Swan Brothers: The Great $2 AI Moonshot



560% gain… 1,102% gain in under 18 months… 136% gain… 517% gain in less than a year…

Two Math Geniuses “Crack the Code” on a Secret Algorithm Showing Which Stocks Could Soon Take Off by 100% to 500% or More – IN ADVANCE

Now they say a small, sub-$5 stock is ready for takeoff. Find out about it BEFORE everyone else.

CHRIS: Hello. My name is Chris Hurt.

Today you get to be a fly on the wall for one of the most unusual — and potentially lucrative — conversations you’ll ever hear.

Shortly, you’ll meet brothers and legendary fintech experts, Landon and Andy Swan.

They’ve created something no one else has — and everyone wants…

And until recently, it has only been available to the financial elite.

Basically, it’s a way to see what’s going to happen before it actually does.

I’m talking about a one-of-a-kind fintech algorithm that sees consumer shifts on Main Street — BEFORE it becomes news on Wall Street.

As if that wasn’t enough… these ingenious brothers…

  • Accurately forecasted the trend in iPhone sales, semiconductor demand, Netflix subscriptions, Facebook user growth, and more…
  • Were included in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative in Finance in 2015…
  • Were featured on CNBC, ForbesInvestor's Business Daily, Fox Business, and Barron’s
  • Sold their previous fintech firm to leading online broker, TD Ameritrade…
  • And now today, some of the world’s top hedge funds and institutions pay them up to $750,000 dollars a year for access.

So, what is this incredible new algorithm that is changing the face of Wall Street?

The Swan brothers are tracking a MASSIVE covert force…

Operating 24 hours a day… 365 days a year… in a place you’d never think to look.

Yet it has the power to change your financial future – forever.

Today they’ll show you how a series of eruptions – happening just below the surface of the market…

Gives you what you’ve been lacking all these years…

The power to recognize massive booms (and busts) BEFORE anyone else.

Not only that, you can use it to predict several days or weeks in advance which stocks are about to soar.

They call their financial technology the “Swan Social Heat Score”…

It’s like NOTHING ELSE in the investing world…

A predictive analytics engine built from scratch to track this unseen activity…

Giving anyone who tries it a valuable INFORMATION EDGE.

Over the last two years, it has pinpointed 138 profit opportunities.

Providing investors with advance notice of potential returns as high as 227%, 244%, 273%, 426%, 669%, 1,025%, and 1,102%.

And enabled their clients to avoid punishing losses along the way.

Impressive results like these have allowed the brothers to build up a client list even Warren Buffett would be proud of.

Including Fortune 500 companies, as I mentioned a few moments ago, seeking a competitive edge…

Plus, some of America’s top hedge funds, who collectively manage over $500 billion in assets.

These titans pay up to $750,000 dollars a year for access to their proprietary signals.

Only the richest of the rich could afford it.

That is, until now…

In this broadcast, the Swan brothers have agreed to reveal a critical piece of information their data feed is telling them now…

It’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Which is why they’re stepping forward with this urgent public message today.

They’re calling it one of the biggest and most important forecasts of their career.

It apparently doesn’t matter if you have $5,000 in savings or $5 million…

This message is for you.

In today’s presentation, they’ll show how YOU can use this extraordinary intelligence to prepare — and even supercharge — your personal portfolio ahead of a major financial event they say is headed our way.

Plus, as a special bonus for watching to the end, you’ll get access to the Swan brothers’ #1 investment to make RIGHT NOW, in light of this sensitive new information.

Think of it as your opportunity to get in first…

Before the rest of the world realizes the scale of this opportunity.

OK, let’s jump in.

Andy and Landon, welcome to the studio.

ANDY AND LANDON:Thanks, happy to be here.


You say there’s a secret force operating beneath the surface of the market that the average person can’t see — yet it affects everything.

But you can see it.

It gives you the ultimate information edge

Letting you see all these massive booms (and busts) ahead of everyone else.

And you’ve created a CONFIDENTIAL algorithm, giving advance notice of big stock moves and emerging megatrends — sometimes days or weeks in advance.

I have to say…

I’ve never heard of anything like this before. That’s amazing, am I getting this right?


Chris, that’s because we’re different from any other stock forecasters you’ll see out there.

How we generate our ideas has nothing at all to do with the typical way most analysts find great stocks.

We don’t focus on last month’s sales, P/E ratios, relative strength, or even what the talking heads on CNBC are saying about a company.

Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with one thing…


Let’s hear it. What is it?


Well, if there’s one trend that has taken the world by storm, it’s that people love sharing everything about their lives online…

The clothes they’re buying… the food they’re eating… who they’re following… what they’re watching… even the buzz they get from driving a new Tesla for the first time.

In today’s digital world, there’s NOTHING more powerful than hearing what people are thinking and feeling in real time.


Hold on, now…

Are you saying you’re using the internet as a predictive tool?


My brother Landon and I asked ourselves a question a long time ago…

What if someone (or some company) could aggregate ALL mentions on the internet under a publicly traded company’s umbrella, and monitor the volume of these comments?

Whether they’re good or bad.

Whether they are going up or down.

And do it LIVE, in real-time, so they could know what consumers are thinking before anyone else?


I take it you guys accepted the challenge… and can now do what everyone else thought was impossible?


Exactly right.

By scientifically tracking groundswells of support online, and creating a proprietary algorithm to pinpoint the EXACT products and companies consumers are embracing – BEFORE the numbers are reported in any financial statements…

We accidentally stumbled upon a very powerful secret of the markets.


How on earth did you get started on such an ambitious mission?


Well, we grew up in the Midwest… just around the corner from a racetrack.

So, it’s only natural we developed a knack for betting.

One day, our dad handed us each $2 to bet on our grandfather’s prized thoroughbred racehorse.

We didn’t know it at the time…

But being forced to choose between win, place or show at the tender young age of 10… allowed Andy and I to tap into a rare superpower that has defined our careers ever since.


You mean placing a simple bet… when you were 10 years old… put you both on this trajectory that would eventually land you at the cutting edge of Wall Street?


It wasn’t a straight line, of course.

For example, I was accepted into one of America’s top law schools.

But I learned quickly that I hated law school. So that was the end of that.

What I really wanted to do was something in the world of investing.


Then Andy and I were accepted into one of the nation’s top MBA programs. We gave that a pass, as well.

You see, it took us a while…

But over time, we realized our brains are wired differently from everyone else.

Our ability to CRUNCH NUMBERS and apply COMPLEX ANALYTICS to predict outcomes sets us apart.


And nowhere is that skills set valued more highly than on Wall Street.

OK, fast forward to today…

Now you’re leveraging this mathematical expertise that you both have to uncover actionable insights from millions of online consumer conversations — every single day?


I’ll admit, it was a daunting task.

But today, a firehose of information is flooding into our system…

6,000 pieces of online data per second…

350,000 messages per minute… 500 million per day… about 200 billion a year.

