$180 Oil Spike Ahead – Do This Now


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I bet you didn't miss the headlines…

Oil just hit $120 a barrel.

And, if my research is right, it could go a lot higher – a lot higher.

In fact, I believe that oil could push past $180 a barrel in the year ahead.

And I'm hardly alone…

Analysts at Goldman Sachs are now warning that oil could push past $200 a barrel.

Energy experts at Rystand Energy are projecting $250.

And if oil does go this high, it's going to have cascading effects through the entire economy.

It will cause even higher levels of surging inflation…

Already-rising food costs to break all records…

And even a sharp increase in the costs of goods and services.

Which is why I am urging all Americans to start preparing now – right now.

You need to begin selling those dead-weight stocks that are holding you back.

And start buying oil stocks now poised to skyrocket… thanks to this rampant surge in the price of oil…

Stocks that historically go up 10x or even 20x in markets like this.

To help you get started, I just recorded a brand-new presentation.

In it I detail exactly what's coming – showing you the three catalysts that will push oil to historic highs.

And I tell you three critical steps you need to take to thrive in the age of $180 oil.

Trust me – you can't afford to sit on the sidelines with this one.

You can't afford to ignore the writing that is already on the wall.

Watch the exclusive presentation at once, and you'll thank me later.


Louis Navellier

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