How to collect $1,000 or more in income – at will

Americans are paying more and getting less.  On top of that, restaurants in California are now adding inflation fees to their bills…  How crazy is that?  But you know what, I’m not worried…  Because I figured out a way to collect instant cash from the market almost any time I want.  In fact, In this short … Read More

Jeff Clark’s Ultimate Guide to Generating Income with Options

— Presented by Jeff Clark Trader — Live from the streets of South Florida… America’s boldest income experiment: “Watch me test a little-known financial move, on the fly, to pay for all my purchases today… Including my wife’s expensive gift from Nordstrom” Table of Contents Jeff Clark Introduction How does it work? Most people use options to gamble on the … Read More

Jeff Clark Trader: Bitcoin’s 3-Second Challenge

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Millionaire trader reveals his “perfect trade”

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I Joined the Top 1% of Wealthy Americans By IGNORING 99% of the Stock Market

One of America’s one-percenters – millionaire Jeff Clark – is dropping a bombshell… He says: “IGNORE all 6,000 stocks on the market, except ONE.” In fact, Jeff Clark calls this, “The Perfect Trade.” Take a look… He’s used this method to help 170,000 regular folks see triple-digit gains over 48 times and double-digit gains over 81 different … Read More