Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green: The Biggest Healthcare Innovation in Half a Century


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Plus, Alexander Green, the expert who picked Amazon before its 10,000% run…

Netflix before its 33,000% climb… and Apple before its 86,000% launch…

Now says THIS is the most important tech prediction of his 37-year career.

“It will change healthcare forever.”

bill oreilly healthcare

Hi, Bill O’Reilly here.

In this box, I hold what some are calling “humanity’s next giant leap.”

It’s a new medical device that’s both small… just 6.4 inches long and not even three-quarters of a pound…

And extremely powerful.

My special guest today – one of the world’s foremost experts on medical device companies – says it will ultimately save millions of lives in the U.S.

And BILLIONS more overseas.

He’s calling it…

“The biggest healthcare innovation in half a century.”

Inc. magazine says the company behind this development “will change healthcare forever.”

inc magazine cover

And Fortune magazine featured it in its elite list of companies that will “Change the World.”

fortune magazine cover

We’ve seen reports from doctors who’ve used it. And they delivered glowing reviews.

Dr. Paramjeet Deol of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital called this device…

“Nothing short of revolutionary [and] a game changer.”


Dr. Gary Cohen, the chair of diagnostic imaging at the Temple University School of Medicine, calls the device…

“A huge innovation and a step forward for healthcare.”


Some of the nation’s top innovators and investors are already on board as well.

Investors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the investment giant Fidelity and fund manager Baillie Gifford have poured in more than $400 million.

Elon Musk even sent the medical device in this box into orbit with his SpaceX crew.


Because. as my guest will reveal today… it will transform the healthcare of tens of millions of everyday folks in America…

And BILLIONS more worldwide.

If the experts are correct… this breakthrough development will allow you to walk into any doctor’s office – and instantly let the physician see your heart… your kidney… your lungs… pancreas… intestines… even your arteries…

Without a…

  • CAT scan
  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • Any invasive procedure.

This medical breakthrough may even save your life in the future.

And with me today to break it all down for you is my special guest, Alexander Green.

Introducing Bill O’Reilly’s Special Guest, Alexander Green

bill oreilly and alex green

Alex is the longtime Chief Investment Strategist of one of the world’s most prestigious and respected financial publishers…

In fact, his newsletter is the only financial publication I subscribe to.

I’ve PAID for this man’s advice since 2003. And I’ve become a lifetime subscriber.

I’ve tried other advisors and other newsletters in the past and – quite frankly – they didn’t live up to the hype.

Bottom line, Alex’s stock recommendations have made me a lot of money. And I believe he can help you too.

robotic surgery communique

That’s because Alex is truly great at finding companies with breakthrough ideas that change our world…

Look at a company like Intuitive Surgical, which also revolutionized healthcare.

Alex first wrote about it back in 2004 when nobody was talking about the company.

He said that Intuitive’s da Vinci surgical robots would completely change the way surgery was done.

Today, da Vinci machines are found in virtually every major surgical center.

Alex’s readers were up more than 300% over a year and a half.

And Intuitive Surgical’s stock has been up more than 13,000% since then.


One of Alex’s readers sent a screenshot of his account, proving he bought 1,000 shares of Intuitive one day after reading the report.


Those shares, worth about $25,000 at the time… would be worth more than $3.25 MILLION today.

That’s enough for most people to retire…

On ONE single stock.

That’s why I listen to a guy like Alex. He finds incredible breakthroughs and then shows people how to profit.

Not all his picks are winners, of course.

But his track record is one of the best in the business.

Over the course of 20 years, he’s beaten the market handily… while 85% of fund managers underperform.

So with that, I want to welcome in Alex and talk about this special device that is set to revolutionize healthcare once again.

Alex Green Has Predicted Major Medical Revolutions (and How to Profit From Them)

alexander green


It’s good to be with you again, Bill.


Alex, good to see you. I believe it was you who said that investment success comes from identifying great new ideas.

What new innovation have you uncovered for us today?


OK, Bill…

What is found in this box is set to kick off a revolution that could save millions of lives.

I’m going to demonstrate this game-changing technology for you live during our show…

I want our audience to see exactly how it works firsthand.

But I also want to tell you the incredible story of the company that owns it and why it is one of the most promising investment opportunities I’ve come across in my 37-year career as an investment analyst.

Bill, let me start by saying people are often SHOCKED by the profit windfalls that can result from medical revolutions…

For example, Exact Sciences created a noninvasive colon cancer screening test…

It soared from about $6 a share to $150 over the last decade.


Neurocrine Biosciences invented ways to relieve patient suffering…

It shot up from about $2.75 to $130 over the past 10 years.


And Illumina, a leading innovator of gene sequencing and personalized medicine…

Its stock ran from $26 to $517 in a decade.


These were life-changing opportunities for early investors. 

The goal of the company behind this newest development… is to provide the highest-quality medical treatments available, faster than ever before… and at a price that will dramatically cut the cost of healthcare.

This little-known company only recently went public and is already taking in tens of millions of dollars… 

But it is poised to take in billions of dollars more in the near future.

And I believe the early investors stand to make a bundle.

This company’s prized technology won an Apple Design Award for excellence in innovation…

Fast Company magazine awarded it the “World Changing Idea” in the field of health and wellness.

apple awardfast co award

And I consider it the biggest development in medical technology in about 50 years.

Yet the revolutionary company I’ll discuss today has a stock that trades for well under $10… making it an incredible opportunity for everyday investors.


OK, Alex, I know everyone wants to see this device.

Now, I want to be clear about one thing with our viewers.

Today, we’re going to share with you the story behind this company.

We’re not going to reveal its full name just yet… for reasons that will become clear in the coming minutes.

