The AI Takeover: Jason Bodner’s Quantum Edge Trader Smart Tech


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Warning: The following presentation will be disturbing to some. Discover why over 100 million people around the world are racing into the most powerful tech in history…

The AI Takeover

Inside: Details of a shocking new tech that has economists from MIT, Harvard, and Boston College believing that we are about to witness the explosion of the biggest wealth gap we’ve ever seen before in history.


A new tech marvel is rocking the very foundations of capitalism. And the future for millions of Americans looks bleaker than ever.

For the first time in history…

A college student can type a sentence in a box and do the combined work of several coding engineers at once – endangering thousands of careers.

One AI lawyer can now service an average of 253 clients every single day — replacing entire law firms in a single moment…

Even doctors are now at risk as HealthITAnalytics reports: An AI doctor just passed the US Medical Licensing Exam without any doctor input…

And folks looking at retirement who ignore this new tech megatrend may just miss out on their last chance to “catch up” and even “accelerate” their retirement goals.

Because starting today…

The only way folks can get ahead will be by using the latest technology that can identify a rare priming phenomenon that always occurs before a stock soars upward.

Hi, I’m your host Miriam Isa.

As a journalist who has interviewed A-list actors and billionaire investors around the globe…

I can tell you that my guest today may have the single most important retirement message of our lifetimes.

Based on my research, this could be more historic than when the iPhone was first unveiled…

Or possibly even more impactful to your investments than the internet itself.

It’s all thanks to a new era of intelligent tech.

One which may be the only real solution left for millions of Americans who are now concerned about their financial futures.

If you’re one of the countless Americans who feels like the recent volatility may make it impossible to retire…

Or who feel like you may have fallen too far behind with no real way to make up huge ground…

Then I urge you to stay tuned.

Because our special guest — Jason Bodner — claims that with a simple click of a mouse, every day can offer Americans the chance to “catch up” and “accelerate” their retirement goals…

All by identifying a rare priming phenomenon that always occurs BEFORE a stock makes a massive run.

Jason, thank you for joining us here today.


It’s my pleasure to be here.

You know, I’ve worked for over 20 years to be able to share what I have in store for our viewers today.

We’ve logged countless man hours from some of the brightest minds in computer engineering…

Millions upon millions of dollars testing the accuracy of this system…

Heck, I’ve even gone as far as “uploading” 30 of the brightest minds on Wall Street to further enhance the accuracy of this stock picking technology…

Which is why I call it: “Smart Tech.”


So you’ve put a lot of work into Smart Tech. This is your baby.




That’s all fine and well. But what can it do for the folks at home?


Well, thanks to Smart Tech’s ability to read priming signals that are imperceptible to the human eye, you could’ve been able to get ahead of some huge market moves BEFORE they happened…

Like Centene for example.

Centene wasn’t doing much before my Smart Tech spotted the hidden priming signals…

But afterward, this stock surged for a 462% return like it was nothing.


That’s good enough to 5X someone’s investment. Nothing to sneeze at. But is it consistent? Can it actually produce these kinds of results more than once?


Well, Synopsis was the same way. In fact, this company was a dead stock for over two decades.

I’m sure most people never even knew this stock existed.

But then once my Smart Tech spotted the hidden priming signals, it could’ve jumpstarted anyone’s retirement with an 847% return…

And The Trade Desk, this one was even better.

When my smart tech first spotted the priming signals in The Trade Desk, the stock was just under $9.

But after the alert, investors in this stock could’ve seen an incredible 1,100% return.


And your Smart Tech was able to pick all these winners?

It was actually finding and selecting them before the big moves?


Oh absolutely. And it has done this more times than I can count over my career.

It’s the easiest way to find consistent winners I’ve ever come across.

And the most important ingredient at play here, is the priming signal itself.

Because these hidden priming signals ALWAYS appear before the biggest explosions in the market.


And are you getting these large returns using options? Or penny stocks?


No, neither. And we don’t have to get involved in those risky kind of assets at all.

We are entering a brand new era where technology can help accelerate our capabilities beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

Even with low-risk household stocks.

And after watching AI recently experience its “iPhone Moment…”

Where the whole world now has access to something that used to be reserved only for master programmers…

After watching how these kinds of technology are going to transform the way we do EVERYTHING…

From how we work… how we live… to even how we make money…

I knew that I had to go public and guide people into this new world that we’re about to enter.


So you’re going to show them the light?


I’m going to show them “reality.”

And I’m going to show you too, Miriam.


Oh really? And what is that? How do you see reality, Jason?


Right now, Americans have an incredible chance to use technology to change their life for the better… to make more money than they ever thought possible…

And to have that relaxed, laid back, stress-free retirement they’ve always wanted.

But I know change can be terrifying…

And many folks — some of whom may be watching right now — will not embrace this new change the world is experiencing as we speak…

Which means, unfortunately, they will only fall further and further behind.


And when you say that, who do you mean? Who exactly is falling behind?


Look at lawyers…

Before now, parking tickets were a real pain…

You had to find a lawyer, pay them hundreds of dollars, spend hours in court and maybe… just “maybe,” you win. You beat the ticket, right?

But with the new era of tech we are entering…

All you have to do is pay an average of $12 a month and guess what, it could go away.

That’s because a new AI lawyer will actually fight the case for you instantly.


Wait a minute. I drive a lot in California and get a hefty amount of tickets. Just $12? There’s no way that actually works.


I’m pretty sure most lawyers thought the same thing.

In fact, I’m willing to bet some of them probably have laughed just at the idea of it…

BUT the reality is, in 21 months, this AI lawyer has won over 160,000 parking ticket cases.

Or in other words…

This sole AI lawyer is winning 253 cases every single day, on average.


Wait, what? Winning 253 cases every single day?

There’s no way a lawyer or even a law firm could achieve something like that.

Even if they had hundreds of lawyers to win 100 cases every 8 hours…

They would never be able to compete with that low price!


Yes. And that’s why this AI’s creator could be making anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 a month.

He’s a prime example of what happens when you are on the right side of this new era we’re entering.


And that era is…


I can sum it up in a few words.

The era of “inhuman speed… inhuman performance… and inhuman results.”


