Tom Gentile: Five Alt-Coins Set to Soar 50X or More… The Microcurrency Summit


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A 6-MONTH MEGA TREND IS UNDERWAY: One of America's First Crypto Millionaires shares everything he knows about a new generation of coins…

75X… 211X… 5,567X…



Hello, my name is John Burke.

And thank you for joining me for this special Microcurrency Summit.

If you were to ask 100 Americans, “Can you name any cryptocurrencies?” – 99 of them will answer just one thing…


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Makes sense. After all, Bitcoin is an international phenomenon…

Attracting tens of millions of investors – from everyday folks to ultrawealthy mavericks… Fortune 500 CEOs… even Hollywood celebrities.

Recently, a massive Bitcoin boom made global headlines as it soared to record high after record high.

And today, analysts from major institutions are saying the future of Bitcoin is unstoppable.

And analysts at Bloomberg are saying Bitcoin will soar all the way to $500,000 per coin over the next few years.

Are they right?

Are we looking straight into the barrel of the greatest investment opportunity in history?

You're about to hear from one of the world's top crypto traders who says there's something much bigger in store – much bigger than even Bitcoin…

There's a hidden boom happening in another corner of the crypto market that's making Bitcoin's gains look tiny by comparison.

It's a new class of cryptocurrency… one that's disrupting the way the entire world conducts business.

The World Economic Forum calls it…

“Revolutionary technology that will change the world.”

Forbes said this new class of cryptocurrencies…

“Will transform business forever.”

And Nobel Prize-winning Harvard Economist Dr. Eric Maskin says it's…

“The most exciting development in financial markets in years.”

This year, this hidden crypto market is beating the red-hot commodities market by 24 to oneBeating Commodities

The all-time high stock market by 42 to oneBeating Stock Market

It's even beating the soaring gold market by 814 to one.Beating Gold Market

And yes…

This hidden crypto market is even smashing gains made by Bitcoin…

By as much as 75 to one… 211 to one… even 5,567 to one.

And now, it's set to go even higher…

Because as you're about to discover, many of the world's richest corporations…

Are all gearing up to plow billions of dollars into this new class of cryptocurrency.

Which is why I'm so excited one of America's leading experts is joining me now to pull back the curtain on these game-changing cryptos.

His name is Tom Gentile.

He became an early adopter in the cryptocurrency market years before analysts at Bloomberg and JPMorgan even knew it existed.

This man was a trailblazer, mining Bitcoin on his own in 2013 – when it was trading for just over $100 a coin.

Today, he's one of America's leading crypto authorities – someone who has personally become a millionaire in this market from trading these once little-known coins.

Welcome, Tom.


Glad to be here, John. It's great to be able to show folks this new development in cryptos… it's very exciting.

Most investors look at cryptocurrency, and all they see is Bitcoin.

But what I'm going to show you today will be a huge eye-opener.

Because it's a whole new kind of crypto – one that is changing the world right before our eyes…

With these new cryptos, a small starting stake is all you need because they're so much cheaper than Bitcoin.

And they're actually being put to use by dozens of industries around the world…

So their accelerated adoption by big business is translating into gains 75 times, 211 times – even more than 5,000

times bigger than Bitcoin.


Now, Tom, as you showed me earlier… this isn't a one-time phenomenon.

This new class of cryptos has been outperforming Bitcoin for the last several years…

But most of our viewers probably aren't even aware that this is going on.

So go ahead and pull back the curtain – what exactly are these cryptocurrencies?


I call them microcurrencies.

They're tiny digital currencies created specifically for industries around the world.

Real estate, technology, energy, biotech, health care, financial services – you name it.

These little coins let businesses complete financial transactions a thousand times faster than the outdated technology used today…

And cheaper. I'm talking about businesses saving massive amounts of money – over $600 billion a year.

That's why companies are scooping them up like crazy.

Now, John, as the name implies, microcurrencies are much, much smaller than Bitcoin…

They're kind of like the penny stocks of the cryptocurrency market.

And you're right – they didn't just come out of the woodwork.

I've been tracking and trading these tiny – but lucrative – coins for the last several years…

In fact, let me show you something that will blow your mind.

What you're looking at is a chart of the legendary 2017 bull market in crypto… a massive run that saw the entire market skyrocket over 3,000% in a single year.

What crypto do you think was the biggest winner that year?


Most people would say Bitcoin.


That's right – they would.

But take a look at this…

These tiny microcurrencies destroyed Bitcoin in 2017.

In fact, one microcurrency in the financial industry, called XRP, went up over 2,600% more than Bitcoin.

So listen to this, John…

Every $1,000 invested in Bitcoin in 2017 would have returned over $14,000. Not bad.

However, that same $1,000 in XRP…

Would have returned over $361,000!

That's over $347,000… more cash!


Well, that's an astounding difference. I mean, if you're choosing between $14,000 in one hand and $361,000 in the other… I'm taking the $361,000 every time.


Amazing, isn't it?

The same thing happened in 2018…

Take a look at ODEM, an education microcurrency.

Imagine taking online classes from MIT, Harvard, and Oxford at the same time. That's what this disruptive microcurrency allows folks to do.

Now in 2018, Bitcoin went down 45%!

But not ODEM.

From the time it launched in April 2018 to the end of that year, it soared 233%.

Same thing with Smartlands, a real estate microcurrency.

It allows investors to buy fractional ownership of valuable properties.

It became so popular that it soared 1,500% in 2018!


So contrary to the common wisdom out there…

Even when Bitcoin is going into negative territory…

There's still a ton of money to be made on these microcurrencies.


Exactly. It was the same story in 2019.

Here's a microcurrency called Centrality.

Entrepreneurs use it to get small businesses off the ground.