But I can assure you, when we’re done, Alex is prepared to send out the stock ticker of the company through a special offer.

And I’m going to let you in on a little insider tip… There is a way to get Alex’s full report on the stock… 100% risk-free.

You’ll want to get your hands on this ticker because Alex has found some amazing stocks with medical breakthroughs in the past.

But before we go any further, Alex, our viewers need to know why they should listen to you.

Simply put, your calls in the stock market – especially when it comes to medical breakthroughs – have been uncanny.

Can you give us a few examples?


Absolutely. In April 2020, I recommended Fulgent Genetics.

I said it was one of the first innovators to create a COVID-19 test based on next-generation sequencing. 

And I predicted it would be one of…

“The biggest winners of the coronavirus crash rebound.”

It was.

Fulgent went from about $10 to more than $183 in 10 months.

That’s better than an 18X gain.


MyoKardia was another big discovery of mine. I found it in 2018.

I said MyoKardia was…

  1. On the verge of a drug breakthrough for cardiovascular disease
  2. A very attractive buyout candidate.

It ended up being both.

It successfully developed that drug AND was bought out by Bristol Myers Squibb for $13.1 BILLION just two years later. 

That resulted in a 331% profit in two years for anyone who took my recommendation.


Of course, there was also Tandem Diabetes Care, which developed a revolutionary new insulin pump with touch-screen and Bluetooth capability…

The FDA expedited approval on it.

I recommended that one at just $3.86, and it went up to $73.15 within one year – a 1,795% gain.



So you may not be an M.D., Alex Green…

But you’ve proven to be on top of some of the great medical developments of our lifetime…

And how they impact folks in the stock market.

It doesn’t mean Alex is perfect or that every stock works out like these did.

But Alex finds companies doing extraordinary science… and you’ve seen how that can turn into big profits.

This medical breakthrough could be the greatest early investing opportunity of the century. Its stock is well under $10.”


I appreciate that, Bill.

And today’s opportunity is one of the best I’ve ever found.

In short, this medical breakthrough could be the single greatest early investing opportunity of this century.

It’s a stock that’s well under $10, but I suspect it won’t remain that low-priced for long.


OK, what’s so special about this investment?


Now, before I open up the box and reveal this device, I want to start where I begin when I first research a potential stock – leadership.

Warren Buffett and world-beating fund manager Ron Baron say they invest in people, not companies.

This stock is one of those opportunities.

The creator of this award-winning device has an incredible backstory.

He’s a brilliant scientist… in fact, he won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

He’s known for bringing next-generation DNA sequencing to the world today.

And he has a proven history of building and selling companies from the ground up… delivering big profits for shareholders.

In fact, he’s the first person ever to be named as the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneer” three separate times for the companies he founded.

That’s important.

One sold for $93 million. Another sold for $140 million. And another sold for $375 million.

His genomics company went public in 1999… and by the following year, it reached a $5 BILLION market cap.

In other words, he grew it into a bigger business than American Airlines in one year.

The stock went from, get this, $3 in April of ’99… to more than $100 per share by the following February.



Obviously, that’s a huge gain in 10 months.


Yes, that’s more than 3,000%. That type of return is so rare… but so powerful if you can find it.


OK, this guy already built multiple successful businesses. What’s the story behind his new project?


His latest company started out as a passion project.

It was born out of a need for his daughter.

When she was young – sadly – she started developing tumors all over her body.

He would take her into medical appointments to try and figure out what was wrong.

He was SHOCKED and frustrated by how difficult it is to get an accurate, timely diagnosis.

One doctor told him along the way that his daughter wouldn’t be able to speak.

There was so much heartache and difficulty trying to figure out what was wrong.

Thankfully, they eventually found it was treatable. His daughter is now able to live a fairly normal life.

But this scientist discovered a new mission in life.

He wanted to create a new diagnostic tool that would ensure that maladies like his daughter’s could be spotted and treated earlier.

And that’s exactly what he’s done.

He started by getting the funding.

He put in $20 million of his own money… which he had made from previous businesses he built.


Now that seems important. When a business owner puts millions of their own money in, you know they are all-in to make it work.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great sign.

And from there, he went out to try to get more substantial funding from top partners.

He got hundreds of millions more in backing, most notably from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… Fidelity… and Baillie Gifford. Some of the smartest money on the planet.

With the added funding, he busted down the doors at MIT and said, “Give me your smartest person,” and landed his first employee…

A genius with four MIT degrees who made the Forbes “30 Under 30” list.

They formed a brilliant team around them… and they set out to create a real, world-altering breakthrough… humanity’s next giant leap forward.

In short, he’s developed what I think is the most important diagnostic tool in medical history.

The list of diseases this device can detect is impressive.

Tumors, abnormal blood pressure and oxygen levels, cardiac emergencies, bone fractures, pneumonia… and the list just goes on and on.

This company is setting out to save millions of lives worldwide.


OK, Alex. Is it time?

Should we open the box and show everyone?


Let’s do it.

OK, Bill… What I am holding in my hand is one of the world’s smallest, most powerful, highest-resolution instant ultrasound devices available on the markets.

It weighs less than one pound.

Now, many people out there are familiar with old ultrasound technology.

We’ve been using it in pregnancy checkups for decades.

But there are a number of huge problems with those old, outdated machines.

  • Ultrasound machines are very expensive.

They cost from $25,000 up to $250,000. Many smaller clinics cannot afford them.

  • They’re not mobile.

They can weigh more than 400 pounds.

It’s just not easy or cost-effective to transport these big, expensive devices around the world.

  • They don’t deliver high-quality images.

