Andrew Zatlin: Biden’s Puppet Master Exposed and How to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar


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Biden’s Puppet Master…EXPOSED

Discover what the man who's been called “the most dangerous man in the world” has planned for the rest of Biden's presidency – and how it'll gravely affect youyour freedoms, and your money.

Dear reader,

Have you ever suspected that Joe Biden's not really running America?

Have you wondered who's really pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Let me show you…

I want you to take a close look at this man behind President Joe Biden…

He's been called “the most dangerous man in the world”…

“The new Karl Marx”…

And even “the Antichrist”…

But I call him Joe Biden's Puppet Master…

Because despite him never being elected to hold office and never being put up for a vote among “We the People…” 

I believe he's the man who's pulling all the strings…

And directing all of Biden's policies that are destroying America.

Every independent-thinking American deserves to know what this man is really up to…

Because the next phase of his plan could take away your God-given freedoms and constitutional rights…

Give the government complete control over your money…

And completely destroy your way of life…

As the Hill says:

“If [this man and his team] are successful, life in America might never be the same.”

As you're about to see, they could even lock you out of the financial system, including your own bank account.

And no, I'm not talking about Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Bill Gates, or anyone you've likely heard of before…


This man has never been on a ballot.

He holds no official title.

He's not part of any government committee, council, or cabinet.

Instead, he's a Harvard-educated descendant of a Nazi family who operates behind the scenes.

And you won't hear much about him from the corrupt mainstream media.

So even though he's already having a direct impact on the lives of 335 million Americans…

Most people have never heard of him.

Operating In The Shadows

In fact, my guess is that if he were standing right next to you in the grocery checkout line…

You'd likely have no clue who he was.

Worse yet, because he's not elected, you can't vote him out of power.

Instead, he's the head of what many believe is the #1 anti-American organization in the world.

He leads a small group of wealthy and powerful individuals who operate beyond national borders…

Deciding policies they want to see applied on a global level…

Policies that could enrich them and give them complete control over your life.

In fact, he's connected to the world's most powerful men, including…

Bill Gates…

The Clinton family. Both Bill…

And Hillary…

The leader of the Chinese communist party, Xi Jinping…

And the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, just to name a few…

He's also connected to some of the most powerful billionaires in the world, such as…

Facebook's founder Mark Zukerberg…

Who controls much of what Americans see, read, and hear about on the internet…

Amazon's founder and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos…

Who controls much of what Americans read about in the newspaper, and what they can and can't buy online…

And George Soros, who's Hillary Clinton's most generous billionaire donor…

And the biggest funder of the radical left and anti-American activities in the world.

Biden's Puppet Master is connected to the heads of Big Pharma…

Like the CEOs of the two big vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna…

He's connected to the heads of major banking institutions, like the CEOs of Mastercard and Bank of America…

And he's connected to the big players on Wall Street, like the CEO of Goldman Sachs…

And the CEO of the world's largest asset manager BlackRock, Larry Fink…

I'm talking about the masters of the universe who have the power to destroy your way of life.

As dangerous as this is so far, it gets even worse…

Because this man's most important connection by far is President Joe Biden.

Today, through this very controversial letter…

I'm going to prove to you how Biden and his Puppet Master will use a made-up climate crisis to give the global elite complete control of how you spend your money.

Very soon, they will get to decide what kind of car you're allowed to drive…

What kind of food you're allowed to eat…

What kind of books you're allowed to read…

What you're able to put into your own body…

What type of weapons you can and can't buy to protect your home…

What kind of education your kids and grandkids are allowed to get…

What kind of movies you're allowed to watch…

And even how warm or cool you can keep your own home's thermostat…

And I believe they're about to pull the trigger on the last phase of their evil plan.

In fact, Reuters just broke the news that they're launching a pilot program to give them control over your money.

So depending on when you're seeing this, you might have just a few days to prepare…

Because once they flip the switch…

I believe you could lose access to your bank account, your credit card, and even your social security benefits.

Look, I know this all sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory.

But before you think I'm just some nut job wearing a tinfoil hat…

You should know Bloomberg has ranked me as one of the top economists in America.

The Wall Street Journal even wrote an entire article about me, saying that my predictions were, and I quote, “knocking it out of the park.”

That's why Bloomberg invites me to discuss the state of the economy on its TV show.

Trust me…

I know that everything I said so far sounds extreme.

But Biden's Puppet Master said it himself…

In order to achieve his agenda…

“No extreme scenario can now be taken off the table.”

The Puppet Masters “Extreme Measures”

Think about that.

Nothing is off the table.

That's not me saying it.

This is coming directly from Biden's Puppet Master.

He's literally telling you that the end justifies all means.

So if you have to lose your freedoms and your constitutional rights for them to enact their plan for global domination, so be it.

If you're locked out of your own bank account for them to force you to comply, so be it.

And if his plans end up ruining your financial future for their financial gain, so be it.

This man believes it's all for the greater good.”

And since he's connected to the most powerful people in the world…

Shouldn't you believe his own words when he says that “no extreme scenario is off the table?”

Shouldn't you at least take some measures today to protect yourself and your family from his devastatingly wealth-destroying ideas?

That's why I'm here today.

In the next few minutes I'm going to expose everything.  

