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Today, True Market Insider members can claim an exclusive pre-launch offer – one that will give them access to Tobin’s research (and two pre-launch benefits) for 80% off.

Transformity Investor will formally launch to the public in May*

The world is changing… 

Bank collapses… 

Supply chain panic…

Gas and energy shortages…

Massive events like these create both crisis and opportunity in the markets.

That’s why Wall Street titan and macro analyst Tobin Smith refers to them as “transformative” events. 

Because he understands they create significant wealth for smart investors.

These events are so crucial that Tobin has spent nearly forty years tracking them…

In the 1990s, he isolated the tech boom…

And even told Americans how to play it – telling them about Apple when it was $0.42.

In fact, the late Steve Jobs – when asked who covered Apple most accurately stated, “Without a doubt, Tobin Smith.”

Today, Tobin is not only tracking this brand-new banking crisis…

But unearthing opportunities – now being overlooked by average retail investors…

In fact, in just recent weeks… in the middle of market turbulence…

He showed ordinary folks, just like you – how to make gains upward of 1,200%…

It’s clear these transformative market events don’t just create wealthy investors – they mint millionaires.

And right now, amid all these global shifts, transformative events are becoming more common.

That’s why Tobin and his team have spent the last two years developing their most advanced research service to date…

A service that will not only help you capitalize on the massive transformative events currently underway in our economy…

But could also help you protect your portfolio from any turbulence we could see ahead.

This brand-new research service is called Transformity Investor.

And it formally launches to the public in May, 2023.

But – as a True Market Insider member – you can access an exclusive pre-launch discount…

One that will not only give you access to all of Tobin’s cutting-edge research when it goes live…

But will also provide you with access to two pre-launch benefits.

Benefits that Tobin believes will help you navigate the months ahead.

As soon as you sign up today, you’ll start receiving:


Benefit #1: Weekly write-ups with recommendations and market research

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank crash… Many people wonder whether we are at the brink of another 2008-level financial crash.

To help people navigate these concerns, Tobin will be putting out weekly write-ups on the banking collapse UNTIL the launch of his Transformity Investor e-letter in May.

More than that, he will be issuing recommendations to help people navigate and profit in the markets ahead.

Tobin’s followers pay him hundreds of dollars for this kind of research…

But presale members can get it – for free.

Benefit #2: Transformity Banking Playbook 2023 ($199 value)

True Market Insider members who sign up today will get access to a brand new report from Tobin’s team – completely free.

The report is called, “Transformity Banking Playbook 2023”.”

This report will cover the upcoming banking crisis – and ways you can use it to profit in the months ahead.

You can expect to receive it within the next 48 hours.


*All of the below benefits will become available in May when Transformity Investor launches in full.

Benefit #1: 12 Monthly Newsletters

These newsletters are crafted by Tobin and his team to help you take advantage of new and emerging transformative opportunities.

Every month, you will learn a new way to play these massive transformative trends (complete with a stock pick directly from Tobin, as well as his detailed analysis).

Benefit #2: Our Complete Transformity Model Portfolio

Tobin’s complete Transformity Portfolio will include 7 stocks set to soar thanks to massive trends in America and beyond.

Right now, those stock picks are being finalized. All 7 will be released to Transformity Investor readers when our membership launches in May.

Benefit #3: Transformity Investor Research Bundle ($500 Value)

This bundle of reports will give you detailed information on some of the biggest megatrends of the coming 10 years – setting you up for financial success for years to come.

All three reports will be delivered to your inbox within seconds of our formal launch in May.

Benefit #4: Instant SMS alerts

The markets are moving fast right now – and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. That’s why Tobin’s team sends out instant SMS alerts whenever there are major moves in the market.

You’ll get an SMS when it’s time to sell a stock and when Tobin has urgent updates.

Benefit #5: U.S. Based Customer Service Team

If you ever have any questions about your membership, you can reach out any weekday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to our U.S. based customer service team at 855.822.0269.

While they cannot provide individual investment advice, they’re always happy to address your concerns or answer questions.

60-DAY RISK-FREE Refund Policy

Today, you can lock-in your Transformity Investor membership with zero risk. In fact, we give you 60 full days to test-drive Tobin’s research. If you decide it’s not for you, call our U.S.-based customer service team anytime in the first 60 days for a full refund.


Early-Bird Pricing: $49

Get in now at $49! The price will increase to $97 in May.

Pre-Launch Benefits:

  • Weekly Newsletters and Recommendations
  • Bonus Report: Transformity Banking Playbook 2023 ($199 value)

Full Membership Benefits (May Release)

  • 12 Monthly Newsletters Issues
  • SMS Alerts
  • Transformative Investing Bundle ($500 value)
  • Transformity Investor Model Portfolio


Early Bird Pricing: $299

Get in now at $299! The price will increase to $397 in May.

Pre-Launch Benefits:

  • Weekly Newsletters and Recommendations
  • Bonus Report: Transformity Banking Playbook 2023 ($199 value)

LIFETIME access to all Full member benefits

*Once Tobin’s Transformity Investor launches in May, you will have full access to all member benefits, for as long as Tobin publishes this cutting-edge research.

  • 12 Monthly Newsletters Issues
  • SMS Alerts
  • Transformative Investing Bundle ($500 value)
  • Transformity Investor Model Portfolio

To order by phone or ask questions call: 855-822-0269

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