It’s a treasure trove of information…

Giving us a snapshot into people’s biggest fears… their deepest desires… all their hopes and dreams.


I can imagine. And you’re able to parse it into what really matters?


Our Social Heat Score gives us clear insight about what millions of people are really thinking…

Which trends are catching their attention…

Which products are making them happy…

And crucially — which specific stocks are about to pop.

Best of all, it’s delivered practically in real-time, with only a three-second delay.

Thanks to our proprietary “Social Heat Score” we know what’s REALLY going on with a company — often before the directors do!


It’s unusual to get that kind of insight.

Can you give us a few examples of how your elite technology is giving folks the “ultimate edge”?


Remember at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020 — how everyone was freaking out?


Of course, I do. Who can forget it?


It seemed the whole world was shutting down… workplaces were going dark… schools were padlocking their doors to keep children out… and every sport, movie theater and “non-essential” business was closing its doors… some forever.

Wall Street was taken by surprise.

Between February 12th and March 23, 2020, the Dow lost 37% of its value.

But then something strange happened…

In the midst of this crisis…

While investors were scrambling to stem their losses…

Our proprietary algorithm showed that oxygen was still flowing in certain parts of the U.S. retail economy.

Our system showed us EXACTLY who was defying the trend…

Where interest and purchases were booming.


So, while others were running scared, you guys saw major opportunity.


Basically, our algorithm was telling us everything we needed to know.

Folks were tired of being stuck at home looking at the same old furniture.

They wanted fresh new beds, carpets, lighting, refrigerators, outdoor dining sets… the list goes on and on.

We noticed a very large eruption in buzz for Wayfair, a leading online furniture store.

You can see it here…

The BLACK section of this chart represents the secret online surge, as detected by our proprietary algorithm…

So, we immediately told our readers to get in on Wayfair stock.


What happened next?


Now let’s overlay that with the actual price chart in green.

The GREEN section of the chart represents Wayfair’s stock price.

As you can see, after the eruption in online activity, Wayfair’s price shot up by 1,025% in a very short time…

BUT — and this is the most important part — it did so only AFTER our Indicator picked up a spike in online activity.

Without it, you’d be lost.

CHRIS:So, once you see a big surge in online activity — it pays to move quickly. Any more examples?

ANDY:Sure, I have tons of them.

Take discount retailer Five Below, which took off by 238% after our algorithm indicated a high level of consumer happiness. We knew that this level of consumer loyalty would serve them well — even in a recession.

Look at how secret online activity jumped… in BLACK

Before the inevitable price rise… in GREEN.

Now, check out what happened with Crocs…

For years, the media was shredding this company for having the nerve to go public with their funky shoes. In fact…

  • Time Magazine named Crocs one of the “50 Worst Inventions.”
  • The Daily Mail called them “the ugliest shoes ever invented.”
  • And Jim Cramer told people not to buy this stock unless they were “absolute daredevils.”

We knew otherwise.


So, what happened?

ANDY: The share price leapt by 576% less than a year after our algorithm told us their casual footwear was becoming hugely popular in the marketplace…

Check out the action here.

First, we detected a big surge in secretive online activity… in BLACK.

Then came the big price jump… in GREEN.

CHRIS:Remarkable. It’s as if you were able to see the revenue data in real-time, before it became widely known public information.

ANDY:It’s not uncommon for us to have a better idea of what a company’s earnings are going to look like sometimes before the company itself does.

Consider what happened with online pet food seller Chewy, which soared by 212%… 

But only AFTER a spike in our proprietary indicator.


What happened here? Why the spike in interest?


We saw a barrage of online posts about pets being adopted because of the pandemic. People were stuck at home and wanted a new friend. Chewy already had fanatical customers, so it wasn’t too big a leap to forecast that these new pet owners would love the company’s products, too.


Ah, makes sense.


We also helped folks get ahead by recommending Celsius Holdings in the early days…


Isn’t that the popular energy drink company that Pepsi invested over $500 million into not long ago?


That’s right.

But we gave a buy signal a few years before…

When practically no one had heard of it…

After three money-losing years, its stock was tanking, and it was temporarily delisted from the Nasdaq.

Later, our Social Heat Score told us something strange was happening.

Interest in its energy drinks was shooting up…


You said online buzz always precedes a big stock move.


That led us to believe the company had found a sweet spot in the market.

Sure enough, consumers were thirsting for an energy drink alternative that works for both athletic performance and weight loss.


How’d the stock do?


Since then, the company’s revenue has multiplied nearly five-fold…

Handing those who followed our recommendation a terrific 1,102% gain.



Celsius Holdings is a true rags-to-riches story…

Forbes reported that at least one person became a billionaire as a result of investing early, BEFORE it became a sensation…

Now, I see here that from 2019 to 2023, your Social Heat Score served up over 80 triple-digit profit opportunities like these ones on a silver platter across your services.


You have to remember…

To most people, social media is a way to share and communicate emotions and not much more.

But we’ve discovered a treasure trove hiding beneath the surface.

A tweet or online post can be worth 1,000 words.

It’s an effective chronicler of people’s lives — and future buying actions.

And it’s the rocket fuel that powers our innovative stock picking system…

Meaning investors no longer have to wait for news stories on Bloomberg News or in The Wall Street Journal to understand which companies are seeing a huge rise in demand…

And potentially, a massive rise in share price.



Yeah, I love the fact that you are going straight to consumers — who drive the economy — you’re going straight to them for your news, information, and insight.

I see how your algorithm has “preordained” big winners like a 161% gain on Spotify… 405% on Apple… 196% on Gap… and 226% on Roku.


Speaking of Roku and the shift away from cable TV, we also recommended Netflix back in 2015 — a move that could have handed you a 1,060% gain.


Very nice. A shot at 10X your money.

And in addition to all these upside winners, you’re saying it can also serve as an “early warning system” to an impending crash, as well?


Yeah, it sure can. I have a great example of this.

One of our hedge fund clients was following Party City… which manufactures and distributes party goods in over 40,000 retail outlets worldwide.

Then in late 2021, they noticed something weird.

A strange ‘blip’ was affecting one of their core sale items… Balloons.

Helium may be the second-most abundant element in the galaxy, but Party City was struggling to find enough to fill its balloons.


And your client asked you to check if it was a real problem…

If complaints were running rampant online…


Turns out a fire was raging all over the internet.

A spike in our data made it clear consumers weren’t happy.


So, you informed your client of the imminent danger. What happened next?


Well, nine months later, the shares had plummeted by more than 90%.

And Party City declared bankruptcy.


Who would believe that a helium shortage could doom a big company like that?


Exactly right.

There were other factors, of course. But the lack of helium was one of the biggest.

You have to think about it…

Consumers go into Party City looking for those balloons, but they end up buying a lot of other things in the store… a lot of high margin items.