I'm also going to give you my entire five-step blueprint on how to legally and ethically “opt out” of their plan.

Because the reality is…

I'm not even the only one who's figured this out.

#1 New York Times bestselling author and renowned radio host Glenn Beck says:

America Can't Be That Corrupt… Right? Wrong.

Look, I have to give you a heads up…

Some of the stuff I'm going to show you today will shock you…

Just like it shocked me when I first discovered this.

At first glance you won't want to believe what you hear today.

You'll think, “There's no way our system can be that corrupt, not here in America.”

But you don't have to take my word for anything here.

I've included all my sources in the Details and Disclosures link below…

So, after you've read this letter…

You can click on this link and verify all the information for yourself.

I'm also going to show you direct quotes from Joe Biden and his Puppet Master…

And I'll let you be the judge if this is real or not.

But if you still think this sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, let me ask you this…

If you wanted to intentionally destroy America, would you do anything differently than what President Biden is doing?

Think about it…

Instead of unleashing our very own domestic oil and gas production to ease pain at the pump for Americans…

He has declared war on fossil fuels, all while draining our strategic oil reserve and begging dictators in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil.

He's devaluing the dollar at the fastest pace in 40 years…

To a point where inflation is now forcing many families to choose between putting gas in their car or food on the table.

401ks are getting wiped out…

And mortgage rates are the highest in more than 20 years, putting home ownership out of reach for millions of Americans.

He has opened the borders to about 5 million illegal immigrants…

Including potential criminals, terrorists, welfare recipients, and enemies of the United States.

He's also shrinking our Air Force, Navy, and Army…

And turning our military into a bunch of woke wimps, all while driving us towards a potential war with another nuclear power.

He's dividing the country by calling all of 75 million Americans who didn't vote for him “domestic terrorists”…

And he's using race and gender to play us against each other.

He's dumbing down and indoctrinating our children with anti-American propaganda in the schools and media.

And he's emptying prisons and letting real criminals onto the streets…

All while persecuting Americans who he considers to be his political opponents.

Ask yourself…

Can someone really be this incompetent?

If you suspected there's something far more sinister going on, you're right.

USA: No Longer The World's Superpower?

In fact, Joe Biden's Puppet Master himself predicted that, and I quote…

By 2030 “The U.S. will NOT be the world's leading superpower.”

And he's manipulating his puppet, President Biden, to make sure that prediction comes true.

So in the next few minutes I'm going to prove to you that this is not just a matter of  incompetence.

I'll show you how this is all part of a well-orchestrated plan to control not only your money…

But what you think, where you go, what you say, what you eat, and what you wear…

All while enriching a small group of unelected bureaucrats who are members of the global elite.

I'm going to reveal who Biden's Puppet Master is…

I'll pull off his mask and name his real name…

And show you the smoking-gun proof that proves he's in control of the radical ideas coming out of the White House.

More importantly, I'm going to show you the five steps you need to take to opt out of their evil plan.

But before we get to all that, let me introduce myself.

WSJ: “Knocking it Out of The Park”

My name, by the way, is Andrew Zatlin.

I live in North Carolina with my wife and two kids.

I've been a trained economist for more than 30 years…

But I'm not just one of those academics who sits behind a desk writing boring papers all day, like most economists do.

I spent two decades working in Silicon Valley…

Where I held senior roles in Business Strategy and Operations at NEC Electronics and Cisco.

That real-life experience gave me unique insights on how economies actually work and set me apart from other mainstream economists.

That's why I was ranked #1 for Jobs Forecasting by Bloomberg

Ahead of analysts at major Wall Street firms like JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Today, I run an independent investment research firm called MoneyBall Economics.

By independent, I mean that I don't accept any advertisements from funds, companies, or think tanks.

And that means I can't be compromised by money…

And I can speak the truth without worry of being “canceled” by anyone.

My research has been used by several of the world's top hedge funds that manage an excess of a combined $20 billion.

And like I mentioned earlier…

The Wall Street Journal reported that my economic predictions have “knocked it out of the park” when it comes to making money.

For example, while Joe Biden, his Treasury Secretary, and the Federal Reserve were all telling you that inflation would be transitory…

I was warning my readers, saying that inflation was here to stay.

Here's what I told my readers in late 2021:

I say this not to brag…

But to show you that my predictions are based on what's actually happening in the economy.

It's why Business Insider wrote that my work is based on “highly accurate, data-driven methods.”

And it's why even the left-wing newspaper the Washington Post admitted:

The bottom line is…

My predictions are based on facts…

And the facts here are crystal clear.

With his Puppet Master pulling the strings…

Joe Biden is planning to use a bogus global warming crisis to implement the most radical change in America's history.

Let me show you how it's all playing out…

And then, of course, I'll show you how to “opt out” of their plans to control you…

Penetrating Governments Around The World

The first thing you should know is that this man runs a 3-year indoctrination program for global leaders…

And he trains these future politicians to execute his plans.

Just listen to his own words. He said:

Again, those are his words.

He blatantly stated that Angela Merkel of Germany…

Vladimir Putin of Russia, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron of France were all “groomed” by him.

That's how we end up with a lot of global leaders who follow similar policies that only benefit the global elite.

