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These 5 Stocks Could Set You Up for Life

And I’ll send you all the details … For FREE!!

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Hi, I’m Charles Sizemore. 

It’s a make or break time for most Americans. 

Stocks are crashing … the cost of everything from gas to groceries is skyrocketing…And this economy has ruined many investors’ retirement dreams.

The reality is, far too many people today are in danger of falling further and further behind. 

But you DON’T have to be one of them because I bundled up all of my best moneymaking secrets into a package I call the Income Forever Bundle… 

And I’m prepared to send it to you today … for FREE! 

That’s right … I said FREE … and I mean it. 

I’m ready to send you a collection of FIVE superstar stocks that have proven to make money in any market… Bull or bear, it doesn’t matter! 

The five stocks in my FREE Income Forever Bundle produce money like clockwork…

Including my No. 1 “sure thing” stock that’s paid out consistent, recurring income for nearly four decades…And currently yields over 14%! 

So you don’t have to worry about inflation, stagflation, interest rates or anything else the mainstream media is trying to scare you with. 

Let me be clear… 

People in 89 countries around the world pay good money for access to my market analysis and investment recommendations…

And I reach over a quarter of a million people every week with my insights and observations… 

But I’m making my Income Forever Bundle available to you today — absolutely FREE — with no strings attached.

Why am I doing this? It’s simple. 

I’ve made a commitment to help as many Americans as I can transform their financial outlook…

By showing them how to become better investors. 

So they can stop worrying about an uncertain future and start living life to the fullest NOW! 

And with everything going on in our world today, I just KNEW I needed to share this special Income Forever Bundle with you. 

Especially since far too many people today are busy chasing tiny gains like this…

And they’re completely ignoring the secret jet fuel of the stock market that powers ALL the stocks in my Income Forever Bundle… 

I’m talking about dividends. 

Compounding dividends accounts for as much as 84% of the total stock market returns over the last 60 years… 

Making dividends the most powerful tool any investor can use to rapidly grow their wealth.

And I know some investors say dividends are boring…But I’m OK with boring dividend stocks when they offer the kind of financial freedom my family and I get to enjoy. 

After all, dividends helped me become a millionaire before the age of 40.

Fact is, dividend-producing stocks offer some of the most consistent, reliable form of profits from the market on a regular basis. 

And when used correctly…Dividends are the key to getting rich in the stock market.

Just take a look at a company like Extra Space Storage. 

Thanks to the power of dividends, a $5,000 stake in this stock a decade ago would be worth nearly $43,000 today.

Dividends helped power a $5,000 stake in Pool Corporation into $63,000 today… 

And powered a $5,000 stake in Nexstar Media Group’s stock into a whopping $154,000.

That’s 10 times more than if you’d put your money into an exchange-traded fund that tracks the stock market…

And the kind of wealth acceleration opportunity every investor dreams of. 

But here’s the thing … Opportunities like these aren’t just a dream in today’s market … They’re out there for the taking. 

And the gains could come much faster today… 

Because we’re witnessing some of the biggest dividend stock bargains in history.

In fact, with the state the stock market is in right now… 

And with the size of the dividend yields I’m seeing… 

I believe this is the best time to get into dividend stocks we’ll see for decades!

That’s why I want to send you my FREE Income Forever Bundle today.

You don’t need a credit card… I just need your email address so I can send the Income Forever Bundle straight to your Inbox. 

It’s packed full of my best secrets and strategies to conquer today’s market… 

Including how to secure some of the biggest income checks this market has to offer.

Like a 6% yield with my “bulletproof” income play that’s practically recession-proof!

And my Income Forever Bundle also includes not one, but three Dividend Booster stocks with the potential to massively increase your income year over year … Plus, much, much more. 

You’ll even discover how to avoid a trap that most investors end up falling for. 

You see, finding the right dividend stocks isn’t just about chasing a high yield… 

You can’t just randomly pick a company and expect amazing results.

What you want are companies with high returns … but also a low risk of cutting their dividends.

In other words, companies that are growing safely

And that’s especially important in today’s uncertain market! 

Dividend-paying stocks are the perfect investment for times like these because they can generate income no matter what’s happening on Wall Street or in Washington, D.C…

And that makes them far safer and less volatile than nondividend stocks.

In fact, dividends have been called: 

Because they’re guaranteed!

Once a company announces a dividend, it’s legally obligated to pay it.

That’s why I personally invest in dividend-paying stocks. 

Because when I invest my own money … I want to make sure I’m getting something back in return.

And I also want to make sure I’m protecting myself from inflation

I’m sick of watching prices keep going up … and up … and up … And I’ll bet you are too! 

But dividend-paying stocks are the perfect hedge against rising inflation… Because dividends earn you back a share of a company's profits.

Meaning some of the money you’re paying out in higher prices for goods and services goes right back in your wallet as dividends! 

