Marc Chaikin Reveals Biggest Stock Prediction of his 50-year Career on Wall Street


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Why I’ve warned 8.4 million Americans to prepare for a historic financial reset in 2023

Get your money out of banks… and into a new vehicle 50 years in the making that could massively boost your wealth next year.

Hi, I’m Marc Chaikin.

Over the past year or so, I’ve warned 8.4 million people that I believe we’ll see a historic financial reset in 2023.

And it could soon result in a RUN ON THE BANKS unlike anything we’ve seen in our country’s history.

Few people realize this could actually happen on U.S. soil… Or what a sizable impact it could have on your wealth, especially if you have large amounts of cash in the bank.

In short, what I’m seeing across the country these days – and among the many emails I get from the 750,000 people who follow my research – is that a lot of Americans are very confused right now… and making some very foolish mistakes with their money.

People have seen serious losses in the stock market… and I think it’s going to get even worse… especially in 2023.

But NOT in the way you might expect…

If you know what’s coming – 2023 could actually end up becoming the best year of your financial life.

But… I say that with one reservation.

And that is – today, right now, you have to move your money OUT of cash or popular stocks… and into a vehicle 50 years in the making that could make you a huge potential gain as the whole thing unfolds.

Like the 10,090% gain you could have made in 11 months with a vehicle our work pointed to back in 2020, smack in the middle of that year’s panic.

chart-Riot 2

And that’s why I created this public message.


Because after spending 50 years on Wall Street, advising some of the wealthiest managers handling billions of dollars…

After all of my CNBC appearances…

And after predicting the 2020 crash and the 2022 sell-off, there’s ONE THING I want to tell the public right now, which I don’t think anyone else has the courage to admit.

chart-INDU 2

In short, our financial system was affected by Covid-19 in ways the authorities haven’t begun to admit yet… with consequences we haven’t experienced yet… And it’s going to be painful.


More money was printed in the last two years than in the previous two hundred years, combined. We're talking more than $15 trillion! 

Now, I understand we printed that money to keep the country going.

But guess what?

When you print money out of thin air, it means the price of EVERYTHING goes up. 

Home prices have soared by 40% over the past 2 years…

And the price of gasoline and critical food items – like corn and wheat – have all more than doubled in price in 2 years. 


But probably the worst part is this…

A $100,000 salary earned in 2018 is now worth just $82,000 today. 

Think about that… 

If you’ve been holding cash, it’s the equivalent of holding a stock that has fallen by 20% since 2018!


Would you EVER keep your life savings in a stock that has plummeted by 20% since you got in, which was considered “safe” and “protected by the government”?

Of course not. 

You’d cut your losses and get out!

And that’s creating a huge problem for retirees… folks who left the workforce years ago and were hoping to live off their nest egg.

And what about folks who are still working?

Incomes have barely budged.

Over the past five years, the average wage of the U.S. worker has increased just 4.8%… while just about everything you need to survive has become MORE AND MORE EXPENSIVE!

This is a devastating situation which has locked millions of Americans into a struggle we haven’t seen for generations. People are running faster and faster just to stay in place… and many are falling way behind.

Mark my words…

All of this will result in a “reset” of our financial system in ways most people will never see coming. 

Money will move OUT of cash and OUT of popular stocks… and into some very surprising places. 

If you’re holding your money in the wrong place, this shift could cost you dearly.

It could also make you a huge profit if you know WHERE to move your money – right now – BEFORE this shift accelerates in 2023.

Ignore me if you like… Turn off this video…

But the fact is, I predicted the biggest drops we’ve seen lately…


For example, back in April 2022 I warned a bear market was coming – just before the S&P 500 plummeted 20%…

Our research pointed to a bear market in tech as far back as 2021,before the innovative tech sector plummeted 50%.

We also predicted the 2020 crash back when COVID-19 was only a murmur in the press. And warned about 21 different stocks that have since crashed by up to 81%…


And yet…

In 2020 alone, you could have doubled your money 5 different times with our recommendations.


In 2021, our work pointed to 4 different stocks that could’ve more than doubled your money… including a catering company, of all things, which went up 350% in 5 months.


And in 2022, our work predicted the 20 best stocks of the year… even before the panic began.


And now… 

As we approach a turning point in the market, I’m sharing one simple action you MUST take now, BEFORE the cash panic I predict for 2023. 

I’ve already racked up 8.4 million views on a controversial video I recently created to explain exactly what’s coming. And why it could help you make massive gains in the market, no matter what the experts say is or isn’t going to happen next.

Please, pay close attention to what you’re about to see. 

It’s already appeared across the Internet – and on 30 TV networks. A message NO ONE else has the guts to tell you. With a FREE recommendation for where to move your money immediately.

The Biggest Prediction of My 50-Year Career on Wall Street

A strange day is coming to America…
a massive and surprising new transition that could determine the next group of millionaires.

Plus: The stocks Sandy Chaikin bought to get revenge against Wall Street.


Hi, I’m Tom Mustin.

The man I’m sitting with is the creator of one of Wall Street’s most popular indicators… A system that appears in every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal in the world, and is used by hundreds of banks, hedge funds, and every major brokerage site…

He’s spent 50 years on Wall Street… survived 9 bear markets… helped create three new indices for the Nasdaq, where he once rang the opening bell… and he’s appeared numerous times on Fox Business and CNBC’s Mad Money – where Jim Cramer once said he’s learned to NEVER bet against him…

Marc Chaikin, living legend of the markets…

Sir, thank you for being here.


My pleasure, Tom.


Marc, the indicator you built almost 40 years ago is now the gold standard on Wall Street for determining whether a stock is bullish or bearish… It’s been used by everyone from billionaire Steve Cohen’s hedge fund to Investor’s Business Daily… become the subject of countless white-paper studies… and has helped make a lot of institutional investors a LOT of money…

But today, for the first time ever… you’re essentially turning your back on Wall Street and sharing the BIGGEST prediction of your career…

Tell us about it…


Well, it’s simple.

I spent my career helping banks make money. And in 2000, I retired to Connecticut. I figured, after 35 years on Wall Street, it was time to relax and play some tennis.

But then the Crash of ‘08 came along…

And something happened that rubbed me the wrong way.

My wife lost around 50% of her 401(k)… all because of a bad money manager.

And I thought… “Gee, I’ve spent my whole life helping Wall Street get richer… when ordinary folks like my wife Sandy are getting fleeced.”

And that’s when I made a radical decision that yanked me out of retirement and has kept me working 24/7 for the last decade now… creating what I consider the ultimate “secret power” for everyday people.

A way to see which stocks could soon double your money, by taking the same information I gave Wall Street for 50 years… and using it to give yourself a HUGE and “unfair” advantage.

Beginning with one particular type of investment I urge you to buy immediately.


OK. Now, Marc… today, you’re planning to give away the name of your #1 favorite stock to buy right now. Along with the name of the #1 stock to AVOID – a popular company that could soon wipe out a lot of people.

But for now, I want to focus on your big prediction…

You’ve discovered something that could soon create an entirely new class of everyday millionaires in America – which we’re going to cover in a moment…

But it’s the WAY you found this investment that we at Stansberry Research are fascinated by… and which could soon create an entirely new type of investing this year. Bull market or bear market.

Can you walk us through it?


Well first of all, Tom, I want to share an important message.

Stocks that could rise 100%

If you missed the bottom of the crash in 2020… and you haven’t doubled or even tripled or quadrupled your money on some of the best-performing stocks of the past year… then the next phase of this market could be the last great opportunity to see substantial gains.

In short, a very strange day is coming to America…

And I predict it’ll send one particular type of investment absolutely soaring…

And we know this because of an incredible new secret we’ve created for everyday Americans…

Essentially, Tom, we’ve developed a way to see which stocks could soon take off by 100% to 500% or more… by predicting the future stock ratings of more than 4,000 different companies.


Today, we’re going to have you explain and even demonstrate what you’ve created…

But one thing I want to mention upfront…

What you’re about to see is arguably the most successful stock predictor we’ve come across in the 22-year history of our firm.

For example, in 2014, it pointed to Nvidia. Marc immediately recommended the stock, up as much as 3,200% since then.

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)
chart-NIO (NIO)
chart-Novavax (NVAX)
chart-Fulgent Genetics (FLGT)

In 2020, it pointed to electric vehicle maker NIO, up 884% in about 8 months…

Biotech firm Novavax, up 335% in 2 months…

And Fulgent Genetics – up 799% in around 9 months after Marc’s system pointed to it…

…all during a year that saw the worst crash since 2008 and the biggest and fastest market turnaround in history.

Pretty impressive – considering all investments carry some level of risk and not everything can be a triple-digit winner.