And please, don't dismiss this message as me just being a shill for the Republican party.

I'm not.

Fact is, Biden's Puppet Master has buried himself deep inside the Republican establishment as well…

He's influencing the right-leaning Governor of Maryland…

The mayor of Miami… and multiple Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and, of course, California.

Several members of Joe Biden's administration also went through his indoctrination program…

Including the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and the Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese.

As Biden's Puppet Master likes to say…

And he couldn't have found a better puppet than Joe Biden.

He's a lifelong politician.

And it's proven that he'll read almost anything put in front of him on a teleprompter. 

Add in the fact that he's mentally impaired…

And it makes him the perfect empty shell that the elites can use to implement their evil plan.

In fact, these “global elites” have so little regard for us that they aren't even trying to hide the plans.

They think so little of us that they aren't bothering to disguise their intentions.

It's right in front of our faces.

Directly From The Desk Of The Puppet Master Right To Biden's Teleprompter

For example, look at Joe Biden's slogan, “Build back better.”

Do you think Joe Biden's campaign came up with that?

No, they didn't.

Biden and his team had more than a little help from his Puppet Master.

Fact is, back in 2019, before Joe Biden's presidential campaign started…

Biden's Puppet Master was already using that phrase to indoctrinate several global leaders.

In that year's official annual report from his organization, he wrote:

In mid-2020, his organization also published a paper saying…

A week later, Joe Biden published his economic plan on his campaign page…

The name of his plan?

You guessed it… “Build Back Better.”

That's how that became the official slogan of his campaign.

It's clear the slogan came right from the lips of Biden's Puppet Master… directly to Biden's campaign site itself.

That's called power and influence.

Still think this is all a big coincidence?

Shortly after Biden's election, someone asked John Kerry, the “climate czar,” if Biden would help this man implement his evil plan.

Listen to what he said:

Again, these are his words, not mine.

This is coming directly from the same John Kerry who's met multiple times with Biden's Puppet Master.

And what they're planning is no small feat.

They just launched a pilot program that will ultimately give them the power to lock you out of the financial system, including your own bank account…

Without having to pass any new law by government dictate.

That's why I'm urging you to prepare now with the five steps I'm going to cover here today.

Now, these people may be evil…

But they're not dumb.

They know that such a radical plan is massive…

And for them to be able to pull this off, they need to have a big crisis.

Like Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel once said:

So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020…

It gave them the perfect opportunity to implement their plan and expand their control.

Again, if you think that I'm just making this stuff up…

Just listen to what Biden's Puppet Master said in mid-2020.

He said that all the lockdowns and mandates across the globe…

So he clearly admitted they were planning to use the pandemic to implement their plan.

But it didn't work because the pandemic was temporary.

To achieve their goal of completely changing every aspect of society and taking control of your money…

They need a more dangerous crisis to “solve”…

One that's permanent and not going to go away anytime soon…

And one that could supposedly destroy all human life on earth.

Does anything come to mind?

Can you think of anything you've heard from Biden and the corrupt mainstream media lately?

The Government Never Lets a Good Crisis Go To Waste… Even If They Have To Make The Crisis Up

Yes, I'm talking about climate change.

They're doing everything they can to convince you that global warming is an imminent and existential crisis.

That's why Biden's Puppet Master started a propaganda campaign to promote the idea that climate change will be much worse than any pandemic.

He said:

Shortly after, Joe Biden, playing his part as the perfect puppet, said this:

The only problem is that this is just another one of Joe Biden's countless blunders…

Just like when he said inflation would be transitory… or the border is secure… or that “our economy is strong as hell.”

The idea that the human race is about to be extinct because of climate change is, as Joe Biden likes to say, malarkey.

And that's not just me saying it…

Check out this headline…

He says there's no climate emergency.

This isn't coming from a nut job.

It's coming from the founder of the world's largest environmental activist organization…

It's coming from a man regarded as one of the world's most qualified experts on the environment.

When asked why he left Greenpeace, he said:

And, again, I don't want you to take my word for it because I'm not a climate scientist.

Instead, I want you to listen to the one scientist who literally wrote the book on it…

A book called Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters.

His name is Steve Koonin. And he's not just some crazy conspiracy theorist.

He has an MIT doctorate in physics.

And he's the former chief scientist for BP and former Undersecretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy.

After analyzing all the available science, he called all this climate alarmism “hubris.”

Yes, it's true that the globe is warming modestly.

But it has been warming since about the year 1700.

For context, that was 150 years before we were using fossil fuels.

And yes, it's true that humans are having some type of influence.

But the why and how aren't as clear as they want you to believe.

And the idea that we're all going to die is complete BS.

Listen to his conclusion:

“Very few people, and that includes journalists who report on climate news, read the actual science. I have.

And what the data—the hard science—says is that… things are NOT that bad.

Heat waves in the US are NO MORE COMMON than they were in 1900.

Hurricane activity is NO DIFFERENT that it was a century ago.

Floods have NOT increased across the globe over more than seventy years.

Greenland's ice sheet is NOT shrinking any more rapidly today than it was 80 years ago.

And the temperature extremes in the U.S. have become LESS COMMON and somewhat MILDER since the late nineteenth century.

Look, I care about our environment…

But does that sound to you like we're really facing the end of the world?