And since dividend stocks typically have a higher return than nondividend stocks…

You can end up with even more money.

For example, between 1991 and 2015, dividend-paying stocks more than tripled the returns of nondividend paying stocks!

That’s during both the massive tech boom of the 90s and the Great Recession… 

Proving that the power of dividends can conquer ANY market!

But the best thing about dividend stocks is that — by choosing the right ones — you can increase your income every year without investing a single penny more!

And that’s where my Income Forever Bundle comes in… 

It’s a blueprint for a lifetime of continuous income.

In it, I’ll give you the names and ticker symbols of five stocks that offer you the chance to accelerate your wealth exponentially. 

What’s more, it includes a FREE copy of my brand-new book called Income Forever

And let me tell you … I’m SO excited to share my new book with you! 

Income Forever is the culmination of 20 years helping independent investors accelerate their wealth… 

And it’s packed full of my very best income-generating secrets and investing tips.

In it, I reveal:

  • How to go for decades earning dividends without paying ANY taxes on them. (This ZERO-TAX trick is something even new investors can do!) 
  • How to earn money every single month from dividends. (Yes, it’s possible to generate monthly income … and I’ll show you how!) 
  • I’ll even show you how to accumulate extra shares of stock in dividend companies without spending a single dime out of your own pocket. (It’s a simple trick that could earn you a fortune!) 

And that’s just scratching the surface of the secrets I share in this brand-new book. 

Income Forever is yours FREE as part of the Income Forever Bundle… 

Because I want you to have everything you need to take advantage of some of the best dividend deals I’ve ever seen. 

But don’t just take it from me… 

Right now, some of the smartest investors in the world are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into dividend stocks.

Like billionaire Warren Buffett, who’s Berkshire Hathaway raked in $3.8 billion off of dividends last year alone.

And he’s in good company… Ray Dalio … Cliff Asness … Carl Ichan…

They’re dumping a ton of money into dividend-paying stocks these days. 

In fact, a Kiplinger study of 50 top billionaire-owned stocks showed that 64% of thempaid dividends. 

That’s a massive two-thirds of them!

Even a nontraditional tech billionaire and fellow Dallasite like Mark Cuban is a fan of dividends, saying: 

But with dividend stocks you know you’re getting something back when you invest… 

In the form of regular income every time they pay dividends. 

With dividends accounting for as much 84% of the total stock market returns over the last 60 years… 

Savvy investors realize they’re the key to getting rich in the stock market.

But while the smart money is piling into dividend stocks today…

Many Main Street Americans are missing out on some incredible dividend bargains. 

If you’re one of them… It’s NOT your fault! 

Wall Street makes its money by hyping up the next big thing…

Not pointing you in the direction of safe, high-yielding dividend stocks. 

Plus, finding the right ones can be a challenge.

How do you get started … And where should you look for the best bargains? 

The good news is … you don’t need to look any further than my Income Forever Bundle. 

It was designed for investors of all levels to get started right away! 

In it you’ll find… 

  • My No. 1 Dividend Stock, with a 14% yield. It’s remained so consistent, I call it “The Sure Thing.”
  • My Bulletproof Income Play with a practically recession-proof yield of around 6%.
  • 3 Dividend Booster Stocks to potentially supersize your returns.
  • Plus, my brand-new book on income investing called Income Forever

But as you’ll see in a moment, an opportunity to find dividend bargains like the ones I’m seeing today might not come again in your lifetime

So there’s no time to hesitate. 

Because a small amount invested in the right dividend stock today can become a HUGE income stream in no time. 

Take a look at a company like Devon Energy.

If you had invested $5,000 in its stock only two years ago, you could have already collected $1,500 back in dividends… 

While turning your initial stake into nearly $30,000 today!

In other words, in only two years Devon Energy would have essentially paid you back nearly a third of your initial stake for the privilege of growing it 6 times!

And if it continues at this rate, you could soon earn your initial investment back every year in dividends alone. 

Those are the kinds of opportunities I’m seeing in the market right now.

And with a record $541 billion set to be paid out in dividends this year… 

You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. 

Fortunately, there’s still time for you to get started… 

In a few minutes, I’ll give you the link to claim my Income Forever Bundle for FREE!

It’ll come straight to your Inbox … it won’t cost you a penny… 

And I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. 

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself so you understand why I’m doing this. 

As I mentioned, my name is Charles Sizemore. 

I’m the Chief Income and Growth Specialist for Money & Markets

And the story of how I got here is a bit unusual.

You see, I grew up in a middle-class family from Garland, Texas. 

And I first learned about investing from my grandfather … the one I called “Papa.” 

But make no mistake about it… Papa didn’t have a formal education in finance. 

He taught himself trading on the side because he knew the stock market represented his best path to financial freedom.

