Jeff Brown: 20,000 IPOs in One Day, and the $2.1 Quadrillion Shift to Tokenization


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Brand new financial technology backed by Elon Musk, 
Mark Cuban, & Richard Branson set to unleash… 

20,000 IPOs All in One Day

(And Just $25 could Let You 
Profit from Every Single One…)

Legendary tech forecaster who called #1 returning tech stocks 
of 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2020 — says we are days away 
from his most explosive prediction yet

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Jeff: The biggest financial event in human history could be just days away.

Overnight, it could open the doors for 20,000 “IPOs” to flood the market.

Not in a year…

I’m talking about 20,000 “IPOs” in a single day.

Then up to 20,000 MORE every day after that — as far as the eye can see.

Forbes calls this:

And today you have a golden opportunity. The chance to profit from every single one of these “IPOs”…

Because a brand new technology has triggered a seismic shift in the financial markets… bigger than anything we’ve seen since the birth of the stock market.

This jetstream of “IPOs” won’t be listed on a public stock exchange like the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange.

You won’t see them trumpeted in the headlines of The Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

And you won’t hear Jim Cramer screaming about them on “Mad Money.”

Yet, he’s already piling into these “IPOs” alongside the world’s smartest billionaire investors…

Like the outspoken CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk… the TV “Shark Tank” billionaire Mark Cuban… founder of Virgin, Richard Branson… the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey… even the billionaire basketball legend, Michael Jordan… and many more.

They’re all investing heavily.

Positioning themselves for an earth-shattering event I call “World IPO Day.”

To put it in perspective, the previous record for IPOs was set in 1999.

That’s the year 547 companies went public.

Now imagine an event 36x bigger – taking place not over a year, but in a single day.

Get ready, because it’s about to happen. And not just once — but over, and over, and over again!

When it hits, it will change our very way of life… from how you shop, to where you live, to what you invest in… and potentially when you retire… virtually overnight. 

America’s #1 consulting firm Deloitte calls this event a “remarkable power shift” from Wall Street to the everyday investor, which:

That’s the reason I’m here today – to make sure you don’t get left behind.

Folks, you’ve heard about AI, 5G, robotics, and self-driving cars…

The story I’m telling you today is bigger than all of them combined – and it’s approaching fast. 

The 56-page document in this dossier confirms we could be mere days away from the rollout…

But investors who position themselves now…

Stand to profit from the single biggest investing opportunity in 400 years.

I’ll get into all that and more in a moment, but if you’re going to profit from this historic event, forget everything you’ve heard about IPOs…

Because this has nothing to do with expensive IPO stocks like Uber or Airbnb… private equity… SPACs… or crowdfunding.

In fact, I’m not talking about IPOs in the traditional sense.

For investors with a 7-figure nest egg or a deep enough Rolodex, those investments have their place.

But for the average American… the move I’ll recommend today… is much bigger, easier, and more accessible.

No picking & choosing from a menu of stocks and upcoming IPOs…

Because $25 and an internet connection is all you need to stake your claim.

Chris: That’s incredible Jeff, and let me just say, I’m thrilled to be joining you again. For the folks tuning in at home, my name is Chris Hurt, and I’ll be your host today.

I’ve got a lot of questions – but first I have to ask the obvious question: How on earth is this possible?

And did I hear you correctly? Up to 20,000 “IPOs” in a single day? 

Jeff: Yes, and Chris, if that sounds outrageous, that’s because it is! But as you’ll see, it’s all true…

Thanks to a brand new technology that’s making all these “IPOs” possible.

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, went on record saying this technology “will ‘dwarf’ Bitcoin.”

But like I said, this isn’t about AI, 5G, or robotics — it’s about a technology I call “G.T.E.” 

And if my analysis is correct, “G.T.E.” will have an impact 113 times bigger than the internet… 600 times bigger than 5G… and 1,000 times bigger than cryptocurrencies.

Chris: That’s hard to imagine, it’s almost unthinkable, especially considering the fortunes being made in each all of those individual technologies.

So Jeff, how big are we talking? Billions of dollars? Trillions?

Jeff: Think bigger Chris. All told, $2.1 quadrillion dollars is at stake. That’s 48 times bigger than the stock market.

Which explains why the biggest players on Wall Street are diving in headfirst…

Renowned investment bank JPMorgan just built an entire 100-person division dedicated to “G.T.E.”

Legendary tech venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz — who made a fortune getting in early on Facebook — is leading a $23 million investment in this new technology.

Goldman Sachs, the world’s #1 investment bank, backed a company investing $400 million in “G.T.E.”

Even the world’s biggest stock exchanges are getting in.

The NYSE just announced their involvement in “G.T.E.”

The Nasdaq reports “[G.T.E.] is finally ready”… and that it will transform the $440 billion global sports industry.

That’s why superathletes like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Kevin Durant just jumped in… adding up to a $305 million investment.

And according to Forbes, [G.T.E]. could be “the next big thing.”

Chris: It sure seems big to me. But with all these billionaires, hedge funds & celebrities lining up, is there really any room for the average investor to make money with “G.T.E.”?

Jeff: At the moment — yes — absolutely. What we’re seeing is a reversal of fortunes unlike any in history.

Almost every asset class in the world has been captured by Wall Street. And chances are that will happen with “G.T.E.”, too. But for the moment there is a rare window for regular investors to get in.

This year, companies involved in this technology have been showering investors in profits. 

Take Uniswap, which jumped 850% since January.

Or B20. It exploded from $1.72 per share… to over $27.

