Porter Stansberry: The Two Men Destroying America


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From the financial renegade who predicted America’s riots, lockdowns, and rampant inflation comes an urgent new warning:

The Two Men Destroying America

The untold, true story of how two men from New York have engineered a “reset” of not just your personal wealth, but the entire US economic system

Dear Fellow American,

I don’t know about you… 

But I barely recognize our country anymore… 

Just a few years ago, you would’ve been laughed out of the room for suggesting men and women are biologically identical. 


Refusal to accept this absurd notion will bring the lynch mob to your door. 

You will be “canceled” and branded a “bigot”…

The same is true if you dare to question structural racism, climate change, sexual inequality… or any other political dogma.  

(Ask me how I know.)

If you’re like me, you have probably watched this shift in America and asked yourself: what the hell is going on? 

How did we get to the point where politicians are cheering on the destruction of cities in the name of “social justice”… 

Where mobs of white, middle-class, college-educated suburbanites are demanding the abolishment of the police…

Where researchers are abandoning the scientific method in favor of alarmist ideology and groupthink… 

Where tens of millions of Americans believe free speech, bodily autonomy, and capitalism are dangerous ideas… 

Most troubling of all… 

How did we fall so far that the President can paint more than 74 million Americans as an existential “threat to democracy”…  

… and be praised by the media for his rhetoric.

That’s the question I’ll answer today. 

And, while it brings me no joy to say this, when you hear what today’s investigation has uncovered… 

… you will realize the worst is yet to come. 

You see, our country is not being turned upside down by accident. 

The politicization of everything is part of a plot to “reset” not just your personal wealth… but the entire US economic system. 

It’s a plan that’s been meticulously engineered by two of the world’s most powerful men over the last 20 years. 

Two unelected billionaires who exist outside the checks and balances of Washington D.C… yet wield far more power than any politician or political party. 

They are the proverbial power behind the throne and have been pulling the puppet strings through both Republican and Democrat tenures. 

And what they have planned next will terrify you. 

It could result in tens of millions of Americans being wiped out financially. 

I believe it will be more devastating than the dotcom blowup of 2000, the 2008 financial crisis, or the Covid crash. 

And, for those who are unprepared, it could decimate their savings, investments, retirement, and even their way of life.

In the aftermath I expect there to be riots, protests, and social upheaval the likes of which America has never seen before. 

That’s NOT a claim I make lightly. 

And I’m well aware of the blowback I’ll receive for going public with this exposé. 

By publishing this report, I’m publicly opposing two of the most powerful men in the world. 

One of whom has practically every Fortune 500 CEO wrapped around his little finger. 

The other owns the most influential media empire in the financial world. He controls what Wall Street sees, hears, and reads.

Together, these men – and their allies – are engaged in a plot to disenfranchise YOU, both politically and financially. 

The stakes could not be higher.

And I believe they will do everything in their power to stop this information from leaking. So don’t be surprised if you see smear campaigns launched against me.    It’s happened before, many times…

Baseless government lawsuits; mainstream media outlets calling me racist and homophobic; even a slanderous Netflix documentary.

It would be laughable, except these smear campaigns work. It’s why it’s the de facto weapon of choice.   

However, their attempts to “cancel” me won’t stop me. They never have. And they never will.

Like when I exposed the fraud at the heart of the Great Financial Crisis and warned my readers in April of 2008 that housing and the financial markets were about to collapse.

Or when I published my controversial “Letters from the Chairman of General Motors”… 

A series of quarterly letters I wrote as if I were the chairman of General Motors.   

The letters explained in plain English with clear, basic financial data, why General Motors was inevitably going bankrupt – years before it did, in fact, go bankrupt. 

It’s what the real Chairman of GM – Rick Wagoner – should have been telling investors, but wasn’t. 

Instead, GM’s corporate staff published inscrutable reports with all kinds of financial jargon jargon that was designed to deceive investors. My “Letters from the Chairman” told the truth, and were passed around

Wall Street, even landing on Warren Buffett’s desk. 

Or in 2010, long before COVID-19, when I produced a 77-minute documentary called “The End of America” that has now been viewed 100 million times.

In the movie, I detailed how the government’s bailouts, money printing, and soaring debt burden would lead to a crisis of America’s civil society and a complete change to our way of life. 

I predicted in near-perfect detail the riots, lockdowns, food and water shortages, protests, and rampant inflation we are now experiencing.

It brings me no joy to make these predictions. 

And even though I’ve been ridiculed and slandered each time I’ve issued a new investigative report like this one… 

I feel it’s my duty to warn you of what my research has uncovered so you can take the necessary steps to protect your family and your wealth.

Unfortunately, most people won’t pay attention. Even fewer will take the steps I recommend. And when the hammer falls, it will be too late.

I urge YOU not to make that mistake. 

Because when you see what’s happening right now, behind the scenes in the government, the media, and the financial sector… 

You will realize that you – and millions of other Americans – are on the brink of being financially wiped out. 

And not by accident. 

A powerful group of politically connected “progressives” is planning to distort America’s economy in a new, disturbing way.

I believe, and have evidence to prove, that they want to “cancel capitalism” and essentially control every American corporation. 

In my opinion, their plan risks the destruction of the most important engines of our economic growth…

All in a misguided and delusional attempt to “save” the planet. 

And to achieve their goal, they will have to completely “reset” our entire way of life. 

This crisis has already begun. 

And I believe the reset they are engineering is going to cost many Americans trillions in losses.

But, for investors who know what's coming, there are ways to protect yourself… and to even make huge profits.

