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Seven Figure Investor Reveals His Ultimate Dividend Strategy for 2023:

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I’m Alex Reid, Founder and Head Investment Analyst of Wealthpin.

Thousands of people pay to read my premium research every day.

I correctly predicted the Silicon Valley Bank collapse … the rise of ChatGPT … and the rapid spike in the minerals and metals market.

Any one of those could have made you serious money…

But what you’re about to see is far more important than anything I’ve ever shared before.

So please pay very close attention:

Right now, in 2023, the financial reality for tens of millions of Americans is ugly. Real ugly.

The market is in chaos… inflation is still running rampant… and 47% of Americans are pushing back retirement…

With a majority saying they don’t expect to ever retire.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At least not for you.

Because I want to send you a FREE copy of the exact income playbook I’ve created for myself, my friends and my family.

It’s called The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio and it breaks down a simple collection of five stocks that can pay you thousands of dollars in dividends every single month…


✔ An explosive natural gas company…

✔ An ultra high-end resort company…

✔ And a real estate firm that rents property to the richest tenant on planet earth – the US government.

This report is specifically designed to set you up for financial independence … no matter how ugly the economy gets…

And it’s the result of my team and I pouring hundreds of hours into taking the thousands of dividend stocks on the market and distilling them down to the five most powerful.


These stocks don’t just pay out dividends yearly or even quarterly. They put cold, hard cash in your pocket EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Frankly, the thousands of dollars that could be flowing into your account after reading this ONE report could change your life.

But I’m NOT stopping there…

Because in addition to the The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio, I also want to send you two bonus reports:

✔ Tax Proof Your Retirement which breaks down how you can pay ZERO taxes on up to $89,250 a year in dividend income

✔ And The Any Stock Income Hack which shows how you can cash thousands from stocks that don’t normally pay dividends… like Amazon… and many other stocks you may already own!

So imagine cashing checks every single month that cover your mortgage… your groceries… vacations…

All without needing a steady job or having to start a risky company.

That’s EXACTLY what these reports are designed to help you do…

And I want to send them to your inbox RIGHT NOW ready to download instantly.

Because frankly – I don’t see dividend income as a luxury anymore. In this uncertain world it's become a NECESSITY!

And you don’t have to take my word for it: 

✔ Warren Buffet has 75% of his $100 billion Berkshire Hathaway fortune invested in income stocks right now

✔ Billionaire Bill Ackman is collecting $97 million a year from income stocks.

✔ And hedge fund billionaire Jim Simons recently snapped up over 8 million shares of a high-yield communications stock.

The smart money is RUSHING into income stocks…

And if you look at this chart it’s not hard to see why:

It shows that for the past half a century, the vast majority of the US stock market’s value came from ONE source:


And in chaotic markets like the dot-com bust and 2008 crash, that’s where the ONLY meaningful returns came from.

So if you want to make SERIOUS money from the stock market – you NEED to consider loading up on the right dividend stocks.

These aren’t speculative tech stocks or wild lottery ticket bets like crypto.

These are stocks with great underlying assets that put REAL money in your pocket right away and do it over and over and over again.

If you bought Home Depot just a few years ago and reinvested dividends, you would have turned $5,000 into $43,275.

Eli Lilly would have turned $5,000 into $23,284, just since 2018.

And Pool Corporation would have turned $5,000 into a whopping $82,633.

As you can see, if you invest even a TINY amount in the right dividend stocks…

You can supersize your nest egg and wipe away any creeping doubts you have about retirement.

Especially since you may NEVER have to touch the principal…

Because some stocks have the potential to shed literally THOUSANDS of dollars in extra income that you can do with as you please…

Whether that’s jetting off to exotic getaways with your family…

Taking your beautiful wife to dinner every week at Michelin-starred restaurants…

Or treating yourself to the little luxuries in life – like those premium golf clubs you've had your eye on.

So if you could do with MORE income…

Which comes in REGARDLESS of how stocks bounce around in this crazy market…

You're in luck.

