Marc Chaikin #1 Stock Revealed: Plus, The Stocks to Avoid During “The Rolling Crash”

A rolling market crash spreads across the market over time, like a wave. It sends specific industries crashing, before spilling over into the next. It acts like a snowball, getting bigger and picking up speed as it races down the hill. And the only way to not get run over by that snowball, is to know where the crash is rolling next.

Marc Chaikin, Founder, Power Gauge Report

Marc Chaikin and Power Gauge Report:  The Historic Financial Reset Review

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Marc Chaikin Reveals Biggest Stock Prediction of his 50-year Career on Wall Street

Why I’ve warned 8.4 million Americans to prepare for a historic financial reset in 2023 Get your money out of banks… and into a new vehicle 50 years in the making that could massively boost your wealth next year. Hi, I’m Marc Chaikin. Over the past year or so, I’ve warned 8.4 million people that … Read More

Stocks Could Crash on July 19 at 4:05pm ET

There’s been a “slow-motion” crash this year. Most people don’t realize it, but the number of Nasdaq stocks down 50% or more has now hit a near record. And on July 19, it could get worse… much worse. At 4:05 p.m. ET that afternoon, one of America’s oldest and most beloved firms will make an announcement that could … Read More