My goal with this exposé is not just to warn you of what’s coming, but to help you position yourself to profit. 

In other words: I want YOU to benefit from this crisis, not be one of its victims.


Our financial system, economy, democracy… even the very “soul” of our nation is being intentionally destroyed by two men.

I know that sounds paranoid. Even ridiculous. But please… let me explain. 

As you’ll see, these two billionaires from New York City believe they’re doing what’s necessary to “save” the country. 

And like all fanatics, they believe their crusade is justified – despite the devastation it will unleash upon tens of millions of innocent Americans. 

Simply put: I believe they’re on a mission to dismantle and “reset” the country, the economy, even the Constitution.

And to implement an entirely new, progressive power structure that allows them and their cronies to control everything.

It’s all part of their plan to burn America down so they can rebuild from the ashes to their own utopian vision.

And in just a few months from now, millions of hardworking people – rich and poor alike – may experience the unthinkable… 

I predict that runaway inflation will crush their savings and standard of living and a collapsing stock market will shatter their retirement plans… 

401(k)s, stock portfolios, crypto holdings, cash, bonds… it’s ALL on the brink of being wiped out. 

That won’t be the biggest problem, though… 

The shockwaves will rip our country even further apart, leading to a surge in violence, protests, and economic disruption.  

Most people will believe the coming catastrophes were accidents. 

The media will claim it was “unavoidable.” 

A turn of fate.  

They’ll say no one could have predicted what happened, that no one could have known how much danger America was in… or how everything could have changed so fast.

But you’ll know better. The proof is right here. 

Verify all my sources for yourself – they’re listed below. 

Despite this, you can be sure that the media will soon be attacking my character and anyone else who endorses this report. 

But I feel it is my duty to shine a light on the dire situation we face. 

Because I care more about the future of my kids and grandkids than I do about politicians and their lackeys coming after me. 

I’m doing this for people like you. 

People who remember what America once was… and who know what it could be again, if all of this madness and insanity would stop.

Today, I’ll show you what I’m personally doing to protect and grow my wealth during the dark days ahead. 

(And why this plan to destroy America has opened the doors to potentially one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever found in my 25-year career.)  

What you choose to do with this information is your choice. I only hope you do what’s right for you and your loved ones. 

My name, by the way, is Porter Stansberry.

You may not know me, but almost 25 years ago, I started a financial research firm with $36,000 and a borrowed laptop.

That firm grew to millions of members in 170 countries, with some of the world’s most successful investors subscribing.

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with: 

Jim Rogers… T. Boone Pickens… Bill Bonner… Ron Paul… Steve Eisman… Steve Forbes… Jim Grant… and countless other legends.     

My firm became famous for exposing many of the financial industry’s darkest secrets… dirty laundry the mainstream media wouldn’t dare to air. 

You see, I built the business with private, paying subscribers, so we would never be beholden to politicians, corporations, or the mainstream media.

We never accepted advertising, we never managed anyone's money, and we never accepted outside investors. 

We remained 100% independent. 

This is how, while other media outlets pretended everything was sunshine and rainbows, we were able to warn our followers of: 

The Great Financial Crisis…  the demise of General Electric… the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… the bankruptcy of GM… and the death of General Growth Properties…  

Showing our readers not just how to avoid being wiped out by these catastrophes… but also how to profit from them.

It’s also how we were able to predict the end of many of Wall Street’s most cherished companies, helping get our readers out BEFORE they crashed. 

But, after 25 years steering the most successful independent financial research firm in the world… 

… I decided to retire. 

I wanted, and felt like I’d earned, some time to focus on my family. So, in July of 2021, I arranged to sell my firm in a $3 billion IPO.

Since then I’ve gone out of my way to mind my own business: 

I retired to an old corn farm to raise my sons, catching up on the time I missed with them while running Stansberry Research. 

And when I’m not with my kids, I’m doing whatever the hell I want to do: hunting, golfing, marlin fishing, and traveling the world in a private plane.


All that recently came to a screeching halt, however…  

You see, while the Covid panic and the lockdowns didn’t surprise me… 

I’d been expecting that debacle for almost a decade, and I’ve grown used to watching the government do things most Americans thought would never happen in our country. 

On the other hand… when I learned what these TWO MEN… two private citizens… were plotting to do, I knew I had to go back to work. 

I’ve long been associated with leading libertarian thinkers, writers, and investors. 

Over 30 years I’d built close friendships with many of the world’s greatest free market thinkers and idea leaders… 

Everyone from the legendary Austrian-school economist Kurt Richebacher, to Presidential candidates Harry Browne and Ron Paul, to writers and publishers like P.J. O’Rourke and Bill Bonner, to many of the world’s most powerful investors, whose privacy I have always respected.

But many of my mentors have retired, or passed on. 

There was no one opposing these two men, directly, with well-researched reports and warnings. 

There was no one out there doing everything possible to protect free markets, to protect private property, to protect capitalism. To do something to at least try to save our way of life. To protect what it means to be an American.

I know that sounds alarmist. 

But trust me, at first, not even I could believe what I found when I really started digging. 

Blatant political corruption at every level of government – even in federal prosecutors’ offices. 

Mainstream media campaigns to plant disinformation on a global scale. 

And an accumulation of socialist power unseen before, ever, in American history.

What I discovered was a plan to change everything about the way our country works. To completely “reset” our financial system and our way of life.  

And whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or independent… whether you have $500 in the bank or $5 million… 

This will impact YOU directly.

Yet, no one else is sounding the alarm. 

And that, my friend, is why I decided to abruptly end my retirement. 