Anyone who’s had an ultrasound image knows it’s not exactly clear. In some cases, that can be the difference between life and death.

  • The time factor.

It takes days to receive a diagnosis from traditional ultrasound readings. You can imagine the problems this creates.

So, Bill, this team of brilliant scientists didn’t just upgrade existing ultrasound technology.

In essence, what they did was reinvent ultrasound from the ground up.

They’ve replaced resonating quartz crystals, which have been used in ultrasound since the 1960s… with semiconductor technology and artificial intelligence.

They’ve taken 9,000 metal transducers… 

Each is smaller than the tip of a human hair…

And placed them all on a tiny, low-cost silicon chip. 

new ultrasound technology

And that chip is “the brains” inside the handheld device.

With these new innovations, the goal of this device is to deliver images:

  • 100 times faster
  • 100 times cheaper
  • At 100 times the resolution.

The device simply connects to a smartphone, so you can scan with one hand and see images on your phone in your other hand…

In real-time.

And unlike past ultrasound technologies, it’s the first to gain FDA approval to scan every part of the body…

Which technically wasn’t possible before this invention.

This new device can give doctors an instant look inside the body to diagnose any number of issues.

They can help patients spot cardiac issues… potentially dangerous tumors… torn ligaments.

We’re talking about a device that, in many instances, can replace the MRI or the CAT scan.

And instead of taking weeks… it can be done in an instant.

Think about the amount of time and money saved with a device like this. It’s a total game-changer.


But Alex, listen, I’ve heard a lot of stories about breakthroughs like this over the years.

Some of these devices that have great promise don’t pan out in the real world.

So how do we know this device will end up saving lives?


Because, Bill, it actually already is saving lives… right now!

The device has already received FDA approval for 13 clinical conditions covering the entire body… head to toe.

Every one of the top 100 hospitals in the country already has this device.

But it’s spreading fast beyond that.

The military is already using it in combat support hospitals.

A story came out about the device being used to detect a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

Time is of the essence in that situation, which can quickly be deadly to the mother.

But this device helped diagnose the problem in mere minutes.

The South Metro fire department in Denver started using these devices.

The emergency crew responded to a cardiac incident.

The device was able to detect cardiac activity, and the crew was able to resuscitate the patient.


So here’s a question on my mind… How much does this device cost?


This mobile device is an incredible bargain at just $2,400, compared with $250,000 or so for a traditional ultrasound machine.

That’s more than 100 times cheaper.

The market for this low-priced device is growing so fast that the company’s revenue nearly doubled just in the past year alone.



It sounds like this device can create a better situation for everyone.

  • It allows an instant diagnosis by the doctor.
  • It clears an immediate path to treatment for the patient.
  • It reduces the cost because it’s far cheaper, faster, and more efficient.


It really is an astounding breakthrough.

You can see why Dr. Deol from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital called this device “nothing short of revolutionary” and “a game-changer.”

And why Dr. Cohen at Temple University calls the device “a huge innovation and a step forward for healthcare.”

In fact, Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine just armed every member of its class of 2025 with these devices.

Because as the school’s dean, Dr. Amy Goldberg, says…

We need to make sure we’re well ahead of the curve and prepare them to face and be part of the technology that’s coming.”


Bill, I can envision this device replacing the stethoscope as the most ubiquitous tool owned by every doctor in the world.


Let’s examine the investment opportunity more.

Again, Alex isn’t going to reveal the name of the stock just yet. But everyone watching can get Alex’s report detailing it at no risk. We’ll explain how to do that in just a moment.

Now, Alex… everyone is looking for a low-priced stock that they can try to hit a home run on.

But could this be risky?

This “Ideal Investment” Checks Every Box


There is always risk in investing, Bill. Every good investor knows that.

But this company checks every single box of what I look for in an ideal investment.

I already showed that it has the proven, visionary leadership.

It also MUST BE…

  • A tremendous innovator, offering a revolutionary new technology.


  • A small cap to midcap company. Mega-corporations simply cannot grow at the staggeringly high rates of smaller firms. 

This company has a tiny market cap of just $1.16 BILLION.


  • Experiencing terrific sales growth. 

It passes this one with flying colors. It just crushed earnings by 91%.

And the revenue projection going forward calls for growth from $44 million back in 2020 to $334 million by 2024.

revenue projection

That’s an incredible seven-and-a-half-fold increase in a very short time.

By comparison, Abiomed, which invented an artificial heart…

Grew its revenue by FOURFOLD from 2013 to 2018…

And its stock skyrocketed from about $19 to $450.

A 2,300% gain in a short time.


And I believe the potential here may be even greater…

Because ultimately, the company plans on selling this device to 40 million people who are in healthcare.

That would be $96 billion in future revenue.

So we’re seeing terrific sales growth now…

But the eventual market could be more than 200 times bigger than current revenue.

And look, even if the company were to grow to a fraction of its potential, that could still be a massive, all-time win.

Consider Intuitive Surgical. It went from $228 million in sales in 2005 to $5.4 billion today. All while the stock went up thousands of percentage points.


If this company were to grow from less than $100 million in sales to $10 billion or more, the gains would be off the charts.


But what if a competitor comes in and takes some of that market?


That’s a great question, Bill.

And it gets me to the next criterion I look for…

  • Able to protect its margins. 

A firm must be able to defend its market niche from competition with patents, copyrights and trademarks.

This company owns 812 patents and patents pending.

That puts a moat around the business and protects the margins, which are growing at an incredible rate.

And there’s one more factor behind an ideal investment opportunity…

And it might be the most important of all.

  • Relatively unknown.

Investors who recognize big opportunities early have a substantial advantage.

Almost no one knows about this company.

