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Just a Quick Intro

Marc Lichtenfeld and his team at The Oxford Income Letter have released a limited-time promotional offer called the “Ultimate Dividend Package.”

A man on a mission to help his subscribers “generate a safe and steady stream of retirement income that NEVER RUNS OUT,” Marc has carved out an impressive career offering analysis and advice in the field of dividend-paying stocks.

Marc believes that we're presently at an inflection point where the potential future yields of these dividend-paying companies are too good to pass up.  

And all the billionaire investors and hedge fund managers have taken notice.

Driven to help everyday investors jump into the dividends game before the fat cats make it unaffordable, Lichtenfeld has created a free set of resources called the Ultimate Dividend Package. The information inside is designed to provide a crash course on dividend investment for newcomers and seasoned pros alike.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about The Oxford Income Letter, the free resources in the Ultimate Dividend Package, and Marc Lichtenfeld's strategies for generating passive income through dividend stocks.

Who is Marc Lichtenfeld?

Marc Lichtenfeld currently serves as Chief Income Strategist for the financial information institution The Oxford Club.  

Beginning his 20-year career as a trader for Carlin Equities, Marc went on to work as a senior analyst and as a fund manager with a track record of outperforming the S&P 500.

Marc's insights have appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, and Barron's. He's made multiple appearances on media outlets, including CNBC and Fox Business, and shared his investment expertise as a senior columnist for Jim Cramer's TheStreet.

Lichtenfeld also authored the best-selling book Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns.

Among his various duties at The Oxford Club, Marc serves as editor-in-chief of The Oxford Income Letter. 

The Oxford Income Letter, Marc Lichtenfeld

What is The Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter is a monthly investment research newsletter written and edited by Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld.

Marc's mission is to educate his readers on the following: 

“…how to harness the power of dividends and other income-producing strategies using his proprietary 10-11-12 System.”

This 10-11-12 System forms the foundation of Lichtenfeld's game plan for investing in dividend stocks. He looks for stocks that, over the next ten years, should produce 11% yields and 12% annual returns. 

In addition to the monthly newsletter, The Oxford Income Letter subscribers also receive the Oxford Income Weekly. Marc and his team use this weekly (obviously) email update to inform their members of the latest market news and changes to their model portfolios.  

Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Marc Lichtenfeld has a decades-long history as one of the financial world's most passionate advocates for dividend stock investment. 

And his reasoning is simple…

Marc cites that dividends are responsible for 90% of all U.S. equity returns over the last 100 years.

He believes dividend stocks are “the single greatest way to get rich in the stock market!”

For example, investors in an S&P 500 index fund from 2000 through 2009 were down 9% for the decade (24% if you don't count dividends). Over the same decade, Marc notes that a portfolio of “run-of-the-mill” dividend stocks would have posted a gain of 87%. 

In 2018 alone, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway raked in almost $4 billion in dividends. Their portfolio consists of 68% dividend-paying stocks.    

Marc highlights the fact that dividend stocks:

  • Have outperformed the broader market by 222% over the past six decades.
  • Frequently have higher earnings growth than non-dividend stocks.
  • It can increase year after year, producing more and more money without having to put any more in.
  • Pay out no matter if the stock is up or down.
  • Offer LESS risk and HIGHER returns than other stocks.

Lichtenfeld argues that, as a stockholder, you're part owner of that company. So why shouldn't you get paid like any other business owner?

You can do this through dividends.

By investing in established companies that have been steadily paying out dividends for decades, Marc believes investors have the most significant potential to see reliable, possibly massive, passive income flow into their accounts year after year.

Many investors think dividend stocks are boring compared to the hot new tech or pharmaceutical startups.  

But take a look at some of Marc's case studies over the last decade:

  • $1000 invested in Broadcom is now $14,243.
  • $1000 invested in Tractor Supply is now $17,561.
  • $1000 invested in Extra Space Storage is now $22,373.
  • $1000 invested in Ross Stores is now $23,139.
  • $1000 invested in Mastercard is now $25,637.

These companies may not have seemed sexy at the time, but as Lichtenfeld points out:

“These are some of the BEST returns you can possibly find looking back at the market!”

Why NOW is the Perfect Time for Dividend Stocks

With all that impressive dividend growth over the past decade, it's fair to ask if you've missed the opportunity.

Fortunately, Marc's answer is a resounding “no.”

He argues that current market conditions appear similar to what he saw ten years ago at the start of all those gains.

