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How My ‘One Stock Millionaire’ Dad Is Going to Help Me Recover my -60% Account in 2023

“My Dad Doubled His Reader’s Money 13-TIMES in The Past Year…
Now He’s Revealing His ONE Ticker (Free) to Help me Get Back on Track”
— Grant Clark

Hi I'm Grant Clark. 

The son of millionaire trader Jeff Clark.

  • If you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s known for doubling his readers' money 13-TIMES over the last year.
  • He predicted the 2008, 2020, and the 2022 crashes, well in advance.
  • He even managed $200 million for Silicon Valley’s wealthiest investors…

Like many of you I got into trading stocks last year.

My dad even helped me double my investment on a single trade.

It made me a lot of money, and it definitely built up my confidence.

But… this is where everything took a turn for the worse.

Because I got cocky; I figured I knew it all. 

And I started chasing all the “get rich quick” promises.

Long story short – I got sucked listening to a crypto expert at a live event back in May.

The promises were… big… to say the least.

So, I invested.

Soon after, I watched as my investment account plummeted -60%!

Honestly, I can't even stand to pull up my brokerage account anymore. 

So, I’ve finally sucked up my pride… and I’m asking my dad for help.

He told me to get ready to roll the cameras…

Because he wants to turn my loss… into a rags-to-riches story.

In short, he’s told me for the last three-decades he’s used one very specific strategy to turn small investments into big money– all by IGNORING 99% of the entire stock market.

The EXACT secret of how he’s become a “One Stock Millionaire”.

Trading just ONE overlooked stock every single week.

How he manages to recommend returns of 135%… 240%… even 373% in just 8 days – in any market… up OR down.

He’s even helped over 79,000 regular folks use this secret… from teachers to doctors…

Like Brad K. who made $40k in one week… and $50k the next.

Or George K. who made $310,000…

Or John S. who is up over $3,600 in just one week…

The main point is…

This strategy has helped thousands of everyday people…

And I’m excited to be here today to discover it along with you.

Let’s do it.


Look, I want to be very clear.

I’m not here today to embarrass you.

Actually, it’s courageous you’re willing to be here today.   

Your story could help thousands of everyday people get their account back on track.

Because as we all know, millions of folks have recently lost a fortune…

MarketWatch calls this past year: “The Worst Year for Markets… In At Least 50 years.”

The savings of Americans have plummeted to the LOWEST level in history.

The lowest level of savings you may ever see in your lifetime, Grant.

Fortunately, today is a moment I’ve waited 23 long years for.

These chaotic markets are brewing one of the best trading environments I’ve seen in years.

And today I’m going to show you how to profit in ANY market – even if the market continues to tank!

We are going to rebuild your retirement account, starting right now.

Are you ready?  


Okay, sure.

But how exactly?


I taught you how to throw a curveball…

How to drive a car…

Now I’ll teach you one of the greatest money-making secrets I’ve ever discovered, in my 38-years in the markets.

More importantly, WHY it’s critical for you to IGNORE 99.9% of the stock market.

And instead, focus only on what I call: “The One Stock Retirement”

The single stock I’ve traded quietly for over three decades now – allowing me to double… even triple my investment– in any market.


Dad – that’s a pretty bold claim…

I’m not sure most people really believe they can really double their money in ANY market condition…



Except the difference between me and other “experts” is I can back up what I’m saying:

  • I have generated millions of dollars for high-net worth investors.
  • I managed money for 100 of California’s wealthiest people including pro athletes and Silicon Valley executives…
  • And my investing videos have been viewed over 19 million times.

But this isn’t to brag…

I simply want you to understand the potential of this “one stock” secret…

For example…  

Let’s jump back to late last year.

It was a total market wipeout.