After it partnered with Amazon, it went through the roof – shooting up 350% for the year…

That was three times Bitcoin's return.

Chainlink, a banking microcurrency, did even better… going up 483% in 2019…

Nearly five times Bitcoin's gains.

And look at this one…

Constellation – symbol DAG. Small businesses use this microcurrency to help them scale.

In fact, DAG also partnered with Amazon… as well as Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit…

And in 2019, it soared by 900%.

That was almost 10 times the return of Bitcoin.

So for every $1,000 made on Bitcoin, DAG would have returned an astounding $10,200 instead.


How about 2020? Bitcoin's profits exploded that year.


Yes. All told, Bitcoin went up by 289% in 2020 – a heck of a gain.

But even then… so many unknown microcurrencies obliterated Bitcoin.

Look at Kusama – another small business industry microcurrency.

It soared over 5,800% in 2020…

So while every $1,000 invested in Bitcoin would have returned over $2,800 in profits…

The same $1,000 invested in Kusama…

Would have returned over $58,000 in profits!

John, that's $56,000 more cash!

And here's the best part of all…

Up until now, a lot of the fast movement in crypto pricing was pure speculation…

But now, industries are actually using these microcurrencies to do business.

So it's setting up this year to be the most lucrative year ever in the history of crypto.

Look at the gains we're seeing already…

Here's AudioCoin – a music industry microcurrency.

It went up 895% during the first six months…

That's nearly 23 times the return of Bitcoin during the same time frame.

Look at Chiliz – a sports and entertainment microcurrency. It soared 1,061%… 36 times the return of Bitcoin.

DeepBrain Chain – a big data microcurrency – went up over 2,300% in only six months… that's 79 times Bitcoin's return during the same time frame.

MediBloc – which is used in the health care industry – went up an incredible 1,356%

That's 46 times Bitcoin's return.

Here's CargoX – used in the logistics industry.

It was on nobody's – I mean, nobody's – radar. Yet in only six months, it soared over 2,100%

That's 74X Bitcoin's return.

Now look at this one… it's one of my favorites… Curate.

It's used in the e-commerce industry.

Curate hit a massive windfall for the first six months this year…

Up over 6,000% so far.

John, that's 211 times Bitcoin's return during the same time period.

So get this…

For every $1,000 made with Bitcoin, Curate would have returned $211,000 instead.


Those are some pretty mind-blowing gains.


Now, John… it goes without saying: These are some of the best-performing microcurrencies.

Obviously, not every microcurrency went this high. Some went up only a little… some stayed flat… and yeah, some went down quite a bit.

But there's no denying how powerful the best microcurrencies can be.

Look at Cocos – a microcurrency in the gaming industry.

In just five months this year, it soared 161,000%.

So a mere $100 investment in this coin would have returned $556,000 more than Bitcoin.

A $1,000 investment, now we're talking about gains over $5 million!


It's stunning.

We hear so much about Bitcoin, but…

Nobody realizes there's a whole class of cryptos beating Bitcoin by so much… year after year.

For people hearing this for the first time, Tom, it's probably even a little shocking.


I get that…

But here's what folks should understand.

Right now, as great as Bitcoin is…

Most people who buy Bitcoin consider it a store of value – not something to buy things with every day. Heck, even Suze Orman loves it as a replacement for gold.

Microcurrencies, on the other hand, were created for global industries.

And they're using them to transfer money faster and cheaper every single day… which is why they've become so revolutionary for business.


So what you're saying is… the reason these microcurrencies are outperforming Bitcoin is simple.

They're being adopted by industries on a massive scale.



Take real estate, for example.

There's a microcurrency called Propy.

It's used by Coldwell Banker… Century 21… First American Title… and other big real estate firms.

It shot up 635% in just six months this year.

That's 19 times what Bitcoin went up during the same time frame.

Here's another one – Squirrel Finance – an insurance microcurrency.

I admit: A lot of these coins have funny names and ticker symbols. This one is NUTS. I mean, the ticker symbol, John, is N-U-T-S.

But I promise – this is for real.

And it's having a huge year – beating Bitcoin by 513% over the same time frame.

And look at Terra, a microcurrency that helps e-commerce businesses in 10 different countries – countries with a total gross merchandise value of $25 billion.

Terra's market cap jumped from $300 million to $6 billion in just five months. It went on a tear during that same time frame – up 896% this year.

That's 30 times Bitcoin's gains.

The money difference investors can make is huge…

For every $1,000 made in Bitcoin, Terra would have returned over $30,000 instead.


And, Tom, most people don't even know microcurrencies like Propy, Squirrel Finance, and Terra even exist.

Well, we're going to change that right now.

Because, folks…

Tom's going to show you exactly what these powerful new cryptos are…

How they work…

Why they are disrupting business as we know it…

And most importantly, how investors can pick off gains 75 times, 211 times, even more than 5,000 times greater than Bitcoin in less than six months.

And Tom, I know you're the perfect person to show folks how to invest in these markets – because you've become a millionaire yourself from them.

But before we dive into your method, let's give our viewers the full range of your expertise here…

Because you're also known as America's #1 pattern trader.

In fact, over the past three decades, you've uncovered dozens of hidden price patterns in top-moving stocks…

You're also the co-founder of one of the most trusted financial education companies in the world – a company you sold to a Wall Street firm for $20 million.

You've been an investor in the crypto market for years – almost since the beginning…

I'm talking years before billionaires like Elon Musk, Mike Novogratz, and Mark Cuban got in…

You beat them all to the punch.

And it's obviously paid off. Because…

You're one of the world's leading cryptocurrency experts…

A crypto multimillionaire…

Someone who's been successfully trading microcurrencies for several years…

Let me ask you – what clued you into them becoming so valuable? What exactly was it?