And so you are saying on the other side of the coin, the lawyers who are caught flat footed are a prime example of what could happen if retirees don’t adapt now.


What do they say in the Marines? Adapt or Die?


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.


That’s it, thank you. Well if the law field doesn’t adapt and overcome, they will be in trouble. Their very livelihoods are at jeopardy. And this divide is happening everywhere.

It’s making decades of skills and mastery obsolete, virtually overnight.

Have you heard the famous story about the Picasso napkin art?


Yes I have.




What? …Yes, I have!

You might not know this, Jason, but I’m very well-traveled.


I thought I’d surprise you. Of course, Miriam.

I know you have done some keynotes that have been voted “most memorable” on three different continents…

So I know you’re well-traveled.

I’ve done my research too.


I’m impressed.


Well, okay. Would you mind sharing the story for our audience?

You tell the story, and I’ll make my point.


Sure, as I remember…

The story goes, Pablo Picasso was at a Paris open market when an admirer asked if he could do a quick sketch on a paper napkin.

Picasso agreed and drew what ended up to be one of the world's most recognizable symbols of peace, “The Dove of Peace.”

And before he handed over the napkin, he asked for $10,000.

Now, obviously the person was shocked.

They even said: “What are you doing? How can you ask for so much? It took you five minutes to draw this!”

But Picasso calmly replied “No, it took me 40 years to draw this in five minutes.”


You nailed it. Now thinking of all that time, energy, and effort it takes to become great…

How long do you think it would take for someone to be able to paint this?


I don’t know. Weeks? Months maybe?


Not even close. For the team at Obvious — a collaboration of Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Pierre Fautrel, and Gauthier Vernier — it didn’t take decades of practice.

Nor did it take them years of training. Instead, this work of art only took the push of a button.


Wait, this art was made by AI?!


That’s right. And to top it all off…

This “instantly generated AI art” sold for a whopping $432,000.


What?! That’s just unfathomable.

To be able to take a lifetime of experience and training down to a push of a button…

Oof. And to make almost a half a million dollars from it too…

OK. I can see it.

I get what you mean when you say we are entering a new world.


That’s right. And no industry is safe from this.

Healthcare, law, accounting, marketing, finance… Heck even pop stars aren’t safe.

Johnny Cash made music for 11 years before anyone knew his name.

It took Elvis eight…

But for Miquela — an AI pop star — it became an overnight success with its very first song.


Forgive me for not following along but, an AI pop star?


Yeah. It’s like a virtual singer. Like a music artist. That creates AI generated music.


And it’s already famous?


Big time. Just last year, this AI made their company nearly $9 million.

And these kinds of stories are only going to be more and more common in 2023.

Technology is now allowing people to accomplish phenomenal results with a fraction of the effort, in a fraction of the time.

And that can be true for folks’ retirement accounts as well.

Because after today…

After you see how “smart tech” can spot a rare priming phenomenon that always occurs before a stock makes a massive move higher…

Something no human investor could ever do in our lifetime…

You will understand why I’m so confident that this smart tech could be the answer for anyone looking to “catch up” and “accelerate” their retirement.


Well, you’ve certainly presented a very convincing argument.

An AI lawyer that can handle thousands of cases for $12 a month, on average…

An AI musician that can produce million dollar hits on command…

It does seem that technology is improving at a rate that everyday people can’t possibly compete with.

So I’m sure the folks watching can see: this WILL impact more aspects of our everyday lives than we could possibly imagine.

And if folks at home are thinking what I’m thinking…

They want to know exactly how your Smart Tech could improve THEIR lives. And mine. And today.


Of course. Smart Tech has the power to protect American retirement accounts…

And even grow them faster than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Take what happened in January 2022 for example.

Investors just got the worst news they could’ve ever gotten.

The free money train was over.

Interest rates were back.

And the economy started tanking so fast it had everyone seeing the ghost of the 2008 recession. To make matters worse, we also saw war break out between Russia and Ukraine.

Quite frankly, it was an impossible time for most investors to keep their cool…

Let alone make timely and prudent investments.

However, I on the other hand, I was unperturbed by all of this because on February 1st…

My smart tech spotted priming activity in Occidental Petroleum, meaning it was set up to make a huge move.

And sure enough, while most investors fell behind trying to navigate the first bear market in over 12 years…

OXY became the runaway #1 stock of the S&P 500 — it shot up by as much as 103%.


Wow that’s incredible.

Not only did Smart Tech give investors the chance to double their money in the most depressing economic environment we’ve seen in recent history…

But Smart Tech also would’ve gotten you ahead of the best performing stock of the year!

And if I’m not mistaken, smart tech also would’ve gotten you ahead of Warren Buffett.

Because didn’t Warren Buffett buy up 20% of this company in September?


That’s absolutely correct.

Smart Tech could’ve helped you get ahead of the Oracle of Omaha by at least six months…

And it wouldn’t be the first time it beat some of the best experts on Wall Street either.

For example, back in February 2020 Matt Maley — the chief market strategist at Miller Tabak — went on CNBC to proclaim Tesla was going to get absolutely clobbered…

And he wasn’t alone on the Tesla bashing either.

Jim Chanos — the man who famously shorted Enron — told The Wall Street Journal he was never going to stop betting against Tesla.

Even Steve Eisman — one of the legendary investors who called the 2008 real estate bubble — was shorting Tesla too.


Wow. These are some big, big names.

I imagine when some folks saw what these famous investors had to say — they probably bailed out of the stock.


Yes, but who wouldn’t have?

After all, it would be easy for anyone to look at what these accomplished investors had to say about Tesla and think to themselves: “Hmm, maybe these guys know something that I don’t.”

And when you add the Covid Crash into the mix, it’s pretty easy to panic altogether.

But my smart tech didn’t miss out due to Wall Street’s shenanigans.

Nor did it panic due to the market crash.

Instead, for all of January — my smart tech was practically begging for investors to get in.

Because it saw, against popular wisdom, Tesla was primed to go on an epic run.

And sure enough, in the following months, my smart tech was proven right yet again…

As Tesla ripped for a 700% gain by the new year.


I feel bad for anyone who listened to the mainstream media then.

They would’ve missed out on a great chance to “catch up” on their retirement goals.


If you thought that was bad, wait till you hear this next Tesla story.

