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PH.D Economist Who Predicted The 2020 COVID Crash Warns: Get Ready For…

The Recession That Will Save America!

“What we’re witnessing now will be remembered as the strangest but most significant recession in our lifetime. Millions will be left behind for good.

But for the lucky few who understand what’s about to happen next, They can become wealthier than they thought possible.”
– PH. D Economist, Mark Skousen


Hi. Roger Michalski here.

If you’re concerned about the current state of disarray in America, how your retirement portfolio will look a year from now, and even the rising costs of EVERYTHING in your hometown…

Then pay close attention, because this will be the most important message you’ll watch all year…

And if your retirement and financial security depends on the health of your investments, this will be the most important message you’ll hear all DECADE.

Joining us today is one of the most sought out PH. D economists in the world – Dr. Mark Skousen.

Over 150,000 people follow him for his shockingly accurate – and more importantly – actionable predictions.

In fact, when Fortune 500 companies aren’t sure how to best navigate the current economic landscape, they’ve called on Mark.

Even folks in high places, including former US Presidents have leaned on Mark’s expertise to determine the best economic policies for everyday Americans.

You might have seen some of his award-winning work in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The MoneyShow, The Washington Post – and frankly, after over four sterling decades in the field, the list of Mark’s accolades just goes on and on.

But today, for the first time ever, Mark is going to reveal the truth behind the bizarre events happening to our stock market, our nation’s economy and even our everyday way of life.

Because as Mark says…

“We have reached a strange turning point in American history. What we’re seeing right now will be remembered as the beginning of ‘The Recession That Saved America.’

Many investors will be confused and scared by this. But if you make one smart move with your money today, you could be among the few folks who will actually come out on top of the “coming market cleanse.”

In fact, Mark guarantees, no matter who you are, or where you’re starting from…

After hearing his message today, you’re going to know exactly how to play this historic and surreal moment in the markets.

Why it’s actually one of the best things to ever happen for America…

And to make it easy for you to thrive in these changing times – he’s going to share exactly what he’s planning to do with his personal investments – for FREE.

Now, why is Mark doing this?

Well, I’ll let him answer that for himself. Dr. Skousen, thank you for joining us.


Thank you for having me.


Well, we are very glad you made time to be here with us today, Mark. You have been very busy lately…

For the past couple of months you’ve been traveling the country.

You recently hosted FreedomFest. The annual event you put together that has now hosted some 200+ top-ranked experts. This year you had some impressive keynote speakers from ALL walks of life.

Senator Rand Paul was there to speak…

On the total other side of the aisle, Andrew Yang was also speaking.

Writer, lawyer, actor, comedian, and political commentator Ben Stein…

And your good friend Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Magazine was there to speak too.

Anyone who has been to these events knows you rub elbows with some pretty powerful people.

And still you’ve also found time to present at events like the MoneyShow and still regularly talk and share new insights and tips with your readers and followers…


That’s right. Yes, some of my friends are very successful. But I share everything I learn from them with my readers. And right now, they only want to talk to me about one thing…


It’s the same thing we are here to discuss today: “Are we heading into a recession? Is the market really crashing or is it just temporarily pulling back? And what should we do to prepare?”


Right. These are common concerns. So first: folks at home need to understand it’s not just regular people that are confused and scared…

This uncertainty goes all the way to the top. I’ve seen it.

We are entering unprecedented times, and our leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting our economy and markets back on track.

Everybody’s nervous because they now have to make a difficult choice that will shock most Americans.

And that’s why I’m here today.

After working and speaking with some of the most powerful people in high places, I’m here to answer all of these questions for our audience at home.

And I’ll explain why the only way to make money today will be by taking advantage of a historic “cleansing” that is being triggered by our nation’s leaders right now.





And I know that right now, this cleansing is scaring 99% of investors.

Forcing them to make panic-fueled decisions.

But any panicky decisions today will be devastating to almost every American’s retirement.

Because the fact of the matter is: what we’re seeing right now in the markets is only the beginning of the necessary but most significant stock market cleanse in our lifetime.


So this recent volatility is only the beginning?

You’re saying there’s more pain to come?

