries are required to make the transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.

In short, renewable energy is impossible without massive batteries that can:

  1. Hook up to the grid…
  2. Store excess energy created by renewable sources… and
  3. Pump it back in later when we want to use it.

It may be the single biggest limitation holding back the $130 trillion energy transition.

Which is why Musk says the growth rate of energy storage is “probably several times that of what the car business is per year”… and could soon be “50% of Tesla’s business.”


That’s a crazy amount of growth.

And to put that into perspective…

Tesla made $53.8 billion in revenue in 2021.

Most of that was from electric cars.

But remember, Tesla has another business. The energy storage business that manufactures the Megapack. That part of the business made just $2.8 billion.

That’s about 5% of Tesla’s total revenue.

In other words, if sales picked up to the revenue generated by Tesla electric vehicles… the electric storage division would grow by 1,921%!

That is breathtaking growth.

It would add tens of billions – and over a longer time frame, perhaps hundreds of billions – of dollars to Tesla’s coffers… Every single year!

That’s how big the opportunity this massive battery – the Megapack – represents.

To quickly recap…

Again, Musk is spending billions of dollars building all of these Gigafactories now…


So he can ramp up production of these massive batteries…

The Powerwall…


And the even bigger Megapack…


To meet the nearly insatiable demand for more energy storage.

Demand that Bloomberg predicts will grow 122X in the coming years.


It’s all part of Musk’s 3rd Master Plan.

So are you starting to see why Elon is restructuring Tesla’s entire business?

And transforming Tesla from just an electric car company… to an electric storage company?

He believes it will increase revenue by hundreds of billions of dollars every single year…

And turn Tesla into the biggest company the world has ever seen.

In fact, that’s why he called these factories Gigafactories. And not electric car factories.

He wants to build enough batteries to power the entire world!

And that would be a historic achievement.

But again, everything Musk is betting on relies on this…


The lithium-ion battery.

Which is kind of weird when you think about it.

I mean, the technology behind this battery was invented in 1976.

That’s almost 50 years ago.

Back then, almost nobody had computers. Cell phones cost the equivalent of $9,000 in today’s dollars. And the internet wouldn’t be invented for another 7 years!

In other words…

Compared to now, 1976 is practically the stone age.

And sure, lithium-ion batteries have gotten better.

But even after almost half a century of innovation, pound-for-pound, oil still delivers 100 times more energy.

And it can store energy forever!


And yet, Musk is betting Tesla’s future on this… the lithium-ion battery.

So again, I ask you… Isn’t that kind of strange?

And that’s the real reason why 5 of the world’s richest men are betting against Elon Musk…

And investing in one tiny $4 company behind “Liquid Energy.”

Because little lithium-ion batteries like these are fine for running your TV remote or powering a flashing light… and even powering an electric car…

When it comes to energy storage on a massive scale? When you’re talking about dealing with huge amounts of stationary power… like what you need to run a home, a city, or even an entire state?

“Liquid Energy” is superior to the lithium-ion battery in every way.

I’ll show you why in a moment.

But first, a quick warning…

When I show you how “Liquid Energy” works, you’re going to have one of two reactions. You’re either going to…

  1. Shake your head and say “that’ll never work” and ignore this opportunity completely, or…
  2. You’re going to get so excited like I am that you’ll want to invest every penny you own.

Please don’t do either.

You should never bet the farm on any one investment. All investments carry risk. And past performance is no guarantee for results.

Besides, because we’re talking about a 17,118% growth surge in clean energy investments…

If you buy in early on this $130 trillion energy transition and ride it all the way to the top, you have the potential to become wildly rich.

No matter how little you invest.

You don’t need a lot of money for the chance to make it happen.

You only need to understand this chart.


This graphic shows how new technologies are adopted…

First by innovators…

Then by early adopters…

And finally, by the masses.

When it comes to energy storage, Elon Musk is the innovator. He paved the way with the Powerwall and the Megapack.

