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Just a Quick Intro

Keith Kaplan and his team at TradeSmith have started a new promo campaign for their TradeStops Plus investment and portfolio-analysis software called the “10,000 New Millionaires Project.”

Kaplan hopes to harness the power of his TradeStops Plus software suite to help new and seasoned investors avoid common mistakes and reap potential seven-figure profits.

Based on a powerful proprietary algorithm that makes thousands of calculations for every stock every day, the TradeStops Plus package includes tools that the developers at TradeSmith have designed to provide investors with clear, actionable, continually-updated stock recommendations.  

Keep on reading if you're interested in learning more about Keith Kaplan, TradeStops Plus, and their “10,000 New Millionaires Project.”

What is TradeStops Plus?

TradeStops Plus is a software suite of investment and stock portfolio analysis tools developed by the company TradeSmith and its CEO, Keith Kaplan.

TradeSmith is known for its proprietary “VQ algorithm,” based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning economists, and serves as the heart of the TradeStops Plus software.

The TradeStops Plus tools were created to provide investors with the detailed information they need to:  know when to enter or exit any investment position, know how many shares of a stock to buy, know the actual health of potential stock purchases, and know “at a glance” the most up-to-date recommendations for their investments.

TradeSmith CEO, Keith Kaplan
TradeSmith CEO, Keith Kaplan

Who is Keith Kaplan?

Keith Kaplan is the CEO of TradeSmith, the investment research firm that developed and maintained the market analysis software known as TradeStops Plus.

A software architect and engineer with decades of experience, Keith describes himself as good at making money but not so successful at investing it.  

All that changed when he encountered the team at TradeSmith in 2015. Using their “proprietary VQ algorithm,” Kaplan helped them develop the suite of trading and investment analysis software tools known as TradeStops Plus.

Rising through the company ranks to become CEO, Keith describes his passion for sharing the software they've developed with other independent investors, the same software that helped him “[turn his] own financial history around.

This desire forms the basis of what Keith and TradeSmith refer to as the “10,000 New Millionaires Project.” Their goal with this initiative is to use the TradeStops Plus software to help at least 10,000 people onto the “path to seven-figure financial success.” 

The 3 Obstacles to Stock Market Success

As described by Keith, there are three main obstacles to stock market success.  

These stumbling blocks affect the investment decision-making ability of not only the average investor but also billionaire market legends such as Warren Buffet, Bill Ackman, and hedge-fund maestro David Einhorn.  

Keith describes how poor decision-making has led to everyday investors losing out on potential seven-figure returns. Not to mention the insane sums of cash the billionaire-class whales had left on the table when they blew a call.

Kaplan notes how his big three mistakes play a pivotal role in why Index (S&P 500) investors tend to do better over the long term than those who place their money in actively managed funds or try to manage their stock portfolios themselves.

He cites a Dalbar study that shows that over the 30 years from 1992 to 2021, an S&P 500 investor racked up an average 10.65% return.  

And the investor who actively managed their trades over the same period? They averaged just 7.13%. And once inflation is taken into account – that average drops to a crazy 2.36%!

Kaplan says that for an average-sized retirement account, this represents the difference between making over $2 million vs. around $200,000.

So what are the three big obstacles that TradeSmith has identified?

#1 – Cashing in too early on rising stocks.

#2 – Holding onto losing stocks for too long, hoping they'll bounce back.

#3 – Allowing emotions to guide financial decisions.

Keith points out that the human brain isn't built to perform high-speed data analysis. Our brains are wired for emotion and the fight-or-flight survival instinct. This results in “rash, emotional choices” that lead to unfortunate investment outcomes.

He proposes a solution for this problem:  TradeStops Plus's proprietary Volatility Quotient Signal.

What the Heck is a Volatility Quotient Signal

Simply put, the Volatility Quotient (VQ) Signal (or score) is a number that tells investors how a stock is expected to behave.

As TradeSmith describes it, every stock has its unique VQ score. Volatile stocks have a high VQ score, and more stable stocks have a lower VQ score.

By comparing the current behavior of a stock to its VQ score, TradeSmith claims investors can see if the trading activity seems normal or if something more unusual is in the making. And they can react accordingly to maximize their potential returns.

Based on the proprietary VQ algorithm, which Keith Kaplan notes performs 9,250 calculations per stock per day, the VQ signal is designed to help remove the rashness of the human mind from the investing equation and instead leave the cold, complex number-crunching to be done by, well, an actual equation.

For investors who followed past recommendations of the TradeStops Plus VQ algorithm, Kaplan cites the following potential returns:

  • 861% on Moderna
  • 964% on SM Energy
  • 1,129% on Cryoport
  • 2,334% on Five9
  • 22,282% on Liberty Global

Those sound pretty good.  

So, you may ask, how exactly does this TradeStops Plus thing work? 

How Does TradeStops Plus Work?

