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America’s Secret 50-Year “Deal With the Devil” Reaches Its Expiration Date on December 3, 2023

At year’s end, Americans could suffer from the greatest “wealth shock” in history

Dear Reader,

In 2015, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal claimed his country had been America’s “best friend in the Arab world for 50 years.”

That would date our “friendship” with the Saudis back to 1965.

Yet, when America’s back was turned in 1973, Saudi Arabian-led oil producers imposed an embargo against the U.S. in retaliation for our military support of Israel.

Our “best friend” instantly caused the price of oil to quadruple and sent our economy into a severe tailspin.

The Saudi monarchy showed no remorse as the U.S. economy tanked and financial pain was inflicted on millions of ordinary Americans.

You might remember seeing signs like these…

You might also remember the two-year recession we suffered through, during which 2.3 million jobs were lost…

You might even remember personal financial hardship during those years (the Dow dropped an astonishing 45%)…

What you might not remember is why these things happened.

Well, you can thank our “good buddies” in the Middle East.

And it was far from the only time the Saudis would thumb their noses at America.

Just ask George W. Bush…

In January 2008, Bush pleaded with the Saudis to increase oil production and bring down the price per barrel.

The Saudis refused. It was a public slap in the face.

Then in May, Bush asked again. Once more, he was rebuffed.

Not once, during our 50 years of “friendship” has Saudi Arabia hesitated to publicly snub the U.S.

All this from our “best friends” who are pulling in an estimated $1 billion per day in oil revenue.

And what, you might wonder, has our “best friend” been doing with these incredible riches?

Well, billions went to religious efforts that laid the groundwork for the creation of al-Qaeda.

You remember al-Qaeda, right? Of course you do.

They’re the extremist group – led by Osama bin Laden – that flew two planes into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, killing almost 3,000 people.

It was the worst terrorist attack on America by a factor of 10.

And where do you think the cash and military-grade weapons came from that helped create and empower the Taliban?

You guessed it. From our “best friend,” the Saudis.

And if you have any questions about anything I’m saying, please feel free to check out my details and disclosures page.

But my point here is this: The biggest threat to our money and our freedom isn’t China or Russia…

It’s our “best friend” Saudi Arabia.

As they’ve demonstrated, they will take any opportunity to stab us in the back.

And on December 3, 2023, our “good buddies” are set to commit perhaps the most cold-blooded betrayal in history…

Worse than publicly belittling our government…

Worse than the recession in the 1970s…

Worse, even, than the economic impact of 9/11…

And when it happens, it could create the single-biggest “wealth shock” in history.

I’m talking about a transition so extreme I believe global power shifts overseas… borders of countries are remapped… stock markets around the world drop by thousands of points… the price of every item currently sold in stores increases exponentially… and more.

As Forbes says, “We may be witnessing the end…”

By next year, everything you know could be in a state of complete upheaval (if you don’t heed the advice I’m about to share with you).

So, let me give you a quick overview of what’s actually happening…

America’s Secret
“Deal with the Devil”

Remember the recession I mentioned a few moments ago?

The one that happened after the Saudis placed an embargo on oil in the 1970s?

I want to bring it up again, because it spawned the single-most important event in our long history with the Saudis.

It was the first time they backstabbed us…

And the ramifications were huge.

Almost immediately, the price of oil in America quadrupled.

Inflation ran rampant… the stock market lost nearly half its value… and unemployment nearly doubled.

And it was all thanks to the oil embargo put in place by our “good friends” in Saudi Arabia.

Really, it was a revenge tactic. A strategy employed by OPEC’s Arab nations to punish the U.S. for aiding the Israelis during the Yom Kippur War.

Essentially, the Saudis leveraged their oil power and used it as a weapon of mass financial destruction.

And this is when America’s “deal with the devil” was born…

Richard Nixon hatched a secret plan that would take place during a four-day trip to Saudi Arabia.

The goal was two-fold…

  1. To neutralize the threat of crude oil as a weapon.
  2. To persuade the Saudis to invest their massive wealth in America and aid our financial recovery.

The result was the petrodollar.

Despite its name, it’s not an actual currency…

It simply represents the fact that the Saudis agreed to price their oil in U.S. dollars.