So, if they don’t have the balloons, they don’t have those sales as well.


And I can attest to that.

That is true and I do the same thing.


So, I really only wish we could have gotten this timely information into the hands of thousands of ordinary people who owned Party City stock… before the collapse.


It happened with Apple, too.

In 2018, Apple was everyone’s favorite stock.

  • Warren Buffett told CNBC he would “own 100% of Apple stock” if he could.
  • Yahoo! Finance said Apple was a “buy and hold and forget forever stock.” 
  • Even Jefferies, a top-tier investment bank, put a $265 price target on Apple even though the stock was trading for around $55 a share so they were expecting it to 5X.

Then something strange happened.

Our Social Heat Score issued a warning signal.

It said Apple’s latest iPhone was going to be a major disappointment.

We were shocked.

Why on earth would our exclusive algorithm point to a major NOSEDIVE…

When virtually every major media outlet and Wall Street expert was heaping praise on Apple?

Its market cap had just blasted through the historic $1 trillion mark…

And almost no one predicted they’d hit a wall.

But our algorithm pointed to a level of discontent out there.

That people were losing interest in Apple’s iPhones.

I have to admit, we were laughed at when we brought our data public.

But we were proven right.

Over the next four months, Apple’s stock tumbled by -30%.


In other words, you foresaw one of the few times in history when Apple’s stock actually DROPPED in price.


Like I said, few people took our warning seriously at the time.

But we’re telling you this story for one very important reason.

The data doesn’t lie. 

And our new forecast — which we’ll tell you about in a minute — is going to catch a lot of people off guard, too. Only this time it’s way bigger than Apple.

It’s way bigger than any one stock.

It has the potential to blindside millions of Americans.

That’s why we’ve agreed to share it here, right now, before the word starts leaking out.


We’ll get to your latest prediction in just a moment, but first…

For you viewers out there… I trust you’re starting to see how valuable this unique investing tool is.

Every second of every day, the Swan brothers are busy tracking every mention of every brand and product owned by publicly traded companies. (And some privately held companies, too.)

That’s why their Social Heat Score is so successful at predicting huge UPSIDE moves, and for alerting you when there’s danger on the DOWNSIDE, too. It’s simple to follow…

A huge surge in secret online activity… in BLACK

Precedes a major price explosion… in GREEN.

Or if online sentiment is bad, that means a price fall is imminent.

Either way, you get a valuable information edge that keeps you ahead of the game.

Now, am I correct to say others have tried to exploit this incredibly valuable resource — but very few have been successful like you?


After enduring a grueling trial and error process over the past decade or so… analyzing an OCEAN of data… aggregating and decoding all this online data… day, after day, after day…

We finally hit paydirt.

Today, we’re the ONLY ones in the world using this phenomenally powerful algorithm to identify big stock moves… IN ADVANCE.

I’ll make a bold statement…

Frankly, I don’t think it’s ever been so easy to go for double, triple or even quadruple potential profits — with practically every stock you buy.


Because you’re giving investors the ultimate “information edge.”

Better information…

…Faster information, you say.


To create our forecasts, we employ what we call “predictive technology.”

This predictive technology harnesses one of the most powerful financial forces on the planet: early access to key information…


Think about it in a historical context.

Financial markets have been around for hundreds of years.

The first public company was created in the early 1600s.

And for as long as stock markets have existed, getting your hands on critical market information before anyone else has essentially been a license to print money.

CHRIS:You say it’s always been this way…


Yep. Before the telegraph or telephones, big investors like the Rothschild family created information networks of horseback riders, carrier pigeons, and fast sailing ships to get information as fast as possible.


And this tradition continues today?


In modern times, hedge funds go to incredible lengths to seize key information before anyone else.

Some of the stories we’ve heard are absolutely crazy…

They’ve paid analysts to sit in parking lots all day to count cars… so they can know how a retailer’s business is doing… before anyone else.

They’ve sifted through garbage — in the middle of the night — to learn how a biotech’s drug trials are going… before anyone else.

Others wine and dine company executives… buying $2,000 bottles of wine… trying to get them tipsy enough to reveal information nobody else knows.


I’ve even heard stories of private investigators tracking where executives are traveling… so they can get information on takeovers before anyone else.

These guys use hidden cameras…

They’ve tapped phone lines…

They’ve hacked Fortune 500 computers…

They’ve bribed employees…

They’ve used every dirty trick under the sun…

All in the pursuit of getting their hands on market moving information — BEFORE anyone else.


Think about it…

If a hedge fund has $300 million invested in a stock that goes up 100%, that’s $300 million in profit.

Some hedge funds take much larger positions.

Their profit on a stock that goes up 100% can be as much as $3 billion.

You’re talking huge, huge money here.


The stakes are gigantic… and so is the appetite for information.




But what about those of us who don’t want to break the law… or sift through garbage in the middle of the night?


Don’t worry, there’s a better way.

It’s totally legal. Most importantly, it’s extremely effective.

And you don’t have to jump into any dumpsters.

You just have to leverage modern technology… and listen to what people are saying.

Like we said at the top of this broadcast, people LOVE to talk and show off.

We LOVE to share what we’re thinking.

We love to recommend restaurants and books and clothes and shoes and music.

We also love to complain about things that annoy us.

Talking, shouting, critiquing, predicting, and congratulating… it’s all in our DNA.

And there’s no better place to hear it all than on the internet.


And in the late 1990s, technology gave us a brand-new communication channel… and it changed the world.

In 1997, the first social media site SixDegrees.com went live.

You could create a profile page, create lists of connections, and send messages. It had millions of members and was sold for $125 million.

After that, the floodgates opened.

Next came Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The boom led to the creation of new sites like Twitter and Reddit in the mid-2000s.

Sites like these have become something of a digital “town square” where people gather together and do all the things Andy mentioned a minute ago.

They brag.

They share.

They recommend things they love.

In 2022, Twitter had over 230 million active daily users.

That’s huge when you consider the total U.S. population is only about 330 million people.

And it’s not just Twitter we’re talking about.

We have confidential arrangements with numerous internet-based companies that give us access to what their customers are saying in real-time.

Plus — and this is new — we get access to the sites that these people are visiting.

That’s the difference.

No one else has this.


Now, let’s remember how powerful information can be in the stock market…

Learning what is happening or about to happen before the masses catch wind of it can help you make millions – even billions – of dollars in the stock market.

What if a new EV company’s truck is a big hit with consumers and they are flying off of dealer lots.

They can’t come close to meeting consumer demand.

The media hasn’t reported it yet.

But that doesn’t matter.

Because our Social Heat Score sees what’s happening, behind the scenes…

Way before the company lets the market know that its sales are up 257% year over year.

Care to guess what happens next?


The share price shoots up.


Bingo. Here it is in green…


OK, I see where you’re going.

