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Just a Quick Intro

Adam O’Dell and Green Zone Fortunes have recently released a limited-time promotional offer called “Imperium.”

Adam claims to have identified a new “megatrend” on the verge of rewriting our economy the same way that the personal computing and internet megatrends once did.

Drawing upon expert opinion and research, O’Dell believes we are at an inflection point where DNA technology is set to explode into the mainstream with trillion dollar repercussions.  

Using his own expertise at pinpointing investment opportunities in the field of cutting-edge technology, Adam’s uncovered a company poised to ride this coming DNA megatrend to potentially stratospheric heights.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Green Zone Fortunes, the bonuses included with the “Imperium” promotion, and Adam O’Dell’s strategies for profiting from an explosive, “once-in-a-lifetime” DNA technology megatrend. 

Who is Adam O’Dell?

A former manager of a multimillion-dollar hedge fund who grew weary of the grind, Adam O’Dell made the choice to switch gears and concentrate on providing investment advice for everyday investors.

Published consistently for over a decade, Adam’s trade recommendations have beaten the returns of Wall Street legends such as Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet.

Adam employs a “systemic approach” to drill down on potential profits in all classes of assets.  He’s refined this method of data-based analysis into his customized StockPower Ratings System.

O’Dell’s proprietary system draws upon a number of fundamental and technical factors to generate a unique rating for each stock.  

He uses these StockPower Ratings results as his North Star for guiding thousands of subscribers to investment opportunities in emerging technologies, from next-gen biotech to green energy to artificial intelligence.

Adam O’Dell serves as Chief Investment Strategy for the online financial news outlet Money & Markets, as well as editor-in-chief of the monthly investment newsletter Green Zone Fortunes.  

Green Zone Fortunes, Chief Investment Strategist, Adam O'Dell
Green Zone Fortunes, Chief Investment Strategist, Adam O'Dell

What is Green Zone Fortunes?

Green Zone Fortunes is a monthly investment research newsletter edited by Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell.

O’Dell’s philosophy with Green Zone Fortunes is to provide his readers with straightforward investment strategies, based upon his signature, data-driven approach to the markets.

Subscribers to Adam’s “flagship” service receive his latest “big investment opportunity” delivered to their inbox each and every month.  O’Dell breaks everything down so his readers can “invest with confidence.”

In addition to the monthly report, Green Zone Fortunes members also receive a weekly email update containing O’Dell’s Green Zone Ratings. This ever-evolving report provides vital information about the 10 best performing stocks of the week, as well as the 10 worst performing stocks.  

Adam O’Dell and the Hidden Megatrend

Green Zone Fortunes’ current Imperium promotion is built around the phenomenon known as the “megatrend.”

A “megatrend” essentially refers to the arrival of a new technology that completely changes the way we all live and work.  

The rise of the personal computer in the 1980s…

The mainstreaming of the internet in the 1990s…

The eCommerce boom of the 2010s…

When a “megatrend” shift happens, many of the stocks associated with that new technology rise dramatically, and, according to Adam O’Dell’s research, certain “rare and exceptional” stocks absolutely explode. 

Adam draws our attention to a few rather impressive examples:

  • Etsy up 3,003%
  • Shopify up 5,123%
  • Intel up 8,129%
  • Microsoft up 9,778%
  • Oracle up 35,530%
  • Cisco up 53,273%

And Adam argues we’re now on the cusp of a new megatrend.  

A megatrend based on a technology that experts have called “the most transformative in history…”  

A megatrend that’s been totally overlooked by mainstream media and market analysts… 

Not only does Adam insist that he’s spotted this latest megatrend way ahead of the crowd, he’s also convinced that he’s identified that “rare and exceptional” stock primed to skyrocket once everyone else catches on.

It’s a company working on a technology that Adam calls “Imperium.”   

What is the Imperium Megatrend?

Adam believes that the next great megatrend poised to rewrite our economy and society is DNA technology.  And he’s not alone.  

Dozens of the world’s richest men are already onboard, including:

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Elon Musk
  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Peter Thiel

What has Adam (and a whole bunch of billionaires) realized about DNA technology that the rest of the world is still missing?

He predicts that the catalyst for the DNA boom will be the same as it was for the internet back in the nineties:  the technology has dropped in price so much that average Americans can now afford it.

And he also believes that Imperium technology, specifically, will be instrumental in this shift.  

According to Adam, the company behind Imperium has manufactured a machine capable of sequencing all of the DNA, the full genetic code, inside anyone or anything.

The first time scientists sequenced the complete DNA of a human being it took them 13 years and several billion dollars.

The Imperium device can do it in 8 hours for $239.

O’Dell predicts that this device, and the patented technology that drives it, will form the foundation of the DNA megatrend.

He also states that the effect of this new megatrend on our economy could be measured in the TRILLIONS.

What Imperium Could Mean for You

Advances in DNA technology could soon touch and improve almost every aspect of our lives and livelihoods. 

A complete map of an individual’s DNA code could be used to predict and treat genetic diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s.

Small modifications in the DNA of crops could be used to produce foods free from harmful trans-fats.

The examples go on… from housing to electronics.  

Adam, and the experts whose opinions he draws upon, predicts a DNA-driven disruption of nearly every industry… to the anticipated tune of $64 trillion.

O’Dell believes that the Imperium-based company he’s identified will be right at the heart of this revolution…”the Intel of DNA technologies.”

But unlike the internet boom of the 1990s, Adam expects the DNA explosion to happen incredibly fast once it gains momentum.  

As much as 5x faster.

His research indicates that the DNA sector could “grow nearly 200,000% in just four years.”