But Marc…

To me, the really powerful thing about your secret is that you can sometimes “smell” the opportunity before you can even actually SEE it…

In fact, you’ve recommended dozens of stocks that went on to more than double, despite having no knowledge of the company at all. Even in situations where it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to predict the future, like an approval by the FDA.

What have you created, exactly?

733% gain overnight


Tom, we’ve developed a system.

And for me, one of the best ways to explain its power is to share something that happened to me some years ago on national TV.

I was invited to appear on CNBC Fast Money.

Priceline.com was due to report earnings the next day. They paired me up with a legendary trader, Jon Najarian, and had us both share our opinions.


A prediction of the stock…


Right. Except, I knew nothing about Priceline.com.

So I gave myself a HUGE and “unfair” advantage over the rest of the investment world.

I sat down and typed the stock ticker into the system we’re going to share with you today… the culmination of my life’s work.graphic-PCLN Search Bar

And Tom, with one glance, I saw that the stock would soon be rated BEARISH. Meaning, it was likely to be rated a “Sell” tomorrow morning on Wall Street after earnings came out.gauge-widget-PCLN

So I told the anchor, I would get out immediately.


What did the other guy say?


At first, he was against me.

But after the show, he said, “I took a harder look at the company since Marc Chaikin doesn’t like the stock.”


And what happened next?


I’m told it was the first time in the history of CNBC Fast Money that they did a reprise the next day.

The stock dropped more than 100 points overnight.chart-PCLN-get-out

And the money manager who took my advice, Jon Najarian, went on the air and admitted that anyone who took my advice and bet AGAINST Priceline.com would have done extraordinarily well.

In fact, he publicly said, “[Marc’s prediction] worked out like a charm. One particular bearish play went from $1.80 last night to $15 or $16. Great call by Marc Chaikin.”

That’s a 733% overnight return. And that brings me to essentially the secret of my life’s work…

In short, if you want to make serious money in the market, there’s one thing you need to understand.

Nothing makes a stock go UP or DOWN, faster, than the actions of institutional investors.

When a bank starts pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars into a stock, it can shoot up overnight and go on to rise hundreds or even thousands of percent… all because of the sheer quantity of institutional money flowing in.

But the big question is…

What causes banks to buy these stocks in the first place?

The secret of stock ratings


Well, most analysts look at earnings… news announcements… industry developments…


Sure. But all those factors add up to create the STOCK RATING.

You see, almost every public company has a rating on Wall Street, which you can find on Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance…

It’s either a BUY, a HOLD, or a SELL, right?

And the fact is, what I’ve learned after half a century on Wall Street is that when the research side of a bank issues a rating that’s bullish, the investment side will start buying it hand over fist.

And that’s where I have a huge and, you might say, UNFAIR advantage.

In short: I know exactly which stocks the banks are most likely to buy next… because I built the very indicator they use to help determine the stock ratings.


You mean the indicator that was personally named after you and appears on every Bloomberg terminal on Wall Street…


Correct. After 2008, when my wife lost so much money, I decided to take that indicator… and rebuild it as a system for everyday folks that essentially shows you tomorrow’s stock ratings on Wall Street… TODAY.marc and sandy

It’s a system that provides online “cheatsheets” for more than 4,000 stocks, showing exactly what the stock is most likely to be rated over the next 3 to 6 months.

My wife has made three times her money overall, just by doing what we’re going to demonstrate today.


I can imagine. I mean, if you knew one of the biggest hedge funds in New York was about to turn bullish on a little biotech stock… you’d want to get your money there FIRST.


Tom, nothing can make you richer than getting a piece of an unknown stock AHEAD of the smart money on Wall Street.

Consider Riot Blockchain, for example… a tech firm that mines for cryptocurrencies.graphic-rating-RIOT

Today, if you look up this stock online, you can see that Wall Street rates it a “BUY.” And sure enough, institutions hold 4 times more shares than insiders.  Including the Vanguard Group, Susquehanna, and more.table-RIOT Institutional

Now, that’s not really a surprise… considering cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity over the last year.

So, of course Wall Street is interested!


What if you had known this information… that is, what if you had known Riot Blockchain would become a “darling” of Wall Street… way back in March 2020, BEFORE the price of bitcoin went up 10X?


You’d buy the heck out of it.


Well, back in March 2020 – even as the market was crashing – it was actually pretty easy for us to predict what Wall Street would think of Riot Blockchain in the future.

Despite the fact that I, myself, have almost no knowledge whatsoever of bitcoin, blockchain, or cryptocurrencies.


How can you know – with such accuracy – which stocks will be rated a BUY on Wall Street without being an expert yourself?


To put it simply… I became a licensed broker in 1966, and spent every day of my career learning exactly what the banks most want to see in a company in order to rate it a BUY.Marc and Bull on wall street

This was often proprietary information you wouldn’t know unless you provided technical analysis day in and day out, as I did, to hedge funds… run by the likes of Steve Cohen, Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros.

All were longtime colleagues of mine… among hundreds of other bankers, traders, analysts, and more.

I knew them all.

And I built them the bullish/bearish indicator of their dreams… the one I’m most famous for.


But they all paid a price…


Well yes… they opened the kimono and shared their secrets.

By that I mean… by tweaking my indicator to suit each of their needs, I was able to see exactly what Wall Street’s most successful investors look at when judging a stock. For some, value is most important.

For others, it’s sentiment. Or earnings.

The bottom line is that I walked away from my career knowing the 20 factors that large investors use to make their decisions… And I developed a secretive way to compute that information and predict a stock’s rating over the next 3 to 6 months and beyond, with remarkable accuracy.

Even if I myself don’t understand why.

In the case of Riot Blockchain…gauge-widget-RIOT

My system used that information as far back as March 16th, 2020 to determine the stock had a strong likelihood of being rated a “BUY” in the weeks and months ahead.chart-RIOT 2

And sure enough… the stock went up 10,090% in less than a year.


Wow. Which is – what – 100 times your money…

But of course, some people might say: That was just a lucky example, Marc… a crypto stock at the start of a melt up in cryptocurrencies…


Yes, but we’ve done this time and again, Tom… in all kinds of sectors.

For example, in 2020, I recommended Twitter… Fiverr… Sleep Number… and Baidu, each of which could have more than doubled your money if you’d bought and held.


I even recommended a communications company called Nuance at the height of the coronavirus crisis in March 2020, which has also more than DOUBLED since then and is now being taken over by Microsoft.


And I imagine all of this leads back to the big prediction you’re making today…


Yes. As we’ll explain, the secret we used to accomplish all of this brings me back to the #1 stock I urge you to buy immediately, which we’ll give away for free, right here.

It’s all part of the biggest prediction of my 50-year career on Wall Street…

The rise of a particular type of investment that I think will determine who makes the most money in the coming months… and who will be left with the scraps of the recent bull rally.

“My wife made 7x on one stock”


OK. Now, Marc, in order to predict tomorrow’s stock ratings, you’ve developed a one-of-a-kind system – which you originally built for your wife after she lost 50% of her 401(k) in 2008.

And within this system are thousands of “cheatsheets” for companies of all sizes and sectors.table-APPS

One that caught my attention is Digital Turbine – which your system pointed to back in June 2020.


I remember it well.chart-APPS-3

My wife actually found and bought that stock using our system and made more than 7 times her money.

And incidentally, she spent a good part of her career as a Director at L’Oréal, marketing men’s cologne. She’s a very smart woman – but knew little to nothing about the stock market.


Now, what fascinates me about Digital Turbine is how it’s the kind of company most people have never heard of before.

A software firm that helps app developers make money.

Pretty niche.


As it should be!

I mean, really, who cares what the future stock rating for an Apple or an Amazon might be?

What matters most are the stocks that analysts MIGHT NOT EVEN REALIZE EXIST right now. Because the space isn’t crowded… and the upside potential is 3 to 5 times higher. That’s where we’ve consistently found the biggest opportunities and where we’re looking right now. Bull or bear market.


Now, of the 4,000 different public companies, Digital Turbine is one of just 12 that came up when you ran your system back on June 7th, 2020… looking for which stocks were most likely to have a strong BUY rating on Wall Street over the next 3 to 6 months.graphic-gauge-dashboard

These are stocks that receive almost no coverage whatsoever in The Wall Street Journal. For example, Cowen… Big Lots… Henry Schein… and more. Very, very obscure little stocks.


Obscure, but with huge profit potential.

All three of the stocks you just named shot up after our system pointed to them. In particular, here’s what came up for Digital Turbine…table-APPS


Now, explain for us what we’re looking at here…


The system works by taking the indicator I’m most known for on Wall Street – the one used by every bank and hedge fund you can think of – and combining it with the 20 factors I mentioned earlier.

Together, these factors gauge exactly what the “smart money” is looking at… and distill that information into one simple rating.gauge-widget-APPS

“Bullish”… “Neutral”… or “Bearish”, which you can see up here.