And that it’s actually necessary?


Yes. And it’ll be pain that the U.S. government will not try to stop. At least not in the immediate future.

In fact, the cleanse I’m describing is a “once-in-a-generation” policy shift that’s being enacted by the federal reserve, which will ensure this economic downturn will continue. At least for a time.

And thanks to certain pitfalls the Biden administration is driving us into…

This cleansing – although it will be a great thing in the long term…

We simply can’t say how long it will last. It could last longer than we like.

And investors need to make the correct moves now in order to get and stay ahead.

In fact, there’s one great investment every investor needs to know about because in these kinds of environments, it ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS…


Hold on Mark. I don’t mean to interrupt you. I definitely want to know about this investment, but I just want to make sure the people at home watching this heard you correctly.

You’re saying this recession is not only a certainty – but that’s the plan?

That’s what the cleansing is for?


That’s correct. And look, I know how that sounds.

After all: “why would the Federal Reserve willfully tank the markets and even our economy?”

And the answer to that is simple.

This is a necessary cleanse that we are seeing.

We need it in order to bring America back on track.

And there is an opportunity to come out on top if you listen to what I’ll share today.

In fact, already we are seeing the big names like:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • J.P. Morgan
  • BlackRock
  • Elon Musk
  • Warren Buffett
  • Michael Burry
  • Peter Schiff

And countless others are all scrambling to get into the kind of investments I’m going to share with you today…

In fact, these are the same investments I’m using to protect myself and even grow my family’s wealth during this necessary “cleanse.”

Because make no mistake about it…

Thanks to key economic developments which have pushed the Federal Reserve to its limits…

And certain policies which the Biden Administration are pushing through Congress right now…

This cleansing is all but guaranteed to continue – And we can’t know how long it will last.

But the first thing we have to talk about is the elephant in the room: Inflation.

And for you to understand why it’s so important…

You need to see what happened in the past, to countries like Venezuela.


Venezuela? Mark, are you saying what I think you’re saying?


Yes. Venezuela became a hyperinflationary country.

And as terrifying as it is to talk about, you need to know what happened there in order to understand why this cleanse is necessary. How it works. And how you can profit.

Because when inflation goes to the moon, the economy unwinds.

And life can become quite miserable.

Let me show you what I mean.

You see, prior to 2014, life in Venezuela was incredible.

Blessed with the largest oil reserves in the world, the country had a steady stream of revenue and enjoyed a rich life.

In fact, Venezuelans were doing so well that whenever they went on shopping sprees in Miami, they were famously known for saying “dame dos” – which means, give me two of everything.


Sounds like the good life.


It was.

But then in 2014, when oil prices collapsed, the Venezuelan government – in an attempt to “save their economy” – did something unprecedented.

In one short year – they printed 128,000,000,000 bolivars – a whopping 64% increase to the Venezuelan money supply!

And ever since then, they’ve never stopped – inflating their bolivar by as much as 1,700,000%.


Talk about drastic measures.


Like I said, it was extreme.

And the effects on the economy were horrendous.

  • At first, there were shortages of everything from steak, butter, car parts, bread and even toilet paper. And if Venezuelans were lucky enough to find some of these items…

    They’d see unbelievable prices – some of which soared so fast – supermarkets would quit putting the price on the shelf. Because it would be higher by the time they got to the register.
  • Then, as Venezuelans realized they were going to work every day, only to be paid in money that was being eaten away by inflation, many quit working altogether.

    And instead, they turned to mining and trading digital currencies in online marketplaces just to keep up with the rapidly rising costs of living.
  • Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government was hard at work trying to hide and distort all the data of inflation they could – even to the point of stopping the release of data.

At one point, it got so bad street vendors would only accept freshly minted 100,000 Bolivar notes as payment because otherwise, hyperinflation would eat up all of their profit.



Some of the things you just mentioned hit close to home. We’ve already experienced some incredible price increases and supply chain issues.


Yes, inflation has been bad the past year no doubt about it.

We’ve seen steak – in some areas – the price has gone up by as much as 100%.

Some Americans have to pay double the price in order to eat the same sized family steak dinner they did last year.

