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Just a Quick Intro

Dan Ferris, one of the most-senior analysts at the investment information firm Stansberry Research, has just released a 75%-off promotional offer for his monthly publication, The Ferris Report.

Dan believes market conditions are primed to go south very quickly, as the financial “mega-bubble” we are enjoying prepares to burst. He predicts that the dip that follows will be a catastrophic downturn that will take decades to bounce back from.   

For people over the age of 50 who are counting on using their investment portfolios to fund retirement anytime in the next several years, this impending economic “dead zone” represents a massive blow to their finances and future plans.

In response to the economic dangers he sees just over the horizon, Dan has created The Ferris Report. It’s meant to help investors weather, and even profit, from the coming financial storm.      

What is The Ferris Report?

The Ferris Report  is an online, monthly publication filled with Dan Ferris’s up-to-date market analysis and investment recommendations specifically designed to help his readers secure their portfolios against the bursting of an economic “mega-bubble.”

Dan focuses primarily on two categories of investments:  “individual stocks [and] baskets of stocks held by exchange-traded funds (ETFs).”

Ferris lays out the research and market data that has led him to this prediction, and highlights the stocks that he thinks savvy investors should be buying (and selling) to ensure they safeguard their savings from the financial carnage caused by a market “dead-zone.” 

Who is Dan Ferris?

Dan Ferris has been a senior analyst and editor at Stansberry Research for over two decades. He specializes in a strategy of identifying “low-risk, cheap, and profitable stocks.“ 

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 

Ferris has been described as having one of the best track records in the industry.  

Dan notes that he was one of the few to predict the financial crisis of 2008, warning his followers months in advance to short Lehman Brothers. This advice helped his readers cash-in on an 82% return in just five months.

Dan Ferris also points out his accurate predictions of other major market events such as:  the 2011 market decline, the Bitcoin crash of 2017, and the Facebook stock price collapse of 2018. In these instances, followers who heeded his early advice avoided catastrophe and, when the market turned around, reaped massive gains.

Dan’s bio cites his “strong results, candid voice, and deep research” as the main factors behind his success. Ferris’s market analysis and advice are regular reading for a large number of multimillionaires, major financial firms and fund managers.

Longtime editor of Stansberry Research’s newsletter Extreme Value, host of the weekly podcast Stansberry Investor Hour, and a recurring guest on several national business news networks, Dan launched The Ferris Report in 2022 to help his followers understand the opportunities and risks of “the largest financial mega-bubble in recorded history.” 

What is a Market “Dead-Zone” and Why Should I Be Worried?

The “Dead Zone” that Dan predicts is just around the corner is no normal dip in the stock market. During a normal downturn, many investors feel that they can just “buy the dip” and wait for things to turn around in a relatively short period of time.

During a “dead zone” downturn, Dan describes how stocks go nowhere month after painful month. And even when they bump up a few points on the back of some hopeful news, the stocks quickly crash even lower.

This doesn’t just last for a few weeks or months. Dan Ferris warns us that this could last up to 30 years or more. This means that investors nearing retirement may not see a full financial recovery in their lifetimes.

As an example, Dan cites the early 1990’s market crash in Japan. After a crazy bull market in the late 1980s, the bubble burst. And even now, over 30 years later, Japan’s market still hasn’t fully recovered.

And, of course, Dan points out the Great Depression right here in America. After the boom of The Roaring ’20s, the subsequent crash sent the country spiraling into an economic “dead zone” that took 25 years from which to recover. Dan notes the unsettling fact that “the average buy-and-hold investor never got back to even.”

Basically, Dan Ferris is making the point that if his prediction comes to pass, the typical small investor, especially those over 50, could get financially crushed in ways that this country hasn’t seen in nearly a century, and almost no one is currently prepared for it. 

Why Does Dan Think a Dead Zone is Coming Soon?

While many financial wizards are predicting that the current upheaval we’ve seen in the markets is just a standard-issue dip, Dan Ferris’s analysis has led him to a very different, much more unsettling conclusion.

He believes these other folks telling everyone to stay calm and “buy the dip” are epically, tragically wrong this time.

This is what Dan sees that he says should worry us all:

  • Stocks that are still 2x more expensive than before the 2008 crash.
  • Housing continues to be the most unaffordable it’s been since 2006.
  • The continuing problems in the automotive industry.
  • The tanking value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • The global collapse of what are supposed to be “risk-free” government bonds.

Based on his research, Ferris warns that the losses hitting the stock market are nowhere near over. He predicts we could see The Dow dropping below 5000 as what he calls “the biggest asset bubble in history”  continues to burst.

Given this scenario, Dan believes it’s imperative that investors know how to secure their savings and make the stock moves he’s identified as critical to surviving a “dead zone” economy.   

Dan’s Steps For Safeguarding Your Portfolio

So a “dead-zone” sounds like a real nightmare. Does Dan Ferris offer any suggestions for how to survive something like that? A decimated stock market that could see years of zero returns and potentially vaporize the average person’s retirement savings?

Well…you know he does.

Dan lays out the four big steps that he thinks everyone should take AT ONCE to protect their portfolio and savings from a once-in-generations stock market crash.