In this case, the rating was Bullish.graphic-rating-APPS

And sure enough, today Wall Street rates the stock a “BUY.” And a whopping 61% of its shares are held by institutions.table-APPS

Including Blackrock, D.E. Shaw, and more.


Now. Normally, Marc, I wouldn’t care what Wall Street has to say…chart-APPS-2

But the fact is, this stock went up 789% in just 8 months after your system first predicted that BUY rating.

So my question is… and I think everyone watching is also curious…

How did your system determine this… especially on such a small company that receives almost no attention in the news?

How the system works


In short, there are 20 factors the smart money on Wall Street looks at when deciding whether a stock is a buy, a hold, or a sell.

There’s a definite secret to how we calculate the rating. But I’ve always been transparent about the factors themselves…

Take a look…slide-Debt to Equity Bullets

They’re divided into four categories.

First, the Financials… which includes everything you see here. Essentially, all the numbers a good value analyst would consider.


Mumbo-jumbo, to most people…


Yes, but it’s the kind of thing Warren Buffett looks at first.slide-Earning Growth Bullets

Next, we look at Earnings, which includes all of this. Essentially, the company’s annual scorecard…


In other words, is the company actually making any money…



After that we look at the Technicals, which includes all of this…slide-Strength of an Individual Stock Bullets


I see your name in there. What is all this stuff, exactly?


These factors measure price and volume activity – including that bullish/bearish indicator I developed back in the early 1980s and which now bears my name on the Bloomberg terminal…


OK. And finally, the last category…


Experts.slide-Earning Estimate  Bullets

In other words, we look at what corporate insiders and institutional investors are doing and saying at any given moment…


And you compute all this stuff individually, for every stock?


Well… sort of.

We have a secret to crunching this information, which is why the system has found so many winning stocks… often stocks I would otherwise never consider.

Like Alarm.com, a security company our system pointed to as a BUY back in May 2020. It went on to double in 7 months.chart-ALRM

Or Cadence Design, a circuit maker that almost tripled after our system pointed to it back in January 2019.chart-CDNS

In short: EVERYTHING I’ve just shown you is calculated every single night by a secret algorithm I spent forty years devising. For more than 4,000 stocks, it spits out an overnight cheatsheet predicting the future rating.

Like a surprise bullish rating back in June 2017 for JOYY Inc., a live streaming platform, which went on to double in just 8 months.chart-YY

Or a surprise bullish rating for the footwear company Crocs back in June 2018, before the stock went on to rise as much as 530%.chart-CROX.png

And keep in mind…

Of all the bullish stocks our system finds, it can pinpoint exactly which ones the big banks on Wall Street are most likely to begin buying.


So I take it you don’t have a roomful of young analysts somewhere… reading 10K reports, watching CNBC and downloading Bloomberg data 24/7 to issue all these ratings?


No, we don’t.


Well, if that’s the case… how do you react to real-time news?

I mean, how can a computer system look at what’s happening in the actual real world each day and update the stock rating?

For example, suppose the CEO is publicly shamed… or there’s an overnight geopolitical conflict… or some other problem hits a company completely out of the blue?


Like the coronavirus…


Right, exactly!


Well, that’s where our system really shines…

…and actually, this type of “unexpected event” is the focus of my BIG PREDICTION today. Including the #1 stock to buy right now… and the #1 stock to avoid.

You see, in 2020, we all got the surprise of a lifetime when the country went into lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19.

A lot of people were predicting a long bear market and the end of the economy as we knew it.

But all of a sudden… back in April 2020… our system began lighting up BULLISH on some very unusual stocks.

For example, Overstock.com.gauge-widget-OSTK


The home goods company…


Yes. Which surprised me. I’ve personally never liked Overstock.com as an investment opportunity. In my opinion, the company had bad management… a big turn-off.

But our system was rating the stock BULLISH, at $10 a share.gauge-widget-OSTK

At the time, it didn’t make any sense.


Now, why do you say that?


Well, you wouldn’t expect people to be decorating their home during a pandemic.

Coincidentally, my wife and I had recently bought a house in Connecticut, which we were buying furniture for – ironically, from Overstock.com. But I thought we were more the exception than the norm.

Clearly, I was wrong… and the system was right. Overstock.com went on to rise 1,050% in just 4 months after our system rated it Bullish.chart-OSTK

Essentially, the system was able to see things about the economy that even I myself couldn’t decipher until after the fact.

And that’s what we love most about the system.

It can “smell” the best opportunities even before we can actually SEE them…

In other words, it can analyze real-time data as accurately as any human analyst… but objectively.


Is that a good thing…?


Oh, absolutely.

The problem with most analysts, myself included, is that they’re opinionated. They’re stubborn. They have biases based on their own experiences and ideas. So they overlook all the “bread crumbs” that can lead to huge opportunities.


OK. But how could a computer system intuitively “guess” that people would become excited by home furnishing during the pandemic?


Well, one thing you have to remember is that the markets are always forward-looking.

By that I mean, no one ever invests based on what’s happening today. They invest based on what they think will happen in the future.

Our system is designed to help us anticipate the short-term future, better than anything else I’ve seen. Using everything I’ve learned about the smart money on Wall Street over 50 years.

It all goes back to the 20 factors I showed you earlier… and the last category in particular: What insiders and experts are saying and doing.Earnings Estimate Bullets.png


And this works across the market…

Works on little-known stocks


It does, yes.

Especially with little-known companies.

In the case of Overstock.com, for example, we were able to objectively measure three key technicals…table-OSTK

It had a rising money flow… it was oversold… and its momentum was rising faster than the S&P 500.


Explain for us what all of that means…


These are just 3 of the inputs that go into our algorithm.

Essentially, it meant more and more institutions were beginning to buy the stock… a lot of institutions hadn’t gotten in yet… but the stock was trending higher.

So… we don’t need to understand all of the pieces, Tom.

The secret is how we translate all of this into data and compute it with an algorithm that 99% of Wall Street won’t know about until days, weeks or even months later.


So you’re able to accurately gauge what Wall Street will think of certain stocks… even before they’ve made up their own minds.


Or even if they’re initially wrong!

A good example is PayPal.

Back in June 2019, one analyst at UBS downgraded the stock and said the company would struggle for years to come.chart-PYPL-downgrade

Our system disagreed. It rated the stock BULLISH… which means, we were confident Wall Street would eventually change its tune about PayPal and get into it, big time.chart-PYPL-bullish


And who was right?


In this case, we were.

PayPal went on to be rated a “BUY” on Wall Street and today, 87% of its shares are owned by institutions.graphic-rating-PYPL

Meanwhile, you could have more than doubled your money if you’d acted on our system’s rating, BEFORE the banks turned bullish, and held for the long run.chart-pypl


So it’s kind of like having a real-life crystal ball, right?

You get to see into the future long before Wall Street… for the chance to hugely profit as the majority of banks, funds, and the general public catch on to what you already know…


I don’t know if I’d call it a “crystal ball.” After all, we’re only human.

And as you mentioned earlier, all investments carry some level of risk and nobody picks nothing but triple-digit winners.

But we’ve got a decade-long track record of perfecting a system that gives you the opportunity to dramatically outperform the market.

The system updates overnight, with an output we consider a type of “cheatsheet” that gives you the chance to buy tomorrow’s favorite stocks on Wall Street before most of the institutions or the public realize the opportunity.


But some things can’t EVER be predicted, right?

For example, a little biotech firm developing a new drug to treat liver disease. Unless you’re a scientist working at the company, it’s impossible to know if the FDA will approve the drug… right?


You would think so.

But we’ve seen amazing results with even the most inscrutable companies… because, again, everything about a company’s stock performance gets reflected in the 20 factors we look at.

Consider a New Jersey firm called Cancer Genetics, for instance…chart-CGIX

Back in February 2021, the stock more than doubled in just one day, which most people never saw coming. But we did… months earlier.

Our system rated the stock “Bullish” as far back as December 2020.gage-widget-CGIX




In this case, the stock jumped from the announcement of a merger.

On our end, we knew absolutely nothing about a pending merger.

We just knew that our algorithm was picking up on signals that meant OTHER PEOPLE knew something was up… a kind of industry-wide secret that we could “smell,” but couldn’t quite see yet.

The reality is, every time there’s big news in the market, lots of people connected to the situation already know about it.

Money starts moving around. Word gets out. And these types of movements always get reflected in the price and money flow of a stock, like bread crumbs nobody else can piece together without the right algorithm.


And I assume that’s your big advantage… the ability to uncover these bread crumbs before anyone else…


The fact is, our system can accurately pick up on these movements, often long before the story appears in the press.

So… often… it can feel like a leap of faith to follow our stock ratings.