That’s a 1,490% gain. Nearly 16 times your money.

And you could have bought shares of Rarible for a buck-fifty, before it skyrocketed as high as $42.

Chris: Hold up Jeff. The Nasdaq in a great year might be up 9%. But what you’re talking about seems like an entirely different league.

Taking that last example , anyone who invested $500… could have walked away with nearly $14,000.

That All happened just this year?

Jeff: Yes, those are gains from this year, 2021. These are just a few of this year’s big winners, and while it’s no guarantee for how other plays will perform, it proves just how quickly this technology is moving.

Early “G.T.E.” investors are making money hand over fist. It’s unbelievable.

For instance, this year shares of Aave popped as much as 682%.

And I know this next one is hard to believe, but Theta made its investors as much as 179 times their money.

Turning every $1,000 invested, into as much as $179,920 in one year.

Every one of these is involved in “G.T.E.” technology. As big and exciting as these gains are, I’m even more excited for the opportunity we’ll discuss today.

It’s hard to believe now, but this event will bring a $2.1 quadrillion dollar “private economy” online… with thousands of “IPOs” every day.

And I’m not talking about publicly traded companies. As I’ll explain today, these “IPOs” are an evolution of the kind you’re familiar with.

Soon you’ll be able to invest in all sorts of things that were previously off limits to regular investors.

In fact, anyone with $25 will be able to invest in the private economy.

Chris: And “G.T.E.” is the technology that makes it all possible?

Jeff: That’s right. We just saw how the NYSE & Nasdaq are getting involved. With this mad frenzy of “IPOs”, they can’t afford to ignore it.

Because this new market will absolutely dwarf the stock market… the bond market… and the global currency market… combined.

Chris: This is incredible. And Jeff, when you say the “private economy” is about to open up, is that what you mean: bonds and currencies?

Jeff: No, I’m talking about a hidden realm of investing that’s been off-limits for centuries. Stuff you could never imagine owning, or making money from… and we’ll get to specific examples today…

But the private economy adds up to $2.1 quadrillion dollars, and “G.T.E.” is unlocking all of it.

Chris: And you say today’s “G.T.E.” investment is still on the ground floor?

Jeff: That’s right Chris, and as we’ll see today, that’s where all the biggest tech fortunes are made. So even though the “G.T.E.” market has already seen 18X growth so far this year, very few people know about it.

Chris: It grew that much this year? In 2021?

Jeff: Yes. The World Economic Forum just held a tech summit announcing the “Arrival of the [G.T.E.] Economy”

Chris, this new reality could be weeks, even days away. Years from now, when folks look back, they’ll wonder why so few saw it coming.

But investors who grasp what’s going on today, could start writing their retirement ticket in a single move.

Chris: I can’t wait to hear how Jeff. And to you at home, Jeff Brown is one of the world’s leading technology investors, so pay attention to every word…

Because Jeff has promised to reveal for free how you can profit from the new technology CNBC says “is hot and getting hotter”… before it’s too late.

So grab a pen and paper, because Jeff also told me he’s going to reveal the names and tickers of companies involved in “G.T.E.” — no strings attached, is that right?

Jeff: That’s right. And that’s the real reason I’m here today: to show you how to stake your claim before it’s too late.

Sadly, most people are still going to miss out. As earth-shattering as this is, I’d be surprised if more than 1 or 2 percent of your viewers act on this opportunity today.

Chris: Well let’s hope it’s better than that.

Jeff: I’ve seen it time and time again, people who knew Amazon was onto something big waited for years… missing the lion’s share of profits… all while they knew it was a grand slam.

Many of them were even using Amazon services. They understood the value of the company. Google, Netflix, Apple. Same story.

I feel compelled to come forward and say it, so folks don’t look back years from now… wondering how they missed it.

Chris: I don’t take that lightly, Jeff. Your experience as a tech executive and angel investor led you to spot the most lucrative technologies of the past decade.

In 2015, you issued an alert to buy Bitcoin when it was trading for $240. This year it blew past $60,000 — a staggering 26,000% gain.

Anyone who followed you into Bitcoin could have turned every $1,000 into $262,000.

The next year in 2016, you spotted the chipmaker NVIDIA when it was trading for $24.

After that, shares exploded 3,006%. And it became the #1 stock of the year, based on return.

In 2017, you did it again with AMD, which not only topped the Nasdaq 100 in 2018… but AGAIN in 2019. It’s up as much as 793% since you, Jeff Brown, first recommended it.

And on March 17, 2020, amidst peak pandemic hysteria… You made the bold call to tell your readers to hold their positions. Let’s pull up the video here, take a look at this:

“Things are absolutely going to get better… this will probably be one of the best opportunities to make investments over the course of the next decade.”

Three days later, the stock market began a historic bounce back… Surging to all-time record highs. Since you filmed that video, the S&P 500 is up over 45%.

And just last year, your recommendation on Infineon shot up 121%… Taiwan Semiconductor soared 187%… and Docusign skyrocketed 432% since you first spotted it.

*** These are some of Jeff’s best plays & provide no performance guarantee. For Jeff’s full track record, see our details & disclosures page linked below.  

I could go on and on, but today you’ve discovered a way for investors — even regular folks like me – to profit from this explosive technology?

Jeff: Absolutely. In a moment I’ll reveal how just $25 cuts you in… how this technology could bring a $2.1 quadrillion private economy “online”…

And the easiest way to position yourself for a massive win.

Chris: Now Jeff, let’s back up: Quadrillions of dollars, thousand percent gains — these are some huge numbers being thrown around.