By leveraging your proprietary algorithm — or “Social Heat Score,” as you call it — which gets updated in real-time across a broad spectrum of internet channels…

You’re able to give “advance notice” of impending stock price moves.

I’m sure our viewers would love a quick peek under the hood…

Can you show us how your system is able to spot tomorrow’s Wall Street darlings — today?


Of course.

Right now, even though we’re here talking to you…

Our team of professionals in the Midwest is busy monitoring about 25 servers that are processing this non-stop firehose of online activity.

Our Social Heat Score uses sophisticated data analytics to categorize every individual post or message:

  • Is it extremely positive?
  • Is it extremely negative?
  • Is it somewhere in between?
  • Are mentions going up, or down?
  • How much are people talking about a given product?
  • How likely are they to buy that product in the next month or two?

We put this avalanche of data into our system, and we compare how the market feels about a company on any given day compared to how it has felt in the past.


How on earth are you able to parse millions of messages per day into their essential ingredients?


Because our system is loaded with a proprietary language analysis algorithm…

It has the ability to “read” every single one of these posts…

Practically in real-time.

After that, we build in second, third, and even fourth-level checks to make sure we’re getting it right.

Our formula is top secret, but I can tell you we’re able to analyze social and web data to accurately predict shifts in:

  1. Consumer Spending Behavior 
  2. Consumer Happiness 
  3. Purchase Intent 
  4. And Consumer Macro Trends

So, while this Crocs tweet might seem inconsequential to the ordinary viewer…

To us, it was just one of thousands like it pointing to a major price breakout.


Right, and I just want to make it clear, there may be people out there who are confused and maybe concerned…

You’re not talking about buying and selling people’s contact data, their personal data, and their social security number.


You’re exactly right.

In fact, I am a huge advocate for personal privacy, and information privacy.

In theory, if you could think about it this way…

If you could hypothetically pause time and go on the internet and read everything on Twitter, and jot down how many people are buying iPhones, how many people are going to this restaurant, and then go on Reddit and do that, and go on these different websites…

If you had unlimited time, you could actually reproduce what we are doing.

But since no one has that unlimited time, we need that algorithm that Andy was talking about.

So no, this is all publicly available information and no one’s privacy is being violated.

CHRIS:Very good to know and thank you for explaining that to everyone.

Now you also mentioned there’s a “secret sauce” at play here… can you give us a hint to how it works?


This secret sauce is what we’ve spent close to a decade perfecting…

You see, we’ve created a company-specific “brand map” that contains all the products and brands a company has on the market.

We call it our “Rosetta Stone”…

It’s our master guide for making sense of all those billions of posts.

Take Apple, for example…

You can see how we subdivide the overall business into all the individual units…




Music, etc.

Then we break them down again into specific segments.

But we’re not done yet.

This is still too basic to give us what we want.

Now, take a look at the keywords just for a single Apple product — the Apple Watch.


Hold on. You mean you’re tracking not only the company and its products…

But all those keyword combinations, too?


We sure are. And our Social Heat Score doesn’t stop there…

Multiply this by the number of brands Apple has — each with its own products…

And don’t forget to account for things like slang terms for products…

Plus, common misspellings…

Only then do you get a small inkling of what it takes for us to build a comprehensive data profile for just one company (and remember, we cover hundreds of public and private companies)


Holy cow. I didn’t think that was possible. And I certainly didn’t think I’d be sitting here talking to the only two people in the world making sense of this “Rosetta Stone” and making it available to their high-powered clients.


We go even further.

Our algorithm filters out useless posts that have no value when it comes to indicating who’s interested in actually buying a product.

That gets us closer to the Holy Grail…

Being able to decipher a clear Purchase Intent signal that precedes an explosion in sales… which is ultimately what sends a stock soaring.

Being able to do all that on the fly is our unique advantage.


One more important thing I want to mention…

When we make recommendations, it’s rarely in isolation. The predicted move is almost always in the context of a larger trend we’re following.


Can you show us what you mean?


You’ve heard that the video game sector is booming, right?


Of course.


Take a look at what’s happening to revenues in this explosive sector.

Well, our Social Heat Score issued a buy recommendation for Roblox, an online gaming platform, in May 2021.

But we had work to do before we could issue an alert to our clients.

First, we checked whether there had been a surge in first-time gamers…

The answer? A clear yes.

Next, we double-checked that against the broader gaming trend to confirm the spike in 2020 was not just a fluke…

Yep, the flood of new gamers was consistent, not a one-off event.

Then we triple-checked Purchase Intent levels for Roblox…

Again, a nice surge in planned purchases being voiced online.

And FINALLY, we quadruple-checked all that against consumer happiness levels by being able to “read” and correctly understand posts like these:

In this case, we noticed a “blip”…

Although Roblox was experiencing slightly declining consumer happiness levels…

Everything else was looking very positive.

In other words, our intelligence indicated that Roblox had tons of raving fans.


So, you issued a buy alert. How did your recommendation do?


If you were lucky enough to receive and ACT on our recommendation…

You could have more than doubled your money in just over six months with a 111% return.


Any other examples of how you spotted a powerful megatrend… and zeroed in on a specific company getting ready to ride a wave of popularity?


You’ve heard of Peloton, right?

In January 2020, while Americans were still filing into gyms for their daily workouts… before the pandemic shut everything down…

The mainstream media was laughing at Peloton’s chances for success.

  • CNBC said the company had “yet to post a profit.”
  • The Wall Street Journal called it an “internet-driven exercise scheme…”

There were good reasons to be skeptical.

Peloton was losing -$50 million a quarter.

But it didn’t matter…

Because our system detected a very clear backlash against the status quo…

Happening in the background, where no one was looking.

Turns out, thousands of consumers were taking to the internet to say they were sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars on expensive boutique fitness classes…

They wanted something completely different.

A way to take control of their exercise regimen.

To OWN it for themselves.

And right after the pandemic crash in March 2020, we saw a monster spike in people talking about using the Peloton app.

Including tons of all-important “purchase intention” mentions.

All this positive buzz gave us a “sneak preview” of what was about to happen.

First came a jump in secret online activity — in BLACK.

Then came a MAJOR eruption in stock price — in GREEN.

If you had jumped in our recommendation, you could have picked up a 517% gain in less than a year.


Very impressive. Another big payday.

But hold on. Didn’t people start heading back to the gyms once the big Covid scare was over? Did you catch that, too?


Exactly right.

Check out this chart showing how Peloton went from enjoying incredible tailwinds — to facing a massive headwind — on nearly every critical macro trend in under a year.

Peloton stock crashed as a result.


Great stuff. Any more examples of where you jumped all over a big megatrend for massive profits?


Ever hear of Yeti?


Of course. My coffee mug is made by Yeti.


Well, that’s not all they do. Yeti Holdings, Inc., also makes water coolers, ice chests, and everything you’ll need for a cool summer trip to the park or beach.