You see, back in 2016, Jim Chanos cost Americans the retirement of a lifetime when he told everyone that Tesla was “The anti-Amazon” and that it's going to “continue losing money.”

He even compared Tesla to Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the stock that plummeted by 90%!

But if my Smart Tech could talk, it really… it would’ve laughed at Jim…

Because on January 3, 2017, my smart tech indicated to us that “Tesla was primed.”

Remember that priming signal?

Since then, Tesla has skyrocketed by as much as 2,664%…

Or in other words, this market move would’ve helped anyone “catch up” with their retirement goals with a whopping 26X gain. Enough to turn every $5,000 into over six figures.

And the rest is history.

Meanwhile the Tesla Bears on Wall Street lost as much as $40 billion betting the other way.


$40 billion!? How in the world could Wall Street get something so wrong?

I mean, these guys are pros. They are the best of the best.

After all, these are the same guys who called the fall of Enron and even the 2008 crash.

And yet, your smart tech is making them look like amateurs…

It even got ahead of one of Warren Buffett’s biggest investments yet by six months!

How is this possible?


Well, in order for you to understand that, you first need to know why I built the smart tech in the first place.

And that means I have to tell you all about my most embarrassing moment as a trader.

The moment I became my boss’s personal punching bag on the trading floor.

You see, when I got started as a trader back in July 2001…

I was like most folks…

I had no experience in the stock market whatsoever.

In fact, just before I got hired as a trader, I was a professional musician, writing music for fashion shows, ballet recitals and for a rock band I was performing in on the side.


And yet you were hired? Was it your sterling personality?


Maybe the smile, it must have been!

Maybe they knew music was math?


Whatever it was, something about you got their attention.


Yeah well, let me tell you, generating a profit was not one of those reasons.

Because in my first 21 days of trading, I couldn’t have been a worse trader if I tried. Literally.

  • Greedily chasing a stock that was ripping higher? Guess what, I did that.
  • Buying a falling stock because I got a “gut feeling” it will turn around? That was me too.
  • Following the herd into a crowded trade? Add that to the list as well.

Point is, I can go on and on about all the mistakes I made…

What it really boiled down to was I could not handle my emotions as a trader.

In fact, I was so bad at it, my boss openly took the opposite position for every trade I made. He saw how bad it was.

He didn’t even bother looking at the stock or researching the position…

All he knew was, I was in the trade so he put money down betting the other way.


Jason, wow that’s so sad and pretty embarrassing but I get the feeling things got even worse…


A little worse? Maybe a whole lot worse. For 19 of those 21 days, I essentially got the pleasure of handing my boss over every single dollar that he ever paid me.

Because while I was losing thousands of dollars on my trades, my boss made a ton of money taking the other side.

All of my intuitions, my gut instincts, and my emotions, took me further and further in the wrong direction into the hole.

And after that punishment, I couldn’t bear the thought of trading ever again.

Even just thinking about trading was enough to make me churn and make my stomach sick.

And so I went back to being a broker.

I took orders by phone and I placed other people’s trades.


Sheesh. After that beating, I don’t blame you. I think anyone would’ve quit after that.


I almost quit. I tried to, actually.

But one day, this big client requested that I track “unusual activity” in all 2,800 European stocks that traded across all of the exchanges.

And because it was impossible to look at thousands of stocks all day long, every day…

Let alone identify that unusual activity with the naked eye…

I built a machine to do the work instead.


Wait, didn’t you say you were a musician before you became a trader?

I didn’t know you knew how to code.


I didn’t! I was a musician before I traded but I didn’t know how to code.

But I was more than happy to figure it out because with a machine handling all the investment analysis…

It meant that I didn’t have to get my emotions involved with trading anymore. I didn’t have to rely on “gut instinct” which would steer me wrong anyway…

Or I didn’t have to rely on “feel” like most traders do.

And the early results were mind-blowing.

So over the years I sharpened the tool more and more. Little bit every year.

I poured tons of money and uploaded some of the smartest minds into the formulas.


You mentioned that earlier. Uploading the smartest minds into your system.

What exactly does that mean?


Well, over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning about some of the most brilliant frameworks in investing.

I’m talking about investors who wrote dissertations on Sallie Mae before it went bankrupt…

And I studied people like that turtle trader Richard Dennis who helped 23 ordinary people become trading millionaires…

I was huge into William O’Neil – the investor who founded Investor’s Business Daily

Each of these guys plus the others that I’ve worked with and studied had their own unique philosophy and rules around investing.

I broke down all of their models and rules, and used them to build the rules that govern my system…

Think about it like ingredients in a soup…

All with the goal to make its investing decisions smarter and smarter.

Until it was doing most of my thinking FOR me.


And now you have what you call: “Smart Tech”?



And the results of this machine have been unlike anything I’ve ever seen since.

It seemed like no matter what kind of market turmoil we experienced, this “Smart Tech” was able to spot that “priming factivity.”

The kind of activity that would set a stock to explode for massive gains.

And that’s crucial because in my experience: human emotion is the number one reason most people fail to capitalize in the markets.

It was my number one reason.

Again, let’s take what happened in May 2022 for example.

Investors thought they had nowhere to hide.

The S&P 500 was tanking. The Nasdaq — falling faster than a sack of rotten potatoes or whatever you want to call it.

It was so bad that CNBC called the stock market “a meat-grinder of forlorn hope” for investors.


Wow, that quote will go down in history. That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think?

I mean “meat-grinder of forlorn hope?” Who talks like that?


Right? The media, that’s who. You know why?

Because they also benefit from playing on your emotions.


Monetizing our fear! I think we’ve all noticed that before.



And based on all the bad news, almost 40% of investors took their money out of the markets in just that month alone. I even wrote a paper about it.

However, the beauty of Smart Tech is it doesn’t have the same emotional pressures we feel.


It has all the rules from the brilliant minds you uploaded into it. But none of their emotional weakness.


Right. All it cares about is isolating and identifying specific “priming activity” that sets a stock apart from the rest of the herd. That’s all I care about!

The kind of activity that means a stock could soon explode for massive gains. That’s why I built it.

That’s why my Smart Tech wasn’t fazed by the bad press at all.