And Papa’s enthusiasm for investing got me excited about it too. 

I paid close attention as he showed me how successful people take what they earn and multiply it in smarter, safer ways.

Then I took what I learned from Papa and traveled my own path… 

From Texas Christian University for a degree in business…

All the way to the London School of Economics for a Masters in Finance and Accounting. 

That’s the same school billionaires like George Soros and David Rockefeller attended.

And it’s where I got to see the other side of investing… How the rich and powerful approach money differently than the rest of us. 

That’s why I didn’t follow a typical Wall Street career path after I graduated. 

I knew the 1% had plenty of people willing to bend over backward to make them even richer. 

But I wanted to help people like my Papa… So I devoted myself to helping independent investors … Folks who want to earn money on their own terms. 

And that’s exactly what I’ve done for nearly two decades now… 

Sharing my investment strategies with tens of thousands of everyday Americans who turn to me for my insight, analysis and history of success when it comes to picking winning stocks.

I was named InvestorPlace’s Best Stock Picker three times over the past decade … the only person to reach that benchmark. 

I even put together a special portfolio of dividend stocks for my readers two years ago. 

And today it’s crushing the market by 26%. 

Nine out of the 10 of the stocks are up … with gains as high as 250%

And the entire portfolio pays close to a 9% dividend yield!

But I don’t say this to brag. I just want to be fully transparent with you. 

With decades of experience in the financial markets… I call it like I see it.

And what I’m seeing right now is a rare opportunity. 

In fact, you have to go back over two decades to find a similar situation…

And a similar chance to make a fortune in dividend stocks. 

Let me explain. 

The reality is … for the last few years, we’ve seen a bull market in mostly garbage

Stocks with poor fundamentals … weak earnings … and inflated prices. 

Just like we did at the end of the 90’s tech bubble. 

And just like back then, stocks are crashing and interest rates are spiking. 

We’re even experiencing a similar level of market volatility… 

So let’s take a look at what happened in the stock market between 2000 and 2009.

But I have to warn you … it isn’t pretty. 

This period was called the “Lost Decade” of stocks … And it was a disaster for most investors. 

By the end of those 10 years, the S&P 500 was down 9%…And if you take out dividends, the results were even scarier … the market was down 24%!

So what does that have to do with today? 

Well, some analysts are predicting we’re at the beginning of a new “Lost Decade.” 

And it has investors quaking in their boots. But not us. 

Because we have the recipe for success in a market like this one…Dividends! 

Dividends were a lifesaver during the Lost Decade. 

In fact, while many investors lost money … By simply investing in a small basket of common, high-performing dividend stocks, you could have doubled your nest egg during the Lost Decade.

And if you had invested in a handful of some of the best dividend-paying stocks, you’d be sitting on an absolute fortune today!

Stocks like Altria. Thanks to dividends, it's up 2,700% since Y2K… 

That’s powerful enough to turn $5,000 into over $140,000

And dividends helped power Watsco’s stock up 3,550% since then … turning $5,000 into over $182,000

Dividends even powered UnitedHealtcare’s stock up an incredible 6,175%

Turning $5,000 into nearly $314,000!

That’s more than the 19 times the return of the S&P over the same time frame.

What’s more, based on current yields you could now expect to earn over $19,000 in annual dividend income from these three stocks alone.

Meaning, you could have turned a $15,000 investment during one of the worst markets in recent memory…

Into a massive $636,000 nest egg that pays out the same as the average annual social security benefit.

That’s the power of dividends. And that’s why I’m offering up my Income Forever Bundle today for FREE. 

Because the safety, security and value of dividend-paying stocks is more attractive than it’s been in years…

And the potential for certain stocks to become tomorrow’s income superstars is higher than ever.

But don’t just take it from me… 

Fortune insists these stocks are:

Eric Diton, the president and managing director at Wealth Alliance, notes that the cyclical stock market is about to favor dividend-paying stocks, saying:

In fact, The Wall Street Journal reported that in January of this year alone:

“The average dividend-paying stock in the S&P 500 rose by 6.6 percentage points more than nonpayers.”

But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on the best deals!

The good news is… it’s NOT too late for you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity…

And the chance to earn the biggest dividend yields I’ve seen in years. 

But only if you act immediately!

I’m ready to send you my Income Forever Bundle right now … So you don’t miss out on a single day of potential income!

Inside it you’ll find: 

An urgent report called My No. 1 “Sure Thing” Divided Stock.

This report introduces you to an absolute income superstar…

At current levels it delivers a massive 14.6% yield!

But remember … we’re not just chasing high yields. We want safety and growth too. 

So why am I so bullish on this stock? 

Well, last year the company’s profit from operations rose 80%…And it paid out recorddividends per share. 

And this success will likely continue for a while because it’s in an industry that’s extremely hot right now. 