The S&p500 plummeted nearly -17%…

Investor favorites like Tesla were down -24%…

And Amazon lost its “trillionaire status” dropping -24%…

NPR said: “A Bad Year for Wall Street Gets Even Worse”

The Wall Street Journal said: “Buying The Stock-Market Dip Is Backfiring” 

And CNBC reported: “Stock Market Losses Wipe Out $9 Trillion From America’s Wealth”

The markets were crushed and ‘buying the dip’ wasn’t working.

So what would you do, Grant?


I don’t know…

Probably put my money on the sidelines.


Sure, like most investors, paralyzed by fear – that’s understandable.

But here’s what I did instead.

I recommended a “One Stock Retirement” trade to my readers.

Days later we collected a 135% return!

Double your money.

But if you had your money tied to The Dow Jones during the same exact time…

You would have collected a tiny 5% return.

Your choice Grant.

A 135% return OR 5%.

Today you’ll see how we compound trades like this over and over again in any market.


That’s definitely a big difference.

But how can I pull this off?

I don’t have decades of experience under my belt, like you.


Just wait.

Because in a moment YOU are going to demonstrate this secret yourself, live.

With the goal to double your money again, no matter what’s happening in the market…

But before we do that, you need to understand the fundamentals.

And this is why I’m here today.

Because this “financial intervention” could set you on the path to financial freedom.

Spending only minutes per week making these trades.

And Grant, you live in Miami in your twenties…

I know for a fact you don’t want to sit inside and look at a computer screen all day…


Definitely not.


Well, if you had followed my trading recommendations last year you would have DOUBLED your money 13-TIMES.

Think about that – it takes most people YEARS to double their money just once.

But you could have accomplished that 13-times last year alone.


Yep, this is exactly what I want…

And I’m excited to dig into the details.

But before we move on…

Can I ask what the actual stock ticker is behind the “One Stock Retirement”?


With 1,000 guesses you probably wouldn’t get it right.

It's NOT the DOW, QQQ, S&P 500, any FAANG stock, Tesla, Russel 2,000, Bitcoin, or anything else.

But in a moment, I’ll tell you the exact ticker so you can execute a trade.

Alongside my new market prediction for the next 12 months.

Because I believe a new event will make OR break the investment accounts of nearly every person across the nation – including you.


Okay, I’m intrigued.    

But before we get to your prediction…

Let’s dig into the details of your “One Stock” strategy.

Because right now… this all seems… a little too good to be true.


Maybe so.

But I personally believe this ONE stock to be one of the world’s MOST predictable stocks.

It has precise patterns allowing me to pinpoint its next move BEFORE it happens.

And I’ve been trading it long before you were ever born – over 30 years now.

It helped me double my money 26-times during the 2008 crisis…

38-times since the 2020 crash…

And 13-times last year alone…

And even helped me predict the 2008, 2020, and the 2022 tech crashes…


I wish you’d told me sooner. I wouldn’t be down –60% right now.


Obviously, you can’t change the past, Grant.

But I want you to be equipped for what’s coming in the future.


Alright, this time – I promise to listen.


Good because living in Miami is no joke.

It’s actually the least affordable housing market in the country.

If you want to continue to live here and be able to eat…

Then you need to learn how to leverage the skill of “The One Stock Retirement” strategy.

Once you do, you will always have a shot to generate cash in any market.  

Grant, as you know I was born on a farm in Kansas.

Long before we ever had financial freedom – the houses, wine cellar, cars, jacuzzi, whatever else.

One day on the farm when I was 7, my grandpa asked me what I wanted in life.

I told him I wanted all those flashy items…

You know what he said to me?

“You can do all that, but you can’t feed your family if there’s no food to buy.

Go ahead, get rich.

But before you do that, learn to grow a tomato.”


What did he mean by that exactly?


It means you need to learn the skills first – once you develop a valuable skill, you’ll never go poor.

This is why we are both here today.

You’re going to learn a skill allowing you to profit 2x, 3x, nearly 4-times your money – over and over again.

And this is a legacy we will pass down through our family, and you’re next in line.