You know the old expression: “TIME IS MONEY?”

That's what makes these new microcurrencies such a game changer.

Because they can give banks… credit card companies… and big corporations the ability to transfer billions of dollars – instantly.

From my estimates, they can save companies over $600 billion every year by cutting out the middleman.

That means they can skip right over dealing with intermediaries like brokers and distributors.

Nearly all of America's biggest financial institutions are plowing into microcurrencies…

Even Goldman Sachs.

And so are the biggest corporations on the planet – in energy, finance, education, travel… on and on it goes.

In fact, I did a count…

63 industries now have at least one microcurrency. Most have several.


So what you're saying is… these microcurrencies… they're virtually eliminating costs associated with the middleman and changing the way business is done around the world.


Big game changers.

And everyday investors can capitalize on their success. Take the marketing industry. It has 19 microcurrencies…

Like this one called Adshares.

In just six months this year, ADST soared by 599%.

That means it had 20 times the return of Bitcoin during the same time frame.

For every $1,000 made on Bitcoin, ADST would have returned over $20,000 instead.


Let me ask you this… how about the education industry? I know a lot of schools are starving for money right now – so cutting costs would be big for them.


Yep – education has nine microcurrencies.

Like EDUCare – symbol EKT. It supplies educational equipment and training materials.

It surged 317% in just six months this year – 10 times the return of Bitcoin.

That means for every $1,000 made in Bitcoin – you guessed it…

EKT would have returned $10,000 more than Bitcoin.


How about energy? I mean, that's an enormous industry – with huge middleman costs.


The energy sector has 15 microcurrencies…

Like MWAT.

MWAT allows companies to send and receive energy worldwide – directly. It's all tokenized through their microcurrency. MWAT has created a huge paradigm shift in energy. That's why it's already soared 900% in just the first six months this year.

That's 31X Bitcoin's return.


How about real estate? It's booming like crazy right now – and I know anyone who has ever bought a house would love to cut out their middleman.


Yep – there are 11 real estate microcurrencies…

Like this one: Ecoreal.

This year, it soared 7X the return of Bitcoin.

Fact is: These microcurrencies are in every industry you can think of…

Here's one in the travel industry called LockTrip.

It gives discounts on airfare, hotels, and rental cars.

In just six months, LOC soared by 837%

28X the return of Bitcoin.


And once again…

Look at the money difference.

For every $1,000 made in Bitcoin, LOC would have returned over $28,000!


I mean, yeah – the $1,000 gain from Bitcoin sounds good…

But I'd take the $28,000 every time. It's a huge disparity.

Listen – all of these microcurrencies are killing it because they have real-world use. This isn't mere speculation. They let industries make big transactions without the middleman – saving over $600 billion every year.

And, John, let me be clear…

I've been showing you the top performer in each industry. I want you to see the sheer profit potential inside this microcurrency market. 

These are not the average returns that happen every day…

But if you find the best microcurrencies to play, the returns can be mind-blowing.


And, Tom, you're going to share your method for deciding which microcurrencies to play in just a moment…

So, folks, stay tuned – you're not going to want to miss this.

But first, just look at these incredible figures…

This is how much microcurrencies save businesses by cutting out the middleman. It's on the screen right now.

  • Microcurrencies can help banks save $20 billion a year…
  • The food industry… $31 billion a year…
  • Real estate… as much as $87 billion every year…
  • Health care… up to $150 billion a year…
  • And drug manufacturers… up to $320 billion every single solitary year.

When you see just how much money these industries can save… you can easily grasp why microcurrencies are so revolutionary.


And here's what makes it so exciting for everyday people like us…

You don't have to be on the inside of any of these industries to get rich from these microcurrencies.

Anyone can get into this game.

It's so simple.

All of these microcurrencies can be bought and sold the exact same way.

Just three easy steps…

That's it!

You don't need any special accreditations… clearances… margins… you don't even need any experience.


Another thing I like about microcurrencies is how inexpensive they are… especially compared to Bitcoin.

We're talking a few dollars… or even a few cents… compared to over tens of thousands of dollars for a single Bitcoin!


Right, and microcurrencies, they're the total opposite…

Pennies on the dollar in most cases.

Look at some of the biggest gainers we've seen this year.

Here's GET.

It's basically the Ticketmaster of microcurrencies. It's only trading for $3. Yet it's had an incredible year – soaring 785% in just six months.

Here's DMarket – the eBay of the gaming industry. Millions of gamers use it to trade virtual items online. Guess how much it costs? 73 cents. Yet it's soared 259% in just six months this year.

That's eight times Bitcoin's gains.

Or how about Verasity, a popular eSports microcurrency.

Now, eSports is an industry that's growing like crazy – from $1.5 billion to nearly $7 billion within a few years. And microcurrencies are helping it reach a huge audience.

Today, Verasity is only trading for $0.01. But it has given investors one of the biggest paydays of the year – up 2,839% since January…

100 times the return of Bitcoin.

And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally dozens of microcurrencies that are moving the needle right now.

Anyone can play them for a profit. It's all about getting your timing right.


And, Tom, in a moment, you're going to show folks how to get their timing down to a science.

In fact, you've discovered a special pricing pattern that clues you into the best microcurrencies – the ones about to shoot up.

And you're saying…

There's a huge catalyst coming… 

One that could send microcurrencies a whole lot higher than it is right now.

So, folks, before Tom leaves today, we're going to make sure you are prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In fact…

Tom's going to reveal two powerful recommendations – two microcurrencies – you can play right now for potentially the largest profits of your life.

But, Tom, before we get there, I do want to unravel these microcurrencies just a little further.

Break down how they work for us…

What's the mechanism that makes these microcurrencies so revolutionary?