And now we’re right here, on the cusp of mass adoption.


That’s why Seeking Alpha wrote…

Energy Storage Is Now Booming As The World Moves Faster To Renewable Energy


The article went on to say…

“Energy storage adoption is already rapidly accelerating in the USA, up 182% quarter over quarter… Bloomberg forecasts a 122x increase in global energy storage from 2018 to 2040 [and] that utility scale energy storage will be the dominant sector…this means utility energy storage is the area of greatest growth potential.”


Let me reiterate…

182% quarter over quarter growth.

122X increase in global energy storage.

The area of greatest growth potential.

And it’s all happening right now.

That last point is very important…

Because it’s during this transition to mass adoption that you can see the biggest gains.

One CNBC commentator put it bluntly by saying…

“You can follow the money… all the investors are smelling it.”


Yes, even in this crazy market.

In fact, just in 2022 – during the worst stock market meltdown in modern history – companies involved in the growing energy storage market are thriving.

As of this recording, the S&P 500 has suffered a brutal loss this year. It’s down as much as 23% this year.


But look at the world’s biggest lithium producer SQM.

Shares are up over 122% this year alone.


Or look at another lithium miner Sigma Lithium.

They’re up 74% this year.


Then there’s Allegheny Technologies. They make many of the rare earth metals that are used in high end batteries.

They’re up 73% this year.


Or look at a company called Daqo New Energy Corp.

They make silicon powder used to make solar panels.

They’re up 83% this year.


Or look at what's happening with copper miners. A typical EV battery requires about 44 pounds of copper. And with demand for batteries soaring…

Filo Mining is up 117% this year.


And Turquoise Hills is up 88%.


These are some of the best returns this year. And, of course, I’m not guaranteeing they’ll continue to perform like this going forward.

But that’s crazy, right?

I mean, on an average year, the market goes up about 16%.

But this is NOT an average year.

Almost the entire market is a sea of red this year.

It’s brutal.

But these examples I gave you now didn’t just survive the carnage…

They delivered 2X… 3x… almost 5X what the market would return for a good year… in what’s shaping up to be the worst stock market year in history!

And that’s why there’s no time to waste

If you are watching your portfolio crumble, and you are wondering when the bleeding is going to stop…

Or if you’ve pulled your money out of the market, and are letting inflation chip it away…

Almost any option you choose right now, your wealth is being destroyed day-by-day.

Which is why I’ve put all the details of this tiny $4 company in a new report called Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution.


I’ll show you how to get that report in a moment.

But first, let me show you how “Liquid Energy” works. Why it’s not just safer and cheaper than Tesla’s lithium-ion battery… but better for long-term energy storage. And why it’s happening right now.

How “Liquid Energy” Works

I call it “Liquid Energy” because it starts with a simple change to how batteries are made…

That conquers the single biggest limitation faced by ALL battery technology.

I’m talking about recharge time.

Now, as anyone who has ever charged a dead cell phone knows, recharging can take hours.

For example, here’s the lithium-ion battery from earlier.


It’s dead. Completely dead.

If I wanted to recharge it, I’d have grab a charger…


Take it over to a charger like this…

Plug it in…


And then I’d have to wait 3 to 4 hours for it to fully recharge.

But compare that to Liquid Energy.

It also has no charge. But watch this…


As you can see, by simply pouring in more Liquid Energy, the light starts blinking again.

How cool is that?

Instant recharge.

Now, of course, I could just throw away a dead lithium-ion battery and get a new one.

That’s fine for a cheap little battery like this.

But a typical 60-kilowatt-hour battery… like the one you’d find in a Tesla Model 3… weighs over 400 pounds and contains:


Are you going to pick up a 400-pound battery and plug it into your car?

Of course not.

And even if you were Superman and could lift these heavy batteries, they cost over $13,000. So it’s not like most people could afford to have a few extra lying around.