Because this could be THE most lucrative time in history for dividend investors…With US companies projected to pay out a RECORD-BREAKING $593 billion by the end of 2023!

 “Dividend spending is poised for another record in 2023”

– The Wall Street Journal

Today YOU can claim your fair share of this giant pool of money…

And you can start getting paid right away – WITHOUT waiting the three to twelve months it takes regular dividends to roll in.

All the details are in your special report: The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio…

I’ll give you the link to claim it in just a second – but real quick, let me explain why this is so important to me.

My name is Alex Reid.

And I'm MASSIVELY concerned about what's happening in America right now…

Where MILLIONS of people – many who have been working hard their entire lives – are being forced to give up all hope of retiring on schedule.

But even in spite of inflation and this chaotic stock market – it doesn’t have to be this way.

For nearly a decade, I worked with some of the world’s leading financial research firms…

Where every day I rubbed shoulders with some of the most skilled investors on the planet.

And the most important thing they taught me?

No matter how dire things are in the stock market – there are ALWAYS opportunities to make money.

The trick is in FINDING these opportunities…

And I’ve had years of exposure to the strategies that the rich use to do exactly that.

By putting these strategies into practice, I built a seven-figure portfolio before I turned 30…

(And you can bet I didn’t touch a single CD, savings account or any other “traditional” investment to do it – most don’t even beat inflation!)

No, I made the right investments at the right time.

When cryptocurrency was red hot, I invested in Ethereum – one of the only cryptocurrencies that offers the potential for meaningful dividends.

When mortgage rates were low, I invested in local real estate, building a multi-million dollar portfolio of rentals with my business partner.

Now that mortgage rates are high…

I’m moving to what I think is the absolute best income opportunity for these current conditions:

Dividend stocks.

And I want you to be able to enjoy the same success that I have.

That’s why I created The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio to send you RIGHT NOW.

I highly recommend you read this report TODAY…

Because after spending months analyzing the current market situation with my team, I believe:

There’s Never, EVER Been a More Lucrative Time to Invest in Dividend Stocks!

I mentioned earlier that a record-breaking $593 billion is expected to be paid out by US companies in 2023…

But that’s NOT why I’m pounding the table on dividend stocks right now.

Instead – an EXTREMELY rare money-making opportunity is unfolding in the stock market…

One we haven’t seen in two decades.

And while those who aren’t prepared for it definitely WON’T see it as an opportunity…

Those who are ready to make the right moves today stand to rake in life-changing returns for YEARS to come.

Let me explain…

We recently exited an 11-year bull market – the LONGEST in US history.

This bull market was briefly interrupted by the pandemic…

But a couple months was all it took for stocks to rebound and set NEW record highs at the end of 2021.

In this frenzy, “junk” stocks with absolutely no fundamentals skyrocketed…

Even those on the verge of BANKRUPTCY like GameStop – which surged over 2,000% in less than a month!

Fast-forward to today… and the market is MASSIVELY overvalued – particularly the tech sector…

And we’re in the midst of an “AI boom” where stocks with anything even remotely to do with AI – such as having “.ai” in their names – have been soaring.

Talk about a CRAZY market…

But does any of this sound familiar to you?

In short:

This is exactly what happened during the dot-com bubble two decades ago…

Which ALSO came off the back of an insanely long bull market…

And ALSO saw the market reach insane valuations, with internet-related stocks soaring just because they had “.com” in their names.

But it didn’t take long for these stocks to start crashing – HARD. 

And we’re starting to see the exact same thing happen again today, with stocks like BigBear.ai collapsing 71% in three months…

SoundHound AI falling 46% in only a few months…

And recently one of the most popular AI stocks on the market – C3.ai – crashed 31% in only five days.

It’s uncanny how precisely the market is repeating itself…

But while this situation is grim for many investors…

In a moment I’ll reveal why it actually presents a MASSIVE opportunity to build wealth.

But the important question is:

What happens next?