Okay – I’m ready.


But there’s a key concept you can’t ever forget, okay?

Think about it like this…

You’ve played baseball your entire life…

But let me ask you…

How would your baseball career have gone if you were also trying to play soccer, football, and basketball all at the same time?

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Up, Down, or Sideways Market…
It Doesn’t Matter

Trying to do too many things at once, WILL take away from you doing ONE thing really well.

The truth is… diversification is nothing more than a distraction.


But I’ve always heard diversifying your portfolio is super important.


Yeah, sadly millions of investors have been misled.

It’s a mirage.

In fact, the average person holds 20 stocks in their portfolio…

Some “financial experts” even recommend holding upwards of 60 stocks!

But the studies are clear on this –80% of investors LOSE money in the markets.


Obviously, something is off here.


Forgot babysitting a portfolio of stocks…

I simply focus on what I believe to be the world’s most predictable stock…

Profiting in any situation – even market crashes.

Let me show you.

For example, Grant, when I say the words: “market crash” what comes to mind?


Well, last year. That was definitely a big crash.

And there was the COVID crash in 2020.

But growing up I remember you talking about the 2008 crash.


Perfect, absolutely, 2008.

As we know, leading up to 2008… the market was in full force.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis even revised its growth estimates to be higher…

Calling for the markets to increase…

But Grant, we both know what actually happened.

  • The S&P 500 dropped over 48%…
  • 6 million Americans lost their jobs…
  • More than 860,000 families lost their homes to foreclosure…

The International Monetary Fund said we were on the “brink of systemic meltdown”!

An unforgettable time in our history.

But instead of letting the crash ruin our livelihood…

10X Returns DURING The Crashes of:
1987, 2000, 2008, 2020, & 2022

I actually warned all my readers of the 2008 crash 10-months in advance.

And instead of letting my investments melt away like millions of unsuspecting Americans.

I recommended a few trades.

Look at this…


From what I’m seeing, you were closing 197%… 204%… even 490% returns…

Nearly 5-times return on your money?

All while the financial world was melting down?


Yep – before the crash, during the crash, and even on the way to the bottom!

A simple $1,000 investment could have turned into $4,900 in profits…

In fact, my readers could have doubled their money 26-TIMES during the crisis.

This was all while some of America’s most elite hedge funds – over 700 funds total – had to shut down in 2008.

In fact, in October of 2008 CNBC heard of my success and asked me to come on T.V. to explain my strategy.

I politely refused.

But now I’m bringing this “One Stock Retirement” secret into the light – quite a few years later.


I mean who knows where we’d be as a family if you hadn’t predicted the crash… and made those trades.

It’s super impressive.

But to be completely fair, Dad…

The 2008 crash was a long time ago…

How are things lately?


Okay, fair question.

Besides the countless double and triple-digit gains I’ve recommended this year…

Let’s take a look back to the 2020 crash.

The biggest DOW crash in U.S. history.

In advance, I was predicting a big market crash was set to hit.

Yet, the mainstream news was saying the exact OPPOSITE.  

CNN said…

Business Insider said…

Even Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund was advocating holding stocks during the 2020 stock rally.

But I did the opposite.

I warned my readers to get out of stocks, not once – but twice – days before the crash.

My readers could have completely dodged the entire crash.

But it gets better because…

On March 18th, near the bottom, I stated that we were about to hit a 20% market rebound…

Here’s what I said publicly…


Okay – so you called the 2020 crash in advance and then called the bottom near perfect.

But did you make any money?


Yes, “One Stock Retirement” trades were on fire.

100% and 273% right BEFORE the crash…

Then another 85% right after.

And remember, this was while $3 trillion evaporated from the market.

In total, I recommended 38 trades that could have doubled your money since the 2020 crash.


So, if I listened to CNBC, CNN, all those mainstream news guys – my investments would have burned?

And I would have missed out on 38 different opportunities to double my money?