Strong earnings, solid yields and a bullish outlook for the future…That’s a recipe for dividend success! 

But I call it my sure thing for an entirely different reason … Consistency. 

You see, this company has consistently delivered a dividend every year for 38 straight years! 

And that kind of consistency plus a growing dividend means this stock could eventually lead to a massive future income stream. 

And that’s exciting … But so is the next play in my FREE Income Forever Bundle.

Because I’ll also send you: 

A second report titled My Bulletproof Income Play.

Because one of the great things about dividend stocks is that they typically pay out no matter which way the stock market is heading. 

But sometimes you need to bulletproof your portfolio… And that's what this play does. 

You see, I’ve uncovered a stock that pays out around 6% … Nearly 100 times the return of a typical savings account.

But unlike a savings account… This stock has the potential to soar over the next year. 

And I call it My Bulletproof Income Play because this company is in an industry that thrives even when the rest of the economy is struggling… 

I’m talking about the health care industry. 

We all need to be healthy to live our lives to the fullest… 

So even during downtimes, folks usually don’t skimp on paying for health care. 

That means health care is a safe bet in any market. 

Of course, not all health care companies are created equal…But this company’s revenue keeps going up… And its low debt-to-equity ratio tells me it has staying power no matter which way the market is headed. 

Yet the strange thing is… Even though this company is a leader in its industry… It’s likely you’ve never heard of it. 

But that’s a good thing because its stock is currently trading for less than $20 a share!

So it won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you want to bulletproof your portfolio with it. 

And if you really want to increase your dividend income, then the next report in the Income Forever Bundle is perfect for you.

It’s called 3 Dividend Booster Stocks. And this one’s a doozy. 

Look, we know that dividend stocks offer the best of both worlds… 

The potential for huge gains and income that can grow every year. 

But to achieve the biggest gains and to secure the biggest potential future income streams … You need to master a trick that far too many investors miss out on. 

Albert Einstein was so impressed by this trick that he called it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” 

Yet you don’t need to be a genius to put it to work for you.

In fact, this trick is deceptively simple and once you understand how powerful it is… You’ll want to put it to work for you immediately. 

In this report I’ll show you how to use the power of compounding to boost your dividends.

Compounding isn’t risky like using options…And it’s not complicated either. 

It’s all about buying the right stock at the right time and reinvesting those dividends until you need them! 

That’s how you can end up earning more in dividends every year than your initial investment!

One example is Hercules Capital Group. 

Investing $5,000 in its stock during the 2009 bear market and reinvesting the dividends would earn you $9,700 in annual dividends today…

And that same $5,000 in a company called Ares Capital earns over $11,000 in annual dividends today after reinvesting dividends. 

That’s more than 2X your initial investment going straight into your pocket every year!

And sometimes the combination of super high yields plus explosive gains means these dividend boosts can happen much, much faster… 

Like with VOC Energy. 

After only six years of reinvesting, a $5,000 investment pays out nearly $5,900 in annual dividends today!

That’s nearly 20% more than your initial investment … paid back to you every year!

Of course, that’s an extreme example…

But those kinds of extremes are what we’re shooting for with these Dividend Booster stocks. 

Now, I always say not to risk more than you can afford to lose…

So it’s up to you to decide how much to invest if you choose to take advantage of these Dividend Booster stocks. 

But in this report, I give you details on three small companies primed to become future income superstars… 

Including how to buy and at what price… Plus, I show you the easy way to reinvest dividends automatically.

You don’t have to do anything special to get started … All you need to do is follow the instructions in the report. But you need to move fast … because timing is key here. 

In today’s volatile market your chance to lock in these yields could slip away quickly if you don’t act immediately.

But that’s also part of the opportunity… 

Because all three of these Dividend Booster stocks are priced low enough that they won’t break the bank.

And that brings me to my final gift for you… My brand-new book called Income Forever.

And remember, it’s yours today FREE as part of the Income Forever Bundle…

I spent nearly two decades accumulating every scrap of information I could uncover about investing and earning income with dividends… 

And I decided I couldn’t keep all this valuable knowledge to myself.

So I spent the last few years combing through all my best secrets, tips and tricks and I poured them into my brand-new book titled Income Forever

Let me tell you … this was a labor of love. 

Writing it took me all the way back to the days when I started learning about investing from my Papa… 

It reminded me of some of the eye-opening secrets I learned when I studied at the London School of Economics…

And the income-generating tricks I’ve uncovered in over two decades of helping independent-minded investors grow their wealth. 

I put them ALL in this book… Including some income-investing secrets that might astound you. 

