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Confessions From Louis Navellier, Member of America’s 1%:

I’ll Show You LIVE on Camera How ANYONE Can Instantly Earn $300… in 2 Minutes or Less… Every Weekday for the Rest of Your Life


The one percent – America’s rich and powerful – don’t live like everyone else…

And they don’t earn income like everyone else, either…

They know a secret – one that allows them to generate huge amounts of real, hold in your hand cash – ON COMMAND – that they can use to spend on anything they please…

Normally, we keep this particular secret “close to the vest”…

Warren Buffett… the rich clients I advise… and many of my successful business associates… have all used it.

But I can’t in good conscience bite my tongue any longer.

Millions and millions of Americans are in their own form of a financial crisis.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep your head above water.

The reality is that practically ANY American can tap into the “secret income stream of the 1%,” and pull out hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars in instant income, whenever they want.

You just have to know how.

To prove it, I’ve decided to hop on a plane and fly 1,100 miles to one of America’s poorest zip codes to demonstrate how just about anyone can use this secret to make money NOW.

Today, you’re going to see me break ranks from the one percent and reveal what might be the most powerful moneymaking secret, right here ON AIR.

With that said, there’s only one thing left to do.

Let’s hit the road.


I’ve just arrived here in downtown Baltimore… Charm City.

My team has gone ahead and set up this small booth not too far from our home office.

My plan is to attract the attention of complete strangers from all walks of life…

One percenters… ten percenters… ninety-nine percenters…

And if all goes according to plan, I’ll show them how to pull instant CASH from the market… seemingly out of thin air.

Cash that they get to keep, regardless of their financial standing.

But more importantly, they’ll walk away with the knowledge that they can do this whenever they please… as often as they please.

That’s my mission.

So, I urge you to pay close attention… turn off any distractions… and be prepared to take notes.

This could change the way think about making money – yes, even your financial status – forever…

Meet Anne, a retired High School teacher. She approached Louis to learn how the 1% make income. With a few taps on a phone screen, Louis helped with walk away with $390 in just a minute or two.

Mike works in financial services. It’s been a tough year, but he was willing to see what we were up to and give it a shot. Louis gave Mike just a few simple instructions. Before he knew it, Mike was walking away with $350.

Cassie is a hairdresser. She loves her job, but like most Americans, she could always use extra income. Cassie couldn’t wait to see what Louis was up to. Louis walked her through a couple simple steps, and right from her phone, Cassie generated $520 in income.


That was great, wasn’t it?

I mean, did you see all those smiling faces as they received all that cash?

Folks, this is exactly why I’m stepping forward today.

For many Americans, the feelings of financial insecurity have never been greater.

Americans need to earn more money right now.

They need their incomes to be running faster than inflation.

They need a lot of extra cash in hand to pay for living expenses, home expenses, medical expenses, and the like.

And unless you’ve worked at a money management firm like mine, you probably have no idea how to generate income on command.

Now before we dig into the details, please understand what I’m about to show you is not difficult…

But it does require a little more work than simply buying a stock… or a bond… or a CD.

This is one of the main reasons that this income technique remains a mystery to most Americans.

Most folks just aren’t willing to “put in the extra effort.”

It’s also the reason why this has become one of the top strategies used by the financial institutions to line their own pockets… and why 1%’ers keep this secret close to the vest.

The extra work required adds a bit of a “buffer”… and provides a huge advantage to those willing to work a bit harder.

And by huge advantage, I’m talking about the potential to rake in some really big money.

In fact, Virtu Financial (one of the world largest high frequency trading firms) racked up over $395 million in revenue with this technique in just the second quarter of 2022!

And they’re not alone…

Big banks and investment firms like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and JP Morgan have also raked in millions even billions in revenue.

It’s even been reported that legendary 1%’er – Warren Buffet – once used this income strategy to generate an instant $7.5 million in 5 minutes time.

Corporate insiders and 1%’ers like myself have been using this strategy for decades.

So believe me when I tell you that not only is it profitable, but using this strategy properly does NOT require taking massive risks.

I know from experience, this secret can actually be a lower-risk move than some of the more conventional things you hear about… like investing in micro-cap stocks, gold mining companies, bonds, mutual funds and even real estate.

