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Just a Quick Intro

Adam O’Dell and Green Zone Fortunes have released a new promotional offer called “Infinite Energy.”

This campaign harnesses Adam’s expertise in identifying investment opportunities in the field of emerging technology to shine a spotlight on one specific company that he believes is on the verge of potentially explosive growth.

The small Silicon Valley company that Adam has found is a player in cutting-edge green energy software that he calls “Infinite Energy.”  This software has been designed to tap into a vast, unutilized energy resource right here in America.

O’Dell contends that as this technology fully comes online, it has the potential to disrupt the $7.6 trillion global energy market and generate astounding gains for early investors.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Green Zone Fortunes, the bonuses included with the “Infinite Energy” promotion, and Adam O’Dell’s strategy for capitalizing on the revolution coming soon to a global energy market near you. 

Who is Adam O’Dell?

A former manager of a multimillion-dollar hedge fund who grew weary of the grind, Adam O’Dell made the choice to switch gears and concentrate on providing investment advice for everyday investors.

Published consistently for over a decade, Adam’s trade recommendations have beaten the returns of Wall Street legends such as Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet.

Adam employs a “systemic approach” to drill down on potential profits in all classes of assets.  He’s refined this method of data-based analysis into his customized Green Zone Ratings System.

O’Dell’s proprietary system draws upon a number of fundamental and technical factors to generate a unique rating for each stock.  

He uses these Green Zone Ratings results as his North Star for navigating thousands of subscribers to investment opportunities in emerging technologies, from next-gen biotech to green energy to artificial intelligence.

Adam O’Dell serves as Chief Investment Strategist for the online financial news outlet Money & Markets, as well as editor-in-chief of the monthly investment newsletter Green Zone Fortunes.   

Adam O’Dell, Founder, Green Zone Fortunes
Adam O’Dell, Founder, Green Zone Fortunes

What is Green Zone Fortunes?

Green Zone Fortunes is a monthly investment research newsletter guided by Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell.

O’Dell’s philosophy with Green Zone Fortunes is to provide his readers with straightforward investment strategies, based upon his signature, data-driven approach to the markets.

Subscribers to Adam’s “flagship” service receive his latest “big investment opportunity” delivered to their inbox each and every month.  O’Dell breaks everything down so his readers can “invest with confidence.”

In addition to the monthly report, Green Zone Fortunes members also receive a weekly email update containing O’Dell’s Green Zone Ratings. This ever-evolving report provides vital information about the 10 best performing stocks of the week, as well as the 10 worst performing stocks.  

America’s Infinite Energy Future

Adam O’Dell and his team have identified a small Silicon Valley company on the cutting edge of a green energy technology sector that he has dubbed “Infinite Energy.”

According to Adam, this “untapped” energy source has the potential to outperform the wealth-generating power of even Saudi Arabia’s multi-trillion dollar Ghawar oil field. Until recently, the technology to economically exploit this energy source has been just outside of humanity’s grasp.  

The tiny company that Adam spotlights in this promo has developed an artificial intelligence-driven software platform designed to finally enable the world to capitalize on this “Infinite Energy.” 

O’Dell predicts that this new energy tech is on the cusp of disrupting the entire global energy market.

And he’s not alone.

Adam cites sources from Elon Musk to Forbes who have gone on record as having said similar things about the future of this kind of technology.

With a potential $50 TRILLION in investment expected in the next few years alone, Adam argues that green energy isn’t about being “woke” at this point…

”…it’s about making money.”

What Exactly Is This Infinite Energy Source

According to Adam’s research, more than 60% of the energy produced in the United States goes to waste each year.

This energy becomes, in effect, “trapped” in our power grid…to the tune of 12 trillion kilowatt hours per year.  Adam notes that this energy alone could “power the entire country of Canada for…almost a quarter of a century.”

As Adam O’Dell describes the problem, in our antiquated legacy power grid system the power generated and the power used must be equal.  And excess power produced throughout the day becomes “trapped” in the grid and usually just gets burned off as heat. 

That’s where the “Infinite Energy” software platform comes into play.  By leveraging AI to continually analyze the electrical grid and redirect unneeded power into massive, interconnected storage batteries, this software saves all that otherwise wasted electricity for future use.

Adam notes that Tesla is currently working on similar technology, but that this small company is “already way ahead.”  In fact, they’ve begun deploying their “Infinite Energy” tech in over 200 cities.

And with $65 billion in government infrastructure money earmarked to support green energy technology leaders, now is a very good time to be “way ahead.”  

How Infinite Energy Could Make You Rich

Adam lays the groundwork for his investment recommendation by highlighting the strengths of the company:

  • A management team with a combined 150 years experience in the energy field.
  • A history of exceeding revenue forecasts.
  • Half-a-billion in the bank and zero debt on their books.
  • $221 million orders in their system and more coming everyday.

O’Dell goes on to describe how this company has achieved all this before receiving a single slice of the $65 billion government infrastructure pie.  However, he’s convinced that the anticipated influx of cash will be like throwing “gasoline on an already raging fire.” 

Adam compares the “Infinite Energy” stock to Tesla, which capitalized on early government backing to explode with gains of 26,000% over 12 years.

He believes that the “Infinite Energy” software firm has the same sort of potential.   He believes that the company could become “one of the best investments of the decade.”  And he believes that because this stock is still cheap, savvy investors who get in NOW could reap potentially life-altering gains. 