In the pages of Income Forever you’ll discover:

  • The only “rule” of financial planning you need … and how dividends are vital to its success! 
  • How to avoid the nightmare financial situation facing everyAmerican … even you! Many won’t realize it until it’s too late. But you can fight back on your own terms with one simple contract. I’ll show you exactly what to do. 
  • Plus, I’ll show you where to look for the best deals on high yield and high growth stocks (including an under-the-radar income stock that’s virtually tax-free!). 

I’ll even show you what to do if you’re worried about another lost decade…

Including how you can make money on falling stocks without using complicated options or taking on the risk of shorting them. 

And that’s just a small handful of the dozens of investing secrets I reveal in Income Forever

It’s the first time I’ve ever shared all this information in one place… 

And I know I could easily sell my brand-new book for $50 or more. But I decided to include it for FREE as part of the Income Forever Bundle… 

So I could share my knowledge with folks who are committed to making money on their own terms. 

I believe you’re one of them and I want to prepare you for a future full of abundance. 

So let’s recap everything I’ve packed into the Income Forever Bundle.

It includes three reports to help you start building a dividend portfolio right away. 

  • My No. 1 “Sure Thing” Dividend Stock (a $199 value!). 
  • My Bulletproof Income Play (a $199 value!). 
  • 3 Dividend Booster Stocks (a $299 value!). 
  • Plus, a copy of my brand-new book, Income Forever (a $29 value!).

The total value of this package is $746.

But it can be yours today … for FREE! Here’s how. 

In just a moment, you’re going to see a big button pop up that says: “Yes! Please Take Me to the Secure Order Form.” 

When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a page where you will be given the option to have the Income Forever Bundle sent straight to your Inbox.

All I need is your email address, and I’ll send you the entire package FREE of charge. 

But before you choose that option, I want to be clear… I put together the Income Forever Bundle for folks who need a helping hand. 

It took a lot of time and money to create a package of this quality… 

And, normally, I’d never consider giving away anything with this kind of value for free.

I’m proud of the work we do, and I’m a capitalist…I believe in getting paid for my efforts. 

That’s why I’ve never done anything like this before … and I doubt it’ll ever happen again.

But uncertain times like these call for drastic measures. 

And I’m serious when I say that I’m committed to helping Americans transform their financial outlook.

That’s why the Income Forever Bundle is a great start for anyone considering building an income-paying portfolio.

With five stocks that could immediately create new income streams plus my brand-new book that’s chock-full of income-generating secrets. 

So if you need a helping hand … then go ahead and request my Income Forever Bundle just as soon as that button pops up. 

But if you’re looking to do more with the incredible dividend opportunities we’re experiencing in the market today… 

And if you truly want to accelerate your wealth over the months and years ahead…

Then I have the ideal solution for you.

And it starts with what I call the Green Zone Income Portfolio.

This model portfolio is stacked with some of the market’s highest-yield dividend-growth companies … to deliver maximum income right now

Plus a handful of rock-solid dividend stocks that deliver safer, steady income growth. 

The Green Zone Income Portfolio is the ultimate income portfolio and the perfect foundation for anyone seeking financial independence.

Remember when I showed you how the portfolio of dividend stocks I shared with my readers two years ago is crushing the returns of today’s market … and pays close to a 9% dividend yield… 

Well, the Green Zone Income Portfolio is like that … but on steroids!! 

I even set it up so you’re able to receive income every month.

And the Green Zone Income Portfolio gives you a distinct advantage over other investors… 

Because it’s backed by the StockPower Ratings system, the premiere stock rating system on the planet!

It’s called the StockPower Ratings system…Let me explain why it’s so important. 

The StockPower Ratings system is the brainchild of my colleague Adam O’Dell, a genius when it comes to creating strategies that beat the market. 

This patent pending system took over 2,000 man-hours and over a half million dollars to develop…

And we’ve used it to identify nearly 100 triple-digit peak winners over the past two years in our untracked weekly hotlist. 

That’s because the StockPower Ratings system was created to pinpoint the very best opportunities the market has to offer. 

It does this by constantly sorting through all 8,000 stocks and ETFs actively traded on the U.S. market.

Then, using AI-based scanning software, it ranks them based on the six qualities that drive market-beating returns…

And assigns each stock an overall rating from 0 to 100.

A low number means you probably want to avoid that stock…But any stock ranked 80 or higher rises into a category I call the “Green Zone.” 

Once a stock makes it into this Green Zone, I expect it will beat the market by a factor of THREE over the next 12 months.

And this powerful system is the engine that drives the Green Zone Income Portfolio

All of the stocks in this portfolio were vetted by Adam’s StockPower ratings system then personally chosen by me to create maximum value. 

The level of precision and experience required to create this exclusive model portfolio is why it’s valued at $399 …But I’m willing to send it to you today with one condition. 

You see, your best shot at significantly accelerating your wealth is to invest in the hidden gems buried in this down market… 

Stocks that are likely to explode in value over the next year. THAT’S how you thrive in today’s uncertain market. 