So how does it work? And where does all the money come from?

Well, I’m going to answer each and every one of your questions and concerns.

So join me as we head back to my office building…

I’ll fill you in on the full story.

The Income Strategy With a 95.94% Win-Rate… that’s More Boring Than Value Investing

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you know that I attribute much of my success to focusing on only the best stocks the market has to offer – particularly high-quality large-cap stocks.

Companies like Microsoft, Nike, Toyota, Tyson Foods, and Nvidia.

These are the kinds of stocks you want to buy at steep, discounted prices and hold onto over the long term.

And when you can find them early, before they become household names, well that doesn’t hurt either.

This is how I’ve been able to produce the kinds of returns most investors drool over…

Like 41,000% with Nike…

11,600% with Oracle…

26,000% with Adobe…

And 59,800% with Microsoft.

Now I don’t always get it right, but by simply owning dominant, capital-efficient companies when they are inexpensive, you can really compound your returns over time.

Take Walmart, for example.

I’ve recommended owning shares of Walmart several different times over the past few decades, typically when prices become irresistibly cheap.

And my readers that followed through on my recommendations could have easily seen triple-digit returns.

Of course, this is nothing more than boring old value investing.

But here’s the thing about Walmart that most folks don’t understand…

You can use a powerhouse company like Walmart to instantly pull $350 or more directly out of the markets.

And you can do this without having to buy shares upfront.

Just in case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with the dividend payouts.

Rather, you’re using Walmart to apply a completely different investing technique… which is just as conservative and boring as value investing.

It’s all thanks to a critical anomaly that exists in the markets.

All you have to do is execute a single, easy to follow trading strategy in your brokerage account… and you’ll be able to extract hundreds of dollars.

It’s the equivalent of receiving a year’s worth of dividend payouts in just minutes.

And here’s the best part: You don’t need to buy any shares of Walmart, upfront.

It’s the same scenario with other large, blue-chip companies.

With this income strategy, you could have pulled out:

$380 with United Parcel Service…

$630 with Constellation Brands…

And $650 with Microsoft.

Or how about a must-own company like Apple?

If you want to potentially make money from the tech giant Apple right now…

You basically have two choices:

You could buy the stock… which is what 99% of investors would do.

Hopefully, the stock would go up high enough over the next few years that it would be worth the investment.

And Apple has certainly done very well for investors over the years.

But here’s the thing:

Apple is already one of the biggest, most popular stocks in the world right now.

Yes, Apple could see triple-digit gains again… but it could take years for that to happen.

Apple also pays a small dividend.

Right now, it yields less than 1%.

So if you owned 100 shares of Apple last year, you would have received four dividend payments, for a grand total of $80.

Which, quite honestly, is not that great.

Or, if you really wanted to make money on Apple, you could exploit the same anomaly I just showed you with Walmart.

In just about 5 minutes – the time it takes to open your computer or smartphone and place the trade – you could have received $3,325 instantly, deposited directly into your account… With dividends alone, it would take you 40-years to earn the same amount of income.

It’s not even a fair comparison.

Are you starting to understand how powerful this is?

Once you master this strategy, you'll likely never buy regular stocks, in the regular way, again.

But before I explain any further, I need to make TWO things crystal clear…

Why this Income Strategy May NOT Be Right For You

First off…

This strategy is not designed for “rookies” looking to invest a few hundred dollars into the markets.

In fact, it’s highly unlikely that your broker would even allow it.

Typically, most brokerage firms require that you maintain a minimum balance in your account.

Most firms won’t even give you access to these niche markets unless you carry a balance of at least $2,500… possibly as much as $10,000.

But in my experience, to take full advantage of this opportunity, you should have an account balance of $25,000 or more – you can use your 401k if you’d like.

If you don’t meet the minimum financial requirements, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to capture the full benefit of this strategy.

For instance, if you’re a college student or you’ve just recently entered the workforce, this is not the opportunity for you.


I suggest you stick to the more “conventional” ways to grow your wealth… at least for the time being.

SECOND: For those of you who have the kind of initial capital necessary to exploit this situation, you will be required to submit an agreement form with your broker before you can act upon the recommendations.

