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Just a Quick Intro

Professor Joel Litman and Hidden Alpha have released a new promo campaign detailing a massive economic boom in the making.

An outspoken financial analyst with an impressive track record of correct predictions, Litman believes that America is on the cusp of a once-in-a-generation economic resurgence.

Joel predicts that not only will this rising economic force produce life-changing wealth for savvy Americans, it will catapult President Joe Biden to a landslide second term in office.

Litman’s drawn-up a game plan for everyday investors to seize their fair share of these potentially colossal gains, and also to protect their new wealth from several more years of “progressive” agendas.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Hidden Alpha, the special resources packaged with the current promotion, and Professor Litman’s strategy for capitalizing on America’s next great economic revolution.

Who is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman is the President and CEO of Valens Research, a member of the board of directors of COL Financial Group, and a Professor at Hult International Business School.

Prof. Joel Litman, Founder, Altimetry
Prof. Joel Litman, Founder, Altimetry

Joel has a storied history as both a forensic accountant and CPA, and has guest-lectured at a number of world-renowned financial institutions, including:  Harvard Business School, Wharton, and the CFA Institute.  

He’s taught his financial forensic analysis techniques to both the FBI and the U.S. Pentagon.  

Litman’s insights have appeared in publications such as Barron’s and Forbes, and he co-authored the acclaimed business strategy book Driven.

Joel Litman’s “forensic-based research” has finally been made available to the everyday investor via Hidden Alpha, a monthly digital publication filled with his market briefings and most current stock recommendations.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is Professor Joel Litman’s monthly investment advisory, published by the team at Altimetry Research.

Joel defines an “Alpha” as Wall Street lingo for “an investment with outsized returns.”

Hidden Alpha specializes in identifying stocks whose profits and earnings have been overlooked by mainstream sources.  They’re convinced that by detecting companies that are more profitable than the majority of analysts believe, they have found the key to offering investors:

“… the safest and best chance at doubling their money.”  

Analysts at Hidden Alpha make use of their custom Altimeter analysis software to find these stock opportunities, sharing their top recommendation every month with their subscribers.

Joe Biden’s Landslide Second Term

Joel Litman goes out of his way to stress that he’s got no love for Joe Biden or the deluge of “progressive” policies that he's unleashed on the American people.

So it brings him no pleasure to predict that President Biden is not only going to win a second term, he’s going to do it by a landslide.

Despite runaway inflation, declining stock markets, ballooning national debt, and a rock-bottom approval rating, Litman believes that the odds are firmly stacked in Biden’s favor.

And, he argues, it’s for a reason that the mainstream media is missing entirely.

In fact, Joel Litman predicts that Biden’s turnaround will be so dramatic that “many people who hate progressive policies might soon be cheering Biden on.”

The secret behind Biden’s possible salvation:  Joel contends that he’s about to preside over an economic boom the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in decades.

Litman also believes that Biden will ride this economic tsunami to higher levels of political power, and use that power to push an even more “progressive” agenda on the American people.

Joel warns us to expect:

  • Higher inflation as the Fed prints more and more money
  • A government takeover of the 401(k) retirement system
  • Huge new taxes on wealth
  • A record expansion of the welfare state

Joel laments that there’s not much any of us can do about it one way or another…

…Except to position ourselves to make as much money as possible off Joe Biden’s “secret” economic salvation. 

Economic Power Equals Political Power

Joel Litman has a solid track record of accurate predictions, suggesting his analysis of the looming situation shouldn’t be taken lightly.

He notes that all large scale expansions of government power in our history have been undertaken by Presidents in the midst of an economic boom.

And Joel expects America’s economy to skyrocket so high in the near future that Joe Biden will likely go down as one of the most “powerful presidents in history.” 

So what exactly is this massive economic surge rushing in to save the day for Biden’s presidency?

According to Joel, it all comes down to three letters:  LNG.

LNG stands for Liquified Natural Gas.  

And America has some of the biggest natural gas reserves in the world.

As the planet inevitably shifts away from oil and gas and towards green energy, natural gas becomes increasingly important.

This is because the favorite poster children for green power such as wind and solar simply aren’t ready to pick up the slack. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Agency reports that last year these renewable sources accounted for a measly 12% of the power grid.

Litman argues that it will soon become painfully obvious that natural gas is the only way we’re going to keep America (and the rest of the world) moving and fed, at least for the foreseeable future.

And while he may not like Biden, Joel definitely feels that he’s one old politician who knows an opportunity when he sees it.

Protect Your Wealth and Prosper in a Progressive America

Professor Litman draws our attention to the two factors all but guaranteed to ensure U.S. dominance in the global LNG market:

  • Our enormous shale fields are bursting at the seams with natural gas.
  • For the past few years America has been quietly building “the best natural gas infrastructure on the planet.”

Joel notes that America currently produces 23% of the planet’s LNG.  But our natural gas exports grew 100% between 2019 and 2021 alone.  And Joel thinks they could easily grow another 100%

In fact, as he points out, United States LNG exports have skyrocketed 1000% in just the past six years.

He believes that these numbers portend a forthcoming economic boom.  Especially when you consider the fact that geopolitical tensions have taken other natural gas suppliers, such as Russia, out of the game.

Joel’s not the only one all-in on natural gas.  Litman has discovered that billionaires from Warren Buffet to George Soros to Carl Icahn are betting BIG on the American LNG industry.