So along with the Green Zone Income Portfolio

Every month for the next 12 months, I’m also prepared to send you a new Green Zone pick — my No. 1-rated stock of the month. 

All I ask in return is that you take a RISK-FREE trial subscription to Green Zone Fortunes… 

My monthly newsletter that gives you exclusive access to my extensive market analysis and investing strategies. 

My goal with Green Zone Fortunes is to give you all the tools you need to accelerate your wealth by exposing you to the very best opportunities this market has to offer. 

Because this isn’t the time to be complacent … I know it’s scary out there but you can’t afford to freeze and do nothing. 

Instead, this is the time to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities that can be found in a down market… Like the ones I’ve included in the Green Zone Income Portfolio.

As I mentioned, I personally vetted all the selections in this portfolio… 

And I’ll update it periodically to make sure we’re constantly aiming for maximum growth and maximum income potential. 

And with your RISK-FREE subscription to Green Zone Fortunes, Adam and I will introduce you to a NEW wealth-accelerating stock every month … Our No. 1 Green Zone stock pick. 

Here’s how it works.

Each month our team puts in hours of research and due diligence to find the very best investment opportunities. 

We filter through all the highest-rated stocks in the Green Zone.

Looking for powerful mega trends that could drive a stock higher over time and also looking for a special differentiator that sets the stock apart…

An “X-factor” that promises to send it soaring higher than expected no matter what the rest of the market is doing. 

And once we complete this in-depth analysis, we select our No. 1 stock pick for the month…The No. 1 Green Zone stock on the market.

This is a company we’re convinced will best position you for outsized returns. 

Including dividend stocks that I expect to not only beat the market but give you the ability to supersize future income streams. 

We’ll send this No. 1 pick directly to your inbox with a complete breakdown of all our research… 

Including its StockPower Rating and insights into why it’s the cream of that month’s crop and you’ll also receive clear steps to take to get into the stock, including the recommended bid price.

If you decide the opportunity is right for you, you’ll have everything you need to jump into it right away.

And here’s the great thing about the StockPower ratings system…It doesn’t lock us into a single sector. 

We adapt to the market and go wherever it shows us the biggest chance for explosive growth.

That’s how we’re able to find so many exciting — yet overlooked — stocks…And even alternatives to “normal” stocks. 

You see, there are plenty of what I call “alt-dividend” investments with the potential for high yields too. 

That’s why, with your RISK-FREE subscription to Green Zone Fortunes, I’ll also send you The Alt-Dividends Report

A special report I put together for anyone looking to expand their income horizons. 

In this report I give you three of my alt-dividend favorites… 

Including a unique kind of company where you don’t actually buy its stock … Instead, you become a partner in the company. 

And, as a partner, you are guaranteed a share of the company’s profits in the form of a distribution. 

Naturally, each time that distribution goes up partners in the company can see their income increase by a considerable amount. 

And that’s exciting … because the company I included in this report is in the red-hot energy sector. 

Its financial performance this year has been so strong it already raised its payout by 15%. 

And it increased its guidance for the year…Meaning the partners anticipate increased demand and increased earnings.

That’s why time is of the essence on this one.

It currently yields a whopping 8% and that distribution is growing… But you can still become a partner in this company for less than $15. 

And once other investors get wind of this deal … that price could go up considerably. 

Because bargains like this typically don’t last for long.

And the next bargain I included in the Alt-Dividends report isn’t likely to last long either. 

It’s a special kind of investment in one of the highest-yielding corners of the stock market … A bargain real estate deal.

But you don’t need to take out a mortgage to take advantage of it. 

In fact, I’ll show you how to profit from real estate without having to be a landlord…Without fixing toilets… Or dealing with phone calls from angry tenants. 

Instead, you can collect regular income from real estate without all that hassle. 

With the real estate deal in this report, you’ll own a share in over $6 billion of property including gyms, ski resorts … even theme parks.

And the best part is that it yields a whopping 6.5%!

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? But I’m not done yet. 

You see, I’ve included one more special deal in the Alt-Dividends report… An unusual type of investment that most investors don’t know about.

In fact, it’s so unusual, I had to lean on my connections to find it for you. 

This company will never issue additional shares…But I’ll show you how it’s possible for you to buy your way in for less than $20 … And enjoy a yield that currently sits at over 7%!

All you need is a brokerage account to get started. 

In fact, that’s all you need for all three of these deals in the Alt-Dividends report! 

But as I said, bargains like these aren’t likely to last for long so I want to get this report to you immediately!

And I’ll send it to you for FREE once you join Green Zone Fortunes today. 

But that’s not all… Because I’ll also send you a second FREE report I put together… And you’re going to absolutely love this one. 

Remember I showed you how billionaire investors are piling into dividend stocks right now? 