Unfortunately, most people don't know the truth because Biden's Puppet Master and his associates have corrupted scientists…

And they've launched a censorship campaign to bury the truth.

Anyone who goes against their narrative is immediately labeled as a “climate denier.”

Facebook even suppressed a Wall Street Journal review of the book I just mentioned, Unsettled. “

The New York Times and the Washington Post never even reviewed the book.

Working with the corrupt mainstream media…

Biden's Puppet Master and his “elites” have also launched a very successful propaganda campaign to scare the bejesus out of everyone.

It's a fear-mongering campaign designed to give them the perfect excuse to implement their evil plan…

And take control of your money and your life.

Again, that's not just me saying it.

For example, the Associated Press confessed that last year they received $8 million just to promote claims of global warming.

That's why you see headlines like this one from The Guardian

Or this one from CNN, claiming that we only have until 2030 to save the world…

They've even turned daily weather forecasts into a propaganda machine.

Take a look at this example…

If you look at the temperatures and compare them to 10 years ago, they actually went DOWN.

But in order to create the illusion that we're all going to burn to death soon, they're now showing the entire map covered in red.

Unfortunately, all this propaganda is working.

Using Fear To Control The Population

More than half of the U.S. population now believes that it is likely that entire cities will be lost to rising sea levels.

If that's true, why did Obama buy a $15 million oceanfront mega-mansion in Martha's Vineyard?

If he were really concerned about rising sea levels, wouldn't he avoid all oceanfront property for fear of death and destruction?

My guess is that Obama knows it's all a made-up crisis.

What's even more insane is that just over one-third of Americans believe climate change will lead to Earth becoming uninhabitable for all life.

In other words, one-third of Americans believe we're all going to die because of global warming.

Like I said, the propaganda from Biden's Puppet Master and his cronies have brainwashed millions of Americans.

The reality is that this climate hysteria has been going on for decades…

In the 1970s, they predicted that today we would be facing, and I quote,

“a disastrous new ice age.”

That's right.

Instead of global warming, they were predicting we were all going to freeze to death in a global cooling.

It didn't happen.

In the 1980s, they said “entire nations could be wiped off of the face of the earth by rising sea levels by 2000.”

It didn't happen.

In 2008, former presidential candidate Al Gore, who you see here with Biden's Puppet Master, predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

John Kerry, who flies around the world in his private jet polluting the earth more that you and I ever will, made the same prediction.

But guess what?

It's been 15 years since Gore made the claim.

Far as I can see, the Polar Ice Cap is still just that – an ice cap.

And snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere actually just reached the highest level since measurements began in 1967.

Or look at the new monarch of Britain, King Charles III, who you see here meeting with Biden's Puppet Master.

In 2009, he said we only had about 8 years to save the world.

14 years later, we're all still here.

An Unblemished Track Record of Being Dead Wrong

For more than 50 years, these climate alarmists have been predicting that some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent.

I found 51 predictions in total.

And they have a perfect record of getting all 51 predictions wrong…

None of their predictions came true. Not even once.

Now let me be clear – it's fair and right to be concerned about the environment overall.

But the climate change talk is all about whipping up hysteria.

Fact is, they'll create extreme positions and outcomes… and tell us the world is likely to end unless we take action. Extreme action.

And that's the point, isn't it? They want us to take their action. They want us to swallow their solutions.

And the question we must ask is – for what end?

Facing certain gloom, they tell us the only way to solve this crisis is to give them absolute power and control.

And that's their endgame – power and control.

The bad news is…

According to consulting firm KPMG, 96% of the 250 largest companies in the world are already behind this green energy nonsense.


One word…


Think about it…

A transition to green energy would demand trillions and trillions of dollars…

Huge new public work policy… and massive government funding.

If you want a crisis that guarantees governments gain more power…

And that allows them to steal more of your money for their plans, funneled into their investments and their family and friends…

This false climate crisis is it.

Again, that's not just me saying it.

John Kerry said recently:

An International Energy Agency report put out last year found that to reach net zero by mid-century…

The world will need to ramp clean energy spending up to more than $4 trillion annually by 2030.

$4 trillion… every year.

Where do you think that money is going to flow to?

I can tell you it's not going to go to your pocket or mine.

It's going to go to all their cronies, lining the pockets of all those people who are part of this plan.

That's why Biden's Puppet Master has already struck deals with major corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, and many others.

And they've all pledged to force a demand for “green” products.

With central bankers, billionaires, major corporations, the media, members of Congress, the White House…

And pretty much all of the most powerful people in the entire world all behind this plan…

There's no way to stop it.

And very soon, I believe their crazy climate conspiracies will go from corporations… directly to you and me.

Big Brother Is Coming…

Soon they will start tracking our individual carbon footprints.

Biden's Puppet Master is already working with corporations like the Chinese company Alibaba to make sure that happens.

Don't believe me. Listen for yourself…

Once they track your individual carbon footprint…

They'll be able to track where you travel. What you eat. And how you live.

Pretty scary, right?

Biden's Puppet Master even launched an initiative called “My Carbon,” defending the idea that we should track everyone's carbon footprint.

Why would they want to track your carbon footprint?

