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Just a Quick Intro

Louis Navellier and Growth Investor have a new promotional offer designed to guide the American people through the chaos of a digital dollar-based economy.

Navellier and his team have become convinced that recent actions taken by President Joe Biden, The Federal Reserve, and major banks such as Wells Fargo indicate a massive disruption of our currency system may be just around the corner.

This new form of United States financial system represents a potentially huge risk to the savings and security of everyday Americans.  

Navellier fears a future where our government will have unlimited authority over our individual finances, and will use that authority to surveil and punish anyone they view as too independently-minded for their liking.

Fortunately, the renown investment expert has formulated a plan of defense for Americans who want to retain sovereignty over their own money.  

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Growth Investor, the special resources bundled in the current promotion, and Louis Navellier’s strategies for securing your finances against increasing government overreach.

Who is Louis Navellier?

One of Wall Street’s most iconic figures for more than 40 years, Louis Navellier has had a remarkable career not only as a financial newsletter editor, but as head of a $5 billion investment fund managed through his firm Navellier & Associates.

While the foundation of his ongoing success may be “rigorous and complex” financial analysis, Navellier seeks to translate that information into “simple yet powerful tools” designed to help his subscribers beat the market.

And beating the market is something with which Louis Navellier is well-acquainted. For the past 20 years, his Growth Investor advisory has beaten the S&P 500…by a margin of 3-to-1.

The Tribune has called his track record “better than Warren Buffet[’s].”

A frequent contributor to CNBC, Fox Business News, MarketWatch, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, Navellier also authored the highly-rated investment guide The Little Book That Makes You Rich.

Since 1998, Louis Navellier has captained the ship as writer and editor of the acclaimed Growth Investor financial newsletter.

Growth Investor, Louis Navellier
Growth Investor, Louis Navellier

What is Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is Louis Navellier’s monthly investment newsletter, published by InvestorPlace.

Filled with Navellier’s expert analysis of the latest market trends and investment opportunities, Growth Investor strives to help its readers profit, as well as to advise them on the best strategies to guard their finances against government control and interference.

Every month Louis details his latest stock picks, including ratings breakdowns and recommended buy-below prices.

Growth Investor has become known for its impressive track record of outperforming the market.

In 2020, it had an average gain of 38.31%.  In 2021, the advisory posted an even higher average gain of 46.6%.

Navellier makes his goal with Growth Investor crystal clear:

“…to uncover Wall Street’s inconsistencies and help investors beat the market with less risk in the market’s best growth stocks.”

What is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

The focus of Louis Nevallier’s deep concern at the moment is something called Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC for short.

CBDC is a form of 100% digital currency that Navellier’s research indicates has rapidly gained popularity amongst progressive government officials, and their banking industry cronies, as a replacement for the physical U.S. dollar.

You may say to yourself, “that doesn’t sound so bad, isn’t cryptocurrency all the rage?”

The problem with CBDC, as Louis spells it out, is that this type of virtual currency is “100% controlled by the government.”

This means that the U.S. Federal Government will have a complete, real-time record of all your finances and how you’re choosing to spend you money.

Louis Navellier warns that this level of control means that if the government decides to seize your money or freeze your assets…they’ll be able to do it with the simple “press of a button.”

But why would they do that…?

Biden’s Operation Choke Point and What It Means For You

In explaining the true threat of CBDC, Navellier draws our attention to recent events in China.

As the investment icon notes, China has ALREADY converted 100 billion yuan into their own form of CBDC.

And four different Chinese banks have already blocked account holders from withdrawing their money.

CBDC is not only a form of currency, it’s a form of control.

Navellier imagines scenario after scenario where wrong-minded Deep State officials could freeze or even disappear the assets of average Americans.

With the physical dollar gone and CBDC in its place, they’ll be able to do it “on a whim.”

  • Buy a book they don’t like…money gone.
  • Support an opposing political party…money gone.
  • Join the “wrong” side of a protest…money gone. 

Maybe this sounds like some sort of dystopian, George Orwell,  thought-control future?  Maybe it sounds like something out of science fiction?

Louis Navellier warns that this future is closer than we think, in fact it’s already happening right under our noses.


It turns out China’s not the only nation closing in on a full transition to digital currency… 97 of the world’s countries are well on their way.

And that includes The United States…

According to Navellier, President Biden has recently taken the first  steps towards the adoption of a dollar digital.  With the cooperation of major banks and The Federal Reserve, an “experiment” to “test an entirely new kind of financial system” began in late 2022.

Navellier fears that this new digital system will INEVITABLY be WEAPONIZED against the finances of independently-minded Americans.

And that’s why he’s nicknamed it “Biden’s Operation Choke Point.

Fortunately, Louis believes there’s still time for American citizens to protect their financial independence “before they turn all your money digital.”

Protect Yourself from a Digital Currency Future

Louis Navellier assures us that it’s not too late to secure our finances from the prying eyes, government control, and insecurity of a digital currency America.