Because instead, in the following month…

It identified that stock ticker ELF was primed to go on a huge run.


ELF? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one before.


Well, it’s not a popular stock for most investors, but they make beauty supplies.


Oh, I know that company — e.l.f. Beauty! I’m wearing their blush as we speak. I have never heard an investor talk about it.


Well, it rarely makes headlines.

But what I do know is that what happened with ELF has happened more times than I can count over my 20 years of trading the markets.

Ever since my smart tech identified this stock…

ELF ripped higher for a 102% gain in the following seven months.


Wow. 102% in seven months? Another triple digit gainer… in the middle of a bear market no less.

I’m sure those investors who bailed out of the markets would’ve loved the chance to double their money.


I’m sure they would’ve.

But like I said, the stock market is a highly emotional game. And most people lose lots of money due to their emotional impulses.


But Smart Tech doesn’t have that problem…


Not at all. It doesn’t have emotions at all, I’ve designed it that way…

Instead, no matter what kind of market turmoil we experience, no matter what kind of conditions we’re in, this “smart tech” just knows how to spot “priming activity” before a big move happens.

Which is why it’s great for me because in these kinds of markets…

Emotions run high…

And I know from first-hand experience, emotions will absolutely wreck your portfolio. It wrecked mine!

Just take what happened back in March 2020 for example.

As far as we knew at the time, the world was practically ending.

Covid-19 was going to destroy life as we knew it. Lockdowns had commenced. We were stuck in our homes, like science fiction!

Toilet paper had become more scarce than gold! You couldn’t write this stuff!

And investors were fleeing to the hills…

In fact, I can’t remember a time where I saw more mainstream articles saying we were about to enter a new Great Depression! Right?

But if you had this smart tech at your disposal like I do, you wouldn’t have paid any attention to that news at all. Because on March 24, 2020, in the depths of pure market despair…

My Smart Tech identified Enphase Energy as a primed stock.


Enphase? An energy stock…? At that time…?

That’s insane!

I mean, didn’t oil make headlines right around then for going negative for the first time in history?


That’s right.

Normal people probably heard this, and dumped every kind of energy stock right on that gut reaction…right? “Get out!”

And that’s why I’m so confident no one was even looking at Enphase before it was primed to rip higher.


But your system did.

Your system didn’t fall for any of the bad news. It didn’t panic.

Instead, it stayed impossibly cool, calm and collected…

And it just knew on March 24th, Enphase was ready.


Miriam, exactly.

Not only that.

Smart Tech helped me predict the bottom of the crash, and predict when the market would bounce back…

Within DAYS of it happening.

And if any of my followers would’ve been able to see what my smart tech spotted they would’ve been on the joyride of their life.

In a little over a month, Enphase would’ve given investors nearly double their money back…

In a little over six months, investors would’ve tripled their money…

And by the new year…

Enphase would’ve made investors 5X their money.


Jason, why didn’t we know each other then? Imagine that — even in the most dreadful market conditions…

Where everyone else is losing their mind AND their shirt…

You could’ve made 5X your starting stake…

Without losing a wink of sleep over it.


Do you now see why I’m so confident anyone can use this kind of technology to “catch up” and “accelerate” their retirement goals?


I think so. You’re pointing out the problem of emotions. And I agree.

The problem is most folks have to deal with not only finding the right stocks, but also their emotional impulses and of course, influence from the mainstream media which only exacerbates our emotions.

And I think everyone watching at home can relate to that.

We’ve all been there. It can feel scary.

When it’s something important to us…

When it involves money…

When the stakes are high…

And we are trying to anticipate where the puck is heading.

Handling all of that… All at once… It’s a lot.

It can be scary. And our emotions can get the better of our decisions.


Exactly right. I love the Gretzky reference.

Look, with smart tech by your side, a regular human being can finally spot “priming activity” across a universe of stocks that most folks have never even heard of.

All the while avoiding the emotional turmoil most folks struggle with. I struggled with it, that’s is why this system exists.

And while ignoring the dangerous media noise too.

Just take what happened on July 18, 2018 for example.

We were in the middle of a trade war, the market was throwing a temper tantrum – we now call it taper tantrum 2.0…

And the news had investors in a panic saying we were looking at a mirror of the 1987 Black Monday crash! Talk about drama.

In fact, investors rushed out to pull a total of $30 billion from the markets in June alone!

But when I got the alert for The Trade Desk in July…

I wasn’t worried about any of that noise.

Because for the next few years saw The Trade Desk exploded for as much as 1,100%


Wow… 1,100%…

Man, if I can have 11X gain right now, I’m sure I would sock away some for my retirement but I would definitely go ahead and enjoy a nice vacation.

So Jason, do these kinds of returns happen all the time?


I’m sorry but Smart Tech does not always generate a 10X return.

And I can’t say that it’s perfect either.

You know the old saying.

Past performance is not indicative of future results…

And you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

However, what I can say is that if we go back to when the Federal Reserve first turned the stock market into a financial nightmare for most investors…

My Smart Tech was able to identify as many as 98 triple digit winners in that time frame…

As you can plainly see, if you had this smart tech at your disposal…You didn’t have to sit in the S&P 500 and just watch idly, while you took a crushing 24% loss.

You don’t have to be one of the countless investors that the media reported lost as much as $34,000 in their 401(k).

Nor do you have to leave your money in cash and have inflation slowly eat it away.

Instead, you could’ve easily weathered the storm…

And started “catching up” and “accelerating” your retirement goals…


I’ll say.

From everything I’ve seen so far: This makes all the other mainstream retirement methods look like a joke.

After all, I can’t think of any other investment that would generate a 100% gain in just six months.

Or simply give folks peace of mind in a bear market.


Right. If you wanted something extra low risk like playing in dividends…

You’d need to hold a company like Coca-Cola for 33 years, just to see triple digit returns.

And with bonds, even with the high interest rates bonds are benefitting from in this environment…

It’d still take nearly 16 years to do what Smart Tech could’ve done in just six months.

And even with real estate…

You would still have to wait an average of almost a decade to double your money, if you’re lucky!

For people who want to “catch up” and “accelerate” their retirement goals…

They don’t have 10 years to wait for success.

They need a solution right now.


And I’m starting to see how your smart tech could be the answer people need…

Especially if they hope to make up for any lost ground.


