Buck Sexton Rainmaker Interview: Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor



[MUST SEE] Buck Sexton’s Most EXPLOSIVE Interview Yet…

“The Rainmaker”

For the first time ever, this legendary hedge fund founder reveals the secret to CRUSHING Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway performance over the past 16 years… 795% to 302%.

“One of the leading authorities on trading and investment. He is constantly in demand all over the world.” 
– Money Inc

“Alpesh’s proven track record speaks for itself.”
– Clive Cooke, former CEO, City Index

“Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must-read for traders of all levels, including beginners – there is something for everyone.” 
– Peter Cruddas, CEO, CMC Markets

Table of Contents:

Buck Sexton, the up-and-coming successor to the late Rush Limbaugh… who is regularly seen on Fox News and Fox Business…

Just lined up his most explosive interview yet. 

His subject… is one of the world’s most prolific investors, who has put Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to shame.

This legend has created a brand-new wealth-building initiative in the U.S.

The goal is to show you how to beat the market by 580%… en route to a secure, multimillion-dollar retirement.

The proof is straight ahead.

So grab a pen and paper… and eliminate all distractions.

Because this may be the most important exclusive online interview you’ll ever witness.



Hello, I’m Buck Sexton.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a living legend in the money world…

He’s a Financial Times trading and forecasting champion…

And Founder and CEO of what has been one of the world’s top-performing hedge funds.

Today, he’s prepared to do something he’s NEVER done before…

And share with you a powerful investment strategy he’s used to wallop the market by 580% over the last five years

And more than double the performance of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway since 2004.

It’s the secret behind his Praefinium Partners fund, which has managed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Yet today he’s going to share it with you directly… so you, too, can beat the market by a wide margin.

So who is this renowned master trader? 

Well, he’s written 18 books on investing.

One overtook Bill Gates’ book on Amazon’s top bestsellers list.

He’s an Oxford University alumnus and former Visiting Fellow.

He was hand-picked for a United Kingdom advisory position by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

As one of the senior-most Dealmakers in the U.K.’s Department for International Trade, he’s the leader of a team that has delivered $1.1 billion of investments to the U.K. since 2005.

He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth herself.

The Investor magazine calls him…

“The U.K.’s most respected stock picker.”

The Economic Times calls him…

“The Rainmaker.”

And Money Inc says he is…

“One of the leading authorities on trading and investment. He is constantly in demand all over the world.”

He’s been featured at the most exclusive private meetings, including some for…


Goldman Sachs…

The London Business School…

And Barclays, to name a few.

His clients are a “Who’s Who” of the financial world.

His name… 

Is Alpesh Patel. 

He is one of the few who’ve reached the absolute pinnacle of the financial profession.

And while he frequently rubs elbows with royalty and billionaires today…


His passion is to help everyday men and women get ahead.

And with that in mind, there is one important mission he still wants to complete:

To show 450 everyday investors how to transform their wealth today… even if they’re starting with just a modest amount.

Today, you’ll discover…

The one key tool behind his success. 

This tool is typically reserved for the world’s wealthiest investors… 

Those who invest at least $10 million

But today, he’s handing the power back to people like you.

With this advantage at your fingertips… history proves you’ll have the chance to beat the market by 580%.

In fact, in a moment I will show you how you could turn a $100,000 portfolio into more than $1 million in 10 years with Alpesh.


Make no mistake… 

Alpesh Patel is going to show you exactly what you should be doing with your portfolio right now…

To put yourself on the BEST path to a secure, seven-figure retirement. 

Better yet, if you stick with us until the end of this broadcast, you’ll get a chance to enter a “Taste of Royalty” European vacation sweepstakes worth up to $15,000. 


Eight days, seven nights. First-class travel for you and a guest. 

It’s FREE to enter. 

Everything we have for you today promises to be very exciting… 

On that note, let me welcome in the legend himself, Mr. Alpesh Patel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Alpesh Patel



Buck, it’s great to be alongside you. I appreciate that introduction.

And let me congratulate you on your new role, taking over the radio slot of the legendary, late Rush Limbaugh.


Thank you, Alpesh.

Let’s get right to it.

This is an important time for Americans.

People are concerned about their money… and about their retirements.

Everyone watching today certainly NEEDS the right guidance in the markets.

And you’ve helped put those who followed your recommendations into very fortunate positions.

I’ve got a list of the remarkable investments you’ve hand-picked over the years, including…

Water Intelligence, which went up 212% within a year…

Capri Holdings, which went up 331% in 11 months…

And Viacom, that shot up 700%-plus in a year.


Let’s be clear about one thing… calls like these have the power to transform peoples’ lives.

Let me ask you this, Alpesh…

What is the secret behind your longtime success in the markets? 

“Alpesh was playing the market when most of his contemporaries were still swapping football stickers.”

– The Independent


Frankly, it’s not a secret at all. Rather, it’s good old-fashioned hard work.

Buck, I’ve been investing since I was 12 years old.


12 years old! Not an exaggeration?


No. My first investment was British Telecom.

I borrowed 100 pounds from my aunt and sent in a check to invest in the company…

I mailed a check!

That’s how long ago it was!

Well, that investment quickly doubled. It made me very popular with relatives. And I got hooked on investing and never looked back.



Was your family in finance?


No! (Laughter) I grew up in Armley, a blue-collar part of Leeds, population 25,000.

My granddad was in the British army. My mum was a nurse. I was raised by my aunt, who was a single mother.

But at 12 years old, I saw how I could get a company like British Telecom to work for ME.

I wasn’t an employee of the business. I was the owner. I was a shareholder.

And that’s the position you want to be in.

I quickly understood that.

I wanted to be an investor so that I would be at the top of the food chain.

That way, I wouldn’t be stuck working for someone else, getting paid a fraction of the value that I was adding to the company.

Listen… my uncles swept floors at Morrisons. It’s like Walmart in the U.K.

They showed me the value of hard work. But I knew I didn’t want to just be sweeping floors.

They didn’t either, of course.

In fact, they ended up creating a very successful company that changed their lives.

I wanted to be an owner of a business too.

