jason bodner and louis Navellier Go Public With a Big Warning

Jason Bodner and Louis Navellier Go Public With a Big Warning

In this shocking video, two “One Percenters” — both of them, Wall Street legends — reveal the real reason they’re getting much richer, even as millions of other Americans fall behind. You’ll also find out why that wealth divide could get wider. And you’ll hear what they recommend you do with your money now. Regardless of whether you’ve got $500 or $5 million to invest, you need to hear this. This content is intended for mature audiences…

last republican president

The Freeport Society: The 2024 Election Blueprint

“The Last Republican President” Anyone can see that America is barreling toward a major turning point in the 2024 presidential election. Trust in our political institutions are at an all-time low… High inflation is ravaging retirees savings… The globe is teetering on the brink of World War… The national debt is over $33 trillion and … Read More