In other words, any country that wanted even a single drop of Saudi oil first had to convert their own currency to U.S. dollars.

China suddenly had to convert their yuan into dollars… Russia had to convert their rubles… European countries had to convert their own currencies.

In return, we agreed to provide armed protection to Saudi Arabia, along with weaponry and other military supplies.

This was a huge deal.

It meant almost endless demand for the U.S. dollar on a global scale

And it effectively cemented the dollar as the world reserve currency.

  • The dollar is now used in nearly half of all global transactions…
  • It’s responsible for 79% of all global trade…
  • And two-thirds of foreign reserves are held in U.S. dollars…

As a result, the U.S. can effectively print as much money as it wants because demand is almost limitless.

Because of this, Americans benefit from a unique and far-reaching financial freedom.

Legendary investor Peter Schiff sums it up best:

So, the Saudis agreed to price their oil in U.S. dollars and to plow their billions back into American treasuries and finance our spending.

This is known as deficit spending…

And it has allowed the U.S. to finance its greatest needs without putting a strain on ordinary citizens.

It helped us build out our military… fund health and social spending… and grow our economy…

For instance, if you currently receive a social security check… deficit spending makes that possible.

If you use Medicare or Medicaid, you can thank deficit spending.

If you received a stimulus payout during the 2008 financial crisis or during the COVID pandemic… that was deficit spending.

Without deficit spending, all of this comes crashing down…

No more guaranteed retirement checks… no more health programs… no more military growth… no more financial aid… no more anything.

In exchange for all this… for Saudi Arabia’s billions…

We’ve shed literal blood… overlooked countless lies… protected them during 9/11… and even covered up murder just to keep up our end of the bargain.

The cost to them was merely money.

For us, the toll was much larger and far darker.

Thousands of our sons and daughters went overseas to die in the name of Saudi protection.

During the Gulf War, not only did we protect Saudi Arabia from the vengeance of Saddam Hussein…

We even left a military presence there to protect against further Iraqi attacks.

More than 600,000 Americans were deployed during the Gulf War, and estimates show the death toll reaching as high as 80,000.

This turned out to be more than just an agreement with the Saudis…

It was a contract signed in blood.

Look at 9/11 as another example.

It’s well documented that the Saudis denied any involvement in the attack.

For twenty years, they’ve outright claimed no knowledge or support of any of the terrorists.

Yet, just last year, when 9/11 evidence was finally declassified, it was clearly shown that the Saudis were involved.

Even worse, our own government helped the Saudis cover it up.

The 9/11 Commission Report claimed that “no credible evidence” could be found that tied this attack to the Saudis.  

Yet the U.S. government has remained largely silent on this topic.

Instead of taking the Saudis to task, a whole line of American presidents sat on their hands. They did nothing.

But perhaps the worst is the case of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist who was killed inside a Saudi consulate in 2018.

After speaking out against the Saudi regime, Khashoggi was tortured and murdered by his own people… by his own government.

There was global outrage.

Naturally, the Saudis denied involvement… just like they did after the attacks on 9/11.

And get this…

The Saudi crown prince lied through his teeth to the world, saying they had nothing to hide…

It was yet another bald-faced lie, and once again, the U.S. was complicit in letting the Saudis off the hook.

The Saudi government murdered a person, and we handed them a “get out jail free card.”

We even backed them publicly.

But now, the game has changed dramatically.

This time the Saudis have gone too far.

And it could cause the entire American financial system to fall into utter chaos as soon as December 3, 2023.

We could be on the verge of a “wealth shock” so vast that it’s felt inside every American home.

Let me show you why…

A Radical 5th Shock
to the Dollar is Coming

In economic history, there have been four major events which have shaped America and the economies of the world…

  • December 23, 1913 – The creation of The Federal Reserve
  • April 5, 1933 – Executive Order 6102, which made it illegal for citizens to own gold bullions
  • July 1, 1944 – The Bretton Woods Conference, which was the start of the dollar as the world reserve currency
  • August 15, 1971 – President Nixon closed the gold window and ushered in the age of floating exchange rates

I believe the fifth major event will occur very soon.

I also believe it will be at the hands of the Saudi government and that it will happen in a matter of months.