So the life of an entrepreneur and an investor had an immediate appeal to me.

Still, I knew I was going to need to work hard in order to become the founder of my own hedge fund.


Well, you certainly succeeded.

You earned degrees in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford and in law from King’s College London.

You eventually started a successful hedge fund from scratch.

And you’ve made a fortune in the markets…


It wasn’t easy. But through all of my experiences…

I worked hard to achieve a level of performance that is beyond what most investors hope for.

And let me speak directly to our viewers for a second.

That’s what I want to give to YOU, my friends.

I want to give you my key – my secret – to making a fortune in the markets.

Yes, I’ve managed up to several hundred million dollars in assets as a hedge fund manager for the world’s top 0.1%.

Make no mistake, my goal is to get into the billions in the years ahead. I’m still quite young and can do that.

But the truth is… my biggest passion is helping Main Street get ahead… helping people like you succeed in the markets.

If you were one of those in the U.K. who’ve been fortunate enough to follow my picks since 2004, starting with $100,000… 

And adding $1,500 each month to my recommendations… 

You would have had more than $1 million after 10 years…

And more than $4 million after 16 years. 


And that’s taking a conservative approach, averaging about 18% growth per year. 

That’s a 580% outperformance compared with the FTSE’s 2.5% average over the past five years. 

Yet I believe the profit opportunities ahead of us will be even greater.


That’s incredible.

And I do want to add that your track record is vetted and confirmed by ShareScope…

The Financial Times named ShareScope the world’s premier investment data tracker.


That’s right. And ShareScope tracks everything in real time.

And listen, Buck… I’d like to again address the viewers directly for a moment.

This is why I’m so excited to finally put the power of my system within YOUR reach.

I’d like to walk you through…

  • How my strategy works
  • How it could help YOU outperform the S&P by 580% (or more)
  • The secret tool behind it that’s typically reserved for the wealthiest investors on the planet
  • Three stocks my system is targeting right now for maximum profit potential.

I expect everything I reveal today to change the way you look at investing forever.


On top of that, you’ll get a chance to enter a “Taste of Royalty” five-star European vacation sweepstakes…

And it’s absolutely FREE to enter.

Eight days, seven nights. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Salzburg, Austria.

A very famous classic movie was filmed there. More on that in a bit…

So make sure to stay with us until the very end.

Alpesh… you just mentioned your followers could have made 10X their money in 10 years…

And 40X their money over 16 years.

That was hard for me to believe…

Until I reviewed every pick you’ve made over that time frame.

There are a bunch of BIG winners, with some small losses peppered in.

And then I reviewed your personal portfolio.

You might have the greatest track record I’ve ever seen.

You’ve personally invested in some of the biggest winners of the past two decades, including…

  • Square
  • Microsoft
  • TechTarget
  • Amazon
  • Globant
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard.

And those are just a few of them!

These are some of the all-time great stocks in history.

also looked into the performance of your hedge fund.

Your private equity arm invested early in some great under-the-radar companies…

Like Paradigm Spine, which sold to RTI Surgical for $300 million.

And Knee Creations, a cutting-edge biotech… which sold to billion-dollar outfit Zimmer Biomet.

Those investments resulted in terrific returns for your clients.


Thank you, Buck. Through my three full decades in the markets… my time working as a DEALMAKER for the U.K. government… running my own hedge fund… and building my own family’s portfolio…

I’ve learned that you need to invest in the right companies… at the right time… if you want to make a tidy fortune.

The system I’ve built over the course of my career is the solution to achieving great wealth.

It’s my life’s work. And I couldn’t be happier to be sharing it in America for the first time.


Alpesh, let’s get into your system now…

Can you tell us about the strategy behind its success?

One Simple Strategy With Virtually UNLIMITED Power


Yes. This is the exciting bit! I first started using this strategy extensively in the early 2000s. It’s got a great, long pedigree.

And right away in 2004, it pointed me toward two big winners: Apple and BlackBerry.

Buck, all I’ve got to do is show you the two charts of those stocks that year…


Both stocks nearly tripled in a single year.

That’s very rare.

For example, in 2020… only two stocks in the entire Nasdaq and S&P 500 more than tripled.


And what’s amazing is that… if I remember correctly, Apple and BlackBerry were NOT beloved stocks in 2004.


That’s exactly right!

People thought we were mad for owning them.

Apple’s global market share for PCs sank to an all-time low of just 3% in 2004.

And BlackBerry’s future was clouded over a patent dispute.


That’s not the type of mainstream news you want to hear if you’re considering investing in Apple and BlackBerry.


No, not at all. But I trusted in my system… the data and the numbers we were crunching. So when it indicated “Buy”…

We did.

And this was right when we launched the hedge fund. So a lot was riding on this.

Apple wound up as the S&P’s stock of the year in 2004. It went on to capture 70% of the market for all downloaded music… thanks to its introduction of iTunes.

And BlackBerry hit all-time highs that year.


So I would imagine that’s the reason why The Economic Times declared you had “one of the best performing hedge funds in the world” that year. It called you “the Rainmaker.”



That’s right.

It’s also proof of why my system is so important.

You see…

  • It doesn’t matter if the market doesn’t love a certain stock
  • It doesn’t matter if the institutions don’t love it
  • It doesn’t matter if the media doesn’t love it.

If my system, based on crunching the numbers, says a stock is a “Buy,” that’s all that matters.


But Alpesh, how does your system actually help you pinpoint big winners like Apple and BlackBerry?

“Three Magic Letters” Behind Alpesh’s Winning Strategy


It’s very simple, really.

I start with nearly 9,000 publicly traded companies…

And my goal is to target a mere fraction of the top 1%.

So I whittle it down to the best of the best… with the help of three magic letters:



Growth. Value. Income.

Say it with me, Buck, and everybody at home… 




Now, for most people… these three approaches are totally different.

T. Rowe Price believed that targeting stocks with big growth numbers was the key to being a successful investor.

Benjamin Graham wrote the book on value… Value investors focus only on his theory.

And still others like Bill Gross, the bond king, believe that income is key.

