Nomi Prins Escape Plan: Become Your Own Banker and the Fed’s Next Major Distortion


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Investigative journalist famous for exposing the connections between America’s most corrupt officials and the Federal Reserve reveals:

The Truth About the Dollar

“As more banks fail, the Federal Reserve, the White House, and the financial elites are set to enact the biggest change to our money since 1971. You must act NOW, before it’s too late.” – Dr. Nomi Prins

Three years ago, the elites’ plan would’ve been unthinkable.

An overhaul to the dollar so transformative, so earth-shattering…

Many thought it could never happen… 

But today, it appears to be a done deal.

A dangerous plan is being rolled out across America. Originally found on page 314 of a document from the desk of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…

A scheme to enact enormous change to the appearance — and value — of our money – a complete and total overhaul of our financial system.

A change that could impact the savings of millions of Americans.

Especially those with more than $2,500 in the bank.

Just hours after the first mention of this scheme surfaced in the halls of Congress… the details were quietly redacted.

“Scrubbed” from existence.

What was in the section that was erased?

Nomi Prins

Today, investigative journalist, Dr. Nomi Prins…

Famous for predicting the 2008 housing crisis…

Calling the lockdown crash of 2020…

And exposing the nefarious connections between our nation’s presidents and the Federal Reserve…

Reveals the full story.

Dr. Prins will show you why the elites have chosen this moment in history to release their dangerous overhaul on an unsuspecting American public…

A scheme backed by a handful of global elites including…

The Gates Foundation…

The Federal Reserve…

The World Economic Forum…

All 50 states…

And even the White House – which is primed to put the final pieces of this plan into place this summer.

A plan so radical, it may seem hard to believe.

Already, big banks like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo have started to implement it…

And, as you’ll see, they have no choice in the matter.

Major retailers like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Whole Foods (owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos) have tested the necessary technology.

And Microsoft and Visa have unveiled plans that will help it all take effect, almost instantly.

In today’s interview, Nomi Prins is going to explain exactly what she sees coming… why it could ultimately represent the elites’ imminent ‘endgame’… and by the end of the conversation, she’ll share exactly what you can do to escape the consequences of this new “money plan”…

And even potentially grow your savings with a step-by-step plan she’s come up with.

Most people think inflation, war, and a currency collapse are the biggest risks to our financial system. But sadly, those problems don’t even begin to explain what is about to happen in the months ahead.

If you’ve got any money in a U.S. bank account or retirement plan…

Or, if you simply collect a fixed income from the federal government…

Please pay close attention…

Because You Are at Risk.

The entire financial system is on the verge of a shock unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.

Those who take the critical steps today to protect their wealth will survive and potentially even thrive…

Those who don’t could be derailed…

Chris Hurt


Hi, I’m Chris Hurt.

On today’s show, we have one of America’s most noted whistleblowers –

Famous for accurately predicting the 2008 housing crisis two years beforehand…

Calling the market meltdown in 2020…

And exposing the truth about the Federal Reserve and America’s most corrupt politicians in her bestselling book, All the President’s Bankers

Today, Dr. Nomi Prins is here to warn the American public of a plan she says will affect everything about our lives, from the way we work to where we vacation and how we pay our bills.

Over the last few years, Americans have been focused on turbulent energy prices, conflicts overseas, and market manipulation by the Fed…

But Nomi – according to your research, all of those things pale in comparison to what we’re here to talk about today —


You’re exactly right, Chris. The day-to-day lives of every man, woman, and child in America will be unrecognizable in the months to come.

Between now and July 31st – a massive change to the nature of our money is being rolled out by powerful people on Wall Street and in our government. It will change everything in ways I would’ve considered unthinkable at the beginning of the decade.


Worse than what we’ve seen since the lockdowns of 2020…?


Much worse. To some, the plan being carried out by the financial elites – along with the White House and America’s biggest companies — will seem unbelievable, but I have smoking-gun evidence right here that shows what we’re here to discuss is an unstoppable runaway train… 

And Chris – just so we’re clear, what I have to share today isn’t a prediction about some far-off future event…

It’s actually playing out right now. In fact, as I’ll explain in a moment, I saw the first evidence of this plan before the pandemic. I have documents here showing dates, plans… everything. 


Wow, this sounds serious…


It is, Chris.

Two years ago, we would’ve been called conspiracy theorists. We might have been censored, kicked off social media, and canceled.

But today, I don’t care what anyone says –

Not everyone will agree with what I have to share.

And frankly, I’m used to it.

Recently, I was actually “uninvited” from a meeting with a Congressional committee in fear of what I might say or hear. 

At this point, nothing can stop me from sharing this message.

Over the years, I’ve discussed all sorts of controversial matters with our elected officials. From reining in Wall Street… to finding ways to use our nation’s existing debt more efficiently… to driving the American economy forward.

The critics can think whatever they want…

But this story is too important – and it’s unfolding too quickly — to keep quiet…

Chris, I’m about to expose a dangerous plan being unleashed on you, me, and everyone across our nation by the Federal Reserve… with the full backing of the White House and many of the most powerful corporations in America.


Companies I’ve heard of?


Oh, you’ve almost certainly heard of every single one… in fact, I can virtually guarantee you (and everyone in our audience) use their services every day.


Are you telling me this plan is being hatched in broad daylight by companies being used by everyday Americans?


Exactly. Yes. Right under our noses. And, as I’ll explain in a minute, it’s being pitched as a “good thing” under the cover of a financial emergency. And it’s being fast-tracked by the White House, the Federal Reserve, Bill Gates, and his friends at the World Economic Forum.

And, honestly, the way I expect this scheme to be sold to the general public, many probably will cheer.

By the time it’s ready to be rolled out, many will actually welcome it with open arms.

The government and the mainstream media will tell you this plan will save the banks and the dollar…

But in reality – it’s just another power grab, with dire consequences for your hard-earned savings.

Your privacy and your free-flowing way of life could be turned inside out.


Ok, Nomi… Forgive me… Let’s go back. Savings will be ‘at risk…’? Are you saying stocks are about to crash?


No, Chris. Honestly, I used to expect a stock market crash…

In fact, I wrote about it in my book, Collusion.

No, what’s coming between now and the end of July will change everything about the way we spend, borrow, save, and invest.

Nothing will be left untouched.