What exactly are we talking about here? What is “G.T.E.”, what is a “private economy,” and why are so many people — from billionaires to super-athletes — so interested in this?

Jeff: These are all great questions, and today I’ll answer all of them. What’s happening in 2021 is something the world really hasn’t seen for over 400 years.

What’s about to occur will be talked about for the next century or more. The change “G.T.E.” represents – it’s absolutely earth-shattering. 

And this might sound odd, but to understand how big this is… and how much money you could make… you need to step back to the canals of Amsterdam, in 1602.

Chris: What happened in Amsterdam? 

Jeff: In 1602, the world’s first stock was born: The Dutch East India Company. Before then, nobody knew what a stock was. The bulk of global wealth was private — until one simple idea changed the world overnight:

“Let’s split up our company into small pieces, and sell them to investors.”

We take it for granted now, but 400 years ago, this was a technological breakthrough. It was the first time in history somebody could own a “fractional” piece of something.

Chris: Ok. Well I get how “fractional ownership” was innovative back then, but how can that simple idea make investors money today?

Jeff: Well, instead of just thinking about stocks, “G.T.E.” is allowing us to apply that simple idea — owning pieces of things — to the ENTIRE world. Because this technology allows almost anything on earth to become tradeable.

Like this Michael Jordan rookie card… this Picasso painting… even this $2.5 million dollar Kentucky-derby winning racehorse.

Chris: So someday “G.T.E.” will let regular people invest in stuff like that?

Jeff: Not someday, Chris. There’s already thousands of investors who each own small stakes in all those. 4,200 people own that horse. Even crazier, you could have bought part of it for just $206.

According to The Wall Street Journal, [G.T.E.] opens up:

Chris: To be clear, you’re saying “G.T.E.” will take a whole new world of investments public, like it’s trading on the New York Stock Exchange?

Jeff: Yes, imagine a world where just about everything is publicly traded… every car… every restaurant… every work of art… every piece of real estate… every software program and new technology.

Imagine being able to take a direct stake in anything!

What we’ve seen so far is the first wave hitting the shores.

But there’s a quadrillion-dollar tsunami behind it that hardly anyone is paying attention to.

That’s the opportunity I’d like to focus on today.

Chris: But to be clear, this won’t happen on a stock exchange like the NYSE or the Nasdaq?

Jeff: No, this is a completely new market. Bigger than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. We haven’t seen anything like this since the world’s first stock went public in 1602.

Chris: Ok Jeff, it seems like we’re on the brink of something huge here. How is this it gonna work?

Jeff: Think about it like this: Anytime you buy a stock, you actually get a digital certificate that proves you own a piece of that publicly traded company.

Chris: So all the stocks in my retirement account, those have digital certificates?

Jeff: Most people don’t realize it, but you do. And something similar happens when you invest through “G.T.E.” — but instead of getting a certificate, you get digital proof of ownership called a “token.”

That’s what “G.T.E.” is all about — something experts call “tokenization.”

Forbes wrote, in the future everything “will be tokenised.”

Chris: How far into the future are we talking?

Jeff: Well, while experts were expecting this to take until 2025 to ramp up… it’s actually happening NOW.

On April 21, 2021, a syndicate of 250 high-powered lawyers from New York, London, Paris, and Washington assembled to declare:

A recent meeting hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce proved it.

Our own SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, went on record saying this:

“Our door is wide open – if you want to tokenize [investments] in a way that adds efficiency, we want to meet with you.”

— Jay Clayton | SEC Chairman, October 19, 2020

And as a member of the Chamber, I should tell you, this is huge. Clayton even went on to say: “In time, everything will be tokenized.” 

Chris: Wow. He’s no small fish.

Jeff: That’s from America’s highest-ranking official on trading regulation. And he’s not the only one. The head of a Hong Kong Fortune 500 fund said:

And 7 out of 10 of the world’s largest banks have publicly announced tokenization initiatives.

We’ll get into the details in a moment, and how to position yourself to profit…

But at its core, here’s what tokenization means:

In today’s world, most assets are tied to one owner.

But in the world of tokenization, you can split any asset into infinite pieces. Thousands, even millions of people, could take tiny ownership stakes in almost anything.

Chris: This is fascinating Jeff, and I’m guessing tokenization is the ‘T’ in G.T.E. – but can you tell us what the rest stands for?

Jeff: Great question. “G.T.E.” stands for “Global Token Exchange.” It’s the technology that powers the creation & transaction of these digital tokens.

In the coming weeks, trillions of dollars could start pouring onto this digital exchange. Up to 20,000 “IPOs” every single day… and just $25 lets you profit from all of them.

But here’s the thing, Chris. We aren’t looking for the best “IPO” in the bunch… or any individualinvestment on this exchange.

Chris: I was going to say, that sounds like it could be a nightmare.

Jeff: Exactly. Instead, there’s a way to own a piece of the entire exchange… and profit from all the transactions on it. Very few people even know this is happening, fewer still know how to profit from it.

Chris: Jeff, you aren’t most investors. You were right on the money more than 3 years ago on this. On June 18th, 2018, you wrote:

Jeff, you’ve made a LOT of accurate predictions, but this? I mean, it’s almost scary. Just recently JPMorgan announced they’ll be tokenizing gold bars…

And Bloomberg reported:

You called this years ago. But when did this really start taking off?

Jeff: Even though I knew this would be huge in 2018, it hasn’t started heating up until this year. That’s great news for anyone looking to invest, because we’re still the top of the first inning.