Now, a lot of investors believe you have to pick one of these strategies and stick with it.

Or gamble on the flavor of the month.

But listen… I’ve studied them all and I’ve tried them all.

And here’s what I’ve discovered.

Sure, you can succeed with one of these strategies.

But if you combine the power of all three, your performance goes off the charts.


It’s funny. Most of us have never thought of it that way. But you’re right. Why not use them together?


Of course! Imagine being able to identify stocks that were seeing massive growth… were trading at the perfect value… AND could potentially deliver you incredible income?

You’d have it all.

Through my research as a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, I discovered you can have all three.

Growth-Value-Income is the basis of my GVI system.

And I’ve created proprietary formulas that go into targeting the best-ranked stocks based on their growth, value and income metrics.

It’s helped me target big wins, like…

  • Lonmin (86%)
  • EasyJet (90%)
  • China Medical (114%)
  • DTZ Holdings (122%)
  • Robert Walters (123%).

These were all pure stock gains… each handing out big profits within 12 months.

And right now… my GVI system is actually pinpointing three new stocks that I’d like to share the details on…


We’ll get to the details on the three new stocks shortly…

We also need to share the details on the free Dream Vacation sweepstakes…

But first, what exactly are you looking for in terms of growth, value and income?


Let me quickly break it down.

First, GROWTH…

Listen, there has never been a stock in the history of the markets that saw big revenue growth and didn’t eventually see the stock price rise as a result.

In the long run, it’s a mathematical certainty.

Stocks will follow growth in revenues and growth in earnings.

So my system is looking for companies that are experiencing better than 10% revenue growth for multiple quarters in a row.

And I also want to see companies that have consistently beaten expectations in earnings releases.

Plus, we want to see profits growing.

This first step alone knocks out at least 50% of available stocks from 9,000 potential candidates.

But remember, growth alone won’t do it.

If a stock price is too high, then the growth is already priced in. That won’t help us.

That’s why I don’t simply rely on a growth strategy.

So after my system narrows our candidates down to stocks with tremendous growth… I go to the next step.


My system targets price relative to earnings. P/E ratio, as it’s called.

But I measure value a bit differently than other value investors, who I believe are making one crucial error.


Really? What is the mistake?


Well, most value investors use P/E. But they do it the wrong way.

They believe that great “value” means having the lowest P/E possible.

So they look at all the available stocks. And they’ll find one with some tiny P/E ratio like 3 or 4.

And they’ll think, “Wow, what an incredible value! This stock has no place to go but up!”


But they’re wrong?


Dead wrong.

The lowest P/E stocks often are trading that cheaply for a reason.

It’s important to remember that stocks move up based on there being enough buyers to drive the price higher.

A tiny P/E of 3 or 4 indicates NOBODY wants to buy that stock!

And usually it’s because stocks that trade for that cheap don’t actually have any growth. Who is going to pay a high price for a stock that isn’t growing?

So I take a different approach.

What I like to look at in terms of value is…

I want to see stocks that trade cheaply in comparison with the future growth ahead.


Can you give us an example of what you mean?


Netflix is a perfect example.

Back in 2010, its average P/E was between 30 and 60.


Now… if I were a P/E hound who bought only stocks that traded at 3 or 4, there is no way I would have bought Netflix.

I would have completely missed it.

But listen, a P/E between 30 and 60 for Netflix… which was growing revenue at an annual average rate of 28%…

And signing up thousands of subscribers every day…

Was dirt cheap!

It actually was an excellent value.


That’s exactly right, Alpesh. Anyone looking back can see Netflix was a tremendous value in 2010. It’s skyrocketed since.


That’s right. Netflix was the #1-performing stock of the last decade, with a return of 4,000%.

So here’s what I’ve learned.

First, I try to identify top growth stocks. I want to see companies breaking earnings records quarter after quarter.

And THEN I look for a P/E value that’s cheap relative to that level of growth.

I’ve personally found that targeting P/E ratios in the 30-to-60 range can give us tremendous value.

Find a truly great growth stock at that low of a P/E, and you can crush the market.

In fact, The Balance reports that…

“Stocks with a high P/E ratio have produced above-average returnsover long periods in the past.”


OK, so you want a P/E between 30 and 60 for value… and you want to see growing revenues, profits and earnings beats…

So is that it for value and growth?


Not just yet. From here, I run an algorithm to rank every publicly traded company based on growth and value.

Every stock receives a Growth/Value score, ranked on a 1-10 scale – 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.

I will recommend only stocks whose Growth/Value scores are 7 or higher.

And by doing this, we will have eliminated approximately 85% of all stocks from our buy list.

And then comes the important third factor…




That’s right. With income, I want to see three things…

First, I want to see strong cash flow of at least double-digit annual growth. This means the company can reinvest in growing the business or distributing the money to shareholders.

That leads me to the second thing: I like to see a strong and rising dividend yield as a bonus.

And last but not least, I have a secret tool to track the third and final income factor…

And it’s the most powerful tool in my repertoire.

This tool was first created by Deutsche Bank in 1996…

Then in the 2000s, Goldman Sachs began offering it to clients who had $10 million or more in net value.


Only people with $10 million or more had access. Wow! OK, so this is what I’ve been waiting for… What is this special tool?

The Special Tool Typically Reserved for the World’s Wealthiest Investors… Revealed.


It’s called…

  • CROCI: cash return on capital invested.

Goldman’s research through its quantum division shows that companies in the top quartile of CROCI ratings beat the market by more than 550%.

Let me repeat that… 

Not 5%.

Not 50%…


So I’m always looking for CROCI scores of 10 or higher… ideally as high as possible, well into the double digits.


So this fits with how you’ve beaten the market by 580% over the past five years.

Tell me, though, how did you discover CROCI?


As a hedge fund CEO, you’re often invited to exclusive events.

This was a luncheon with the chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management at the time, Jim O’Neill, who is now Lord O’Neill…

As it happens, I was put next to him.


I’m assuming the people at Goldman wanted you to allocate your hedge fund money with them.


