Robert Ross Reveals Your Bitcoin Halving Profit Plan


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It’s Finally Happening Again…

The Single Event That Kicked Off Every Crypto Bull Market…

Is Scheduled Again for April 22, 2024

It’s Only Happened Three Times Before…
But Every Time the Entire Crypto Market Has Gone Supernova

For most people, it will be just a random day.

Few will notice anything unusual.

They will follow their daily routines… oblivious to the importance of what’s happening.

But for a select few… what happens on April 22 will change their lives forever.

A great wealth-building window will open.

It will last almost exactly 18 months.

And it just might deliver the biggest gains any of them have seen in their lives.

In short, April 22, 2024, is set to kick off the last (and perhaps largest) great bull market in crypto history.

Now, I don’t say that as a guess or because I have some psychic premonition.

Rather, a specific catalyst is hitting on that day that has proven to kick off massive runs in crypto.

This catalyst has happened exactly three times before… on November 28, 2012… July 9, 2016… and May 11, 2020.

And on those three occasions, those who understood what was going on had the chance to collect gains ranging from 8,616%… to 12,280%… all the way up to 330,000%!

In just 18 months or less.


That turns $1,000 into $3.3 million.

And now, the same event that delivered that enormous gain… is happening once more.

It’s scheduled for April 22, 2024.

And if you move quickly now, long enough before the event takes place, you could radically alter your life during the next 12-18 months.

My Name Is Robert Ross, Founder of TikStocks


Hello, my name is Robert Ross.

I started my career at the nation’s largest retail brokerage firm, Merrill Lynch, before moving to Mauldin Economics, where I became one of the youngest chief investment analysts in industry history.

During that time, I developed proprietary financial models and wrote lengthy investment briefings on asset classes and even managed a popular sell-side equity portfolio that targeted the market’s hottest growth and income opportunities.

However, in 2014, my life changed.

An equity research firm I was working for asked me to dig deep into a new investment called Bitcoin… and create a report on it for a client.

As I did the research, it quickly became clear to me that this new technology would become a game changer.

Bitcoin represented a new “digital gold.”

And if I figured out how it traded for our clients, more money could be made here than in any stock or bond.

Over the years since, cryptocurrency has completely transformed my life.

For example, I started what would become a $9,500 investment in Bitcoin in 2017… which ended up helping me out big-time over the years

And I was fortunate on another investment, this one in Ripple XRP, which gave me one of the biggest and fastest gains of my life.

But I didn’t want to just make money in crypto… I also wanted to share what I had learned with the world.

I started my own business, TikStocks, a social media group where I share my daily investing insights.

On TikStocks, over 500,000 people view my investment ideas every day.

And I also became the Speculative Assets Specialist at Manward Press… which, in just six months’ time, the trading research service I run produced the #1 investment track record for stocks among my peers in 2023.

My average recommendation went up 32.48%, beating the S&P 500’s average performance over the same time frame by nearly 298%. And out of every recommendation I made last year, we closed just one for a tiny, single-digit loss.

average rec vs. the s and p

Not to toot my own horn, but that’s a pretty incredible track record – in this, or any, investing environment, really.

And yet… 2023 was nothing compared with what’s coming in 2024.

I believe we are going to see the fourth bull market in crypto.

It will last between 12 and 18 months.

And it will be perhaps the greatest crypto bull market we’ve seen yet… for reasons I’ll outline in this presentation.

This moment, starting on April 22, 2024, will represent the last opportunity investors have to take a tiny investment in crypto and turn it into a true fortune over such a short period.

In fact, there are five specific cryptocurrencies I expect to deliver some of the biggest gains in the history of the markets.

But after this, the opportunity to collect big wins in just 18 months will be gone.

Remember, the gains we’ve seen the last three times this catalyst hit ranged from 1,000%…. to 12,000%… all the way to 330,000%.

If you’ve ever seen the stories of individuals whose lives were forever altered thanks to crypto… this is your last chance to join them.

Your Last Chance to Become a Crypto Success Story

Like Tommy and James… two brothers from Westchester, New York, who bought just $200 worth of crypto in February 2021.

Just a few months later, the crypto they bought was up over 3,000 times its initial value.

tommy james quote

And they were millionaires.

Or Rachel, a substitute teacher who was living paycheck to paycheck in 2017.

After attending a crypto conference, she decided to put $25 into crypto every week.

By February 2022, she’d hit seven figures.

“I don’t buy big, flashy things,” she says.

rachel quote

“I’m not one of those people with fancy cars or new Rolexes. But I am now a homeowner. Years ago, I would look at the prices of homes and just think ‘That’s completely unrealistic.’ The cool thing about crypto is that anyone can do it, and I’m one of those anybodies who did it.”

Or Terrance, a Navy man and software engineer.

He started with a $2,000 buy in 2019. Then he invested tens of thousands, mostly in Ethereum and some other, smaller coins.

And now his stake has gone over seven figures.

He was able to put a down payment on a four-bedroom house as a result.

terrance screenshot

Now… what’s amazing about these stories… is how many of them there are!

According to a CBS News report, as many as 100,000 people have become millionaires thanks to Bitcoin.

cbs headline

It truly is the greatest wealth-building movement in the world today.

