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Just a Quick Intro

Costas Bocelli and his team at Monthly Trend Trader have released a promotional offer to alert investors to a “once-in-a-lifetime” investment opportunity.

Bocelli has observed a “megatrend” emerging in the world of microchip and defense manufacturing.  These industries require a dependable supply of a specific type of hard-to-find metal.  And the demand is only increasing.

With global supply chain interruptions and geopolitical tensions making international sources of this material increasingly precarious, and shortages looming, the United States has been on the lookout for a domestic supplier.

monthly trend trader group image

A recent discovery in Texas appears to have made that dream a reality.

Costas Bocelli has identified one small stock ideally positioned to benefit from this supply chain shift.

He believes that immediate investment in this company could produce massive returns. 

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Monthly Trend Trader, the free resources contained in the current promotion, and Costas Bocelli’s strategies for making a fortune from this very specific resource shortage.

Who is Costas Bocelli?

Costas Bocelli has over twenty years of professional market experience.  

Beginning his career as a professional floor trader for Gateway Partners in Philadelphia, Bocelli rose to the position of Senior Equity Options Market Maker.

In 2010, after seeing the economic damage inflicted by the Great Recession on everyday investors, Bocelli made the choice to switch gears and leave the Philadelphia Stock Exchange behind for a position at Tycoon Publishing.  

At Tycoon, Costas made it his mission to capitalize on his years of trading experience to educate and guide thousands of individual investors.

For the past 13 years, Bocelli has continued to offer his financial mentorship to readers through hundreds of published articles.

Costas Bocelli serves as editor in chief of Monthly Trend Trader, where he “champion[s] for the self-directed individual investor.”  

What is Monthly Trend Trader?

Monthly Trend Trader is a monthly (of course) investment research newsletter written and edited by stock market guru Costas Bocelli.

Bocelli has found a method for tracking and exploiting the moves of Wall Street’s biggest players. 

He argues that by keeping an eye on where the billionaires and hedge funds position their money at the beginning of each month, smart investors can anticipate the “monthly trends” destined to drive the market for the next 30 days.

Drawing upon these patterns, Bocelli alerts his readers to the stocks most likely to ride the “monthly trend” to serious gains.

Costas Bocelli gears his newsletter to independent investors of every level.

He stresses:

“This service is for all investors.  There are no requirements related to net worth, income, or citizenship. There are no investment minimums — you can invest as little as you’d like.”

A Brief History of Rare Earth Elements

In order to understand the opportunity that Costas Bocelli has spotted, it’s necessary for a quick and dirty lesson on Rare Earth Elements.

You may not have heard of these materials, but they are vital to our modern world.  Rare Earths are used in everything from cell phones to nuclear reactors to NASA spacecraft.  

Everything that requires a microchip relies on Rare Earth Elements to function.

And these days…good luck finding something without a microchip in it somewhere.

Bocelli’s research has identified one particular Rare Earth that’s increasing in importance as microchips get smaller and smaller.  This metal has unusually high insulation properties, which makes it the perfect material for next generation computer chips.

Costas argues that as the demand for microchips INEVITABLY continues to explode, so will the demand for this element.

But there’s one big problem…

“China controls 75% of the world’s production.”

The Looming Shortage

China’s near-monopoly on the mining of this Rare Earth Element puts the U.S. in an especially precarious position.

Tensions with China are on the rise, and the country has a history of punishing their adversaries by blocking the export of crucial minerals.  As Bocelli points out, they did just that in 2010, completely cutting off the export of Rare Earth Elements to Japan.

When you consider additional factors such as ongoing supply chain issues and geopolitical unrest like the war in Ukraine, Costas argues that it’s no surprise experts are predicting massive shortages of this vital element.

Consumer products aren’t the only destination for this wildly in-demand material.

Bocelli notes that the rare metal is an indispensable component of the cutting-edge electronics and alloys used by the U.S. armed forces and defense industry. 

And because of that, The Pentagon is already taking action to locate and secure a reliable domestic source of the element. 

According to Costas Bocelli, that source has been found… just outside of a small town of 90 people in Texas.

His research indicates that the size of this deposit is “enough to shift the entire overseas supply line to a more dependable source here in the US.”

He’s confident he’s found the one small company best positioned to skyrocket in value when that supply line shifts.

And he believes it’s going to happen soon.      

How One Simple Trade Could Produce 359% Gains

Costas highlights companies that have been in similar positions in the recent past.

  • When China slammed the door on Rare Earth exports back in 2010, an Australian mining company called Lynas Rare Earths experienced a surge of 548%.
  • When President Biden announced that nuclear energy would be part of his green energy plan, uranium supplies around the world were instantly snapped up, and the stock price of uranium mining company Paladin Energy exploded 700%.
  • When metal prices spiked in 2011, Teck Resources, a Canadian silver and copper mining firm, saw its stock skyrocket 1,975%

Bocelli argues that the same sort of megatrend responsible for those extraordinary gains appears to be happening again in the Rare Earths sector… RIGHT NOW. 

