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Just a Quick Intro

Dylan Jovine and the team at Behind the Markets are running a special promotion designed to inform investors about a potentially explosive, short-term opportunity in the Rare Earth Metals sector.

With Rare Earth Metals playing a crucial role in the construction of everything from cellphones to electric vehicles to F-35 stealth fighters, the United States government is HIGHLY motivated to secure a domestic source of these materials. 

Jovine’s research has led him to discover a small company that’s primed to seize a massive piece of this multi-trillion dollar supply chain disruption.

He’s convinced that savvy investors who buy into this company now, before word gets out, will be positioned to earn potentially massive profits.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Behind the Markets, the free resources contained in the current promotion, and Dylan Jovine’s plan-of-attack for claiming your  fair share of the Rare Earth Metals revolution.

Who is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan Jovine began his Wall Street career in 1991, managing accounts for famed investment banker Peter Jaquith.  Within five years he was founding his own brokerage and investment bank,  Lexington Capital Partners.

After leading LCP to an annual revenue of $25 million within four years, Jovine sold his stake in the company to Silver Lake Capital.

Dylan then went on to pursue his true love, researching the stock market, by founding the independent financial analysis and education firm Tycoon Publishing in 2004.  The audience for the company’s newsletters quickly swelled to over 500,000 subscribers .

After selling Tycoon Publishing to Agora, the largest independent financial publishing platform in the world, Dylan Jovine then launched Behind the Markets in 2018.

As writer and editor-in-chief of Behind the Markets, Jovine strives to keep his readers informed about the “opportunities and dangers” currently at play in the stock market.

What is Behind the Markets?

Behind the Markets is a monthly email newsletter filled with Dylan Jovine’s latest and greatest stock recommendations.

Drawing on his 30+ years of investment and brokerage experience, Dylan has designed Behind the Markets to “show you behind the curtain of what the investing public sees.” 

Behind the Markets focuses on companies with the following characteristics:

  • Mid cap/medium term
  • A $1 billion to $10 billion market capitalization
  • Low debt, consistent competitive advantage, and high returns on equity
  • A low stock price resulting from some temporary setback

Every issue contains complete 30-page breakdowns explaining Dylan’s latest stock opportunities.

Also included are full, step-by-step instructions on how to execute every stock trade. And Jovine promises they’re written so that even novice investors will have no problem following along.

What Are Rare Earth Metals?

When you think of valuable metals, Rare Earths probably don’t immediately leap into your mind.

But, according to Dylan Jovine, if you’re interested in making some serious money… they definitely should.

Rare Earth Metals are a special category of resource vital to the construction of virtually every piece of high-tech equipment in our modern world:  computers, cellphones, televisions, wind turbines, electric cars…and on and on.

The value of this market sector is measured in the trillions of dollars, and it’s predicted to continue skyrocketing ever higher.

In fact, Rare Earth Metals may soon be more essential to the world’s economy than oil.

And another application for Rare Earth Metals…almost every piece of weapons technology produced by our defense industry.  

Without Rare Earth Metals, the U.S. military as we know it would effectively grind to a halt.

Rockets, drones, tanks, radar, night-vision goggles, nuclear submarines, GPS systems, satellites, and cutting-edge fighter jets:  anything in our arsenal that uses microchips or advanced alloys requires Rare Earth Metals to function.

Basically…these materials are essential not only for our modern economy, but for nearly every aspect of our high-tech national defense.

And this really wouldn’t be that big of a concern…

…if it weren’t for the China problem…

The Rare Earth China Problem

Research shows that if the U.S. supply of Rare Earth Metals were to suddenly vanish, then our “economy could shrink by $1 trillion.”

So it should be chilling to learn that China controls 90% of the world’s Rare Earth mines.

If they were to cut us off, it’s been estimated that our stockpile wouldn’t even last a year.  Forget cellphones and electric vehicles, within one year we’d be completely unable to make most of the weapons which our armed forces rely upon to defend us. 

China has already delivered at least one “veiled threat” about cutting off America’s crucial Rare Earth imports, so it’s no surprise that the U.S. Government and The Pentagon have gone full steam ahead looking for domestic sources of these materials.

In fact, President Joe Biden has already activated the Defense Production Act to accelerate domestic mining and refinement of Rare Earth Metals.

And, according to Dylan Jovine, it’s about to pay off big time…

…For our economy, our national security, and for investors with the advanced intel to take advantage of this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Profit From The Pentagon’s Response

Dylan Jovine’s research has revealed the discovery of a massive deposit of Rare Earth Metals right here in the United States.

His preliminary reports indicate that this domestic source should be sufficient to cover not only America’s needs, but 25% of global demand. 

That’s 25% of a multi-trillion dollar market (and growing fast).

Jovine has also discovered that a small-cap, $6-per-share company is currently building a Texas-based Rare Earth Metals refinery. 

This will be one of only two such facilities in the United States. 

With an influx of $150 million in Pentagon funding to speed construction of their processing facility, he expects this company will very shortly:

“…meet virtually ALL of our domestic Rare Earth Metals needs.”

Dylan’s confident that billions in commercial and military contracts could soon be flowing into the coffers of this tiny company.  

Well…maybe not “tiny” for long.

The investment legend anticipates that over the next decade the stock could skyrocket in value as much as 10,000%.

