Weird bear market “secret” unlocks massive profit opportunity 



A former CBOE market maker just revealed a shocking secret. 

A secret that can let anyone turn the tables on the so-called “Smart Money”… 

And even beat them up 3 times over… 

Using simple trades you can get into for $300 or less.

This secret exploits a hidden flaw in the trading systems used by firms like Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, and JP Morgan. 

A flaw that practically forces these big traders to leave a small fortune on the table every day. 

I'm talking $50,000… $100,000…even $1,000,000+ on a single trade.

Unclaimed profits anyone can grab-if they know how.

The best part? The more stocks move-the BETTER this strategy can work. 

And thanks to a recent spike in market volatility… 

Stocks are moving a lot.

Especially the two plays this expert is tracking this week.

You can get into these trades for $300 or less. 

But each one could potentially go up 3, 5, even 10 times over in just 21 days. 

Meaning a small $300 stake could grow to $900… $1,500…even $3,000, fast.

Just a few wins like that could repair ALL the damage this market has done to your portfolio. 

And after that-well, you do the math.

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Inside Money Trader 

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