That’s right. They were pitching their services. And at the event, their quantum division shared their research on CROCI.

It was one of those fly-on-the-wall moments where I said, “Well, I better pay very close attention to this.”

They explained that it’s a critical tool for how they advise their clients and choose equities.

And they’ve got some of the richest clients in the world.

Very quickly I realized…

This could be the missing piece to my data-driven strategy.

So I put my own unique spin on CROCI… I’ve found that if I can narrow the list of stocks to the top 15%, I can be more stringent than Goldman Sachs, as they broadly target the top 25%.

In other words, they spray and pray…

While I can be more laser-focused.

And sure enough, I’ve absolutely crushed the markets with my system.


So, in other words, you were able to tap into one of the most powerful trading secrets… used by one of the biggest behemoths in global finance… stamp your own twist on it…

And now you’re putting it within reach of Main Street investors?


Yes, that’s right.

CROCI is something very few investors know about, but it’s crucial to the success I’ve seen.

In fact, Francesco Curto, who wrote a book about CROCI, says…

“Annual returns from this investment approach demand everyone’s attention.”

And the Financial Times says…

“All investors should be aware [of CROCI].”


And yet 99.9% of investors have never even heard of it. I’m an investor, and I’ve never heard of CROCI!


You’re not alone, Buck. Here’s the big takeaway about everything I’ve just shared…

By the time my system applies these criteria to filter the 9,000 stocks on the market… we’ve eliminated more than 99% of them.

The few that remain are the most extraordinary stocks available to us at any given moment.


They’re often highfliers in bull markets…

And resilient in bear markets.

And right now, my system is targeting three new stocks that I’d like to share the details on…


Alpesh, before we get to the upcoming opportunities… I first need to see some real-life examples of your system in action…

CRUSHING the Market by 580%


Sure, let’s look at Crocs.


Crocs footwear? That’s the company that makes those ridiculous-looking slip-on shoes, is that correct?



Yes, the rubber flip-flops with the holes in them.


I am not a fan.


We could let our personal biases get in the way if we were looking at that company based solely on what we thought about its product.

In my earlier days, that may have happened to me.

But, you see, our personal biases can be dangerous.

That’s why I stick directly to my system and the data.

So when, in October 2020, my system was showing me that Crocs was a top-notch investment opportunity… I didn’t ignore it.

Instead, I dug deeper.

I discovered that while they may not be my favorite shoes, millions of people love them.

In fact, the company was on the brink of hitting a record of nearly $1.4 BILLION in revenue by the end of the year.

And the final quarter would see a ridiculous 55% increase in revenue.

According to my system… this company scored an 8 in Growth/Value… it passed my income metrics… and its CROCI was 13.5.

That’s 35% better than what I look for.

So I alerted some of my most loyal followers that this was a screaming “Buy”… and sure enough, the stock went on to more than double in a year.


CNBC reported in July 2021 that…

Crocs sales boomed during the pandemic as consumers [sought] more comfortable footwear.”


Well, that makes sense…

As millions of people were confined to their homes, they weren’t ashamed to wear those silly flip-flops.

They are apparently comfortable.


Ha! Yes, and anyone who ignored Crocs based on their taste in style missed out on an incredible investment opportunity.


So, essentially, your strategy removes bias… So this is why you give lectures back at Oxford on the dangers of personal bias in investing.


Precisely. I don’t care if a company makes iPhones, makes expensive chocolates or makes ridiculous footwear…

I want my system to show me evidence that the company is well-positioned to make investors money. 

One of my loyal U.K. readers, Drew Proehl, told me he invested in Crocs for himself and his grandparents and achieved “WELL over a 100% return” between November and August.

CROX had gone from $59 to $146 at the time he wrote me.


That’s nearly a 150% gain. I bet his grandparents are thrilled about that…

Can you give us another example of your system in action, Alpesh?


Sure… WPP stock is another example that my system pinpointed.

WPP is considered the world’s largest advertising agency.


This was a very public recommendation of yours.

You were on Sky News, and the host was trying his best to get you to say the company’s CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell, wasn’t worth a 60% pay increase.

You were arguing the opposite.

You held your ground, and you said WPP was a solid investment.


Yes, the evidence – according to my system – was in WPP’s favor.

In fact, that stock had scored a 9 on my Growth/Value formula.

And it passed income and CROCI with flying colors.

It was projected to deliver breakout returns.

Simple as that.

And look what happened to WPP over the following months…

The stock went straight up…


More than doubling over the next 18 months.

Now, if I were a “woke” social justice warrior, mad about CEOs making too much money, I could have protested this pick and refused to invest in it.

But I don’t care how much the CEO makes if he or she is delivering great returns to me, the shareholder.

So I was confident about telling people to consider WPP as a great investment opportunity that day.

Sir Martin Sorrell contacted me after that segment and thanked me for putting things in perspective.

I told him, listen… I don’t have an agenda one way or another on CEO pay. I care only about results for investors.


Everyday investors who’ve been fortunate enough to follow your U.K.-based research often thank you for your guidance.

In fact, Harold Gritter is a semi-retired IT consultant who says he’d had only moderate investing success until he came across Alpesh’s work.

Harold says within one year, he’s…

“Outperformed the Nasdaq and [has] investments that have provided 160% return on the initial investment. The results have been fantastic, they’ve been transformational.”

That’s high praise.


It sure is. I love to hear that, because it’s everyday investors who I’m looking out for.


OK, you said your system is targeting three new stocks right now?

3 New GVI Opportunities


It most certainly is. And I’m thrilled to finally share the details.

There are three exciting opportunities in front of us as we speak… Each one has scored a 7 or higher on Growth/Value… and each has an outstanding CROCI figure.

The first company is a homebuilder.

This is a historic moment for this opportunity because, as MarketWatch reports…

“Homebuilders in the U.S. are entering what may be the best of times. Demand is strong, and mortgage rates are near record lows. And their stocks are trading at low valuations to expected earnings.”

That’s important. Remember, we don’t care if the price is cheap compared with current earnings. We want companies that are trading cheap compared with future expected earnings.