It all comes down to two words…

Smart contracts.

Smart contracts make these microcurrencies click. It's what makes them so valuable.


Well, let's dig in deeper. I know what a regular contract is… but what's a smart contract?


In very basic terms, a smart contract is a crypto version of a simple purchase agreement between a buyer and a seller…

Yet it's a much more modern version.


What's different between a smart contract from a crypto… versus having a lawyer draw one up on paper?


Great question. You ever heard of the saying, “A contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on?”

A written contract is great until you have to enforce it. All kinds of problems can come up.

If one party doesn't live up to the obligations, the contract is worthless.

But with digital smart contracts, the contract and the enforcement are all built into the crypto token.


And, Tom, I'm guessing that without blockchain technology, microcurrencies would never exist in so many industries. Am I right about that?


Exactly right. And here's what's really exciting…

A new upgrade is kicking in for the world's leading smart contract platform right now…

And the improvements in speed are amazing.

Before, it could only handle 15 transactions per second. Soon, it will cover all the way up to 100,000 transactions per second.

It's instant scale.

Suddenly, this smart contract platform is going from a few companies using it… to hundreds – even thousands being able to use it.


I've seen and read a ton – I mean, never-ending media attention in the crypto world about this upgrade. It's going to take smart contracts to a whole new level.

That's why a huge influx of money is about to pour into microcurrencies from Fortune 500 companies. 

They're all banking on it.


These companies see the writing on the wall.

The future of business is blockchain. And it all comes back to these microcurrencies.

That's why there's an avalanche of cash pouring into the microcurrency market. And it's also why I believe it's destined to be bigger than Bitcoin a few years from now.

Look, John, it's already starting…

In fact, go back to January 2021.

At the time, Bitcoin – by itself – made up over 70% of the total crypto market… dominant in every way.

But a massive shift is happening right before our eyes.

So now, Bitcoin's dominance has fallen below 50% of the total crypto market.



The microcurrency market is growing like crazy and could even surpass the bigger coins like Bitcoin – fast.

I mean, yes – Bitcoin's market cap recently eclipsed $1 trillion… quite a feat.

But you're saying a few years from now, microcurrencies could be a $10 trillion market.


Yes – all because of these smart contracts used by industries. They have become so important – there's no stopping them.

That's why right now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in.


And, Tom… just to give folks an idea of where it stands right now…

You compared the microcurrency market to the adoption of the fastest-growing industry of our lifetime: the internet.

As you can see from this chart, the adoption of microcurrencies and the adoption of the internet are remarkably similar.

They both started close to zero – and rose swiftly in record time.

Where exactly are we now?


We're still very early in the game.

Today, microcurrencies are where the internet was in 1994 – several years before mass adoption… just starting to take off.

And with banks and corporations jumping aboard…

Microcurrencies could grow from about 100 million users to about one billion-plus users in just a few years.


Tom, this is very exciting. Because many folks are kicking themselves – I mean, literally losing sleep at night – thinking that by missing out on Bitcoin's huge run-up… they missed out on all the big money in the cryptocurrency market.

But what I hear you saying is… take a deep breath and open your eyes to this microcurrency market instead.


This is a whole new opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a boom that could be 100 times bigger than Bitcoin over the next decade.


It's even better than that…

Because there won't be just one winner in the upcoming microcurrency boom…

There could be dozens of “Bitcoin-like” winners.


Now, Bitcoin has shot up 7.3 million percent since 2010.

And obviously, not every coin is going to up 7.3 million percent.

Plus, this is still a young, new market. So certain currencies can slide down just as quickly as others shot up. 

And as you just told us… every industry – agriculture, marketing, banking, finance, gaming, insurance – could ultimately have its own Bitcoin… a go-to coin that leads each niche.

But, Tom, let's set the record straight. Not every microcurrency is worth investing in…

I mean, folks can't put a blindfold on, throw a dart, and hit a bull's-eye every time, right?


Of course not. It never works that way in any market.

But that's why I felt it was so important to be here with you today, John…

Because I want to guide people to the very best ones.


Well, in a moment, you're going to do just that… and share two brand-new microcurrency investment opportunities.

Both are tied to industries with real-world value. And both are set to skyrocket. Our viewers can set them up right after this event.

And you also want to make a very special announcement… something everyone is going to want to hear.

But before we go there…

Let's show viewers your method for finding microcurrencies about to take off… because it's pretty mind-blowing.

In fact, over the last 36 months, you've been sharing your microcurrency recommendations with a small group of readers, and the numbers have been astounding.

Listen to this, folks…

Trading these microcurrencies, Tom has an 82% win record… consistently beating Bitcoin by a hefty margin.


I call these my Profit Multiplier Trades

Because they multiply Bitcoin's gains over the same time frame. Heck, they multiply gains over stocks, commodities, gold… everything.


Well, folks, pay close attention. Because…

What you're about to see is Tom's secret to amassing millions of dollars trading cryptocurrencies…

A method so powerful… it can predict the top microcurrency winners – industry by industry – with stunning accuracy. And there are 63 industries using microcurrencies!

So you're not going to want to miss this.

Tom, fire away.


Well, as you mentioned, I'm a market pattern specialist.

But I don't just look at ordinary charts to find patterns.

Anyone can do that.

What I've done is invested millions of dollars of my own money creating technology that finds patterns for me.

This technology operates a proprietary sequence-matching protocol.

In simple language, that means it can spot hidden trading patterns that are invisible…

Not only to the human eye but to every other computerized trading platform on the planet.  


OK, so your technology spots these patterns that nobody else can see. Then what?


Then, I go to work.

I fully vet the spotted microcurrency – making 100% certain it's a legitimate investment opportunity.