That’s why I want everyone watching to pay close attention to what I’m about to say.

Every single American with more than $2,500 dollars in the bank… in a retirement plan… even folks who simply collect a fixed income from the federal government will be affected.

We’re about to be tested in a way no American born in the last 90 years has ever seen before.

Confusion… fear… and even rage could be the result.

That’s why my warning today is so critical.


Well – if I didn’t know you, Nomi – or your record for thorough and well-researched journalism – I would be signaling my producer to wrap up this interview, turn off the cameras, and lock the door as you make your way to the exit.


I understand… I don’t blame you. Because that’s the same thing people said when I predicted the mortgage crisis before it happened in 2008… the Covid crash… and when I exposed the cozy ties between the Fed and our nation’s leaders, which go back more than a century.

So I get it… when I tell you what’s happening, you might be tempted to shrug it off.

But before you do… Think about this — Over the last few years, how many seemingly ‘wild’ theories have turned out to be true?

First, they said inflation was ‘transitory’…

Then, they promised the Fed wasn’t going to raise rates in any meaningful way…

And now, we’re finding America’s banking system – which Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell called ‘stable and well-capitalized’ is anything but…

I could go on, but I think you get what I’m saying here.


Yeah, Nomi. It seems like a troubling new ‘truth’ about the state of our economy is exposed every week. 


Exactly right – and the story I’m here to explain is another troubling ‘new normal’ we’ll be forced to accept – which could cause the biggest financial earthquake since 1971 – and we’ll all be forced to adjust.

Between now and the end of July, money as we know it could literally disappear.


That soon…?


You think I’m exaggerating. The transition… it’s already in motion. In fact, I have a pile of documents with me today that prove it. The most dangerous plan in decades is – right now — advancing in our nation’s capital.

This bill, for example, was put forth by Nancy Pelosi on the floor of Congress…

Then, as quickly as it appeared – it vanished. 


It vanished? Just like that? Why?


Exactly. Or, a better question might be… what was in this document that they didn’t want us to see?


Let’s pause here for a moment, Nomi… Folks, if you’re just joining us… hold onto your seats. Bestselling author and investigative journalist, Dr. Nomi Prins, says something strange is about to happen in America… and according to the documents she’s about to show us – between now and the end of July, everything about the way we spend, borrow, save, and invest could change forever.

So Nomi, let’s go back to the document in your hand… what was in it that they didn’t want us to see?

And – next question – how on earth did YOU find out about it?


Well I’ll answer your second question first – I spent 15 years working inside our financial system with the likes of Chase, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs… and even after I left those firms I’ve spoken with members of Congress countless times over the years, so I have certain connections on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C. most folks don’t have…

So, through my network, I was able to get my hands on an unredacted copy of the plan, with the full, original language still intact.

I promise you – when I reveal what I saw, your jaw will drop. Mine sure did. So if you dismiss this as “nuts,”

I won’t blame you. No one wants to believe something like this can happen – certainly not here in America.

But as you’ll see – as the instability of our financial system becomes more and more apparent to the average American — no other outcome will be possible.

That’s why I insisted we film this interview: We MUST share what I’ve discovered far and wide… that way, at the very least, the folks in our audience won’t be caught off-guard when events take a turn for the worse.

And I hope that, once we’re finished here today, they’ll tell their friends and family exactly what’s about to happen.


OK – well you’ve certainly got my attention. Nomi, let’s go back to this “plan” you’re talking about… and can you share who “they” are – I mean the people behind it all…


Sure, Chris… I’ve spent the past few years connecting the dots.

At the core of this plan is a multi-trillion dollar scheme endorsed by the likes of:


The Federal Reserve… The World Economic Forum… the White House… it sounds like this goes all the way to the top.


It really does… and nobody will be immune from the widespread effects.

And it’s all set to become an instant reality between now and the end of July with help from Visa, thanks to this new troubling patent – which I’ll tell you about in a moment.


OK – So Visa is behind this… the IMF… the Fed… the White House… who else? 


The full list includes dozens of U.S. corporations, banks, and power brokers.

And they’re all scrambling to prepare for what’s coming next.

Some – like McDonald’s, Disney, Shake Shack, Starbucks, Panera, Walmart, and Whole Foods – have already beta tested the first steps.  


So… they’re already preparing for this, right now?


They are, Chris… the first hint of this huge scheme happened during the confusion back in 2020.

Do you remember seeing signs like these over the last few years?


I definitely remember seeing those everywhere… Businesses all across the country temporarily stopped accepting cash, right?




But I haven’t seen nearly as many businesses refusing cash recently. I thought places like Starbucks and Walmart only banned cash for a short time as a health precaution…


Well, that was the story the media told. They said it was to ‘protect people’… And in the moment, that seemed reasonable. But I’ve found overwhelming evidence that there was another purpose…

According to my research, it was a small ‘bite’ to see if Americans would willingly accept a switchover from cash to a digital dollar…


A kind of ‘test balloon’ to see how many customers they would lose…?


I think that was one of the goals…


Was there another reason?


Yes. I believe it was also a way for businesses to quietly put the infrastructure in place for this inevitable shift, without raising suspicion.


And Americans never suspected a thing.


Most just went along with the plan, paid for everything with their credit or debit cards, and didn’t even raise an eyebrow.


So Nomi – are you saying a digital dollar is imminent?  Is it too late to push back?


As far as I can tell, this plan is a done deal. I’ll tell you about a ‘silver lining’ in a few minutes, but yes — the dollar as we know it is being permanently dismantled in broad daylight – right under our noses.

As I’ll show you, major corporations like Visa, Chase, and others are feverishly building out the infrastructure that will overhaul our entire financial system.

And before we’re done here, I’ll even show you the sneaky reason the Fed and the White House will use to ‘sell’ the plan to the American people.


Why haven’t we heard about this before today? Why is it that you’re the only one talking about it? 


Oh, I’m not the only one who’s caught on to this dangerous plan…

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has warned about this ‘reset’ repeatedly on his show…

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy knows what’s happening, too…

And Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, sees it, too. In fact, it appears he’s ‘the man behind the curtain’ orchestrating the big push for a monetary overhaul worldwide.

Take a look at this chilling quote from Schwab himself:

This historic shift will change everything about our money.

Most will be blindsided… but as with any plan pushed by the government, there are always folks who stand to lose everything… and folks who end up winning big.

