Cash Holders Are In Grave Danger


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“Cash holders are about to get left behind.”

This is the latest message from investing prodigy Luke Lango.

In just the past few years, Luke has had an incredible run of market predictions.

Like recommending 19 different stocks that have since soared 500% or more….

And being ranked the #1 stock picker by TipRanks in 2020.

But what's coming next, he says, will catch millions of Americans off guard.

In short, we are witnessing a rare event in the history of the stock market.

Something we have not seen since the 2008 financial crisis…

When this mysterious pattern appeared in stocks like Salesforce during the height of the 2008 crash…

Right before, the share price doubled within 12 months – despite the terrible market conditions.

And – right now – Luke says this “divergence” is spreading across the market again.

If you're sitting on cash, you are at risk of missing this once-in-decade-event.

Click here to watch an exclusive interview Luke did with Investing Minute for all the details.

He reveals his #1 stock to take advantage of this rare event before it disappears.

And where you should put your money immediately.

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This information is open to the public for a short time.

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Luis Hernandez
Editor-in-Chief, InvestorPlace

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