The simple fact here is the “Foundational” strategies we’ve been taught in our lives…

Well, they look much better on paper than they do in real life.  

Let me explain.

It’s NOT just the mainstream news leaving millions of everyday investors behind…

It’s also the world’s #1 investor.


What do you mean?


I’m talking about Warren Buffett.


Are you really going to call out Buffett live on camera?



There’s absolutely no doubt Warren Buffett is a genius in his own right – he started with roughly $100,000 and turned it into a $100 billion fortune.

The #1 Financial Myth of All Time – Fooling Millions of Americans Trying to Find Freedom

He’s a master of finding dozens of undervalued stocks and holding on to them for dear life as they grow over the course of decades.


So, what’s the issue?

$100,000 into $100 billion sounds like a pretty good return to me.


Is the everyday person supposed to follow this same model?

Most people don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in free cash to invest into a portfolio of undervalued stocks – they just don’t.

Even IF they did, you would have to wait 10, 20, 30, 50 years or more to see any decent return.

For instance, 99% of Warren Buffett’s wealth came AFTER he was 50 years old – the largest majority after he turned 72 years old.


Okay I think I see what you’re saying…

You’re saying most people can’t afford to wait decades to collect profits like Mr. Buffett can?


There’s simply not enough time.

Majority of my readers are racing against time…

Savings are at the lowest rate in history…

And card debt is hitting all-time highs.

Now, look…

I’m not hating on Mr. Buffett or any other billionaire investors who preach long term investing.

But the simple truth is they have all the time in the world…

A team of PhDs behind them… virtually unlimited capital… and a slew of other resources.

Us regular folks?

We need profits NOW.

Especially considering what’s coming…

Grant, soon – we’re going to see a “Stock Shock” unlike anything in the last 2 decades.

I’ll explain this in a moment.

Just understand… everyone has to prepare today – including you.


Yeah, I don’t want to be caught off guard anymore.

With all my bills… my apartment… utilities… car and everything else…

After paying it all off … I’ve got limited cash to invest.

$100 Gets You Started on the Path to a Life of Financial Freedom


But Grant, what if I could prove to you that you don’t need thousands of dollars.

And you can start doubling… tripling your money in as little as few days… regardless of if the markets are up OR down…

…With as little as $100 bucks or so.

You would probably say I’m a lunatic, right?


I would be skeptical, at the very least, yeah.


So let me show you the true power of the “One Stock Retirement” strategy.

As we both know, the markets have never been crazier.  

But this actually helps us make MORE money.  

When I see an opportunity to place a “one stock” trade – I simply ignore all the noise in the markets.

Check out what happened…

We closed a single “one stock” trade for over 89%!


Nearly double your investment?


Yeah, and you only needed $111 to make the trade…

You would spend more on a night out in Miami.


Unfortunately, yes.

89% is a definitely a killer return in 12 days – but what else do you have?


Think back to all the recent hype around buying the dip on stocks like: Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Tesla, and more…

Mainstream news was urging everyday folks to get in…

Most people would think this would be a good bet…

But look what happened instead…

The Nasdaq (which holds all these tech stocks) plummeted -14%.


Wow – did you get caught in the crash?



Instead, I recommended a “One Stock” trade, and we closed it for a 240% return.

Think about it…

That’s like handing someone $1,000 and they give you $3,400 back!

How many times would you take that deal?


Everyday if I could!



But Grant, it gets better because you only needed $165 to make that trade.

Compare this to high-priced stocks like Apple, Tesla, Visa, or whatever else.

It’s obvious.  

Your upside with the “One Stock Retirement” strategy outweighs everything else.

Take a look at this example too.

I recommended a “One Stock” trade predicting the market was due for a bull run.

This is the same time billionaire Bill Gates was selling nearly his entire stock portfolio… 

Like always, I ignore what everyone else is doing…

I traded my “One Stock”…

And boom!

Within just a little over a month we closed the trade for a massive 352% return!