I feel it’s my moral obligation to warn you of what I believe is about to happen. 

So, without any further delay, let me explain in the simplest terms what’s going on, and what it means for you and your family. 


I don’t need to tell you America has changed…

The growing dominance of progressive political ideology is a cancer eating away at the soul of our country. 

But what will shock you is that this relentless drive to the far left has been crafted by two of the world’s richest men. 

Now, I realize that sounds pretty strange. 

How could two men change our country so much? 

Well, one of them is the world’s largest investor…

He manages $10 trillion worth of assets – an amount of capital equal to roughly half of the U.S. GDP. 

No single individual has ever controlled so much of our nation’s wealth, ever before. 

That effectively makes him the boss of hundreds of the most important CEOs in the country and allows him to dictate corporate policies across the Fortune 500.  

There’s arguably no more powerful person in the United States — not even the president. 

There’s also no person more responsible for pushing radically liberal political views on America’s corporations. 

The other man is one of his close colleagues and owns one of the largest financial media businesses in the world.  

His newsroom controls what the world’s business and media leaders read every day.

It’s his company that “frames” the narratives that are driving forces in our economy today.   

It’s their vision that’s shaping our national agenda.

And for almost 20 years, they’ve been forcing their radical beliefs on the public. 

What they want to do to America – is terrifying. 

Put bluntly: they hate the free market. 

They believe that capitalism is evil and needs to be eradicated. They want to replace it with a new, progressive, and “fairer” economic system.  

They call it “stakeholder” capitalism. 

It combines radical environmentalism with fascist forms of income redistribution. 

It proposes radical wealth redistribution to combat income disparities and to ensure “racial equity.” 

It demands that private companies use their resources to help achieve progressive political goals. 

And their combined efforts are poisoning America from within. Take a look at the success of their agenda already: 

  • 54% of young adults now hold a negative view of free market capitalism… 
  • ​Even worse, a stunning 38% of all Americans view socialism positively. 
  • ​Six in ten Americans now believe our country is inherently racist… with many supporting reparations. 
  • ​Almost 40% of the country believes, and I quote, “wealth should be taken from the rich and given to the poor.”

The LIE that capitalism has failed… the LIE that America is evil… the LIE that freedom doesn’t work. 

I believe it’s the only way to grow your wealth in the months and years ahead, because as you’re about to see, the financial landscape has forever changed.   



You have probably never heard of Larry Fink. 

But he is, arguably by far, the most powerful man in America. He has the power to decide, quite literally, which companies will thrive and which will die.  


Fink is the CEO of the largest asset management company in the world, BlackRock. 

BlackRock’s ETFs and mutual funds hold over $10 trillion in assets. It is the biggest, richest, and most powerful firm in all of capitalism. 

To put this number in context: 

There are many who worry about the control people like George Soros exert on our democracy, our corporations, and our politicians. 

But Soros’s fund only manages ~$28 billion… 

That’s LESS than 3% of BlackRock’s holdings. 

And Larry Fink pulls the puppet strings of the market far more than anyone else. 

Since 2012 he has been writing to the CEOs of every public company he controls to demand they abandon “shareholder” capitalism… 

And instead embrace “stakeholder” capitalism.  

This is the belief that companies shouldn’t only be accountable to their shareholders, but also to: 

  • The Environment
  • ​A progressive Social agenda
  • ​A new form of corporate Governance 

This “ESG” movement takes power away from the REAL owners and instead hands the reins to various consultants and political interests.

Stakeholder capitalism, in short, is socialism. 

It’s simply a new way for the elites to take control of every public company in America. 

And Larry Fink will be instrumental in this economic coup d’etat. 

He has co-opted a huge portion of America’s retirement savings and is using it to push for a new socialist agenda in America. 

And virtually no one has connected the dots on what he’s doing. 

But he is the puppet master behind almost all of the seemingly bizarre corporate decisions you’ve seen in the news. 

  • ExxonMobil announcing it aims to transition away from fossil fuels… and giving 25% of its board seats to environmental radicals. 
  • Gillette launching an advertising campaign to fight “toxic masculinity”… 
  • ​Or NASDAQ Inc. pushing a plan to force companies to set a minimum target of at least two “diverse” board members.

However, perhaps the most illustrative example of Fink’s sway over corporate America is the recent debacle at Disney.


On March 28th, 2022 Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a law prohibiting teaching about homosexuality before the 3rd grade. 

Now, I don’t care about anyone’s sexual preference, but most reasonable people would agree (I think) that sex education isn’t appropriate material for first graders and kindergartners. 

Gay activists and a handful of Disney’s employees, however, vehemently opposed the “Don’t Say Gay” law with various forms of lobbying and public relations. 

And incredibly, Disney sided with this tiny minority of radicals who want to sexually indoctrinate young children. 

Tell me… 

Why would a company primarily serving children oppose a law that is clearly designed to protect kids from inappropriate sexual content at school?  

Why would they risk alienating their core audience — the parents of young children?

Normally, they wouldn’t… 

But Larry Fink’s firm, BlackRock, owns more than 6% of the stock, making it the second-largest shareholder.  

And Fink’s letter to his CEOs this year specifically talked about the importance of treating employees as “stakeholders” — whether they own shares or not.

Furthermore, Larry explicitly threatened CEOs that don’t adhere to his radical ESG philosophy, warning them in a recent letter: 

“Companies not adjusting to this new reality and responding to their workers do so at their own peril.”

Yet, despite the backlash, the obvious economic ramifications, and angry letters from shareholders and parents, Disney bowed to Fink’s wishes. 