Well, I decided to level the playing field…So I dug through the portfolios of some of the smartest and most successful billionaire investors on the planet. 

Billionaires like Warren Buffett whose Berkshire Hathaway has gained over 3.6 million percent since 1965. 

And Clifford Asness, whose AQR Capital Management firm oversees $124 billion… 

And Ray Dalio, whose $233 billion Bridgewater Associates is currently the world’s largest hedge fund. 

And I found they all had one thing in common.

These billionaires’ portfolios are simply stacked with income-generating dividend stocks!

So I sorted through their portfolios with the StockPower ratings system…

Then I narrowed them down to the very best income stocks … The ones with the highest returns and the lowest risk of cutting their dividends … And I compiled my top three in a report I call The Billionaire Bundle ($299 value).

It includes: 

  • A pharmaceutical stock that Dalio’s hedge fund recently poured tens of millions of dollars into. And you have to ask yourself … does he know something we don’t? Maybe it’s because of this stock’s strong 3% yield … or the fact that its stock price has been steadily ticking up over the last five years. What I can confirm is that our StockPower ratings system is strong bullish on this one … and so am I. 
  • I also uncovered a major player in the food industry that yields over 4%. Our StockPower ratings system is bullish on this one too, and apparently so is Warren Buffett because it’s one of the highest yielding dividend stocks in his portfolio. 
  • And how about a stock in the blazing hot energy sector with a massive dividend yield of 6.6%. Energy demand is growing, and so are this company’s revenues. And its strong growth prospects means that its massive dividend could keep growing for the foreseeable future. And if that’s not enticing enough for you, how’s this? Our StockPower ratings system is bullish on this stock … and it trades for under $20! What’s not to love?

The StockPower ratings system is screaming buy on all three of these dividend stocks… And I’ll give you the details on all of them in the billionaire bundle report…Including their ticker symbols and the exact how-to-buy instructions. 

And with your RISK-FREE subscription to Green Zone Fortunes, I’ll also expose you to a host of additional opportunities with our untracked Weekly Hotlist picks.

These are 10 Green Zone stocks we identify with the StockPower Ratings system … With a NEW list coming to you every week… 

Giving you literally hundreds of stocks every year that you can choose to invest in if the opportunity suits you. 

In all, 91 of our untracked Weekly Hotlist stocks hit peak gains of over 100% over the past two years…Giving our readers a chance to at least double their money nearly every week!

Adam and I keep these untracked Weekly Hotlist stocks separate from our model portfolio, and, naturally, not every one of them ends up being a winner … but we make them available to give you a broad range of investment ideas.

Because that’s the ultimate goal of Green Zone Fortunes. To help subscribers achieve financial independence on their own terms. 

Folks like Brian who wrote in to us to say:

I appreciate those kind words from Brian … And I’m honored when members of Green Zone Fortunes who work at some of the biggest financial institutions in the world reach out to thank us for our ideas. 

We’ve received messages from folks who work at places like: 

  • U.S. Bank…
  • Morgan Stanley…
  • Merrill Lynch…
  • Raymond James…
  • Edward Jones…
  • UBS…
  • Deutsche Bank and… 
  • The Lincoln Financial Group. 

And it’s humbling to know that they look to us for insight and market analysis… But that doesn’t mean you need to be a stockbroker like Brian to benefit from Green Zone Fortunes!

I think investing should be simple and fun, so this service is accessible to investors of ALL levels and backgrounds. 

But no matter your investment experience, I encourage you to set lofty goals for yourself. 

Like Fred did. He wrote: 

That’s awesome to hear. And I should point out that sometimes our top Green Zone gains can come incredibly fast. 

George emailed us to say:

While Vitus went on an incredible winning streak. He said: 

These are some of my favorite messages from members of Green Zone Fortunes

And if you can’t tell by now… I LOVE getting messages like these and I want to hear from you too!

This is our premier research service so when you join Green Zone Fortunes today, you’ll receive a TON of perks. 

You can access all of our No. 1 Green Zone picks in our model portfolio through our private, members-only website that houses all of our important resources…

You’ll have full access to the proprietary StockPower Ratings system so you can look up any stock at any time to see how it rates and maybe even find a Green Zone opportunity of your own. 

And you can also sign up for text alerts to make sure you never miss an update … I’ve even made it easy for you to get started today. 

All you have to do to initiate your RISK-FREE trial subscription is click on the button below and it’ll take you to a secure page where you can review everything I’ve shown you today. 

I Want To See The Details

You’ll get a full year of Green Zone Fortunes … Immediate access to the Green Zone Income Portfolio that I designed to deliver maximum income right away…

And I’ll also send you two reports: The Alt-Dividends Report and The Billionaire Bundlefor a total of six additional income superstars. PLUS the Income Forever Bundle.