But I plan to give everyone the stock ticker and buy instructions through a special risk-free offer today.

It’s Only Been Public Since 2020


Alex, how is this company not front-page news?


For one, it’s a brand-new company.

It only recently IPO’d on the New York Stock Exchange in late 2020.

So we’re still right at the beginning here.

In fact, I believe getting your hands on this company today could be like buying Apple in the ’90s or Netflix and Amazon in the 2000s.


You did buy Apple in the ’90s and Netflix and Amazon in the 2000s, didn’t you?


That’s true, and I still own every share.

In fact, I personally bought Apple in 1996 at less than $1 per share split-adjusted. I bought Amazon at $35 in 2005…

And I bought Netflix at less than $2 per share split-adjusted in 2005.


We could run the numbers and that would be incredible, because Netflix recently topped $600 a share.


Let’s just say these investments… up tens of thousands of percentage points… could pay for both my kids’ colleges, my future grandkids’ colleges… and even my own retirement.


Impressive. You were in on Netflix really really early, before anyone else was talking about it.

We looked back, and you first wrote about it almost 20 years ago.

I’ve got the newsletter from February 1, 2003.


You said, “Go Long David… and Short Goliath.”

You predicted the small little innovator, Netflix, was about to put the industry leader, Blockbuster, six feet under.

That was actually NOT a very popular opinion at the time.

But you were spot-on.


Thanks, Bill. My readers had a chance at more than 250% gains within the year…

And Netflix stock has shot up more than 75,000% since then.


75 THOUSAND percent.

And Blockbuster went bankrupt.


David slayed Goliath, exactly as you predicted.

David Set to Slay Goliath… AGAIN


Bill, I can see my latest company doing the same sort of thing in the healthcare sector.

The ultrasound giants… Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba… they’re asleep at the wheel.

They’ve all been using the same slow, outdated technology for 50 years.

They’re like Blockbuster.

They’re sitting ducks!BILL:

Here’s one concern.

Now that all the top 100 hospitals have the device you’ve been telling us about, does that mean sales won’t continue to grow?


Well, here’s what’s interesting about this device maker’s business model.

Rather than selling the device for a one-time $2,400 price… they’ve adopted a monthly subscription model, just like Netflix.

This gives the hospitals continued access to data and artificial intelligence that actually improve the device with time.

Each hospital is on a subscription service with this company…

Which means for every device the company sells, the recurring revenue keeps growing and growing.

As a financial analyst, I love to see a company with a recurring subscription model.

In the case of Netflix, each subscription sold isn’t just a one-time boost for sales… it’s recurring monthly income that drives revenue higher and higher.

It’s why Netflix has seen revenue increase by 31-FOLD over the last 15 years… and why its stock is up 75,000% since I first wrote about it!


So a subscription model could mean a great deal for investors… Anything else before we wrap this up?


Yes, one more important note. The company just signed a brand-new strategic distribution partnership…

With a company that has a presence in 30 countries, across six continents.

This partnership opens it up to 2 BILLION new customers.

New Contract Opens the Door to 2 BILLION New Customers


That’s more than a quarter of the world’s population!


Yes, and there’s more to come.

This company’s device is going viral all over the world right now.

It’s not just doctors and nurses.

It’s not just hospitals and clinics.

It’s now universities like Temple…

As well as the University of Rochester, the largest medical system in upstate New York. It just signed a multi-year partnership.

Professional sports teams are bringing this device into the fold…

Pet care is another area where this device is set to make an enormous impact.

The veterinary use for this device has already been launched internationally in 19 countries.

In the U.S., Texas Tech University is arming its veterinary students with this device.

Keep in mind, the pet care industry is a massive market, and there are 2 million practitioners this company is targeting.

This brings the total addressable market of this device up to $100 BILLION.


Bill, for all of the reasons I’ve explained today…

I believe this is the IDEAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY of this decade.

The best companies offer products and services that are not just disruptive…

They’re revolutionary.

They change people’s lives, allowing them to do things they’ve never done before.

That’s exactly what this firm is doing.

It operates in the biggest business sector in the world: U.S. healthcare.

Its products are protected by more than 800 registered patents.

And as this company makes healthcare smarter, faster and less expensive, I believe it is well-positioned to see its sales, earnings and – ultimately – share price move sharply higher.


Alex, I know you’re prepared to give the stock ticker and specific buy instructions to everyone watching today through a special risk-free offer…

But before we get to that…

I’ve got another question…

You said earlier that Elon Musk was sending this device to space. What’s that all about?


He actually sent it up with his SpaceX Dragon crew near the end of 2021.


Dr. Dorit Donoviel, who was part of the effort to get this device on board, said…

“NASA is returning to the moon and our astronauts will need to be more self-reliant when it comes to medical care…

On deep space missions, this device will help the astronauts monitor themselves for concerns such as kidney stones, fluid in the lungs, blood clots and swelling of the optic nerve.”


Just imagine you’re on a spacecraft orbiting the Earth…

You’ve got something wrong with you.

You’ve got a pain in your gut.

You need to know what’s going on.

You can’t bring a 400-pound ultrasound machine on board.

But this device?

No problem.

You can get scanned and immediately send that image back to Earth to make sure you don’t have a health problem.

If that’s good enough for the world’s richest, smartest man’s fleet of astronauts, isn’t that good enough for you?


Yes, I certainly think so.

So how do people get the stock ticker?

And why can’t you just reveal it to everyone right now?


The Financial Freedom Blueprint


Bill, this is a small company.

Really, really small.

And it wouldn‘t be fair to my existing subscribers to just give it away.

But that’s why I’ve put together an exclusive briefing… that our viewers who are really excited about this can choose to receive fully risk-free.