Nearly quadruple your investment?



It only took minutes to make the trade…

It didn’t matter if the markets were up OR down…

And you could have turned every $1,000 into $4,520 .

Now Grant imagine doing this every week…

With just ONE stock – over and over again.

Can you see why I’ve been trying to get you to ignore bloated crypto and tech stocks?


I can see now, yeah.

I’ve got to admit, I guess I just wanted to try and pave my own path.


I get it. It makes sense.

You’re not the only one.

When I was young, I wanted nothing more to pave my own path, and luckily I did.

This is why a university wanted me to create an MBA around this “One Stock” strategy.

Or why presidents of major corporations send me endorsements.

Saying: “No matter whether the stock market is moving up or down [Jeff] somehow manages to find a strategy that works… Overall, I could not be happier with his performance.”

In total, I’ve helped over 79,000 get back on track to accelerating their retirement…

I’ve helped reader’s double their money 13-TIMES in the last year alone…

But with all that being said…

I haven’t been able to sit down with YOU and demonstrate the power of “The One Stock Retirement” strategy…

And that’s what I want more than anything.

So, get ready because in a moment you’re going to place a “One Stock” trade.


Look Dad it all sounds great…

But it’s only fair I hit you with some tough questions…

Because if your strategy is so powerful…

Why are people still buying crypto and tech stocks?

Why isn’t everyone simply using “The One Stock Retirement” strategy?

Why You Have NEVER Heard of:
“The One Stock Retirement” Strategy


Fair question.

But think about it…

If CNBC only talked about one stock, what would happen to their ratings?

Can you imagine them saying: “look, the truth is, you can ignore 99% of stocks”?

They could never promote a simple approach like this.

Their rating would plummet, and they would go bankrupt!

Same with Fidelity, E*TRADE, Robinhood, and all the rest.

They want you trading everything, all the time.

That’s how they make money.

And people are blindly listening to them, investing their money only to lose 10%, 20%, 30%.

Grant, take a look at what was happening in the markets, early last year.

The Nasdaq dropped over -12% & The S&P500 fell -12%!

Seeking Alpha said: “Yes, The Crash Will Probably Get Worse From here”

Forbes said: “Catastrophic Stock Market Crash Isn’t Over – Here’s How Much Worse It Could Get”

Most folks were losing their shirt…


Okay – so, what did you do instead?


I made four different “One Stock” trading recommendations.


Did one of them hit big?


No – all four trades hit big.  

A 61% return… 83%… 81%… 239%!

All while both The Nasdaq and the S&P500 both dropped -12%!

It’s simple…

“One Stock Retirement” trades allow you to win in any market… without having to invest thousands of dollars.

This is why I want you to quit trying to place lottery ticket investments on risky cryptos and digital images of pet rocks.   

It’s a waste of time and resources.

And time is your most important asset.

Yahoo Finance currently reports: “69% of Americans Have Less than $1,000 in Savings”

DO NOT want this to be your reality, years from now.


Yeah, me neither.



Because I only want the best for you.

And learning how to produce income on demand… through trading… could help you create your dream retirement.

It’s all about orchestrating a life that works for YOU, Grant.  

That’s what true FREEDOM is. 

And anyone can use this strategy to achieve it.

Which is actually great segue…

Because it’s your turn to demonstrate a “One Stock” trade live right now.

“One Stock Retirement” Live Demonstration & Ticker Revealed


Okay, I think I’m ready…


Take out your phone, we do this in just a few seconds.

And click “Confirm Order” –you’re done!


I honestly thought it would be a bit more complex.

My crypto investments are much more complicated than this.

To be clear…

This is all I’d have to do, once per month?

To potentially double my money, in any market?


Yes, any market… any situation.

I’ve done this during America’s biggest crashes.

For instance, back in the 2020 crash…

In a single day, the DOW plummeted 1,100 points… CNN said it was “the most in history.”