But like I mentioned earlier, one pound of Liquid Energy sells for just 5 cents!

That’s why Liquid Energy is so transformational.

And why one tiny $4 company behind it could hold the key to the $130 trillion energy transition.

Because instead of a traditional CLOSED battery system like this lithium-ion battery that takes forever to recharge…

The new OPEN battery system Liquid Energy can be recharged INSTANTLY

And it’s all because of a simple change in how these new batteries are made.

You see, in their simplest form, batteries are made up of just a few parts.

A positive side and negative side to transfer the charge.

A fluid inside called an electrolyte that holds the charge.

And a closed container to hold everything.


Now, when someone says a closed battery like this “dies” what they are really saying is that there is no more charge inside the electrolyte fluid.

So how do you bring it back to life?

You plug it into a charger… and slowly but surely, electricity snakes its way through the ends… and gets stored inside the electrolyte fluid.

As you know, this takes time.

3 to 4 hours for little batteries like this.


And for bigger Tesla EV car batteries, you’re talking 8-12 hours on a Tesla home charger.

But an OPEN battery like Liquid Energy can recharge immediately.

That’s because, as the name implies, the battery is OPEN.

The electrolyte – the fluid that holds charge – can be pumped in and out.

When an OPEN battery dies, you simply open a valve in the battery … pump out the “dead” electrolyte… and pump in new, fully charged fluid.


Instant recharge.

It’s as easy as changing a battery.

Except, in this case, you’re only changing the part of the battery that holds the charge. The electrolyte fluid.

Not any of the other “solid” parts.

It’s a HUGE money saver too.

Because just 4% of your typical lithium-ion battery is an electrolyte.

And when you think about it that way…

Don’t you think it’s crazy that ‘closed’ batteries are so prominent?

I mean, they’re not rechargeable forever. A typical lithium-ion battery is good for about 5 years.

And recycling rates for lithium-ion batteries are abysmal.

Despite their “green” reputation…

A study funded by the United States Agency for International Development found less than 1% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled.


That means when these batteries die for good, we throw out all the expensive heavy metals they are made of.

And those materials make up 96% of the cost of the battery!

In other words, on a $13,000 Tesla Model 3 battery…

It’s like throwing $12,480 right into the trash can!

Bottom Line: Liquid Energy is a HUGE money saver.

That’s why the U.S. Department of Energy calls it a “breakthrough” that’s a “totally new approach to battery technology.”


That Powermag calls it part of the “trillion-dollar holy grail” of battery technology.


That Bloomberg says “could eat lithium’s lunch.”


Because do you remember what I said about solar power earlier?

That if you wanted to store just 10% of the energy The Topaz Solar farm in California produces in a year… you’d need over 42,000 MegaPacks?


Now, Elon Musk is fully expecting that to happen. Like I showed you, he predicts it will one day make up half of Tesla’s business.

Elon Musk is fully expecting that to happen. Like I showed you, he predicts it will one day make up half of Tesla’s business.

That’s why he’s building all those Gigafactories.

But imagine if, instead of spending billions of dollars on expensive CLOSED batteries like the Megapack.


You can just store cheap electrolytes in simple fluid tanks like this…


That, for a fraction of the price, can instantly recharge OPEN batteries to meet urgent energy demands.

And create a new energy grid that delivers instant energy just like fossil fuels but without dirty carbon emissions.

It’s simple and effective.

And that is the power of Liquid Energy.

Open batteries can be fully discharged without damaging the batteries. Not so with all lithium-ion batteries.

Open batteries run longer.

10 hours at a time. More than double the 4-hour run time of a Megapack.

And open batteries last longer. They can be cycled – which means to charge and discharge – 20,000 times. But you can only cycle a closed battery 2,000 times.


Open batteries last longer. A battery can only be charged and discharged so many times. This is called a cycle. Open batteries can be cycled 20,000 times. But you can only cycle a closed battery 2,000 times.