Eggs – they’ve gone up as much as 44% for a carton.

Coffee – up as much as 60%.

And overall, inflation has hit a 40 year all time high of 9.1%!

And across the country, we are seeing the effects of this inflation on our economy.

For example, there are stores in Minnesota that say…

“Due to rapidly rising costs, we are unable to keep up with price changes on the shelf. The current price will be charged at the register.”

In March, over 4 million Americans have quit their jobs. We saw some of them have turned to trading NFT’s – aka “digital art” – in order to keep up with the rising costs of living.

Others are saying six figures isn’t even enough to afford the American dream.


This all sounds a little scary.


It is scary. Which is why the people in charge are stepping in and they are putting in measures right now.


Oh, I see. That’s what the cleanse is all about. It’s somehow going to prevent a real catastrophe, like what happened in Venezuela, right?


Right. By raising the interest rates and committing to many more rate hikes over the next year…

They are going full steam ahead with this cleansing process.

Of course, it will be bumpy…

Imagine a broken arm… It’s completely broken in half.

The doctor has reset the bones manually before he can place it in a cast.

Otherwise, it will not heal properly

There will be pain. It will be very uncomfortable.

But for the bone to heal, it has to be realigned. The pain is necessary.

As I’ll show you in a moment, many companies will suffer from this…

And most investors will most likely make bad decisions because of the mainstream media’s coverage of these full doom and gloom headlines…

Like Blackrock exec who said we’re getting closer to the next great depression.

But mark my words, after this cleansing…

America will come out stronger on the other side of this.


I’m relieved to know that this all should be temporary.

But Mark, how in the world will we come out of this stronger and better than ever before?

With everything going on including the tension and conflict in the east, all time high gas prices, and the highest interest rate in over a decade, why are you so sure this recession is going to send us even higher?



See, thanks to what happened in the aftermath of the great recession…

We are set to bounce back faster and stronger than ever.


How’s that?


See, most people don’t realize this, but toward the end of 2007, 15 of the 16 largest financial institutions – think the big banks like J.P. Morgan, Goldman, Citibank, Wells Fargo and so on – they came within a hair of total collapse.


I remember that. In fact, two of them did go under.

Lehman and Bear Stearns.


That’s right. And while those two institutions did collapse…

Critical policies were put in place in order to make sure something like that – not only never happens again – but also allows us to recover faster than ever before.

For example…

Back in 2008, a big reason why the recession went from bad to worse in a hurry was because the big banks had $857 billion in shareholder assets.

And do you know how much they overleveraged themselves by?


No idea.


$19 trillion! Essentially, for every $1 they had in hand, they were on the hook for $23!


Wow that sounds risky.

Even the biggest institutions in the world couldn’t pay back 23 times their debt.



And that was one of the biggest changes in the financial industry most people missed.

See, while some people are screaming “this is the beginning of the next great depression…”

The truth is, thanks to the Volcker rule, the big banks are fine.

The Volcker rule ensures the big banks aren’t allowed to abuse leverage. And compared to back then…

We can see it works because the average leverage ratio for all major banks NOW sits at a measly 8%.

Or in other words, for every dollar they have in hand, they’ve only borrowed 8 cents against it!


That’s it?


In fact, it’s not just the banks that are safer this time, the biggest US companies are also in a great position to recover faster and stronger than ever.

Investors Business Daily just reported: the top 13 stocks in the SP 500 hold a total of $1 TRILLION in cash reserves.

That’s why everyone who is expecting the worst has it all wrong.

And mark my words once this cleansing is all said and done…

Everyone is going to remember this as the recession that saved America.

And in due time…

Americans will come to appreciate this moment as a turning point for the better.

Although, they’ll only appreciate it if they don’t make bad decisions during these next couple bumpy months…

And take the necessary precautions NOW before it’s too late. And in just few moments, I’m going to show our viewers exactly how to do just that.

In fact, I’m even going to show everyone exactly what I’m doing with my own money.

Because fact is, Biden is making some stupid moves that will meddle with this cleansing process.