But once you see this play out again and again over decades, you learn to trust it. In this case, you’d have made a 244% gain in just 2 months.chart-CGIX 2


If the banks don’t see the opportunity yet… that means you, yourself, must see a lot of “oddball” ideas from your system…


We do. For example, another stock that lit up Bullish on our system back in 2020 was Wayfair… a home furnishing company.gauge-widget-W

I said to my wife, “That’s interesting. We’ve been buying a lot of things to decorate our home in Connecticut. Maybe it’s part of a larger trend.”

And sure enough, the stock almost tripled in 5 months.chart-W


Incredible. So essentially, the system does all the thinking for you…

The Power Gauge


We call it the Power Gauge.

But I wouldn’t say the system does all the thinking.

I’d say the system knows exactly what the smart money on Wall Street is thinking… and then weighs each of the 20 factors behind that thinking with a particular ranking that’s essentially our “secret sauce.”


Love it. Tell us more about this “secret sauce,” as you call it…


In May 2020, our system turned Bullish on Camping World… again, a stock I’d have never considered, under any circumstance.gauge-widget-CWH

But here’s where it gets fascinating…

By that point of the pandemic, it was clear that social distancing would last for quite some time. Gyms were closed, restaurants were closed, summer was approaching… So a lot of experts were predicting a surge of interest in outdoor activities.

The system was able to gauge all this by measuring three key technicals…

The stock had a rising money flow… it was oversold… and its momentum was rising faster than the S&P 500.table-CWH

The indicator I built to measure all of this is what earned me a spot on every computer platform on Wall Street. You can actually look up my name in most finance textbooks and see it.


OK. And again, that just means more and more institutions were beginning to buy the stock… but a lot of institutions hadn’t gotten in yet… and the stock was trending higher…


Correct. Those three technicals meant that we were seeing the perfect entry point.

And equally important, all the fundamentals for Camping World were solid. The company was earning money, offered a high value for the current share price, and so on.gauge-widget-CWH

Crazy, right?


I would think so… especially after the worst crash in 12 years.


And yet, Tom, the stock went on to triple in less than a year!

And… as you’ll see today… it’s the surprising opportunities like this that we uncovered during the pandemic that have now led me to the biggest prediction of my 50-year career…

The rise of a particular type of investment I urge you to buy immediately.

It’s the entire reason we’re holding this event. A chance to make a lot of money in the coming weeks… even if you missed the recent bull rally.


I like how the Power Gauge didn’t just look at consumer interest.

It also evaluated the company’s fundamentals. Many analysts would likely do one or the other, but not both.


Of course. All of those factors go into our secret sauce – our weighting system.

But frankly, Tom, everything we do goes back to something that personally happened to me back in 1969.

Most people won’t remember this… but there was a bear market in the mid-sixties that ended on literally the exact day in 1966 that I got my broker’s license.chart-DJIA-first day 1

So for the first two and a half years of my career, every day seemed like an uptick. Everyone on Wall Street was a genius.


Right. Everyone’s a genius until the music stops playing…


Now, in those days, all I ever used was fundamental analysis.

Then came the bear market of 1969-70…chart-DJIA-first day 2

And suddenly, that didn’t work anymore. 

Meanwhile, nobody ever thought of doing technical analysis. We had a few charts lying around our office at 14 Wall Street – but remember, this was still more than a decade before the first home computers. 


How long did the bear market last?


Through October 1970.

And I realized, I can’t successfully manage my clients’ money unless I have a technical idea of where the market’s going next…

…something that goes beyond the song-and-dance everyone else paid attention to when evaluating a company.


What do you mean by that?


In those days, you bought a company because you liked the product and it had a good balance sheet.

But today, we know that NONE of that matters if the technicals don’t look favorable… And by that I mean, how a stock’s individual price action compares to its industry and the market as a whole. In other words: Is the stock likely to move higher from its current price?


Were you the first person to realize that?

I mean, you’re a pioneer in technical analysis, right? Your indicator is even featured on stockcharts.com.


That’s true, Tom. But no, I wasn’t the first.

I learned a lot of this stuff from a guy in Connecticut named George Chestnutt.


Huh. Never heard of him.


Most people haven’t. But as far back as the 1950s, this guy was sitting at his kitchen table doing thousands of calculations to determine which industries were strongest, and how each stock performed within that industry.

Nowadays, you click a button to see that data.

But George did it all by hand, God bless him. And the value of his fund more than tripled over a decade.


Nice. And I guess that inspired you…?


Yes it did. It set me off on a lifelong study of how to best combine fundamentals and technicals – both the story and the price action – in a way that nobody else was capable of doing.

It took me over forty years, but it was well worth it.

We’ve seen gains as high as 399% on PegaSystems… 256% on KB Home… 277% on Novanta… among dozens more.


And more importantly – going back to the BIG PREDICTION I’ll share today – we can often see into the future long before anyone else.


Give us an example of that…

Even worked during the 2020 crash


In one word: The pandemic!

Back in early February 2020, the bull market was still going strong… but already, rumors of a new virus were circulating though the news.

And all of a sudden, on February 2nd, the Power Gauge swung away from being  Bullish for the first time in months… and a number of stocks lit up BEARISH.

Including Marriott… Chevron… Tiffany… and many more.



So, WEEKS before the country officially went into lockdown, your system was already warning about a hotel chain… a gasoline chain… and a luxury retailer…


As usual, it didn’t make total sense to me at the time.

But sure enough, Marriott went on to fall 54%… Chevon fell 52%… and Tiffany fell 23%. Among many other bearish stocks we warned about.chart-MARchart-CVXchart-TIF

More importantly, I began studying this information very carefully to get a BIGGER PICTURE of the market. And as early as January 26th, 2020, I publicly warned: “Traders should tighten stops.”

Then, once the initial drop took place… on March 1st I publicly announced: “Plan for the worst.”


I gotta say, that was a bold call, considering the initial move in late February was, at the time, the worst one-day drop ever.


Sure. But the warning signs were piling up in our system: relative strength was falling… sentiment was turning sour… insiders were dumping shares… and more. We knew it would get even worse.chart-INDU 2


But of course, 2020 was an extreme example, right? I think a lot of people saw the warning signs piling up…


Well, we saw it as early as January and identified the worst stocks to be holding.

And that’s why, today, I’m doing it again.

I’ll announce the name of a stock to sell immediately, if you own it. Which you might… because it’s one of the most popular stocks in America.

And I’ll also share a type of investment our system is lighting up BULLISH on across the board… which I think will set the stage for one of the greatest new bull markets this year.


Why do you say that?


Well, you see, Tom, the Power Gauge has a long history of finding turning points.

As far back as March 2016, for example, our system pointed to one of America’s favorite companies… up more than 900% since the beginning…

Chipotle.chart-Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 1


A fantastic-looking stock, to most people, I’m sure.


Not to us. Chipotle lit up BEARISH on our system… and we urged the public to avoid it.chart-Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 2

Sure enough, it went on to fall as much as 41%.chart-Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 3


How quickly can the Power Gauge pivot on a stock like that?

For example, when does a Wall Street “darling” that’s fallen out of favor become a buy again?


All the time.

For example, 2 years after we warned the public about Chipotle, the Power Gauge turned Bullish on the stock. So in June 2018, I recommended it.chart

If you’d bought and held for the long-run, it’s up as much as 227% since then – even through all the turbulence.chart


OK, and can you do that with the overall market? In 2020, for example, did you foresee the bear market ending so quickly?


Tom, I’ve lived through 9 bear markets, dating back to before the Nixon administration.

In my experience, they usually last between 9 to 24 months. They’re painful.

Nobody knows the exact turning points. But in this case, I can say that on March 22nd, 2020 – 24 hours before the market bottomed – I ran the Power Gauge and wrote: “Be prepared for violent bear market rallies.”

Of course, you know what happened next…


You bet. The S&P went on to have its greatest 50-day rally in history.chart-SPY


Sure did. And the Power Gauge turned bullish on a variety of different stocks, including Donnelley Financial Solutions… Rent-A-Center… Lithia Motors… The Ensign Group… and First Solar – all of which have as much as DOUBLED since then.


We soon realized we were dealing with the shortest bear market in history.

Not 23 months but 23 days. And we realized it was the little-known stocks like the ones I just named that could show you the biggest and fastest gains with our system.


So you played both the rise and the fall in the market…       


Yes, and that’s something I learned from my Wall Street clients.


The Smart Money.


marc with jim cramer at his restaurant
Marc with Jeremy Siegel Wharton Prof and stock market guru
sandy and marc with jon najarian oct 2015

The Very Smart Money.

You see, back when I ran my own institutional brokerage firm, our clients were folks like Tiger Hedge Fund, which manages $36 billion… D.E. Shaw (where Jeff Bezos once worked)… and the top hedge funds and growth investors in Boston and New York.

These guys are expected to ALWAYS find a way to make money…

By giving them technical analysis, I learned they were all using a disciplined approach to investing.