To find the answer – let’s take a look at what happened after the dot-com bubble burst:

This chart shows the stock market’s returns over ten years from the end of December ‘99 to the end of December 2009…

And the results don’t look pretty, do they?

Because the dot-com bust ushered in a “Lost Decade” for stocks…

Which means the market had negative returns for a full 10 years after!

As you can imagine, this was absolute nightmare for most investors and retirees…

Because if you had, let’s say $50,000 invested in the market at the start of that period…

After 10 years of patiently waiting, you would have been left with only $38,000 – a 24% loss!

It’s no wonder the world’s smartest financial minds have recently been sounding the alarm bells…

But for all the doom and gloom…

There’s a simple way you can turn crisis into an opportunity to secure YEARS worth of life-changing returns…By investing in high-quality dividend stocks!

For instance, let’s say you invested $10,000 in Chevron at the start of the previous Lost Decade.

Instead of losing a 24% chunk of your money after ten years…

You could have cashed out with a huge $21,900 in total income and returns!

And things were even sweeter for investors in consumer goods company Church & Dwight…

That could have more than TRIPLED your money, turning $10,000 into $35,369!

And then there’s Altria.

If you you’d put $10,000 in Altria and during this Lost Decade…

The income and returns you received could have amounted to a MASSIVE $78,707.

Incredible, right?

While most investors lost money…

You could have earned a whopping $135,976 investing a tiny stake into three high-quality dividend stocks.


No matter how dire things are in the stock market – there are ALWAYS opportunities to make money.


I want to help YOU make money – in today’s crazy market – by sending you a FREE copy of The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio.

But before we get to that…

Let me introduce you to the five cash-shedding monthly income stocks you’ll discover within, starting with:

Monthly Income Stock #1

The $6.7 Billion Income Fortress

The average dividend stock yield is only 1.66%…

And this is usually paid out quarterly or yearly – meaning you have to wait literally MONTHS to get paid.

But the little-known real estate investment trust I call the $6.7 Billion Income Fortress is unique.

Not only does this company pay a MASSIVE 8.11% yield – nearly five times more than the average dividend stock…

It also pays you monthly – so no more waiting three months to a year to receive your money!

This company’s steady stream of payouts come from its ever-growing $6.7 BILLION real estate portfolio…

And this is PRIME real estate we’re talking about, filled with high-quality, resilient properties like theatres, eat & play establishments and ski resorts.

Over the years, this cash-generating portfolio has enabled this company to deliver a MASSIVE 1,080% return to shareholders…

Which turns every $10,000 invested into $118,000!

Get all the details on this company (and get ready to collect this month’s payout!) by claiming your FREE copy of The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio.

You’ll also get the details on:

Monthly Income Stock #2My #1 Smart Money Investment

I love it when my research uncovers a stock with amazing profit potential…

And then soon after – a company insider loads up on shares.

That’s exactly what happened with my #1 Smart Money Investment… with the company’s CFO more than doubling his stake!

Joining him on this “2023 buying spree” is the company’s managing director of finance… chief investment officer… and even its executive vice president!

Do they know something that could be about to send the stock shooting higher?

Or do they simply want to sit back and enjoy its ENORMOUS 8.7% monthly dividend?

Either way – today YOU can join them.

Next up is:

Monthly Income Stock #3The Red-Hot Wildcard

Compared to the other stocks in this 5-stock monthly income portfolio…

This one has by far the LOWEST dividend yield at only 4.5%.

Having said that – it could also make you the most money!

That’s because IN ADDITION to this company’s monthly payouts (which are still nearly 3x higher that the average dividend stock’s)…

It also has the highest potential to deliver HUGE capital gains as a growing leader in the red-hot energy sector!

This natural gas company has ALREADY given investors a shot at 303% returns in recent years – enough to turn a small $5,000 stake into a cool $20,150…

And with this company recently securing environmental approval on a new multibillion-dollar project – I only expect this “rocket ride” to continue.

So if you like the idea of getting paid to hold a RAPIDLY-growing stock…

All you have to do is dig out the details in your FREE copy of The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio today.