If you take the time to prepare before it’s too late, you could emerge on the other side wealthier than ever before.

But if you don’t take action, your savings could be derailed…


So that’s a “nuclear bomb” of information you just hit us with Nomi. If you don’t mind, let’s unpack it a bit.

The first thing I’m wondering is…

Have we ever seen a so-called ‘reset’ like this before?


I’m glad you asked… that’s exactly where I was going to go next…

The answer is YES… big financial ‘resets’ like this have happened here in America three times before… each time with the same result.


Three times…


Yeah… back in 1907, for example…

In reaction to a major financial panic, powerful bankers like J.P. Morgan and others united to quote-unquote ‘save the financial system.’

Sounds similar to today, right?

But in reality, the panic gave the elites cover… which they took advantage of to pass dangerous new legislation: a ‘reset’ of the financial system.

Today, the law they passed is considered one of the most infamous power grabs in history.


Why is that?


Because since it was passed, ordinary folks lost 96% of the value of their hard-earned dollars.

I’m talking, of course, about the Federal Reserve Act, which formed America’s central bank. 

The new law was such a major power grab, the name of the Fed’s founder, John P. Morgan is on the door of what – today – is America’s biggest bank…


Chase, right?


Right.  JP Morgan Chase, to be more accurate. 

You’ve got to give credit to Mr. Chase… he had no problem manipulating the world to make a buck…

And the mastermind behind America’s second financial shock was no slouch, either, when it came to changing the course of history…


Another banker?


No… this time, it was an American president.  Let’s skip ahead to 1933. Smack in the middle of the Great Depression, the stock market plummeted 89%. Unemployment soared, and more than 1,300 banks failed.

As confidence in the financial system cratered, President Roosevelt and his cronies ‘rode to the rescue’ and again used the crisis to their advantage…

The legislation Roosevelt signed into law was called the “Emergency Banking Act” which actually shut down the Federal Reserve for four days – and also gave the President new powers.  

At the time, in 1933, our currency was backed by gold. And coins like these were popular.

But FDR used his newfound power to sign Executive Order #6102…

Which forced Americans to turn in their gold savings.

In fact, get this, Chris…

The government gave savers $20.67 in cash for every one-ounce coin they turned in.

But once they had all the gold, a great deception took place.

With the flick of his pen, Roosevelt revalued the price of gold…

From $20.67 to $35 an ounce… in effect, stealing 41 cents on the dollar.


Wow… why did folks go along with the order? I mean… if I picture myself back then – I don’t think I would have turned in my gold.


Maybe you wouldn’t have, Chris.

But remember… when the government wants folks to do something badly enough… they carry a pretty big stick. In this case, failure to comply with FDR’s gold theft was punishable with a massive $10,000 fine or jail time.


Nomi, I think I’m starting to see a pattern here… every time a crisis rears its ugly head, the elites make sweeping changes to the money… and the fortunes of hard-working Americans are threatened…

NOMI You’re exactly right, Chris. It’s the exact same pattern we’ve seen play out over and over throughout history…

If you wait too long… in any of these scenarios… or if you simply “follow orders,” your savings will suffer.

You must look deeper if you truly want to see the shape of what’s to come…

And take early action.

If you do, you can not only avoid the worst of these money-grabs… you can emerge wealthier than you ever imagined.


Well when you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like much of a choice. Now – you mentioned this happened a few times before. We’ve covered two of them. Was there another example?


Yeah… the last time a huge crisis led to big changes to the dollar was just over 50 years ago…

On a Sunday evening in 1971…

America was in the midst of the Vietnam War, and President Nixon interrupted the weekly episode of ‘Bonanza’ to address the nation with a shocking announcement…

He decoupled the dollar from gold.


What do you mean by that?


See, the paper dollars we use today were once backed by actual gold bullion – held on deposit at Fort Knox and at the New York Fed.

Today, the dollar is backed by nothing.


That’s right – so what happened next?


Well at the time, the government was spending LOTS of money on social programs, like The Great Society… and our military budget was through the roof thanks to the Vietnam war.

Now today, if the government wants to spend more, they just throttle up the printing press through the Fed.

But back then, it was different. Every single dollar was backed by gold.

This is something I wrote about in my book, All the President’s Bankers — I exposed the corrupt ties between America’s banking system and the powerful figures in the Oval Office.

The titans of Wall Street were hurting from a run on the dollar at the time, and they wanted to make sure the Fed could print more money if they needed it.

And for Nixon, there was a simple and elegant way to make sure the money would be there.

So he and the Treasury Secretary came up with a plan to “stabilize the dollar.”


Stabilize the dollar… That sounds like a good thing.


Yes – on the surface it sure did. But then… the exact opposite happened.

When the dollar was tied to gold, the average American had to work about 800 hours to afford a new Ford pickup.

Since then, the time it takes has more than doubled.


In other words – I think my math is right here – what used to take about 20 weeks to pay for now takes almost a year to afford?


Yeah, just about.

And the number of hours it takes to afford the average house has soared, as well.

In San Diego, for example, homeowners work 77 hours every month to put a roof over their heads.

In Miami, it’s even more expensive – it takes a whopping 109 hours. 

And the FHA recently approved 40-year mortgages.

Meanwhile, Americans have never worked more hours than they do today to service their debt.

Can you see why Nixon’s decision was such a disaster?


The price of everything is spiraling out of control!


Right. Not only did Nixon’s abrupt decision cause our dollar to plummet…

But cutting the dollar loose from gold also had another important effect… it turned the U.S. dollar into what’s called a ‘fiat’ currency.


Which means it’s backed by nothing…


That’s right, Chris. This move essentially unleashed the Federal Reserve to throttle up the printing press and accelerate the expansion of the money supply.


A huge problem, even today.


Moreso today… and most Americans have no idea… They feel the pinch. And they’re not sure WHY it’s happening or what to do about it.

But you don’t have to be a historian or a mathematician to understand what’s going on. It’s simple supply and demand.

The MORE of something that exists in the world, the less it’s worth.

Just take a look at this chart…


Trillions in new debt since 1971…


Trillions upon trillions…

And get this, Chris. Have a look at just the past three years.

At the end of 2019, Federal debt was “just” $23 trillion.

And look at where it is today…


Wow, that’s… what?… a 30% increase?