And the vast majority of this wealth was created during a handful of big bull markets… that were all kicked off by the event I’m going to tell you about today.

The same rare set of circumstances that helped these people make fortunes is setting up once again.

A crypto window is opening that I believe will represent the final chance for people like you to hit the crypto lottery.

And I want to show you how you might be able to do that today… even if you’re starting with very little money.

I’m going to walk you through the five cryptocurrencies with the best odds of changing your life.

But before we get to that, let’s start with the biggest critique of crypto…

Crypto Is Actually the Most Predictable Asset Class in the World

It’s volatile and risky, right?

Sure, it could skyrocket…

But it could just as easily collapse.

Well, all of that is true.

Crypto is a high-risk, high-reward asset class.

You can become a millionaire with crypto… but you can also lose your shirt.

However, the “high-risk, high-reward” narrative leaves out one very important truth that few people talk about.

Crypto is actually the most predictable asset class in the world.

That may shock some people.

But it’s completely true.

Up until now, there have been three major bull markets in crypto…

The run from 2012 to 2013, the run from 2016 to 2017 and the run from 2020 to 2021.

People who bought at the beginning of these bull markets made huge money.

People who bought at the end lost big.

Simple as that.

But fortunately for us, it is easy to determine exactly when a crypto bull market will begin.

Because every bull run in crypto has followed the same predictable pattern.

They were all exactly four years apart.

Each bull run lasted about 12 to 18 months.

And all three ended with pullbacks after the big bull move.

You can see it clearly in this chart.

crypto market chart

The first crypto bull market started in 2012… and was followed by a pullback.

The second started in 2016… and was again followed by a pullback.

And then the last crypto bull market began in 2020… and, once more, was followed by a pullback.

Notice how all three look remarkably similar?

They start slowly, suddenly skyrocket… and then fall off for several years before the cycle starts all over again.

Well, this is no accident.

Because these cycles don’t just start out of thin air.

Every cycle starts with a specific catalyst that is built directly into the Bitcoin code.

And when this catalyst hits – which it does every four years – it causes a dramatic bull run.

What catalyst am I talking about, exactly?

You’ve likely heard of it.

It’s called the “Bitcoin halving.”

Look at the chart again.

crypto market chart

The three Bitcoin halvings so far happened here, here and here…

And as you can see, all three kicked off an immediate bull run in crypto.

What is a Bitcoin halving, and why does it create these bull runs?

A Bitcoin halving is fairly simple.

When Satoshi Nakamoto originally created the code for Bitcoin, he wanted to make sure that there would always be a limited supply.

So in the code, the creation of new Bitcoin is cut in half every four years or so.

The moment when it’s cut in half is called a halving.

Now… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will happen to the price of something if you cut the supply in half.

Prices will naturally go up.

Imagine if the production of gold or oil was cut in half every four years.

You would expect major price increases every time.

And that’s exactly what happens following every single Bitcoin halving.

As global ETF and mutual fund company VanEck confirms, “The price of Bitcoin has rallied leading up to and following a halving.”

vaneck quote

Every… single… time.

Without fail.

In fact, every major crypto bull market was sparked by one of these halving events.

The first Bitcoin halving was on November 28, 2012.

At the time, Bitcoin was just $12.

Just over a year later, on December 2, 2013… Bitcoin was $1,046!

That’s a gain of 8,616%.

bitcoin halving chart

The second Bitcoin halving took place on July 9, 2016.

At the time, Bitcoin was $663.

It peaked just about 18 months later at $19,118 on December 18, 2017.

bitcoin halving chart

The third Bitcoin halving took place on May 11, 2020.

And yes, a huge bull run in crypto followed once again.

Over the next year, Bitcoin launched from $8,500 to more than $64,000!

bitcoin halving chart

In short, every single time a Bitcoin halving takes place, a major 12-to-18-month bull market in crypto begins.

And on April 22, 2024… the fourth Bitcoin halving is set to hit.

We’re on the verge of the next major bull market in crypto…

And history shows that if you act quickly during this short window… using some of the techniques I’m about to share with you… you could see gains that go beyond 1,000% or even 10,000%.

Gains as big as 300,000% or more will be on the table.

This is not an opportunity to take lightly.

These types of gains simply do not exist in the realms of stocks, real estate, gold or any other investment.

They are available only in crypto.

And the next bull run will last for only the next 12 to 18 months.

So how should you profit from this, exactly?

Bitcoin Is the Simplest Way to Profit

Of course, the most simple way is to buy Bitcoin itself.

Do so, and I think you will do very well.

During the last halving, in 2020, I personally bought Bitcoin several times for as low as $7,933. And I sold several times over the following 14 months for as high as $47,964.

A nice big win in my account.

But I believe Bitcoin will go even higher this time.

My own projection – based on the size of past historical moves – is that Bitcoin will pass $100,000 and move up to $165,000 per coin during this halving cycle.

And I’m not alone on this.

Goldman Sachs set its price target at $100,000.

bloomberg headline

J.P. Morgan has predicted Bitcoin’s long-term price could go up to $150,000.

cnbc headline

British multinational bank Standard Chartered is predicting it will hit $200,000 in 2025.

cnbc headline

And Fundstrat’s Tom Lee – who nailed the 2023 stock market rally – is calling for a $150k bitcoin in the next 12 months and over $500k over the next five years!

cryptoslate headline

So if you buy Bitcoin, that could represent a nice big gain over the course of just 18 months…

However, that is certainly not the BEST way to profit from this situation.