You’ll also get the scoop on:

Monthly Income Stock #4The US Government’s Monster Yielder

Every company in this 5-stock monthly income portfolio pays you FAR more than the average dividend stock…

But this Monster Yielder – a real estate investment trust – is in a class of its own, paying a GIANT 9.7%!

That’s SIX times the average dividend stock…

Which it can afford to pay with help from the MILLIONS of dollars it’s receiving every year from its largest tenant:

The US government!

Several government agencies are housed in this company’s properties, including the Department of Correction…

And by adding its stock to your portfolio – you can claim your own fair share of these MASSIVE monthly “government payouts”.

That brings us to:

Monthly Income Stock #5My Top Pick for America’s Future

There’s a shift taking place in America…

In which older adults will outnumber children for the first time in our country’s HISTORY.

This shift is being portrayed as a crisis…

But all I see is opportunity.

That’s because My Top Pick for America’s Future is well-prepared for this new reality.

It’s been quietly building a high-quality portfolio of seniors housing and health care properties since 1992…

And these assets are in prime position to appreciate as this shift continues to take place.

As they do – YOU can rake in potentially thousands of dollars every month from this company’s 6.4% monthly dividend!

Investing in these five stocks could really change the game when it comes to securing income for your retirement…

ESPECIALLY in this chaotic market and with a potential Lost Decade on the horizon.

But here’s another benefit I haven’t even told you about yet:

These 5 Stocks Also Protect You From Inflation!

A senior investment strategist at Ally Invest reports that dividends work EVEN BETTER than traditional inflation-protection methods like gold and inflation-linked bonds…

And the reason why can be summed up with one word:


You see, inflation is constantly eating away at the value of your money…

And as this value decreases, you have to spend more to buy the same stuff, whether that’s groceries, gas or anything else.

But while nothing can be done about your “shrinking” dollars…

Dividend income counters inflation by boosting your money SUPPLY instead.

And here’s the important part:

Many companies regularly increase their dividends to OUTPACE inflation!

Just take a look at this chart from iShares:

The 1% Are Now Piling Into Income Stocks!

I showed you how billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Ackman, and Jim Simons have each made huge investments in dividend-paying stocks…

But it’s not just billionaires hopping aboard the income boat…

Millionaires and multimillionaires are also going all-in too.

On a major online community for successful investors , dividends are a HOT topic.

One successful businessman reports that he intends to live off a dividend portfolio after selling his business:

“It should pay me around $300k a year give or take while appreciating in value. I can easily live off that as I have minimal debt.”

And that’s not even including the appreciation! Purely the income.

One user responded to that saying:

“Trying to shift income to all passive sources over the next 5 years or so as a hedge to the business eventually failing if we’re not 100% focused on it. So far have about 100k in dividend income annually.”

And, another user chimed in to say:

“[My dividend portfolio] should net me around $150k [a year] far from what many would consider [a luxury retirement] but with asset appreciation will likely get there eventually.”

Now these are obviously successful people –

But that’s EXACTLY who we want to copy when we look for powerful investment strategies.

And today…

     You Can Join Them When You Claim Your Instant Digital Copy of The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio!

In this report, you’ll discover:

     ✔ The names of each of these five income-spouting stocks

     ✔ Details about their business models and the niches they operate in

     ✔ My easy-to-read analysis revealing WHY they deserve to be part of your portfolio

Given the unique potential of these stocks to hand you THOUSANDS of dollars every month like clockwork…I could easily charge AT LEAST $999 for this report.

But today it’s yours FREE…

In addition to your two money-making BONUS reports I’ll reveal more about in just a moment.

That means you can easily get yourself set up TODAY to start earning a lucrative monthly income…

All I ask in return is that you accept a 100% RISK-FREE invitation to join me in my exclusive investment research newsletter:

The financial reality for tens of millions of Americans right now is ROUGH –

With a chaotic market bouncing wildly up and down seemingly every day…

Inflation eating away at the dollar, making everything we buy that much more expensive…

And a potential Lost Decade on the horizon that could make everything 10x worse for the unprepared.