Unfortunately for them, they got caught up in the U.S./China trade dispute a few years ago, and had a whopping 55% of its sales exposed to severe tariffs…

As a result, its stock crashed by 30% in less than a month.

But we noticed a weird “counter surge” happening.

Instead of taking a hit, consumer interest was going through the roof… up nearly 40%… and we could see that buyers were extremely happy with Yeti products.


Let me guess. The price went up?


That’s my point. If you had followed our recommendation, you could have enjoyed a 335% gain on Yeti in less than a year.


Speaking of China,

I want to show you a different kind of chart for chipmaker Nvidia, so you can see what we see.

China remains one of Nvidia’s most important markets.

During the pandemic, their stock price was flatlining — due largely to lower demand from the global shutdown, and specifically all the crackdowns on China.

But then something unexpected happened.

We were monitoring purchase intentions online…

And they suddenly EXPLODED during this time.

Which we identified as an immense opportunity — since our system showed consumers absolutely loved Nvidia’s products.

See the green line here.

And that was followed sometime later by a big jump in stock price.

You’ll see that in blue, over on the right.


So, a delayed reaction again.

Between what your algorithm says is happening… and the eventual rise in stock price.

I take it this was a profitable recommendation for your followers?


Let’s just say if you acted on our recommendation, you could have banked a terrific 669% gain on Nvidia…

That’s enough to turn a $5,000 stake into $38,250.


That must be why you say…

Following secret signals on the internet TODAY…

Gives you the ultimate edge on which stocks will soar TOMORROW.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t one of America’s Top 25 business schools validate the effectiveness of your system?


Yes. In 2017, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business approached us with a challenge…

They were seeking a “web-powered investing intelligence tool” for an upcoming research project.

The timing was perfect.

We had just what they needed.

So, the school analyzed four years’ worth of our company’s data of social mentions across the web, plus sentiment of brands and products for publicly traded companies…

And how they impacted share price.


And the results?


At first, we didn’t want to seem cocky. So, we assumed the worst.

Maybe we were just getting lucky with our predictions…

Maybe what we had was no better than the tons of other useless “trading systems” all over the internet.

Then we got an email from out of the blue.

It confirmed what we always knew to be true.


In other words… Georgetown University’s peer-reviewed study confirmed that your proprietary online metrics could predict companies’ future sales — with statistical significance?


Not only that. They went on to say that our data predicted “the unexpected component of sales growth.”

That we were able to spot what Wall Street analysts were missing!


Wow, that’s a big deal.

I imagine you started getting calls from hedge funds and other folks being paid to manage the assets of America’s richest 1%.


Exactly right. And they continue to seek our expertise today.


Andy and Landon…

I can see that your Social Heat Score is like NOTHING else in the investment world.

It predicts big price jumps… while protecting people against devastating (and totally unnecessary) stock crashes.

This is EXACTLY the kind of “gold dust” that your big hedge fund clients pay close to a million dollars a year to get private access to.

But there’s still one thing I don’t understand.

Why are you prepared to rip the lid off one of Wall Street’s greatest secrets…

What convinced you to come here to the studio to share this opportunity with our viewers?

In other words, WHY NOW?


Well, it all stems from the big prediction we want to reveal today.

You see, I saw something in The Wall Street Journal the other day that really disturbed me.

Take a look at this chart…

In a recent poll, roughly 4 out of 5 Americans say life for their kids will be WORSE than it was for them..

I call it the “opportunity gap”…

And the bad news is it’s only getting wider.


Only 1 out of 5 Americans think their kids will be better off than they are???

For a couple of guys from the Midwest, that strikes us as pathetic.

Frankly, I’d say it’s un-American.


Yeah, right. It gets at the core of who we are as Americans.

Landon and I are just a couple of hard-working guys who stumbled on one of Wall Street’s greatest secrets.

Sure, we worked our butts off. But in today’s world, you can work hard and still not get ahead.

So, we consider ourselves very lucky.

And you know what… we both have kids.

And I promise you one thing.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure our kids have a better shot at success in life than we did.


America is still the greatest country in the world.

The richest country in the world…

Way ahead of countries like China, Japan and Germany.

In this great country of ours, it’s still possible to raise yourself up.

So, your whole family — your kids, and your grandkids, too — have it a tiny bit easier than you do.

That’s the American way.

And we refuse to believe that it’s dead.

So, seeing that chart really threw us for a loop.


Why’s that?


It hurts me to say this…

But for well over 50% of us, the American Dream is slipping further and further away.

The government tells us that the economy is improving… inflation is getting better…

But c’mon… does it really feel that way?

I don’t think so.

You’ll know what I mean if you bought furniture, a house, or a car in the past year.


So, what can you say to the thousands of viewers who are on the precipice right now…

In danger of losing their job, or getting snowed under in debt?


We’re here to tell you…

Where you are NOW is not where you have to end up five, ten, or even 20 years from now.

In fact, what you do today…

Could have a tangible impact on where you and your family end up in life.

What side of town you live on…

The size of house you own…

And especially, the dollar amount in your personal portfolio when you retire.


So, we asked ourselves, what can we do — in our own little way — to help buck that trend of negativity… of hopelessness out there… as the cost of living rises and the old certainties vanish into thin air.

No, we can’t change your job…

Or force prices down at the gas pump or supermarket.

But we can do something BETTER than all that.



That’s right.

You see, my brother Andy and I are technologists.

From a very early age, we’ve believed in the power of technology to create wealth and abundance.

In 2013, we put these two things — technology and the power of getting information first — at the center of our company called LikeFolio.

For the last decade, we’ve been busy giving Fortune 500 companies and $100 billion hedge funds exactly what they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Specifically, a way to identify big consumer shifts on Main Street — BEFORE they become a big hit on Wall Street.

While our proprietary algorithm has been very successful at helping the rich get richer…

It’s NOT working for middle America — simply because it’s never been available to them.

These are good folks we rub shoulders with on a daily basis…

In the corner shop, at the racetrack, or while having a Bourbon at our favorite bar in town.

So today, we’re going on record with something we haven’t even gone public with yet.

Andy, tell them what it is.


It doesn’t matter whether you have $5,000 in the bank, or $5 million.

Whether life is good and you’re going up the escalator to the very TOP of the opportunity gap…

Or whether you’re quietly suffering… pulling your hair out at night… worrying about having your family slip further and further down into the abyss…

What I’m saying is this…

The Next Big Transformative Shift is about to blindside America.

CHRIS:What do you mean by that?


In America, this chasm has been growing for some time…

Between the haves and have-nots. Between hope and hopelessness.

The irony is that this whole broadcast is about the growing wealth divide.


You mean the information edge…?


Well, that’s part of it, Chris.

The bigger issue at play here is technology.

There is no doubt in my mind: The next few years belong to technology investors.