Unsurprisingly, Disney’s stock has been crushed… 

With shares plunging as low as $94 – a drop of over 50% from their recent highs. 

Now, for any regular American holding Disney stock, this is a catastrophic loss with real-world financial consequences. 

For the ESG Zealots, however, it’s a WIN.  

You see, in “stakeholder capitalism”, the share price is not as important as the adherence to the correct political ideology. 

It’s anti-capitalistic. It’s anti-American. It’s insane.

And it’s coming to THOUSANDS of companies, many of which will see similar cataclysmic crashes in their share price… 

However, this is what the crusaders of ESG and “woke” capitalism want… and they’re not stopping with individual companies…    

They are targeting capitalism itself.



By “canceling” not just individuals, but any company that doesn’t embrace their progressive political goals.  

As you may know, America’s credit rating agencies play a critical role in determining which firms can get access to credit — and at what price. 

They assign ratings to every bond that’s sold in the U.S.  

The bond market is way, way bigger than the stock market. It’s where companies go to borrow money to finance their operations and expansion.

Without access to the bond market, it’s virtually impossible for any large company to grow or to even stay in business.  

That’s why what happens in the bond market is far more important to capitalism than just about anyone realizes. Without the bond market, the whole economy dies.  

That’s why the credit rating agencies are so powerful. 

They essentially control access to the capital markets. 

Credit ratings largely determine whether, and under what terms, a company, a state or a municipality can borrow money in the United States. 

And the three leading credit rating agencies have all recently added a new kind of rating to their credit reviews — an ESG rating.  

That means that virtually every corporation in the world will have to “toe the line” and support progressive views about the environment, social progress, and “woke” governance. 

That means, in the U.S., companies can be “canceled” if they don’t support teaching homosexuality to kindergartners. 

Or if they don’t support allowing their employees to designate their own genders and use whatever bathroom they want.

It also means that companies that make products or serve markets that are currently out of political fashion can be canceled too. 

Gun and ammunition manufacturers, for example. 

Or, perhaps most importantly, companies that produce hydrocarbons.  

There’s no escaping the truth: an ESG-dominated capital market is the end of freedom in the United States. 

It assigns ownership rights to people who aren’t owners. 

It makes corporate boards accountable to POLITICAL masters instead of their legitimate owners. 

And in doing so it removes the rights of actual shareholders. 

Most worryingly, though… 

All of this is just one of the ways these TWO MEN are systematically destroying America and ushering in their utopian socialist dream… 



Michael Bloomberg is, like Larry Fink, one of the most powerful men in the world. 

And he is also on a mission to destroy America’s free market system so it can be rebuilt to his far-left fantasy. 

Except while Larry Fink works to manipulate C-suite executives and corporate boards, Michael Bloomberg is manipulating YOU… the general public.  

And while you obviously know Michael Bloomberg’s name, you probably don’t know just how powerful he personally is. 

Or just how radical he is.

He owns 88% of Bloomberg LP, which is a huge financial media company with 176 offices around the world.

Bloomberg’s “Terminals,” which cost $22,500 per year, per user, sit on virtually every desk on Wall Street and connect all of the world’s markets. 

For many years, Bloomberg’s media company has been the world’s “insider” media company. 

It’s what senior corporate executives watch and where most of corporate America gets its news. 

But about 10 years ago, as Bloomberg’s New York mayoral term was ending (and his Presidential ambitions were gaining traction), his media business expanded, massively, into mainstream news. 

Under a new CEO, Dan Doctoroff, Bloomberg LP hired 2,300 journalists and placed them in 72 countries around the world. 

Doctoroff also bought BusinessWeek, which had gone bankrupt because of declining interest in magazines.  

Why would Bloomberg invest so heavily in a news operation, when the news business was failing? Why would he buy a failed magazine? 

Even a decade after Bloomberg News was created, Bloomberg LP received most of its revenue (76.6%) from its expensive terminals. 

From a financial perspective, Bloomberg News doesn’t make any sense. 

Unless you understand what its real purpose is…  

As Doctoroff told the American Journalism Review his goal was to build “the most influential news organization in the world.”

And how has he used that power? 

In my opinion, more than any other human being in the world, Michael Bloomberg is responsible for the ridiculous notion that the climate is on the verge of disaster. 

And that we must stop fossil fuel use in order to save mankind.

Now to be clear: I’m not denying climate change, but I am denying climate alarmism and prophecies that the world will end in 12 years. 

Now, how Bloomberg has propagated this myth is brilliantly evil… 

He did it by corrupting the underlying science of climate change.   

In 2013, he partnered with two other radical environmentalists: 

Hank Paulson – the former Treasury Secretary and head of Goldman Sachs.

Tom Steyer – the hedge fund billionaire and failed presidential candidate.

They put together a $100 million fund to create a political and special interest campaign called Risky Business. 
The goal?

“To make “the climate threat feel real, immediate and potentially devastating to the business world.”

In order to achieve this, Risky Business manipulated the underlying scientific data beyond all recognition. 

The reports Risky Business began publishing in 2014 conflated and compared entirely different models to create the impression that the most catastrophic potential outcome (called RCP 8.5 in scientific journals) was inevitable without reducing carbon emissions to zero.

As Roger Pielke, a professor at the University of Colorado who specializes in the connection between science and government, has detailed:

“Dodgy science published by climate advocacy groups is certainly not uncommon and it is usually not that interesting. 

But the genius of the Risky Business project was that it did not stop with a flashy report aimed at the daily news cycle. 