39% to be exact. All of this debt will be left to our children and grandchildren to deal with. And of course, in the history books, they’ll claim it was all done for our own “protection.”


It’s no wonder our spending power has fallen so much…


Chris, it’s fallen 96% over the last 100 years or so.

Most folks know things are getting more and more expensive…

But we’ve adjusted remarkably well.


How so?


Well, in the 1970s, many households decided to become dual-income households in order to make more money.

In the 80s and 90s, we leveraged up with debt – borrowing our way from paycheck to paycheck.

And now, we’ve gotten to the point where the average American needs to take out a 7-year loan to buy a car – if they can afford to drive at all.


And that’s all happened since Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard…


Yes… and the changes we’ve seen so far are nothing compared to what’s coming next.

Over the years, every last bit of value has been stripped from our money.

First, it was gold…

Then, it was paper…

And now, the last physical dollar could soon be printed…

After that, our money could disappear altogether…

To be replaced by a new type of ‘dollar’ that will permanently change the function of our money from a simple medium of exchange and a store of value…

To a much more ‘Orwellian’ new technology few will understand at first.


I don’t like the sound of that…


On the surface, this is another plan being spun as a way to protect Americans and the economy…

But it will be nothing more than another elite-driven ‘coup’ in disguise…

Driven by the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and a handful of lawmakers in Washington, D.C.


OK… I think I get what you’re saying.

In each example, you just shared…

The Federal Reserve Act… Roosevelt’s gold confiscation… and the Nixon Shock…

It seems like every time, it meant more power and control for the government, less wealth for Americans like you and me – folks on Main Street.

When you put it that way…

How can I say this – it’s a little bit daunting. I can see why most people – in these situations – just take it. They do nothing. They’re overcome by fear or maybe just resigned to it all.


It’s only natural to feel that way.

But I’m here today to tell you – this is not the time to give up. We DO have a choice!

And my hope is that once you see what’s coming, you’ll be able to sidestep the financial storm…

Protect your hard-earned resources…

And maybe even get ‘payback’ with a few strategic investments I’ll show you with the potential to hand you 250% profits or more.


Nomi, before we go on… how did you hear about this plan? Have you seen this coming for a long time, or did it just pop up on your radar?


I’ve been watching this plan unfold slowly over the past few decades…

First, as a managing director at Goldman Sachs…

And then, as an author and investigative journalist, where I really started to uncover the life-changing ramifications of this massive looming overhaul.

But I really started to connect the dots and realized the urgency of this scheme when I came across a single section in a bill submitted to Congress in the early days of the pandemic…

So let’s connect the dots, one by one…


Is that a copy of the bill – the one that “vanished?”


It is… the full bill, exactly as it was written…

DOT #1: The Pelosi Document “They” Did Not Want You to See

This is an early draft of a bill submitted by Nancy Pelosi. It’s called the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act

But a few days after it was introduced… it was quickly redacted.

Scrubbed from existence.


Ahh… right. Was there something in it that wasn’t supposed to be made public?


Yeah… I don’t know if one of her staffers made a mistake and forgot to remove it, or left it in there as a warning, but take a look right here – on page 314 of the thousand-plus page draft… in Section 101: Direct Stimulus Payments for Families.

Let’s zoom in so viewers at home can see what we’re looking at here.

Do you see the sections I’ve circled?


Line 13: A digital dollar?!


Right there in plain black and white, Pelosi’s plan calls for the creation of a new “digital dollar” along with a “digital dollar wallet.”


It’s right out of the same playbook used by FDR, Nixon, and JP Morgan…


Yep… once again, the elites are planning a huge change to the foundation of our financial system… under the cover of another financial crisis.

Same story… but honestly, Chris – and I hate to say it – this time, the consequences will be tenfold.


Tenfold… All the other ‘resets’ we talked about a few minutes ago seemed pretty serious… Why do you think this one will be even bigger?


I’ll show you exactly why in a minute… but first, I want to show everyone the elites’ playbook in action.

Let’s go back to Nancy Pelosi’s bill…

The ‘digital dollar’ was presented as a useful way for Americans to receive future stimulus payments…


Seems reasonable…


But like I said a minute ago, Chris… in the final bill, there is no ‘digital dollar’ language.


So they stripped it out… but that can’t be where the story ends…


No, of course not. Pelosi’s bill was just the ‘starting gun.’

Since then, an Executive Order from the White House has laid out a similar plan.

With executive order number 14067, Joe Biden signed the dollar’s death warrant. 

Most folks brushed it off as simply a law to regulate cryptocurrencies.

You can read it for yourself, directly from the White House…


This Executive Order is actively being carried out by the highest-level officials in our government right now.


So basically, the ‘digital dollar’ didn’t disappear accidentally… it was just a redirect.


Right. But there’s more to it than that. Major American businesses are already building the infrastructure to usher in this cashless plan themselves, right now.

Folks who ignore the signs will soon be blindsided.


If the digital dollar is coming so soon, why isn’t anyone else talking about it?


Good question, Chris. The truth is… many folks are beginning to catch on… but it’s all being done amid so many distractions… Few can see the big picture.

While the mainstream media has Americans turning against each other, and worrying about failing banks, inflation, and another election… the elites are using yet another financial crisis to reset the financial system – and they’re hellbent on winning at all costs.

Which brings me to our next ‘dot’ to connect.

Dot #2: Smoking-Gun Patents Prove Elites Intend to Overhaul American Financial System


Another document?


Yeah two smoking-gun documents, actually.

First, check out this patent. It was filed by a company everyone has heard of, founded by Bill Gates. Chris, I’ll bet you can guess the company… 


Gotta be Microsoft.


Right. While many people noticed their push into Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft is crossing over into a brand-new industry.

They just patented a cutting-edge technology that can sense things like a person’s movement, body temperature, heart rate, eye activity, blood flow – maybe even our brain waves – in order to track our body’s activity and transmit a digital currency wirelessly.

In case it’s not immediately obvious to everyone watching at home, I’ll explain why the patent from Microsoft is important in just a minute…

But get this, Chris… this patent came out just three days after Pelosi’s ‘digital dollar’ bill came to light.


That’s quite a coincidence.


You might say that…

But when you see what I’m about to show you next, I think it’ll be apparent to everyone watching – none of this was a coincidence at all.

Take a look at the other patent I brought with me…

It became public just weeks after the Microsoft patent.