Your broker must approve you before you can begin.

That’s their rule, not mine.

But don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the form… and there are no fees to pay.

I should also add that some brokers are more selective than others and won’t provide their clients with access to these types of opportunities. If you run into this situation, you may want to switch brokers altogether.

This is some of the “extra work” required that I mentioned earlier.

And clearly, some of you watching this tutorial will decide that this opportunity is not right for you. Or that you’re just not ready.

That's OK.

The added exclusivity is a large part of why this technique is so successful.

But if you’re willing to try something new… if you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do just a bit of extra leg work… you can easily grab an extra $30,000 this year in instant income. Probably more.

That’s without taking on any additional risk.

I believe once you see that money start piling up in your brokerage account, you may never want to invest the traditional way ever again.

Are you ready?

Because your first chance to cash in from this market anomaly is set for a few days from today.

The opportunity might come from a company like Walmart… or perhaps there will be a better setup with another big blue-chip company like Bank of America, Disney, Target or Microsoft.

Usually, it’s a game-time decision.

The markets will ultimately dictate the recommendation… it always comes down to the opportunity with the highest income potential and the highest probability of winning the trade.

That’s how you amass a 95.94% win rate in 2022 so far!

And truthfully, knowing the name of the stock in advance won’t give you an edge anyway.

Because you won’t be buying the stock outright.

That’s not how this works.

Full Disclosure: The income technique we’ll be exploiting lies in capitalizing on a little-known niche within the options market.

Now if you’re like most people you’re probably thinking,

“Aren’t options incredibly risky?”

Ordinarily, I’d say you are 100% correct.

The way most people trade options is very risky. You might even say it’s downright reckless.

But there’s two different methods of option transactions…

The most common method – and what most people think of when they think of options

Is what we call BUYING options.

This is your classic get rich quick scheme…

Where speculators leverage large amounts of money…

And pray the stock moves in a certain direction over a certain amount of time.

Think of it like gamblers in a Vegas casino…

These gamblers take big risks, looking for a big payday.

And sure, they might get lucky every once in a while. But they also “strike out” the vast majority of the time.

In reality, buying options can be very risky.

On the flip side of options, the “house” is made up primarily of large Wall Street banks, Investment firms and wealthy 1%’ers like Warren Buffet and myself.

And the “house” is selling options.

That’s because when you sell options, the odds of winning become highly skewed in your favor.

You want to be the “house.”

Every time the options buyers strike out, you’re the one keeping their money.

And that’s why selling options is about the closest you can get to never losing money.

This is where all the instant income comes from. It comes from speculators trying to beat the odds.

It’s also why the word “options” carries the stigma of being dangerous.

But executed correctly, this strategy is one of the lower-risk tools in your investing toolbelt.

The one caveat to this strategy is that if the trade goes south, you’ll be on the hook to purchase 100 shares of the underlying stock, per contract you purchased.

That’s why you want to only use this strategy with high-quality blue-chip stocks. Stocks that you would want to own anyway.

That’s the real secret. Executed correctly, this strategy allows you to potentially pile up lots of single and double digit wins as well as generating large amounts of income.

And with market conditions like we’ve been experiencing lately, this strategy is a “no-brainer,” because it can actually become more effective during turbulence and uncertainty.

This is how you amass a win rate that’s nearly perfect for this year. 95.94%!

Again, that is the actual, track record of Investorplaces’ premier options service called Strategic Trader.

And that nearly flawless 95.94% win-rate isn’t just a small, cherry-picked calculation over the short term… but rather the total track record for the entirety of 2022.

And this is the same approach Strategic Trader has been perfecting since 2011!

Strategic Trader’s Win-Rate Pushes 90%+!!!

Already in 2022, InvestorPlace’s premier options trading service – Strategic Trader – has closed 74 trades.

Out of those 74 trades, 71 were winners.

And here’s the real kicker… the three trades that weren’t technically winners weren’t loser either… they actually broke even.

But as I mentioned, they ALL produced instant cash.