So, as Keith says, what exactly is “going on under the hood” of this thing?

The TradeStops Plus software platform includes several tools designed to help subscribers take advantage of the continually-updated VQ signal information.

The software analyzes over 150,000 securities, including stocks, mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs.

First, there is an intuitive ticker that translates the VQ score of every stock into a simple recommendation system modeled after a stoplight.

  • RED:  Sell
  • YELLOW:  Hold or Caution
  • GREEN:  Buy

And time durations are listed to show investors exactly when the status of each stock changed.

Second, an investment tracking function is built into the software, allowing users to link their investment portfolio to get instant, completely private scores for every security they own.  

This means subscribers receive a constantly-updated VQ score indicating the health of each of their holdings.  

And TradeSmith ensures that their users' portfolio data is protected by “airtight, bank-level security.”

Third, TradeStops Plus includes a position size calculator which shows users their predicted risk for any dollar amount they wish to invest in a specific stock.

This means users can calculate their ideal position size on any stock. And see whether it's a good idea to buy or sell shares to reduce potential risk.

Fourth, the software comes with an extensive newsletter tracking functionality. This means you can link the model portfolios of any major financial publications to which you subscribe…and instantly see the comprehensive VQ score data for those stocks.

And last but not least

TradeStops Plus includes a completely customizable, automatic, instant alert system to keep users up-to-date on any changes in their holdings' “stoplight” status.

You set the criteria for what triggers an alert for each stock and individual position, so Kaplan promises you'll always have the info you need without having to stay “glued to your screen.”  

What's Included with a Subscription to TradeStops Plus?

Membership to TradeStops Plus comes with access to their suite of market and portfolio analysis tools and a number of bonus reports and resources. 

Here's what you get when you subscribe during the current promo period:

  • A more than 85% discount off the standard annual access price.
  • Constantly-updated Volatility Quotient scores for over 150,000 different securities.
  • Full access to the VQ “stoplight alert system” that gives you instant buy/hold/sell alerts on over 51,000 stocks.
  • Instant, private analysis of your portfolio data provided with “bank-level” security.
  • Instant risk and position sizing data on any stock ticker symbol you want to see, telling you how many shares to buy and the risk involved.
  • Access to the newsletter center allows you to link to the model portfolios of your preferred financial publications.
  • Customizable alerts to let you know when a buy, sell, or hold is issued on one of your stocks.

Subscribers also receive the following three bonus reports to help them on their journey to becoming one of the 10,000 new millionaires  Keith is looking to create:


When to Sell 50 of the World's Most Popular Stocks.


Beat the Billionaires: Insights, Errors, and Recommendations from the Brightest Minds on Wall Street.


The Millionaire Master Plan. 

Which Keith describes as: “a blueprint you can use to get you started on the path to your next… or first… seven-figure nest egg, using our tools.”

And finally, subscribers have access to several resources to aid them in learning and applying all that TradeStops Plus has to offer:

  • A complete library of training videos.
  • Access to members-only “boot camps.”
  • A detailed “Help” center.
  • A dedicated TradeStops Plus customer service hotline.
  • The opportunity to book a private, one-hour appointment with a TradeStops Plus concierge if you need additional assistance.

How Much is TradeStops Plus?

The subscription is usually priced at $588 per year. But the current TradeStops Plus special promotion offers new subscribers a heavily discounted rate of $79 for the first year.

This is a savings of over 85% off the standard access rate.  

TradeSmith also offers other tiers of the TradeStops software tool (Basic, Premium, and Pro), but the current special price for TradeStops Plus seems to make it the best value for your dollar.

TradeStops Plus Refund Policy

TradeStops Plus offers new subscribers an “ironclad” 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Well, okay then. It doesn't get much clearer than that. 

Where to Find TradeStops Plus

TradeStops Plus is an investment risk-management and portfolio analysis software suite produced by Keith Kaplan and his team at TradeSmith. The company's stated mission is to provide individual investors with the tools and knowledge needed to “outperform the markets.

Go here to learn more about the TradeStops Plus Offer at TradeSmith.

In Summary

Keith Kaplan and TradeSmith are running a new promo campaign for TradeStops Plus called the “10,000 New Millionaires Project.”

This promotion aims to help at least 10,000 new subscribers of the TradeStops Plus investment software suite start down the path to realizing seven-figure returns.

Powered by TradeSmith's proprietary VQ algorithm, the TradeStops Plus software package includes several tools designed to help investors avoid rash, emotion-driven mistakes.  

These tools include a VQ “stoplight” ticker that recommends buy/hold/sell, analysis of user portfolio data, a position sizing calculator, financial newsletter portfolio analysis, and customizable stock alerts.

During the promotional period, new subscribers receive over 85% off their first-year subscription rate and three bonus reports designed to help them better understand today's market.

To learn more about Keith Kaplan and TradeSmith, or to subscribe to TradeStops Plus today, visit the official website. 

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