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Just a Quick Intro

Marc Chaikin, a living legend in the world of stock analytics, has just released a 75%-off promotional offer for his monthly investment advisory, Power Gauge Report.

Marc fears that America's economy is on the verge of a “financial reset.” The upheaval that could accompany this historic turning point represents a time of both extreme danger and potentially massive opportunity.  

Chaikin believes it all comes down to the asset management choices you make right now.

Chaikin predicts that unprepared people who leave their money sitting in cash and popular stocks could experience devastating losses. Investors who anticipate and adapt to the realities of a new economic era could see unbelievable gains.

Marc Chaikin feels he has the ideal system to help safely navigate this unprecedented financial turbulence.

To that end, Marc has created Power Gauge Report. This newsletter guides his subscribers through his famous Power Gauge stock rating system and provides simple recommendations to safeguard and grow individual wealth.      

What is Power Gauge Report?

Power Gauge Report is a monthly email investment newsletter produced by Marc Chaikin and his team at Chaikin Analytics.

Drawing upon Chaikin's celebrated Power Gauge stock analysis model, Power Gauge Report boils all that computing power down to one simple, actionable stock recommendation each and every month.

With its in-depth but easy-to-understand format, Power Gauge Report is geared towards spotlighting stocks with 3x to 5x growth potential.

And it includes Marc Chaikin's continually-updated model portfolio, filled with the top five stock buys he and his Power Gauge system recommend to subscribers.

Who is Marc Chaikin?

Marc Chaikin spent five decades in the trenches of Wall Street. A trader, analyst, stockbroker, and head of the options department at brokerage firm Tucker Anthony & R.L. Day., Marc went on to found Bomar Securities L.P.

Chaikin rose to prominence by developing his system of market indicators, algorithms, and computer-based stock selection models.  

His indicator systems are industry-standard for Wall Street professionals and can be found in “every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal in the world.”

In the 2000s, Marc founded Chaikin Analytics to make his professional-level stock indicator tools available to everyday investors.

The resulting system, the Chaikin Power Gauge, uses a 20-factor model to make predictions about thousands of different stocks.

A man who Jim Cramer said he's learned to “never bet against,” Marc Chaikin has made multiple appearances on Fox Business and CNBC's Mad Money.   

Marc Chaikin, Founder, Power Gauge Report

America's Impending Financial Reset

For the past year, Marc Chaikin has warned anyone who'll listen that America is on the verge of a “historic financial reset.”

He anticipates record-breaking runs on the banks, worsening stock losses, and a continuing rise in out-of-control inflation draining our assets' value.

Chaikin has come to the unfortunate conclusion that:

“All of this will result in a “reset” of our financial system in ways most people will never see coming.” 

The stock market legend predicts that money will flow away from cash and popular stocks and into “some surprising places.”

And Marc Chaikin has a history of releasing accurate market warnings well before the mainstream media caught wind of the danger.

Marc believes that having your money in the wrong place when the big reset hits could result in financial devastation.

But there's an upside to his prediction.

Chaikin also believes that for those in the know, the coming crisis could make 2023 “the best financial year of your life.”   

He claims huge gains are possible if investors learn the best places to park their money before the disruption begins in full.

And Chaikin cites a track record of successful stock recommendations that makes him at least worth listening to.  

Potential past returns on his picks include:

  • 335% on Novavax (NVAX)
  • 530% on Crocs (CROX)
  • 799% on Fulgent Genetics (FLGT)
  • 884% on NIO (NIO)
  • 1,050% on Overstock.com (OSTK)
  • 3,200% on Nvidia (NVDA)
  • 10,090% on Riot Blockchain (RIOT)

And the resource he used to make these recommendations… 

…his own custom-designed stock indicator system:  the Power Gauge.    

What Exactly is the Power Gauge?

The Power Gauge is Marc Chaikin's system which combines the “fundamentals and technicals” of a stock, applies a unique weighted analysis, and spits out ratings predictions for any of over 4000 different ticker symbols.

Employing 20 different characteristics, including Financial Factors, Earning Factors, Technical Factors, and Expert Factors, the Power Gauge generates an easy-to-understand rating forecast for how a stock is likely to perform in the coming months.  

Stocks are labeled as either Bearish, Bullish, or Neutral.

As Marc Chaikin describes it:

“The secret is how we translate all of this into data and compute it with an algorithm that 99% of Wall Street won't know about until days, weeks, or even months later.”

Based upon his years of work designing the indicator used by leading investment banks and funds, Chaikin's Power Gauge will provide individual investors with the same information as the significant “Smart Money” players. And rob them of their unfair advantage.

And as Marc points out: 

“…nothing can make you richer than getting a piece of an unknown stock AHEAD of the smart money on Wall Street.”

What Can the Power Gauge Offer for Individual Investors?

Chaikin points out that Power Gauge has a history of “picking up on signals” that indicated something big was in the works, even if no one was sure exactly what that “something” might be.

As Marc sees it, Power Gauge's track record of detecting “turning points” and its ability to guide users through rising and falling markets make it an excellent tool for navigating the massive “financial reset” that could happen any day. 

The system is “designed to help [users] anticipate the short-term future better than anything else [he's] seen.”  