It contains the stock ticker, the exact how-to-buy instructions, our sell strategy, everything… It’s all included in this special report called… 

“The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI.” 



Alex, I know you are going to make this available to all your new subscribers today, but I’m going to let everyone watching in on a little secret here.

One of the great things I love about Alex is how much he does to ensure members are happy.

And one of the protections he offers is a 365-day risk-free guarantee when people sign up for his work.

This 365-day guarantee allows anyone to sign up today and get Alex’s new report.

Then, if they want to get their money back… they can do so, and they still get to keep the report at no cost.

It’s a loophole you can use to get the stock’s name and the full report if you want.

However… I have to say that having Alex’s expertise is well worth the few cents a day it costs to be his subscriber.

Remember, Alex is following this stock on a daily basis. 

He’s writing a weekly portfolio update on all his recommendations that includes all the new developments with these companies.

He’s letting people know when it’s time to sell and take profits.

So while you can get this stock symbol risk-free, I think it’s well worth it to stay on with Alex.


I really appreciate that, Bill.

It’s very important to me to make sure my followers know everything going on with our recommendations.

I’m prepared to send regular updates on the company… not just every quarter on a company earnings release… 

Plus I’ll update you on any announcement that pertains to the health of the business… 

Every new product innovation. 

You’re going to know about it, and we’re going to follow the company’s exciting future developments together. 

This exclusive report… and these regular updates… are the featured items in a much larger package I’ve put together for our viewers today, called…



OK, I think you do a good job of identifying the key reasons behind breakout stocks.

You’re not always perfect.

But very often, you seem to find the big winners.


Thank you, Bill. We’ve outperformed the market for more than 20 years now, going all the way back to when I became the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club back in 2001.


 Alex, one of your active Buy recommendations that dates back to 2001 is Berkshire Hathaway B Shares.

That was still an active “buy recommendation” when I began following your work in 2003. 

I liked the long-term argument you laid out for Berk B.

And thankfully, I bought.

Because I still own those shares, and that single stock is helping to pay for my kids’ college!


That was one of my earliest recommendations at the Club. 

The stock chart is just a rocket ride straight up. Even in 2022, the stock just hit an all-time high!


Berk B is a classic example of one of the great wins in our Club‘s history.

And everyone who signs up for The Financial Freedom Blueprint today will receive all active buy recommendations in my model portfolios…


Alex, there is always risk in investing, and things don’t always work out perfectly.

Yet you’ve had a lot of success over the years.

I have personally made money on your Diageo…


And AT&T recommendations.

He Changes Lives…

So I’ve enjoyed following your work.

And it’s been well worth it for me to be a paid subscriber of yours.

And that’s why I’m here today.

If I didn’t do well, believe me, I wouldn’t be here!

And I’m not alone as a satisfied subscriber.

I’m going to read off a few letters your most successful readers have written over the years.

Because you’ve changed lives. Here are some examples…

Brent Alston, in Emeryville, California, says…

“My father called Green the best stock picker he’s ever seen.”


His father pocketed 25-baggers on Intuitive Surgical and Qualcomm in about a decade. 

So Brent took his father’s advice and started following Alex Green.

He recently booked a 325% win on MyoKardia in a year and a half.

And he turned $30K in PayPal into $152,000 in about five years, a 405% profit.

Pat Douglas has made more than $3.3 million in profit through a 10-year period following Alex Green.

“I started with $150,000. Today I have $3,500,000 despite all my personal and family expenses over this whole period. All of that growth was due to the recommendations I got from The Oxford Club.”


And Jack Murphy says he’s found financial FREEDOM by following Alex over the last 15 years.

“My portfolio has almost tripled. It will allow me to take retirement early… Why is this so important to me?

In short it provides freedom. Alex has always claimed this, but to have it come true is amazing.”



And you can add my name to the list of satisfied customers! Jack is right… growing your wealth certainly does provide freedom in so many ways, Alex.


Helping people grow their wealth and achieve a certain level of “freedom” is what it’s all about.

Freedom to do what you want…

With whom you want.

Whenever you want.


I think that sums it up perfectly.

So today, with The Financial Freedom Blueprint, which features the special report you’ve put together…

You’re giving people the chance to begin building their wealth, starting with an early investing opportunity on an impressive company that has reinvented ultrasound. 


Ultrasound on a Chip – Powered by AI


That’s right.

In this exclusive report…

“The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI”…

the next-ten bagger - handheld ultrasound powered by AI

I’m providing a complete breakdown of why I believe everyone should strongly consider putting at least a modest stake into what I consider the ideal investment opportunity.

  1. It’s got cutting-edge technology and is in all of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S.
  2. It has the potential to impact not just millions, but billions, of people worldwide.
  3. It’s got 812 patents and pending applications protecting its intellectual property.
  4. It just locked in a new deal with a major international distributor that gives it access to 2 BILLION new customers.
  5. And yet it’s almost entirely undiscovered, and trading for well under $10.

And the brilliant founder of this company has delivered big to the medical community… and to shareholders in the past.

People who got in early on his genomics company years ago could have turned $10,000 into $340,000 within one year. A 3,300% increase.

Bottom line: If there were ever one stock to bet on in the year ahead, the company behind this new ultrasound device is it.

It will go out to every viewer who signs up to receive The Financial Freedom Blueprint completely risk-free.


Now, is this the only company you’re recommending folks buy?

Or are there others?


AI May One Day Soon Be Responsible for Creating All-New Medicines


There’s actually a second innovator I suggest folks get their hands on today.

This next company is poised for breakout success in the year ahead.