To set yourself up for generational wealth during this crypto bull run, you have to understand how these cycles work.

The Crypto Cycle Keeps Playing Out Every Four Years… Like Clockwork

It starts with the halving itself.

As I said, when a Bitcoin halving takes place, the supply of new Bitcoin gets cut in half.

Supply of new Bitcoin drops.

And with less new Bitcoin on the market, the prices for existing Bitcoin start to rise.

But of course, as Bitcoin prices rise, what happens to demand?

It goes up!

Now, at first, people don’t really take notice. The price climb starts without a lot of fanfare.

But then, as Bitcoin prices start to reach new highs, news stories start getting published.

Social media posts start rising.

Google searches for Bitcoin increase. (This is already happening right now, by the way.)

google chart

And as this happens… the public starts piling in.

The price starts rising faster and faster… building into a frenzy.

The price of Bitcoin skyrockets during this part of the cycle.

But here’s the thing… That’s not where the truly big money is made.

The life-changing money is found by targeting the smaller altcoins that get pulled up by Bitcoin’s gravitational force AFTER the initial run has already taken place.

And because these altcoins are so much smaller, the gains can be meteoric.

The Gains Can Be 300,000% or More!

Ethereum is a good example.

It’s not even small. It’s the second-biggest crypto.

Yet, when Bitcoin halves, the gains in Ethereum are quite a bit higher than the gains in Bitcoin itself.

For example, after the halving in 2016… Bitcoin went up 2,783%.

That’s big money… but it’s nothing compared with what Ethereum did.

Ethereum rose 12,281%!

ethereum chart

$10,000 in Ethereum would have turned into $1.23 million in just 18 months!

The exact same thing happened during Bitcoin’s next halving, in 2020.

While Bitcoin jumped from $8,500 to $64,000… a nice big gain…

Ethereum launched from $211 to $4,810… a positively monstrous gain.

That’s 2,179% in just 18 months.

ethereum chart

All you had to do was buy Ethereum just as the Bitcoin halving was taking place… and you would have seen the type of gain that takes decades in stocks.

And the same thing is true for dozens of the smallest altcoins.

When Bitcoin halved in 2016… the lesser-known crypto Dash was just over $7.

18 months later, it was $1,286… 173 times higher!

bitcoin chart

A $10,000 investment would have gone to $1.73 million!

During the same period, Litecoin went from around $4… to $318.

A gain of 7,850%.

litecoin chart

When Bitcoin halved in 2020, Cardano increased 57-fold in the 15 months that followed.

cardano chart

And Solana did even better.

It was just $0.53 in May 2020, when the halving took place.

But by November 2021, it was $258.78.

solana chart

$10,000 would have been worth $4,882,641!

That’s almost $5 million on just one $10,000 investment… in just 18 months.

This is what a Bitcoin halving event creates.

During the bull stage of the crypto cycle, Bitcoin’s rise ignites dozens upon dozens of smaller cryptocurrencies for gains that we simply cannot see in any other market at any other time.

Check this one out… PIVX.

If you’d bought it right after the day Bitcoin halved in 2016… and held it for the next 18 months… you would have seen a 333,834% gain!

pivx chart

That turns even a small $100 investment into $333,834.

$1,000 turns into $3.3 million.

And $10,000 turns into more than $33 million!

$33 million in 18 months!

Can you imagine how your life would change after a gain like that?

And listen, while that was one of the biggest crypto wins ever… a lottery-like gain… during a crypto bull market, massive gains are not just one-off situations.

In 2021… the last time a halving sparked a crypto bull market… 68 of the 300 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap gained over 1,000%.

68 of them!

By comparison, in the S&P 500 that year… the #1-performing stock in the entire market, Devon Energy, went up only 198%.

Not even a triple.

But the S&P as a whole went up 26%… which is actually a great year for stocks!

Meanwhile… in the crypto bull run that started with the Bitcoin halving on May 11, 2020… we saw insane peak gains over a two year period, like…

36,169% on XYO…

15,644% on Polygon…

10,927% on Flux…

84,083% on Fantom…

16,567% on Telcoin…

18,994% on Helium…

6,871% on Celsius…

And 48,726% on Solana.

As you can see, the best of the best cryptocurrency wins were gigantic.

Gains like these take decades in the stock market … if they ever happen at all.

Crypto is the only market where you can capture these types of gains in a year and half.

And this is BIG money we’re talking about.

That’s the definition of life-changing money!

In what other asset can you completely change your financial situation in such a short period of time… and with so little money upfront?

However, it’s important to note…

The skeptics will tell you that cryptocurrencies are high risk.

And you know what?

They’re right!

Cryptocurrencies aren’t like stocks, which release a product and quarterly sales reports.

You can’t do fundamental analysis on a crypto.

And because of that, cryptocurrencies can go down just as quickly as they go up.

If you look again at the predictable crypto cycle… the big gains take place in the 18 months after Bitcoin halves.

crypto market chart

It’s done this without fail so far.