Marc believes that:

 “… we're seeing that incredible opportunity again because dividend stocks – RIGHT NOW – are incredibly undersold like they were roughly a decade ago.” 

But he also insists that investors must jump into the dividend game IMMEDIATELY to take full advantage of what he predicts will be some of the most significant yields the market has posted in the last ten years. 

The market guru has observed billionaires and their hedge funds beginning to go in hard on these dividend stocks. This could potentially drive these companies' share prices beyond everyday investors' reach.

And Lichtenfeld fears anyone who doesn't latch onto this opportunity at once could see their “chance at locking in growing, big yields…disappear.”

To help independent investors seize the moment and claim their share of this potential explosion in dividend stock yields, Marc Lichtenfeld has created his free Ultimate Dividend Package.

Let's take a look under the hood…

The Free Ultimate Dividend Package

Marc Lichtenfeld believes that our politicians and government have conspired to make it as hard as possible for average Americans to earn the necessary incomes. 

To help push back against this manufactured inequality, he's created a bundle of information designed to help individual investors, new and experienced, grow their wealth through dividend stocks. 

And he's not asking for a single penny from anyone who requests it.  

Marc believes that every day people need to stand up and help one another whenever they can. He feels the best way he can contribute is to share his expertise in getting rich from dividend stocks.

Here's what you get when you request the free Ultimate Dividend Package:

REPORT #1 – The Safest High-Yield Dividend in the World

Marc spills the beans on a unicorn of a dividend stock:  a stable company paying safe, high yields. According to Lichtenfeld, this company boasts $36 billion in annual revenue and just boosted its dividend to an impressive 8% yield.

This “compelling and undervalued” company has not only raised its dividend yearly since 1998 but also appears primed for massive growth going forward.

The Oxford Income Letter, Report #1 - The Safest High-Yield Dividend in the World

REPORT #2 – My #1 Dividend Stock

When Marc is asked to pick his current favorite stock, this company is his answer.

Marc lays out all the details needed to invest in this “breakthrough biotech” firm with $14 billion in cash reserves and a yearly history of raising its dividend for the past 50 years. 

The Oxford Income Letter, Report #2 - My #1 Dividend Stock

REPORT #3 – Three Extreme Dividend Stocks

In this third free report, Marc shows his readers “the most extraordinary dividend stocks in the market.”

These three picks allow investors to leverage the power of compounding dividends to reap potentially massive yields.

Through carefully timed investment in these Extreme Dividend stocks, Lichtenfeld insists that his followers could be, within just a few years, getting annual dividends that dwarf their original buy-ins by as much as 10x or more. 

The Oxford Income Letter, Report #3 - Three Extreme Dividend Stocks

BONUS #4 – Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld's Income Investing Video Series.

Marc Lichtenfeld has also included full access to this educational video series as part of the Ultimate Dividend Package.

A $325 value, this video series guides viewers through Marc's dividend investment philosophy and strategies.

Lichtenfeld promises to teach his followers:

“…everything you need to know about getting rich with dividends.”  

Some of the topics he covers include:

  • Using dividends to generate a reliable passive income stream.
  • How to make gains even when a stock's price goes down.
  • Steps for paying ZERO taxes on your dividends.
  • A simple trick for maximizing even small dividend yields.

As mentioned, Marc Lichtenfeld is making the Ultimate Dividend Package accessible to anyone who requests it.

Bonus #4 - Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld’s Income Investing Video Series.

In addition, during this special promotion, anyone snatching up a copy of the Ultimate Dividend Package is also offered a heavily discounted subscription to The Oxford Income Letter, the monthly financial newsletter edited by Lichtenfeld.

Please continue reading to see what they've got cooking for those taking them up on the deal. 

What's Included with The Oxford Income Letter?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to The Oxford Income Letter include a bundle of reports and additional members-only resources designed to help readers master the world of dividend stock investing.

Here's everything new subscribers receive with the “Ultimate Income Package” promotional offer:

One Full Year of The Oxford Income Letter:

This monthly investment newsletter, written and edited by Marc Lichtenfeld, is designed to help investors find and maximize opportunities in the dividend stock sector.  

Using his proprietary 10-11-12 System, Marc guides his readers through the complexities and confusion of an ever-changing market. 

Access to The Oxford Income Letter's Three Model Portfolios:

Lichtenfeld has created a suite of three model portfolios, each designed to highlight a different approach to dividend stock investment.