Soon, you might be able to pick up a few square feet of a penthouse in Bangkok… a ski resort in Colorado… or a golf course in Hawaii…

Chris: C’mon Jeff, this still sounds to me like it could be years in the future?

 Jeff: Not at all.

Fortune Magazine says:

One company called tZERO, already started tokenizing $300 million dollars of commercial real estate.

Anyone who put $5,000 into tZERO last year, could have cashed out with as much as $38,540.

Chris: Wow. That’s almost 8 times your money, all without touching any actual real estate?

Jeff: Exactly. And that’s key, Chris, because for most people, owning a piece of prime real estate is a pipe dream.

For centuries, properties like this French estate have been totally untouchable.

But with tokenization, investors can buy directly into real estate like this — for less than $100. You don’t even need to leave your couch.

Chris: You’re kidding.

Jeff: I’m not. The Wall Street Journal published this headline, saying investors can buy a share of this castle for as little as $60.

But it doesn’t stop with real estate. Imagine buying 3% of this 1968 Shelby Mustang…

Paul Newman’s one-of-a-kind “Rolex Daytona” watch…

A cut of this rare Musgravite gemstone… or a piece of your favorite sports team…

Then selling your stake instantly — from anywhere in the world — with a few taps on your smartphone.

The Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte said tokens could unlock trillions of dollars for regular investors, allowing you buy into fine art & real estate for just $50.

Chris: Jeff, my head is spinning. And as for that 1968 Shelby, I’m in! I’ll take a piece of that one. This has to be the biggest investing story of the year.

Jeff: Chris, when we’re finished here today, you’ll see why this could be the biggest story of the century. 

Wherever this trend goes, enormous profits are sure to follow. Take sports…

Earlier this year, the NBA partnered with a token company called Dapper Labs.

If you’d invested in January, one share would have cost you $6.94.

By March, Dapper traded over $39. That’s a 465% gain. Enough to turn every $1,000 into $5,654 in just 6 weeks. 

Chris: Absolutely incredible. But for the folks who missed out on those gains, you think an even bigger opportunity is just ahead?

Jeff: We’re in the opening seconds of what insiders call “The race to tokenize everything.”

But as tokenization allows the $2.1 quadrillion private economy to go digital, things will start moving even faster. That’s why it’s critical to get in now.

And in a moment, I’ll show you how anyone can own a piece of the entire Global Token Exchange for just $25.

Chris: Now Jeff, when you use that word “quadrillions,” I start getting dizzy. Can you explain how something can be 48 times bigger than the stock market?

Jeff: I know that sounds crazy, so why don’t I just show you. Here’s a standard NFL football field. See that little square there on the top?

That represents all the money in the stock market. All of it.

Chris: That’s tiny. It can’t be bigger than the size of the water station.

Jeff: You’re not wrong. But here’s the exciting part. Every day, billions of transactions fly across the stock exchange.

Most people focus on picking the right stocks, but what if you could take a small piece of every trade? How much money do you think that might make you?

Chris: I can’t imagine. But it just dawned on me, Jeff… It’d be like… owning a freeway tollbooth. Everybody would have to pay you something on every trip they take!

Jeff: Exactly. That’s the beauty of today’s play: One investment lets you own the whole exchange.

So instead of making dozens of different investments — and praying each of them go up — one investment lets you profit from every transaction.

All on a “field” that’s 48 times bigger than the stock market.

Chris: So if that little square is the stock market, is the “Private Economy” the rest of the field?

Jeff: Exactly. The sad truth is that most Americans have been told the stock market is the only place to build a real retirement.

Of course, I love the stock market. It’s made me a LOT of money. But compared to the private economy, the stock market is a drop in the ocean.

That’s why I’m pounding the table on tokenization. It’s going to let everyone profit from the private economy — and it’s going to open up unbelievable investments to you in the months ahead.

Chris: Ok, can you show us how the Private Economy works?

Jeff: Absolutely. See this $180 trillion… that’s one private economy.

And this $360 trillion… another private economy you’ve probably never seen.

This quadrillion dollars here… yet another private economy the elites keep to themselves.

Chris: That’s incredible. But most investors never get to profit from these markets?

Jeff: Never mind profit, most investors don’t even know they exist! Fewer know how to get their money into them.

I know this seems like a lot of money to hide, but here’s one of Wall Street’s “dirty little secrets.” For most people, 99% of investments are off limits. That all changes weeks, maybe even days from now.

Just consider the fortunes made in the stock market alone. Now, that tokenization is paving the way for 48 times more money to go public, the profit potential is staggering.

Chris: I am.

Jeff: And Chris, this simply wasn’t possible until every one of us had the chance to own tokens.

Which is why tokenization is the single most important technology to understand today.

Until now, most investors have never had a fair chance to make the money they deserve. 

Forbes says:

Chris: Jeff, this seems amazing for the little guy. But for the average investor, isn’t the stock market already confusing enough?

I mean, if I can literally buy shares of anything like you say, where do I even start?

Jeff: That’s the beauty, you don’t have to pick. Today’s easy investment gets you a piece of the whole exchange, for just $25.

Think about it like this: imagine owning the tollbooth on a private roadway — everyone who passes through pays a fee.

All you have to do is kick back & watch. As the traffic flows… your wealth grows.

That’s the kind of opportunity you can look forward to today…

Because when quadrillions of dollars begin moving onto this digital exchange… it could drop a giant payday in your lap. All from one buy & hold investment.

Chris: So what you’re talking about here is simplifying the whole thing. All you have to do is buy & hold?