See, after years of betrayals, the Saudis know what they’re doing.

As America approaches a new election year, there is a lot of uncertainty.

And Saudi Arabia desperately wants to make sure they take action while “Sleepy Joe” is at the helm.

They can’t afford to wait and see.

Should Biden’s inept administration be replaced by a more able, strong-handed president…

The Saudis will have a much harder time executing their plan.

There’s no better time than right now, while Biden is sleepwalking through his first – and hopefully only – presidential term.

And if you’ve been following the news, you might know that the Saudis already made their first move…

24 Words that Killed
the U.S. Dollar

It started this past January.

At the 2023 World Economic Forum, Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan made an announcement that stunned the world.

He went on the record, saying…

This was news to Americans.

Many still don’t even understand how big of a deal this is.

Without warning, Saudi Arabia is suddenly willing to deal with other countries without using the dollar?

They’re killing the petrodollar? And they announced it on the world stage for all to hear?

This wasn’t just a punch to the face. It was a knife to the heart.

It was the biggest betrayal in a long history of sinister, premeditated betrayals at the hands of America’s “good buddies.”

And it was a complete embarrassment.

The Saudis hinted at ending our agreement as a global audience looked on.

Within two months, it was already clear what was happening…

  • On March 8, India paid for Russian oil in non-dollar currencies.
  • On March 28, Brazil and China agreed to conduct all future trade using their own currencies.
  • The same day, a French oil giant made a purchase from China using the Chinese yuan.

The minute the Saudis announced they were ready to sell America down the river…

Several other world powers jumped in and followed their lead.

Not only was the announcement in January crushing

It also paved the path to a much bigger, much more destructive situation…

One that could affect every single U.S. household – a “wealth shock” so absolute it will spare no one if it unfolds in the manner I believe it will.


There are a few things you can do in order to protect yourself.

And there are a couple steps you can take in order to actually multiply your wealthwhile millions of Americans are facing what could be the largest-scale destruction of wealth in history.

But before I get too far into things, let me briefly introduce myself…

The Biggest “Wealth Shock” 
in World History

My name is Andrew Zatlin. 

A trained economist, I studied economics as a Research Fellow at Kyoto University and earned my MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

I refined my skills for the next two decades working in Silicon Valley.

During my time at NEC Electronics and Cisco, I helped unleash the internet to the masses in the 1990s and 2000s.

During the smartphone boom of the 2010s…

I began work as an independent economic forecaster, developing predictive models to help some of the most successful banks and hedge funds in the world stay ahead of the markets.

Not only have I been incredibly successful in this forecasting role…

But my proprietary job data now stands among the most sought-after on Wall Street.

Here, see for yourself…

My “bread and butter,” though, is my ability to harvest and manipulate data… the likes of which has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

My data also leads to eerily accurate projections about the global economy – stories exactly like the one I’m sharing with you today.

Most recently, I predicted that a massive inflationary surge was on its way.

In mid-2021, it happened, and we saw the highest inflation rates in decades.

In regard to my uncanny predictive ability, The Wall Street Journal said I’m “as spot-on as one can get.”

But I don’t gauge my success based on the number of media appearances I’ve made.

I gauge it on how often I’m right.

And thanks to my proprietary data mining process, I can tell you, I’ve been right far more often than I’ve been wrong.

See, I do the things most analysts don’t want to do.

While they’re measuring statistics and figures that don’t matter, I’m harvesting and applying very specific data to gain an edge over the markets.

That’s what I did with the situation I’ve been covering with the Saudis.

Because while this situation all goes back to our 1974 petrodollar agreement, this is not a story about oil.

It’s about how the basic lives of all Americans could be thrown into utter chaos on December 3rd.

It’s about how we could watch our wealth evaporate… lose our economic freedom… and see our lives change beyond recognition.

If this sounds extreme, check out what I’m about to show you…

Start Hoarding Food
(Before Bread Costs $80)

December 3rd is when OPEC will hold their year-end meeting.

It starts at 6 a.m. Eastern Time…  

And what’s announced at that time could change the world – and your personal wealth – forever.

As of right now, the Saudis have only hinted that they will ditch the dollar and start conducting oil transactions in non-dollar currencies.