The company that he’s identified is trading below $3 at the moment.  But Costas doesn’t expect that to last for long.

He anticipates that everything will change in a matter of weeks.

His expert opinion is that investors who get onboard immediately could see possible gains of 359%…  

…And, according to his calculations, that 359% estimate is on the low end of what’s possible.    

The name and breakdown of this potentially life-changing stock opportunity are included in the current promotional offer for Costas Bocelli’s Monthly Trend Trader. 

What’s Included with Monthly Trend Trader?

During the limited-time promotion, subscriptions to Monthly Trend Trader are packaged with special reports selected to help readers capitalize on the immediate, explosive potential of the rare earth elements sector.

Here’s everything new subscribers receive in the bundle:

One Full Year of Monthly Trend Trader:

At the beginning of each month, subscribers receive this digital investment advisory containing two new stock recommendations.

Costas handpicks these stocks to take advantage of the latest “monthly trends” that his system has identified.

Members-Only Access to the Monthly Trend Trader Website

Subscribers receive login credentials for this members-only resource filled with special reports, videos, and detailed breakdowns of all of Costas’ recommendations.

Access to the Monthly Trend Trader Calculator

This proprietary tool allows members to calculate the correct trade  no matter the specifics of their situation.

Access to the Monthly Trend Trader Dedicated Customer Service Team

Bocelli’s U.S. based customer service team is at your beck and call should you ever have any questions or concerns.

SPECIAL REPORT #1The $3 Stock About to Profit from a $86 Billion Megatrend 

This report details the small stock that Bocelli believes will explode in value when the next market megatrend takes hold.

Costas portends a massive change in the tech industry supply chain… a change that brings with it the potential for massive gains.

Monthly Trend Trader, Special Report #1 - The $3 Stock About to Profit from a $86 Billion Megatrend 

SPECIAL REPORT #2Make up to 1,704% Gains from this Miracle Energy

Costas Bocelli reveals everything you need to know about a new energy source that he expects to revolutionize the energy sector.  

He points out that billions of dollars in private and public funding have already begun flowing into this new technology.  And he’s convinced that investors who buy into the opportunity early could see life-altering gains.

Monthly Trend Trader, Special Report #2 - Make up to 1,704% Gains from this Miracle Energy

SPECIAL REPORT #3Monthly Trend Trader Blueprint

Costas pulls back the curtain on his techniques for recognizing and analyzing market megatrends.  

Understanding these trends is key to his system for predicting where the market is headed next. 

Monthly Trend Trader, Special Report #3 - Monthly Trend Trader Blueprint

Six Months Access to Costas’ Options Soup Masterclass

This multi-part video series (valued at $1988) is designed to educate Bocelli’s readers on how to maximize their returns in the market.

Topics covered in this investing masterclass include:

  • How to achieve a 90% win rate.
  • How to rapidly grow your small account without trading a single stock.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using Bocelli’s strategies. 

How Much is Monthly Trend Trader? 

Annual subscriptions to Monthly Trend Trader are currently being offered at the rate of $47/year.

Monthly Tend Trader Product Image

For those wishing to sign up for two years right off the bat, a discounted rate of $79 for two years is also available.  This is an additional savings of 16%, and includes 3 more bonus reports to sweeten the deal:

  • How to Turbo-Charge Your Dividend Paying Stocks in 2023
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Investing
  • The Perfect Trading Strategy Right Now.

The one year subscription renews annually at $47/year.  

The two year subscription renews biennially at $79 for another two years.

Monthly Trend Trader Refund Policy

According to their website, Monthly Trend Trader comes with a no risk 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Where to Find Monthly Trend Trader

Monthly Trend Trader is written by Costas Bocelli and published by the financial research firm True Market Insiders.

With 11 different services to choose from, True Market Insiders strives to “educate and help investors achieve financial freedom.”

They confidently state:

“If your goal is to use financial resources to secure you and your loved ones’ future, we have a complete method that’ll enable you to do your best.”

Go HERE to learn more about Monthly Trend Trader and Costas Bocelli’s team at True Market Insiders.

In Summary

Costas Bocelli and Monthly Trend Trader have assembled a promotional offer detailing a white-hot investment opportunity in the rare earth elements sector.

Bocelli has identified a specific rare metal exponentially in demand by both consumer electronics and defense manufacturers.  

Unfortunately, the lion’s share of this resource is imported from China.  With United States – China relations deteriorating every day, and global shortages predicted, our country has been desperately seeking a domestic source for the crucial metal.

Bocelli’s research has revealed just such a source, and the one small company primed to profit from that discovery.

He believes that this stock could start skyrocketing in a matter of weeks.

The investment guru insists that now is the time for savvy investors to buy in.

To learn more about Costas Bocelli and his strategies for exploiting rare earth element shortages, or to subscribe to Monthly Trend Trader today, visit the official website.

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