But hope is not lost.Because if you can adapt and capitalize on the right opportunities…

Then even in the direst markets where stocks don’t move for an entire decade – there’s still a ton of opportunity to build LIFE-CHANGING wealth.

Wealthpin Pro is your KEY to uncovering these opportunities.

Here’s how it works.

Every day my team and I spend HOURS researching the markets…

Distilling insights from the latest economic updates, financial analyses, and fiscal documents –

All to unearth the absolute BEST investment opportunities on the market right now.

Once a month, we filter these opportunities down to only those with the greatest wealth-building potential…

Then for your convenience, we deliver these curated picks – backed with detailed but easy-to-understand analysis – directly to your email.

And we don’t just send you high-yield income opportunities, either…

We also pay close attention to cutting-edge tech firms and stocks that are undervalued, helping members of Wealthpin Pro stay profitable in all markets – good and bad.

That includes members like Kriss B. from Colorado, who reports:

“I have been buying based on your recommendations and so far I am up quite a bit. I have two that are up 18% in just over a week and a couple more that are looking really good… I am very happy and enjoying the stock recommendations. It's fun finding new opportunities, most of the other stuff I read is boring – and so are the returns!”

Julie S. simply said:

“Please keep sending your emails!”

And Patrick K., a VP of Strategy at a healthcare technology firm wrote:

“You guys did a great job of providing an actionable path to a robust, diversified portfolio… I was also very impressed with your analysis of the real estate market, and I've been using it to inform my own purchase decision. This is really a great tool for anyone looking to get more ownership over their financial future and improve their situation. Thanks again,”

Today YOU can join them and gain control over your own financial future – no matter what the market does.

Accept my 100% risk-free invitation to join Wealthpin Pro today and you’ll immediately receive your FREE report: The 5-Stock Monthly Portfolio (A $999 value).

As a valued new member, you’ll also unlock instant access to all these wealth-building benefits:

✔ 12 editions of the Wealthpin Pro investment newsletter. Each month you’ll receive a brand-new investment opportunity designed to help you profit BIG from current market conditions. Each one is backed by detailed analysis and will be sent directly to your inbox for easy reading. (Value: $1,097)

✔ Exclusive access to our members-only website. Inside you’ll find all our past newsletter editions… a valuable arsenal of lucrative reports revealing ADDITIONAL money-making investments… and best of all: Wealthpin Pro’s model portfolio containing all our open positions that you can invest in too!

✔ Weekly market updates. The markets are as crazy as they’ve ever been… which is why I’m also going to send you WEEKLY market updates so you’ll never not know what to do next.

✔ VIP customer service. As a valued member of Wealthpin Pro, you’ll have complete access to our VIP customer service team who are always ready to assist you with anything you need.

As you can see, Wealthpin Pro comes PACKED full of benefits…

And together with your FREE income-boosting report: The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio, it comes to a total value of $2,346!

But when you join me as a new member today, you won’t pay ANYWHERE NEAR that much.

You see, because of the crazy market we’re in right now…

And the potential for these five stocks to provide you with LIFE-CHANGING income…

I want to make it as much of a “no-brainer” for you to join me today as possible.

In short, if you say “yes” to my 100% RISK-FREE invitation to join Wealthpin Pro…

You’ll receive a special discount so large it amounts to literally only PENNIES per day.

Click the button below NOW to accept my invitation and see your incredible discount!

Give Me The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio! 


That’s completely understandable…

ESPECIALLY in this chaotic market where every penny counts.

But as I mentioned, this invitation is 100% RISK-FREE.

What does that mean exactly?

In short, when you join me inside Wealthpin Pro today…

You’ll Be Fully Covered by My “Nothing To Lose, Everything to Gain” 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

At Wealthpin, we take pride in always looking out for our members…

Which is why when you join me today, you’ll be fully covered by not one, but TWO money-back guarantees.