Adam O’Dell provides all the details of the “Infinite Energy” stock, as well as outlines additional green energy investment opportunities, in the special reports offered to new subscribers of his Green Zone Fortunes newsletter.  

What’s Included with Green Zone Fortunes?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to Green Zone Fortunes include a package filled with special reports and additional members-only resources.

Here’s everything new subscribers get during the “Infinite Energy” promo period:

One Full Year of Green Zone Fortunes:

Adam O’Dell’s monthly stock briefing sent directly to your inbox.  This “flagship” newsletter includes all of Adam’s most recent market analysis and recommendations.

The Green Zone Fortunes Model Portfolio

Full, instant access to O’Dell’s online model portfolio, filled with all his latest picks and positions. 

Green Zone Fortunes Real-Time Trade Alerts

Whenever there’s an opportunity that his subscribers need to know about IMMEDIATELY, Adam O’Dell sends out an email and text message alert with all the details.

Green Zone Fortunes Weekly Updates

Subscribers receive weekly updates, both written and video, with Adam’s latest hot take on the market, and any resulting changes to his model portfolio positions.

Green Zone Fortunes Weekly Hotlist

Every week Adam runs all 8,000 U.S. stocks through his Green Zone Ratings System and sends a list of the 10 best to his subscribers.

Immediate Access to Adam’s Green Zone Ratings System

Users can punch ticker symbols into Adam’s AI-powered stock ratings system and find the companies it calculates as “primed to crush the market by 3x over the next twelve months.”

24/7 Access to the Green Zone Fortunes Members-Only Website

This is where subscribers find not only Adam’s model portfolio, but a complete library of all Green Zone Fortunes back issues and special reports.

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race

This report details all of Adam’s research on the “Infinite Energy”  software company that he feels is on the verge of skyrocketing in value.

Adam’s convinced that an early investment in this company could produce next-level returns for your portfolio.  The report includes not only the ticker symbol, but an in-depth breakdown as well as O’Dell’s recommended buy-up-to price.

Green Zone Fortunes, Special Report: The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race eBook cover

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – The Top 2 Battery Innovators Set to Take the Green Tech Boom by Storm

In this second special report, Adam details two battery companies he believes are primed to become “superstars” as the demand for battery storage accelerates over the next five years.

Green Zone Fortunes, Special Report: The Top 2 Battery Innovators cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – From $1 Billion to $100 Billion Riding the Holy Grail of Battery Tech 

Adam has identified a company developing a revolutionary new type of durable, fast-charging battery with 10x the storage capacity of current power cells.  Harvard University has referred to this technology as “the holy grail of batteries.”  

O’Dell sees massive growth potential for this company over the next seven years.

Green Zone Fortunes, Special Report: From $1 Billion to $100 Billion cover image

… and finally…

The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series

This five module video master class, valued at $499, schools investors in a technique that Adam calls Adaptive Investing.

Adaptive Investing, as O’Dell describes it, makes use of specific strategies and “hidden” indicators to help investors both beat the market and recognize the warning signs of an impending crash.  

Green Zone Fortunes, The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series product image

How Much is Green Zone Fortunes? 

Normally priced at $79 per year, first year annual subscriptions to Green Zone Fortunes are currently being offered at the discounted rate of $47.  

This is a discount of over 40% off the standard membership rate.

Green Zone Fortunes also offers a lifetime subscription option.  The standard price is $2,499.  During the current “Infinite Energy” promotion, that rate plummets to $199.

This is over 92% off the standard cost.  Pay once for unlimited, permanent access to Green Zone Fortunes

For new members choosing the annual option to Green Zone Fortunes, subscriptions will automatically renew at the full, locked-in rate of $79 at the end of each subscription year, unless canceled by the subscriber.  

Infinite Energy by Green Zone Fortunes Product Bundle

Green Zone Fortunes Refund Policy

According to their website, Green Zone Fortunes comes with an impressive 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel within the first year of your subscription and receive a full refund.

Green Zone Fortunes Refund Policy

Where to Find Adam O’Dell’s Green Zone Fortunes 

Green Zone Fortunes is produced by Adam O’Dell and his team at Money & Markets.

Money & Markets prides itself on providing its customers with:

“…the information you need to protect your nest egg, grow your wealth, and safeguard your financial wellbeing.”

Go HERE to learn more about Green Zone Fortunes and Adam O’Dell’s team at Money & Markets.

In Summary

Green Zone Fortunes has released a new promo campaign called “Infinite Energy” designed to alert investors to an incredible opportunity in the emerging field of green energy technology.

Adam O’Dell has spotted a small software company making waves with its custom AI-platform designed to facilitate the reclamation, storage, and use of excess energy moving through our nation’s power grid.  This energy, normally lost due to the antiquated architecture of the grid, represents not only trillions in lost kilowatt hours, but trillions in lost dollars.

According to Adam, this “Infinite Energy” software firm currently leads the pack in their highly-specialized field, and is primed to receive a healthy share of the Federal Government’s $65 billion green energy infrastructure fund.  When this happens, O’Dell believes that the fuse will be lit for the stock to potentially explode in value.

He contends that investors who get in on the ground floor could see the same kind of once-in-a-decade gains that Tesla generated.   

To learn more about Adam O’Dell and his strategies for profiting from emerging green energy technologies, or to subscribe to Green Zone Fortunes today, visit the official website.

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