When you add it all up, this entire package is valued at an incredible $1,743…

And there’s even more that comes with your RISK-FREE subscription to Green Zone Fortunes today. 

Like a full year of access to our Weekly Green Zone Hotlist … PLUS unlimited access to the StockPower Ratings system which could easily be worth thousands of dollars if we decided to charge for these perks. 

But I already told you… My goal is to help you gain financial independence just like my Papa did. 

I want you to be able to accelerate your wealth with confidence without having to pay an arm and a leg for my insight and analysis. 

So I think you’ll be surprised by how little it costs to join Green Zone Fortunes

But before I get to that, I want to tell you about one more bonus I’ve prepared for you today. 

It’s an extra gift worth $599 called The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series

Hosted by my partner Adam O’Dell, this five-part video series is an invaluable resource for investors of all levels.

In it, you’ll discover a ton of investing tips and tricks, including: 

  • How almost anybody can become rich from trading. It doesn’t take talent or an especially large bank balance. You just need to follow simple rules.
  • You’ll also learn how to avoid the No. 1 mistake people make when investing in stocks … which 99% of investors do without even knowing it!
  • And Adam also shows you how to ride a “never-ending bull market” where you always have a winning trend to play. Plus, much more. 

We created The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series to help new investors approach investing with confidence…

Yet it’s filled with enough surprises that even the most seasoned investors will gain something from it. 

And that’s what Green Zone Fortunes is all about…Giving you the tools you need to make your own choices about where and how you invest.

And now it’s time for you to make a choice. 

This might be the best time to invest in dividend stocks we’ll see in our lifetimes because we’re witnessing some of the biggest dividend stock bargains in history. But it’s not going to last forever.

That’s why I’m prepared to rush you everything you see here… 

When you add in the five-part video series, the total value of your subscription is at least $2,342.

But that’s not what it’s going to cost you to join Green Zone Fortunes today … Not by a long shot. 

You see, the normal price for a one-year subscription to Green Zone Fortunes is a bargain at only $199.

But I want to do something special to help folks take advantage of the incredible dividend bargains I’m seeing… 

So I negotiated an even BETTER deal for new subscribers.

For a limited time only, my publisher has agreed to slash 75% off the price of a RISK-FREE one-year trial subscription to Green Zone Fortunes

Meaning — if you act right now — you can join us today for only $47!

That comes out to less than $4 per month… In other words, less than the cost of a single gallon of milk. 

And if that doesn’t sound like a complete no-brainer to you already … Then how about this?

I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with Green Zone Fortunes … I’m willing to put up my own money to prove it. 

That’s why your subscription comes with our best-in-class RISK-FREE guarantee. 

Just give it a try for the next 12 months, and if you’re not 100% satisfied you can simply cancel within the first 365 days and receive a full refund of your subscription fee.

And no matter what you decide, everything you see here is yours to keep. 

What’s more, when you sign up for Green Zone Fortunes we’ll automatically enroll you in our customer continuity program. 

When your introductory one-year membership is up, your subscription will automatically renew for another year at more than half off the regular rate — just $79. 

That way you never risk missing out on any of my research. And you can opt out of this auto-renew feature at any time. 

Now, I’m betting that right about now you’re thinking…“This is too good to be true! There’s gotta be a catch.”

And you’re right … There is a catch.

We’re not charging thousands of dollars — or even hundreds of dollars — for a RISK-FREE subscription to Green Zone Fortunes

At only $47 for an entire year, we’re practically giving it away. Is that crazy? 

Maybe. But I believe this could be the start of a long, rewarding relationship between us and I want to start it off with a bang. 

That said … I didn’t put in all of this effort to deal with fence-sitters. 

I only want to work with folks who know to grab a great opportunity when it’s sitting right in front of them. 

That’s why I am putting a hard limit on this offer…

It’s ONLY available to the first 500 people to act today. 

And since I reach a quarter of a million readers every day… I anticipate these spots are going to go fast. And I’d hate for you to miss out. 

Because you’ve seen how dividends can exponentially accelerate wealth.

And with the incredible dividend deals in the market right now…

This is the time to lock in some of the biggest and best yields I’ve witnessed in decades. 

Frankly, most folks are missing out on a quiet bull market in dividend stocks right now.

They’re ignoring a hundred years of data that proves dividend-paying stocks are a superior investment…

And it could cost them dearly. I don’t want you to be one of them.

So I put together the perfect package to put you on the path to financial freedom… 

Including the Green Zone Fortunes Income Portfolio that delivers maximum income right away…

And a host of additional tools to ensure that you keep that income flowing for life. 

Now it’s up to you. 

Will you move forward on this urgent opportunity while there’s still time… Or will you choose to stay behind? 

The decision is yours… I’m sure you’ll do what’s right for you and your family. 

All you need to do is click on the button below to get started… And I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

I Want To See The Details

August 2022

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