Another patent from Microsoft?


Not Microsoft… no, this one was filed by Visa. Do you see the section I’ve circled?…


Well, isn’t that interesting… Can we zoom in on the patent?


Do you see what it says?


It says “Digital Fiat Currency…”


And further down, I’ve highlighted the most alarming section: “Causes the removal of the physical cash from circulation in a fiat currency system.”

And if that weren’t enough to raise your suspicion… Take a look at section 7 of the patent, just a few lines down:

“The removal of physical currency from circulation includes physically destroying the physical currency.”


They’re planning to physically destroy dollars.




Alright, Nomi – I’m seeing a lot of moving parts here… but I’m not sure I understand all the connections between the Visa and Microsoft patents, and Nancy Pelosi’s new money plan.


I’m glad you brought that up. There’s one more connection we need to make before we move on to the next ‘dot’…

You see, Chris… years ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates pledged to give away his billions of dollars to charitable causes, including vaccine research, family planning, and aid for poor countries.


I definitely remember hearing about that.


It was all over the news at the time… but I’ll bet you haven’t heard of one of Gates’ lesser-known initiatives…

It’s called the “Better Than Cash Alliance.”




And the goal of Gates’ Better Than Cash Alliance – you can find it right on the website – is…

“To accelerate the global transition from cash to digital payments.”

It’s right here in black and white.


Fascinating… but I’m still not sure I’m making the connection.


It’ll be more obvious when I show you who else is involved with Gates’ Better Than Cash Alliance.

It includes some of America’s biggest companies.


Firms we’ve all heard of?


Oh yeah. Citi is involved…


It’s like a who’s who of power brokers and elite foundations.


Exactly. In all, the Better Than Cash Alliance includes 80 world governments, many of the world’s biggest companies, and major international organizations.


So this really is a very far-reaching scheme…


I wasn’t exaggerating. Are you starting to see why I’m convinced the events to come will be the biggest change to our money in the history of our country?


Yeah, well… thanks to you, it’s definitely coming into focus for me…


Well, when I show you the final dot, I think the whole picture will become crystal clear…

Dot #3: The Digital Dollar Lynchpin – ID2020

Chris, have you heard of an initiative called ID2020?


I can’t say that I have…


Well, ID2020 is essentially the lynchpin that makes the digital dollar switchover possible.

It’s a global partnership involving the Gates Foundation, along with Microsoft and – last but not least – Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. 


More connections with Gates, Microsoft, the WEF, and the wealthy elites. So that’s why the Microsoft patent you showed a few minutes ago was so important…


Exactly… they’re deeply involved with yet another organization that has ulterior motives under the cover of charity.

From the ID2020 website… their goal is to set the global standards for a personal digital ID that could tie together:

  • E-passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Transit passes
  • Health records

All in a single, Digital ID.

In other words, a digital ID – that could tie our entire lives together…

Because a digital dollar wouldn’t be possible without the ability to identify every single user.

It’s the final puzzle piece that MUST be in place before the Fed and the White House can flip the switch on the digital dollar and eliminate cash.


So, it sounds to me like this is bigger than just getting rid of the cash…


SO MUCH bigger! These powerful people are using their vast wealth, resources, and government connections to eliminate cash and usher in a digital U.S. dollar… which I expect will be combined with a digital ID, health records, contact information, and so much more!

The entire financial system is on the verge of a shock unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.

With each passing week, the dominoes are falling faster and faster…


Nomi, if you don’t mind – let’s take a minute to connect the dots one more time…

For me and for everyone watching us at home…

To recap:

  • Dot number one was Nancy Pelosi’s Digital Cash ‘cover-up’ and a new Digital Cash Executive Order, being carried out in the highest levels of our government as we speak…
  • Dot number two was the twin patents from Microsoft and Visa, along with Bill Gates’ Better Than Cash Alliance, which show us that the government has the full support of America’s biggest businesses.
  • And dot number three was ID2020 — a scheme being driven by Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum to attach everyone’s money and identity to electronic ‘passports’.


That’s it… At this point, Chris, I think it’s really difficult not to come to one inescapable conclusion…

The cash in your pocket will soon be replaced by an all-digital currency – a digital dollar.

And American companies are already scrambling to prepare for the transition.

McDonald’s, for example, is experimenting – right now — with cashless kiosks…

Starbucks has tested accepting only electronic payments at many of its locations…

And this sign appeared at Whole Foods, owned by Gates’ friend and fellow billionaire, Jeff Bezos:

And here’s one more interesting bit of evidence…

Airports and major event venues around the country are installing ‘reverse ATMs’ – I’m starting to see them everywhere I go.


Reverse ATMs? What does that mean?


The NFL and Visa recently made a deal to go ‘cashless’ at the Super Bowl… 

But there was a problem with their plan…

Many folks across America ONLY use cash.

So, in the name of ‘inclusivity’ the stadium installed ‘reverse ATMs’ to aid the ‘unbanked.’


How does it work?


It works just like a traditional ATM – but instead of putting in your card and getting cash out… you put cash in, and it spits out a debit card with a digital credit. 

Kind of like FDR’s gold exchange, right?

In a way – but reverse ATMs give fair value for your cash… and nobody is REQUIRED to turn in their cash –


Not yet, anyway…


Exactly – not yet.


And they’re installing these in airports and arenas across America?


Airports, arenas – just about any place people gather. It’s a huge story almost nobody’s talking about. But I think it’s a key detail – a sign that this financial overhaul is imminent. It’s happening as we speak.

At this point, it’s just a matter of time.


Is there any way to stop it?


I don’t think anything can stop it now. In my mind, this ‘reset’ is sealed and done.

In fact, the turmoil in the banking sector may leave the government with no other choice.


What do you mean?


Take a look at this chart –

It shows the unrealized losses of America’s banks as of the end of 2022.


In other words…


In other words, hundreds of banks are insolvent.

I saw a study a few weeks ago that found hundreds of banks are at risk of failure…

And economist Nouriel Roubini claims ‘most’ of America’s banks are in danger:


Where does the digital dollar come in?


Chris, do you know how much money it would take to make sure every depositor in America is protected?

More than 18 trillion dollars.

And do you know how much money the FDIC has in reserve to insure America’s bank deposits?

Just $119 billion.


That doesn’t even begin to cover the bill…


Not even close. Do you remember earlier, when I said many Americans will beg for the digital dollar?