Yes. In fact, three of Smart Tech’s recent picks were up over 30% in just under six months.


Come on! Wow. Compared to 10 years in real estate? I’ll take it.

However, there’s one thing I still don’t quite understand.

What exactly makes this technology so accurate?

Even in volatile market conditions, this Smart Tech is always identifying companies that are primed to shoot up for 100% or more in returns.

And it’s not just a recent thing either.

Like you showed us, it’s been doing it for over years now.

Over and over again.

So what is it this technology sees that the everyday investor does not or cannot?


This goes back to the new era we’re about to enter…

The era of inhuman speed, inhuman performance and inhuman results. We talked about it before.

And the people who adapt quickly to this new era — who adapt to the new technologies which will enable us to do impossible things, things we didn’t even dream were possible — they will have an edge unlike anything we’ve seen before.

For example, in healthcare, AI was able to help doctors analyze over 20 million oncology studies — in just 10 minutes — in order to save one of their patient’s lives.

Just think about that.

Even if a doctor could read one oncology study per minute — which is already impossible as it is…

It would still take them over 38 years to accomplish that and to save their patient’s life. That’s not time anybody has, right?

In law, another AI lawyer was able to cut 360,000 hours of billable time…

We’re talking about 173 years of work — multiple lifetimes of work…

Cut down to mere seconds.

Managing law partners who use this technology will make mincemeat of their competitors who don’t. Right, adapt or die.

And with art, anyone can now just type what they want in a text box and get award winning art drawn in the blink of an eye.

Earlier this week, I typed in “castle by moonlit beach” into an AI art generator and like magic… my words were transformed into a work of art.

It used to take a lifetime of practice — for only a special set of talented individuals no less — to draw these pieces of art…

But with these special technologies…

Now, even everyday folks like Jason Mackenzie are winning art competitions with AI-generated art! How cool is that?


Oh I remember this story. Many of the artists felt like they were robbed.

Some were even saying they had just witnessed the death of art.

And with how fast we saw this AI whip up new art…

I could see why these artists feel that way.

They can’t even begin to compete!


Exactly. And this is the new world we are now living in.

Like it or not.

And what my Smart Tech allows everyday Americans to do, to compete, it will be no different.

But I digress, we got off the subject because this is so fascinating. You had a question. Smart Tech can comb through millions of data points faster than any one human ever could.

Not only that, it can do it for all 6,000 stocks on the market in a blink of an eye.

And starting today, thanks to Smart Tech’s inhuman capabilities

Everyday Americans will now be able to do what was once considered virtually impossible.


What do you mean by that?


It’s simple.

You see, before today, folks had no real shot of finding a winning stock on their own.

In fact, according to research done by a renowned professor, out of 26,000 stocks ever listed in the history of the stock market…

Only 4% of them generated all of the market returns above treasury bills.


What?! Only 4%!? What happens if you invested in the other 96% of stocks instead?


Well, let me put it this way.

If you missed out on those “4% stocks”, you literally wasted your time and money…

The other 96% of stocks couldn’t even meet or beat a bond!


Jeez! So if the folks at home truly want to “catch up” and “accelerate” your retirement goals…

Then, they have to find these rare stocks above all else.


Exactly. To really catch up and accelerate your retirement, you have to target what I call: “4% Stocks.”


So what do these “4% Stocks” have to do with Smart Tech, specifically?


Everything. Because much of the data driving our unique priming signals are heavily influenced by the data found from these “4% Stocks”…

The ONLY stocks that delivered ALL of the market returns. Like I just said.

And that requires screening literally MILLIONS of data points — FAST.


That’s incredible. Only 4% of stocks generate ALL the market returns.

And the rest couldn’t even outperform bonds.

From what we’ve seen today, it’s becoming quite clear this is the kind of task that no human could compete with in the new era of technology.

We already saw how the most legendary names on Wall Street can get it completely wrong.

And then we saw your Smart Tech pick an energy stock at a time where, to the average Joe, it would have made no sense at all.

I mean, come on, seriously? It was able to find one of the best returning energy stocks, even as oil went negative for the first time in history!

That one frankly blows my mind.

And that explains how it even helped you spot 98 triple digit winners even in the middle of the first bear market we’ve seen in over twelve years.

The only question left is how does smart tech always seem to spot these rare winning stocks?


And that’s where priming activity comes in.

It’s like I told you earlier…

Priming activity ALWAYS appears before the biggest explosions in the market…

Which means if you can spot the priming activity…


Then you can find the 4% Stocks. The only winning stocks in the market.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And thanks to my smart tech’s ability to sift through an inhuman one million stock data points or more — for all 6,000 stocks — every night while people sleep…

And data points which — by the way — were only discoverable by the handful of people who managed the largest order flow information in the world…

All this… All with a click of a mouse…

I know exactly what activity primes a stock to explode higher and higher.

Just like I’ve shown you today with other new technologies, I open my program, click my mouse…

And BOOM. Like an AI painting only it’s a 4% stock.


Am I seeing a Primed Stock right now? It was that simple?


Yes. It really is that simple. And this is the era we are now living in.

The era of inhuman speed, inhuman performance, and inhuman results.

And I’m sorry to say, but no human can compete with this.

Folks who don’t accept this reality are simply going to fall further and further behind.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots people is not going away.

It is only going to get much, much worse.

The middle class has been shrinking for years.

And I believe this new era we’re entering today might be the final nail in the coffin.

You are either in… Or you're left out in the cold.


Man… I wish I saw it differently. I wish there was another way.

But with everything we’ve seen today, I don’t know if anybody could actually argue with what you’re saying.

As exciting as this all is — it’s also really scary.


Well that’s why we are here today.

In just a second, I’m going to share how our viewers can get in on this primed stock in just the next five minutes.


Well that is very exciting.

If this next stock is anything like Smart Tech’s 98 triple digit winners in one of your recent portfolios…

Then I’m confident this is one stock that will not disappoint.

However, before you share those details, could you reveal what some of the priming signals are?

Is it some kind of technical set up? Or maybe some kind of fundamental shift?

I don’t know, it has, maybe, something to do with institutional investors?