But they weren’t all using the same factors, which gives us an advantage.


And all of that went into your Power Gauge…


Yes. Years later in creating the Power Gauge, I distilled all the most successful factors they were using… both on the bullish and the bearish side… but with a weighting system I’ve never revealed.

None of them have ever figured it out.



So because of your connections with many of the best investment firms, you’ve been able to get a “peek under the hood,” so to speak, to see what they all do that works best.

I can’t imagine many other people enjoy that kind of access.

And even better, you’ve been able to turn that advantage into an incredible system for regular folks like me.


That’s right, Tom.

Predicted the GameStop mania


What I’m still shaking my head over, though… is how your system can pick up on these “bread crumbs” nobody else pays attention to.

For example, I was actually playing around with the Power Gauge earlier today… and just for fun, I typed in GameStop.graphic-GME 2

As you probably know, in January 2021, a group of renegade investors caused the struggling retail chain GameStop to spike 200% in just 5 days as a kind of “revenge” against Wall Street funds… who were betting against the stock. Melvin Capital, for one, required a $2.7 billion bailout.


Some of those kids actually made money.


Right, and that’s where your system comes in… and I think this also speaks to the BIG PREDICTION you’re sharing today.

In short, the Power Gauge rated GameStop BULLISH back in September 2020, literally MONTHS before all the action that made national news.

As you can see here, it was bullish for about a month, and then it turned neutral.graphic-colorbar-GME

That means if you had bought and held, as Marc’s system suggested, you could have sold at the peak of the GameStop mania for an extraordinary 3,000% gain… without being involved in any of the online shenanigans.chart-GME


We see this sort of thing a lot.

And look, I’m not saying the Power Gauge predicted the GameStop chaos. But certainly, the system picks up on movements in the markets before we as humans ever put together the pieces.


You’ve done this really well in the large cap sector.

As far back as 2011, you were bullish on Apple. Up 900% as of 2021.chart-AAPL

In 2018, you told Jim Cramer you liked Amazon.

In fact on CNBC Fast Money, you publicly said, “You can’t be bearish on Amazon. You just have to find the right spot to buy.”marc with jim cramer

The stock just about doubled as of 2021.chart-AMZN



But almost anyone could have made those calls.

Where our system really shines is predicting the future stock ratings of companies you’d likely never consider as investment opportunities… but with the potential to make you 3 to 5 times your money or more… faster than you can imagine.

And also because factors like INSIDER BUYING can play a huge role in our algorithm when looking at companies that are less talked about, in a way you simply can’t see with a Tesla or a Facebook.

Take Capri Holdings, for example. They make and sell luxury apparel.gauge-widget-CPRI

In fall 2020, the stock lit up Bullish on our Power Gauge.


Strange… considering most of America was still in lockdown…


Well, that’s the big difference between our Power Gauge and other systems.

Most systems only update once a month…

Or they don’t track each of the 20 factors we follow…

Or they give all the factors equal weight, which is a big mistake… especially in a volatile and sentiment-driven market like we saw in 2020.

But in our case, the Power Gauge updates overnight and can evaluate real-time news like a vaccine coming out. And how experts and insiders are responding to that news.


Got it. So, in other words, analysts were finally beginning to envision a world without COVID-19… and insiders were beginning to realize consumer apparel firms like Capri would soon take off…

But… y’know, I still don’t understand how a computer system can account for something like that… The “human factor,” if you will…


For me, the turning point came in the late 1970s when the first good home computers came out.

Like the Apple IIc… Or the Tandy TRS-80.

I was buying this stuff at RadioShack and doing all the tinkering myself… taking the calculations guys like George Chestnutt had been doing back in the fifties, and automating it.

But in my case, I had the advantage of having worked closely enough with the smart money on Wall Street to be able to forecast – with an algorithm – what they were most likely to do with all the available information when issuing a stock rating.


And so your Power Gauge knew that Capri Holdings was likely to be rated a BUY on Wall Street in the weeks ahead.


Well… with Capri, we knew how to quantitatively measure analysts’ reaction to something like a vaccine development…

The sentiment.

Take a look…table-CPRI

Rising money flow… oversold… and trending higher.gauge-widget-CPRI

So the stock lit up Bullish on our system… and rose 258% in 6 months.chart-CPRI

That’s why I said it before and I’ll say it again.

We know exactly which stocks the banks are most likely to buy next… because I built the very indicator they use to help determine the stock ratings.

I know what they’re looking at and what percentage value should be assigned to each factor. Granted… they don’t teach this stuff at Wharton Business School, but it’s incredibly powerful.

Can this beat the top experts?



Now, in a moment, we’re going to hold a demonstration of Marc’s system.

He’ll type in the tickers for a variety of different stocks and show you what the Power Gauge is saying right now.

Including the name of one stock mostly ignored by Wall Street right now, which Marc predicts will soon have a “BUY” rating at every big bank and hedge fund in Boston and New York.

He’ll also share a MAJOR prediction for the stock market – no small thing, considering Marc publicly warned about a crash as far back as 2015 caused by a black swan nobody would see coming…

He called for the bull to continue in 2017 on CNBC…

Accurately warned about the dips in 2018…

Called for the post-crash rally to continue in 2020 even months after the pandemic broke out… and more.

Now, the free stock recommendation you’ll be giving away today is tied to how you played the pandemic… Correct, Marc?


Yes. Two recommendations, actually.

Both related to the long-term impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on America… using clues most people will probably never consider until it’s too late.



Bearish… I like that.

Y’know, it seems like you assign almost as much value to which stocks you should AVOID as to what you should buy.


Actually, funny enough…

Some years ago, the NASDAQ asked our firm to create 3 indices for their exchange. The idea was to see whether our Power Gauge could curate a list of the best Nasdaq stocks.slide-marc-nasdaq


Hold on, let me get this straight… You were actually contacted by the Nasdaq exchange to try to help people outperform the market?


Correct. And what we did was actually very simple.

We took all the stocks in three categories – large caps, small caps, and high dividend payers – overlayed the Power Gauge… and then simply removed all the BEARISH stocks.

In the first year alone, our indices outperformed by 52%, 76% and 49% respectively. That’s why it’s critical to always know which stocks to AVOID, as much as what to buy.


I imagine that kind of information could improve the performance of a lot of investment newsletters, wouldn’t you say? I mean, sometimes an analyst has a fantastic model portfolio that gets dragged down by one or two losers.


Yes. But equally important is knowing the perfect moment to buy… and choosing the perfect investment for a given sector.

Actually – if you don’t mind, I’d like to share something…


Of course. Go right ahead.


To demonstrate the Power Gauge, we took the liberty of analyzing the model portfolio for one of the most successful analysts in America. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.


I gotta warn you, Marc… Dr. Sjuggerud is a former hedge fund manager who has beaten the S&P 500 for 19 years. He’s been so successful, he’s been invited to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, twice.


I know that.

But nevertheless, we took his entire model portfolio from 2020… overlaid the Power Gauge in a backtest… and saw a pretty amazing difference.

Take a look…chart-Steve Sjuggerud in 2020-bar


OK. Now, walk us through this…


At the time I reviewed it, Dr. Sjuggerud’s 2020 model portfolio recommended 12 stocks… for an average total gain of 52%. Very impressive.


And with the Power Gauge…?


His average total gain would have been 78%… which means, you could have increased your total gains by 50% if you’d been using the Power Gauge with Dr. Sjuggerud’s recommendations. And you could literally do this exact same thing with any other type of stock recommendation.

Q&A with a total beginner


Now, Marc, how easy is it for someone to actually use your system, though?

Looking at this “cheatsheet” for Vaxart, for example – a little biotech firm your system pointed to back in November 2019 – there’s a lot going on here.table-VXRT


We designed the Power Gauge so that the ONLY THING you should pay attention to is the stock rating right up here.

We even added gradations, like “Very Bullish” or “Neutral-Negative,” to give you a better idea of where the stock might be going… without having to analyze any of the technicals yourself.graphic-very bullishgraphic-Neutral-Negative

In this case, the rating was Very Bullish.table-VXRT


So all the technicals down here are just for folks who want a more detailed glimpse into the company’s health…


To give a Bullish rating, we always look for solid fundamentals, and then we confirm it with at least two of the technicals you see here. I call that the Power of Three.

They’re mostly a glimpse into whether RIGHT NOW is a good entry point to buy the stock… the opportune time.

In the case of Vaxart, not all of these technicals were even lit up. But at least two were – and that was enough to turn the rating Bullish… just before the stock went on to rise 3,060% in about 7 months.chart-Vaxart (VXRT)


And, in your experience, folks with no experience on Wall Street are comfortable acting on this information?


Well – the person you should really be asking is my wife, Sandy.