It undertook a far more sophisticated campaign focused on introducing its methods into the mainstream scientific literature, where they could take on a life of their own.”

“The extension of this billion-dollar per year climate industry to privately fund AG investigations sets a dangerous precedent. 

It represents private interests commandeering the state’s police powers to target opponents of their policy agenda and to hijack the justice system as a way to overturn the democratic process’s rejection of a political agenda.”

And Bloomberg’s plan is working. 

Not only do many Americans believe that climate change is an existential threat, but he’s succeeded in closing more than 60% of all U.S. coal plants since 2011 and more than half of all European plants since 2016. 

Of course, elites like Bloomberg and Fink never pause to consider that carbon-based power has lifted billions from poverty over the last 50 years.  

Or that fossil fuels still provide more than 80% of the world’s energy supply…

And that, according to Ronald Stein, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author:


To Bloomberg and his ilk, the deadline to stop using fossil fuels was yesterday – consequences be damned. 

And in the same way the credit rating agencies are attempting to limit companies' access to capital (unless they support “stakeholder” capitalism)… 

These combined, decade-long efforts from Larry Fink and Mike Bloomberg have already had severe economic and financial consequences. 

Inflation is crushing real consumer incomes, compounded by higher borrowing costs, pushing more and more Americans out of the middle class. 

Since 2002, the share of wealth held by the middle class has dropped from 36% to 28%…  

While the top 1% of Americans have amassed more than ever before… and this alarming trend shows no signs of slowing. 

It’s disastrous. 

But my research proves far worse is coming. 

And that, my friend, is the scariest part… 

You see, these two men, they’re not evil. No. They fundamentally believe what they’re doing is “for the greater good.”

They believe the ends justify the means. 

And they will stop at nothing to achieve their socialist dream of a “stakeholder capitalism” and ESG economics.    

Your 401(k), stock holdings, cash, and other assets… they’re of no importance to these coastal elites… and if they get crushed? 

Well, you can console yourself in the knowledge it was all for the greater good and the achievement of their vision. 


You can fight back.


Much of what I’ve told you today may seem dark. 

It may seem like there is no way to protect your wealth from the wholesale economic and financial “reset” planned by Bloomberg and Fink. 

However, as I’ll share with you in just a moment, there is a flaw in their plan to destroy America. A flaw you can exploit.     

So that means, whether you are enriched or impoverished by this coming “reset” depends on what you do today.  

For those who choose to bury their head in the sand… everything they’ve worked so hard to build is on the verge of being wiped out. 

However, for those who read the writing on the wall… and are bold enough to act early and act decisively… 

They have the opportunity to not only safeguard their wealth, but potentially grow it 10-fold (or more) in the years ahead.  

Because the upheaval triggered by this attempted takeover of America has opened the doors to the opportunity of a lifetime. 

I expect the potential returns for those who act now will be greater than anything I’ve ever recommended before. 

And that’s saying something, considering I was among the first to recommend Amazon back in 1997 when it was “just” an online book store and trading at $1.50. 

Or Microsoft in 2006 when it was just $26.

Or PayPal (252%)… Shopify (999%)… Nvidia (1,048%)… Illumina (6,806%)… Apple (896%)… Regeneron (4,939%)… and many others.

I was also among the first analysts to predict that the rise of new telecommunication technologies would create a new Internet economy. 

And that the panic around “Peak Oil” was simply a lie. 

However, I believe this story is far bigger, far more important, and far more controversial than them all. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s so critical it has almost single-handedly dragged me out of retirement…  


See, this crusade of Larry Fink and Mike Bloomberg and their mission to destroy America and usher in a new, economic system that they control … 

It has a flaw. 

And that’s the fact that their manipulation of the markets has real world consequences for regular people.
Case in point, inflation is out of control. 

For almost a year now it’s been hovering around 8%. 

That’s 4 times higher than the Fed’s goal of 2%. 

A number the Federal Reserve now admits won’t be achieved until at least 2025. 

Food costs are up 11.4% from last year… with staples like bread increasing 16.2%, chicken up by 16.6% and milk jumping 17.0%.

What’s more, no matter how the Biden administration tries to spin it, many sectors of the US economy are already in a recession. 

As Gary Friedman, the CEO of Restoration Hardware – a multi-billion dollar corporation – puts it: 

“Anybody who thinks we're not in a recession is crazy. 

The housing market is in a recession & it's just getting started. So it's probably going to be a difficult 12 to 18 months in our industry.”

You can see the real impact this is having on people in the latest report from Goldman Sachs’ credit card portfolio. 

They noted borrowers were falling behind on their payments and defaulting at rates “well above subprime lenders.” 

Deutsche Bank credit strategists likewise predict non-investment grade bonds will see average default rates over 10% in 2024, and will include default rates above 40% for the lowest (CCC) ranked bonds.

Given that the U.S. economy relies upon consumer spending, the weak consumer will soon start hitting corporate profits. 

This will eventually lead to layoffs, creating further weakness in consumer incomes, driving a self-reinforcing recessionary cycle. 

The bottom line: 

The shockwaves from Larry Fink & Mike Bloomberg’s meddling in our economy are starting to hit regular Americans. 

The early signs of economic distress we are seeing now will soon snowball into a full-blown, multi-year recession. 

And while the wealthy elites aren’t impacted by this… millions of hard-working Americans are forced to deal with the impact of “stakeholder capitalism”…  

They see it first-hand in the skyrocketing cost of living… the increasing cost of debt… the weak job market… declining real wages…

They feel the pain of having to decide whether to fill up the car or pay for groceries… or whether they can afford to buy their kids new clothes… 

They worry how they’ll survive in old age when their portfolio has fallen through the floor… yet CEOs continue to put ESG ideology before profits.  