Jeff: Without a doubt Chris, this is the greatest buy & hold opportunity I’ve seen in my 36 years of investing.

No complicated trades, no options, and no volatile penny stocks. And you can get started with as little as $25.

Chris: With all this money flowing “online,” I have to ask: Is this technology a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

Jeff: I certainly love Bitcoin, but this year prices have soared above $60,000 a coin. That puts it out of reach for most investors.

I’ll say it again: Tokenization is not a cryptocurrency… it’s a technology.

And it's the single biggest innovation in the history of money. 

That’s why the CEO of State Street, the renowned investment firm with $40 trillion of assets, said:

Chris: Ok, and I’ve been hearing about this NFT craze a lot recently. If this technology isn’t crypto, are you talking about NFT?

Jeff: No. NFT, or “Non Fungible Tokens,” are just the smallest, most recognizable example of tokenization.

But since it's so hot right now, later in today's presentation, I'll reveal a simple way to profit from this lucrative trend.

Still, as a whole, NFTs are worth about $2.5 Billion dollars — a tiny sliver of what tokenization will become.

Chris, look here, the Global Token Exchange could open an opportunity 1,000 times bigger than crypto and NFT combined.

With all the crypto fortunes we’re hearing about, imagine what’s possible with a pool of money 1,000 times bigger.

Chris: Wow. One reason I don’t take that lightly, Jeff, is you discovered Coinbase — the world’s #1 cryptocurrency exchange — years before its recent IPO.

Forgive me for prying, but what kind of gains did you see from that?

Jeff: Roughly 57 times my money. And Chris, I should point out I earned those kinds of gains from an “exchange” thousands of times smaller than the one I’ll recommend today.

That’s the power of “owning the tollbooth” like you said earlier

With quadrillions at stake, it’s no surprise the world’s richest investors are circling.

Jack Dorsey and Marc Benioff — the billionaire founders of Twitter and Salesforce.com,— are both invested in tokenization.

Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Elon Musk… are all invested. As Cuban says, “You only need to be right once” to get rich.

Unlike him, you don’t need to start and sell a billion-dollar company for a shot at massive profits.

Chris: And you think “getting it right” could take as little as 25 bucks?

Jeff: I do. Getting started takes just minutes. And the easy strategy I’ll reveal today won’t just get you in alongside the world’s smartest investors…

Entire countries are throwing their full support into tokenization.

Switzerland is adding tokenization to its banking infrastructure.

The Australian Securities Exchange expects to adopt digital tokens by 2023.

And France’s central bank governor is watching tokenization “with great interest.”

Even the “Cowboy State” of Wyoming is gearing up…

Chris: With that kind of global interest, this clearly isn’t a fad. This is here to stay?

Jeff: It’s here to stay, Chris. But of course, governments always move a step behind the markets.

By the time tokenization weaves itself into the fabric of our society, most of the profits will have been made. That’s why it’s so critical to get in now.

Chris: Coming from anybody else, I’d probably still be a bit skeptical. But knowing you Jeff, you aren’t another talking head. I was reading your resume before this, and frankly, your education alone is intimidating.

With degrees and certificates from MIT, Yale School of Management, UC Berkeley School of Law, and London Business School. Not to mention the famed “cradle of astronauts,” Purdue University, which educated Neil Armstrong and 24 other U.S. astronauts.

Jeff: And I’m not finished… Harvard is next on my list!

Chris: Wow. But you’re no classroom academic… you worked as a high-level executive at two public tech companies. First at Qualcomm, then as a the president of NXP Semiconductors Japan.

Your extensive experience in technology has brought you all over the world, including the offices of several high-ranking policymakers. You’ve met with members of the Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Financial Services Committee, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. And here you are at the Pentagon.

As a sitting member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, you’ve established yourself as one of the most trusted technology experts in the world. I mean, who haven’t you met with?

Jeff: Well, as much as I enjoy educating policymakers, there’s quite a few entrepreneurs I’m still interested in meeting. Elon Musk, for example.

Chris: Well let’s talk about the private sector, because perhaps what’s most impressive is your consistency in seeing lucrative tech trends years before they explode.

We saw how your readers could’ve scored gains as high as 26,000% on Bitcoin and 3,006% on NVIDIA. But you’ve also been on the ground floor of 100+ companies as an angel investor.

Jeff: Over two hundred, actually.

Chris: Wow. So how did you first become interested in tokenization?

Jeff: Well Chris, I’ve been following tokenization since 2015. It doesn’t sound too long ago, but those were the “Wild West” years of this technology. I was zigzagging across the continent, flying to so many conferences I lost count.

But it was a chance encounter with one brilliant CEO that led me to discover today’s “World IPO Day” opportunity.

By 2017, I realized the internet had huge ownership problems. In short, too few players had WAY too much control. Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook had grown into modern-day royalty at the expense of the everyday person.

I knew tokenization could shift some of that unchecked power back into the hands of regular investors. I knew it was destined to open up a universe of investment opportunities.

But until I met that CEO at a conference in Toronto in 2018, I never realized it could happen so soon. That CEO ran a company called Polymath.

And when he showed me how his proprietary technology could take real estate, art, collectible cars, jewelry, and gemstones, and turn them into digital tokens, I knew tokenization was going to change everything — and make early investors incredibly rich.

3 years later, things exploded faster than either of us could’ve ever predicted. Even more amazing, what we’re seeing in 2021 is still like a tiny snowball that just got rolling.

Before long, tokenization will be a massive force, moving at a speed nobody can stop. That’s why it’s so important for investors to make their move now.