I believe they want each of us to have a personal carbon allowance.

And again, that's not just me saying it.

As a recent Nature journal piece notes, COVID-19 lockdowns have prepared people for “personal carbon allowances.”

The piece wrote that restrictions on individual freedoms “that were unthinkable only one year before” have us “more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations” to “achieve a safer climate.”

Their propaganda machine is already working to normalize this idea.

And they're already starting to implement it.

Former Vice President Al Gore has partnered with Google to use satellite technology to track “individual emitters” of greenhouse gasses around the world.

Tracking = Controlling

Listen closely, because here's the crux of everything I'm warning you about today:

Once a government is able to track you, they're able to control you.

If they think you're using up too much oil and gas to heat your home… they'll simply turn down your thermostat.

They'll be able to control you.

If they think you're eating too much red meat, fed by cows who emit carbon…

They'll only allow you to eat that awful “meatless meat” they're selling in stores now. If you don't comply… they'll force you to comply.

They'll be able to control you.

Remember, power and control are what they're really after.

Once the individual carbon footprint is in place, the only thing missing will be a compliance mechanism.

Something that forces you to comply.

And that's what really keeps me up at night.

Pay close attention to what I'm about to say, because almost no one else is telling you about what's coming and how to prepare.

Programmable Money Is Coming To Your Bank Account Soon

I believe they're going to enforce your personal “carbon allowance” by introducing a new type of U.S. dollar…

A digital dollar that would give them complete control of your money.

Unlike the current dollar, this new digital dollar would not exist in physical form.

You wouldn't be able to go to a bank or ATM and withdraw it.

It's a digital currency, but it's very different from bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin operate on blockchain technology, which is decentralized by design.

Digital U.S. dollars, on the other hand, would be centralized, completely traceable and programmable by the Puppet Masters.

In late 2021, Biden's Puppet Master announced a plan to work with the U.S. government and corporations to develop a digital dollar.

At that time, he said:

Of course, shortly after the Puppet Master made that statement, the Federal Reserve released a paper saying:

Once again, straight from the Puppet Master's mouth to U.S. policy.

Is this just a coincidence?

Then a few months later, President Biden signed an executive order that said, and I quote…

Now, you don't have to believe a single word of what I'm saying.

You can read his executive order for yourself. It says in plain English that…

So the White House is telling us exactly how they're planning to use this digital dollar.

And once you combine this carbon tracking ability with a digital dollar…

Then it's game over.

If you don't take the five steps I'm recommending here today…

They will have complete control over your life.

The Plan For Complete Control

Imagine the following scenario…

Let's say you want to fly to visit your kids and grandkids to spend thanksgiving together.

With a digital dollar, they will be able to ban you from buying tickets if you're considered a “big polluter.”


But you're not allowed to buy tickets because you already flew too many times this year, and you've met your personal carbon allowance limit.

This would happen automatically because the digital dollar would be coded to “stop working” for certain purchases under certain circumstances.

For example, if you go over your personal carbon allowance…

They could even impose fees and punish you by withdrawing money directly from your account.

Biden's Puppet Master said it himself.

Again, those are his words, not mine.

He's already working with big banks to make sure nobody who's considered a polluter can get a loan.

The banks involved?

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup.

They're all already planning to include energy ratings in their mortgage decisions.

Or look at gas-powered cars.

Biden's administration already declared they want to ban them.

His Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that “we've got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to beat climate change.”

Soon, once they're able to track your “personal carbon footprint…”

They could make your “digital dollars” stop working at the gas pump once you've purchased a certain amount of gasoline in a week.

Or they could ban your car outright, so you wouldn't be able to put gas in your car…

Or even purchase a gas-powered vehicle.

In other words, they'd have complete control over what kind of car you're allowed to drive.

They could also decide what kind of food you're allowed to eat.

For example, if you go to the website of Biden's Puppet Master, you'll find an article that says that…

In other words, the Puppet Master believes meat is bad for the environment.

With the digital dollar, they would be able to easily ban or limit your purchase of red meat… all for “the greater good.”

Biden's Puppet Master's organization even issued this prediction:

Perhaps, that's why they're trying to normalize the idea of eating bugs.

It's so strange that you can't make this stuff up. Check out this tweet, directly from his organization:

Instead of burgers, they want you to eat crickets. I'm not kidding.

His minions in the mainstream media are also getting behind this propaganda…

With CNN predicting:

Sounds delicious, right?

If all this sounds extreme to you, let me remind you again that Biden's Puppet Master said…

Already in California and New York…

Government officials are doing all types of silly things, like threatening to ban gas stoves, to save the environment.

In fact, this goes well beyond just climate change…

Your Freedoms Could Soon Be “Turned Off”

Once they flip the switch on the digital dollar, they could control every aspect of your life.

Let's say for example you want to buy a pillow from the founder of MyPillow and Trump supporter Mike Lindell.

Sorry, you can't get a good night's sleep because he's considered part of the dangerous MAGA movement.

Not updated on your tenth COVID booster shot?

Sorry, your digital dollars won't work anywhere until you get that shot.

Want to donate money to your church?

Sorry, you're not allowed because your church doesn't support the right to “choose” an abortion.

Want to support a politician?

Only if you're donating to candidates in the Puppet Master's preferred “party.”