That gives open batteries a lifespan of up to 30 years versus as little as 5 years for a lithium-ion battery.


But in the interest of full disclosure, Liquid Energy batteries are NOT better in every way.

They can’t deliver a massive amount of energy quickly. And they are a lot heavier.

This is why you can’t use them in cars or cell phones. They couldn’t accelerate a car fast enough. And they are just too heavy to carry around.

But that doesn’t matter for grid energy storage. Because the batteries are stationary, weight isn’t an issue. So this is a moot point.

And besides, they are only heavier because they don’t contain all of the toxic, flammable, and expensive rare earth metals that go into a lithium-ion battery.

You see, to get a lithium-ion battery that is small and lightweight… and yet powerful enough to run a car… that requires a lot of complex engineering.

Like I showed you earlier, a typical lithium-ion EV battery contains a slew of rare-earth metals.

It took almost 50 years of engineering to get to this point.

But because open batteries do NOT need to be small or light… they don’t require all this fancy technology.

In fact, this may sound unbelievable… but the open battery developed by the $4 company behind Liquid Energy only requires just 3 ingredients.

Lead, water, and the contents in this.


They are some of the cheapest and most abundant natural resources on the planet.

Which is another reason why Liquid Energy is such a breakthrough…

Being able to transform cheap and abundant natural resources into almost unlimited energy is the holy-grail of energy.

That’s why Forbes says this open battery may be “the future of utility-scale energy storage.”


U.S. Congresswoman Diana DeGette said it’s “The key to unlocking the full potential of solar and wind energy… for use around the clock.”


And U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm tweeted they “keep the energy flowin’ more reliably …that’s why they’re good for grid storage and that’s why we’re investing $$ in them! Cleaner, more efficient energy for all.”


In fact…

Open batteries like Liquid Energy are the front-runner in The U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program that’s focused on reducing costs by 90%… and getting energy storage down to just 5 cents per kilowatt hour.

To put that into perspective…

After 50-years of innovation, Tesla’s lithium-ion battery storage costs are $132 dollars per kilowatt hour.


And when you consider the sheer amount of money that is being invested in this trend?

From $755 billion dollars today…

To a projected $130 trillion…

A staggering growth of 17,118%


No wonder one CNBC commentator said, “you can follow the money… all the investors are smelling it.”


And that’s why 5 billionaires are betting against Elon Musk…

And investing in a tiny $4 company that could derail Tesla plans and dominate the future of energy storage.

Liquid Energy runs longer… lasts longer… is better for the environment… is cheaper to run… and I truly believe it is the #1 solution for the $130 trillion transition to clean, renewable energy.

Which is why I don’t expect this stock to trade for $4 much longer…

To get you started, I’ve put its name, ticker symbol and my full write-up of Liquid Energy in my brand new report…

Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution.


And there’s really no time to waste here.

Because thanks to President Biden’s new infrastructure bill…

The government has committed $11 billion into updating the grid for better energy storage in the coming years.

That’s $8 billion MORE than what’s being invested in lithium-ion batteries.

Considering everything Tesla has done to advance renewable energy…

It’s a big slap in the face to Elon Musk.

I mean, I went to the Gigafactory in Austin.

I stood in front of one of the buildings Musk is spending tens of billions on.

It’s his dream of powering the whole world with lithium-ion batteries.

It’s paid off so far.

Like I showed you, Tesla stock is up 2,836% in the 7 years since the first Gigafactory broke ground.

But now, Tesla’s future doesn’t look so bright.

And its stock is too expensive.

But this company behind Liquid Energy is not.

So there’s a lot of upside here.

And that’s why I want to rush this report to anyone who is serious about this opportunity.

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Energy & Income

Right now, you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pick up stocks that pay huge dividends at bargain basement prices.

It’s all thanks to the most recent collapse in stock prices… and rising interest rates…

And incredibly, some of the best dividend paying companies are ALSO the companies that are delivering the best stock market returns right now.