And the future Marc Chaikin and Power Gauge predict is one in which a “NEW AMERICA” will emerge from the great “reset.”

Chaikin portends that: 

“… we'll see the rise of a new kind of company… in dozens of different sectors. 

It could be like buying Apple before they released the iPhone… if I can make that comparison. A chance to get in on the ground floor of an entirely new paradigm shift in how we buy things, exercise, vacation, and more.”

By getting ahead of the crowd on this “paradigm shift” by investing in obscure stocks that most analysts are missing, Marc believes his subscribers have the best chance to protect their assets during the coming “financial reset” and watch them grow as much as 5x.

The details on these obscure stocks and access to the Power Gauge system are included with the current promotional offer for Marc Chaikin's monthly newsletter, Power Gauge Report.

What's Included with a Subscription to Power Gauge Report?

A subscription to Power Gauge Report comes with several member-only benefits and special reports that Marc has designed to help his readers protect and grow their wealth during the predicted “financial reset.”

Here's everything you get when you subscribe during their current promotion:

A Full Year of Power Gauge Report

A monthly email newsletter containing Marc Chaikin's latest briefing and recommendation for a stock that could be 3x to 5x your money.

Every issue also contains Marc's updated model portfolio of his top 5 stock picks.

Marc Chaikin, Power Gauge Report cover image

Special Email Updates From Marc Chaikin

Whenever market conditions evolve, Marc emails his subscribers with up-to-the-minute recommendations on adding or closing their positions. 

Marc Chaikin, Special Update Report cover image

One Full Year of Access to the Power Pulse System

Member-exclusive access to the Power Pulse is a new interface Chaikin has designed to allow users to take advantage of his Power Gauge system.  

Users can punch in any of thousands of ticker symbols, and the system provides a 20-factor breakdown and a simple ratings “cheat sheet to help you predict where that stock might be headed over the next 3 to 6 months. 

Marc Chaikin, Power Pulse System, product image

One Full Year of Marc's Warnings and Predictions

Based on his years of experience anticipating some of the stock market's most significant moves, Chaikin has developed a system to monitor “events most people can't see coming.”   

And when Marc sees danger ahead, he keeps his followers in the loop.

Marc Chaikin, Power Gauge Report on mobile, product image

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – Four Power Picks for Retirement

In this report, Marc uses the Power Gauge system to identify four long-term stock recommendations for retirement.  

He predicts these stocks should survive any market conditions and potentially return multiple times the actual money.

Marc Chaikin, 4 Power Picks for retirement, product image

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks

In this research report, you'll learn how to exploit Chaikin's 20-factor Power Gauge system. This includes: 

  • How to quickly spot what a stock is about to do.
  • How to perfectly time your buy and sell decisions.
  • Wall Street players must see these signs before investing millions in a particular stock.
Marc Chaikin's Power Gauge Report cover image

A Mystery Gift from Chaikin

We have no idea what this is. But Marc says it's worth $1000 and is a “must-have in today's market.”

Marc Chaikin's mystery gift product image

…and finally…

One Free Year of True Wealth

As an additional one-time bonus during this promotion, subscribers to Power Gauge Report are offered a free one-year membership to True Wealth, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud's monthly investment advisory.

A finance Ph.D. who's beaten the S&P 500 for 19 years, Steve operates from a simple investment philosophy:

“Buy assets of great value when no one else wants them… and sell them when others pay any price.”

Marc Chaikin, Power Gauge Report bundle product image

How Much is Power Gauge Report? 

A subscription to Power Gauge Report usually is $199 per year. But the current special promotion offers new subscribers a deeply discounted rate of $49 for the first year.

This is a savings of 75% off the usual subscription rate.  

After the first year, Power Gauge Report will automatically renew at the standard rate of $199 (plus applicable taxes). Subscribers receive a reminder before their subscription renews and may cancel without fees up to one day before the renewal date.

Marc Chaikin, Power Gauge Report deal image

Power Gauge Report Refund Policy

Power Gauge Report offers new subscribers a 30-day, 100% cash-back guarantee.

Power Gauge Report 100 percent, cash back guarantee
Marc Chaikin, Founder, Power Gauge Report

Where to Find Power Gauge Report

Power Gauge Report is produced by Marc Chaikin and his team at Chaikin Analytics.  

Chaikin Analytics stated mission is to:

“…provide the best information possible so that our members can make better, more confident investment decisions.”

Go HERE to learn more about Power Gauge Report and Marc Chaikin's team at Chaikin Analytics.

In Summary

Marc Chaikin and his team at Chaikin Analytics have a new 75%-off promotional offer for their monthly investment newsletter, Power Gauge Report.

Chaikin predicts a near future filled with extreme financial turmoil as post-COVID America transitions from one economic paradigm to another. He insists that relying on traditionally safe investments and assets during this “financial reset” could prove a devastating mistake.

Drawing upon the predictive capabilities of his Power Gauge system, Marc has identified the companies best suited to thrive in this emergent new era. Chaikin anticipates massive potential gains for early investors in his under-the-radar stock choices.     

To learn more about Marc Chaikin and his strategies to survive the great “financial reset” or to subscribe to Power Gauge Report today, visit the official website

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