Trying to buy any book that criticizes the government?

Sorry, you're not allowed because that book is full of “dangerous misinformation” that doesn't support their narratives.

Did you say anything on social media that goes against their narrative?

They could label you as a spreader of misinformation and completely cut off your access to your own bank account until you delete your social media post.

Are you considered “the wrong race” and making more money than the average American?

They could say you have “white privilege” and automatically withdraw money from your account to fund a “universal basic income” program.

With the digital dollar, Biden would also finally be able to ban assault weapons, like he's been promising.

And he'd be able to do it without having to pass a single new law.

Once a “digital dollar” is here, they could easily program the digital dollar to “stop working” for certain guns or ammunition.

The opportunities for them are limitless, and frankly… terrifying.

So just ask yourself…

Do you think President Biden and his puppet master would like to have that kind of power over you?

And do you want a team like Joe Biden's to have their hand on the levers of this power?

And here's the really scary part: A digital dollar isn't some far off event.

You don't have a decade to prepare. The infrastructure for their “programmable money” is already being built…

Not Some Far-Off, Distant Event

And like I mentioned before, they just launched a pilot program.

Our central bank, the Federal Reserve, just announced a 12-week digital dollar pilot with a few global banking giants…

Like Citigroup, HSBC, Mastercard and Wells Fargo.

You're looking at the press release on your screen…

So let me repeat that…

This is a pilot program to implement the digital dollar.

Do you know what that means?

I believe it means this is the last phase before the official launch.

That's why The Hill wrote:

I believe they're going to roll it out across the nation soon after the pilot program concludes.

Just listen to what Citigroup executive Tony McLaughlin said:

He's essentially saying he wants to expand this to include your bank deposit…

Your checking and savings accounts.

And let me remind you that Bank of America, Chase, Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo have all already partnered with Joe Biden's Puppet Master.

These are the six largest banks in America.

So there's already a very good chance you're banking with one of them.

The CEO of Wells Fargo even said that:

The CEOs of Bank of America and CitiGroup said the same… that climate change will influence every banking decision, including loans.

Mastercard, Visa and Paypal are also on board.

Are you paying attention yet?

Those are basically all the companies that run our entire financial system.

After everything I showed you today, if you still think none of this is a problem…

I don't know what else to tell you.

Why would they launch a pilot program with all these banks if they were not planning to roll it out?

That's why I urge you to act now to protect yourself and your family.

So let me show you how you can opt out of their evil plan.

Get Out of Cash Right Now

There's basically five steps I recommend you take immediately…

You see, we're up against some very powerful forces. To beat them, we need to consider both an offensive and defensive strategy.

You need to have a defensive strategy that will help you protect your assets and make sure they cannot take control of your money.

But you also need to have an offensive strategy that will help you grow your wealth during this difficult time.

So let me cover the defensive strategies first…

Step #1: Opt Out of the Digital Dollar

Like I showed you today, once the digital dollar is live…

Biden's administration could lock you out of your banking account.

Remember, Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau was groomed by Biden's Puppet Master…

And when truckers started to protest vaccine mandates, what did he do?

He declared an emergency and used terrorism laws to seize the bank accounts of the truckers and anyone who was donating money to them.

According to the Daily Mail, it was Joe Biden who pressured the Canadian Prime minister to take just drastic measures.

Biden already called everyone who didn't vote for him “domestic terrorists.”

Once the digital dollar is live, do you think he would think twice before freezing your account?

That's why former PayPal executive David Sacks said:

Like I showed you here today, I believe they'll use this bogus climate crisis as their emergency.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already been pressuring Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency.

He said: “President Biden can do many, many things under the emergency powers … that he could do without legislation.”

Once the digital dollar pilot program is over …

I wouldn't be surprised if the very next day President Biden goes on national TV and declares a national climate emergency…

And officially announces the roll out of the digital dollar, along with personal carbon allowances.

That's why you need to opt out of the digital dollar right now.

Now, I can't give you all the instructions on how to do that in this letter…

Because if they hear about it, they could shut this page down or even close all those “loopholes” I'm recommending.

So here's what I did…

I put all the instructions you need to follow inside a special report called How to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar.

And don't worry.

This has nothing to do with getting a second passport… or moving out of the country or opening off-shore accounts.

Instead, it's a simple set of instructions that anyone can follow to basically take your assets “off the grid.”

That way, Biden and his Puppet Master will never be able to touch them.

Inside this report, I will tell you about…

*** What might just be the only asset you do NOT have to report to the U.S. government. Leaked documents show that celebrities, politicians, oligarchs and other members of the uber-rich are all moving billions of dollars into this.

*** A little-known asset that has beaten stocks, real estate and gold over the last 25 years… and it's 100% protected from the digital dollar.

***A recession-proof investment that Biden and his Puppet Master won't be able to touch. I will give you a hint… it fits in your pocket and you'll never have to report it to the IRS.

And much, much more.

I'll show you how you can get immediate access to this report in just a moment.

All you have to do is say “yes”, and I'll give you this report.

But before I show you how to claim this report, let me show you another defensive step I'm recommending…

Step #2: Move Some of Your Cash Into the Puppet Master Protection Portfolio  

Ever since Biden moved into the White House, we've seen a complete bloodbath in the markets.