I remember…


Bank failures could be the final catalyst. There’s not enough money to cover the deposits… but they’ll have to do something.

I predict they’ll convert Americans’ bank accounts to ‘Fed Accounts’ — managed and overseen directly by the Federal Reserve — and they’ll replace dollar deposits in failed banks with digital dollar credits.

You’ll get a debit card to access your funds… but you won’t be able to get cash.

Once the switchover is complete, nobody will.


What about people who refuse to turn in their cash?


That’s a great question… the truth is, Americans will soon have no choice.

The government will likely manage the switchover the same way the European Union does when a new country joins. 

They set an exchange rate for Euros… and an expiration date for the country’s old currency.

In the case of the digital dollar, they’ll probably push the public to switch over with headlines like this:

They could even incentivize folks to turn in their cash with an exchange rate above face value…

But for folks who still refuse to comply (and there will be many) they’ll need to set a deadline – after which, your cash will become worthless.

A collector’s item, consigned to the dustbin of history.

And according to officials at the Federal Reserve… this is all expected to become reality by the end of July, with the rollout of ‘FedNow’ – which is essentially the infrastructure for the digital dollar.

That’s why you absolutely must prepare today.

Right now.

As you saw… each time we’ve seen a ‘reset’ to our financial system, unwary savers have been left holding the bag.

And with lawmakers in all 50 states paving the way…

Loss of purchasing power isn’t the only threat we’re facing.


What else is there?


The new law I just showed you authorizes the Federal Reserve to record and track all transactions involving digital federal reserve notes.

In other words, a new digital dollar… combined with the removal of physical cash would mean the end of our financial privacy.

Or worse!

It could mean the end of freedom and liberty in America.

Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul explained it like this:

Think about it…

Imagine if all your new “digital money” is stored in an account managed and tracked by decision makers at the Federal Reserve.


They’ll know everywhere we spend money and everything we buy…


And it will also hand them total control over every part of our lives.


Surveillance and control… I have to say it… I don’t want any part of that.


Neither do I! Orwell’s 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction… It truly is a disaster. The digital dollar will hand the elites total control.


As a student of history, it’s easy to see how they’ll use this against ordinary Americans…


I hope you’re beginning to see why this is such an emergency.

The effects of this reset are limited only by our imagination.

When they control the money, they’ll have the power of social control.

The Fed even said so in a secret, ‘not for public distribution white paper’: Federal Reserve Docket Number OP-1670.

Take a look:

Soon, they could use their newfound powers to prevent you from buying sugary snacks or cans of soda if, by ‘their’ standards, you’re a few pounds overweight.

They could suspend your driver’s license if you owe taxes…

They could even prevent you from buying gas or a plane ticket if you refuse their latest ‘health’ mandate.

If you’re deemed a threat for any one of these reasons… or a new reason they make up at any time in the future… what’s to stop them from locking you out of your bank and retirement accounts entirely?

Already, we’re seeing this play out in places like China. They call it a “Social Credit Score.”


This whole thing makes George Orwell’s 1984 seem like a children’s fairy tale.


It’s yet another historic disaster in the making by central planners.

But… like any technological change… it won’t be bad for everyone.

The Fed could choose to add money to your account – like Nancy Pelosi wanted to do with the distribution of pandemic stimulus checks.


But if they can add money…


You beat me to it, Chris. If they can add money, the Fed could also reach in and take money straight out of your account!

They could force you to ‘share’ your retirement savings in the name of ‘fairness and equality.’

Trillions upon trillions of dollars have been added to the Fed’s balance sheet…

With the recent turmoil in the banking system, it appears that bill is now coming due…

I believe folks who are successful, and either earn a lot of money… or keep a lot of money in their accounts…

Could become the Fed’s number one target.


It could play out like it did in Cyprus back in 2013, when the EU forced a bank to capture almost half of depositors’ money.


That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

With the digital dollar in place, the Fed will almost certainly deploy a ‘penalty’ on folks who keep a balance to “stimulate spending”… which could cost you 5% (or more) on your deposits…

Imagine opening up your bank statement and watching your savings SHRINK every month!

Or collecting your paycheck or Social Security and being told “Spend it now or it will disappear next week!”


They could do that?


Yes… the technology is already being discussed by the World Bank and tested overseas.


Nomi, I’m trying to process everything you just said… what we’re talking about here is no ordinary disaster —


No – and that’s the problem. Most people – when they think about the next crisis, they can’t help but think back to the last one.


A real estate crash… a stock market collapse…


Right. But the next crisis will be quite different.

Today, we’re on the verge of a historic shift on par with the creation of the Federal Reserve… Roosevelt’s gold confiscation… and Nixon’s shocking decision to decouple the dollar from the gold standard.

For folks with more than $2,500 in the bank… it could be impossible to recover from this transformation of the American financial system.


America has seen three major resets to its financial system since 1907…

But this time, the value of our money could be obliterated AND the function of our money will be fundamentally overhauled.


Can I protect my savings by simply owning gold or silver – precious metals… or will other tangible assets be enough to get us through the worst of what’s to come?


Chris, I’m a big fan of precious metals…

But with the new digital dollar, JUST owning gold and silver won’t be enough.

You’ll still be exposed.


Right — So what do you recommend?


Good question. For thousands of years, gold and silver have been considered the world’s best safe-haven assets.

How to Take Direct Control of Your Money

CHRIS Right…

And for most of America’s history, taking cash out of the bank has been the best way to take direct control of your money…

But if I’m understanding you… soon that’s not going to be possible…


That’s right. If you hope to emerge from the upheaval with your nest-egg intact, you’ll need to consider buying an asset I’ve found that you can use to become your own banker, held privately outside the grasp of the legacy banking system.

Many consider it a ‘harder’ asset than gold and silver – and without the headaches and challenges of storage and transport.


I love the sound of that…

Are we talking about a commodity? Or stocks, bonds… or an options play?


No, Chris… it’s not any of those things.

It doesn’t involve silver, gold, or land…

But it’s simple to buy with a few clicks on your computer.  In fact, I think everyone should have at least $100 in this asset – something I recommend to close friends and family.


It’s easy to store?


Oh yeah. It’s as easy to keep as stocks. If you’re comfortable using a standard brokerage account, it’s nearly as simple as buying and selling on the NASDAQ.