I’m not just talking about those who own and invest in the companies shaping our technological future…

But also, those who are using cutting edge technology to gain a significant financial edge.


We’ve seen how over the past four decades, advancements in computing power, data storage, wireless connectivity, and other technologies have created a gigantic shift in the way our economy works.


That’s right. Think about how much online retail… smartphones… social media… ridesharing… digital streaming and more have changed our daily lives…

Now think about how these technologies transformed how we build wealth.

Think about what Amazon did to brick-and-mortar retailers…

As Amazon took over e-commerce — becoming one of the first TRILLION-DOLLAR companies — dozens of brick-and-mortar businesses slid into bankruptcy.

How many employees lost their jobs or were displaced because of Amazon?

Conversely, how many new millionaires did Amazon help create?


Or look at Apple. As it took control of the smartphone economy, the losing competitor Blackberry became obsolete practically overnight…

As Netflix conquered the entertainment industry, Blockbuster vanished just as quickly.


This is why the wealth gap gets wider and wider every single year.

The incredible rise in computing power, global connectivity, and data storage makes it possible for the owners and investors of businesses to do more with less.

But here’s the thing…

Everything we’ve seen so far is just the start.

We are still in the early stages of an unstoppable megatrend that will transform our lives and our finances in even bigger and more profound ways.

And one technology in particular will lead the way.

After years of relatively modest advancement, artificial intelligence is now entering the “lift off” stage.


This is what our systems have been screaming at us, Chris. 

For investors who are strategically positioned — AHEAD of this huge revolution — the upside is virtually unlimited.

Those who ignore it will get left behind.


What do you mean by that… left behind?


What makes AI different — so much bigger than anything previous — is the sheer power of the technology itself.

Anyone who studies the history of technology and innovation knows AI is on an entirely different level.

For most of the past 40 years, the advancement of AI has been quiet and off the radar of the mainstream…

But something just happened that completely changes the game.


You’ve heard of ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot…


Absolutely, everyone has by now…


A lot of people don’t understand just how big this development is…


And why is that?


Well, since the dawn of the modern economy, one of the most difficult things for any business has been finding employees who possess the knowledge to perform complex analytical tasks.

The typical 20th century company had to invest massive amounts of time and money finding employees capable of tracking investments, crafting retirement portfolios, writing software, analyzing marketing data, and reviewing contracts.

This is why “white collar” workers like lawyers, financial planners, investment analysts, software creators, and engineers are typically paid so well.

Intellectual expertise is hard to find… and even harder to find at scale.

ChatGPT changes all that.

This technology makes it so that you can scale intellectual expertise — complex analytical work — and do it cheaply.

That’s why major corporations like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Shopify, Meta, Square, and Verizon are just a few of the companies implementing this technology into their business right now.

In fact, nearly one in two companies that use ChatGPT say they have already replaced workers as a result.

I’ll say that again…

Forty-eight percent of companies using ChatGPT have replaced workers since it became available in November of 2022.


Just to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here…

Three years ago, ‘software developer’ was one of the most highly desired — and highly paid — jobs in America.

But ChatGPT can now write basic code faster and with fewer mistakes than humans can…

Just think about it…

What are the implications for anyone in — or pursuing a career in — software development?

I don’t think I’ll be encouraging my kids to go that route…

Or how about the legal profession?

ChatGPT is also being used to successfully argue traffic tickets…

Other AI platforms can review and analyze legal contracts faster and with better accuracy than a human can.

No wonder the Wall Street Journal reported this just the other day…


Or take online education, which was a major disruptive force during the digital revolution, but now even that is being disrupted by AI.

Digital education giant Chegg recently announced a major drop in revenue on account of ChatGPT…

The business lost 40% of its value practically overnight.


Even IBM — a top five employer in the U.S. — has announced a hiring freeze because of AI…

The question is… how many highly sought after careers will vanish as a result of the AI Revolution?

The sad part is, many people with “good” white collar jobs don’t think digital technology poses any threat to them.

They’re not taking any steps to shield themselves and their families from the rise of things like AI and machine learning.

But they should.

It’s already shaking up the $11.9 trillion global healthcare market.

According to The New York Times

Clinical trials confirm that AI software is better at spotting signs of breast cancer in mammograms than radiologists.

Do you see where this is leading?

The destruction of seemingly strong and dominant businesses by artificial intelligence is a story we will see over and over and over in America…

In many cases, these businesses will be family owned…

Employ tens of thousands of workers…

And will be the cornerstones of thousands of retirement accounts.

But they’re about to disappear.

And it’s happening — NOW.

In other words…

The rise of AI will DWARF the economic and societal impact we saw with the PC and the Internet in the 80s and 90s.

PwC says AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. That’s way more than the current output of China and India combined.

CHRIS:So clearly we’re walking the line between good news and bad news. And folks who are prepared for this shift can prosper… even CHANGE the course they’re now on, for the better?


This could be the biggest financial opportunity of people’s lives.

It doesn’t matter if you were too late to get into Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or even Tesla before their share prices took off.

Today, a new batch of titans is waiting in the wings.

Our proprietary technology is uncovering them as we speak.

This is an opportunity for YOU to take the fast track to financial freedom… and watch the value of your savings soar up to 100-fold.


It’s also an opportunity to avoid a lot of pain.

New opportunities are springing up at a rapid and ever-increasing pace…

While old businesses and industries are being demolished much faster than ever before.


So, what can we do about it?


I have no doubt this will be one of the biggest investment opportunities in the world over the next decade.

Really, you have two choices.

You can embrace this trend and give yourself the chance to get rich — or you canignore it and fall behind everyone else.

The first thing we recommend is to know who the AI innovators and adopters are…

These are the businesses at the forefront of the AI revolution — either creating the new innovations that are changing our world, or implementing them in their day-to-day operations to become more profitable.

These companies should be the cornerstone of your portfolio.


Do you have a specific recommendation for our viewers…

Perhaps a company leaping ahead in its embrace of AI to give consumers a far better experience?


Do you use Spotify?


Of course, I love it.


Me too. But here’s something I’ll bet you don’t know…

Recently, the company began rolling out its personalized DJ bot, powered by artificial intelligence.

The new feature queues up personalized tracks alongside real-sounding-voice commentary from a digital DJ.

At LikeFolio, we’ve noticed an uptick in consumer interest on the chart…

The curated music list (and raspy-cool DJ voice) is winning over listeners, big time.

But Spotify’s DJ isn’t the only move the company is making in Artifical Intelligence.

Spotify also debuted “Niche Mixes,” which are tens of thousands of unique, user-generated playlists based on moods, vibes, and genres.

So next time you open up your personalized 90s list, it will be customized to YOU.

These applications of new technology are cool, but investors should focus on ONE KEY TAKEAWAY.

The successful integration of AI is boosting Spotify’s all-important Purchase Intent score…


OK, so the Swan brothers are bullish on Spotify.