But after the big bull move, cryptocurrencies have also gone through a “crypto winter” every time.

And many of the cryptocurrencies I just told you about came back down to earth. (Although you can see in the chart that in the long run, Bitcoin has continued marching higher.)

This is why timing is so crucial in a market like this.

The Bitcoin halving event – which, again, is set to hit in April 2024 – will kick off a 12-to-18-month window that is likely to be a blockbuster run for cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps the last great crypto frenzy we see in our lifetimes.

But if you wait too long to get in, you’ll end up buying too high and missing out on the bull run.

In other words, NOW is your last chance.

Already, the crypto market is moving up strongly in preparation for the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

However, I believe the biggest gains are yet to come…

There is reason to believe that the next 12 to 18 months will be one of the greatest bull markets for crypto…

And it could be the last to chance to radically improve your life in a short, 18-month window.

Here’s why…

The New Spot Bitcoin ETF Could Increase Liquidity Tenfold!

Even though the Bitcoin halving is the primary catalyst that creates bull markets, there are additional forces at work this year.

BIG forces.

And these forces are creating a perfect storm in crypto that could make this one of the biggest bull runs ever.

First of all, the SEC just approved the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETFs… 11 of them to be exact.

These spot Bitcoin ETFs are the first ETFs that allow anyone to buy Bitcoin directly in any brokerage account.

It’s a very big deal.

The Wall Street Journal calls it a “watershed moment for the industry.”

wsj quote

In short, these new ETFs open the floodgates to huge amounts of institutional money that can now flood into the crypto market.

Major players like BlackRock, Fidelity, Invesco, and Wisdom Tree… institutions that control trillions of dollars in wealth… can now help everyday investors easily buy Bitcoin in a normal investment account.

As Forbes points out, this could “enhance liquidity by as much as 10 times.”

forbes quote

Reuters says it will “throw open the market to millions more investors and draw billions in investment.”

reuters quote

In short, this moment will make Bitcoin easier to buy for everyone going forward… which will do just one thing.

Dramatically increase demand.

Okay, so now imagine this.

Billions… perhaps trillions… in additional money starts flowing into Bitcoin.

And at the same time… the Bitcoin halving takes place… cutting the production of new coins in half.

What do you think will happen to the price?

The exact same thing that’s happened after every halving… a massive spike.

This is why it’s so important you move now, before the halving on April 22, 2024.

The excitement around crypto is already growing again. And the price of Bitcoin is rising fast.

Every day that passes represents a lost opportunity to claim the biggest gains.

And again, the new Bitcoin ETFs and the halving are just part of the equation.

There are so many catalysts lining up this year… It’s truly the perfect storm.

Major Sovereign Wealth Funds Worth Billions Are LOADING UP on Bitcoin

Not only is institutional and retail investor money flowing in… but I believe this is the year that major money will start flowing in from governments and central banks around the globe.

In fact, it’s already happening.

Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, for instance, is now eyeing a $500 billion investment in Bitcoin.

qatar headline

Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund is also looking at making Bitcoin a big part of its portfolio.

singapore headline

Emerging markets all over the world are turning to Bitcoin because it solves major financial problems for them.

In Argentina, for example, where inflation was 94% last year… Bitcoin was just legalized as payment in contracts.

Argentina has a new president who got elected on stabilizing the country’s runaway inflation.

argentina quote

“His presidency could pave the way for greater acceptance and integration of cryptocurrency in Argentina’s economy,” Grayscale Research reported.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Argentina now has the largest share of employees in the world who are paid in crypto.


Because quite simply… getting paid in crypto is far better than getting paid in a currency you know will plummet in value every year.

But again, this is happening everywhere.

Anywhere there’s a currency that’s being devalued by a reckless government, the people are turning to cryptocurrency as an answer.

It’s happening in Vietnam… where 17% of the population own or have used crypto.

Nigeria… where crypto transactions hit $56.7 billion by the middle of 2023.

And Brazil… which has the third-highest crypto adoption rate in the world, behind only the United States and Australia.

As crypto usage soars in these countries, billions more will flow into Bitcoin.

But here’s the thing… This is way bigger than just emerging markets.

I Believe the First Central Bank Will Start Adding Bitcoin to Its Portfolio This Year

Because of the stability of the newly approved Bitcoin ETF, I believe that this is the year central banks will start buying Bitcoin too.

A recent survey published in Reuters found that of 86 central banks… 24 of them will have digital currencies over the next few years.

reuters headline

In other words, just like central banks bought gold in the past… they are likely to start buying Bitcoin in the future.

Duetsche Bank Research’s analyst believes Bitcoin is set “to become the 21st century gold.”

duetsche headline

And the central banks seem to agree.

So again, we’re talking about trillions of dollars flowing into Bitcoin here.

You can see why the predictions for Bitcoin have gone sky high.

We’re seeing price targets ranging from $100,000 by Goldman Sachs all the way to $500,000 by Fundstrat’s Tom Lee.

But listen, here’s where timing is so crucial.

Because of the attention surrounding the new ETFs… because the Bitcoin halving is now widely known… and because so much institutional money is flowing in…

I think the meteoric rise in Bitcoin prices is going to happen even faster than normal.