But I should caution… this corner of the market is volatile…


Definitely not the kind of investment your advisor would tell you about. But they won’t tell you about anything outside of the mainstream. Too risky for them, right?


Chris, you get it. Yes. It’s definitely outside of the mainstream. And – in my opinion – the volatility is a feature, not a problem.

In fact, the nature of this asset is why I consider it a near-perfect investment for any American who believes in the power of gold to preserve wealth, and the privacy and freedom of using cash.

And here’s the best part – it’s not controlled by any central bank or country…

Which means it’s almost completely decentralized from the hands of bureaucratic manipulation.


Right… So it preserves wealth, privacy, and freedom… the only thing left is big gains. Is there potential for profit? Or is it simply a ‘store of value’ like gold would be?


In some ways it’s similar to gold.

But it’s even better…

I’d be surprised if it didn’t outpace gold and silver by a mile as the digital dollar is rolled out. 

I should caution, though, Chris – there’s a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to buy it.

If you buy it the right way, it can preserve everything you’ve worked your entire life to get…

That’s why, with each passing week… more and more people are putting a percentage of their savings into it.


And if we do it the ‘wrong’ way?…


If you do it the wrong way – you’ll put every penny you own at risk… and you’ll be playing right into the hands of Bill Gates and the folks at the World Economic Forum.

I’ve just put together a brand-new report to explain everything you need to know…

It’s called The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset.

In it, I explain how to:

  • Buy the world’s hardest asset to escape the grasp of the legacy banking system.
  • ‘Store’ the asset in a safe location, away from the prying eyes of bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.
  • Transport as much as you want, everywhere you go, safely and securely.

But this ‘hard asset’ is only Step 1 to prepare for this massive change to the financial system…


OK… Nomi, I’m all ears. What’s Step 2?

Folks who can see financial shocks coming have the opportunity to earn massive profits


Throughout history, folks who have been able to see financial shocks coming have had the opportunity – over and over – to earn massive profits.

After the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, for example, the value of the dollar collapsed by more than 70% over the course of the next decade.

But between 1913 and 1920, investors who bought silver could’ve earned an incredible 120%.


Not bad, considering the alternative – holding cash – would’ve LOST 70%.


A 120% gain instead of a 70% loss? Yeah, that’s a pretty big win.

But get this –

The same thing happened again in 1933.

When Franklin Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of gold, the government paid $20.67 for each ounce turned in. Then, with the stroke of his pen, he hiked the price to $35 – essentially stealing 69% of Americans’ hard-earned savings.

Meanwhile, investors who shifted some of their nest-egg into Homestake Mining beforehand could’ve captured gains of 147% in just two years.

In other words…

Instead of losing $3,100 on a $10,000 investment…

Folks who moved their money at the right time would’ve made more than $24,000!

Let me show you one more example –

In 1971, Nixon crushed the dollar’s value when he ended the gold standard, sending the price of everything from cars, to houses and gasoline soaring…

But once again, folks who were able to connect the dots before the shock could’ve turned a few ounces of gold into a significant nest-egg with gains as high as 5,200%.


I wonder if we might see a similar move for gold as the digital dollar is introduced…


That’s exactly what I see coming, Chris. You read my mind. In fact, I’ve traveled thousands of miles and spent tens of thousands of dollars to find the truth about today’s gold market. 

The world’s biggest Central Banks are buying gold at record pace.

Already, gold is setting record highs in nearly every country.

And soon, I expect the same thing to happen in the United States.

In fact, as the Federal Reserve prints more and more to shore up the financial system, I think it’s virtually guaranteed gold will set new records in the days ahead.

According to a report from the World Gold Council, a historic run on gold is already beginning, as we speak…

As cash is confiscated and destroyed – honestly, Chris I don’t know if there’s ever been a better time to buy gold than today.

And I’ve found a company primed to profit.

Insulated from the chaos by its remote mining locations, I fully expect it to become one of the world’s top performers over the next 12 months as this shift makes landfall.

The firm I’ve found is among the world’s oldest gold mining companies – it’s been around for decades, so it’s better than nearly every other miner at extracting the lowest-cost gold in the world. 

But it gets even better, Chris –

Over the last few years, this firm has set into motion a domino effect, structuring a cascade of deals that will put millions of ounces of gold into its vaults not only for the next few years…

But for decades to come. 

In other words, the time to buy is right now. I cannot stress that enough.

That’s why I’ve put all the details inside a special report called The #1 Gold Stock for 2023 and Beyond.


I’m a bit of a gold investor myself… I’d love to get a copy of that report when we’re finished here if I may.


Of course! I’d be happy to send you a copy.


Thanks. Now, how can our viewers at home get a copy?


I’m glad you asked. Everyone watching today is eligible to receive both of the reports we’ve talked about here today:

The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset and The #1 Gold Stock for 2023 and Beyond…

When they sign up for a risk-free trial of my flagship research service, called Distortion Report

And, for everyone tuning in right now — this situation is so urgent, I’m offering a 75% discount on my research to everyone who sees this message.


Do you also offer copies of your reports on Amazon? Or on your website along with all of your bestselling books?


No, Chris. These reports will never be available on Amazon or anywhere else.

It just wouldn’t make sense. The research inside these reports is so timely, and so actionable, it would be impossible for me to offer them at the same 75% discount available to all our viewers today. Plus, Amazon takes such a huge fee from every order…

I’d probably need to charge at least $100 for each report if I offered them that way.

Folks who sign up today for Distortion Report won’t pay even half that.

I’ll explain all the details in a minute, Chris. I think you’ll be shocked when I reveal today’s special price.

But before we talk about that, I have one more report I’d like to share with the audience.

Our entire financial system is being turned inside out…

As we’ve discussed, our entire financial system is being turned inside out…

Every time crisis strikes, the folks in Washington and on Wall Street use every ‘tool’ at their disposal to ‘rescue’ the system at the cost of responsible savers and hard-working Americans.

CHRIS Right – wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who said “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are:

“I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help…”


Chris, you really are a student of history. I love that. Yes, Reagan said that back in 1986, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen time and time again – every time financial disaster strikes, what happens next?


The Fed steps in with more printing or another interest rate ‘adjustment’ –


Right. Take a look:

But when you find out what’s coming next…


Are you saying it’s about to get even worse?


