What To Do When Someone Gives You A “Bad” Stock Pick


Stock Trend Alerts

If you subscribe to a single investing newsletter, you know this scenario all too well.

You get a buy alert in your inbox…

The story is airtight…

You snap up shares.

The next day, the stock bobbles a little bit, but you're not too nervous.

Until… flash forward to a month later and you're taking a bath, kicking yourself for not doing better due diligence.

So, what happened?

Did the analyst recommend a bad stock? Should you cancel your subscription? Give up on this rigged game once and for all?


You simply got into a good stock at a bad time.

Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

But there is a solution.

It's a signal that can alert you to the best days to buy and sell nearly any stock, ETF and mutual fund.

It's been known to outperform the gains on newsletter analysts' model portfolios by as much as 7X in backtests!

Same stocks. Just better timing.

That's all it's ever been about.

Yet I'm betting 99% of investors still have no idea how quickly and dramatically this signal could change their lives.

Put yourself in the 1% that has the advantage over everyone else when you click here.


Keith Kaplan
CEO, TradeSmith

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