But it was enough to spur the likes of Russia, Brazil, India, and China into action.

And when OPEC meets at the end of the year…

I expect Saudi Arabia will make it official that they’re putting an end to our 50-year agreement.

Not only will this be the biggest threat to the dollar in American history…

But it could also immediately impact your personal finances on a scale never seen before in history.

I’m talking about a large-scale “shock” that could cause severe disruption to your daily existence.

See, the world currently consumes more than 94 billion barrels of oil per day.

With each barrel sold, more demand for U.S. dollars is created.

But if the dollar is no longer the primary currency for oil transactions, America will be stuck with lots of extra dollars that are no longer in demand.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big problem to you, but consider this…

If the Saudis officially end our petrodollar deal, the U.S. dollar’s reign as the world reserve currency will effectively be over.

As Monica Crowley, former Department of the Treasury member, says:

Think about it…

Right now, almost every country keeps a vast reserve of U.S. dollars for trade purposes. As the world reserve currency, it’s the dominant form of payment for almost everything that’s currently imported and exported worldwide.

If that were to end, there would suddenly be countless dollars that are suddenly worthless.

As Crowley says, “If you think inflation is bad now, just wait.”

And she’s not kidding.

When a currency suddenly blows up, chaos ensues.

It happened in Germany.

From the outbreak of World War I until November 1923, Germany produced so much new currency that the value fell from four to the dollar to one trillion to the dollar.

Production collapsed, leading to a shortage of goods, especially food.

The price of everyday items doubled every four days, and inflation rose by 21% per day.

A loaf of bread that cost 160 Marks in 1922 cost 200 trillion Marks by late-1923.

This is why, when hyperinflation hits, ordinary citizens start hoarding everything from automobiles to washing machines to loaves of bread.

Daily supplies become scarce, they become more expensive, and the economy falls apart.

Something similar happened in Zimbabwe.

The government printed loads of money to pay for the war in the Congo.

Inflation eventually hit 98% per day, and prices doubled every 24 hours.

And just a few years ago, in Venezuela, inflation ran rampant due to many converging factors.

Chief among them was a sharp decline in the price of oil.

Eventually things got so bad, ordinary citizens could only buy a dozen eggs and two pounds of cheese with a month’s wages.

Am I saying the situation we face now, in America, will be just as bad?

The honest answer is, I don’t know.

I don’t think we’ll be paying hundreds of dollars for a single loaf of bread, but the impact on your finances could be so absolute that you won’t recover in your lifetime.

That’s why I’m here today…

I want to help you protect yourself, to show you the proper steps to take in order to secure your wealth (and perhaps even make a good bit along the way).

Trust me, if the dollar fails, you do not want to see what happens if you leave things up to chance.

Do you understand now why I call this a “wealth shock”…

And how it could cause you years of financial hardship?

We’ve never witnessed anything like this before.

It could be worse than any financial disaster to date… including the 2008 crisis and the Great Depression.

Why Some People Could Actually Get RICH from This “Wealth Shock”

Remember, though…

While the demise of the U.S. dollar is a disaster for our country and millions of ordinary citizens…

It doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

That’s right.

If you know exactly what to do… It’s not difficult to protect yourself from this situation entirely.

In fact, you could actually turn this to your benefit and come out well ahead.

Remember, this is a crisis that could consume even the very rich.

We’re all on a level playing field as far as risk here.

All of us have everything to lose…

If we sit around and wait to see what unfolds, that is.

For those who take action today, the future stands to be a much richer, much happier time.

That’s why I’m here today…

To make sure you have the proper information to protect the money you already have… and to potentially make a mountain of cash along the way.

But you cannot sit idly by. You cannot wait.

Things are already unfolding, and over the next few months we’re looking at a potential wealth shake-up unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Remember, other world powers are already ditching the dollar…

  • On March 8, India paid for Russian oil in non-dollar currencies.
  • On March 28, Brazil and China agreed to conduct all future trade using their own currencies.
  • The same day, a French oil giant made a purchase from China using the Chinese yuan as the currency.

But those aren’t the only things in play at the moment.

They’re just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s something far bigger rumbling under the surface… something a recent Forbes article calls “earth-shattering.”

Recently, it was made public that Saudi Arabia is intent on becoming the newest member of BRICs.