Chris: That’s an incredible story Jeff, and I know you keep coming back to it, but why is it so critical for folks at home to make their move now?

Jeff: You’re right Chris, I can’t say it enough, you could very well look back on your decision today — and whether you took action — as the moment that changed everything for you and your family.

I know that sounds bold, but this technology is moving at rocket speed. And waiting even a few days could mean leaving big gains on the table.

That’s why we’re starting to see celebrity actors, musicians, and athletes jump into NFTs, one type of digital token.

Reuters says “NFTs are hot” 

CNBC says:

And Entrepreneur magazine says we’re seeing an “NFT Gold Rush”

Major U.S. brands — like Playboy, IBM, Taco Bell, and the NFL — are getting involved.

Chris: Those are massive brands. Why are they all so interested in NFT?

Jeff: One word Chris: money. With billions of dollars at play, everyone wants a piece.

Just this year, NFT companies have delivered head-spinning wins to thousands of regular investors across America.

Check out shares of Decentraland. It popped as high as 1,746%.

Or look at Origin Protocol, which spiked 2,427%.

Audius popped 2,458%…

RedFox jumped 1,527%…

Shares of Ultra skyrocketed 556%…

Shares of the NFT company Chiliz skyrocketed as high as 3,528% this year — or 36 times your money.

Now, of course there’s no guarantees. Not every play will perform like these winners. But the fact remains, if you didn’t invest in this market in 2021, you already missed some enormous opportunities.

$500 into that last example would have turned into $18,140.

Chris: Wow, and those gains all happened this year?

Jeff: Correct, but the NFT craze is just the beginning. The first ripple of a tidal wave set to unleash the most explosive profit opportunity of our generation.

The bottom line is this… tokenization is here to stay, and if you want to make as much money as possible… you’ll never have a chance like this again.

Chris: Ok Jeff, so if this isn’t happening on a stock exchange, how do people invest?

Jeff: That’s a great question Chris. The answer is blockchain technology. Without it, “World IPO Day” would never be possible.

Chris: You’ve been investing in blockchain for a while now, correct?

Jeff: Since 2015 actually. And as someone who’s been in since the very beginning, I know it’s not the easiest technology to understand. The first thing to know is blockchain goes light years beyond Bitcoin. You’ve probably heard some of the buzz…

Tech experts are calling blockchain, “More revolutionary than the cotton gin, the steam engine, the PC, and the smartphone combined…”

Financial Post says blockchain is “a bigger revolution than the internet itself.”

And Forbes declares it will usher in the next industrial revolution.

Chris: Yes, I’ve heard about blockchain. And I know some very smart people think it’s going to be revolutionary.

But if blockchain technology is the foundation of all this, does that mean today’s investment is tied to the price of Bitcoin?

Jeff: No, today’s play is not tied to Bitcoin in any way. See, Bitcoin was simply the first application of blockchain technology.

To say Bitcoin is the blockchain would be like saying AOL is the internet. Sure, AOL made a lot of money just like Bitcoin.

Enough to turn every $1,000 into $57,227.

But AOL only made up 7% of the internet economy… so now imagine how rich you’d be if you could have invested in the entire internet… instead of just AOL.

Chris: I can’t even imagine.

Jeff: Exponentially more. That's how Bitcoin compares to blockchain.

See, even though Bitcoin is up as much as 26,000% since I spotted it in 2015… it’s still a smaller piece of a much, much bigger pie.

Chris: Incredible. So if blockchain can handle all this commerce — and I mean — we’re literally talking about everything under the sun … how are you so sure it works?

Jeff: Frankly, blockchain technology is like Visa on steroids. 70% of Americans have a credit card.

And Visa processes a whopping 1,700 transactions per second to keep up with our country’s shopping addiction. But Chris, guess how many transactions today’s technology can handle?

Chris: I don’t know, maybe 10,000… 20,000?

Jeff: Chris, the Global Token Exchange is expected to process 1 million transactions per second. That’s 500 times more bandwidth than Visa, the world’s leading credit card company. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, this “world computer” can handle “traffic from hundreds of millions of people around the world.”

I can’t overstate it Chris, the world hasn’t seen anything even close to this since the first stock went public in 1602.

Chris: And history is about to repeat itself?

Jeff: Without a doubt. The invention of the stock was no less of an innovation than the printing press or the steam engine… but it still had 1 giant problem…

It took another 370 years for regular investors to get a piece of the action! By 1950, only 5% of Americans owned stock. 5%!

Centuries later, investing was still a rich man’s game. The average Joe couldn’t afford the fees, trading was slow, and his options were limited — but then something massive happened in the 1970s that changed everything.

Chris: And what was that?

Jeff: That’s when the market went digital. See, before the 1970s, every stock came with a little paper certificate like this one:

But after 1973, these physical stock certificates went electronic. And in 1975, a landmark SEC decision finally banned expensive trading fees that stopped regular people from investing in the stock market.

These two events triggered a 1,000% increase in trades over the next decade. Finally, regular folks could win in the stock market. And as you can see here, it happened very fast.

Chris: Fascinating, I had no idea. So Jeff, are we at a similar moment now? A watershed moment?

Jeff: Yes, but much, much bigger. See, the 1970s opened the doors for millions of everyday people to finally start making money with stocks. 

But this time… with everything from real estate to race horses going “public”… with 20,000 new “IPOs” every day… it’s exponentially bigger.

The blockchain update outlined in this document indicates the rollout could begin very soon… a moment I believe could put early investors on the path to millionaire territory… in record time. 