I’ve already shown you how AI is taking ultrasound to a whole new level.

Now let me show you how AI is impacting medicine as a whole.

In short, I’ve found one company that is using AI to develop better medicines at faster speeds than ever before.

It has a rapidly growing pipeline of more than 25 projects underway.

And the world is beating a path to its door.

It has a new partnership it just signed at the start of 2022 with French drug giant Sanofi.

This blockbuster deal is worth up to $5.2 BILLION – and the company has billions more in partnerships with Bristol Myers Squibb, Bayer, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, Apieron and Rallybio.

I expect more will be knocking on the door soon.

The company is currently sitting on hundreds of millions in cash.

The company’s founder and CEO said recently…

“We have incredible momentum… and will continue investing in innovation that can enable the rapid translation of today’s most promising science into tomorrow’s best possible medicines.”

That’s the goal. 

As it creates new drug molecules, moves existing ones through clinical trials, and signs up more clients in Big Pharma, the potential here is extraordinary. 

Just the Sanofi deal I mentioned above is valued at up to $5.2 billion.

That’s equal to 2 1/2 TIMES the firm’s current market cap.

This company has all the hallmarks of an ideal investment.

So I’ve created an additional exclusive report called…

“Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine.”


It too will be featured in The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

The company’s stock ticker and my complete how-to-buy instructions are in this report.


This sounds like such a new, innovative stock – is there any stock of the past you could compare it to?


Celgene is a good one.

It’s a company I wrote about when they developed an extraordinary new weapon against cancer in 2003.

I alerted my readers about this development back then.

I said…

Investors have a chance at profits that could be extraordinary.”

The stock was about $5.

It took right off. And the company continued innovating…

My readers were up 5X their money in four years.

Celgene was then more than $100 per share when Bristol Myers Squibb acquired it for $74 billion in 2019.



You seem to find a lot of low-priced stocks.


That’s because they can be a great opportunity, Bill. That $5 stock… turned a $25,000 investment into $800,000 on Celgene for one of my readers, Randy West.


He said…

It’s a wonderful thing to know that I don’t have to worry about money in retirement.”



That’s a life-changer for most people.


It absolutely is. My goal is to find stocks like that for my readers.


Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist

That’s why these two stocks aren’t the only wealth-building opportunities you’ll get today.

I’m also launching, for the first time ever, my Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist.

I anticipate that we’ll see several companies from my Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist deliver massive profits to investors.


Another great benefit as part of the total package.

Alex, what about people who’ve never bought a stock in their lives…

Or might not have that much investing experience?


Great point, Bill.

I’ve created a special video series called Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio in which I lay out my entire wealth-building strategy.


Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio Three-Part Video Series


If you’ve never bought a stock in your life, I show you the easiest way to do it in this video series.

How to open an account. It’s very easy.

How to minimize any fees in purchasing stocks.

If you don’t know the first thing about creating a portfolio… you’ll get the paint-by-numbers instructions on how to do it.

And as your wealth grows…

I’ve put together an additional resource to help anyone who reaches that seven-figure status…


Receive Your Copy of “The Multimillionaire’s Handbook”!


You’ll receive a copy of “The Multimillionaire’s Handbook.”

This special written report is chock-full of secrets that can help you protect and grow your wealth… like multimillionaires do.

All told, we share 41 wealth-building secrets in this book.

Each one will help you keep more of your money… and grow it faster too.

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is included in The Financial Freedom Blueprint… which we’re making available today through a special risk-free offer.


Bill O’Reilly: A Paying Subscriber of Alexander Green’s Financial Research and Stock Recs Since 2003


Folks, here’s a quick story about Alex’s flagship publication, The Oxford Communiqué.

Turns out, I had been a paid subscriber for all these years, but the Club had no idea.

I found it on my own. I signed up online.


It wasn’t until one of the accountants going through the annual subscriptions saw the name William J. O’Reilly among thousands of others…

And said to me, “Is that THE Bill O’Reilly?


Well, the Club reached out to me in 2019 and asked if I’d like to host The Great American Wealth Project alongside Alex Green then.

alex with bill oreilly

I said yes, since I’ve had great success following Alex and I want others to as well.

So Alex and I got together… and in that Great American Wealth Project, Alex said Marvell Technology was his must-buy recommendation at the time…

It featured all of his ideal investment criteria.


That’s right, Bill. We knew that Marvell was an innovative breakout industry leader in the field of 5G.

Its stock was about $25 a share when we went live together in September 2019.

About 100,000 people signed up for the Communiqué right after that.

That means about 100,000 people had a chance to get in early as Marvell stock climbed from $25, to $50, to $75… it’s even passed $90.


The stock nearly quadrupled in just 27 months.

And yet it could pale in comparison to the opportunity in front of us today.

Your Chance to Own the Biggest Movers in the Market!


People made a lot of money on that, Alex.

You and I got together again in early 2021… this time for a special event to discuss the acceleration of innovation and technology.


That’s right. I made Dicerna Pharmaceuticals a new must-buy recommendation in the Communiqué for 2021. 

The work Dicerna was doing was nothing short of extraordinary.

And I recommended it at about $25 a share.


Now, there is a very important point to make about Dicerna, and I want to be sure our audience gets this.

Dicerna did not go up.

In fact, it went down.

I was worried, and I’m sure Alex’s subscribers weren’t happy.

But Alex, you stuck to your guns.

You said Dicerna was still a strong company.

It was still a buy. The dip only allowed for more people to get in at a better price.


It wasn’t but three months after the dip… November 18… when big news broke. 

Novo Nordisk announced it was buying Dicerna Pharmaceuticals for $3.3 billion in cash.