  • STEP 1:  Sell your stocks in the investment sectors most likely to see the biggest declines.
  • STEP 2:  Protect your money by moving it into the stocks he predicts will thrive during a “dead zone” market.
  • STEP 3:  Move some of your holdings OUTSIDE the US dollar.
  • STEP 4:  Move your money into a sector that he refers to as a “Recession Haven.”

Dan goes into the specifics of these steps in a series of Special Reports that are included free during the current promotion for new subscribers to The Ferris Report.

Ferris certainly seems to speak from a place of experience when it comes to making market moves. He lists the numerous gains his readers have made in the past by following his recommendations.  

Just to name a few examples:

  • 150% gain on AB InBev (BUD)
  • 190% gain on Apple (AAPL)
  • 201% gain on Alexander and Baldwin (ALEX)
  • 212% gain on Realty Income Corporation (O)
  • 248% gain on International Royalty Corporation (ROY)
  • 406% gain on Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc (PBH)
  • 629% gain on Constellation Brands (STZ)

What’s Included with a Subscription to The Ferris Report?

A subscription to The Ferris Report comes with a number of member-only benefits and special reports that Dan has created to help his readers survive and capitalize on the coming market upheaval.

Here’s everything you get when you subscribe during their current promotion:

One Full Year of The Ferris Report

A monthly emailed investment research guide produced by Dan Ferris designed to help his readers understand and navigate the bursting of our “financial mega-bubble” and the following “investing dead zone.”

The Ferris Report features:

“investment recommendations that give you a direct stake in the major trends developing now and during the difficult times ahead.”

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – Avoid at All Costs: These Stocks Will Never Trade This High Again in Your Lifetime

In this report, Dan informs his readers about the 12 “most dangerous” stocks in America. He highlights the investment sectors he believes need to be avoided, and what to look for to ensure your retirement account isn’t at risk.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – The Best of the Best: The ONLY Stocks That Can Safely 8X Your Money During America’s “Dead Zone”

Dan Ferris provides the names and ticker symbols of the stocks that he thinks are most likely to soar in the next few years. These stocks are already up over 100% since the US Government began pumping pandemic money into the economy. And Dan expects them to go much, much higher.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – Trade Your Dollars for Potential 1,000% Gains Thanks to Gold and Silver

Ferris lays out what he describes as a low-risk, high-reward method that the average investor can exploit to get in on the precious metals market. He predicts potential gains in the neighborhood of 1000% over the next few years for those who are willing and able to do a little bit of speculation.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report

SPECIAL REPORT #4 – The Recession Haven That Could 7X Your Money in 10 Years

Dan and his team identify the companies that the government will increasingly rely upon as the world grows ever more uncertain. He believes that these financially stable picks represent the best place to park your money in the coming volatile times. These stocks have posted double-digit gains this year alone, even as the rest of the market fell 20%.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report

Dan lays out what he cites as two of the most crucial assets to hold during times of economic uncertainty. The first one is up 1,700% over the long term, with no down years in decades. The second asset has delivered a consistent, reliable return of 12-14% per year for the last three decades.

FREE BONUS REPORT – The World’s Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 

Plus, subscribers also receive:

  • One full year of Dan’s warnings and predictions.
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 
  • Special email updates and alerts whenever something important is happening in the market.
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 
  • Instant access to Dan’s complete archive of issues and special reports, including any future special reports he may publish for The Ferris Report.
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 
  • The Stansberry Digest:  Stansberry Research’s daily financial news report highlighting important events from the day’s trading.
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 
  • Access to the Stansberry Investor Hour, a weekly podcast hosted by Dan Ferris. Hear unvarnished insights from some of the best in the business world such as: Jim Rogers, T. Boone Pickens, Ron Paul, and Glenn Beck.
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 

How Much is The Ferris Report? 

A subscription to The Ferris Report is normally $199 per year. But the current special promotion offers new subscribers the deeply discounted rate of $49 for the first year.

This is a savings of 75% off the usual subscription rate.  

After the first year, The Ferris Report will automatically renew at the standard rate of $199 (plus applicable taxes). Subscribers receive a reminder before their subscription renews and may cancel without fees up to one day before the renewal date.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 

The Ferris Report Refund Policy

The Ferris Report offers new subscribers a “no questions asked” 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report
Dan Ferris, Editor, The Ferris Report 

Where to Find The Ferris Report

The Ferris Report is published by the market gurus at Stansberry Research. The company has specialized in “delivering world-class financial research” via its publications and services since 1999. 

Click here to learn more about the Ferris Report and Stansberry Research.

In Summary

Dan Ferris and his team at Stansberry research have launched a promotional campaign for his new online publication, The Ferris Report. Produced once a month, The Ferris Report, along with a series of accompanying bonus material, is designed to give Dan’s readers the investment advice and market analysis he feels they need to survive the bursting of our current economic “mega-bubble.” 

Dan believes that the resulting financial “dead zone” will be the most prolonged, most severe market downturn America has seen since The Great Depression.  

With stock prices potentially not recovering for decades, Ferris is particularly concerned that investors over 50 risks losing their retirements if they don’t secure their portfolios against this financial “dead zone.”

To learn more about Dan Ferris and Stansberry Research, or to subscribe to The Ferris Report today, visit the official website right here.

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