In 2022, stocks, bonds, cryptos… everything crashed.

Given all of Biden's destructive policies, I expect the markets to remain volatile in the coming weeks and months…

Which is why I just build this all-weather portfolio that should perform well, no matter what happens in the market.

For example, it includes an investment outside the stock market that has been called “the recession-proof trade of 2023…”

And a stock market play that actually went UP last year… one that I expect to beat the market again this year.

You'll find all the details of this model portfolio inside another special report called The Puppet Master Protection Portfolio.

I'll tell you how to claim this report in just a moment.

But I'm also recommending a few steps that will not only protect your wealth, but help you grow it.

And that brings me to the next move…

Step #3: Invest in the “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar

As I mentioned before, the infrastructure for the digital dollar has already been built.

And I found a unique way for you to actually invest in it.

I mean, if Biden is going to implement this radical change to the U.S. dollar, you might as well profit from it, right?

Some of the smartest investors in the world are already starting to make this same move I'm recommending.

I'm talking about people like Elon Musk…

Billionaire and Shark Tank star Marc Cuban…

And billionaire and legendary investor Carl Icahn, who's planning to move as much as $1.5 billion away from the traditional banks and into what I'm recommending.

I believe they're moving their money because they know this radical change is happening at lightning fast speed.

There's no time to waste.

That's why I put all the details inside another special report called The “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar.

There's more…

Step #4: Invest in the Only Booming Sector of the Economy   

Like I showed you here today, Biden's green energy policy is designed to enrich a small group of unelected bureaucrats…

All while impoverishing the middle class.

Biden can blame the higher price of oil on Putin all day long and call it “Putin's price hike.”

But nobody is buying it.

Everyone with a brain knows that his own war on fossil fuels is the main reason why the price of oil has skyrocketed.

During his campaign, he promised he would end fossil fuel.

And he's trying to keep that promise. He even promised more recently “no more drilling.”

He wants to replace fossil fuel with “renewable” energy sources like wind and solar.

And look, I wish we could power the U.S. and the entire world with just wind and solar energy.

But that's a pipe dream.

As the founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore says…

Anyone who's not bought and paid for understands this administration's green energy policy makes absolutely no sense.

Even Elon Musk said:

This is coming from the guy who sells more electric vehicles than anyone else.

But believe it or not, this is all part of their plan to keep the price of oil as high as possible.

You see, the higher the price of oil, the better for them because they can use that as a reason to accelerate the transition.

As an associate of Biden's Puppet Master said:

Like I said, they want to keep the price of oil as high as possible.

That's why I don't expect the price of oil to come down anytime soon.

And while that's bad news for you every time you go to the gas station…

Biden's crazy green energy policy is actually triggering a huge boom in oil stocks.

For example, look at shares of Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

Despite all the market chaos we saw in 2022, you could have more than doubled your money with this oil stock.

Or look at the petroleum refinery PBF Energy. It went even higher… and it's up 230%.

And the tanker shipping company Scorpio tankers skyrocketed as high as 340%.

Think about that.

This all happened in 2022, a year when stocks, bonds, cryptos and pretty much everything you can think of crashed.

That's why Warren Buffett is going all in. He just invested $60 billion in this sector.

And this boom is likely to continue in 2023.

As Yahoo finance says:

That's why I just put together another bonus report called My #1 Energy Play for 2023.

It includes the name, ticker symbol and full analysis on a play that I believe could make you a lot of money in the coming months. 

If you lost money in 2022, this could be your chance to recoup some or even all of your losses.

I'll tell you how to claim this report in just a moment. First, let's cover the fifth, and final, move you should make right now…

Step #5: Buy Into The Perfect Inflation Hedge Right Now

Biden's green energy policy is a big reason why we're seeing the highest inflation in the last 40 years.

That's because when the price of oil increases, it has a snowball effect on everything.

For example, transportation of any product becomes more expensive.

And companies pass that higher cost on to you.

Also, hundreds of products are derived from petroleum.

Many of these are products we use everyday… like shampoo, trash bags and detergents. So they also become more expensive.

Electricity bills are also skyrocketing.

Bills are so high that at least 20 million households are behind on their utility bills because they can't afford it.

And this widespread inflation might be here to stay. According to Bank of America…

That's why I'm recommending you buy a stock that I believe is a perfect hedge for this inflation.

It's an investment that has been CRUSHING inflation for decades, and putting up a 2,590% return the past two decades… Unfortunately, most people don't know about it because most advertising for this company has been BANNED by the U.S. government.

And that's a shame because this company has been consistently increasing its payouts every single year, for 53 years in a row…

The 1987 stock market crash… the dot-com bust of 2000… the housing crash in 2008… the pandemic crash of 2020…

Payouts went UP, regardless of what was happening with the economy.

None of those mattered.

That's why I put all of the details in another special report called The Perfect Stock for Biden's Inflation.

So how can you claim everything I've just mentioned?

It's very simple.

I've already made all these reports available to a small group of folks who follow my work.

Start Protecting and Potentially Profiting From The Ideas in All My Reports In The Next 5 Minutes

You see, once they flip the switch on the digital dollar, I believe we'll see complete chaos not only in the markets but also in your way of life.