Here’s how our 100% Money-Back guarantee works.

You’ll get a FULL 90 days to take Wealthpin Pro for a spin.

In those 90 days, you’ll have PLENTY of time to…

✔ Invest in and start earning potentially thousands of dollars from the powerful stocks in The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio

✔ Stake your claim in the dividend companies, tech stocks, and other picks you’ll find inside my model portfolio

✔ Set yourself up to profit from all of the other lucrative opportunities you’ll be receiving every month in your value-packed editions of Wealthpin Pro

If you’re not satisfied after experiencing all these benefits…

For ANY reason at all – even if you simply don’t like the time of day I send your editions or weekly updates…Then all you have to do is let me know within 90 days and you’ll receive a FULL refund – no questions asked.

Seems fair, right?

Plus – as a “thank you” for giving Wealthpin Pro a try, your copy of The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio and all the issues you received will be yours to keep.

With this Double-Duty 100% money-back guarantee…

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose – and EVERYTHING to gain!

Give Me The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio!

But I’m not done yet…

Because I’ve also got two more FREE bonuses in store for you with the potential to skyrocket your income even more!

The first is called:

FREE Bonus Report #1 Tax-Proof Your Retirement

Dividend income can be a POWERFUL tool in the war against taxes.

If you take a few simple steps, you can pay ZERO taxes on dividend income up to $89,250.

There are also ways to use retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s to cut dividend taxes down to ZERO.

And there are some special income investments that are never taxed at all!

I’ll reveal those investments and break down exactly how all this works in this report.

And your second FREE report is:

FREE Bonus Report #2 Any Stock Income Hack

Have you ever wished you could earn income from a stock that doesn’t pay dividends?

Well the truth is – you can!

Thanks to a little-known income “hack” you can access in your brokerage account – you can now earn thousands of dollars from ANY stock in your portfolio…

Whether that’s Google… META… and yes – even Amazon.

Which means as Amazon ships packages around the world to millions of customers…

You can sit back, relax, and reap the rewards.

The best part?

This hack is incredibly easy to use for both beginners and pro income hunters alike.

Get all the details by accepting your 100% risk-free invite to Wealthpin Pro.

So, to quickly recap…

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Join Me Today!

✔ Your FREE report: The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio. (Value: $249)

✔ A full year of the Wealthpin Pro investment newsletter. Includes 12 editions, exclusive access to our members-only website, weekly market updates, and access to our model portfolio. (Value: $1097)

✔ Two FREE income-boosting bonus reports:

          o Tax-Proof Your Retirement (Value: $99)

          o Any Stock Income Hack (Value: $99)

✔ And you’ll also be fully protected by my Double-Duty 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Altogether, that’s an incredible $1,544 value…

But when you join me today…

It’s yours for what amounts to literally only PENNIES a day!

Give Me The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio!

Now, I’ve done absolutely everything in my power to make joining me as much of a “no-brainer” as possible.

Which means:

The Ball Is Now in YOUR Court!

In these crazy times where the market fluctuates wildly and inflation eats away at your money…

Where millions of Americans push back retirement or abandon hope entirely…

Will you do the same?

Or will you take action right now and discover how you could start generating THOUSANDS of dollars in dividend income every month for life?

The choice is yours to make.

If you’ve read this far – I believe you ARE the action-taking type… and you ARE interested in building a monthly income with dividend stocks…

Which is why I highly recommend you AT LEAST give Wealthpin Pro a risk-free test-drive for 90 days.

Claim your risk-free trial – and get your FREE ultimate Income Package – by clicking the button below.

You’ll be directed to our SSL-secured order form where you see the incredible “pennies-a-day” discount we’ve set up for you and review everything you’re getting one last time before you join.

Thanks for reading –

And I look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of Wealthpin Pro in the next couple minutes.

Yours in wealth,

 Alex Reid

Founder, Wealthpin

Give Me The 5-Stock Monthly Income Portfolio!

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