Millions of people lost their savings, investments, and their jobs.

Grant, I read a story from the NY Times about an accountant who said,

“Everything has changed in a matter of minutes – seconds… Am I going to lose my house? Am I going to lose everything?”

But instead of getting caught in this $3 trillion wipeout…

I used a “One Stock Retirement” trade – just like you just did…

And we closed a massive 373% gain in just 8 days!

Better yet, it only took $75 to get in on the trade…

And if you look how this stacked up to the DOW during the exact same time…

You would have LOST -17% of your money.


Wait so –

-17% OR a 373% return in just days?

Yeah, I think I’ll go with your trade any day…

You know, at this point, it’s all pretty clear to me…

  • If this all means no more spending hours glued to a computer screen…
  • No more trying to follow the news…
  • And I won’t have to wait 50 years to see a decent return…

The “One Stock Retirement” strategy sounds like my new gameplan.

But earlier you mentioned this is one of the most predictable stocks you trade…

Why is that?


It is, yeah.

To be transparent, the name of the stock is called: The VanEck Gold Miners ETF.

Or you can use the symbol GDX for short.

GDX tracks an explosive grouping of gold stocks – to the tune of $11.3 billion every day.

And it’s what I consider to be the world’s most predictable stock.

Whether the market’s up, sideways, or on the decline – you can leverage the power of GDX for the opportunity to extract massive profits.

For example, when the Dow dropped more than 600 points…

I recommended one simple trade on GDX as millions of Americans' portfolios turned blooded…

We snapped up a quick 75% gain!

Or when mainstream media was spouting market uncertainty, causing traders to put their money on the sidelines…

I didn’t need to listen to any of it, instead I recommended a trade on GDX…

Giving readers a chance at a 100% gain – double your money.

And when the market was pumping back to life, I recommended another trade on GDX…

Sure, enough we saw a 107% gain in just 7 days.


Double your money in just 7 days?


I’d take that any day…



I know it can be hard to believe at first Grant, but it's true.

It boils down to this…

Most investors never make a profit in the markets…

And those who do – it takes years.

OR you can follow my trade recommendations and double, triple, quadruple your money in as little as a weeks’ time.

It’s pretty straightforward.

But there’s one more reason why GDX is so special to trade… and why I believe it to be so predictable.

It all comes down to what The Economist calls, “the world’s most valuable resource.”

I’m talking about: Data.

And since GDX closely follows the price of real physical gold…

I literally have CENTURIES of data to pull from to accurately predict the direction GDX could move… in any market condition.

Think about that – we have centuries of data to rely on.


You’re saying the “One Stock Retirement” strategy is based on data over the course of centuries?



It’s no different than how a supercomputer might extract quadrillions of data-points to release one predictable outcome.

“The One Stock Retirement” system I’ve created operates on the same principle.

Leveraging data to predict future moves BEFORE anyone else.

And we pair a simple option trade on GDX to multiply our profit potential.

So, for every tiny move in GDX (in any direction), an options play can make 5- to 10-times MORE money.

And the results are stunning.

Nearly one out of three of my winning GDX recommendations have led to 100% gains – that’s double your money.

I’ve helped folks see triple-digit gains over 59 times and double-digit gains over 332 different times!

My winners over the years speak for themselves…


I mean, it’s hard to deny those results.



And these trades only take minutes to place.

Grant, you won’t have to babysit a massive portfolio of stocks, ever again.

Simply leverage the power of “The One Stock Retirement” and you could collect YEARS of returns, in just days.

And in a moment, I’m going to reveal my biggest prediction for the next 12 months and why we will witness a “stock market shock” unlike anything we’ve seen for decades.  

More importantly Grant, I’m going to show you how to leverage this “stock shock” to double, triple, quadruple your returns.


Sounds good to me!

What’s the first step I can take to get started?


After 38 years of trading and helping folks accelerate their retirement dreams…

I can confidently say all the work that goes into these trades is – intense.  