So it's really not enough to give you all these special reports and wish you good luck.

I'd like to stay in touch in the coming months so I can guide you every step of the way.

That's why I'm inviting you to take a satisfaction guaranteed trial to my monthly newsletter called Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report.

When you do, I'll send you everything I've mentioned so far… 100% free.

Like I mentioned before, some of the world's top hedge funds pay me a fortune to get my research.

But I didn't think it was fair to make this information only available to the big dogs on Wall Street.

So I decided to publish my research also for folks like you.

So how does Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report work?

It's simple.

Each month, around the 15th of the month, I'll send you a new Sector Alpha report.

Each issue is a short, easy-to-read report that you can read from start to finish in less than 20 minutes.

Each month I'll recommend four stock-market moves you can make to potentially trounce the overall markets.

Inside each issue, you'll also find what I call my “Moneyball Portfolio…”

Where I keep track of all our open positions.

Plus, anytime I find a new “special situation” opportunity…

I'll rush you a NEW special situation report packed with stock market moves to make, too.

For example, once I uncovered this plan to implement the digital dollar…

I wrote all the reports I mentioned to you today and sent them to members of Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report.

So they already know how to opt out of Biden's evil plan.

And now it's your turn.

And the instant you take me up on this satisfaction guaranteed offer…

I will send you two other free bonus reports detailing how I've figured out how to harness various data sets to predict what will happen next in the markets.

I call my system “Moneyball Economics,” because it mimics the data-focused strategy used by Billy Beane in the famous movie Moneyball.

So the first bonus report is called The Moneyball Trader's Playbook

The second is a new report I just finished called The Secret To Sector Alpha Profits.

Both those bonuses are yours free when you take this satisfaction guaranteed trial.

And here's the best part…

You can take a look at my research and receive everything I've mentioned so far, at no risk to yourself for your subscription.

Simply take a satisfaction guaranteed trial subscription to Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report

And I will immediately send you my complete blueprint to prepare for Biden's evil plan, including…

Special Report #1: How to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar.
 (Value $49. Yours Free)

Special Report #2: The Puppet Master Protection Portfolio
 (Value $49. Yours Free)

Special Report #3: The “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar
 (Value $49. Yours Free)

Special Report #4: My #1 Energy Play for 2023.
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Special Report #5: The Perfect Stock for Biden's Inflation
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BONUS Special Report #6: The Secret to Sector Alpha Profits
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BONUS Special Report #7: The Moneyball Trader's Playbook
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And here's the good news…

Membership to Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report normally has a published price of $299 for 12 months…

Considering that some of the world's wealthiest hedge funds pay me a fortune to consult with them…

That $299 annual fee is already a hell of a steal…

But today you won't even have to pay that price.

Given the urgency of this situation and the fact they're about to roll out this digital dollar plan…

I was able to convince my publisher to give you a huge discount.

So today you can take a satisfaction guaranteed trial for one single payment of just $99.

And that's not per month. That's for the entire year.

And I don't want your money if you're not 100% happy.

When you sign up for Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report, we'll give you 30 full days to test out the service – at no risk to you for your subscription.

And if during that trial period you find that you're not getting life-changing information…

Or for any reason at all…

You can simply call or email our customer service team and cancel your subscription.

We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And we'll let you keep everything you receive as a subscriber – at no charge.

So let me repeat that…

You can keep all the issues…

And you can keep all the reports.

This means that there's no risk to you at all for your subscription.

Now of course, I must say that all investments carry risk and past performance does not guarantee future success. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

To get started, simply click on the button below.

It will take you to a secure sign-up sheet, where you can review everything one last time before you join.

And, when you click below I'll even do two more things for you:

First, I'll show you a deeper discounted way to get started today!

Second, I'll even give you an extra report, completely free of charge.

Listen, if you've been struggling with the high cost of food, I think you're going to love this report.

You see, the rising price of oil has impacted the costs of everything, including food.

Take a look…

These insane prices are literally making you poorer.

And that's why I put together another report called Foodflation: Six Ways to Get Rich From The Global Food Crisis.

I'll show you six different plays that could help you turn this insane food inflation into profits.

For example, Play #3 is up 55% in the last six months alone…

All the details are inside this report.

And it can be yours free, the moment you take this satisfaction guaranteed trial to Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report.

Now, I promised I would reveal who Biden's Puppet Master is…

And I'm going to keep that promise.

If you haven't figured it out by now, his name is Klaus Schwab and he's the founder and president of the World Economic Forum.

Which is arguably the most influential platform in the world.

As Economics professor Anthony Mueller, says, the mains purpose of the WEF is “global control”

Fox Business described his organization as….

Like I showed you here today…

He's using his connections to the most powerful people on the planet to implement an evil plan that will take complete control of your money and your life…

All while enriching him and his friends.

They already launched a pilot program.

So we could be days away from them rolling it out across the nation.

Since all the six big banks have already partnered with his organization, there's a very good chance your bank has already agreed to this.

We have no time to waste.

Click the button below to get started and protect yourself and your family.

I'm confident you'll make the right decision.

I look forward to welcoming you to Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report in the next few minutes.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Zatlin

Founder & Chief Analyst, Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report

February 2023


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