  • The Compound Income Portfolio: focusing on stocks that grow their dividends year in and year out.
  • The Instant Income Portfolio: focusing on moves designed to maximize profits “right now.”
  • The High Yield Portfolio:  focusing on stocks that pay out the “big, safe, double-digit yields” that could supercharge your savings.
The Oxford Income Letter, Three Model Portfolios

The Oxford Income Weekly Emails:

Subscribers receive weekly emails that include: updates to the model portfolios, important market news, SafetyNet Pro breakdowns of the best and worst dividend stocks, and a mailbag where Marc answers his subscribers' most common questions.

Access to Pillar One Advisors:

Members of The Oxford Income Letter also get access to experts in various financial specialties, from collectible markets to real estate to tax law.

Access to The Oxford Income Letter Members-Only Website: 

New members get the login credentials needed to explore this recently re-designed website full of valuable resources and information.

SPECIAL REPORT – Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks

Marc Lichtenfeld lets new subscribers in on this report's top 5 list of small-cap dividend stocks.

While most people instinctively tend to go for blue chips when looking for dividend stocks, Marc argues that his small-cap picks are just as safe but “still have huge growth potential.

The Oxford Income Letter, Special Report - Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks

A Free Hard Copy of Marc's Book “Get Rich with Dividends“:

Winner of The Financial Institute for Literacy's Book of the Year Award, this bestseller digs deep into Marc Lichtenfeld's market experiences and strategies for dividend stock investment.

There are plenty of glowing reviews for this book, but one reader sums it all up pretty well:

“The best book on stock investing I have ever read.”

The Oxford Income Letter, Get Rich with Dividends

And, of course, new subscribers still receive…


This bundle features the three free reports from Marc:  The Safest High-Yield Dividend in the World, My #1 Dividend Stock, and Three Extreme Dividend Stocks.

Also included with the package is instant access to Marc's educational video course:  Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld's Income Investing Video Series.  

The Oxford Income Letter, Free Ultimate Dividend Package

How Much is The Oxford Income Letter? 

Subscriptions to The Oxford Income Letter are offered at three different price tiers.

STANDARD SUBSCRIPTION ($49/year) includes:

  • A basic digital subscription to The Oxford Income Letter

DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION ($129/year) includes:

  • An email and website-based digital subscription to The Oxford Income Letter

PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION ($79/year) includes:

  • A complete digital subscription to The Oxford Income Letter
  • Access to members-only model portfolios.
  • A free hardcover copy of Marc's book:  Get Rich with Dividends
  • The SPECIAL REPORT:  Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks

The Premium Subscription seems like the best deal they have on offer. Usually priced at $249/year, the current promotion brings that rate down to $79/year. This price is lower than the Deluxe Subscription rate and offers way more bonuses.

The Oxford Income Letter Refund Policy

According to their website, The Oxford Income Letter has an eye-catching 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

They're confident in the quality of their product.  

If you're unsatisfied, cancel within the first year of your subscription and receive a full refund…” no matter the reason.”

And, of course, the bonus resources in the Ultimate Dividend Package are yours to keep no matter what you decide to do.

The Oxford Income Letter Refund Policy

Where to Find The Oxford Income Letter 

The Oxford Income Letter is written by Marc Lichtenfeld and his team at The Oxford Club.

Known for publishing one of the “longest-running” financial newsletters in the world, The Oxford Club describes itself as follows:

“The Oxford Club is a private, international network of trustworthy, knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple – to help our Members grow and protect their wealth.”

Go HERE to learn more about The Oxford Income Letter and Marc Lichtenfeld's team at The Oxford Club.

In Summary

The Oxford Income Letter team has released a promotional offer called the Ultimate Dividend Package designed to educate investors on opportunities in dividend-paying stocks.

Editor-in-Chief Marc Lichtenfeld, a well-established expert in the financial game, argues that dividend stocks are the backbone of a well-balanced portfolio. These stocks, while often not as sexy as the latest fad startup, have a history of producing reliable, growing yields.

Marc believes that market conditions are ideal for independent investors to dive into dividends and set themselves up for potential double-digit yields and steadily growing passive income.

The reports and resources contained in the Ultimate Dividend Package are intended to educate readers on these dividend stock opportunities.  

This package is offered FREE to anyone who requests it.

Additionally, during this promotion, Marc’s offerinMarc'ssubscribers to The Oxford Income Letter not only a deeply discounted rate but access to bonus materials designed to help the average investor level the playing field.  

To learn more about Marc Lichtenfeld and his strategies for growing wealth through dividend stocks, or to subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter today, visit the official website.

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