As millions more people descend into financial insecurity, even poverty, there will be rebellion against this “woke” capitalism…

And one of the first areas you will see this rebellion take place will be in the energy sector. 

You see, every single industry depends on the energy sector.

Travel, transportation, healthcare, education, manufacturing, medicine, engineering, agriculture, construction… 

NONE of them function without the energy sector.

As Credit Suisse explains… 

“Without energy everything comes crashing to a halt.”

That’s why it’s been called “the single important driver of the overall economy” and why globally it’s a multi-trillion dollar sector.

For tens of thousands of years it has fueled civilization… 

From primitive campfires and medieval water mills to steam engines and coal-burning factories… there has never been and will never be a time when humanity doesn’t need energy. 

And as our economy grows…

We need more and more energy than ever… 

Right now as a direct result of the ESG and stakeholder capitalism crusade from Larry Fink and Mike Bloomberg… 

Energy costs and demands are spiraling out of control all around the world.  

In Europe, shortages of electricity and natural gas have forced shutdowns of everything ranging from steel to plastics to chemical manufacturing. 

But the bigger problem is going to be food. 

More than 70% of European ammonia production (the critical ingredient in nitrogen fertilizers) is now offline. 

At the start of last year, farmers in Western Europe could buy ammonia for about $250 per ton. Today, that same ton of fertilizer costs $1,250…

If European gas supplies remain disrupted and these sky-high fertilizer prices persist, the International Fertilizer Association estimates a 2% drop in global corn, wheat, rice and soybean production. 

And while 2% may not sound like much, the ripple effects of these shortages will have far reaching, devastating consequences. 

As Robert Bryce, author of A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations, writes: 

“[This] appears to be only the latest development in what will likely be a sustained period of higher food prices, food insecurity, and even famine, for tens of millions of people around the world.”

And these problems won’t be constrained to Europe. 

They’re coming to America. It’s only a matter of time. 

Put simply: you must prepare for a global shock in food prices to go along with crippling costs for energy, heat and utility bills.

And while the Ivy League elites lecture us that wind, solar, and other renewables are the only answer and the only way forward…  

The cold hard facts are that there is ZERO chance of renewables ever producing enough low-cost energy to fuel the world. 

As The Manhattan Institute reported:

“Thinking that wind and solar can ever replace fossil fuels is nothing but an “exercise in magical thinking”

Even the former CEO of the Clean Energy Council – an organization devoted to renewable energy – has had to come face to face with reality, admitting:  

“[It’s] a cage fight with the laws of physics”

The truth is: it’s ONLY carbon-based fuels that can provide enough energy to power the world’s insatiable demand. 

And that presents you with one of the single greatest opportunities I’ve ever come across in my 25-year career. 


Over the last several years, as climate alarmism has grown to a fever pitch, fossil fuel production has fallen drastically.

That’s because of the drop in capital spending across the industry, which remains 30% below pre-COVID levels despite far higher energy prices: 

This decline in fossil fuel production, especially here in America, is already having serious economic consequences. 

And the longer it lasts, the worse it will get. As Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, bluntly put it to Squad Member Rashida Tlaib… 

Stopping fossil fuel production “would be the road to hell for America.”  

And in order to avert a full scale energy crisis both here and abroad, America needs to produce and export a lot more natural gas – roughly 50% more.

Fortunately, those rates of production are possible and fortunately we have enough reserves to last 50 years or longer.

Our energy complex can be mobilized to dramatically increase production and help reduce the prices and provide energy security for our allies.

Construction can begin on vast new natural gas export capabilities. And we can ship gas across the Atlantic and power the electric grids from London to Istanbul.

Along the way, investors in natural gas production and infrastructure will make a fortune – which is part of why I’ve written this report. 

There’s only one catch…

None of these things will happen until the Biden administration changes its tune and realizes that radicals like Larry Fink and Mike Bloomberg are destroying America’s economy. 

And with millions of Americans already suffering from historic inflation, rising interest rates, plunging stocks, and a recession…

Biden and the Democrats' only hope of maintaining power is to change course on fossil fuel investment and infrastructure. 

Producing more fossil fuel energy is the only way to provide for a growing economy, an increasing standard of living, and an increasing population.

They can’t use coal or gasoline though because the progressives – led by people like Fink and Bloomberg – have spent decades decrying them. 

The ultimate solution?  

America’s vast natural gas resources.  

Over the next six to 12 months, it will become clear that the best, the safest, and the cleanest way to grow the world’s economy is by using America’s natural gas. 

These changes are inevitable.  

Why? Because there’s no other way to ensure the reliability and the affordability of electricity, around the world. 

And right now, only a handful of companies are holding the right cards. 

That means, the number one way to protect yourself from “stakeholder” capitalism, America’s descent into socialism, and the recession is to…  

… invest in the most important and best positioned U.S. oil and gas companies. 


I’m not the only one who has seen the writing on the wall, either. 

The world’s best investor – Warren Buffett – has been making investments in oil and gas like never before. 

His firm, Berkshire Hathaway, has increased its stake in Occidental Petroleum to 27%. 

This is only the beginning though, as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted Buffett approval to buy up to 50% of available OXY stock.

And many analysts believe he will eventually make a bid to purchase the entire company. 

In fact, Buffett’s oil and gas investments this year are among the biggest bets he’s ever made…

Just how big? Well, Buffett's total cost basis for Coca-Cola was $1.3 billion. And he started buying Apple in 2016 and bought $6.7 billion that year.