BRICs is an acronym for five regional economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Russia and China are very powerful members, and the Saudis have been working closely with these countries behind our backs.

The Saudi Crown Prince met with Putin in April to discuss ongoing collaborations to “stabilize the price of oil.”

I mean, come on.

To me, this is an “obviously vague” way of saying the Saudis will officially abandon the 1974 agreement they made with us… and work with our largest adversaries instead.


So they can compete with the power of Western alliances such as the G7 (of which the U.S. is a part).

Saudi Arabia no longer wants to be held in check by the deal they made with us. They want to take things to the next level.

There’s no better way to do that than by joining the biggest threat to our money and freedom in the Eastern world.

BRICs already has a lot of power.

It represents more than 40% of the world’s population and almost a third of global economic output.

And this isn’t just a pipedream of the Saudis…

There’s a very good chance they could be admitted to BRICs in the near future. Perhaps even at the next BRICs summit.

If and when this happens, it will be yet another nail in the coffin for the U.S. dollar.

As Forbes reports: “The old world order… is disappearing.”

Things are moving fast.

And I believe everything will culminate at OPECs year-end meeting.

Last year’s meeting was held on the first Sunday in December, so I believe this will happen on December 3, 2023 – at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Your Life Could Change on
December 3, 2023

If the Saudis announce what I think they’re going to announce, it could be the final blow in a brewing rift between us and the Saudis.

Not only that, but it could change everything.

As Peter Schiff says, “Our standard of living is going to implode.”

If the dollar loses its reserve currency status, things will get ugly…

  • The cost to import goods will skyrocket because foreign companies will no longer want dollars.
  • Our government won’t be able to borrow at its current levels, forcing higher taxes and the printing of even more money.
  • Inflation will hit levels we’ve never seen before.
  • The economy will collapse in the face of this raging inflation and interest rates will skyrocket.

In short, the dollar will only be worth the paper it’s printed on.

This means affording basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and clothing will become obstacles, and in some cases, insurmountable problems.

There’s no longer that “rainy day” fund for your family vacation…

Instead, it’s grinding day in and day out just to afford a meal.

Again, each person will be affected differently.

We’re facing a situation The Washington Post says could disrupt “the whole U.S. financial system.”

I’m not saying that you, specifically, will lose everything.

But I am showing you what happens when a reserve currency collapses and hits ordinary citizens where it hurts the most.

So it’s even more important that you take the proper steps to protect yourself… and potentially even multiply your wealth in the process.

Of course, even with the proof laid out like this…

Some of you are probably still thumbing your noses at me, calling me a paranoid lunatic.

And that’s fine.

I don’t expect everyone to take this seriously.

After all, we’ve been hearing about the demise of the dollar for decades now, and nothing disastrous has happened.

But mark my words…

Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t.

I know millions of Americans were caught with their pants down during the 2008 financial crisis as $19.2 trillion in household wealth simply evaporated.

And I don’t know a single person who was prepared for the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing market panic…

Or COVID and that financial downturn as well.

My point is, anything can happen at any time. Very rarely do you have enough time to prepare.

That’s why I laid everything out for you here today.

I want you to have a proper warning.

And honestly, today’s opportunity is a win-win for you…

If I’m right, and everything happens like I believe it will… then you should be prepared and avoid huge losses (and even make some money too).

If I’m dead wrong, you still stand to make serious money with what I’m about to share with you.

So even if you think I’m just a crazy old financial guy, it doesn’t actually matter.

That’s the beauty of this.

Today’s opportunity is for everyone, whether you believe me or not.

I’m not here to convince anyone of anything.

I simply want to relay what I’ve found to be fact, and help you prepare in the best way possible.

That’s why I’ve created a special three-step plan for protecting your money, making money in the short-term, and making money over the long-term.

In other words, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know.

Let me show you what I mean…

Step #1: 5 Places to Put
Your Money RIGHT NOW

The most important thing is to protect the wealth you’ve already spent decades building.

What do you do with it?

If the Saudi regime destroys the dollar, what will happen to the money you already have?

Well, I have some good news.

There are actually five ways, starting right now, that could help you protect every dollar you’ve saved, invested, and will earn in the future.