I'll never recommend a microcurrency unless it's… 

  • Tied to a big industry with real-world use…
  • Experiencing mass adoption…
  • And backed by substantial flows of money – with sky-high demand.


And over the past three years, you've been giving your recommendations to a small group of followers. In fact, with these folks, you've got an 82% win rate in your model portfolio.

So I'd say your method is working brilliantly. What makes it so accurate?


To be honest, the AI component in my system discovered something I didn't even expect.

The crypto market is not just about patterns. It's about waves – or what we like to call Fractal Waves.

Now, most people have never heard of fractals – but they're a unique mathematical pattern.

You can find them anywhere in nature – a snowflake, a head of broccoli, even a gecko's foot. So it's pretty cool when you think about it.

Engineers and scientists have been using fractals to design modern buildings, lifesaving medical treatments, and nanoelectronics. Heck, engineers used fractals to build the Golden Gate Bridge.


And these Fractal Waves can be applied to the financial markets too, I assume?


Correct. Crazy up and down price swings create these fractals.

And they're so tiny they often go undetected in everyday market analysis.

But my technology finds them in droves.

Let me show you…

Essentially, my system is looking for two special kinds of waves.

The first one is called the Long-Term Currency Wave.

This wave smooths out the price action over a long time frame – typically a month.

The second is the Short-Term Currency Wave.

It smooths out the price over a shorter time frame – typically, a few days.

Now, let me show you where the magic really happens.

Right here… when the lines meet and cross.

That's when my system sends me the buy signal.

And that's how we've nailed winner after winner.


So in a nutshell, your system is looking for the exact moment where the Long- and Short-Term Currency Waves cross.

When that happens, there's a good chance this microcurrency is about to skyrocket.


Correct, John. Let me show you how we got to an 82% win record so far.

Look at this chart on XTZ.

As you can see, the lines crossed here, and it was time to strike.

XTZ took off, and in just three weeks…

Outperformed Bitcoin by 4X over the same time period.

Here's another one…

On January 4, the Fractal Wave Pattern appeared on NMR.

In a little over five months, NMR soared

Outperforming Bitcoin's return by 5X.

Here's BCH

Back on March 29, the Long-Term and Short-Term Currency Waves appeared. Then, they crossed right here.

We waited just 36 days… and it smashed Bitcoin's return for a profit 12X higher.

Again, look at how huge the money difference is…

For every $1,000 made on Bitcoin, BCH would have returned over $12,000 instead.


What impresses me most is how consistently this pattern helps you predict winners.


It's all about consistency.

When the two lines cross, there's a high probability the coin's price will soar.


And, folks, this exact pattern has been spotted in two new microcurrencies.

The Long-Term and Short-Term Waves have crossed –  indicating these two coins are about to skyrocket.

And Tom believes both give you a shot at 10X returns within weeks.

So in just a moment, Tom will show you how to get into these trades today.

And, Tom, that's very exciting stuff, but…

I know you have a big announcement to make.


I do.

I've watched this market grow from zero to nearly $2 trillion in a blink of an eye. And the wealth… so many millionaires minted overnight. I myself have made millions from crypto.

But here's the thing…

Millions of Americans still don't understand how this market works… why it's so groundbreaking… or how to invest in it.

Today, I want to change that.

Over the next decade, digital assets will create more wealth than any investment on the planet. Digital is the future.

And I want to show folks how to play this market NOW – before the inevitable happens, and it climbs to $3 trillion, $5 trillion, $10 trillion… all the way to $20 trillion over the next 10 years.

That's why… today, I'm officially launching the Alternative Wealth Network.The Alternative Wealth Network

It will be the first of its kind… a network devoted to investing in those digital assets that can create infinite opportunities… and infinite returns for you and your family.

Cryptocurrency will be a big part of it… but not the only part.

Listen, everything is going digital: Money… technology… the entire global economic infrastructure will be built on digital platforms and the blockchain.

And millions of Americans are hungry to explore this new frontier.

The Alternative Wealth Network will give folks everything they'll need to get started:

  • Training and educational tools…
  • The best investment ideas and opportunities…
  • And a community of like-minded crypto pioneers… continuously sharing their experiences and ways to make money.

It's going to be big.


You know, Tom, so many people I come across… they want to invest in alternative things – other than stocks and bonds… things like cryptocurrencies… but aren't sure how to get started. They may know a little about Bitcoin, but that's it.

So your timing for launching this network is perfect.

It's still ground-floor. But it's growing with lightning speed.


We're living smack in the middle of a digital revolution.

Look at currencies. In 2020, China launched their own digital currency to replace the yuan.

Now, dozens of countries are trying to do the same. In fact, the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell signaled that the U.S. is fast-moving on a digital dollar as we speak. So is Europe.

Look at economic infrastructure.

I'm talking about payment systems, supply chains, e-commerce platforms – they're all going digital.


Don't forget tokenization.

You can now buy fractional shares of real estate, music, art – everything you can think of can be divided into a million pieces and sold to investors.


Oh, absolutely – you're exactly right.

The token economy is about to go into hyperdrive.

Imagine owning fractional shares of the Empire State Building… the Chrysler Building… or Madison Square Garden.

Every time New York real estate appreciates… even tiny fractional shares will go through the roof.

We'll show everyday folks the biggest digital moneymaking opportunities…

So regular people can amass wealth normally reserved for a select few.

I'm talking about the chance to pocket way more wealth than from traditional assets – like stocks, bonds… even gold… over the next decade.


Tell us how the Alternative Wealth Network works.


First, I'm bringing together some of the industry's leading experts…

For example, Michael Robinson.