Again, she had no experience in finance before we married. Then she fired her money manager and started using the Power Gauge.https://stansberry.app.box.com/file/804204225751


I know Sandy is watching from home right now. Do you mind if we zoom her in… Ask her a few questions?


Let’s do it.


Can we zoom in Sandy…? Great.

Sandy, you there?


Yes. Hello everyone.


Sandy, can you tell us a little bit about your experience using Marc’s system?


Well… my story goes back a long time.

Years before I met Marc, I didn’t really take an active role in managing my money.

I had a busy worklife as a marketing director for a major cosmetics company. I was making good money, but I didn’t know enough about picking stocks to really “get in the game.”


You had a 401(k), I understand…


Yes. And I got into a few good funds.

But eventually, I got too busy to invest.

So I handed everything over to a money manager… essentially my entire life savings. And lo and behold, along comes the Crash of 2008… and the value of my 401(k) just plummeted.

So… I started panicking.

Week after week I wondered, “Should I sell? Should I sell?”

And he was absolutely no help at all.


It’s certainly hard to stand by and do nothing when stocks are falling more than 50%…


Yeah. Well… finally… I lost so much money I fired the manager and took control of my own finances. Meanwhile, my husband Marc was realizing there were a lot of people like me.

More than $100 billion was being transferred from full-service brokerage accounts – much of it to online, self-directed accounts. People were upset. They were taking back control.

And that’s when Marc got interested.


How so?


Well… Marc spent half a century on Wall Street. And so naturally he began wondering, “How are all these people going to find the right investments?” That’s how the Power Gauge first got started.


Tell us about your results…


Well first of all, I do this all on my own… without Marc’s help.

Overall, I’ve made back everything I lost in 2008. And altogether, I’m now up 3 times my money, which I’m very pleased with.

In 2014 alone, I got into two of the year’s best-performing stocks: Skyworks and Southwest Airlines.chart-SWKSchart-LUV

And in 2020, I got into Quanta Services… fuboTV… and Digital Turbine, to name just a few. I’ve made good money on all of them.


How did you find those stocks?


chart-PWR (thumbnail)
chart-FUBO (thumbnail)
chart-APPS-3 (thumbnail)

It wasn’t that hard at all, actually.

You just type the name of the stock into the search engine… and up pops the rating. Bullish… Bearish… or Neutral.

That’s all I really pay attention to.

Even now, I don’t understand most of the technical details… although Marc has tried several times to explain it to me…


How do you know when to sell?


When a stock is rated Bullish, it lights up GREEN.graphic-colorbar-AAPL bullish

When it’s Bearish, it lights up RED.graphic-colorbar-AAPL bearish

When it’s Neutral, it lights up YELLOW.graphic-colorbar-AAPL neutral

Pretty straightforward.

So in the case of Southwest Airlines, here’s the chart I was looking at when I first bought the stock.chart-LUV 2

It was yellow for a while… then it switched to green.

So I bought in… held for about a year… and when it turned red, I sold. Simple as that. And sure enough, the stock did very little after that. 


Tom, can I jump in?

We devised the red/yellow/green system to make buying and selling as easy as possible.

But what it REALLY does… is it allows you to maximize your total gain by only riding the stock during its most bullish phases.

We don’t like all the whiplash that goes along with a volatile stock.

So when the stock turns red in our system, that’s a good signal to sell.

But having said that…

Sometimes – it actually pays off to take a long-run approach. You don’t necessarily want to sell if the stock turns red for a few days or even a few weeks.

So, oftentimes, I might recommend you HOLD… even through a bearish period.


Sure – I mean, even a good stock has its ups and downs…


Exactly. So in many cases, if the stock was rated Very Bullish initially… it pays to ride out the turbulence.


OK. But for someone who wants to see faster gains… you could use the Power Gauge to trade in and out of the most bullish stocks – to potentially beef up the total gain…


A good example is Vaxart, the stock you mentioned earlier. Take a look…graphic-Vaxart-color-bar

The system lit up Very Bullish in November 2019… stayed green or neutral for about 9 months… and then eventually turned red in August 2020 – just before the stook took a dip.

That means if you’d been following the Power Gauge to the exact moment of when to buy and sell, you could have made 30 times your money in 9 months…  BEFORE the stock began falling… and walked away.chart-Vaxart (VXRT)-color-lines.png

Will the stock rally even higher someday?

Maybe… But if that happens, the Power Gauge is designed to show you exactly when to buy back in for the next ride up. Like fast-forwarding through the boring parts of a movie.


Love it.

Sandy, one more question…

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the information available on the Power Gauge?

I mean… looking at all the variables here, it’s pretty complex. How do you handle that, with no background in finance?


I don’t! I just type in the stock ticker… and voila!

The Power Gauge pops up with the final rating right up here, with all the information you need. You don’t need to bother with anything else. The rating is all you need to make a decision.table-APPS


Wonderful. Sandy, thanks for joining us.


My pleasure.


And with that… Marc, everything we’ve talked about tonight adds up to your BIG PREDICTION.

So… I think the time has come.

Let’s hear it.

Marc’s Big Prediction


In short, the same way our Power Gauge picked up on “clues” in 2020 we didn’t understand at first, pointing to certain stocks that would soar during the pandemic… Like home improvement companies, crypto companies… and more…

Today, once again, we’re seeing clues to a particular type of stock we believe will soar in the coming months and create a new class of very wealthy investors who get a piece of it now.

In this case…

These are stocks that we expect will do incredibly well as America absorbs everything we learned from the pandemic lockdown and transitions to a new way of life.


So to be clear…

You’re predicting a big shift from the work-at-home/stay-at-home stocks that performed so well during lockdown… to something new. Stocks that will boom in post-COVID America.



But I think you’ll be surprised by what these stocks could be.

We’re already seeing some very interesting names light up Bullish on our system, and even we’re shocked.


What is this type of stock exactly…?


In short, there’s a very specific type of “recovery” stock that I think most people will never consider until it’s too late. And that’s because it’s more than just a play on America getting back to normal.

It’s a play on what I predict will be a historic shift in how America does business after COVID-19. More specifically, a DIGITAL shift.


Explain what you mean by that…


A very strange day is coming to America, Tom.

It’s the day we all realize America will NEVER be the same again.

Business will go back to normal – but certain aspects of how we shop, eat, travel, date, and communicate will never go back to 2019.

And it’s in that gray area between what America looked like BEFORE the pandemic and what America looks like AFTER the pandemic where significant new wealth can be made.


OK. And you mentioned a “digital” shift in particular…


Yes. In the NEW AMERICA that will arise in the great recovery, a particular kind of technology is positioned to play a massive role.

I believe we’ll see the rise of a new kind of company… in dozens of different sectors.

These are companies that will take the “digital life” we all grew accustomed to during lockdown… and make it a PERMANENT and BENEFICIAL FEATURE of how America does business going forward.

It could be like buying Apple before they released the iPhone… if I can make that comparison. A chance to get in on the ground floor of an entirely new paradigm shift in how we buy things, how we exercise, vacation, and more.

Think of Amazon, up as much as 213,731% since it first created a new way to shop.chart

Or Netflix, up as much as 80,681% since it first created a new way to rent movies.chart

Or Facebook, up as much as 1,821% since it first created a new way to interact.chart

Of course, those are the biggest market winners from the LAST TIME America saw the kind of digital shift I’m predicting. And remember, not every pick will be a winner, so you should never invest more than you’re willing to lose.

But this time around, I believe the shift will be even wider reaching… and a lot more unexpected.

Our system is already lighting up “Bullish” on a variety of very surprising stocks we urge you to buy immediately.


So… we should all look ahead to the next phase of America.


Yes. I predict we’ll see a dramatic new digital shift that will extend everything society adapted to during lockdown in dozens of new directions.

That means looking for investments in cybersecurity… high-speed Internet… new social media platforms… artificial intelligence… and more.

And that’s exactly what the Power Gauge is doing right now…


Excellent. Thank you, Marc.

And again… in just a moment, you’ll give away the ticker symbol for your favorite of these “new America” stocks, correct?


Yes. And the #1 stock to avoid.


Got it. Now, before we get into the Q&A…

Marc, if someone who’s watching this wants to begin using your system… bull or bear market… what do you recommend?

How to get started right now


If you’d like to learn more, we’ve written a full research report, detailing all 20 factors that go into our system and how to calculate them.

It’s called The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.The Power Gauge-How to Double Your Money on the Best Small Cap Stocks-MAG06

Inside, you’ll learn:

*The one thing that shows you at a glance where a stock is going next.

*How to time the perfect point to buy or sell any stock.

*What the Smart Money on Wall Street always looks for in choosing a stock they can comfortably invest millions of dollars into… and more.


Now, I know there are thousands of folks watching today who are very excited to access your new report…

But, realistically… a report probably isn’t enough to get started, right?