I’m afraid it's a little more complicated than that. But you kind of hit the target…

But to make it easy for everyone to understand, think of it like Moneyball — but for stocks.

You ever see that movie, Moneyball?


Starring Brad Pitt, of course I did.


Well, just like Paul DePodesta of the Oakland A’s used quantitative statistical analysis to give players a score, based on their actual winning value to a pro baseball team…

My smart tech works the same way.

It quantitatively analyzes — or in other words…

It performs a deep mathematical analysis of 29 fundamental and technical variables in order to assign a score to every stock…

And if the stock score is over 75…

Then we know — in general — it’s a primed stock set to go higher and higher.


So it just needs to be over 75? It doesn’t have to be 95, 98, or something like that?


Nope. Virtually no stocks ever receive a score that high.

I’ve even had success with stocks just above 65.

And we’ve still seen incredible winner after winner.

Take what happened in September 2019 for example.

When I ran my smart tech one morning…

GNRC ranked at the top of the list with a score of 82.76.

Now that’s 82… Not 92. Because it is extremely rare a stock is going to have that kind of total score.

Which means, in technical terms, through a unique combination of data points like…

  • Debt levels
  • P/E ratios
  • Enterprise value
  • Income tax amortization
  • And over 25 other fundamental and technical variables…

Generac was primed to pop.

And sure enough, ever since GNRC received a score of 82…

It would’ve given investors 5X their money in the years to come.


5X? $1,000 would have turned into $5,000.


The same thing happened with The Trade Desk too.

When my smart tech gave The Trade Desk the green light with a score of 84.48…

It meant only one thing.

Thanks to a unique combination of 29 technical and fundamental variables…

My smart tech knew this stock was primed to go on an epic run when my system spotted it.

And sure enough, thanks to the inhuman data processing capabilities of this Smart Tech…

You could’ve enjoyed an 11X thrill ride.


Ooh. We should name it. Call that trade: “The 11X thrill ride…”


I love it.

And this isn’t even the best one I have under my belt.


It gets even better?


Oh, yes.

You see, on April 11, 2017, after analyzing over one million data points for 29 different technical and fundamental variables…

My Smart Tech graded SolarEdge with a stock score of 75.86.

By now, you know what that means…


SolarEdge was primed to explode.



And what I did next with this information was probably one of the boldest things I’ve done in my career.


Yeah? What is it?


After I got that signal, within a week I told a room full of investors at a conference in Palm Beach, Florida, to buy this stock as if it were the only company in the world…


I don’t think I understand. Why was that so scary for you?


Probably should’ve mentioned this but I had never heard of this company.

But I went out on a stage in front of a bunch of wealthy investors and told them to buy it like it was the last stock on earth.

I was going solely off the output from my Smart Tech.


Oh. I see. “Like the last stock on earth.” Such conviction.

So you were recommending a stock to a room full of experienced investors with tons of money…

Risking your reputation and name…

All because your Smart Tech said so.


Yeah. And honestly, that’s the whole point.

What good is Smart Tech if you can’t trust it? I want it to do all the heavy lifting for me! And I trust in its intelligence.


And how did that work out?


If any of those wealthy old investors listened…

They would’ve easily caught up, accelerated, and possibly even exceeded all of their retirement goals because SolarEdge soared for an extraordinary 2,200% return.


Wow… Your Smart Tech makes it look so easy.

All you have to do is open your program… click a button…

Then, Smart Tech runs through over a million data points and shoots you a score.

If the score is over 75, BOOM, you know the stock is primed to run.



And now you understand why I believe: Without “Smart Tech”…

There’s no way you could ever find these kinds of moves before they happen.

With one stock alone, there’s just too much data to sift through and make sense of…

And to quantitatively analyze all of that data — to perform a deep mathematical analysis on all 29 variables — on 6,000 stocks every single day…

To find the crucial few 4% stocks that make up all the returns in the market…

It would be impossible Miriam.

But thanks to this new era we’re in…

The era where “Smart Tech” can allow everyday folks to experience inhuman speed, inhuman performance and inhuman results…

All I have to do is let “Smart Tech” run, score every stock, and then

We’ll know exactly which stocks are primed to explode.


And you said there’s one stock right now that passes all of Smart Tech’s checks?


This stock doesn’t just pass them…

It destroys them all.

And it makes all the other stocks look like the minor leagues.

The score today is very strong on this stock.


Wow! It clears your “Smart Tech's” primed grade like it’s nothing.

Which means only one thing. If it’s anything like these past market gains…

Like your “Smart Tech’s” 5X pick on Generac Holdings…

Or the “11X Thrill Ride” on The Trade Desk…

Or especially like your 23X pick on SolarEdge Technologies…

Then this could be the start of something special.

Starting today, we could soon see a new wave of retirees who use “Smart Tech’s” stock picking abilities to “catch up” and “accelerate” their retirement goals.



In fact, the truth is they could end up reaching those retirement goals faster than they thought possible.

Remember, once we see primed activity, it usually means a big move follows.

And with the kind of score this stock has, then that means this move could happen at any moment.

That’s why I want to rush our viewers an email with all the details of this next “Smart Tech” stock pick…

Here’s what you can look for…

As long as you follow the few simple steps listed inside this email…

You'll be in position to ride one of the only stocks on the market that could truly help you catch up and accelerate your retirement goals.

And this email with “Smart Tech's” next pick is just the beginning…


There’s more?


A whole lot more.

You see, I’m serious about showing retirees how to make up any ground they may have lost in the 2022 meltdown.

Because I know — especially in times like these — it’s easy to lose hope…

It’s easy to feel like you may have fallen too far behind to “catch up.”

And giving up is the worst thing you can ever do.


Especially since there is now a powerful solution with your unique “Smart Tech,” that can truly help anyone accelerate their retirement goals.


Right. Just take me, for example.

If “Smart Tech” could help someone like me…

Someone who traded on intuition and emotion…

and then lost all my money trading to his own boss.

If it could help a guy like me prepare for the laidback — stress free — retirement I’ve always wanted…

Then I know this could be the answer retirees need right now.

And that’s why today, for the first time ever, I’ve packed this entire revolutionary strategy in a brand-new service I’m calling the Quantum Edge Trader.