And listen… something is happening right now that is about to really spike this company’s growth.


There’s a catalyst coming?


Yes. This is something I definitely look for in stocks I’m targeting. I want a big, headline-making event that will drive shares higher.

And this company has that.

The company recently completed a big acquisition in March, taking over a $53 million operation.

This acquisition is very important, and here’s why.

It now puts the company in position to become the single most dominant homebuilder in America.

What we’re looking at is a huge and prolonged spike in earnings… the type of growth that can completely transform a stock.

And listen… it’s already happening.

This homebuilder just crushed on earnings, beating estimates by nearly 40%.

That was the fifth straight quarter of an earnings estimate beat, dating back to before the big new acquisition.


And its gross profits hit $112 million, a 107% increase from the year prior.

In terms of value, it’s got a price-to-earnings ratio of 31… which is right in my system’s sweet spot between 30 and 60.


You brought this up earlier, Alpesh… Most investing experts will tell you a lower P/E is better, but you’re saying that’s actually not true.


Not always.

Look at Amazon. Its P/E was in the 30s in early 2009 and climbed up toward 60 before the end of that year.


That P/E range would be expensive for some stocks. But for an ultra-growth stock like Amazon?

A P/E between 30 and 60 was dirt cheap.

So it’s no surprise the stock is up 6,300% since then…


Turning every $1,000 into $64,000.


So again, our homebuilder’s P/E is 31… right in that sweet spot I like to target.

It’s got everything going for it in terms of both growth and value… In fact, it scored near the top of my Growth/Value formula.


All sounds great – fits GVI perfectly, but what about CROCI?


Yes, this is the best part. This homebuilder’s CROCI is 123% better than what I hope to see.


123% better than your CROCI target, wow! OK, so what kind of results can our audience expect from a stock like this?


Well, listen. The stock market always comes with risk. And no stock is going to do exactly what you expect.

But this company has very similar metrics to BTS Group, which I recommended in February.

It hit 84% peak gains in just six months.


So the potential is very big and quite fast here.


OK, your first stock sounds great. The growth looks astounding. I have to admit, I kind of want to jump on my phone and buy it right now. But first, how about the second company?


The second stock is a San Jose-based computer software company.

Its focus is on remote computer security, a very important field right now.


With record numbers of people working from home, I think that’s a pretty big need nowadays.


It sure is. And here again, there is a major catalyst hitting right now.

This one is big, Buck. BIG!

This software company just landed a huge contract with Uber this past year.

This company is coming in and securely updating Uber’s entire cloud system… a massive job considering Uber’s entire operation relies on the cloud.

Without these updates, 4 million drivers would have no idea how or where to pick up their 93 million customers!

And this software company is also stretching its business into the European market… landing a big deal with food delivery service company Takeaway.com.

Here’s the thing… This company is on fire. It just smashed a recent earnings estimate by 55%.

That marked its eighth straight earnings estimate beat.


Revenue just hit a record $233 million, and earnings are projected to keep growing by 25.7% per year.

Simply Wall St reports…

“With profit expected to grow by 27% over the next year, the near-term future seems bright.”

For value, it’s got a P/E of 48… Again, this is the range that I like when it’s a big growth company. It still has lots of room to run, but it shows investors are already excited now.

And it ranks among the leaders of all Growth/Value scores.


And for CROCI?


Its CROCI is 180% better than what I hope to see.

Now… Seeking Alpha is calling for 97% upside on the stock in one year.

But I believe it will be even better.

This one reminds me of Perficient, a stock I recommended last October.

Similar business. Similar metrics in terms of Growth/Value and CROCI.

And it went up 177% within a year.



Sounds like another great profit opportunity for our viewers. And last but not least… what’s your third stock?


The last one is a New York City-based computer services company…

It’s a leading provider of digital music, video, photography and editing tools.

But again, there is a big, big catalyst hitting right now.

It just acquired not one, but three leading artificial intelligence platforms in a major, multimillion-dollar deal.

This deal will solidify this company as the premier stock in its industry.

And just like with my others, this company is experiencing explosive profitability, due to strong revenue growth.

It just shattered its earnings estimates… delivering six straight quarters of earnings beats.


And Investor’s Business Daily reports that its total paying customers increased 45% in a single quarter to a record 281,000.

For value, its P/E is 38. Again, that’s in that 30-to-60 sweet spot range, so investors certainly expect it to outperform.

And it ranked near the top of all publicly traded companies in terms of Growth/Value.

And as a great bonus, this company pays a healthy, rising dividend.


How about its CROCI?


You’re catching on! This one is the best of all.

Its CROCI is 225% better than what my system targets.

Perion Network, a similar company I recommended a year ago, had a comparable CROCI score… Actually, it was slightly lower than this one…

And Perion ran from $7 in October to $25 in March.

A 257% peak gain in six months.



Alpesh, these recommendations sound incredible – great companies with big catalysts and fantastic growth. But you left out one big, key, critical detail on these three stocks.

You didn’t give us their names or stock tickers!


Buck, as I said earlier, my goal today is to serve everyday folks…

Retirees, nine-to-fivers, blue-collar workers, first responders, teachers, Uber drivers, nurses, office workers…

And that’s why, today, I want to give 450 people the chance to get complete details on each of these stocks…

Including the ticker symbols and my specific buy instructions.

So to make that possible…

I’ve developed a special new research service called Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor.


As I launch this new service today, it marks the first time I’m sharing my system in America.

And I’m making these three stocks I’ve told you about the initial three recommendations in the official GVI Investor portfolio.


Introducing: Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor

Buck, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Because I’m confident that I can give Main Street Americans – like the folks watching right now – the tools they need to transform their wealth.

But I was missing one thing… an ally to help me on my mission.

That’s why I was so happy when Andy Snyder of Manward Press approached me about a partnership.

He and his industry-leading team in Baltimore are doing such an incredible job connecting Main Street investors with top-notch financial research.

And I think he and I both agree GVI Investor is a perfect addition to the publication.

It gives you – the everyday investing enthusiast – access to the strategy I’ve used to beat the market by 580% on average over the last five years.