Coca-Cola and Apple are right at the top of his signature stock picks and best performers.

His energy investments for the past year? 

Over $29 billion.

When history’s most successful investor makes his biggest stock bet over a 12-month period – you know it’s time to act…

You see, Warren knows the supply and demand characteristics in U.S. oil and natural gas haven’t been this favorable since the 1970s. 

That’s why I recently hired two full-time energy analysts and moved them to Maryland, from Texas and Florida. 

Together our focus has been on understanding how the biggest natural gas resources in America are most likely to be developed and how they will eventually be sold and delivered into the world market. 

We have found an incredible story… 

About three brothers who have built the largest natural gas producer in America, from scratch, over the last decade. 

They are transitioning their company right now to become an export-focused, global liquid natural gas (LNG) giant. 

Over the next decade, I predict investors in this company could potentially make 10x returns.

It is the biggest disruption to the world’s energy markets in 100 years. And you’ve never heard about it… 


This is the story of three brothers who became America’s largest producers of natural gas and how what they’re doing next will make billions and transform the global market for energy.

For the last 50 years, the quest for energy security has dominated foreign policy of all the great powers, including the United States. 

Thus, Saudi Arabia has always been given a pass — no matter what happened. Even the country’s ties to the 9/11 terrorists were swept under the rug. 

But the world’s market for energy is about to be turned upside down — forever. And in another decade, no one will need Saudi oil anymore. 

Before the end of this year, the first international end-to-end production and distribution deal for American shale gas will be struck by a leading “fracker” – a small, independent, oil and gas firm whose production is centered on the largest natural gas reserve in the world, the Marcellus Shale.

This Pittsburgh company, launched just over a decade ago, will soon become the first super-major energy company to emerge from America’s shale resources. 

This firm (which I’ll bet you’ve never heard of) has suddenly – virtually overnight – become the largest producer of U.S. natural gas.   It’ll soon be the world’s biggest and most important energy company.   Let me say that again… 

A little Pittsburgh company will soon be one of the world’s most powerful energy companies. 

While that may seem hard to believe, it’s the simple facts of the matter. And if you take one thing from this presentation, remember these words:  

This company sits on a resource that’s so big and is growing production so much, it will soon become the world’s most important energy company.

And it’s why I want to give you access to my latest investor’s briefing that covers this story and opportunity in exacting detail. 

It’s called THE GODS OF GAS and I’ll tell you how to get your hands on it in just a moment…

First I want to tell you about another opportunity that has been unleashed by the energy crisis wrought by stakeholder capitalism and ESG. 

It has even more upside than THE GODS OF GAS because it’s only beginning to assemble its acreage and build its pipelines and LNG facilities.

The best part?

Its founder is the man who started the entire LNG boom in the United States… 

Building the first independent (non-major oil company) LNG export facility in 2010-2014, a stock that has gone from around $5 to over $150, a return of ~2,900%.  Now he’s about to do it again… 


Currently in the U.S, there are only 8 LNG export terminals.

The newest is Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass in Louisiana – and it is privately owned.

There are, however, two other new LNG plants that are approved and currently under construction. And these are both publicly traded.

One belongs to a partnership between super-major oil company ExxonMobil and Qatar. Called “Golden Pass,” it’s located along the Gulf Coast at Sabine Pass, Texas.

You can, of course, invest in ExxonMobil.

But it is such a huge company that even if it makes a lot of extra money with this new LNG facility, it probably won’t “move the needle” for Exxon’s share price.

But the other new, fully-permitted LNG facility that’s being built is owned by a small company – a start-up, whose founder, as I mentioned, has experience building greenfield LNG facilities.

This new company – known as “Driftwood” in energy circles – has a unique business model that’s designed solely to serve international markets for energy.

Its plan is to acquire natural gas wells in the Haynesville shale (in northeast Louisiana) and transport that production via pipeline to a new LNG plant it’s building on the Gulf Coast.

The Driftwood pipeline and LNG plant is a $12 billion piece of energy infrastructure that has the potential to become one of the most valuable energy infrastructure facilities in the world.

It’s going to be financed, in part, from its own natural gas production. And, most likely, the project will be purchased, even before it’s completed, by a super major, like Shell, which has spent 50 years developing LNG assets all around the world.

Such a deal could lead to huge profits for investors in a very short amount of time.  Of course, this kind of an investment isn’t like buying the “Gods of Gas.”

This is still a very small company.

Its share price is going to be very volatile. 

Moves up or down of 50% or more won’t be unusual, as prices for natural gas change, as prices for LNG change, and as financing options for the Driftwood facility materialize.  The next big move for the stock will come when it announces major funding for the next phase of the project. 

Once that happens, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the market cap move above $10 billion – or about 5x its current share price.

An announcement like that could come at any time.  So, I hope you’ll talk with your investment advisor and acquire a stake that’s appropriate for your portfolio.  When you do, you should mention these three things that I really like about this deal that most other investors don’t know:

  • First, the three largest institutional investors in the company are the three leading ESG money management firms – Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street.

    That tells us it’s likely this company will be considered a “clean” energy company that’s embraced by environmentalists because of the amount of coal-fired power plants its natural gas exports take offline. 
  • ​Second, one of the other major shareholders is Paulson & Co., a hedge fund I respect tremendously.

    John Paulson is one of the best investors of the last 30 years and I’ve followed his investing for much of that time. He’s been buying shares since this company started construction. 
  • ​Finally, the thing that gives me the most confidence is this group’s ability to get deals financed.