However, as long as you’re willing to have faith, be bold, and take control of your situation, there is a way to make sure you and your family will be taken care of during these tough times…

And potentially, even come away wealthier than you thought possible.


Well, I’m sure our viewers are going to love that.

After four decades of doing this… you have quite the knack for making money during inflation scares.

Long before everyone else even realizes what’s going on… You already know what’s going to happen next.

For example, way back when Reagan was elected…

America was going through an era of high inflation just like today.

But unlike most folks, you said inflation was almost over. That it was time to dump gold and silver for stocks and bonds.

It caused a huge stir in the investment community and almost no one believed you.

But you ended up being right…

Gold and silver prices tanked while Reaganomics sent stocks sky high.

In fact, one former billionaire who doubted you, contacted you later on and said…

“I wish I listened to you.”


Yes, I remember that.

Sometimes it’s nice to say “I told you so…”

But because he didn’t listen to my warning, he – a certified billionaire – went bankrupt. Which is a terrible shame.

And that’s why – I hope more than anything else – Americans at home take this situation very seriously.

Because if you’re on the wrong side of what’s happening right now…

It could be the most costly mistake you’ll ever make.

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times people have told me “I wish I listened to you.”


Well, you have the track record to back it up.

Back in 1987, you told your followers to “get out of stocks now,” six weeks before the infamous Black Monday crash.

And, in recent history, you even released a red alert in January 2020.

A full two months before the biggest stock market crash since the great depression.

I could only imagine the kind of haunting agony people must have felt after ignoring your warning… 

Only to helplessly watch their portfolios bottom out.


And unfortunately, time has taught me that today will play out no different.

There will be people who will not listen to my warning.

There will be people who will miss out.

Who will fall behind.

But for the bold few who are willing to take action, they can take solace knowing that these kinds of accurate predictions are why I’ve been employed by the CIA as one of their top economic analysts…

It’s the reason why Fortune 500 companies have sought me out to advise them on how to navigate the current economic landscape…

And it’s the reason why I’ve met or held meetings with four former presidents… from Ronald Reagan… to Bill Clinton… to George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Please understand, I don’t say this to brag or ring my own bell.

I’m only sharing this with you because it’s crucial you understand that I have gathered firsthand accounts for this information and people need to know time is of the essence.



I noticed the Federal Reserve has gone from hosting policy meetings every six weeks to hosting meetings two to even three times a week! In fact, in one of their recent meetings…

They’ve revealed they are fully committed to “the fight against inflation…”

And that they will not stop “until inflation comes down closer to their 2% target.”

And it looks like every major player from The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell to FED governor Christopher Wallace and even President Joe Biden is on board with this plan.


That’s because they know what’s at stake.

They know they cannot delay this cleanse any longer.

And fortunately for them, the course of action to stop inflation NOW is very simple.

There is only one move that always works in this situation.

But it is not a popular choice.

In my four decades of studying economics: all it takes to stop inflation in its tracks is to continue raising interest rates and limiting the money supply.


Just like that? Is it really that simple?


Yes. That one-two punch is what worked for us during the great inflation of the 1970’s.

The U.S. Government tried all sorts of measures like price controls and wage caps…

They essentially tried to make inflation illegal!

But in the end…

Sending interest rates higher than runaway inflation was the only way to stop inflation in its tracks.


And like you said earlier, higher interest rates means more PAIN…


That’s correct. Our economy will suffer because money won’t flow as freely as it once did.

In fact, we are already seeing the effects of this policy decision.

Just the other day, CNBC reported: “Some tech stocks are down 75% from their highs last year.”

Yikes. I see that Peloton is in that batch. And I remember everyone loved that stock.

We saw it drop at one point down as much as 89% from its last year’s high!

And it’s not just the popular “retail trade” names either.

Even the big mega cap companies – the ones people thought of as “no-brainers” for their retirement portfolio – these stocks have tanked too.

Facebook was down as much as 51% at one point!

Netflix tanked as much as 52%!

Even Apple – the one stock which was holding up the market at one time- is showing signs of weakness.


Do you think we will see these companies recover?