And when you join GVI Investor, you’ll gain access to a number of tools to help you become much more successful…

For example, I have something special today for charter members.

It’s called “The GVI Investor Handbook.”


This outlines in more detail my entire Growth-Value-Income strategy.

This handbook contains EVERYTHING you need to know – in simple, precise detail – before putting GVI to work for you.

Look, it doesn’t matter what level of investing experience you may have.

Advanced, intermediate or beginner.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve NEVER bought a single stock before.

This system can hand you superior results.

PLUS… to celebrate this launch, we are also allowing everyone viewing this presentation a chance to enter a FREE “Taste of Royalty” Dream Vacation sweepstakes.


Eight days, seven nights at a European castle in Salzburg, Austria…

The incredible site where they filmed The Sound of Music.

First-class travel…

Fully arranged transportation in Austria…

We’ve even arranged a tour of the birthplace of Mozart…

And you’ll also get a $1,500 American Express gift card you can use for meals or whatever you choose.

The total value of the trip is up to $15,000 for you and a guest.


Very exciting. Congratulations on this launch, Alpesh.

In your GVI Investor, new subscribers will get the three stocks you just described. But how many more stocks do you plan to target throughout the year?


That’s a very good question.

My approach is a little different from most.

You always hear about diversification.

And of course, it can be a good thing…

Diversification can help spread out your risk.

But ONLY to an extent.

Because, as Warren Buffett said many years ago…

“It’s crazy to put money in your 20th choice rather than your first choice.”

Buffett may have lost sight of that a bit, because he simply owns too many stocks these days!

By my count, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway now owns 49 stocks.

That’s too many.

And it’s likely why I’ve been able to beat The Oracle of Omaha by such a wide margin… 2 1/2 times the profits since 2004.

795% for me. 302% for Buffett.


You see, overdiversification can HURT investors.

If you own too many stocks, then when one turns into a big winner… it ends up being such a small portion of your portfolio that it doesn’t really move the needle.

Here’s the truth I’ve learned.

It is really hard to outperform the markets if you have TOO MANY STOCKS.

The key to my strategy – and I think a lot of you are going to appreciate this – is that we do NOT overdiversify.

Do NOT Overdiversify… 15 to 20 Stocks Is All You Need!


Can you be more specific?


People get tricked into the idea that they need to hold 50 stocks or more to have a fully diversified account.


If you’re forking your money over to a money manager, yeah, of course they want you in dozens of different investments… so they can keep pocketing the fees that you probably don’t even realize you’re paying.

And they’re throwing so many darts at a dartboard that they can one day come back to you and say, look, we finally hit one!

All of my research – and decades of high-level experience – proves 15 to 20 stocks is all you need.


To be clear, I never recommend investing more than you can afford to lose on a single stock. 

You can achieve a diversified portfolio and optimal performance with 15 to 20 holdings. 

That’s the sweet spot.

It puts you in position for the perfect balance of risk and reward.

Legendary billionaire trader Carl Icahn, for example, holds only 18 stocks.

He’s earned 31% annualized returns since 1968! To put that into perspective… that would turn every $1,000 invested into $325 MILLION today.



Incredible. So in your GVI Investor model portfolio, there will be 15 to 20 stocks.

What kind of companies can we expect to see in that mix?


Good question.

I’ll be looking for the kinds of companies that I’ve identified again and again over the last three decades…

That can lead to triple-digit returns…

And crush the market by 580%.

Now, I can tell you that there won’t be 15 to 20 stocks in it at first.

However, I’ll be looking to recommend and add one new stock every other week until we fill out the portfolio.

They’ll come from all industries, all sectors… They just need to fit my GVI system.

Among our eventual 15 to 20 positions, I want five to be what I call Core-Quality Stocks.

These will have bigger market caps and be more resistant to volatility.

For example… here are some of the larger companies I hand-picked in the past that I’d consider Core-Quality Stocks:

  • Marshalls, up 75%
  • Disney, up 114%
  • Uber, up 178% within a year.

All those big, safe profits happened within a single year.

And I then want the remaining 10 to 15 to be High-Performance Stocks.

These are the types of companies that have the ability to deliver you multi-bagger home runs in a single year.

Now, the names of these stocks might not be as familiar… Many can be up-and-comers.


  • Impax Asset Management, up 186%
  • Capri Holdings, up 331%
  • Viacom, up 712%.

Again, any stock I recommend moving forward must fit my strict GVI criteria.


Will GVI Investor include short-term trading?

Alpesh: “When you have the right information, you don’t need to take big risks.”


Another great question. Through all of my experience, I’ve learned this important lesson…

When you have the right information, you don’t need to take big risks.

Just 15 to 20 stocks over the next 12 months could help you accelerate your portfolio growth to a level you haven’t seen before.

And you certainly don’t need to be glued to your computer day trading, or using options or risky shortcuts, to achieve great wealth.

We stay disciplined to a 12-month target outlook on all of our stocks.

I also set a trailing stop of 25%… to limit risk.

Just look at all the great stock returns I’ve managed to pinpoint since October 2020…

Water Intelligence… It scored an 8 on my Growth/Value formula… and for income, it scored a 12.3 CROCI. That’s 23% better than what I look for.

It shot up 212%.


Carl Zeiss Meditec…

It scored a 7 on Growth/Value… and its CROCI was 11.1.

It shot up 77%.


Capri Holdings was a stock that I projected for a triple-digit increase in 2021…

It shot past my price target and just kept climbing from $12 and change in April 2020…

To more than $50 a year later.

A 331% gain.


One of my loyal readers, Peter Avril, captured a 264% gain.

That would have turned every $10K into $36,400.

Peter wrote…

Thanks as ever for all your ongoing advice.

In short, GVI Investor is where I’ll be sharing all of my top investment ideas…



And warnings.

Everything you need to know to boost your returns in the markets this year and beyond.

Plus, charter members who join me today will also get the chance to take part in monthly calls and gain first-rights access to special opportunities in the future.