Joel and Hidden Alpha want to help everyday investors get in on the LNG revolution and set themselves up for potentially MASSIVE profits.

And he also wants to provide a blueprint for protecting that personal wealth once Biden and his Progressives really start sinking their teeth into the American people.

Joel Litman has included all of this information in the special reports available for new subscribers to his Hidden Alpha newsletter.

What’s Included with Hidden Alpha?

During the current promotion, a subscription to Hidden Alpha comes bundled with a number of special reports and member bonuses.

Here’s everything new subscribers get with the promo offer:

One Full Year of Hidden Alpha:

Hidden Alpha Subscription

Joel Litman’s monthly market briefing emailed directly to your inbox.  This advisory comes filled with Joel’s latest stock market analysis and recommendations, all designed to arm his followers with the weapons they need to potentially double or triple their money.

Joel’s Member-Exclusive Market Updates & Alerts: 

Market Updates & Alerts

Whenever he spots economic warning lights or market opportunities demanding an immediate response, Joel emails his followers one of these up-to-the-minute special updates.

One Free Year of Access to the Altimeter Database:

Altimeter Database Product

Joel Litman’s custom software where members can enter any S&P 500 ticker symbol and run their own analysis.  

This is the same system that Joel says he uses when advising the world’s top investment houses and money managers.  

Altimetry Daily Authority:

Every day the markets are open, Joel and his team send out details on breaking investment opportunities.

Joel’s Archive of Reports and Model Portfolios:

Full and instant access to Joel Litman’s complete collection of Special Reports, as well as his Model Portfolios that investors can use to guide their own positions.

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – The Perfect LNG Portfolio

The Perfect LNG Portfolio Cover Image

Joel Litman breaks down six companies “dominating America’s LNG space.”

This report provides readers with all the information necessary to invest in these firms:  detailed company descriptions, recommended buy-in prices, and portfolio allocations.

Joel predicts this “mini portfolio” could produce not only MASSIVE gains, but long-term cash dividends as high as 50%.

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – Growing Wealthy with “U.S. Government Inc.”

Growing Wealthy with "U.S. Government Inc Cover Image

In report number two, Litman spills the beans on the company that he believes may just be “the best retirement stock in America.” 

This firm’s business is intimately tied to the U.S. Federal Government, and, as such, Joel believes there’s little doubt that its revenue and profits will continue to soar.

His research has revealed that this stock has outperformed the overall market by nearly 500% over the last decade.

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – My Favorite Two LNG Speculations

My Favorite Two LNG Speculations cover image

This report contains the details about two small, currently very cheap,  American LNG companies that Joel has pegged as having enormous potential.

Joel stresses that these two recommendations are speculative plays, and therefore not for everyone.  But for those willing to take a swing, he “conservatively estimate[s]” a possible upside of 500% or more. 

SPECIAL REPORT #4 – 10 Widely Held Stocks You Should Sell Immediately

Stocks You Should Sell Cover Image

The Hidden Alpha team has a successful history of spotting companies primed to go bankrupt or hit zero.  

Joel has identified 10 more popular stocks that he feels are all “a disaster waiting to happen.”

A Free One-Year Subscription to The Timetable Investor:

The Timetable Investor Cover Image

Joel Litman is offering new subscribers to Hidden Alpha a free subscription to The Timetable Investor, a second monthly newsletter where he breaks down the market in terms of credit, earnings and valuations.  He also details the most effective ways to divide your assets between stocks, bonds, and cash.

How Much is Hidden Alpha? 

Normally priced at $199 per year, first year subscriptions to Hidden Alpha are currently available for the discounted rate of $49.

This is a savings of 75% off the standard membership rate.

hidden alpha product group shot

  Subscriptions to Hidden Alpha automatically renew at the full rate of $199 at the end of each subscription year, unless canceled by the subscriber. 

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

According to their website, Hidden Alpha comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason you wish to receive a full refund within that 30-day window, simply call their customer service team.

Where to Find Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha 

Hidden Alpha is produced by Joel Litman and his team of analysts at Altimetry Research.

Altimetry Research describes itself as:

“…a boutique financial research and publishing firm providing individual investors with unique, unbiased investment recommendations and analytics.”

Go HERE to learn more about Hidden Alpha and Joel Litman’s team at Altimetry Research.

In Summary

Hidden Alpha has released a new promo campaign alerting investors to a massive boom period just around the corner for the U.S. economy.

Joel Litman and his team at Altimetry argue that as the world continues to wean itself off of oil, it will become increasingly reliant on natural gas, specifically LNG.  Renewable technologies such as wind and solar simply aren’t up to the challenge of filling the energy gap left by oil.

According to Litman’s research, America is ideally prepared to capitalize on the planet’s skyrocketing demand for LNG.  We are sitting on some of the world’s largest natural gas reserves, and for the past several years we’ve been building out our LNG infrastructure.

Joel believes that Joe Biden will use this economic boom to cruise into a second Presidential term, and implement an even more progressive agenda.  

He feels that the best way for everyday Americans to shield themselves from these policies is to build and secure as much wealth as possible on the back of this coming LNG revolution.     

To learn more about Joel Litman and his strategies for profiting from America’s natural gas economy, or to subscribe to Hidden Alpha today, visit the official website.

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