We will see some companies recover, but not before this cleansing is complete…

And here’s the thing. Thanks to what Biden’s administration just did…

This cleansing might go from bad to worse in a hurry.

In fact, Biden made three major mistakes that are already hurting America.


What did he do?


Well, the first mistake is set to impact 20.2 million Americans.

They say they are going after the rich, but what’s really about to happen is only going to hurt the little guy.

87,000 IRS agents, not the ones who answer phones, but the ones who hold guns and arrest people for tax evasion, are about to be unleashed on America’s working class.

Over half of these agents are essentially tasked with targeting middle class Americans.

And the IRS plans to pull an extra $200 billion out of hard working Americans this year.

Not only are they coming after you, the average taxpayer, they are holding your money at ransom.


What do you mean they are holding your money at ransom Mark?


As we speak the IRS is sitting on 21.3 million dollars in tax money that should be in the pockets of American citizens.

Millions of taxpayers have been waiting six months or longer to receive their tax refunds.

It’s entirely unacceptable, especially during the inflation were seeing!

Biden is pumping all this money into the IRS, and only a fraction is going to services that actually help American taxpayers have easier lives or simplify their tax situation.

Instead the money going towards aggressive tax enforcement, criminal investigations, and digital asset monitoring is over fifteen times more!


As long as you pay your taxes though, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to worry about, right?


Wrong, If you think there’s nothing to fear from the IRS if you are an honest taxpayer, think again.

Because anyone who has been audited before knows that IRS audits take their toll on time, money and anxiety, even if you have honestly filed your returns over the years.

Take what happened back in 2018 for example.

One young man made the news because the IRS claimed he owed over $20,000 from a few years back, even though he was a high school student at the time.


Okay, but that’s one mistake, surely that doesn’t happen often.


You would think so, but the IRS has an error rate of about 1%…

That means in a single year they make about 3.2 million mistakes!

Now think of not only the money held back, or lost, but also the sheer amount of taxpayer dollars it takes to fix a mistake like that.

The result from here will only be far more audits, civil suits and criminal referrals, and not always to people who actually deserve it.

Small businesses and working-class Americans will inevitably struggle under this new authoritarian positioning.

The New York Post just reported that the IRS plans to take 80% of that $200 billion dollars directly from small businesses.

Do you think the little Mom and Pop shops will thrive with tax agents breathing down their neck for every drop of revenue they have?

So while the rich have lawyers to protect them, and money to lobby legislators to their side, the average American…

The ones trying to build something. The ones trying to realize THEIR American dream – I’m afraid – are the main target. As usual.


Wow, that’s terrible Mark.


And that’s only the first of Biden’s big mistakes we’re seeing.

The next one is even more dangerous.

In fact, history shows that thanks to what Biden is doing, the cleansing is going to take a lot longer, and get a lot uglier than it should.


What do you mean?


Take a look at this. Do you know what this is?


Yeah, these are oil prices, right?


It’s not just oil prices. This is one of the biggest recessionary signs we’ll ever see.




Look, every single time oil prices cross that 50% line, a recession follows. Just look at the dates…

The recession of the early 1980’s

The flash recession of the 90’s…

The collapse of 2008…


Wow, I’ve never seen this before…


Yup, and look at oil prices now!

Even with the recent dip, we are well above that 50% line.

And Biden is making this worse because he’s not letting these businesses do their job.

He’s cut their pipeline deal.

He’s made it impossible for them to build refineries.

In fact the CEO of Chevron said thanks to Biden’s green energy policies – which impose mandates and restrictions to crush the free market – there may never be another refinery built in America!

On top of that, Biden is rerouting all the money that should be going to these oil companies… instead to the democrats green energy pet projects.

Which means, prices for everything will continue to rise.

Business costs will remain through the roof.

And the necessities Americans are already struggling to afford will become even more expensive.

After all, everything is made with energy.

Food, clothing, transportation… almost nothing exists without it.

To top it all off…

Thanks to the most important federal policy we’ll remember Biden for, it’s going to take a lot longer for MOST companies to dig themselves out of debt and continue to grow.


What do you mean?


I’ll give you an example, do you remember Sears?


Of course. At one point Sears was the biggest retailer in all of America, bigger than Walmart even.