Investors who jump into this field early could be pulling massive gains while everyone playing catch-up grabs at the scraps.

Adam believes that his Imperium pick could “potentially turn into one of the biggest companies in the world.”

He details everything needed to get in on the ground floor of this company, and this megatrend, in the special reports packaged with new subscriptions to Green Zone Fortunes during the Imperium promotion.

What’s Included with Green Zone Fortunes?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to Green Zone Fortunes include a special bundle of reports and resources engineered to help investors profit from the exploding field of DNA technology.

Here’s everything Adam’s offering new subscribers during the “Imperium” promo:

One Full Year of Green Zone Fortunes:

Adam O’Dell’s monthly stock briefing sent directly to your inbox.  This “flagship” newsletter includes all of Adam’s most recent market analysis and recommendations.

The Green Zone Fortunes Model Portfolio

Full, instant access to O’Dell’s online model portfolio, filled with all his latest picks and positions. 

Green Zone Fortunes Real-Time Trade Alerts

Whenever there’s an opportunity that his subscribers need to know about IMMEDIATELY, Adam O’Dell sends out an email and text message alert with all the details.

Green Zone Fortunes, Real-Time Trade Alerts

Green Zone Fortunes Weekly Updates

Subscribers receive weekly updates, both written and video, with Adam’s latest hot take on the market, and any resulting changes to his model portfolio positions.

Green Zone Fortunes Weekly Hotlist

Every week Adam runs all 8,000 U.S. stocks through his StockPower Ratings System and sends a list of the 10 best to his subscribers.

Immediate Access to Adam’s StockPower Ratings System

Users can punch ticker symbols into Adam’s AI-powered StockPower Ratings System and discover the companies it calculates as “primed to crush the market by 3x over the next twelve months.”

24/7 Access to the Green Zone Fortunes Members-Only Website

This is where subscribers can find not only Adam’s model portfolio, but a complete library of all Green Zone Fortunes back issues and special reports.

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend

This report provides readers with everything they need to grab their piece of the potentially “once-in-a-lifetime” stock opportunity Adam’s found. 

His research indicates that this company’s patented microchip technology could lead the way in a DNA industry predicted to grow by as much as 200,000% over the next few years.  

Green Zone Fortunes, Special Report #1 - The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – 3 Future DNA Titans Trading for as Little as $2 a Share

Adam highlights three more companies that he foresees as possible “future titans of the DNA space.”

These three genetic movers and shakers include:

  • A firm using DNA tech to teach our immune system to fight diseases such as long-haul COVID all on their own.
  • A company leveraging the power of AI to scan DNA for valuable information that they then turn around and sell to mega-corporations like Dupont and Bayer.
  • A “weird” little company already disrupting the fish farming industry with their FDA-approved, gene-edited salmon. 
Green Zone Fortunes, Special Report #2 - 3 Future DNA Titans Trading for as Little as $2 a Share

The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series

This five module video master class, valued at $499, coaches investors in a technique that Adam calls Adaptive Investing.

Adaptive Investing, as O’Dell describes it, makes use of specific strategies and “hidden” indicators to help investors both beat the market and recognize the warning signs of an impending crash.  

Green Zone Fortunes, The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series

How Much is Green Zone Fortunes? 

Normally priced at $79 per year, first year annual subscriptions to Green Zone Fortunes are currently being offered at the discounted rate of $47.  

This is a discount of over 40% off the standard membership rate.

Green Zone Fortunes also offers a lifetime subscription option.  The standard price is $2,499.  During the current “Imperium” promotion, that rate plummets to $199.

This is a whopping 92% off the standard cost.  Pay once for unlimited, permanent access to Green Zone Fortunes (and also receive an additional 7 special reports valued by Adam at over $1000).

For new members choosing the annual option to Green Zone Fortunes, subscriptions will automatically renew at the full, locked-in rate of $79 at the end of each subscription year, unless canceled by the subscriber.  

Green Zone Fortunes, Product Bundle

Green Zone Fortunes Refund Policy

According to their website, Green Zone Fortunes annual subscriptions come with an impressive 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel within the first year of your subscription and receive a full refund.

The lifetime membership includes Adam’s 7 Figures in 7 Years Guarantee.  If Green Zone Fortunes hasn’t helped make you a millionaire within 7 years, simply call them up for a full, “no strings attached” refund.  

Green Zone Fortunes Refund Policy

Where to Find Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortune 

Green Zone Fortunes is produced by Adam O’Dell and his team at Money & Markets.

Money & Markets prides itself on providing its customers with:

“…the information you need to protect your nest egg, grow your wealth, and safeguard your financial wellbeing.”

Go HERE to learn more about Green Zone Fortunes and Adam O’Dell’s team at Money & Markets.

In Summary

Green Zone Fortunes has released a new promo campaign called “Imperium,” designed to help investors understand and exploit the massive growth potential in the field of DNA technology.

In the same way that personal computing, the internet, and eCommerce came out of nowhere and disrupted our economy, DNA technology is primed to be next.  Adam O’Dell predicts that this new megatrend could roll out as much as 5x faster than those previous examples.

With some experts placing the value of the DNA disruption at $64 trillion, there are potentially massive returns waiting for ground-floor investors in this emerging sector.

To that end, Adam has identified a small-cap company that he believes could be destined to become a global leader in the field of DNA sequencing.  

With the company already attracting interest in their patented microchip technology, O’Dell anticipates that early investors in this stock could be setting themselves up for “once-in-a-lifetime” gains.     

To learn more about Adam O’Dell and his strategies for racking up profits in the explosive DNA technology sector, or to subscribe to Green Zone Fortunes today, visit the official website.

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