In a moment, I’ll reveal my #1 play that makes you a “tollbooth owner” — so you get the chance to profit from every dollar moving onto the “Global Token Exchange.”

Chris: Jeff, you’ve given us a clear view of the future. And shown us that it’s knocking on the door right now. But one final question: Is this technology 100% proven to work?

Jeff: Yes. In fact, the world’s largest central banks are already using it. The investment bank of the European Union just issued the world’s first blockchain-secured bond. Guess where the EU secured their $120 million, Chris?

Chris: On the blockchain?

Jeff: Exactly. The EU is trusting hundreds of millions of dollars on the blockchain because it works.

The EU even issued a stark warning to countries worldwide… that ignoring blockchain is economic suicide.

And nations are listening. Others countries making moves include:

  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Chile
  • Estonia
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Venezuela
  • Australia
  • And Japan – where as soon as next year – their stock market could move onto the blockchain.

The world’s biggest nations are finally understanding what I’ve been saying for years — that this technology will single-handedly support the token economy. The economy of the future.

And while the European Union accounts for $17 trillion in yearly economic output…

Their recent blockchain bond was simply a test run.

Days from now, this update, titled EIP-1559, could send tokenization into hyperdrive on a global scale… and start flooding the blockchain with trillions of dollars.

So it’s critical you take a position now…

Before this update activates tokenization globally… so you can take full advantage of every dollar moving onto the “Global Token Exchange.”

Chris: Jeff, I’m so glad we’ve got you here explaining this to us. And I know you have an army of folks following your research. Over 1 million people follow your daily tech newsletter, The Bleeding Edge…

And 240,000 pay to receive your monthly tech stock recommendations…

So how can our viewers get a hold of your pick for this event?

Jeff: Well, my team and I just put together a special report that I’d like to give everyone access right now.

It’s called: My #1 Easiest Way to Profit from the $2.1 Quadrillion “World IPO Day” 

Chris: What can you tell us about the report?

Jeff: Well, of course, we cover every detail of this investment, including its name and ticker symbol.

Why it’s the easiest way to profit from the global shift to tokenization… and how to invest even if you don’t have a lot of money to start.

Chris: You’ve mentioned $25 is enough to get in, but what if people want to invest more?

Jeff: The beauty of this play is you can invest as little or as much as you’d like. And yes, just $25 is the minimum to stake your claim. This report lays out the steps in simple, easy-to-read details, and requires absolutely zero investing experience to get started.

Chris: Amazing. So all people need is $25 and a few minutes of time to potentially profit from this?

Jeff: Yes, 5 minutes of time to make your trade… and the determination to act fast. You see, when this update goes live… potentially days from now…$2.1 Quadrillion could eventually be made public through digital tokens. And anyone who owns a piece stands to profit from the biggest wealth shift in human history.

After 36 years in the trenches of tech investing, I’ve never seen anything moving this fast.

Waiting even a few days could be the most costly mistake of your life.

Which is why I want to rush this report to anyone committed to learning how to profit from tokenization.

All I ask in return is that you consider my monthly research service, The Near Future Reportat zero risk to you.

Try it out for the next 60 days with no risk. And when you do, I’ll immediately send you this report.

Chris: Ok Jeff, that sounds great. As I understand it, The Near Future Report is your flagship research service. Can you tell us how it works?

Jeff: Absolutely. I call it “Near Future” because the future is coming much, much faster than you think.

Technology is moving so fast that it’s tough for the average person to keep up.

By the time they hear about it from the mainstream media, it’s already too late.

Shares already popped. And the big money is off the table.

That’s why most investors end up missing out on big investment opportunities.

That’s also where I can help. As you mentioned, I was a tech executive for 25 years.

I’ve been involved in more than 200 deals as an angel investor. So over the years I’ve built a network of powerful connections in the tech space.

This allows me to spot the most lucrative tech trends months, sometimes years before they go mainstream.

Chris: Well, we saw how you predicted tokenization all the way back in 2018, years before it was on anyone’s radar. And I think we covered some of your track record before, but it’s worth briefly repeating…

You picked Bitcoin… right before it exploded as high as 26,000%…

That’s enough to turn every $5,000 into $1.29 million.

You picked NVIDIA as your favorite stock in 2016, just before shares exploded 3,006%

You recommended AMD in 2017 as your favorite stock, and boom, it exploded as high as 793%.

Then when everyone was screaming to get out of Tesla… you were pounding the table to buy shares.

And since then, shares have jumped a split-adjusted 1,155%.

*** These are some of Jeff’s best plays & provide no performance guarantee. The average 2020 gain for this service was 39.4%.  

With blockbuster picks like these, you’ve established yourself as the go-to name in tech investing. Many consider you one of the top experts in the world.

Jeff: That’s my goal every month inside The Near Future Report. You’ll hear about the most exciting tech investing opportunities as they hit my radar. Right now, our model portfolio has a hand in the most promising technologies of the decade. 5G, AI, robotics, electric vehicles, and as we’ve talked about today, tokenization.

That’s why I’m including this next special report for viewers who act today…

My next report is…

5 Turbo-Charged Token Companies Set to Explode ASAP

This special report highlights 5 tiny token companies poised to explode like fireworks — as tokenization rips through every corner of the world economy. These are my favorites from 5 red-hot industries with fast growth potential, including:

  • Real Estate
  • NFT
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Social Media
  • Stocks

You’ll get the names of each company… my full analysis… and what I expect in the coming weeks and months.

You can invest in some of these now… some will be available soon… but ALL 5 are opportunities you absolutely must know about right now.