    As I mentioned, the ownership group is led by the founder of a company I’ve followed closely and recommended at different times for over 10 years.

    This founder knows LNG export business on the Gulf better than anyone.

As I detail inside THE NEXT LNG GIANT… 

I believe this company will be worth at least $100 billion in ten years, 50x what it is worth right now.

And you can get in right now… 

Before this company becomes the next juggernaut of the global energy market.  

To get access to both of these urgent opportunities, 

THE GODS OF GAS and THE NEXT LNG GIANT, all you’ve got to do is sign up for a trial of my new research service… 



As I mentioned earlier, over two decades ago I started a small financial research firm from my kitchen table. 

That company grew to become one of America’s largest, most successful independent financial research firm with millions of subscribers all around the world.

And during that time, I’m proud to say we helped countless people from all walks of life grow their wealth exponentially.

However, in December 2020, I retired to allow my firm to continue growing as a public company, renamed “MarketWise.” 

My old firm, now led by a phalanx of lawyers, went public in July 2021, in a $3 billion NASDAQ IPO. 

While I’m proud of the business that I built (and continue to be among the largest individual shareholders), I prefer the independence of running my own small shop. 

That’s why the headquarters of my new firm – Porter & Co – is in my tractor barn. 

I get to work alongside a small group of my friends, some of whom I have known since high school.

Nobody gets to tell me what I can and can’t write… and I don’t have to meet any demands for growth. 

We have zero meetings. We just work together – literally all sitting next to each other in the hay loft – to research and publish major investment ideas. 

We are searching for big themes that will last a decade or longer. 

We want to identify ideas that we believe are way ahead of the market and that our readers will not find anywhere else. 

I own 100% of Porter & Company — and with a little help from you, it will remain that way.  

At this point in my career, my independence and the ability I have to serve you – and only you – is the most valuable trait I have to offer you. 

I cherish that freedom and I believe it will create a much better outcome for you too.

THE GODS OF GAS and THE NEXT LNG GIANT stories I just told you about are quintessential “Porter Stories.”

They are the kind of major investment themes I have focused on my entire career, and as my track record proves, can make early investors a fortune.


If that’s what you’re looking for too, then I invite you to become a Founding Member of THE BIG SECRET ON WALL STREET (THIS WEEK).

This is Porter & Co’s flagship financial advisory service, personally written by me and two of the best analysts I’ve ever worked with.

As a Founding Member you will get instant access to the two special briefings I’ve told you about today: THE GODS OF GAS and THE NEXT LNG GIANT.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, as you’ll also get: 


Every other week, on Friday afternoon, THE BIG SECRET ON WALL STREET will reveal the most important (yet often hidden or overlooked) opportunities in the markets…

That’s 24 new issues per year… each of which will explore a new investment opportunity or trend in exacting, exhaustive detail.

I’m talking about research reports & investment ideas you simply cannot get anywhere at any price.

In fact, outside of research teams inside hedge funds, banks, and private equity firms there’s no one producing research like this.


In addition to your research report every other week (24 per year), you will have access to our entire backlog of THE BIG SECRET ON WALL STREET.

Each issue has a investment idea I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen anywhere else – including:





And many more.  


Each recommendation will be logged and tracked in our model portfolio. You’ll also receive timely updates and alerts on each position. 


Every year I’m going to host a private, members-only conference at my farm in Baltimore County.

At this event you’ll not only meet me, you’ll also connect with a selection of hand-picked experts who’ll be giving private presentations.

Food, drink, and entertainment will also all be paid for.

And if you can’t attend in person, don’t worry, you’ll get a digital access pass so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

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If I were to charge for this, it would cost at least $5,000 to attend.

But it’s FREE to you as a Founding Member.

All this (and more) is waiting for you inside THE BIG SECRET ON WALL STREET (THIS WEEK) and right now I’m giving you a 30% discount.

Typically, membership to THE BIG SECRET will be $1,425 per year, but as a special offer to new members you can join for only $1,000.

That’s a saving of more than $400.

And works out to a paltry $41 per bi-weekly issue, an absolute steal given that each of our recommendations could potentially deliver 10-fold returns.

Not to mention the bonuses you’re getting as a Founding Member, which are easily valued at $5,000… 

To claim your membership, simply click the button above now.

You’ll be taken to an encrypted webpage where you can enter your details to secure your spot as a Founding Member. 

Plus, on that page you’ll find there’s another bonus report waiting for you…it’s titled: ENERGY ROYALTIES 

It reveals a unique energy investment opportunity that is safe from the volatile nature of the energy sector.

You see, unlike other energy firms – this company doesn’t have any operating or capital expenses… 

… it simply owns the mineral rights on oil fields. 

All capital and operating expenses lie with the operator.

Which means a capital-intensive business has been transformed into a capital-efficient business that’s virtually guaranteed to produce increasing returns across time.

And in today’s volatile market, it’s one of the best plays you can make.

You see, the cash flow statements for most commodity producers plunge deep into negative territory during commodity bear markets because the prices of the things they sell go down, while operating costs and capital expenditures remain stubbornly high.

But this business model is designed to be immune from this defect.

The following chart shows how this royalty company sailed through the 2020 energy price collapse with barely more than a blip in its cash flow trajectory:  

In other words, this royalty company provides all the upside from higher energy prices, with only a fraction of the downside compared with traditional oil explorers and producers.

And without needing to recycle earnings back into expensive equipment and other operating costs, that cash flows right back to investors. 

That's how this Energy Royalties company pays out a current distribution of $3.24 annualized, or a yield of nearly 11%.

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