The ETF and global mutual fund company Van Eck is forecasting a peak in Bitcoin by the 4th quarter of 2024.

vaneck headline

If you want the chance at 1,000%… 10,000%… even 300,000% in just 12 to 18 months… you need to take your shot now.

Now Is the Time to Make Your Move

I don’t say that to rush you.

And listen, I’ll be the first to tell you that crypto investing isn’t for everyone.

In many ways, it shouldn’t even be considered investing.

It’s not like buying stocks in your 401(k).

Crypto is a speculation.

It’s about measuring the potential reward against the potential risk.

And in this case, your potential reward is as much as 300,000% in the best case scenario.

And the risk is that some of your crypto investments might go to zero.

Any crypto investor should have their eyes wide open about that.

But in my opinion, the upside is more than worth it at this moment.

Because everything about the predictable Bitcoin cycle is screaming that the next 12-18 months will be perhaps the biggest bull market in crypto we ever see.

The only real question should be…

Which cryptocurrencies should I buy?

Here’s How to Identify the Cryptocurrencies Most Likely to Skyrocket in the Months Ahead

This is crucial.

The people who will do the best are surely the ones who know how to spot the best cryptocurrencies to own.

And to do that, there are several things a good crypto investor needs to know going in.

First of all, cryptocurrencies move completely differently than stocks.

Cryptocurrencies trade on “narrative” rather than “fundamentals.”

It’s about which crypto has a great story behind it… and which one is being promoted by the crypto experts with the big followings.

The more people talk about a particular crypto and the more people start buying… the more it creates momentum.

For that reason, I decide to target cryptocurrencies based on metrics like…

  1. A great story: Does the crypto have a breakthrough technology or an exciting idea behind it?
  2. The number of social media mentions: If a crypto starts trending, the price is likely to skyrocket.
  3. Google searches: It’s easy to track this and it’s the #1 indicator of sudden spikes in price.
  4. Media headlines: Every crypto bull market has been pushed higher by media headlines… like when the Bitcoin ETFs were approved and it was on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.
  5. Trading Volume: If the volume of trades in a crypto spikes over 10-fold, again the price is likely to rise very quickly.
  6. And lastly, I look at something called NUPL, which stands for Net Unrealized Profit and Loss.

NUPL is very important.

Hardly anyone talks about NUPL.

But it’s the main metric I use to decide when to get out… which is crucial for crypto investing.

To put it simply, NUPL measures how much people have already made in any given crypto.

If investors have a very small amount of profits so far, then the run is just getting started and it’s still time to buy.

But if investors have a ton of profits that they haven’t cashed in yet, then it’s likely time to get out because you are near a top.

So these are all factors you should consider before you invest in a crypto play.

Terra is a great example from crypto’s last bull run.

On January 21, 2021… $16.4 million worth of Terra was traded in 24 hours.

And Terra traded for only 83 cents.

terra chart

Then, word of mouth started getting out that Terra was the next hot crypto.

People were posting about Terra on social media and searching for it on Google.

Just five days later, volume had spiked from $16 million to $228 million… a nearly 15-fold increase.

terra chart

And this was the moment to buy.

By October, just nine months later Terra had risen by 4,585%!

terra chart

$10,000 would have turned into over $468,000 in less than a year!

This same recipe plays out over and over.

Social media and Google mentions go up… then the buying volume spikes… and then the crypto goes on a huge monthslong run.

Look at Axie Infinity.

axie chart

On June 27, 2021… Axie traded about $12 million in volume over 24 hours.

By July 5… that figure had risen 10-fold to $126 million.

axie chart

Within three months, the price was up 1,535%.

axie chart

Solana is another one.

It had volume of $8 million on December 20, 2020.

solana chart

Then it started blowing up.

Everyone was talking about it.

And by January 7, the volume increased from $8 million to $206 million!

Now… Solana was still just over $2 at the time.

But by November, it was up to $258… a more than 100-fold gain!

solana chart

$10,000 turned into nearly $1.1 million in just 11 months!

This is what can happen in crypto over a very short period.

So let me lay out the profit plan for you.

The 2024 Crypto Profit Plan

First, we know that crypto is likely to go through a huge bull market over the next 12-18 months.

The Bitcoin halving, new approval of ETFs, and huge inflows of cash globally… should drive a dramatic rise in Bitcoin.

I’m projecting a peak of $165,000 per coin for Bitcoin.

We want to take advantage of this momentum by watching the small cryptocurrencies and looking for those moments when they “go viral.”

I’ll be studying the social media mentions and the google searches.

I’ll be looking for the big spikes in volume that indicate lots of people are suddenly buying in.

We want to target those smaller cryptocurrencies during this 12-18 month period.

And then, we will use NUPL, Net Unrealized Profit and Loss, to determine when we’re near a peak and we should get out.

By following this plan, I believe we can take advantage of this 12-18 month window when crypto is likely to be in a raging bull market.

This is exactly what I did personally during the last Bitcoin halving.

I bought Bitcoin several times for as low as $8,000 and sold several times for as high as over $47,000.

And the same with Ethereum, I started buying at $431 and sold for over $2,900.

I just took advantage of the Bitcoin halving effect to generate big wins for myself.

I am certain we have a chance to do even better this time.