Some even referred to Sears as a stock they wish their grandfather had invested in.


Right. Sears looked like it was on top of the world but underneath the surface…

Anyone could see Sears was piling on massive amounts of cheap debt…

And while Sears was trying to figure out the changing times with online shopping, the Federal Reserve pushed through four aggressive rate hikes in a single year which led to only one possible outcome…

Sears declared bankruptcy.

They couldn’t even handle the interest on their payments.


Do you think this story is about to happen all over again? Because the Fed has already committed to a lot more rate hikes…

And as far as debt goes, there’s more Sears-like companies than ever before…

In fact, nearly 9% of all publicly listed companies are swimming in Sears-levels of debt.

How badly will this impact the markets?


To put it simply…

Those Sears-like companies are dead in the water. If you take a look at this, the bankruptcy rate for these kinds of companies is quickly climbing.

And a lot of smaller companies are going to struggle to have any cash flow to grow with.

In fact, that’s why we’ve seen over 150,000 layoffs this year alone from all kinds of companies.

Everyone from Microsoft to Netflix, Ford to Tesla, even J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo has been letting staff go in an effort to save money on their balance sheet.

And according to Piper Sandler, a leading investment bank who’s entire business depends on evaluating the health of companies, he says we could soon see a million layoffs or more.

But the good news is, while a lot of companies will struggle, there are going to be some that come out of this bigger and stronger than ever.

That’s why I’m putting a big chunk of my money into the ONE investment that thrives every single time we see this kind of activity in the market.


Really? How is that even possible? Why would one investment thrive while nearly every other is suffering? I thought the FED was battening down the hatches on the economy.


You’re right. The Federal Reserve is battening down the hatches.

The FED is tightening up on the flow of money in our economy.

However, unlike most companies today which are being propped up by the FED…

Disaster proof investments like the one I’m talking about are producing billions in free cash flow every year, no matter how high inflation, or interest rates go.

Just recently the free cash flow from these companies surged to a new all time high…

And a recent report by Rystad Energy sees their free cash flow nearly doubling again this year!


Wow… So even in the worst markets, through the worst economic situations we’ve ever seen, companies like this one are still pumping out cash.

It’s no wonder they thrive, they are practically immune!



Which is why we’re seeing a mad scramble right now for these kinds of stocks.

In fact, Bill Gurly from venture capital firm Benchmark has reported their investors “want real earnings. They want real, free cash flow. And they want it now!”

Even Ray Dalio and Stanley Druckenmiller, who famously avoided these stocks for the last five years, are jumping in with both feet.

And recently, for the first time since 2008, Warren Buffett is making these “cash flow rich” stocks one of the top positions in his $950 billion dollar fund, Berkshire Hathaway.

And everyday investors should too because here’s the most exciting part…

When these stocks are so flush with cash – like they are now – they kick back their excess profits to investors!


I’ve been seeing less and less green in my portfolio for weeks… maybe months.

And I know it’s been the same for most folks…

I know it would really ease my mind if I had some of this extra cash flowing in…

Is there a specific company in this space that you would put your money into right now?


There’s one that I recommend which is – in my opinion – the cream of the crop.

I’ve personally held it for over 14 years.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how well it performs when the going gets rough.

Through the 2010 flash crash…

The massive 2016 market sell off…

And the COVID Crash!

Through all of it, this company has never faltered. Quite the opposite.

It’s actually increased the cash it pays its investors every year for the last 26 years!


Hold on, practically no company has been able to increase what they pay investors for 26 years straight… Not Apple, not Morgan Stanley, not even General Electric!


Yup. And that’s why I highly recommend investors get into this one company today.

Because, in the past few years – even through all the chaos in the market – they nearly DOUBLED their income.

And this company is so secure, right now it’s paying out nearly 90% of its profits directly to shareholders.

Every single one of their indicators is screaming BUY.

And the best part of all…

It’s still affordable enough that anyone could afford to take a position today.

I’ve packaged it all inside a special report I’m calling The Cash King: One Stock That Always Pays, No Matter The Market.


How can I – and our viewers – get our hands on this report?