He's a legendary Silicon Valley tech investor who was there in Bitcoin's earliest days with people like Brian Armstrong – the CEO of Coinbase – when Coinbase was just getting started. Now, it's worth nearly $50 billion.

Michael saw the writing on the wall and told his followers to get into Bitcoin way back in 2013 for only $90.

Today, it's up more than 54,000% since Michael's recommendation.

Next, we're bringing on one of the world's leading international crypto experts.

Her name is Helena Margarido. She's based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Helena's a well-known finance lawyer who first invested in crypto in 2011 and quickly became a crypto millionaire.

She's been a fierce leader against government regulation. She regularly consults with top government leaders over this issue.

Look, some of the biggest crypto markets are outside of the U.S. Heck, El Salvador just announced Bitcoin will be their de facto currency. And Helena can help find these massive global opportunities for the network.

We also have David Zeiler – one of the world's leading crypto analysts.

He's another guy who made millions in crypto – mining Bitcoin even before I did… back in 2013. Today, David's crypto Twitter feed is the place to be.

He's got thousands of followers, including some of the biggest names in crypto.

I'm talking about people like billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper… one of the earliest investors in Skype…

And Naomi Brockwell – the award-winning cohost of the largest crypto economic conference series around the world…

They all follow David for one reason: David knows where the best new opportunities are going to be… and he can bring it to the network in spades.


And I saw you're also bringing aboard Nick Black – who I've watched on Crypto and Coffee – the popular online show. The way he breaks down complicated coins like Ethereum is very impressive.


Nick's the founder and CEO of Blackchain Capital Management, a hedge fund for digital assets.

And you're right, John – when it comes to understanding the mechanisms of microcurrencies… how they work… and how the markets operate… nobody understands better than Nick.

And listen – his hedge fund has created advanced investment pricing models. In fact, he's promised to share these models with folks in the network – which I'm very excited about.

And that's just a few of the folks we've lined up.

We're going to be the go-to source for the world of digital asset investing.


Now, Tom – to celebrate this network launch, you and your team have created an amazing investment research package you'd like to send to every personwatching this broadcast. 

It gives folks details on the 25 crypto opportunities with the most lucrative potential right now – everything they need to know to get off the ground running.


Listen, so many people feel left out. They see these stories on TV… all these people making crazy money from Bitcoin.

And it's not hype: American investors made $4 billion in profits from crypto last year. And scores of millionaires were created. People want to be in this market.

So today, my team and I want to give everyone a chance to become their own success story.


It's called…

The Digital Gold Rush:
The Crypto Investor's Road Map to Unimaginable Wealth.

This package includes details and research on 25 major crypto plays…

These are plays anyone can make – regardless of experience.

And, Tom, you believe each one of them has massive upside potential. They hit all the biggest moves you can make right now in this market.

Why don't you walk us through them?



First, we strongly suggest everyone trade microcurrencies.

They're the most lucrative moneymaking opportunities in crypto right now.

So this is where you want to start.

Remember, these tiny coins give you the biggest bang for your buck. They're easy to trade. They're inexpensive…

And the returns can be unbelievable. You saw how big the gains we showed you were today. You could beat Bitcoin by 100 times, 211 times… even more than 5,000 times.


And your system just found two new microcurrencies that could be even bigger.

You mentioned massive potential here.


That's right.

Do you remember when we discussed microcurrencies being used in 63 different industries?

Well, the problem is… you've got all these crypto networks with totally different blockchains… and none of them are communicating with each other.

Well, this first microcurrency play fixes that problem.

And they've just announced a huge breakthrough.

It's a global communication hub – the first in the world – capable of connecting thousands of microcurrency networks all at once.

This is going to completely upgrade the microcurrency universe. And it's only trading for around $10 right now!


And your team believes it could beat Bitcoin by 50X or more in the next six months.


Once all the networks join their hub, the price could soar over the next six months from $10 all the way to $500 a coin.

Frankly, that's being conservative.


So let's say 50X on the low side – and unlimited potential on the high side for the first microcurrency recommendation. How about the second?


The second microcurrency could be even bigger…

Because it's transforming a $3.8 billion e-commerce industry.

I call it the PayPal of Asia.

In Asia, they don't rely on credit cards like we do here in the U.S.

So paying for things online is a lot harder. This next microcurrency is the answer.

It was developed by high-level experts at the World Bank and International Finance Corporation – so they understand money…

And they've created a microcurrency that lets folks buy things directly from their smartphones… without a credit card.

Now, it's already popular in Asia…

In fact, since January 2020, their market cap has grown by over 1,500%!

But now, they're targeting the United States.


Once this coin gets a foothold in the U.S., it's going to explode.

How much is it trading for now?


That's the best part – it's under $5. So you can literally buy thousands of units of this microcurrency for about the same price as just one Bitcoin.

We predict it can beat Bitcoin by as much as 100X this year.


Well, even if it did half of that, it would be an unbelievable return.

So both of these microcurrency recommendations will be included in a special report titled…

And it includes Tom's step-by-step instructions for setting up these trades as early as today.

OK, Tom, tell us about the next opportunity folks should take advantage of.

The Best Buy-and-Hold Coins


I already told you that Bitcoin is the best buy-and-hold investment of the decade…

But there are actually four more coins that fall in the same category.

The first one is a leading smart contract crypto I expect to soar 5,044% within five years.

The next one is a cash substitute with supercheap transaction fees – my prediction: 5,311% gain within five years.

Next is what people refer to as the “silver” crypto to Bitcoin's gold. It could go up more than 15,000% in the next five years.

And finally, we've got a breakthrough crypto that connects the world of blockchain to the world of business… it's incredibly cheap now but not for long. My prediction: 84,000% all within five years.


And correct me if I'm wrong, Tom – you don't need a big starting stake with any of these.