But you might not get an opportunity like this again.

In fact, I believe the next 12 to 18 months represent the last chance for the types of otherworldly gains we’ve seen in crypto.

And I’d like to help you take advantage of this rare moment of opportunity.

Introducing My Brand New Crypto Portfolio

As I said earlier, I am the Speculative Assets Strategist at Manward Press.

It’s been a great ride with Manward so far, an organization that’s built on the idea that all mankind should have the chance to improve their lives through investing.

And we’ve done that very well since I joined the organization.

As I mentioned earlier, in 2023 my separate VIP research service for Manward beat the market on my average trade by 298% over the same timeframes.

It’s been great fun.

But this new opportunity in crypto has me more excited than anything I’ve done in my career.

In preparation for the Bitcoin halving this year, I have been doing deep research on all the available cryptocurrencies… to create the perfect portfolio to profit over the next 18 months.

In creating this new portfolio… the first thing I’m doing is focusing on one word that is very important to crypto.


The biggest moves tend to come in cryptocurrencies that are new and exciting.

Every crypto bull market has seen this.

Every Crypto Bull Market Has a Trend Associated With It

During the 2016-2017 bull market, the new focus was on finding “the next Bitcoin.”

Cryptocurrencies like Dash and Litecoin soared 17,300% and 7,830%.

During the 2020-2021 bull market, the hot new cryptocurrencies were focused on “decentralized finance.”

Coins like Telcoin and Cardano flew upward by as much as 16,567% and 5,700%.

This time… the hot new cryptocurrencies are going to be ones tied to Artificial Intelligence and Web 3.0, which is a new Internet being built on the blockchain.

The Graph is a good example.

It’s a Web 3.0 crypto built to help people create groundbreaking applications without needing to run your own data server.

It tripled in value already going into this year.

the graph chart

But that’s nothing compared to the types of gains we will see once the Bitcoin halving takes place in April.

The halving could kick off one of the biggest bull markets in crypto we’ve ever seen.

That’s when these types of cryptocurrencies could go positively supernova.

And I’ve lined up the exact cryptocurrencies you should be targeting now.

Let me tell you a bit about them.

The Five Cryptocurrencies You Want to Own for the Next 18 Months

The first crypto I’m adding to my portfolio has been called the “Future of High Speed Blockchain.”

It’s a Web3 company that uses blockchain to speed up network speeds for users.

It’s technology powers tools for Google, Meta, Shopify, Stripe, and more.

This is the type of crypto that will get big headlines, lots of Google searches, and is likely to see a huge spike in volume in the days ahead.

The second crypto I’m targeting is being labeled “the future of Ethereum.”

And remember, Ethereum is the second largest crypto… one that turned every $10,000 into $1.23 million in the 18 months following Bitcoin’s second halving.

So this is BIG.

And the crypto crowd is moving in.

Volume has already spiked more than 10-fold. And the price is shooting up.

I see this as one of the biggest movers of the next 18 months.

The third crypto is one that is absolutely blowing up right now.

The number of daily users has shot up from 350,000 to nearly 700,000 since November.

Remember… it’s when word of mouth starts spreading that these small cryptocurrencies start skyrocketing.

And this play is showing all the signs.

But be warned… the price is going up very fast. Every day that passes means more gains left on the table.

The fourth is a crypto that is helping banks, asset managers, and other financial services companies securely use blockchain.

It’s been featured by Fortune, Nasdaq, and CNBC and has been called “the future of finance.”

And volume is spiking here.

It went from around $150 million per day… to days of $500 million, $700 million, and even $1 billion.

Finally, the fifth crypto in my portfolio will be one founded by a professor of computer science. His expertise was in cryptography.

And his crypto is lightyears ahead in terms of security and speed.

It can hit speeds of 10,000 transactions per second.

All told, each of these five cryptocurrencies have the potential to be five of the biggest winners of the coming crypto bull market.

But timing here is crucial.

As I’ve shown you…. once a crypto gets hot, the gains can come extremely fast.

Look at Shiba Inu during crypto’s last bull market in 2021.

If you bought it on February 28 when the run first got started, you would have had a gain of 346,800% by May… and 748,800% by October!

shiba chart

That turns every $1,000 into $7.4 million!

However… if you waited until May to get started… your gain would have only been 100%.

748,800% vs. 100%.

And if you had waited even longer, when Shiba Inu came back down to Earth, you could have lost money.

That’s how much a difference getting in just two months late can make.

This is why I want to get you all five of my favorite cryptocurrencies for this bull run right now.

I’ve put together a detailed guide called The Five Must-Own Cryptocurrencies During Bitcoin’s 4th Major Bull Market.

graphic comments

I can have it in your hands in the next few minutes.

But remember, deciding when to get out is just as important as when to get in.

I’m anticipating this bull market will last between 12 and 18 months.

With that in mind, I’m going to be your crypto guide through this entire bull run.

Along with my new report on my five favorite cryptocurrencies, I’ll also set you up to receive Manward Money Report today.

Manward Money Report Was Built to Help You Profit in Any Market

money report logo

Manward Money Report is where I will be publishing all my updates on this specially curated portfolio going forward.

