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Intro To Porter & Company

Porter Stansberry and his team of analysts at Porter & Company have created a special, limited-time “Founding Members” promotion for their investment advisory service The Big Secret on Wall Street.

Stansberry has come out of retirement to warn investors about a massive, intentional, upheaval he predicts for the American economy.

He believes that propagandist and economic forces are plotting behind the scenes to force their socialist and progressive agenda on the American people.  Stansberry contends that this endeavor, spearheaded by two coastal billionaires, will result in a prolonged period of financial devastation for the United States of America.

Stansberry also insists that he’s found a strategy for not only protecting your wealth during this turmoil, but actually exploiting a major “flaw” in the scheme to generate huge potential returns.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about The Big Secret on Wall Street, the special resources packaged with the current promotion, and Porter Stansberry’s strategies for profiting during the turbulent times ahead.

Who is Porter Stansberry?

Founder of the publicly-traded, financial publishing firm Marketwise, Porter Stansberry has spent the last quarter century as a top market analyst and publisher.

Stansberry built his empire on a philosophy of 100% independence, with a strong foundation of paying, private subscribers ensuring he would never have to rely upon the support of biased mainstream forces.  

He cites his total freedom from this corrupting influence as the reason he’s been able to provide his readers with honest recommendations and warnings, even when they contradict the prevailing media narrative.  

Retiring from his position of Chairman of the Board of Marketwise in 2020, Stansberry returned to publishing to found the investment research and information firm Porter & Company in April 2022.

Known for accurately predicting the 2008 implosion of the housing market, as well as his insights regarding Peak Oil, Stansberry has earned a reputation as one of the world’s foremost financial authors.  

Porter Stansberry, Owner, Porter & Co.
Porter Stansberry, Owner, Porter & Co.

What is The Big Secret on Wall Street?

The Big Secret on Wall Street is Porter Stansberry and Porter & Co.’s “flagship financial advisory service.”

This bi-weekly newsletter, written by Porter and his top analysts, prides itself on arming its readers with critical, often overlooked, investment recommendations to “build lasting wealth in any market.”  

Porter & Co. and the team behind The Big Secret on Wall Street believe it is both their obligation and privilege to provide “world-class investment research” to their customers.  

The Looming Crisis That Forced Porter Stansberry Out of Retirement 

Stansberry speaks about how he was content to walk away from his media empire in 2020 and finally enjoy some much-earned time with his family and friends.

That is until he observed a confluence of factors that were so unsettling he felt it was his “moral obligation” to return to public life and sound the warning.

Stansberry has unearthed what he describes as:

“…a plot to “reset” not just your personal wealth… but the entire US economic system.” 

He believes that powerful, elite, so-called-progressive forces are laying the groundwork for an attack on America’s economy. 

Political corruption, the dissemination of disinformation through the mainstream media, and a gathering buildup of “socialist power” to never-before-seen levels:  Stansberry fears that this three-pronged attack is about to leave millions of U.S. citizens in financial ruin.   

At the heart of this grand scheme, Stansberry has identified two influential billionaires pulling the levers of power.

So who are these guys?

The First Man Destroying America

The first name on Stansberry’s list is Larry Fink, the CEO of the asset management firm BlackRock.

As top dog at BlackRock, Larry Fink pulls the strings of a $10+ TRILLION business empire.  For comparison, Stansberry points out that George Soros’s firm manages a mere $28 Billion in assets.

According to Porter, for more than a decade Fink has been actively promoting an agenda of “stakeholder” capitalism.  This shift away from traditional “shareholder” capitalism embraces accountability to:

  • The environment.
  • Progressive social agendas.
  • A “new form of corporate governance.”

As Porter Stansberry calls it, this means that:

“Stakeholder capitalism, in short, is socialism.” 

He fears that Fink has already begun using his unbelievable economic leverage to cancelindividuals and companies who oppose this agenda.

Stansberry warns that under a system of “stakeholder capitalism” freedom in the U.S. will come to an end, with “corporate boards accountable to POLITICAL masters instead of their legitimate owners.”

And Larry Fink is just the first half of this equation.

The Second Man Destroying America

Porter Stansberry refers to the next man as “The Propagandist.

For years, billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been methodically assembling and controlling a media empire.  With a massive expansion into mainstream news, the CEO of Bloomberg’s company has been quoted as stating their goal was to create “the most influential news organization in the world.”

But to what end?

Porter Stansberry believes that the evidence shows Bloomberg has used his media conglomerate to shove his personal agenda straight down the throats of the American people.

Stansberry contends that Michael Bloomberg has consistently pushed “dodgy science” news stories in an attempt to make the global climate crisis appear far worse than it really is.  

The Propagandist” appears to genuinely believe that what he is doing is “for the greater good.”  However, that doesn’t change the fact that his campaign against fossil fuels could already be contributing to devastating consequences in the U.S., such as runaway inflation and the leaching of wealth away from the middle class and into the coffers of the top 1%. 

Their End Game and How You Can Protect Yourself 

Stansberry insists that Fink and Bloomberg are not “evil men.”  

And that they are taking actions which they genuinely believe are “for the greater good.”

If your assets, savings, and holdings are decimated in the process of achieving that “greater good”, well, apparently that’s just tough luck for you. 