Absolutely not. In fact, I'm going to show everyone how to create generational wealth starting with just $25 in each of these coins.


Well, that means all in all, with five generational plays – including Bitcoin… you would only need a total starting stake of about $125… with a chance to pocket a 50X windfall on each. That's awfully powerful.

And the details of these big opportunities are also included in the Digital Gold Rush package – in a report called…

Now, the next opportunity, Tom… I'll be honest, it really surprised me when you told me about it. I had no idea this was possible.

Tells us about crypto dividends.

Crypto Dividends


Well, it's interesting. For all the attention crypto has gotten – all the media hype – most people have no idea about some of the great built-in features of these coins…

Like the fact that you can actually earn income just by owning select cryptos.

With dividends as high as 25%…

I'm talking about folks collecting nearly 5,000% more interest from specific microcurrencies than you can get from the typical .5% yield you get from a bank.

So this next opportunity is all about collecting cash.


Well, I know yields on treasuries are basically nothing… savings accounts are below zero… and stock dividends are at all-time lows. So a 25% dividend sounds fantastic.


Look, if you're going to hold some of these microcurrencies… you might as well collect cash payments. Sure, there's more risk than just holding a savings account – but the rewards can also be far greater.

You could be making 200%, 300%, even 500% return on your crypto investment…

 And while you're at it, makng another 10%,15%, 20% on dividends.

And we're going to show folks the three best crypto dividends you should get into right now.

One just partnered with Deloitte and Lloyds of London. They're paying up to 12%.

Another stores your earnings in a blockchain wallet built by Samsung and also offers double-digit returns. And another… get this… they're offering $50 worth of free Bitcoin when you get started with their crypto dividend.

And Tom, you're going to show folks how to set up an account exactly like this.

It's in the report called…

Once again, it's included in the Digital Gold Rush research package.

Now, your next opportunity is a way to make money on crypto without actually buying any. Tell us about this one.

Crypto IPOs


I'm sure you're familiar with the historic crypto event that happened last April.


Coinbase going public on the Nasdaq?


Yep – it was the first crypto IPO in history…

And shares exploded. Up 52% out of the gate – a 10X windfall in a matter of hours.

And for this fourth big opportunity…

We've compiled details on 10 more private crypto companies we expect to IPO in the next 12 months.

One company I love has the world's leading trading platforms. They've already got over nine million users… and a valuation of $40 billion.

Another one I like… it's one of Coinbase's biggest competitors. In fact, it's even more popular than Coinbase overseas… with a valuation of $20 billion.

And another one has just partnered with Coinbase to build a payment platform like PayPal – centered around cryptocurrency. It's valued at $3 billion.

So we're going to show folks how to capitalize on every one of them.


Well, clearly, Coinbase opened up the floodgates. Now, you've got dozens of crypto companies shooting to go public.

This report is called…

And once again, it's included in the Digital Gold Rush package being made available for free to everyone watching today.

OK, Tom – that leaves one more opportunity you want everyone to get into.



Yes, and it's a big one.

Listen John, you know as well as I do…

Historically speaking, the world's greatest profits have come from hard assets.

I'm talking about gold mines, precious metals, oil wells, land deals, real estate – even works of art.

These are rare assets that appreciate enormously over time.

But most folks never get access to these investments – only the wealthiest few.

Well, now, that's changing…

Thanks to NFTs.

They're a unique way for anyone to tap into these big moneymakers…

For only a tiny fraction of the price.


Now, Tom, before you get into this…

I want you to explain NFTs… because they've been all over the news. But they're so unique – and folks may not be familiar with how they work.


Sure. NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's a digital token that can never be duplicated.

And they're amazing.

You can buy and sell NFT sports memorabilia, video cards, limited-edition music, books, comics… you name it.

And here's the thing…

You can buy NFTs for as little as $50. 

Then, sell them for hundreds, thousands – even millions of dollars.

And it's a lot of fun too.

Check this out: These are called CryptoPunks. They're immensely popular online. This one here? It sold for $1.25



Yeah, I also saw that the CEO of Twitter sold his first Tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million.


$2.9 million is a lot for a Tweet… but how about this digital painting?

It was turned into an NFT and sold for $69 million!


Amazing – it's such a red-hot market right now.

NFT sales have surged from $94 million to $2 billion just in the first quarter this year. 


And this is where it gets interesting: We're starting to see NFTs for hard assets too.

And folks watching today can get in on this action.

If they play it right, they can turn a tiny investment – say $25 – into a small fortune.


They make it possible. This is a huge statement.

OK, Tom, you're covering everything from digital collectibles to hard assets…

So what's the recommendation here?


Well, first, we're going to recommend three online NFT galleries.

These sites let you build your own collection of NFTs – art, collectibles, digital assets of any kind.

Then, we're going to show folks the two best ways you can buy fractional tokens for things like real estate, wineries, commodities, and other major hard assets. I truly believe tokenization is the future of our economy.

Everything will be sold in tokens. And folks who get into this NOW will be way ahead of the game.


Well Tom, this fifth report is called…

And it's also included in the Digital Gold Rush package.

Folks, all 25 opportunities we just discussed can be yours now. And everyone watching today… listen closely.

Tom wants you to have this whole package today… so you can start investing in this digital asset market as soon as possible.

He's going to show you how to get your package in just a moment.

But here's an important question, Tom.

We have so many people watching today… folks who really want to get involved… who want to finally take the leap… and make these plays you're recommending.

But they still may be hesitant. Because they're not sure how to get started.

Maybe they've never invested in microcurrencies before…

Maybe they don't know how to open an account on an exchange…

It can be a scary thing, just starting.

What do you tell them?


I tell them I totally understand. I was in their shoes once myself.