It’s where I’ll provide insights on what’s happening, and where we’re at in the crypto bull cycle… as well as track the performance of my five favorite cryptocurrencies.

I’ll also look for any new hot cryptos that fit our strategy…

That are seeing big volume spikes, heavy “word of mouth,” and increasing internet searches.

Our goal at Manward is to promote individual success in the financial world.

We want regular people to take control of their futures.

We recommend stocks, cryptocurrencies, gold, alternative assets… and anything else we believe will make our subscribers money.

For the next 12-18 months, I will be focused primarily on cryptocurrencies.

But as this bull market peaks, our goal is to help you cash in substantial crypto profits and then move those funds into safe long-term assets.

We will recommend high quality stocks, high-yielding income plays, gold and other hard assets.

My partner in this is our Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani.

Shah is a legend in the markets.

In 1982, he launched his first hedge fund from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He worked in the pit as a market maker when options on the S&P 100 Index first began trading… and was part of a handful of traders that laid the technical groundwork for what would eventually become the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).

He also ran the futures and options division at the largest retail bank in Britain. Shah gained notoriety for calling the implosion of U.S. financial markets (all the way back in February 2008) AND the mega bull run that followed.

With Manward Money Report, Shah and I will share our favorite investment every month going forward.

It’s where we highlight stocks with exciting new products that are breaking sales records and crushing competitors.

It’s where I’ll share new crypto opportunities with my subscribers.

And it’s where we will give you our insights on the future of this crypto bull run… what’s going on in the stock market… what is happening with the Fed and the economy… and much more.

In short, it’s your resource to understand how to grow your wealth going forward.

And we judge our results by how much your portfolio moves up over time.

For example, at the end of 2023, my followers from TikStocks on social media, which I run independently of Manward, started sending screenshots of their portfolio growth for the year.

It was great fun (and very rewarding) to see the progress.

But I expect to see much bigger growth this year thanks to the 12-to-18-month window opening up in crypto.

When you join Manward Money Report today, my first order of business will be to get my new report “The Five Must-Own Cryptocurrencies During Bitcoin’s 4th Major Bull Market” in your hands right away.

graphic comments

But there is much more you’ll get as a new member.

I also want to share with you the perfect guide to help you navigate crypto.

The Ultimate EASY Guide to Buying Crypto

Now, some people have crypto all figured out.

They know exactly how to buy and trade without any issues.

But others are just getting started.

Many missed out on the previous crypto bull markets and are getting one last chance.

And I know a lot of people who feel the only thing that has stopped them from entering the crypto space is that they don’t understand it. They have questions like…

“Which exchange should I use?”

“What’s a digital wallet?”

“What does a blockchain address look like?”

The most common question I hear is…

“Where do I begin?”

That’s why I created my special report, “The Ultimate EASY Guide to Buying Crypto.”

graphic comments

In this report, I show you how to set up an account on the most reputable exchange, how to connect your bank account and transfer money, and ultimately…

How to buy some of the best new cryptocurrencies with the highest upside potential.

Plus, I have one more extra bonus as well!

It’s a new report on the two cryptocurrencies I think have the best odds of replacing Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Yes, they have that much potential.

I detail everything you need to know about these two cryptocurrencies in “2 Killer Cryptocurrencies That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin.”

graphic comments

In total, then, here’s everything you will get…

Here’s Everything You’re Going to Get as a New Manward Money Report Subscriber

graphic comments

Every Manward Money Report subscription comes with…

  • 12 months of Manward Money Report, with in-depth research and commentary on stocks, options and the cryptocurrency market ($199 value)
  • Our proprietary model stock and crypto portfolios, updated daily with current “Buy”/”Hold”/”Sell” ratings, so you always know precisely what’s happening with our recommended plays
  • My special report: “The Five Must-Own Cryptocurrencies During Bitcoin’s 4th Major Bull Market” ($399 value)
  • A BONUS crypto guide: “The Ultimate EASY Guide to Buying Crypto” ($199 value)
  • My special report: “2 Killer Cryptocurrencies That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin” ($399 value)
  • Access to our entire library of premium investment research and training videos, including dozens of reports with bonus picks and ideas to help you build your wealth, plus new benefits that are being added all the time
  • Access to the full Manward Money Report archives – including more than 50 issues from the last few years
  • Weekly alerts with position updates, plus additional commentary on the stock and crypto markets
  • Invitations to live video calls and online “town hall” meetings, featuring both Shah and me, plus other subscriber events designed to keep Manward Money Report readers informed on what’s happening and how it affects their wealth
  • And a whole lot more!

And while the special reports I’m giving you are valued at nearly $1,000…

You won’t pay anything near that much to join Manward Money Report.

By itself, the retail price of Manward Money Report is only $249.

And at that price, it’s an incredible deal.

Just look at what subscriber Eddie C. had to say in response to a recent issue…

“Great information as always. Manward is the best and it keeps getting better!”

Or how about George W.? He wrote…

“Plain, simple and refreshing perspective that keeps the noise out.”

Or Mike Y., who said…

“Stupendously detailed information. Five stars.”

It’s great to see happy subscribers who appreciate the work we do.

With so much happening in the world… and with the evolving landscape of alternative assets like cryptocurrencies… it’s more important than ever to stay informed on the best ways to grow and protect your wealth.