Our report gives you an overview of how our system works.

But I agree… to do this analysis yourself, on more than 4,000 companies, updated overnight every single day, including knowing exactly how to weight each factor?

That would be impossible for anyone. For one thing, because we’ve never revealed our weighting system in public, and we never will. As I said before, that’s our “secret sauce.”


And that’s why, today, you’re stepping forward in a big new way…


Yes. Until recently, we’ve mostly sold our findings to professional investment advisors… And these folks have paid up to $5,000 a month just to see the stocks we identify as Bullish.

But today, for the first time ever, we’re doing something with our online system unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

We’re launching a brand-new research service for everyday folks, called The Power Gauge Report.

Each month, you can see which stocks are rated as Bullish and Bearish with our online system, without doing any of the hard work yourself. With details on where the system points to as the best place to put your money… in any type of market… for the chance to double or triple your money.


So each month in your new research service, The Power Gauge Report, you and your team will analyze the entire universe of U.S. stocks using your system… all the factors we’ve discussed today.

You’ll find which companies are rated Very Bullish and Very Bearish, which you’ll share in full.

Then what?


Of the top 40 stocks we uncover each month with our analysis, we’ll pick the #1 to recommend in The Power Gauge Report… usually a mid or large cap stock, because those offer the highest potential gain, with the least amount of volatility, along with a constantly updated portfolio of other stocks we believe could double or triple your money.

In fact, as of today, we already have a fully built model portfolio of 5 stocks we urge you to buy immediately.

Each month, we’ll publish all the details of our newest recommendation, including how each stock fits into our system’s view of the market as a whole.

Most importantly… when the system says to sell, we’ll alert you on when to close your position for the biggest potential gain.


And to be clear…

You’re releasing this product for the FIRST TIME ever… to share the results of your system in a simple, all-in-one new product tailored for the general public.


Yes, Tom, we’re doing something completely new for our firm. We’ve partnered with Stansberry Research, one of the largest independent financial research firms in America.

They have more than 330,000 subscribers based in 120 countries. Since 1999, they’ve worked with some of the biggest names in finance and business, including best-selling authors, a former U.S. congressman, CEOs, and more.

They came to us and said, look… your work is incredible, and we want to get it in the hands of our customers and others around the world too. So that’s what we’re doing today.

We’re tired of Wall Street having all the advantages. We’re tired of seeing folks like my wife Sandy lose nearly 50% of her 401(k) at the hands of a money manager who doesn’t know how to react to market changes.

So… after years of helping institutional investors get wealthier… today we’re leveling the playing field by giving you access to the same information we’ve provided Wall Street for years, but with the ability to GET AHEAD of the smart money… every single month.

Today, for example, one of our top new recommendations is one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve seen in my career.

It’s a company whose rating I predict will soon be a “BUY” at every major bank as we see a massive new shift in how America does business after COVID.

Most people won’t know this until after the stock has potentially tripled… but you can hear about it in our new Power Gauge Report, today.

For the first time ever



Now, in just a moment, we’ll hold a demonstration of the system behind Marc’s brand-new research service, The Power Gauge Report.

We’ll show you the results of a variety of different popular stocks. Including Marc’s FREE recommendation of the #1 stock to buy NOW, as America transitions away from COVID-19.

But first, I want to make something clear…

As Marc mentioned, until recently, most of his clients have been professional investment advisors…

These are folks collectively managing hundreds of millions of dollars and who make their living in the markets.

And they’ve paid Marc’s firm up to $5,000 each month to access his system and analysis.

Not to mention, most analysts can only access Marc’s indicator via Bloomberg… a Wall Street terminal that costs $24,000 a year.

In other words, for the past decade, you’d have likely never known about Marc’s Power Gauge and how successful it’s been.

But today… for the first time ever…

Marc is opening the doors to a powerful new way for you to access his analysis and his top recommendations yourself… to see which stocks are positioned to go up, which are positioned to go down… and why.

Each month, he’ll name a company with the potential to double or triple your money, as the result of his deeply nuanced analysis of the smart money on Wall Street.

As CNBC’s Mad Money host, Jim Cramer, once said:

“I learned a long time ago not to be on the other side of a Chaikin trade.”marc with jim cramer

He went on to say:

“I want to explain why I love Marc’s stuff. It’s simple, it’s understandable, it’s rational, it’s not emotional, and I use it constantly and I almost never want to go against it.”

In other words, Marc’s work has been used by one of the best-known stock analysts in America.

So, as you can imagine, a lot of people have paid good money for Marc’s work.

For example, Marc used to charge $1.99 for his Power Gauge report on just a SINGLE stock. At that rate… it would cost you $8,000 to get his reports on the 4,000 different stocks he follows…

But today, Marc is doing something special for everyone watching.

In short, you can try his work RISK-FREE.

Typically, The Power Gauge Report will cost $199 a year.

But because we’re at a rare moment in history… when life after COVID-19 will create what Marc is calling a “NEW AMERICA”… a new way of doing business that will create dozens of investment opportunities… he’s agreed to do something incredibly generous.

If you order right now, you can try Marc’s work risk-free… for over HALF OFF the normal rate.

You’ll pay just $49 for an entire year.

That’s a 75% discount.

And again, it’s totally risk-free for anyone watching right now.

That means you’ll have the next 30 days to review Marc’s special report and model portfolio, which shows you which stocks could double your money by predicting tomorrow’s stock ratings on Wall Street.

I think you’ll find this offer more than pays for itself…

As George W. wrote:

“Quite honestly, this is hands down the most amazing system that I’ve ever seen. You’ve brought a new excitement back into my trading. Keep up the good work. Also, I’m in the process of cancelling some of my other subscriptions and it feels great. Chaikin is a perfect fit.”

Each month, you’ll get the name of a stock you’d likely never hear about from your financial advisor or broker… from the man who helped create Wall Street’s entire stock rating system!

The best part, though, is that you can get all of this for less than the price of a casual dinner. And if you’re unhappy… you can get a FULL CASH REFUND of everything you pay today.

To get started, simply click here. 

But Marc is going one step further…

When you join The Power Gauge Report right now, you’ll also receive an incredibly valuable bonus that could help you make even more money with your subscription…

And change the way you look for stocks, forever.

Marc, can you talk about that?

BONUS #1: FREE access to Power Gauge


It’s very simple. Through today’s special offer, we’ll also give you FREE ACCESS to the system itself, for the next year.

You can type in any stock ticker… see its current rating… and see what’s REALLY going on inside the stock.

All our fundamental and technical analysis work has been built into the Power Gauge, which you’ll receive through a new interface we’ve just developed, called the Power Pulse.

You can access it on your computer… a smartphone… tablet… you name it!

And keep in mind, this is a simple-to-use interface that doesn’t require any “bells and whistles” or interactive charting… which we’ve offered to professional clients in the past.

That means, with just the click of a button, you can do exactly what I’ve been doing today… and see a daily “cheatsheet” showing where the stock is most likely to go next, and why.

Like this surprise Bullish rating for Lam Research, which I recommended before the stock shot up as much as 697%.chart

Or this surprise Bullish rating for Entegris, before the stock shot up as much as 410%.chart

So… you can use the recommendations we’ll publish each month in the Power Gauge Report…

AND, you can also use the system itself to your heart’s delight… as my wife Sandy does… to screen for additional stocks you might be interested in.


Great. So there you have it.

Order right now – today – and receive FREE ACCESS to the Power Gauge system, so that you can plug in your own stock ideas and apply this feature anytime you want… on almost any company, industry, and trend.

And of course, you’ll also receive 75% OFF The Power Gauge Report…

FREE access to Marc’s model portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy now…

Plus ONE MORE incredibly valuable bonus we haven’t even covered yet.

Not to mention, you can try all of this 100% RISK-FREE.

But today’s offer – the BEST offer, with all of the bonuses – could be taken down at any time.

So if you’re interested, we urge you to place your order right now. Click here to get started.

And keep in mind, Marc’s work has already become a bestseller in the investment research industry…

As Bob Lang, an equities trader and frequent guest on CNBC and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, once said:

“In all of my years in trading I have tried many different styles and approaches, but [Chaikin] is one system that stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest.” 


And Marc, by the way…

What if a new subscriber is unhappy? Can you walk us through the refund policy?

100% Cash-Back Guarantee


Of course. This offer is completely risk-free. At my age, Tom, the biggest reason I’m doing this is because I want to help other people.

So if you’re unhappy with my work, simply contact our college-educated Customer Service Team and you’ll get a full, prompt, cash refund of everything you paid.


Although, frankly, I doubt you’ll ask for a refund…

The earliest users of Marc’s research absolutely swear by it…

For example, trading expert John Carter made $1 million in just two days trading Tesla and loves using the Power Gauge.