Starting today, just like the name suggests…

Everyday folks can be a part of the only research service in the world I know of that leverages the power of “Smart Tech” to instantly scan over 1.3 million data points…

That mathematically sifts and analyzes over 29 technical and fundamental variables…

Offering a quantitative edge that rivals some firms on Wall Street…

All to find the handful of primed stocks that have the potential to truly “accelerate” your retirement goals.


That sounds incredible, Jason! How does this service work?

For example, will they need to learn about how to use some kind of software?


Not at all.

Instead, every day at 2 am, my cloud-based “Smart Tech” program scans over 6,000 companies and collects every consequential variable…

Like price action, volatility, sales activity, volume, market cap, and debt levels just to name a few…

Then, after analyzing all the data, I have my “Smart Tech” filter out 96% of stocks that we don’t want to pay attention to…


Only leaving the companies with the highest scores possible…

Like the 4% Stocks you described today.


Right. And after that, I run it through some checks and give it a final human review.

Once I see a Smart Tech pick primed to explode…

I'll send a simple email to your inbox with easy-to-follow instructions on what steps to take next…

Along with a quick summary of my analysis.

Then, if you decide to act, you can place a simple trade and get back to your life.


But what about when it’s time to sell?


I'll track each trade and let you know when it's time to sell.

It’s that easy to get started.

About as easy as checking your email.


I love that you’ve dedicated an entirely new service to this technology.

After seeing what these new technologies can do…

From one AI lawyer servicing an average of 253 clients every single day…

To doctors having an AI do nearly 40 years of research in 10 minutes…

It’s clear to me now, without a service like yours…

One that lets us tap into the power of “Smart Tech” to inform our investment decisions… 

We would stand no chance in this new world that we’re entering

However, what would you say to people still on the fence about this brand new initiative?

I mean, we’ve covered a lot of ground tonight, and I bet there are a few folks who feel a little unsure about how all of this works and what the learning curve is.


To be candid, I’m making it as easy as it gets to take advantage of “Smart Tech.”

You don’t need one of those powerful supercomputers…

You don’t need any special software, just a regular brokerage or retirement account will do…

And you don’t have to worry about running it…

You just have to check your email.

I’ll issue buy recommendations that tell you when it’s the perfect time to get in.

And I’ll alert you when it’s time to sell.


That does sound easy to follow.

It’s comforting to know that your Smart Tech is tested and proven too.


That’s a good point too.

I think it’s important for you to know that this has nothing to do with options…

And we do not go anywhere near risky penny stocks.


So your recommendations will be larger companies?

Can those stocks really move that high that fast?


Absolutely. A $10 billion company can easily turn into a $20 billion company in a short time.

It happens all the time. And all the examples I’ve shared today prove that stocks like that can easily double.


Okay, so does someone need a ton of money to get started?


Absolutely not. There’s certainly no minimum requirement to get started.

If you have the time to place a simple buy order once every couple of weeks, you can succeed with the Quantum Edge Trader.


What about folks who aren’t very tech savvy?

What if this isn’t as simple as you think?

I mean, you already know how to use Smart Tech.


To get in on Smart Tech trades, you just need to be able to check your email.

But I get it…

Starting something new can feel a little confusing or intimidating at first.

So over the past few weeks, my team and I created a comprehensive, in-depth video training series called Quantum Edge Masterclass.

Inside this extensive masterclass, you’ll discover the ins and outs of my entire “Smart Tech” process.

  • Everything from what market mechanics my system analyzes…
  • To how it breaks down a company’s fundamentals…
  • And even how other investors’ actions could influence the stock.

My priority is to show you the right way to look at the market in today’s new tech age…

Again, while all investments carry risk, you should never invest more than you’re willing to lose…

My goal is to give you the chance to position yourself to “catch up” and build the portfolio you deserve.


That sounds great.


And even better, Miriam…

For those who prefer to absorb new information by slowly reading and digesting the insights at their own pace…

We’ve put the same valuable content into a special report called The Quantum Edge Trader Handbook.

This is the official owner’s manual for Quantum Edge Trader.


I’ve got to hand it to you.

You’re really making it super easy to tap into the power of “Smart Tech”…

And give folks at home a chance to watch their personal investments take off.

Is there anything else people get by joining this incredible service today?


Actually, there is…

You see, I get new lists of primed activity stocks every single week.

And about 3% – 15% of the stocks on that list are what I call “persistent performers.”


Persistent Performers. I like that. What makes something a Persistent Performer?


Right. Persistent as in, they consistently show up on my list of top picks.

And the more often a stock shows up as a “persistent performer”, the more likely it is to win.

Take that ELF for example I showed you earlier.

Our records indicate this stock showed up at the top of the list over 14 TIMES while it could’ve doubled your money.

Enphase was the same way.

Enphase showed up at the top of the list 11 times while it exploded for 5X your money!

SolarEdge showed up at the top more times than I can even count…


And we all saw how that could’ve transformed anyone’s retirement account.

That was the stock that soared 2,200% after you recommended it on stage.

“Buy it like it’s the last stock on earth,” I think you said.


That’s right.

And right now there are three stocks, in particular, that keep showing up on the top of my “persistent performer” list.

Time and time again the system continues to flag these stocks as great buys.

Which means each of these three stocks are poised to soar in the coming weeks and months.

I want my new charter members to benefit from their potentially meteoric rise.

So, as an added bonus to accepting my invitation…

I’m packing all three stocks, their ticker symbols, and a complete breakdown of each company in a special report I’m calling The 3 Persistent Performers To Watch Right Now.

And I’m giving that to every new charter member of my brand-new Quantum Edge Trader service, absolutely FREE.


Again, Jason, this is so incredibly generous.

Not only are you rushing your charter members an urgent buy recommendation straight from your “Smart Tech” machine…

But you’re also giving them three additional stocks that keep bubbling up to the top of the list.

What more could we ask for today?


Well, there’s one more thing I want to do for those deciding to become a charter member right now.


Really? More?


Yes. More.

You see, just like my system tells me which stocks are the “persistent performers…”

The very best stocks that are primed to soar…

My Smart Tech also helps me avoid the “repeat offenders.”

Or in other words…

The stocks that are consistently primed to dump.


So these are basically the opposite of Persistent Performers.