But he’s also convinced that anyone who refuses to take this threat seriously, or who tries to navigate a CBDC upheaval all on their own, is setting themselves for potential financial ruin…  

… And a future where their money no longer truly belongs to them, but to some government official with their finger poised over the DELETE button.

Navellier feels that it’s his responsibility to provide everyday folks with resources and advice to protect their wealth from Joe Biden’s digital currency nightmare, and to keep that wealth growing even if the worst comes to pass.

To that end, Louis and his team at Growth Investor have prepared a series of free special reports meant to arm independent-minded Americans with the tools they need to survive a digital dollar disaster scenario. 

What’s Included with Growth Investor?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to Growth Investor include a package of special reports and bonus resources produced by Louis’s team to help everyday Americans safeguard their finances against the chaos and control of a centralized digital currency.

Here’s everything new subscribers receive:

One Full Year of Growth Investor:

This monthly investment newsletter, written and edited by Louis Navellier, specializes in guiding its readers through the minefield of government financial control while providing investment recommendations for growing their wealth in a changing world. 

One Full Year of Growth Investor, product image

Access to Growth Investor’s Private Model Portfolio:

Subscribers receive instant access to Navellier’s constantly-updated model portfolio, filled with recommendations chosen to maximize market gains. 

Growth Investor’s Private Model Portfolio, product image

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth

In this first report, Navellier shares clear instructions on how to prepare your finances for a future dominated by a Central Bank Digital Currency.  This includes:

  • How to protect your savings.
  • How to evade CBDC control.
  • How to move your money into secure investments.
  • How to increase your wealth amidst the danger.
Growth Investor, Special Report, Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth, cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – Off The Radar Income

Louis lets his readers in on an investment that he calls a “closely guarded secret.”  He insists that it has nothing to do with gold or collectibles or even bonds.

This form of lesser-known investment is not only off-the-grid, it’s apparently quite often TAX-FREE.

And according to Navellier, it exploded with a 300% gain in 2022 alone.

Growth Investor's Special Report: Off The Radar Income, cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – Oil Stocks Set To Rocket Up: How To Profit From Insane ESG Policies

Navellier is convinced that oil companies are primed to surge to even higher profitability than we’ve seen to date.

To help his members take advantage of this predicted boom in the petroleum sector, he’s identified 5 smaller oil stocks that he believes could post as much as 20x returns.

Growth Investor's Report - Oil Stocks Set To Rocket Up: How To Profit From Insane ESG Policies, cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #4 – The Inflation Solution: How To Make More Money As Inflation Screams Higher

This report explores another type of investment opportunity that Navellier describes as “the best hedge against long-term inflation that I’ve ever seen in my 40+ year career.”

He’s keeping the details close to the chest, but insists that NOW is the perfect time to invest in this sector.

Growth Investor, Special Report -The Inflation Solution: How To Make More Money As Inflation Screams Higher, cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #5 – Protect Yourself From The Coming Wave Of Online Thieves

This final report comes packed with tips and tricks for protecting your identity and finances from increasingly-sophisticated gangs of online thieves, and also from the prying eyes of government officials and corporations hell-bent on tracking your every move.

Growth Investor, Special Report - Protect Yourself From The Coming Wave Of Online Thieves, cover image

A Free Subscription to Market360:

This daily e-letter edited by Louis is filled with breaking financial news and up-to-the-minute market analysis.  

Growth Investor, Market360, cover image

How Much is Growth Investor? 

Normally priced at $299 per year, during the current promotion subscriptions are slashed to just $49 per year.

This a savings of 83% off the usual cost.

Subscriptions automatically renew on an annual basis at the discounted rate of $49.

Growth Investor Refund Policy

According to their website, Growth Investor comes with a full 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel within the first year of your subscription and receive a full refund.

The bonus reports are yours to keep even if you cancel.

Growth Investor, Refund Policy image

Where to Find Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor

Growth Investor is produced by Louis Navellier and his team at InvestorPlace.

One of the oldest and largest financial research publishers in America, InvestorPlace describes its mission as follows:

“Our goal is to alert you to massive business trends, big dangers, and when there’s an opportunity to make big, fast gains in rapidly developing booms.” 

Go HERE to learn more about Growth Investor and Louis Navellier’s team at InvestorPlace.

In Summary

Louis Navellier and the team at Growth Investor are running a promotional offer earmarked for Americans who hope to avoid the financial fallout of a feared U.S. Dollar to CBDC transition.

As a digital currency in an increasingly digital world,  CBDC may seem like a good idea to some…at least at first glance.

Navellier, however, fears the absolute worst.  

He is convinced that a fully digital U.S. dollar means that the government will be able to spy on your every financial decision, know every single item you buy at the store, and track every political donation you make.  

And if they don’t approve of your choices…well then Louis Navellier says they can make your money simply disappear with the push of a button.

With much of the world already proceeding with their own CBDC plans, and America seemingly not far behind, Louis feels that now might be that last chance Americans have to protect their savings and financial independence from Biden’s Operation Choke Point

To learn more about Louis Navellier and his strategies for guarding and growing your wealth in an America ruled by government-monitored digital currency, or to subscribe to Growth Investor today, visit the official website.

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