And I’m NOT trying to give my readers a full-time job.

So, for anyone watching right now…

Receive Jeff’s NEXT “One Stock Retirement” Trade That Could Double Your Investment

I’ve come prepared with a special action blueprint anyone can use to leverage this strategy in the next few minutes.

It’s called: “The One Stock Retirement” Blueprint: How One Stock Can Yield a Retirement Fortune

This is the key to opening up a world of trading few have ever seen.



But to be fair; If I searched for this anywhere else online, would I find this same information?


Absolutely not.

This is the only place you can grab this blueprint.

And in this special blueprint, I’m revealing:

  • Why I choose to ignore over 6,000 stocks in the market… focusing only on GDX.
  • How this one stock could double your money over and over again…
  • A step-by-step guide HOW you can place your first GDX trade for 35times LESS than everyone else in the market.
  • The “million-dollar” information I refused to share with Wall Street, now yours, 100% free.
  • How this strategy allows you to book profits in ANY market –up OR down…
  • And much more…

All the details are in the “One Stock Retirement” Blueprint

Grant, this truly couldn’t be any easier – I don’t care what level of experience you have…

This is by far one of the simplest ways to pull winning trades from ANY market condition – in any situation.

It’s been a blessing in my life and now I want you to master this strategy and continue our trading legacy.

Because “The One Stock Retirement” strategy gives power back to anyone who’s willing to give it a shot.

The ability to collect returns of 86%… 100%… and 373% in as little as 8 days.


Good because I’m DONE watching my account crash 20%, 40%, 60% on a whim…

This is definitely a change I know I need.



I wasn’t initially sure how you were going to take today’s “financial intervention”, but I’m excited you’re ready to start…

But before I show you and the viewers at home how to get access to the report…

I want everyone watching today to also get something I call: The “One Stock Retirement” Video Masterclass

A “no-nonsense” approach to trading like a real pro – real skills that last a lifetime.

The kind of skills that can help someone to retire using one single stock, over and over again.

A condensed version of everything I’ve learned in my entire career.

Here’s what I cover…

  • The five basic chart patterns to DOMINATE in ANY market…
  • The #1 mistake newbies make with options and how to EASILY avoid it…
  • How & when to take your profits off the table, and when to let the rest ride for potential 5x returns…
  • You will also discover my secret to generating “instant cash” from the stock market with just a few clicks of the mouse!

All said and done, it's over four hours of the best trading tips and tricks I know.


Okay – awesome.

Generating “instant cash”– sounds super helpful for the kind of market we’re in right now.

I know everyone will love watching this masterclass – mostly because of how much I know you love teaching…


I do.

I’ve trained over 1,000 people to become licensed stockbrokers – many of them then went to firms like Merrill Lynch or Paine Webber.



So how does everyone grab access to the “One Stock” blueprint and trading masterclass, right now?


It’s simple.

For all the viewers at home I want to introduce you to what I call: Jeff Clark Trader

Not only will you get all the blueprints, videos, and my decades of experience…

But as a member you will get a new “One Stock” trade recommendation every single month!

Each trade gives you an opportunity to multiply your money 2-times… even 3-times over.  

If you want, you can even get my trade alerts direct to your phone.  

It will look like this:


Okay, awesome.

So what’s the price to join Jeff Clark Trader today?   


Well, on our public website it shows the price for membership starts at $199 per year.

Which is a HUGE bargain.

But today is different.

Forget about paying $199 a year – like normal.

You won’t even have to pay a fraction of that.

But before you join Jeff Clark Trader, I want to sweeten the deal.

Jeff’s Prediction for The Next 12 Months

I also want you to have what I call:

The Next 12: An Urgent Prediction for The Next 12 Months as America Enters a New Financial & Social Era

Look, contrary to what the T.V. personalities say…

We are NOT at the bottom of the stock market…

Trying to buy blue-chip stocks or time the next bull run in tech stocks – could ultimately be an awful financial decision.