Jovine believes that as soon as word of this company’s position leaks out into the wilds of Wall Street, its share prices will explode out of the reach of most average Americans.

To help independent investors cash-in on this opportunity ahead of the Wall Street fat cats, Dylan’s prepared a special report with “all the juicy details” called Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon.

This report is bundled free with new subscriptions to Jovine’s investment advisory newsletter Behind the Markets.

What’s Included with Behind the Markets?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to Behind the Markets come packaged with resources designed to help readers seize on opportunities in the Rare Earth Metals sector.

Here’s everything new subscribers receive during Dylan’s “Rare Earths” promotional offer:

One Full Year of Behind the Markets:

This monthly investment advisory written and edited by Dylan Jovine:

“…provides investment research on companies whose stocks are selling for a significant discount to what our research and analysis concludes the underlying business is worth.” 

Each newsletter contains one or two new stock recommendations, as well as a full breakdown of each company and simple instructions for making the trade. 

Behind the Markets Sell Alerts:

Jovine sends out special alerts notifying his subscribers whenever his research indicates that it’s the best time to sell each stock and bank your profits.

Access to the Behind the Markets Members-Only Website:

New subscribers receive full access to the Behind the Markets website containing a number of member-exclusive resources such as Dylan Jovine’s Model Portfolio.

Access to the Behind the Markets VIP Concierge Service:

Available Mon-Fri, the U.S.-based Behind the Markets customer service team is available to address any of your questions or concerns.

SPECIAL REPORT – Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon

This special report contains all of Dylan Jovine’s research on the small stock he’s identified as primed to explode thanks to the Pentagon’s desperate need for Rare Earth Metals.

Behind the Markets, Special Report - Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon

The report contains:

  • The stock ticker symbol
  • Dylan’s full breakdown and analysis of the company
  • Other sectors best-positioned to produce a profit
  • Additional details on the company’s $150 million contract with the Pentagon

Additional Free Bonus Reports

A variety of additional bonus reports are also being made available to new subscribers depending on the subscription level that they chose. Read on for the details.

Behind the Markets product image

How Much is Behind the Markets? 

Subscriptions to Behind the Markets are available at three different price tiers.

GOOD OFFER ($39/year):

  • Normally priced at $199/year
  • 12 months of the Behind the Markets advisory.
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon
  • A collection of value-added complimentary reports. 

GREAT OFFER ($79/year):

  • Normally priced at $854/year
  • 12 months of the Behind the Markets advisory.
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon
  • FREE  Bonus Report #1 – 21st Century Battlefield: 4 Companies Changing Warfare.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #2 – 3 Ingredients to Great Biotech Stocks.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #3 – 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock.

BEST OFFER ($79/year):

  • Normally priced at $1696/year
  • 12 months of the Behind the Markets advisory.
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Unfair Advantage: This Rare Earth Stock Just Got Hired by The Pentagon
  • FREE  Bonus Report #1 – 21st Century Battlefield: 4 Companies Changing Warfare.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #2 – 3 Ingredients to Great Biotech Stocks.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #3 – 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #4 –  “Medical Money” How to Create the Ideal Small Cap Biotech Portfolio.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #5 –  “Biotech Income” – How to Generate Monthly Income from Your Biotech Portfolio.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #6 –  “Pot Stocks” – What the History of Cigarettes Tells Us About Cannabis.
  • FREE  Bonus Report #7-  “Tidal Wave Profits” – How the Medical Revolution Will Change Your Relationship with Your Doctor.

The Best Offer definitely seems like the…uh…well…best offer.  

Normally priced at $1696/year, the current promotion brings that rate way down to $79/year.  This price is actually identical to the Great Offer rate, and comes with more bonuses.

Behind the Markets Refund Policy

Behind the Markets comes with a no questions asked, 30-day, full money-back guarantee.

Where to Find Behind the Markets 

Behind the Markets is written by Dylan Jovine and his team at Behind the Markets, LLC.

Dedicated to “separating propaganda from news”, Behind the Markets, LLC:

“…publishes weekly independent financial investment Research and Education services including research reports, videos, online classes, and workshops covering unique investment opportunities for publicly-traded and pre-ipo companies”

Go HERE to learn more about Behind the Markets and Dylan Jovine’s team at Behind the Markets, LLC.

In Summary

The team at Behind the Markets have released a promotional offer intended to inform everyday investors about a massive, breaking opportunity in Rare Earth Metals.

With these resources essential to the majority of our high-tech consumer goods and military weapons, the Federal Government and the Pentagon have become increasingly concerned over China’s stranglehold on the world’s supply.

After an extensive search, domestic sources of Rare Earth Metals have been located.  And refineries are being built to process the raw ore.

Dylan Jovine has discovered the identity of a small company with a $150 million government contract to build and operate one of our nation’s only two Rare Earths processing plants.

With the demand for Rare Earth Metals in the trillions of dollars and growing, and this refinery expected to process enough material to more-than-cover U.S. demand, Jovine feels that it’s a no-brainer that the company’s stock will skyrocket from its current $6 price…

…And potentially reward early investors with MASSIVE gains over the next several years.

To learn more about Dylan Jovine and his master plan for profiting from the Rare Earth Metals supply chain disruption, or to subscribe to Behind the Markets today, visit the official website.

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