Just take a look at some of the recent upfront cash payouts you could have received so far this year…

Bank of America Corp.$126
United Parcel Service Inc.$359
Microsoft Corp.$590
Constellation Brands Inc.$436
Apple Inc.$353
Pfizer Inc.$79
Ford Motor Co.$41
Nike Inc.$305
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.$379
Target Corp.$186
Bank of America Corp.$182
Southwest Airlines Co.$47
United Parcel Service Inc.$182

All in a few minutes or less — and all without buying a single share upfront:

What you’re looking at is the actual performance of Strategic Trader for the month of January, 2022.

As you can see, the service targets Blue Chip stocks like Apple, Target and Bank of America taking advantage of anomalies in the options markets to produce instant cash payouts.

In just one month, you could have generated an extra $3,265.

It’s the same scenario for February, where you could have pulled out exactly 2,672.

And in March, $1,661. And in April, $2,648.

As you can see, this strategy produces sizeable amounts of cash day after day, month after month, year after year.

Over the course of a year, you could be looking at an additional $30,000 or more in guaranteed upfront cash payouts — especially during this up-and-down market.

That’s almost the average American yearly salary…

Again, the unique strategy touted in Strategic Trader won’t produce overnight, jackpot-size wins… but it does provide a conservative, consistent stream of income.

And the money really adds up.

Strategic Trader is – hands down –the best options service I’ve ever seen offered to regular Americans…

And at the helm are two absolute legends in the industry… John Jagerson and Wade Hansen.

John Jagerson has been in the financial business for 20 years as a broker… a private equity investor… money manager… and a financial educator.

He is a Harvard Business School Leadership Graduate.

He was part of the leadership team at an online options brokerage and investor education company called Thinkorswim Group that was later bought in 2009 for $606 million.

And he has taught this exact same options strategy to the clients of big-name firms like Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, and the International Securities Exchange, among many others.

Over the course of his career, I’d estimate he’s probably taught over half a million Americans this powerful options secret.

He also has been using this strategy himself for the last two decades.

And John publishes Strategic Trader alongside a personal, life-long friend by the name of Wade Hansen.

Much like John, Wade Hansen has been involved in investor education for his entire career.

He co-founded Learning Markets and PFX Global to help individuals learn how to take control of an investment portfolio.

Wade also created investment courses in options, futures and forex trading for Yahoo! Finance, Saxo Bank and the Thinkorswim Group.

Together, these two options masterminds have created the most successful options trading service that I’ve ever seen across the entire industry.

Strategic Trader has helped regular investors – especially those with little to no experience – to trade options like a Wall Street pro.

Probably because John and Wade are the guys who get called upon to actually teach the pro’s at big name financial institutions up and down Wall Street.

With a nearly perfect track record in 2022, they’ve helped give countless regular Americans– those willing to try something new – the chance to rake in anywhere from $30,000 to as much as $142,080 in a single year!

Now it's your turn…

Remember, the newest trade recommendation for Strategic Trader is scheduled just days from today.

This is your opportunity to get in on the action… and start earning instant income of hundreds, even a $1,000 or more using one of the safest, time-tested strategies possible.

The publishers of Strategic Trader, John Jagerson and Wade Hansen, have crafted their unique service to remove all of the guesswork.

They find the trades.

They send you a detailed report for each trade they are recommending.

They will show you how much instant income you can expect to receive.

But even better, they have crafted an entire welcome series to teach you everything they know about making a small fortune selling options.

If you’ve never heard about our research service before, please check out our details & disclosures page.

Are you Ready to Discover How to Earn $305, $436 or $590 With Strategic Trader?

In fact, while you are waiting for the details of your first trade, I strongly encourage you to check out the Options Master Class series they have put together for first-time folks looking to tap into this unique market.

Remember, John Jagerson and Wade Hansen have taught this strategy to investing professionals at big-name firms like Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, and the International Securities Exchange, among many others.

The same lessons and secrets once privy to Wall Street elites are explained in layman’s terms so that ANYONE can quickly become a master.

If you stick with the easy-to-follow systems and fundamentals you’ll soon discover in the Master Class, you’ll know everything you need to get started using the options-selling technique I’ve been telling you about here:

  • Options Master Class Lesson #1: Your Blueprint for Options Success goes in-depth into exactly how to begin to execute this options-selling strategy yourself.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to know a little bit more about options trading but haven’t really gotten started yet.