But that’s a company with a $26 billion market cap, their shares are already trading for over $100.

I thought you were going to tell us about a sub-$5 technology stock with even more runway to hit it big.


You’re right. That’s coming next.

In the past, our confidential Social Heat Score has allowed us to identify hundreds of new sensations on Main Street — before they took Wall Street by storm.

Like online real estate brokerage Redfin, which took off by 505%…

Retail company Big Lots which could have landed you a big 380% return…

And media buying platform The Trade Desk, which could have padded your portfolio with a 465% gain.

Now we believe AI is the biggest investment opportunity we’ll see this decade…

This lucrative secret is beginning to leak out.

But as a special gift for staying with us this far, we’d like to give you the opportunity to reach out and grab what we call, The No. 1 AI Small-Cap Stock Opportunity of the Decade.

This small-cap stock is trading under $5 as I speak.


So, for you viewers out there…

Wouldn’t you like the chance to get your hands on what may be the single most exciting company leading the AI charge today?

You could earn tens of thousands of dollars if you choose to invest…

Perhaps even millions, if you get the timing right and everything plays out as the Swan brothers expect.

Let me remind you what can happen if you hop aboard a brand-new tech megatrend before it sweeps over the mass market like a raging tsunami…

Imagine having a chance to buy Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, or Google in the early days, for a chance to experience gains in the thousands of percent.

A single trade could have turned into close to $1 million today.

Of course, these are just a few of the biggest market winners from the LAST TIME America saw the kind of digital transformation the Swan brothers are predicting now. And remember, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Not every pick will be a blockbuster, or make money at all, so you should never invest more than you’re willing to lose.

But this time around, they believe the shift will be more far-reaching… with several unexpected firms leading the charge.

At the top of their list is a surprising stock they urge you to check into today.

The Great $2 AI Moonshot


Our system just made what might be the biggest and most important forecast it’s ever made…

The rise of what could become the No. 1 AI-powered stock of the decade.

No, it’s NOT ChatGPT…

(It’s not Microsoft, Google, Nvidia or any of the other big players you’ve likely heard about!)

Our data has been QUADRUPLE checked… and I can confirm…

This stock is trading under $5!


What if you could combine a live-streaming TV platform with the best in sports, news, and entertainment? That’s what we’re talking about here.

You might think of Netflix. But you’d be wrong.

That’s like comparing a minnow with a blue whale…

Whereas Netflix has close to a $150 billion market cap, and shares going for over $300 each…

Our AI moonshot’s market cap is 99% smaller.

That’s a mouth-watering prospect when more consumers than ever are bypassing traditional media platforms for online content.

And guess what…

Our Social Heat Score is picking up unusual online activity for this tiny Moonshot…

Online mentions of streaming live sports have jumped 33% from last year — which is excellent news for this tiny firm…

But even more important…

Purchase Intent (PI) mentions are currently pacing 59% higher year-over-year as the company expands its coverage and programming…


That’s good news, right?

Because these secretive online surges are often the PRECURSORS to a major price rise.


Yes. And there’s another reason we’re so excited to share this massive opportunity with our viewers today.

You see, this tiny company just injected a brand-new Growth Driver into its business.

In recent days, we discovered that the company is tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to a blockbuster acquisition.

It gives them access to computer vision technology that can track and identify specific athletes.

As far as I know, not even NBC, Netflix or ESPN can do that.

Imagine building the future of live TV with AI as your centerpiece.

The results could be HUGE.

Now, allow me to be clear…

We see this as an all-or-nothing wager. If this tiny company continues to hook into powerful consumer trends, as it’s now doing, and engineer a successful business-model transition, it could deliver a moonshot payoff.

No guarantees, of course. But it could happen.


Our viewers love hearing about moonshot opportunities like this.

Who else are you sharing this with today?


As you know, we have some of America’s biggest and most successful hedge funds as our loyal clients.

But our new in-depth research report…

The one detailing this really low dollar AI Moonshot Opportunity, is NOT for them at all.

It’s for you. 

Because we believe it’s only a matter of time before this tiny streaming company becomes the “next Netflix”…

This is the PERFECT time to get positioned in this intriguing company.

I don’t care whether you invest $500 or $5,000…

I strongly urge you to reach out and to grab a piece now… before the price goes ballistic.

The Great $2 AI Moonshot

In this special report, you’ll get:

  • The name and ticker symbol of what our proprietary algorithm says could be the No. 1 small cap opportunity of the decade.
  • It’s got a great business already… but see why adding the new AI element could be the jet fuel it needs to go from such low levels that it’s at todayto $20… $100… $200… or beyond.
  • You’ll also get our full explanation for what the prospects are – both short- and long-term.

Take five minutes to read our research report, and you’ll understand what’s really at stake here… and exactly how you can rake in MASSIVE profits from the AI megatrend.


Don’t you normally charge your hedge fund clients tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of investment research at this caliber?


That’s right. And they pay for it happily.

One winning pick could easily mean a $100 million-dollar payday or more for these Wall Street giants…

But I can’t emphasize this enough… we will NOT be sending this report to our billion-dollar clients.

It’s ONLY available to you.

Like we said before…

We’re ordinary guys who happened to hit it lucky.

Now we’re paying it forward to folks who, through no fault of their own, are struggling to get back up to the top of the ‘opportunity gap.’

AI is a huge, huge megatrend… where a single, well-placed investment could transform your financial future.

But here’s the thing.

My brother and I don’t want you to just learn how to invest in AI…

Remember, artificial intelligence is a massive, unstoppable force that will take over every sector of the economy… and that includes finance and investing.

If you’re not using the best technology to gain an edge in your investing, you WILL get left behind.

Which is why we believe it’s absolutely essential to put the power of predictive technology on your side.

That’s why in addition to sending you this special report on AI…

We’re also including as part of this deal, a charter membership to our new research service, LikeFolio Investor.

This is the same caliber, predictive research we’ve been sharing with our hedge fund and Fortune 500 clients for years…

And we are making it available to YOU today.


That seems like an incredibly generous offer, guys.

So, let’s say a viewer takes you up on your offer. What happens next?


Well, within a few minutes, you’ll get an email from my team with your Special Report…

Take five minutes to read it in full.

Doing so could set you and your family up for unimaginable riches in a relatively short time.

Plus, once you become a subscriber, you’ll immediately start getting our coveted market insights, delivered both weekly and monthly.

There are a lot of nuances that go into interpreting all the signals generated by our system — it requires a ton of human brain power and proprietary computing power.

But don’t worry.

Thankfully, those are the pillars we built our company LikeFolio around a decade ago.

So please understand…

You NEVER have to worry about trying to interpret our system’s data… we do that for you.

You NEVER have to worry about which consumer trends are strongest… that’s our job.