We already talked about the effects of Nixon’s decision to remove the dollar from the gold standard…


Right – we’re still dealing with the effects…


And, if the crisis in 2020 showed us anything, it’s that the recent money printing has caused runaway inflation – and, as we’ve seen, it can happen very quickly…

 But we’re just beginning to see the full consequences of the Fed’s most recent actions.

As the Fed manipulates interest rates and prints more money – likely quadrillions of dollars in the next few years…

They will inevitably cause what I call ‘distortions’ in the real economy.


Distortions’… like bubbles?


Like bubbles, crashes, wild price swings –

The price of gold in 1933 was one example…

When Roosevelt confiscated gold and paid $20.67 and immediately ‘repriced’ it to $35…


How about when OPEC decides to produce less oil, and the cost of gas soars?


Yep, that’s another great example of a distortion.

Another example would be the Cash for Clunkers – which destroyed perfectly good cars and is still inflating the cost of used vehicles to this day.

And now, we’re about to see perhaps the greatest distortion we’ve ever seen – and this time, I expect the effects to be felt by every single American.

Governments around the world are turning away from the dollar…

Russia and China are now trading in the Petroyuan, and several countries around the world are banding together to overthrow the world’s reserve currency.

Now, to be clear – I don’t expect the dollar to fall to second place anytime soon…

In reality, Russia and China might as well be inventing a new language to replace English as the world’s most spoken language…

Not going to happen, right? Not very quickly, anyway.


I’d certainly hope not…


But that doesn’t mean the dollar is completely safe. The truth is, we’re in a currency war. And America will do whatever it takes to preserve the dollar’s dominance.

That means more money printing, more interest rate ‘manipulation,’ and more distortions in the market.


Which means more volatility, and more downside… but also more opportunities, right?


Right, Chris. Exactly right. The months ahead will be confusing to the average person…

But again – if you can see the truth behind the headlines, you can move your money into the stream of the quadrillions sloshing around our economy and turn it into an enormous nest-egg.

The simple fact is… the world is changing.

Understanding the big picture and deciphering the truth behind the hyperbolic headlines will be crucial to your success going forward.

Those who can see the truth will do just fine – maybe even better.


And those who can’t…?


Well, they could be left behind. 

To help everyone watching see the big picture, I’ve put together a special three-stock portfolio, along with a third special report that goes behind the scenes of the currency war happening in the headlines – and explains the truth the media won’t tell you.

The Unprintable Portfolio: 3 Profit Opportunities in the Fed’s Next Major Distortion.

In it, I’ll show you three investments primed to soar as America protects the dollar’s status.

I can’t reveal what they are here, but I’ve found three stocks with the potential to hand you major profits as the Fed distorts the markets like they’ve done over and over in the last 20 years.


Wow, Nomi I’d love to see that one, too, when we’re finished here.

How can viewers take action today?


At this critical moment in history, that’s the most important thing —

Taking action.

If you don’t mind, Chris — I’m going to talk to the viewers at home for a minute…

Look, the truth is…

Historic shifts are upon us.

Soon, cash will be a relic – a collector’s item banished to the dustbin of history…

And our financial system is being dismantled and reimagined behind the scenes…

If you take a position in the right investments today, there’s a chance you’ll walk away wealthier than you’ve ever imagined.

But if you get into the wrong ones, your nest egg could suffer.

That’s why I wanted to make this as simple as possible for you.

So, there’s nothing standing in your way to position yourself on the right side of history.

Here’s how to get started

Today, I’ve put together a special offer for viewers to get access to my research with a special discount.

If you sign up right now, my team and I will send you — immediately and by email — every report I’ve shown you here today:

  • The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset…
  • The #1 Gold Stock for 2023 and Beyond…
  • and The Unprintable Portfolio: 3 Profit Opportunities in the Fed’s Next Major Distortion…

…all yours when you try out my flagship investment letter… Distortion Report.

If we made all the reports available on Amazon, along with Distortion Report, we’d likely charge $200… $300… even $500 a yeaor more to deliver the complete library of back issues and special reports… the new issue we publish every month… and the complete model portfolio of timely recommendations.

But my goal is to expose these historic financial earthquakes so the average person on the street knows what to expect before it’s too late.

That’s why the price of a one-year subscription to Distortion Report is ordinarily just $199.

If you go to our main website, that’s what you’ll pay

BUT for today’s audience, I’m offering 75% off today on the entire package.

To make it as easy as possible to get started, we’ve set up a special page where viewers can get everything I’ve laid out today and the opportunity to try out Distortion Report for just $49 — for an entire year.

I urge you to try it out…


Is there any way for readers to see a preview of the reports before they buy?


No, that wouldn’t be fair to the tens of thousands of folks who pay to follow my work. BUT here’s what I WILL do…

If, within the first 60 days, you decide Distortion Report is not the right fit for your worldview and investment goals… that’s perfectly ok. Just let my friendly Florida-based customer service team know, and we’ll send you a refund for every penny.


NOMI, it sounds like there’s zero risk here for the folks watching for your subscription.


That’s something I think is so important. It’s the best way to show you who I am and what my research is all about with virtually no risk.

One Final Thought…

Now, I’d like to leave everyone with a final thought…

We’re about to witness the greatest financial shift in the history of America.

The way we spend, save, invest, and borrow is being changed forever.

As an investigative journalist, I’ve spent decades exposing historic market events…

I accurately predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008 and 2009…

The Covid crash…

In my bestselling book, All the Presidents’ Bankers, I exposed the corrupt ties between America’s banking system and the powerful figures in the Oval Office.

And in my bestselling book, Collusion, I exposed the way in which the world’s major central banks colluded with the Fed and international governments to rig the world and the monetary system.

And like those massive stories, what we’re seeing today is so historic I’m certain we’ll still be talking about it for the next 50 years or more.

Our entire financial system is about to be turned completely on its head.

The days, weeks, and months ahead will inevitably bring more confusion and more chaos…

But if you take the right steps today — you’ll not only shield yourself from the worst…

You’ll find out how you can set yourself up to create foundational wealth for many years to come.

Please click the button below to get started now.


Nomi, thanks for being with us. That was powerful.


Thanks for having me, Chris. 

And to everyone at home, thanks for watching.


Again, folks, for the rest of the story – and instant access to Nomi’s research, all you have to do is…

May 2023

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