I’m talking about energy companies.

Take ExxonMobil as an example.

While almost everything crashed this year…

ExxonMobil is up as high as 40% this year.

And get this…

Their dividend is almost 4%!


But wait a second…

ExxonMobil is an OIL company.

The answer reveals a secret about this massive $130 trillion energy transition. And it’s something that the mainstream press is not talking about.

The answer reveals a secret about this massive $130 trillion energy transition that the mainstream press is not talking about.

You see, to build all these solar panels… wind farms… grid storage batteries…

Everything we need to make the transition to ‘green energy’ is going to require a LOT of energy.

And right now, that energy comes from fossil fuels.

That’s why I said earlier that fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere.

And it’s why energy companies like ExxonMobil are taking off.

There’s a huge demand for traditional fossil fuels to build all these new green technologies.

That’s why there’s a huge opportunity to invest in them now.

And even if these gains ‘level off,” I’m confident companies like them will be a great place to put your money.

Because this transition will take years.

And the fact they pay nice fat dividends makes them the perfect energy income play for today’s dicey markets.

Which is why I’d like to send you another bonus report today called Energy & IncomeSix New Dividend Stocks for 2022.


It contains six income plays.

All of them are either involved in this $130 trillion energy transition… or… are making it possible.

So they’ll be paying out income for years.

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I have one more critical wealth-building report to send you. But let me warn you. It could make your blood boil too.

You see, there is another group of insiders taking advantage of The Great Distortion.

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I’m talking about politicians.

You see, politicians are privy to a lot of information not available to the public.

They use this information to pass new laws… and as unfair as this may sound… enrich themselves in the process.

For example, the husband of one of the most powerful women in Washington, Nancy Pelosi…

Who is the speaker of the United States House of Representatives…

Recently purchased up to $5 million in stock of a top semiconductor manufacturing company just days ahead of a Senate vote that would boost U.S. chip manufacturing to the tune of $52 billion…


In the days after this news broke the stock soared up to 14%!

If you run the numbers…

That means Nancy Pelosi’s husband made up to $685,000 in just a few days… raising questions about if he’s using inside information you and I don’t have access to.

It’s outrageous.

While millions of Americans are watching their retirement dreams go up in smoke during the worst stock market crash in a generation, and millions more are drowning under the weight of inflation…

Powerful politicians like Nancy Pelosi are using their position and influence to get richer than ever!

That’s how the Great Distortion works.

They decide where the money goes through the laws they make. And they profit from their own decisions.

I just don’t think this is fair.

Which is why I want to send you another free report called The #1 Political Stock of the DecadeCashing in on Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law.


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Since the beginning of 2021, its peak gains have outperformed Tesla, Apple and Bitcoin.

But my research shows this stock will be a key player in Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Senators are snapping up shares of this stock ahead of the rollout of this law. Which is why I believe it’s poised for even bigger explosive growth in the months and years ahead.

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Because like I showed you here today…

Many of the companies involved in the $130 trillion energy transition are not falling victim to our current market.

They are thriving…

SQM is up over 122%.


Sigma Lithium jumped 74%.


Allegheny Technologies popped 73%.


Daqo New Energy Corp is up 83%.


Filo mining popped 117%.


And Turquoise Hills is up 88%.


All of these gains happened this year during one of the worst stock market meltdowns in history.

And as you can see from these gains, there is one part of the market that is bucking the downward trend.

You can sit this market out and guarantee inflation will eat away at your wealth.

Or you can buy at the bottom when the most wealth is made.

The decision is yours.

Just know…

The world’s richest investors are not sitting on the sidelines.

They know a buying opportunity when they see it.

Whatever you do… I can’t promise this tiny $4 company behind Liquid Energy may ever trade this low again.

Thank you so much.

For instant access to my research just click the “Special Offer” button to get started.

Nomi Prins 
Editor, Rogue Economics

 September 2022

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