Anyone who owned Dicerna stock saw their stock jump by 78.6% in a single day.



The point is…

There are going to be ups and downs with investing.

Not everything works out perfectly. But when you have someone like Alex on your side, it helps you navigate those ups and downs.


That one was a roller coaster, but it was so fun to see it pay off.

Everyone dreams of seeing their stock on the day’s biggest movers charts on Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal.

And the day Dicerna got bought out, it was the #1-performing stock in the entire market.


My readers got the chance to experience that.


And Alex, of course, isn’t always right. You’ve had some trades go the other way.


There will always be wins and losses. That’s part of investing. But it’s important to win big while losing little. That’s what we strive to do.

Michael Delhomme, for example, watched our broadcasts and started buying my stock picks…

One of the recommendations went down 4%.

Uh oh.

And yet… others went up 112%, 137% and 331%.

He said he was up $164,000 within less than two years on just those four stocks.

Michael wrote…

Hi Alex, when I saw your talk with Bill O’Reilly, a lightbulb went on in my head. I expect to double my net worth again over the next 10 years with your help and advice… Thank you very much.”


Alex Was Featured in WSJ for Terrific Long-Term Performance


That’s exactly it.

And what you’ve done for my own finances, and for the portfolios of so many everyday American folks… is very much appreciated.


If you want a shot at identifying the next multimillionaire-making stocks like Celgene, Intuitive Surgical and Marvell Technology…

It’s time to follow Alex.

And it’s not just my opinion either.

The Wall Street Journal featured Alex’s Oxford Communiqué among the top 10 in the nation for low-risk, max-reward performance for more than a decade.



That was through both the up and down phases of three market cycles.

That’s why it’s important to be smart and principled in the markets… Have a plan in place and stick to that plan when the market goes haywire. That’s what we do.


So if you’re watching at home… and you feel like your retirement plans are going nowhere fast…

Alex is the guy who can help you achieve great wealth.

And I am proud to be a subscriber over the long run.

Alex, can you tell our viewers a bit more about what they can expect with the Communiqué?


CRUSH the Markets. Pursue Your Retirement Dreams.


I alert my readers to my top buy recommendations in my monthly publication of The Oxford Communiqué.


The purpose of the Communiqué is to help you…

  1. Maximize income
  2. Minimize taxes
  3. Minimize market risks
  4. At least double the broad market returns
  5. Live a financially free life, without money worries and concerns.

My philosophy is simple:

I don’t try to constantly jump in and out of the markets based on the media-driven news cycle.

I don’t try to predict what crazy moves the Fed will make.

Rather, I find the exact stocks that match my ideal investment criteria…

Companies that are truly changing our world by inventing new products, gaining worldwide market share and increasing revenues quarter after quarter.

And we’ve seen it result in big wins time and time again.

This approach has led to massive returns like the $800,000 in profit one reader made on Celgene…

The $1.2 million another made on Intuitive Surgical…

And the $3.3 million in total profit another reader made by listening to all of my recommendations over the long haul.

Getting your shot at big winners… like some of my most successful readers have… is possible if you follow my Communiqué.

In fact, Kiplinger reports…

“The Communiqué has performed impressively… Before 2001, Communiqué’s results were mediocre.

The performance improvement coincided with the installation of Alexander Green as [Chief Investment Strategist] in 2001.”



That’s high praise.

So perhaps the best part of The Financial Freedom Blueprint

Is the fact that you’re also going to give everyone a risk-free trial of The Oxford Communiqué.


Is that right?


That’s absolutely correct, Bill.

Get an IRONCLAD, 365-Day, Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee to Protect Your Subscription Today

Everyone signing up today gets my 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you join…



I’m guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with my Oxford Communiqué.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, just call us up, and you’ll get every penny back.

No questions asked.

alex green sig

So altogether in The Financial Freedom Blueprint

You’ll receive a 365-day risk-free trial run in The Oxford Communiqué

The special reports…

  • The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI
  • Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine

As well as my Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist…

The Multimillionaire’s Handbook”…

And the three-part video series, Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio.



Now, I mentioned this earlier… but Alex’s guarantee is quite generous.

If all you want is to sign up today… and get the ticker symbol of his ultrasound stock, plus everything else he just laid out… you can do that at no risk.

And if you want to, yes, you can get the whole package and immediately call up and get your money back.

You’ll be allowed to keep all of Alex’s special reports at no charge.

But I don’t recommend that.

Remember, I’ve been a paying subscriber for nearly 20 years.

And that’s because I appreciate having someone like Alex giving me guidance all along the way.

Alex follows these stocks closely and provides updates after earnings reports… sell instructions when it’s time to sell… and breakdowns of urgent new stock opportunities he’s just found.

So while I think it’s important for everyone to have a chance to get the stock Alex is recommending at no risk… I also think it’s important to note that Alex’s service is worth it.

And Alex, I am going to add in something special to The Financial Freedom Blueprint for the folks as well.

That’s because I believe in your mission.

So I’d like to add a bonus today as a thank you to everyone watching.

bill oreilly mob book

Anyone who signs up to receive The Financial Freedom Blueprint is going to receive the latest hardcover from my “Killing” series… Killing the Mob.


That’s just terrific, Bill.

Your “Killing” series is the greatest, bestselling nonfiction series of all time.

18 million copies in print.

These books have spent more than six years in the New York Times bestseller list!

And Killing the Mob may be the most fascinating of all.


I’m very proud of my “Killing” series books.

This one – you’re going to know all about organized crime.

You’ll never watch a show like The Sopranos or a movie like The Godfather the same way ever again. You’ll have a whole new knowledge about how organized crime really works.

Killing the Mob was an instant #1… It quickly debuted atop the New York Times bestsellers list.