And don’t worry.

I’m not simply going to tell you to buy gold and leave you hanging.

I’m going to walk you through all three methods of protecting your money, how to use them, and why I believe they are the best ways to protect your current nest egg.

I cover everything in the exclusive report I put together, especially for the unique situation we could experience starting in December.

The report is called, 5 Ways to Protect Your Money Starting TODAY.

Report Image

Inside, you’ll get my full analysis of this situation, everything you should do if you want to protect yourself as we quickly near December 3, 2023.

5 Ways to Protect Your Money Starting TODAY is available for immediate download…

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That’s right.

Take a trial of Sector Alpha, and give it a try.

In return, I’ll give you immediate access to 5 Ways to Protect Your Money Starting TODAY.

This is an incredible deal.

Not only are you getting advance notice of a situation that could disrupt your entire standard of living…

You’re getting a step-by-step report on exactly what to do, how to do it, and why to do it.

But I’m not simply going to hand you this report and call it a day.

Like I say, I’m here for you.

I want everyone I come in contact with to live happily, prosperously, and without fear.

In other words, I want everyone to make as much money as possible.

So let me detail something else I’d like to send you today…

Step #2: 3 Investments

Despite the disaster I see unfolding, there are actually five ways I believe you could make a killing over the next year or two.

That’s right…

Not only will I show you how to protect your money…

I’m going to hand you five ways that could generate huge potential returns for you as this all goes down.

If this all occurs like I believe it will, millions will be left high and dry.

I’m talking about people – maybe your friends and neighbors – scraping pennies together to pay for bread that’s twenty times more expensive than it was a couple days before.

But that doesn’t have to be your reality.

And I don’t want it to be.

That’s why I put together a second, full-length report that details five ways you could invest your money and make a potential killing starting right now.

The thing here is you cannot wait.

The situations I’ve uncovered are not ones that you can sit on the fence about.

You need to make a decision…

Will you be eaten alive as the value of your dollars hits rock bottom?

Or will you be laughing all the way to the bank, thanking yourself for making the right moves before everything collapsed?

I’m sure you’d rather experience the second scenario.

And that’s why I put this second report together for you.

I don’t want you to just protect your money.

I’m a capitalist. I love making money.

And I love when others make money too.

With my newest report, 3 Inflation-Beating Stocks to Buy Now, you’ll have the chance to make huge potential gains over the next year or two.

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Remember, most people won’t.

Even if everything remains the same for longer than I think, this report could still help you generate tremendous amounts of cash.

In fact, I hope I’m wrong about today’s situation and you make even more money than I’m thinking you will with the information in 3 Inflation-Beating Stocks to Buy Now.

But get this…

I’ve already agreed to send you – for FREE – two resources.

One could help you protect what you’ve already earned.

The second could help you make a mountain of cash in the short-term.

But I’m not going to stop there.

I want you to make money forever.

And that’s why I’ve decided to send you a THIRD report…

Step #3: Make Money FOREVER

Not only do you need to prepare and have short-term plans for the next year or two…

You also need a proper strategy that could help you get rich over the next five years… 10 years… forever.

Yes, America is facing a disastrous event…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up to make a mountain of cash in the months, years, and decades to come.

Would you rather sit on your hands and hope for the best?

Or would you rather put a strategy into place that could help you pocket several big-time winners.

After all, the U.S. is still going to be here… the biggest companies… the economy… the stock market…

The landscape might look different, but life itself isn’t going to end.

And those that experience the highest level of success, I believe, will be those that set themselves up starting today.

My “Moneyball Economics” system — the same proprietary system that helped me become Bloomberg’s #1 economic forecaster — relies on predictive models that can gauge a sector’s hotness/coldness with shocking accuracy.

This is what I want to send you as another bonus. FOR FREE…

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Let me say that again…

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Meaning you’ll pay just $99 for a three-month (3 month) membership to Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report.

Over the course of your subscription, expect to receive a brand-new recommendation each month, which of course has the potential to generate outsized profits.

To summarize, you’ll get…


🔥 MONTHLY ISSUES (3) of my flagship publication for a full three months, with a brand-new stock recommendation in every issue.