Because soon – we’re going to see a “Stock Shock” wipe out millions of unsuspecting investors who thought the pain of this market was finished.

Grant take a look at this chart.

We are in what’s called a “Bull Trap”.

This is where investors get fooled into thinking we are on our way back to a normal market…

This is actually where the BIGGEST losses BEGIN.

Because we could get hit with a 20, 30, 50% crash from here.

And I want to make sure all my new members are ready for this because…

You will need to prepare your investment account BEFORE October 1, 2023.

I’ll show you what actions to take all inside this new report – and why I believe this may create the biggest trading event in the last few decades.


Wow – okay I definitely want to give that a read as soon as possible.

Dad, a moment ago, you mentioned the price of Jeff Clark Trader retails for $199.

But you also mentioned that new members wouldn’t have to pay that price today…


Yep let’s do a quick recap first…

Here’s what new Jeff Clark Trade members will receive today…

Here’s What You Will Get With Access to
Jeff Clark Trader:

  • The “One Stock Retirement” Blueprint
  • The “One Stock Retirement” Video Masterclass
  • “The Next 12”: An Urgent Prediction for The Next 12 Months as America Enters a New Financial & Social Era
  • 24/7 Private Access to Jeff Clark Trader
  • And a full 100% satisfaction guarantee from our customer support team in Delray beach, FL.

This also includes The Jeff Clark Trader App allowing you to get immediate alerts for a new trade recommendation – no matter where you are.

You will also get access to the model portfolio of our trade recommendations.

And even better, this offer is 100% risk-free.

Take 60 full days and power through the reports… the hours of masterclass videos… look through my portfolio and new trade recommendations…

And if you decide it's not a good fit, no worries.  

Simply call our customer support team and they will send you a full refund for your subscription cost, no questions asked!

If that sounds like a good deal to you, and you’re ready to start your journey to financial freedom, potentially closing gains as high as 373% in as little as 8 days…

Regardless of market conditions…

Then all you need to pay for today’s one-time offer is only $19.


Honestly, that's MUCH lower than what I expected.

Seems like a no-brainer.


Yep but this offer will only last for a limited time.

Simply click the button below this video to get a final look at today’s special offer.

Please remember…

Your next winning trade could be waiting right around the corner inside Jeff Clark Trader.

And I want to make sure you don’t miss out.


Okay great.

This deal sounds like an amazing way to prepare for all the chaos in the markets right now.

I know for me, it can be paralyzing to put my money back into the markets when I’m unsure of where they’ll move next.


This is why the “One Stock Retirement” strategy is perfect.

It’s predictable and has the power to forward YEARS of returns, down to just days.

Take a look:

These are just a few of the recommendations I’ve made allowing my readers to double their money, in any market.


I’m excited to say the least.

There’s nothing better than going to sleep at night knowing whatever happens in the market, I can profit.



And when you become a Jeff Clark Trader member today I’ll send you my newest “One Stock” trades, directly to your phone or email.  

It couldn’t be any more straightforward.

Just click the join now button, and you will be taken to a page to grab all the final details.


Dad, honestly, I don’t know what to say.

In a weird way it feels like you saved me years of potential financial pain.

It hurts showing you my -60% losses…

But I am confident with your “One Stock” recommendations, this will quickly turn around for me…

And I hope everyone watching at home got something valuable from my own lesson today, too.


Exactly, thank Grant.

Like I said earlier, with the chaotic nature of this market – the opportunities to profit will become bigger and bigger…

This IS one of the best times to be in the market with the “One Stock Retirement” strategy.

And to join us inside Jeff Clark Trader, it's simple, click the button below to get all the final details.

And I hope to see you on the inside.

And Grant, thanks for being so understanding today and I can’t wait to see the things you will accomplish in the future.


Definitely, thanks again, Dad.

 April 2023

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