It all sounds very exciting, Alpesh, and with that, I’m going to welcome in your new publisher, Andy Snyder of Manward Press…

Who joins us via satellite from company headquarters in Baltimore.

Andy, welcome.

Historic Moment for Manward Press, Publisher of Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor



Buck, thank you. And Alpesh, as usual, everything is sounding great.

Really, this is a monumental day for our readers… That’s why I want to talk directly to them for a minute.

Since the day I founded Manward Press, I’ve wanted to work with someone like Alpesh…

A genuine living legend who I believe can and will make a meaningful impact on the portfolios and retirements of you, our readers…

So I couldn’t be prouder to publish Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor.

In it, he’ll guide you through the market with this GVI strategy, which has led to so many profitable calls… and so many accurate predictions throughout his three decades in finance.

You’ll be able to put his ideas to work for YOUR wealth month after month.

That’s something special. And it’s worth celebrating.

If you’ve been following Manward Press, you know this is a defining moment in our company’s history.

So I urge you to take Alpesh’s guidance through GVI Investor.

I expect the 15 to 20 stocks he plans to recommend throughout the year to help you make huge strides toward a carefree retirement.

He makes everything so easy to understand.

And frankly, his track record is remarkable.

You could’ve turned a $100K portfolio, adding $1,500 monthly, into more than $1 million in 10 years… and into more than $4 million in 16 years.


To sum it up… 

You’re getting the rare chance to follow a living legend who could make a dramatic impact on your wealth.

I’m honored to publish his work for the first time ever in the States.

So to anyone who might have any money invested in the stock market right now: I strongly suggest you don’t go another minute without becoming a charter member of Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor.


I expect this to be an exciting and rewarding journey together.


Thank you, Andy… Let me also say how thrilled I am to be part of the Manward team.

I believe in the Manward mission: to help Main Street investors live a richer, freer life every day.


Andy, thank you for joining us.

Alpesh, I’ve got another question for you before we’re out of time…

I still need to know a bit more about how GVI Investor works

For example, the three stocks you’ve already told us about today…

The homebuilder…

The software company…

And the computer services company…

How will they be featured in your GVI Investor service?

In other words, how can our viewers get the ticker symbols and exact buy instructions?

A New Profit Opportunity… Every Month!


I’ve created individual reports on each company that I want to urgently get into the hands of GVI Investor charter members today.


The moment you join my new service, I’ll rush these reports to you.

These reports contain everything you need to know about these three stocks… and how you can own them.

And these are just the first few of what will inevitably be many profit opportunities.

We’ll fill out the remaining 15 to 20 positions in the portfolio in the weeks and months ahead as my GVI system locks onto the best opportunities.


But I never want to rush into stocks just to fill a portfolio.

I wait for the system to help me pinpoint the best moments to get in.

In fact, I plan to deliver a new recommendation roughly every other week or so, including its name, its ticker symbol, my full analysis, my buy instructions and key metrics from my GVI system.

When it’s time to take any profits and move on from one of the plays in the portfolio, I’ll simply alert you to sell… and I’ll promptly replace that exited position with a new stock that my system ranks higher.


I plan to provide weekly updates on all our current trades... and future prospects.

And for charter members, I’ll host a monthly video call. I’ll lay out my case for big, new opportunities moving forward.


If you want the opportunity to build transformative wealth in today’s market, you have to stay within my system.

While nothing in the investment world is risk-free, my system is going to eliminate a lot of the noise and speculative plays out there.

Remember, any new stock I recommend must follow my strict GVI criteria.

Growth, value, income – and CROCI.


It’s going to keep you locked into the biggest profit opportunities in the market.

And as I’ve proven today, you don’t have to take big risks to collect triple-digit returns.

135% so far on Evolution Gaming.

331% on Capri Holdings.

712% on Viacom.

$10,000 in each of those stocks, with roughly a 12-month holding time, would have turned into $147,800.


With a system that can identify stocks that you expect to go up 2X, 4X and even 8X in just 12-month windows… why would you ever put your money anywhere else?

And when you become a charter member of GVI Investor today, I’ll give you all the tools you need to achieve this.

Premier, Hedge-Fund-Level Guidance at a Mere Fraction of “2 and 20”


For the past three decades, Alpesh has given impeccable investment advice on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and in the Financial Times.

Wealthy clients across the world have relied on him to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars through his elite hedge fund, Praefinium Partners.

His fund has been a top performer worldwide.

And it could cost you a pretty penny to get in.

In the hedge fund business, you’d pay what’s commonly known as “2 and 20.”

2% of your capital upfront.

20% of your profits.


And that is exactly what we charged. These types of fees are appropriate when you are managing the wealth of multimillionaires.


And with the profits Alpesh has proven to produce, 20% of your profits can really add up!

But today, Alpesh is launching a brand-new research service, right here in America, that’s not designed for the ultra-rich.

It’s for the people of Main Street… of all ages, backgrounds and levels of investing experience…

And now it’s time to talk dollars and sense with our viewers.

Now Alpesh, you’ve actually provided exclusive investment research in the past for some fortunate folks in the U.K. and worldwide…

And they paid up to 19,999 pounds retail for lifetime access… which is around $27,000.


That’s right, Buck. They were happy to pay it, and I’ve never been asked for a refund by anyone. That’s because when you deliver real results, people don’t want to get out.BUCK:

I’ve seen some of the notes from your subscribers, and I can see why they don’t ever want to lose access to your service.

Charles Conner, one of those subscribers, had a funny question for Alpesh…

“Why do you keep doing this to me, making me money! Got my first three-bagger today after [7 1/3] months invested in PDCE – a 214%increase – and took the profits.”

Brent Abrams, one of Alpesh’s loyal followers, pocketed six triple-digit winners…

My over 100% gain list: Generac, Volex, Medpace, Intuit, Synopsys and 2GOO.”

He says he’s taken some of his winnings and donated them to charity.

And Nico Baidwan said he’s looking at triple-digit wins on…

“Medifast (108%)… Crocs (122%)… ASM International NV (111.67%)… Personal thank you as always, Alpesh. You have been one of a few people that has made a positive impact in my life, and [I] hope to shake your hand, bump fists or man hug one day… :).”

