I Joined the Top 1% of Wealthy Americans By IGNORING 99% of the Stock Market


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One of America's one-percenters – millionaire Jeff Clark – is dropping a bombshell…

He says: “IGNORE all 6,000 stocks on the market, except ONE.”

In fact, Jeff Clark calls this, “The Perfect Trade.”

Take a look…

He's used this method to help 170,000 regular folks see triple-digit gains over 48 times and double-digit gains over 81 different times.

His trade recommendations could have handed readers gains of 100%, 228%, and 373% in as little as 8 days.

Now, after leaving behind professional money-management at the young age of 42 and making millions…

He's coming clean with exclusive details and DEMONSTRATION to show you how you can get started trading “The Perfect Trade” with less than $100!

Click here for the exclusive interview.


Kim Moening
Host, One Stock Retirement Interview

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