But Porter Stansberry claims to have found a “flaw” in their plan to disrupt the American economy and way of life.  He’s confident that those who learn about and exploit this loophole will have the best chance to not only protect their wealth, but potentially 10x their assets during the coming upheaval.

The “flaw” that Stansberry has spotted has to do with the real world, main street consequences of this grand scheme to force our nation into a green-energy-powered, “stakeholder” economy.

He’s recognized that manipulation on this scale will almost certainly trigger a “full-blown, multi-year recession.”

Even though “radicals” like Fink and Bloomberg are attempting to prematurely force a shift to green energy sources, the simple fact is that 80% of the world’s energy still comes from fossil fuels.  And renewable options like solar and wind don’t yet appear capable of carrying that load.

So given an American economy rocked by recession, inflation, rising interest rates, and collapsing stock prices, what’s the opportunity Porter Stansberry sees amidst the crisis?

As he calls it:  “America’s vast natural gas resources.”  

He believes that within the next year, the worldwide demand for American natural gas will be too much to resist, even for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

And when this predicted boom in U.S. natural gas resources comes to pass, Stansberry’s research has uncovered the “best positioned U.S. oil and gas companies” for reaping massive profits.

Porter asserts that investors who seize these opportunities AT ONCE have the potential to see 10x growth over the next decade.  

Stansberry, assisted by his team at Porter & Co., details his strategies in a series of special reports that are part of The Big Secret on Wall Street’s limited-time, Founding Memberspromotional package.

What’s Included with The Big Secret on Wall Street?

During the special “Founding Members” promotional period, new memberships to The Big Secret on Wall Street come bundled with a number of special reports and bonus features.

Here’s everything you get when you sign-up for Porter & Co.’s limited-time offer:

A Full Year (24 issues) of The Big Secret on Wall Street.

This newsletter, personally prepared by Porter Stansberry and two of his crack analysts, arrives in your inbox twice a month.

Every issue contains the latest and greatest opportunities and market trends discovered by Porter & Company.

Access to The Big Secret Portfolio.

Full members-only access to Porter Stansberry’s model portfolio, as well as email updates from Porter telling you his up-to-the-minute strategies for each position.

Member-Exclusive Access to The Big Secret Library.

New members receive the login credentials needed to view Porter & Co.’s entire cache of The Big Secret on Wall Street back issues.

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – The Gods of Gas.

Porter lays out all the specifics on what he’s described as one of the “best discoveries” he’s ever made.

Stansberry believes that this tiny Pittsburgh-based firm could become one of the world’s next energy industry giants, and that their stock could return as much as 10x for investors who get in on the ground floor.

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – The Next LNG Giant.

Stansberry informs his members about a company that he expects could reach as much as $100 billion in value in the coming decade.  This energy infrastructure firm has “a unique business model designed solely to serve international markets for energy.” 

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – Energy Royalties.

Porter reveals the details of a “unique energy royalties firm” that he’s identified as insulated from the “volatile nature” of the market.  At the time of this offer, he cites the company as having a yield of almost 11%.

And, last but certainly not least, Founding Members of The Big Secret on Wall Street receive a:

Private Invite to The Farm.

New subscribers are offered a free ticket to Porter Stansberry’s exclusive, members-only investment conference held each year at his farm in Baltimore County.  Admission to this private event typically costs $5,000.

How Much is The Big Secret on Wall Street? 

Normally priced at $1,425 per year, first year “Founding Member” subscriptions to The Big Secret on Wall Street are currently available for the discounted rate of $1,000.  

This is a discount of 30% off the standard membership rate.  

Subscribers to The Big Secret on Wall Street are notified at least 30 days in advance of renewal, and can cancel at any time simply by contacting the customer service team. 

The Big Secret on Wall Street Price

The Big Secret on Wall Street Refund Policy

According to their website, The Big Secret on Wall Street comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Porter & Co. pride themselves on producing content for serious, informed investors, and, as such, they do add: 

“… we reserve the right to ban abusers of our policy from joining any of our publications in the future.”

The Big Secret on Wall Street Refund Policy

Where to Find The Big Secret on Wall Street 

The Big Secret on Wall Street is published by Porter Stansberry and his team at Porter & Co.

As per their website, Porter & Co:  

“…view our obligation to our subscribers to deliver world-class investment research and insight as an extraordinary privilege…it's something we take very seriously.”

Go HERE to learn more about The Big Secret on Wall Street and Porter Stansberry’s team at Porter & Co.

In Summary

Porter Stansberry is currently running a “Founding Members” promotional offer for his investment newsletter The Big Secret on Wall Street.

Stansberry’s research has led him to conclude that two billionaires, Larry Fink and Michael Bloomberg, are at the center of a misguided progressive scheme to reshape the U.S. economy.   The unintended fallout from such a plan will likely be to drive America deep into a recession.

Porter believes that the obvious path out of such a downturn is a massive reinvestment in America’s natural gas industry.  

The market guru has identified several specific companies primed to skyrocket during such an energy sector boom.  Stansberry predicts early investors in these stocks could see potentially enormous gains.   

To learn more about Porter Stansberry and his investment strategies, or to become a member of The Big Secret on Wall Street today, visit the official website.

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