He writes:

“There’s a lot of hyped-up tools out there, but a single tool that combines 20 fundamental AND technical factors to anticipate a stock’s profit potential got my attention. It’s like an objective ‘awesome meter’ for stocks.”

And John D. said:

“Of all the solutions I’ve tried over the last three years, this is the first product I’ve seen that actually puts it on all on one page.”

BONUS #2: 4 Power Picks for Retirement

And with that, I want to talk about the SECOND bonus you’ll receive if you take advantage of Marc’s charter offer right now.

Today, you’ve seen how Marc’s Power Gauge has uncovered some of the best-performing small-cap companies… mid-size companies… blue chips… and more.

Well, one question we often hear is: “Which stocks are best for retirement? In other words, which stocks can I buy right now for an IRA or 401(k)… and never have to worry about?”


We asked Marc to apply his Power Gauge across the ENTIRE UNIVERSE of stocks that many people consider the best long-term recommendations… The kind of stocks you can comfortably hold through any kind of market – with the potential to make you multiple times your money.

Marc, can you talk about that?


Sure, it’s actually very simple.

I was given access to a model portfolio of 22 of the best stocks to buy now and hold “forever” from one of the top financial analysts in America… a guy who once worked at 3 of the biggest hedge funds.

By running the Power Gauge, I eliminated all the picks rated neutral and bearish… focused on only the most bullish picks… the best entry points…

And then, I selected the top 4 stocks to buy now.

I’m releasing this in a special report called 4 “Power Picks” For Retirement.report

And today, through this special charter offer…

You’ll receive free access to it immediately, all 4 picks, along with everything else we’ve discussed today.


Others have paid $199 per year to access this type of report.

And of course, this entire offer comes 100% RISK-FREE.

So, if you haven’t already…

We urge you to click here and order now, TODAY… to receive this generous and enormously valuable bonus.

And Marc, with that, I want to get into another question…

What if we see a HUGE and very painful bear market?


The Power Gauge finds the best stocks to buy in ANY market. Bull or bear, as we proved in 2020.

Remember, oftentimes a stock rated “Bearish” on the Power Gauge can fall… and then immediately pivot. When that happens, the Power Gauge turns to “Bullish”… and the stock can take off, independently of whatever’s going on in the market or the economy.


Give us an example…


Well, consider 2018…

On February 5th of that year, the market saw its worst point decline in history, up to then. A lot of people panicked.

But the Power Gauge didn’t just sit on the sidelines, as you might have been tempted to do. Instead, it predicted a bullish move for a little-known California retail firm called Restoration Hardware.

In fact, we recommended the stock.

If you’d bought and held, you’d have made 5 times your money as of 2021, beginning in the worst year for stocks since 2008.chart RH


So bear markets don’t scare you, I take it…



And that’s because the Power Gauge can help you AVOID all the biggest losers in the market.

Take 2015, for example…

Small-cap stocks were hit by a massive bear market.

A surprise to most people.

But the Power Gauge issued a BEARISH rating for the well-known athletic apparel company Under Armour, just before the stock dropped more than 60%!chart

And that’s just one example.

It did the same thing with KinderMorgan, a lesser-known company in the energy sector… just before this stock, too, dropped more than 60%!chart

And of course, while all investments carry some level of risk and nobody picks nothing but triple-digit winners, I can tell you I survived and even thrived through all the dips in the sixties and seventies… the Crash of ’87… the dot-com meltdown… the 2008 financial crisis… and the coronavirus crash.


Impressive. And let me ask you this…

By using the Power Gauge, can you also spot companies going BANKRUPT – BEFORE the news goes public?


Absolutely. In fact, we made the mother of all bearish calls back in 2015. The Power Gauge turned VERY BEARISH on Sunedison literally EIGHT MONTHS before the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.chart

Even if we ourselves don’t know the full story, the Power Gauge can repeatedly alert you to dangerous companies… whether they’re going bankrupt or just going through tough times.

And Tom, if you know what to do… you could make a lot of money on a situation like that… to say nothing of all the money you would save by simply dumping the stock if you happen to own it.


I take it you’ve made a lot of predictions like this over the years, haven’t you…


Well, big banks on Wall Street will pay a lot of money to know which stocks are on the verge of falling. So we’ve found a lot of those.

Back in 2018, for example, Jim Cramer invited me onto his CNBC show Mad Money, where I predicted Amgen, the biotech giant, had “run out of steam.”

Sure enough, the stock went nowhere for the next 18 months.chart AMGN


Wow. What a versatile system.

So you can find bulls, bears, stocks going sideways… and more. I love it.

As Annie G. once wrote:

“I am now totally addicted to the Chaikin system… I may need an AA meeting if this doesn’t stop…”

And Konstantinos K. once wrote:

“After 10+ years in the markets, [Chaikin] is the only [research] that I will have for as long as I trade the markets. It’s a phenomenal service, and . . . very economically friendly for those who want to have access to the Power Gauge.”

And clearly, the results speak for themselves…

Back in 2020, the Power Gauge pointed to Discovery, before it shot up 238% in 6 months… ViacomCBS, before it rose 383% in 10 months… and more.


Of course, all investments carry risk, and nothing is ever guaranteed in the market. But wow! The more I play around with this system, the more impressed I am by its history of incredible calls.

As Cheryl D. once wrote: “I am an individual investor and trader. There is not enough time in my day to do the work Chaikin puts before me in minutes. I am ‘wowed'.”

And now, that brings us to the big moment, Marc.

So what are the free recommendations that you promised to give us today?


Take out a pen and write this down.

My #1 bullish recommendation is Mimecast Limited, symbol MIME.


Mimecast filters out all those nasty spam emails that make reading the important ones unpleasant. And the way this ties into our big theme is that people have gotten tired of communicating on Zoom, and via instant messaging. People are actually going back to their emails, but not with all that spam in your way. So Mimecast is positioned to really readjust to the way people are going to behave now that COVID hopefully is on the wane.

My number one bearish pick is Zillow.


Now, everybody likes Zillow right now. People who are buying houses, moving out of big cities, and Zillow was a very, very hot stock with a bullish Power Gauge rating. The Power Gauge rating on Zillow is now bearish. I think this is a really dangerous stock, and I don’t think it’s the way to play the next phase of America’s reopening. 

In our model portfolio, you’ll hear about all the best stocks, and what I predict will be a new America, reflecting everything we learned from the pandemic lockdown, with my favorite of these stocks right now being Mimecast Limited (MIME).

And of course, this entire offer comes 100% RISK-FREE.

This offer could end anytime

So – there you have it.

Marc Chaikin, a Wall Street pioneer who’s developed a powerful way to see any of 4,000 different stock ratings before anyone else… for the chance to make 3 to 5 times your money, which he’ll reveal every month in his brand-new Power Gauge Report.

Order right now and get 75% OFF the price.

…along with FREE access to his Power Gauge system for the next year, including ALL of the features we’ve discussed today.

Plus, FREE access to Marc’s model portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy now.

Plus, FREE access to 4 “Power Picks” For Retirement… Marc’s special report naming the top 4 stocks with huge upside potential to buy now and never worry about…

Plus, his full research report: The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.

And that’s not all…

If you get in right now – TODAY – you’ll also receive a special MYSTERY GIFT we didn’t have time to cover in today’s event.

But it’s an absolute must-have for anyone with money in the markets right now.

Frankly, this MYSTERY GIFT alone might be worth the entire value of today’s offer. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else… but is critical for anyone who wants the chance to make serious gains in the weeks ahead.

And again, this offer is totally risk-free for anyone watching right now.

That means you’ll have the next 30 days to review Marc’s special reports, his system, and his model portfolio, which shows you which stocks could double your money by predicting tomorrow’s stock ratings on Wall Street.

Just keep in mind: This charter offer, with all of the bonuses we’ve discussed today, can be taken down at any time today. So to secure the best possible deal, we urge you to order now.

To get started, simply click here. 

Marc, any last words?


Yes. Back when I worked on Wall Street, one of the funds I worked with was run by a guy named Steve Cohen.

At the time – 1994 – he was just another trader for a major bank. But one day he quit, to start his own hedge fund.

And his fund immediately became one of our customers.

Since then, Steve Cohen has become a multi-billionaire at the helm of one of the most successful hedge funds in American history.

But now… for the first time ever…

I’m turning away from Wall Street and giving YOU the advantage, for the chance to see exactly which stocks are poised to have a BUY rating over the next 3 to 6 months… And use that information for the chance to get into the best-performing stocks yourself, BEFORE anyone else.

Once you see the kind of results we’ve been talking about today, I predict you’ll never again want to invest without the Power Gauge.


Thank you, Marc.

And with that, click here to place your order today, for the best possible deal.

On behalf of Stansberry Research, I’m Tom Mustin. I hope you enjoyed watching. Thank you for joining us.

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