I understand you’ve written a number of best-selling books. Books that even Warren Buffett and billionaire Steve Forbes praised as must reads for the everyday investor…

So is this information in any of the books you’ve offered previously?


No, I’ve never offered this before.

This is a brand new report I’ve just released, and there’s only one way to get it.

I’ve reserved access to The Cash King: One Stock That Always Pays, No Matter The Market for anyone who joins my flagship research service Forecasts & Strategies today.

And before you ask, joining Forecast & Strategies is surprisingly easy and affordable.

Even though Fortune 500 companies have paid tens of thousands for this kind of information…

Even though former Presidents have actively sought out my economic advice…

I’m still not going to be charging a fortune for anyone watching to access this life changing information.

Personally, I want this message to reach every single American possible, that’s why we worked out a steep discount for everyone watching this message today.


That’s right.

I’m sure our viewers will appreciate that, especially with how hard times are getting.

How can our viewers access this discount and get started?


Well, before we get to that and how to get started…

There’s something important our viewers need to understand.

For years now, businesses have depended on borrowing money from the government to grow and survive.

With the fed battening down the hatches… that cheap money is disappearing, companies who want to succeed and grow NEED another source of money.

And that’s where a second company I’m recommending comes in.


So, they are a venture capital company?


Essentially, but not just any venture capital company.

See while a lot of venture capital companies often pump money into new, risky tech stocks…

This company focuses on lending to REAL VALUE, the life blood of American businesses.

They invest in shooting ranges… power equipment manufacturers… drilling operations… agricultural firms… lumber yards… medical device companies… and much more.


The types of businesses our country actually depends on.


Exactly, businesses that produce real value for the average American.

And investing in these kinds of businesses has paid off handsomely for them.

Just look at the last three companies they took profits on…

They secured 7.1X their initial investment on a small software firm…

They profited 2.5X in just two years on a little-known tax services company…

And they made a crazy 15.2X their money on tiny clinical research firm.


That’s incredible, so these are their best plays?


No! These are just their three of their most recent!

They regularly close these kinds of gains, sometimes even bigger.

And they’ve done it through the Obama administration, throughout the Trump years, and even now under Biden.

If you’ve ever wanted to profit from venture investing, like the big guys on Wall Street do, this is your way in.

This company is single handedly funding the rebirth of American small businesses.

And you can find all the details inside my second free report I want you to have: Your Way In: America’s #1 Small Business Investment.


And this report, is it also being offered to today’s audience first?


That’s exactly right, both of these reports are only available right now for today’s audience.

I’ll tell you how to access it in a moment… but before we get to that, there’s one last thing you need to know…

See, as this cleanse unfolds, one thing has become clear: we can’t go back to the way things were.

And the government knows something needs to be done to prevent this from happening again…

So behind the scenes they’ve been pushing through a nationwide upgrade to the financial system.

And the world’s largest banks, from J.P. Morgan to Deutsche, even the US Central Bank are all quietly getting involved – with over $50 trillion already backing this monumental upgrade.

For some perspective, at $50 trillion, this investment is already bigger than the entire US housing market.

Over four times more valuable than every ounce of above ground gold in existence…

And even 25 times larger than the entire global oil market!

And it’s set to become only bigger because around the world, countless countries are watching and making their own moves on implementing a similar upgrade to their financial system.

Potentially hundreds of trillions are on the line right now, and we’ve already begun to see companies in this space explode…


That’s right. MicroStrategy Inc. exploded by over 714% in only a few years…

Texas Pacific Land climbed an incredible 1,096%…

And we’ve seen Silvergate Capital take off by a whopping 1720%

And from what I can tell, your research shows this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Quite frankly, we’re seeing huge gains from almost all the big players in this space!

Some of these gains are incredible. Life-changing even.

Like the 789% on PAYPAL, or the 4,546% on TPL… and even a 10,090% on RIOT.

Clearly I need to get involved, but with so many companies in this space how am I supposed to know which one is the best play?


Well that’s the beauty of it…

The company I’m recommending will allow you to profit from almost every major player in this space!