These smaller, more speculative plays do carry more risk — and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose — but the upside potential of these tokens can be exponential.

Chris: And, Jeff, you’re also making this report free of charge for anyone who wants a copy, right?

Jeff: Correct. Anyone who tries out The Near Future Report — my flagship technology investing letter — today, will get a free copy of my “World IPO Day” report…

Chris: And your report on the 5 turbo-charged token companies…

Jeff: Right. Chris, most people don’t realize it, but we’re at a critical tipping point. Investors who wait could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. That’s why I decided to put together another report for our viewers to score even more potential profits from this unprecedented moment.

Chris: Tell me about it.

Jeff: I’m calling it: Your 101 Guide to Striking it Rich in the NFT Gold Rush 

The NFT market has already seen 1,785% growth this year – so for anyone who wants to profit from the lucrative trend Forbes calls “The NFT Gold Rush”… this easy-to-read “101” guide gives you everything you need to know, including:

  • Where to Buy Your First NFT
  • The 3 Types of NFTs to Avoid at All Costs
  • The #1 Cryptocurrency You Need to Buy NFTs
  • How to Sell Your NFT at a Profit
  • And more…

Chris: Incredible. Jeff, I’ve seen some notes from your readers… you’ve got some lifelong fans. Let me read a few notes that have come in:

Jeff: Nothing makes me happier than hearing from my readers. Because I do everything in my power to make The Near Future Report the #1 investing advisory in the world.

So I’m going to go one step further in making today’s urgent offer a complete no-brainer.

Viewers who join me today will also receive one final “thank you” gift.

unique strategy to allow anybody to take a stake in the exploding cryptocurrency market…

Without paying a penny in taxes.

I outline everything you need to know about it in this next special report: How to Make a Tax-Free Fortune With Cryptocurrencies.

Chris: C’mon Jeff, without paying any taxes?

Jeff: I know that sounds crazy, but this special strategy is actually enshrined in U.S. tax code…

In fact, this was the first tax-free token strategy approved by the IRS.

So not only will I reveal which cryptocurrencies to buy… how much to pay for them… and where to get them… I’ll also show you how you can profit completely tax-free.

If you’re interested in crypto, this is the best way to start. But you can’t hesitate, because once the U.S. government realizes how valuable this is, there’s no telling how long this tax-free loophole stays open.

Chris: And anyone who tries out The Near Future Report will also get this report for free?

Jeff: Yes, you’ll gain immediate access to all four of the reports I’ve just mentioned.

Chris: Ok folks, we've covered a lot of ground so far…

So just to recap…

Here’s everything you get when you take this risk-free subscription to The Near Future Report

So Jeff, tell me, how much does a one-year subscription run these days.

Jeff: Normally, it’s $199 for a year. But today, our viewers can access everything for just $49. That’s a discount of $150. And it covers a full year of access.

Chris: Ok, so for a full-year of access to your best ideas, that’s… 13 cents a day. Incredible.

Jeff: And remember, you don’t even need to commit for the year.

You can just try it out risk-free and decide later if it’s right for you.

Chris: You’re really making this a no-brainer for anyone lucky enough to tune in today.

But let’s talk about the risk-free aspect. How does that work?

Jeff: Anyone who joins today will have 60 full days to test out the service… follow all my cutting-edge recommendations… and dive into free reports I’ve mentioned…

And if during that period, you find the information is anything less than life-changing…

Or for any reason whatsoever you aren’t totally satisfied…

You can simply dial up our friendly customer support staff for an immediate refund of your full purchase. No questions asked.

You’ll get all your money back, and we’ll even let you keep everything you received as a subscriber — at no charge.

Chris: So they can keep all 4 of the reports we just talked about?

Jeff: That’s correct Chris.

You can keep all the issues… you can keep all the special reports…you can keep everything.

This means that there’s no risk to you at all for this offer. To get started, simply click on the button below. You’ll be taken to another page where you can review everything one last time.

Like I showed you here today… tokenization companies have been soaring this year…

Rarible shot as high as 2,683%.

AAVE jumped as much as 682%.

Uniswap jumped as high as 850%.

Origin Protocol popped as high as 2,427%.

Audius popped 2,458%…

RedFox jumped 1,527%…

Chiliz shot as high as 3,528%.

All of these massive gains happened this year.

I mean, just in this last example…

Had you invested $5,000…

Just a few months later you’d have more than $181,000.

And now, as we speed towards the global shift to tokenization, I found the one investment that could capture the lion share of profits.

Remember, this could all go live days from now…

Bringing quadrillions of dollars “online” with the flip of a switch.

Which means there’s no time to waste.

Tokenization is already a foregone conclusion, and as you can see from these enormous profits, the technology is moving at lightning speed.

Every second you wait, you could be leaving huge money on the table.

We simply haven’t seen an event this massive since 1602…

It’s because moments like these… when generational fortunes are built in a blink… only happen across centuries.

This is one of the rarest moments in the history of investing, and the world at large. Yet for $25, you can take part in it alongside billionaires like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, & Richard Branson.

Please, don’t wait to read about this on the cover of The Wall Street Journal — by then you’ll have missed your chance by a mile.

The confidence I have in my research is unshakeable.

The only fear still in my mind is if you leave here today empty-handed.

A decision I’m afraid you’ll not only regret for yourself…

But for your family too, because hesitating now could force them to wait centuries for another investing opportunity as big as “World IPO Day.”

Today, right now, you can make the right decision for you and your loved ones.

Please click the button below now to get started.

And thanks for watching.

August 2021

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