Nico, I’ll relay that fist bump for you.

Alpesh, these are impressive results from your readers, whom you tell to hold their positions for 12 months.


There is nothing more fulfilling than easing someone else’s burden – this is what I feel I am doing, and I am over the moon to hear these success stories. 

Buck, there’s one more experience I’d like to share because it sums up the opportunity for anyone considering GVI Investor today.

It’s the story of Freddy Remnik.

Freddy started following my U.K. research with about 250 euros to invest… and in nine months, he turned it into 14,000 euros.

It gave him the boost he needed to start not one, but two shipping companies.

Today, his companies are worth 10 to 12 million euros.

And he says of his success…

“It’s all thanks to Alpesh Patel.”

He says his shipping business likely would not exist had it not been for the confidence he gained from following my work.

It could not be more fulfilling to know that my work helps to change the lives of people like Freddy.


Based on the life-changing results you’ve proven to deliver for decades, I expected a very high price for this service.

But when I saw the price that we’re about to announce for your first-ever service in the United States… I admit, I was shocked.

And I expect many of our viewers will be pleasantly surprised.

Ready for it? 

The retail price for one year of Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor is just $4,900.

That’s a mere fraction of what people paid to be part of Alpesh’s service overseas.

And yet Alpesh tells me that because this is a launch of his new service in America…

He’s worked out a special charter deal with his Manward Press publisher…

In short, it gives you a chance to get in at a much lower price, with an incredible amount in savings.

But before I reveal the incredible new charter member deal… I want you to consider this…

You’ll be gaining hedge-fund-level guidance.

Alpesh is the top expert the financial media turns to for advice on the markets…

He’s the #1 expert the banks turn to… Barclays, Goldman Sachs, even the Rothschilds.

And he’s the go-to expert the billionaires turn to, as well!

Peter Cruddas, billionaire CEO of CMC Markets, says…

“Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must-read for traders of all levels, including beginners – there is something for everyone.”

Clearly, Alpesh’s guidance is worth a lot of money… and he wants to bring you his best investment ideas from this day forward.

But since the doors to Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor are opening for the first time ever…

If you’re one of the first 450 charter members to join today, you’ll receive 59% OFF.

In other words, you’ll get one full year of Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor for just $2,100.

And you SAVE $2,800!


You should see a button below.

Be one of the first 450 people today to place your order, and you’ll receive the 59%-OFF charter discount.

You can also call Alpesh’s Baltimore-based team at 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636.

Members of the team are standing by to take your call.

Once these 450 spots are full… and we expect they’ll go fast…

You can still join a waitlist.

So all hope won’t be lost.

But you will miss out on the special charter membership discount.

We expect Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor to attract some of the most determined investing enthusiasts in America… from all experience levels.

Just take a look at what some people who’ve followed Alpesh in the past have had to say.

Here’s Craig Prufant…

“So far I have seen 100% returns on: Meggitt (300%), Oil (300%), Restaurant Group (120%), Cineworld (105%), S&P 500 x3 (182%) and RockRose Energy (115%).”

And Farhaad Egeli…

“Your mentorship is great… I did manage a greater than 100% returnwith Zoom. I still have Square at over 100% but am not selling yet.”


All these profits within a year. Absolutely brilliant.


Again, those loyal readers I just mentioned could have paid up to $27,000 for Alpesh’s guidance.

But as a charter member, you can get started for just $2,100…

Pocketing $2,800 in savings on the full $4,900 retail price.

But please keep in mind, you do need to be one of the first 450 to respond today to claim this special charter offer.

So click the button below and place your order now.

Or call… 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636.

To make this offer an absolute no-brainer, Alpesh is prepared to make you a bold guarantee.

365-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Friends, I want you to be over the moon about this one-year subscription.

If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied… at any time over the course of one year… you can receive a full credit to use toward any Manward Press VIP service that may more closely fit your needs.

It’s as close to a no-lose situation as you can possibly get.

In the U.K., I’ve never had a refund request from a single subscriber who paid $27,000 for lifetime access to my system.

You’re paying a fraction of that price. And I will do everything in my power to deliver and make this a winning experience for you.

I urge you to order now… before this extremely limited offer expires.

So click that button and claim your 60%-OFF discount. Remember, your purchase is protected by my 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


To the prospective 450 charter members watching right now… I want to speak to you directly for a moment.

Look, I want to be that guide you need in the markets.

Allowing my decades of experience to help you avoid costly mistakes…

I want you to stand tall on my shoulders… as I lead you toward profitable trades.

I’ve got three special reports waiting for you on the first three stocks in the GVI Investor portfolio.

  • The first is a homebuilder with a CROCI of 22.3.
  • The second is a software company with a CROCI of 28.
  • The third is a computer services company with a CROCI of 32.5.

Each of these CROCI scores is between 123% and 225% better than what I usually look for… and indicates the potential for explosive profits.

The time to act is now.

Make the strong, confident choice…

And become one of my very first charter subscribers right here in America.


Friends, you’re getting the chance to take the next 365 days to review Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor… read his handbook and special reports… and put his portfolio of recommendations to work for you.

If you’re not completely happy, call his team up, and they’ll promptly give you a full credit of your subscription price to put toward any Manward Press VIP service.

This is so rare. I want you to recognize how significant it is that you get a chance to work with someone of Alpesh’s caliber.

He wants to give YOU the same advantages enjoyed by the investing elite.

As the former editor-in-chief of MarketWatch, Thom Calandra, says…

“Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive.” 

This is your chance.

I hope you embrace it.

I hope you take advantage of it.

Thank you for joining us today.

Go ahead and click that button below right now to register for the vacation sweepstakes…

And it’ll also take you to the order form where you can become the newest GVI Investor charter member.

Alpesh, anything you’d like to add?


I’m really excited about this launch. This is the most excited I’ve been since I launched my hedge fund. Very exciting times!


On behalf of Alpesh Patel and Manward Press, I’m Buck Sexton.

So long, everyone!

October 2021

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