Up until a few years ago, companies of this type didn’t even exist, and even today there are only a small few…

That’s why the biggest players on Wall Street are all rushing to create more of these kinds of companies, it’s the easiest way to position yourself in front of an entire markets worth of growth. 

But It’s important to move quickly on this, the first milestone of this financial upgrade is finalizing any day, and they’ve already completed a successful trial run…

In fact, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, even Citibank are all preparing for this upgrade as we speak.

And the moment this milestone becomes official, a lot of the companies in this space could soar to entirely new heights.

And that’s why I’ve packaged all the details inside my third latest report: The Financial Upgrade: Profit From Global Growth With A Single Stock.

Following the steps inside these three reports is the only way I see the average American coming out of this mess unscathed, maybe even thriving.


Wow, it’s hard to decide which report investors should read first, Mark.

From the way I see it, you cover it all…

The #1 stock that pays out no matter the market we are in…

How to get in on the company funding the rebirth of American small business…

And even how to get in on the most important financial upgrade of our generation…

It feels like I can’t go wrong with any of them.


That’s the plan. I want to make sure anyone has ALL of their bases covered when this downturn comes to a head.

But honestly, all the critical information in these reports is useless, unless you act on it.

Because as I showed you…

The Fed has no choice but to force America into the most historic cleanse it’s ever seen.

Everyday Americans are facing harder circumstances every day…

Even some families making over $300,000 a year are living paycheck to paycheck.

And the companies that investors once clung to as safe havens are falling to pieces in front of us…

Which means – unfortunately – the passive folks who do nothing will be entirely left behind…

However, that’s why I’ve made it easy to position yourself properly as this historic cleansing sweeps through the market.

As I mentioned before, my publisher and I have worked out a way that anyone watching today can access this crucial information at a price anyone can afford.

And if you sign up right now, you’ll immediately receive access to all of the reports I’ve shown you today:

  • The Cash King: One Stock That Always Pays, No Matter the Market
  • Your Way IN: America’s #1 Small Business Investment
  • The Financial Upgrade: Profit from Global Growth With A Single Stock

All three reports are yours to keep when you try out my flagship research service Forecasts & Strategies

Normally, a subscription to Forecasts & Strategies costs $249 for the year.

But only for today’s audience, we’ve reserved a hefty discount.


So, to get access to these reports, viewers simply need to sign up today to receive some of your very best research?


Yes, but to put your mind at ease, our audience will have 30 days to review the reports – along with all of my recommendations – for themselves.

If for any reason they aren’t satisfied, or if Forecasts & Strategies just isn’t a good fit for them…

Just call our customer service line and they’ll refund you the full amount of your subscription.

No questions asked.


That’s very generous Mark. So they can review your work with no absolutely no risk.


Exactly, I’m taking on all the risk.

And I think that’s worth it if even one person is saved by my research.

Even though the Fed cleansing the market is the only logical course of action…

It’s going to negatively affect millions of Americans over the coming months.

And the folks who panic, or simply don’t react at all will look back on this with nothing but regret.

But anyone who makes the right moves today could completely ignore this cleansing and have a chance to grow their wealth.

You’ll find out exactly how to make these moves yourself, today.

All you have to do is click the button below to get started.

There you can review the full offer and see the incredible discount we have worked out for today’s audience.


I’ll be honest with you Mark, when I came here today, I did not understand just how necessary this cleanse was to save the American economy and its people.

While it may seem hard to believe, I refuse to end up like the billionaire who went flat broke after ignoring your warning.

And I urge every audience member here today to really consider what their life would be like should they choose to ignore this critical information.

Considering that Dr. Skousen will also let you keep the reports if you find his service isn’t satisfactory…

There’s really nothing for you to lose…

But everything for you to gain once you join Forecast & Strategies.

It’s really a no-brainer.

Thank you for everything Mark.


It’s my pleasure, and to everyone who tuned in, thank you for being here.


And remember, to get all the details, and instant access to all of Mark’s research inside Forecasts & Strategies

Just click the button below to get started.

Mark, thanks for this great talk… and thanks to our viewers for joining us for this special presentation, and we wish all of you out there all the best.

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