Like subscriber Richard A., who said…

“You are opening my eyes to new possibilities. Thank you.”

That’s one of our biggest goals at Manward. And we’re so glad to hear we’re hitting the mark.

The timing for all of this is crucial.

With the crypto bull market coming up, I’m expecting to see bigger returns for our subscribers than ever before.

And because of that, I want to make sure we get as many people on board as possible before the Bitcoin halving on April 22.

That’s why I’m not charging the full retail price today.

Instead… because I know how important it is for regular people to get into crypto at this moment… I’m extending a special offer.

I want to give you two years of Manward Money Report for just $79.

Now, normally we sell subscriptions for just one year.

But I’m extending this offer for two years today because I want to make sure I can guide you through the entire upcoming bull run in crypto.

Two years will give us not only the chance to help you target the types of 10,000% or even rare top 300,000% wins we’ve seen in crypto…

But also ensure I can help you get out at the right time as well.

Remember, these crypto bull runs offer the biggest gains of any investment market… bigger than stocks, gold, real estate or anything else.

But when the bull run is over, many cryptos are likely to come back down to earth.

Knowing when to get out is a huge part of the game here.

The goal is to make as much as possible in crypto over the next two years… and then transition back into safer assets to protect your winnings afterward.

So go ahead and sign up for Manward Money Report now.

There’s a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to our membership form.

All you have to do is fill it out… and I’ll get you everything I’ve promised in the next few minutes.

And if you have any doubts holding you back… let me make a promise to you right now.


Why would I do this?

Because I’m willing to take a chance to gain your trust. 

And I truly believe that the people who act now are set to have the greatest two years of their lives.

I think you’ll love what Manward Money Report has in store for you. We pride ourselves on thinking differently about how to build and protect wealth.

Thanks to my refund guarantee, there’s nothing to lose… but there’s so much to gain.

I want you to be satisfied, happy and, most importantly, wealthy!

But again, I want to emphasize…

You do not want to wait on this.

Crypto is already moving up fast.

And the halving on April 22 is set to kick it into overdrive.

Not only that… the approval of Bitcoin ETFs… the huge investments all over the globe… the move of central banks into digital currencies…

All of it could create the greatest bull run we’ve ever seen in crypto.

Quite simply… it boils down to this…

Every single Bitcoin halving has led to a gigantic bull run for crypto.

Without fail.

And during these moments, the smaller cryptocurrencies have produced peak gains of anywhere from 6,000%… to 84,000%… all the way to 330,000%.

Imagine what it would be like to make a few small purchases in crypto today… that alter your life forever.

That’s what a major crypto bull market can do.

Think of Tommy and James… the two brothers from Westchester, New York.

They bought $200 worth of crypto during the last bull market, in 2021.

In just over two months, they had made over 300,000% and were millionaires.

That type of gain will be possible only over the next two years.

After that, it may never happen again.

At the very least, promise me this…

Sign up… get my reports… and check out what kind of research I have in them.

If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, then heck, go ahead and claim a refund and I’ll happily send your money back.

But don’t do nothing.

This is too big a moment to pass up.

The Bitcoin halving is approaching fast.

And every day you wait means you might need to pay higher prices to get in.

And the lower the price you pay, the higher your profit potential will be in the end.

That’s why I encourage you to take the opportunity now, before it’s too late.

Simply click on the button below to go to a secure order form right now so you can review everything you’ll get.

Clicking doesn’t obligate you to buy. You’ll have a chance to see it all laid out for you.

And don’t forget, if you are unsatisfied, you can cancel at any time. And guess what… 

You can keep the special reports.

That is how confident I am that once you see my analysis, my step-by-step guides and my bonus reports, you will want more.

You will see that my insights and recommendations go well beyond paying for themselves.

In fact, the cost of Manward Money Report will be a drop in the bucket.

With so much upside – and so little downside – there is to subscribing today, I think the choice is simple. I look forward to welcoming you to the Manward Money Report family…

So that someday in the future, you don’t look back and say, “If only…”

“If only I had bought Bitcoin before its run to $165,000.”

“If only I’d recognized how big the Bitcoin halving would be.”

“If only I’d bought that tiny crypto that rose 300,000%.”

Turn that “If only” into an “I’m so glad…”

“I’m so glad I recognized the predictable pattern that crypto follows.”

“I’m so glad I took the time to learn about these investments.”

“I’m so glad I didn’t wait until it was too late.”

“I’m so glad I clicked that button and gave Manward Money Report a chance to prove it’s the real deal.”

I think you’ll be so glad you joined us too. Just click that button below to get started.

Thanks for reading, and let’s make some money…

January 2024

© 2024 Manward Press, LLC. Manward Press is a financial publisher that does not act as a personal investment advisor for any specific individual. Nor do we advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. Markets have inherent risks and there can be no guarantee of future profits. Likewise, our past performance does not assure the same future results. All the recommendations communicated to members during the life of this service may not be reflected in this presentation. The stated returns may also include option trades. We will send all our members regular communications with specific, timely strategies and updated recommendations; however, you should not consider any of the communications by our company and employees to you personalized investment advice. Note that the proprietary recommendations and analysis we present to members is for the exclusive use of our membership. January 2024.

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