In 2013, everyone thought I was totally nuts for mining Bitcoin in my garage.

Back then, there was no such thing as a Bitcoin expert! I had to learn everything on my own.

But listen…

Folks reading now don't have to do this alone.

They can have the experience and expertise of the entire network to lean on.

In fact, my team and I took the extra time to create the perfect thing everyone needs to get started.

It's called… the Five-Step Blueprint for Microcurrency Trading Success.

It's a full training manual and video series.

It shows folks exactly how to get started in five easy steps – so they can jump into this game right away.


And folks… the Five-Step Blueprint for Microcurrency Trading Success will be included in your Digital Gold Rush package.

Let's briefly walk them through these five steps.



Step one is Microcurrency 101. This gives everyone the basics.

Step two: Opening Your Account. Here, we walk you through setting up an account on a crypto exchange.

Step three: Funding Your Account. This is where we show you how to fund your account. It only takes a couple clicks of your mouse.

Step four: Making Your First Trade. This is where the action is. We show you how to pull the trigger and exchange your U.S. dollars into a microcurrency – to get that trade off and running.

Step five: Cashing Out Your Trade. This is the best part – a chance to bank your profits. We show you how to execute the right moves, and then convert your winnings back into U.S. dollars.


Well, Tom, the entire Digital Gold Rush package was created so anyone can start making money – not just with microcurrencies but with the entire digital market immediately.

And now, we'd like to rush this package into the hands of our viewers.

So, folks, this entire package is free to anyone watching today. All you have to do is accept Tom's special invitation to join the Alternative Wealth Network as a Founding Member.


Yes, my team and I will take folks under our wing and show them how to build the greatest digital asset portfolio imaginable.

First, we're going to send folks a new microcurrency recommendation every month.

It'll be delivered directly to their inbox in a special Microcurrency Investment Dossier.

It comes complete with all my research and analysis – plus step-by-step instructions for playing it.

Every opportunity will have the potential to beat Bitcoin by 100 times, 211 times – even more than 5,000 times – within weeks or months.

These monthly Microcurrency Investment Dossiers are ONLY shared with members of the network. Nobody else will have access.

That's just for starters…

Because every day of the week, we're going to be working together – going after big profits.

First, every morning, you are going to receive our highly informative Daily Debrief directly into your inbox.

This Daily Debrief will be loaded with information from me and everyone on our team – including Nick Black, David Zeiler, and Michael Robinson.

It'll keep you up to date with everything you need to be current in these fast-moving markets.

We'll be looking at microcurrencies making the biggest moves… new coin releases… where the big money flows are happening… everything.

Then on Friday, you'll get my Microcurrency Industry Watchlist. It shows you the top-performing coins from every industry each week… so you can see for yourself which microcurrencies are gaining momentum.

We've also created a members-only Intelligence Hub… a way for you to continually collaborate with your fellow network members 24/7.

You just log onto the Intelligence Hub and chat any time with other members. Discuss your portfolios… suggest new plays… talk about your earnings.

It's going to be a strong community of like-minded people helping each other succeed, and this is where it all starts.

The Intelligence Hub will be housed in our members-only Network HQ. This password-protected web portal gives full access to the Model Portfolio, all of our research, investment reports, training videos, Customer Care – everything.


Clearly, this network is comprehensive. It gives folks everything they need to profit from digital assets like cryptocurrencies.

Now, Tom, you just covered a lot. So let me do a quick recap.

When folks subscribe…

Alternative Wealth Network

Founding Members Get…

The full Digital Gold Rush investment package

Including details on all 25 opportunities Tom recommends right now…

The Five-Step Blueprint for Microcurrency Trading Success video series…

Plus, all these great benefits for 12 full months:

  • Monthly Microcurrency Investment Dossiers…
  • Daily Debriefs…
  • Microcurrency Industry Watchlists…
  • 24/7 access to the Intelligence Hub…
  • And 24/7 access to the password-protected Network HQ.


And don't forget – my team and I issue:

  • Special Investment Reports…
  • In-depth research materials…
  • Training videos – continuously – through the year, and…
  • Members will have access to everything – all… year… long!


Now, Tom, you and your team spent millions setting up this network…

Which is why it's not inexpensive to join.

Down the road, regular memberships will be offered for $599 a year...

A fair price for everything you're getting.

However, as a Founding Member, you won't have to pay anywhere near that today.

Forget 50%… or 60%… or 70%… or even 80% off…

As a Founding Member, you're entitled to an unbelievable discount.

To get this one-time-only Founding Members discount rate…

Just click here now or the button below.

You'll be taken to an order form which will walk you through everything you get as a Founding Member…

Including your Founding Member's discount.


We stand behind this network 100%.

That's why when folks come aboard, they'll discover that their membership comes with…

A 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Even if you decide to cancel, you can still keep everything we sent you. 

It's our way of thanking you for giving the Alternative Wealth Network a try.

Look, this is a chance to be part of the greatest wealth event of our lifetime.

Digital assets are the future… it's that simple.

And I don't want anyone to miss out. Becoming a Founding Member today allows us to work side by side – every day of the week – to conquer this market together.

I can't wait for us to get started.


There you have it, folks…

To get started with Tom and his team…


And complete the brief order form on the next page…

As a Founding Member of the Alternative Wealth Network, you'll receive everything you see here…

Plus, you'll receive the Founding Member's discount with a 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Your full membership benefits will be available to you immediately.

If you have any questions about the service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 855-509-6600 or 443-353-4770 (for international calls) and mention Priority Code: LAWKXB23.

Tom, thank you very much for joining us today.

I learned a lot during today's Microcurrency Summit, and I certainly have appreciated it.


It's been a pleasure.

I look forward to working with everybody.

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