🔥 Full access to my MODEL PORTFOLIO, which is comprised solely of companies operating in thriving sectors — ones that 1) trade on major stock exchanges, 2) have ample trading volume for buy/sell orders to fill, and 3) offer investors the potential for outsized gains.

🔥 I’ll send E-MAIL UPDATES whenever news breaks that impacts any of the companies in our model portfolio. It’s a convenient way to track all of the high-flying stocks that I recommend throughout the year.

🔥 MAIN REPORT5 Ways to Protect Your Money Starting TODAY, which includes everything you need to know as December 3, 2023 approaches. Start protecting yourself right now.

🔥 BONUS REPORT #13 Inflation-Beating Stocks to Buy NowThis is your key to playing the Saudi situation for the short-term. You’ll learn my top five investments right now that could hand you huge profits, even if disaster strikes the dollar like I believe it will. This report alone could put you in position to walk away with massive gains while those who sit on their hands experience a complete financial reversal.

🔥 BONUS REPORT #2Sector Alpha Profits: Eternal Wealth. Never own another stock in a lousy… out-of-favor… mothballed sector! Inside the pages of this highly specialized report, you’ll find every detail behind my proprietary “sector rotation” strategy.

All for the unprecedented price of just $99!

“And here’s the great part… when you click the button below, there’s also a less expensive plan to get you started, too.”

If my forecasts prove accurate…

Your first trade could pay for your subscription 200 times over.

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report is designed to be financially-freeing; not stressful.

So take my research for a 30-day test drive…

If you don’t like it….

You’ll get a full refund on your subscription cost.

I mean that sincerely.

Download and review all THREE reports I’ll send you.

Then, over the next 30 days…

If you’re not a fan of my research…

One of my friendly membership liaisons is standing by…

guarantee Image

To be clear, we DO NOT charge any kind of “processing” or “restocking” fees.

We’ll grant you a FULL REFUND on your subscription cost at any time over the next 30 days…

No questions asked.

Keep everything you’ve received up to that point, my compliments.

Of course I must mention that all investments carry risk and past performance does not guarantee future success. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

And circle December 3, 2023 on your calendar…

First, I showed you how the Saudis are backstabbing us… despite the many times we’ve protected them and even overlooked brutal lies. And they have the audacity, now, to go behind our backs and renege on a 50-year agreement.

Second, I explained how other countries, including our biggest rivals, are now following the Saudi lead. Countries like Russia, Brazil, and China have begun trading oil in non-dollar currencies. Now, even more countries want to do the same.

After that, I cautioned you that this could be the biggest “wealth shock” in history… one that erases the value of every single dollar you own… invest… and earn in the future.

Then, I predicted exactly what will happen on December 3, 2023 at 6 o’clock in the morning. And I stand by my prediction. I believe the Saudis have one more card up their sleeve, and it will be the fact that they are officially cutting us off and ending our 50-year “truce.”

Next, I showed you exactly how certain companies have experienced immense success, especially during massive dollar crises. Folks had the chance to get rich during the last two. Now you have the chance to take the bull by the horns and actually do it.

Lastly, I revealed an incredible offer that is an absolute no-brainer in my eyes. This offer gives you the chance to protect your financial well-being… establish peace of mind… and even “increase” the value of every dollar you invest.

Remember, this is not a “wait and see” situation.

Things are unfolding right now, and there’s no better time to take action than TODAY!

But you must be on my list of trial members to receive everything I’ve mentioned today.…

When the Saudis officially make their announcement, things could start to tailspin very quickly.

It could result in a historical “wealth shock” that instantly devalues the dollar and puts you in a huge financial hole.

But now you have the chance to protect yourself (and even profit handsomely as everything unfolds).

If that doesn’t motivate you to act quickly…

Nothing will.

Now it’s time for you to make a choice…

I wish I could make it for you…

But that’s something only you can do.

When you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to a secure order form…

That’s where you’ll enter your billing and contact info.

Within moments of submitting your order, you’ll get an email from me with your first three downloadable reports…

Bundle Image
  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Money Starting TODAY
  • 3 Inflation-Beating Stocks to Buy Now
  • Sector Alpha Profits: Eternal Wealth

See you on the other side!

In it to win it,

Andrew Zatlin
Founder, Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report
August 2023

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