These are the stocks that often have a low score and could sink your account.


Exactly right.

Which is more useful than you can even imagine because sometimes…

These stocks are incredibly popular retail traps…

Like Wayfair for example.

When Wayfair first hit the repeat offender list, you couldn’t get out fast enough. This stock tanked immediately for 42% and then continued dropping for over 64%!


I’ve used Wayfair before and enjoyed it. I never knew the stock was in such bad shape.


Most folks invest with that feeling too. “I like this company.”

But there are so many important factors that influence stock price.

We saw the same thing happen with Rivian.

I’m sure people chased this electric car company hoping it would be the next Tesla…

But once it showed up on the repeat offenders list… Watch out below!

Rivian tanked by as much as 50%!

And look at ChargePoint Holdings. When this popular energy stock hit the worst offender list…

It was more toxic than radioactive waste…

Losing more than HALF of its value over the following year.


These really are toxic stocks.

If you held a couple of those your portfolio could have been cut in half.


And most people never see it coming. But once a stock becomes a “repeat offender,” it’s time to get out of dodge…

And right now, my system just alerted me to three surprising “repeat offenders.”


So, those would be three stocks that many folks could be holding right now.

Just like the stocks you just showed us.

And they could be ticking timebombs sitting in regular folks’ portfolios. 


Right. That’s why I’m also handing every new charter member a FREE special report that lays out The 3 Surprising Repeat Offenders to Dump Right Now.

You’ll find it waiting for you in your welcome portal as soon as you register.

I recommend you read it immediately.


Wow, Jason. It’s clear you’ve pulled out all the stops to look out for your members.

So now the question we’re all dying to know…

What’s the cost to becoming a charter member of Quantum Edge Trader?


Well, when I initially showed my “Smart Tech” machine to my editor, I knew it was a goldmine…

I mean, if all you could do was get 30 of the smartest minds on Wall Street to teach you their secrets…

And guide you on your investment decisions…

Your financial future could be set forever.

But by “uploading” those same secrets into “Smart Tech”…

And uniting their ideas so they work together…

We can run them against every major publicly traded company… every day… in seconds.

And that, my friends, unlocks an entirely new level of precision.


That would be a very exciting position.

And it explains why you’ve been offered millions to sell it.

But you never took any of those offers. Why is that?


Well, really, it’s because this new “Smart Tech” world we’re entering will leave too many hard working Americans in the lurch…

I really wanted it to be as accessible as possible.

Which is why I don’t want price to be the reason folks get left behind.

So even though access to my “Smart Tech” could easily run $5,000 for a few picks…

Folks won’t pay anywhere near that today..


In just a few moments…

You won’t even pay anything close to HALF that..


If you join my Quantum Edge Trader service right now, you can have everything I’ve mentioned here today for a remarkably low $49.


That’s incredibly generous, Jason!

It just goes to show how committed you are to helping people during this important transition.

Alright, we’ve already covered a lot, so let me quickly recap everything our viewers get by becoming a founding member of Quantum Edge Trader today.

The first thing you’ll get as a founding member is a confidential email with the details of how to reach my “Smart Tech’s” most recent urgent buy recommendation…

Along with a private email inviting you to join the Quantum Edge Trader restricted website.

Once logged in, you’ll immediately get access to all the training materials Jason and his brilliant team have created, which includes the Quantum Edge Trader’s Handbook

And the Quantum Edge Masterclass.

That’s where you’ll also find Jason’s brand-new report called The 3 Persistent Performers To Watch Right Now, which again details the three “persistent performers” that consistently show up on his list of top picks.

As well as your second FREE bonus report: The 3 Surprising Repeat Offenders to Dump Right Now.


In short, you get the complete “Smart Tech” package.

So you can finally put yourself in position to benefit from “Smart Tech” while everyone else will get crushed by it.


That’s a really long list of benefits founding members get by joining today.

I’ve got to say…

It’s nice to see you bring so much value to the table, considering how fast the world is starting to change…

It’s hard to feel a sense of calm in this storm, but Quantum Edge Trader sounds like the answer that thousands — if not millions — of us have been looking for.


Well, I’m not done yet…

There’s another benefit I want to extend to people who decide to join me on this journey and become a founding member today.

And that benefit is to make Quantum Edge Trader virtually risk-free.

In other words, if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with Quantum Edge Trader, simply let us know during the first 60 days, and you'll receive a FULL REFUND for every penny you paid — and you can hang onto all the work you've received.


You’re really pulling out all the stops.

To be clear, you’re saying our viewers today don’t have to worry about losing a cent on this subscription…

And they still get to take advantage of one the most powerful new technologies in the history of investing?


That is what I’m saying, Miriam. I’m getting rid of every excuse today.


Excellent. Do you want to say anything else before we sign off?


Well, first off…

I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules.

I know how valuable time is.

This may be the most critical and timely message I have ever delivered.

I’ve done everything in my power to make joining my new Quantum Edge Trader service a no-brainer.

Right now, you can become a charter member of my new service for only $49.

And add the power of “Smart Tech” to your portfolio.


Plus, with your guarantee, folks risk absolutely nothing by giving it a try.


Exactly. So if you want the chance to use “Smart Tech” to catch up and accelerate your retirement….

And get in on the stocks that are primed to shoot up 100% or more in returns in the coming months..

Then joining Quantum Edge Trader is the smartest decision you can make right now.

You don’t want to be one of the unfortunate souls who get left behind.

I believe this world is shifting into a new era where only those who can leverage the power of “Smart Tech” will succeed.

An era of “inhuman speed… inhuman performance… and inhuman results.”

And I want you to harness that power.

I want you to emerge as the real winner in this new world.

That’s what Quantum Edge Trader is for.

And I promise — a year from now — you’ll look back at today as one of the moments that drastically changed things for you.

I truly believe this service is going to change the lives of millions of forward-thinking Americans over the next few years.

And I hope you are one of them.

You have a chance to be one of the first TODAY.

Thank you for watching today.


Well, there you have it, folks.

If you’d like to secure your spot as a new member to Jason Bodner’s Quantum Edge Trader, please click the button on your screen and go to the secure sign-up page.

With that said, I’m Miriam Isa signing off.

Thank you so much for watching.

March 2023

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