And you NEVER have to go out on a limb trying to match these trends to world-beating companies…

Our team does all that work for you, and more.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get with Your New LikeFolio Investor Subscription


So, let’s take a look at what you can expect to receive when you join LikeFolio Investor today:

  • 12-24 LikeFolio Investor Alerts a year. You get all the details about a cutting-edge stock opportunity that our proprietary algorithm says is displaying unusual online signals. Each recommendation will be accompanied by exact price targets and details about whether we believe it is a short-term or long-term play.
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  • Special report #1 for subscribers: 
    The Great $2 AI Moonshot 

    Based on evidence we’re seeing, this could become the No. 1 AI-powered stock of the decade. No promises, but it could happen.


Hold on. There’s more…

Exclusive Bonus

You need to know that AI isn’t the only groundbreaking tech trend on our radar…

We follow fast-moving opportunities wherever they appear.

So, when you respond today, as an extra incentive…

We’ll rush you our complete dossier on one more powerful trend that is primed to “pop” in 2023:

  • Special report #2 for subscribers: The Power of Blockchain. 

In the LikeFolio universe, we've recorded a big surge in volume related to the failure of small- to mid-size banks in 2023.

This phenomenon has sparked an uptick in decentralized finance, crypto, and blockchain as a whole.

Find out about the five companies making their marks within one or more of these sectors.

We expect each to be a long-term winner as consumers and businesses adopt and embrace this technology and mindset.

And to make sure you get the most out of your LikeFolio Investor subscription, you’ll also be getting:

  • The LikeFolio Investor Digital Archive. Go here for a selection of our past alerts and special reports – at your fingertips.
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OK guys, I have to say I’m very impressed. I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone watching. Anything else you’d like to add before we close?

LikeFolio Investor is NOT Just an Ordinary Investment Newsletter


I have one more thing actually.

So, when you become a LikeFolio Investor subscriber today, you won’t get another boring newsletter…

You’ll get V.I.P access to the signals being generated in real-time by our Social Heat Score.

This same data engine, from several of our services, is responsible for cranking out terrific gains like:

  • 517% on Peloton…
  • 111% on Roblox…
  • 226% on Roku…
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  • 669% on Nvidia…
  • And 1,060% on Netflix

These are some of our best gains; past performance does not guarantee future results.

So don’t miss your chance to hook up with the only two guys in the world who built this technology from scratch.

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And today, we’re sharing it with YOU.

Because with everything going on in the world, you deserve a break.


Fantastic. And you’re willing to let our viewers in for a tiny fraction of the price the hedge funds pay you?


That’s right.

Let me make this clear. Our research firm, LikeFolio, will continue to serve America’s biggest hedge funds. That’s the core of our business.

But we’re launching a separate service for folks who want access to the only signals that matter. Specifically, when we see unusual surges in online commentary about specific brands, products, and companies.

Like we said, these secretive explosions are often the precursor to major price moves…


And that’s why you’re stepping forward in a big new way…

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You’ll show where your data engine says is the best place to put their money… in ANY type of market… for the chance to double or triple your money. Or more.

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Not only that…

You’re letting people in for an unbelievably low price.

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A Special Report on what the Swan brothers call, The Great $2 AI Moonshot.

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An opportunity for our viewers to get in first…

Before this tiny stock potentially shoots sky-high — by as much as 25x, 50x, or even 75x if everything works out.

Just remember…

All investments carry risk; never risk more than what you are willing to lose.


Let me remind everyone…

We chart millions of data points per day… and track it in real time. And crucially…

We’ve found that online traffic surrounding a company heats up before its stock does.

We have a live data feed.

We have a direct line into consumer brains.

And we have a one-of-a-kind Social Heat Score to make sense of it all.

In the past, hedge funds would have gone to the ends of the earth for this information.

Now, they just pay us for it.


Yes. Many of them pay close to a million dollars a year for access to your proprietary signals.

For good reason. These secret surges — which only you have access to — have been the precursor to big stock moves…

Investment opportunities that could’ve handed anyone returns as high as 1,025%… 669%… and 1,102%…

Just those three are enough to turn a small $1,000 stake in each of those into $30,960.


I think there’s something else you wanted to mention.

You’re Covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Andy and I invite you to give LikeFolio Investor a try for 60 days.

It will take you that long to get familiar with how our Social Heat Score works…

And what causes us to issue a buy alert.

During that time, you can read all our past alerts, review the buy list, and pore through your bonus reports.

Then, if you’re not satisfied, simply speak to our excellent customer service team within your first 60 days, and they will give you a full refund upon request.

I doubt you’ll ever want to leave…

After all, our hedge fund clients almost NEVER leave, they stay with us for years

But we want to give you the choice.

Because that’s the right thing to do.


Now, before we sign off, do you want to leave our viewers with any final thoughts? A final — but critical — reminder?


Yes and this IS a critical reminder.

This is a great time to be an investor.

Even though our proprietary algorithm is pointing to more of the same for the economy and America as a whole.

More price rises…

More government in-fighting…

More consumer anxiety…

And more stock market volatility.

The Next Big Transformative Shift in America is a potential lifesaver for everyone watching today.

We talked about AI here… but it opens opportunities in dozens of new industries.

We’ll be on the lookout for exciting investments in crypto… healthcare… shipping… energy… biotech… e-commerce… and way more.

Wherever our data engine says secretive online activity is picking up.

And we don’t want you to miss your shot.

So just click the button on your screen and fill out the form you see on the next page and you’ll be good to go…


Andy, Landon, thank you so much for being here.

Great. So, there you have it.

Andy and Landon Swan are two of the best-known fintech authorities in America…

So, as you can imagine, a lot of people are going to go for this.

Today, they are doing something special for everyone watching.

Order right now — today — and receive FREE ACCESS to what the Swan brothers are calling, The Great $2 AI Moonshot.

This tiny company stock is trading under $5 as I speak.

Plus, you’ll also get a second free report, The Power of Blockchain.

Featuring FIVE MORE incredible stocks we didn’t have time to cover today.

Not to mention, you can try all of this 100% RISK-FREE for the next 60 days.

But I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t inject a word of warning…

Today’s offer — the BEST offer you’re likely to see, with all of the bonuses — could be taken down at any time.

So, if you’re interested, I urge you to place your order right now.

It truly is an extraordinary offer…

To think you can get access to many of the same insights generated by their one-of-a-kind data engine…

The one their hedge fund clients pay many thousands of dollars to access…

And you can get in for LESS than the price of a casual dinner.

Plus, if you’re unhappy… you can get a FULL CASH REFUND of everything you pay today. There’s no risk here.

That’s the BEST opportunity I’ve heard in a long, long time.

Just keep in mind: This charter offer, with all of the bonuses we’ve discussed today, can be taken down at any time. So, to secure the best possible deal, we urge you to order now.

So, for myself and the Swan brothers,

Thank you for your time today.

I hope you enjoyed watching… now it’s time for you to take that crucial next step.

June 2023

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