  • Options Master Class Lesson #2: The Simple “Instant Income” Options Secret

In this lesson, you’ll learn the complete options technique to start trading your way to guaranteed upfront cash payouts from the stock market. The tutorial goes in-depth into several real-life trade examples, so you can see exactly how a trade works from start to finish.

  • Options Master Class Lesson #3: A Second Simple Options Strategy for Instant Cash Payouts

Here, you’ll learn a variation of the options strategy in Lesson #2—where you can generate hundreds—even thousands—in instant income on stocks you may already own.

  • Options Master Class Lesson #4: How to Make Potential Triple-Digit Gains With Options

This is one of the most powerful—and misunderstood—options strategies out there.

In Lesson #4, you’ll discover you how to stack the odds in your favor with this powerful options technique… and exactly how to place this trade with an online broker.

  • Options Master Class Lesson #5: Next Steps to Successful Options Trading

In the final lesson, the Strategic Trader team shares some important psychological insights that will help you become a smarter and much more successful trader—ideas that 99% of traders never think about, including:

  • How to defeat “the 3 deadly traps” new traders can fall into… how the “disposition effect” can distort your decision making… why the “brick wall” metaphor can make you see the real big picture in any trade… and much more.

Once you’re finished with the Master Class, you’ll know how to start collecting instant payouts like

$1,025 from Activision…

$525 from Boston Scientific…

And $2,745 from CME Group…

Among many, many others.

The full Options Master Class – all 5 lessons – are yours to keep, as a special gift to you…

REMEMBER: these are the same lessons and techniques that John and Wade have been teaching at some the biggest firms on and off Wall Street.

And they’re all yours once you accept our invitation to join the Strategic Trader community.

So how much does it cost to join Strategic Trader?

Ordinarily, Strategic Trader is one of the most expensive services we offer here at InvestorPlace.

… with a price tag of $2,000 for a full-year’s subscription.

After all, where else can you bat 95.94% over the course of an entire year? I’d say that’s a fair price.

But today, John and Wade have agreed to share their groundbreaking options strategy for less than half that amount.

For folks that try out their unique service today, they’re willing “pay it forward” as the saying goes, and make it available for roughly the same amount of money you could see on your very first trade.

That way, everything you make for the rest of the year is all profits.

Of course, all investing carries risk. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose. In 2021, the average gain for Strategic Trader was 5.04%.

But before I get into the details, let me show you what else you’ll receive the moment you join the Strategic Trader community.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive By Joining the Strategic Trader Community Today

One Month of Strategic Trader Options Research Service and Recommendations:

You’ll receive between one and three new income trading research issues published every week from John and Wade. Each one gives you the opportunity to pull profits out of the market and into your account. You’ll also receive recommended position updates as needed, so you’ll never be left wondering what to do.

24/7 access to the Strategic Trader private members-only website, where you’ll find the official recommended open portfolio trade list, alerts, weekly updates, webinar replays, and more.

FREE SPECIAL REPORT: The Quick-Start Guide to Making $100s a Week with Income Trading

It will take you only about 15 minutes or so to read this report and learn everything you’ll need to get started right away, including how to set up your brokerage account to use this strategy, and much more. Again, you may even have to switch brokers if necessary. If that’s the case, this report will show you how.

The Wednesday Strategic Trader Weekly Webinar: Every Wednesday, tune in to get the latest on what our options gurus are seeing in the market that week… any new trade setups… and answer the most pressing reader questions about their strategy.

Strategic Trader’s Library of Educational Resources:
Every single resource you need to learn exactly how to use this instant-income trading strategy is included in this library. You’ll have access to the complete archive of Special Reports… the New Member Introductory Webinar… information on how to use this strategy in a retirement account… and more.

And, of course…

The full 5-Lesson Options Master Class, which is yours to keep, no matter what.

Again, you’ll get everything I’ve just listed at a mere fraction of what it normally costs to join the Strategic Trader community.

If you’d like to learn how to start collecting hundreds and even thousands of dollars from the stock market… while at the same time taking on less risk than buying blue ship companies…

We need to hear from you soon.

So click on the blue button to get started!

For more details, see our disclosures and details page.

September 2022

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