I’m proud to include it in today’s total package.

In a moment, the Executive Publisher and CEO at Alex’s organization, Julia Guth, is going to explain how to get everything we’ve mentioned today in The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

Alex assures me he’s set up a 365-day risk-free guarantee to place the risk squarely on his shoulders. Not yours!

But before we hand it over to Julia, let me say this…

You may think that it’s normally expensive to subscribe to someone like Alex Green.

It should be, but I want everyone to know that I asked Alex to give viewers the best deal he and his Oxford Club team can possibly give.

As you’re about to find out…

It’s surprisingly inexpensive.

It’s a steal at less than a quarter a day!

Again, it won’t even cost you that.

All in all, it’s just a great, great deal for The Financial Freedom Blueprint and The Oxford Communiqué.

That will about do it for us.

Thanks for your time today. 

With Alexander Green, I’m Bill O’Reilly in New York.

bor sig

We’re Turning it Over to Julia Guth, Executive Publisher and CEO

julia c guth


Bill, Alex, every time you two get together, it results in another incredible wealth-building opportunity for our readers.

Marvell back in 2019… shot up as high as 275% in 27 months.

Discovery Inc. in April 2020… It shot up as much as 266% in 11 months.

And Dicerna Pharmaceuticals in February 2021… Novo Nordisk bought it out nine months later at a major premium, and Dicerna stock saw a one-day pop of 79%.

So I am thrilled to see how everything Bill and Alex unveiled in The Financial Freedom Blueprint plays out.

As Bill mentioned, he insisted I give you the best deal I possibly can. 

And I’m confident when I say that what we’ve put together for you is the biggest, best bargain we’ve ever offered in my 30 years at the Club.

The Financial Freedom Blueprint contains Alexander Green’s exclusive reports…

  • The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI”($299 value)
  • Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine”($259 value).

You’ll also get his…

  • Top 10 Tech Innovators Monthly Watchlist ($199 value)
  • The Multimillionaire’s Handbook” ($129 value)
  • Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio video series ($499 value)
  • And Safety Switch Alerts ($399 value)…

As well as Killing the Mob by Bill O’Reilly ($30 value).


Plus, Alex is giving you a one-year, 100% risk-free subscription to The Oxford Communiqué.

This entails…

  • Password-protected access to the Oxford Communiqué website
  • 24/7/365 access to the complete suite of Communiqué portfolios, including the Oxford Trading Portfolio, the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, the Oxford All-Star Portfolio and the Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio
  • Weekly model portfolio updates (there are currently 34 open recommendations across the suite of portfolios, with 29 in winning territory for an 85% win rate)
  • The Oxford Insight issues (5X per week)
  • Weekly Market Wake-Up Call video segments – including special guest commentary from the Club’s lead strategists, as well as top industry experts
  • Access to The Oxfordian Hotel Collection, where you can receive special discounts on luxurious hotels around the world
  • VIP invitations to join us online and in-person for Oxford Club conferences at five-star locations around the world.


Most people are surprised to discover that a full-list-price subscription to the Communiqué – with all of these benefits promised today in The Financial Freedom Blueprint – is normally only $249.

Most of our readers would say that’s an incredible bargain.

The money you could make from your special reports alone could pay for that subscription cost thousands of times over.

Remember, Michael Delhomme made $164,000 on four of Alex’s stock picks in a very short time.

But you won’t even pay $249.

We refuse to let price be a barrier to you attacking your financial goals.



And you’re completely protected by Alex Green’s IRONCLAD, 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee.



If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, simply send the book back, and you’ll get a FULL REFUND of your subscription fee.

No questions asked.

Plus, you can keep everything else that you’ve received along the way.

alexander green signature

And we’re going to take it up a level…

Alex is going to make you an additional guarantee.

I believe we will see new millionaires and multimillionaires created through The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

And Alex wants to make sure you’re off and running toward your retirement goals…

So he’s willing to guarantee his full model portfolio will smash the relative returns of the S&P by at least 200% this year.

If you don’t see the chance to beat the S&P by 200% or more over the next year through the Communiqué’s official portfolios, just call us up.

Alex will give you another EXTRA year of The Oxford Communiqué, completely free of charge.



All you have to do to get started is click the button below: “Get My Financial Freedom Blueprint NOW.”

Or… call our great concierge team at company headquarters.

If you’d like to start your subscription right now by ordering over the phone, simply call them right now at 866.415.8493 or 443.353.4387.

Call us anytime Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET if you have any questions.

If you call us on the weekend and leave a message, we will promptly call you back the next business day.

We’re fully dedicated to making sure you get your questions answered… and your subscription runs smoothly.

So right now, you have two choices…

Keep doing the same old things with your money and never get ahead in life…

Or take us up on this no-brainer offer today and start taking leaps and bounds toward financial freedom.

You can change the trajectory of your life the moment you click that button below.

Alex expects fortunes will be made from the disruptive new handheld ultrasound device maker…

As well as the AI in medicine company.

You’ve seen how Alex picked some of the biggest moneymaking healthcare stocks in the past.

He only gets smarter and wiser year after year.

So click that button below to start receiving profit recommendations like never before…

And get all the free gifts we’ve outlined in The Financial Freedom Blueprint.

You’ll be taken to a secure page where you can review everything before placing your order.

The moment you join, you’ll become part of the same Club Bill O’Reilly has belonged to since 2003.

I look forward to welcoming YOU as the newest member of The Oxford Club.

Go ahead and click that button right now!

Thanks for being with us. 

julia guth signature

Julia Guth
Executive Publisher and CEO

March 2022

Disclosures and Details
Copyright – 2022

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