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Just a Quick Intro

Nilus Mattive and Weiss Crypto Investor have a new promotion targeted at investors looking to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the crypto market.

Although cryptocurrencies are presently in a downturn, Nilus and his team have identified a number of factors that could indicate an impending explosion in the value of certain coins.

Nilus predicts that savvy investors who can see past the current negativity are primed to reap massive gains from even modest investments in the right cryptos.

The team at Weiss Crypto Investors have produced a collection of special reports intended to act as a roadmap for investors looking to navigate the current confusion… 

…and capitalize on what looks to be a monumental moment in the growth of the crypto market.  

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Weiss Crypto Investor, the bonuses included with the current promotion and Nilus Mattive’s strategies for profiting from emerging trends in the crypto market. 

Who is Nilus Mattive?

Although you could make the case that his investment career began when he purchased his first stock in the 6th grade, Nilus Mattive got his professional start working as a financial columnist for Jono Steinberg’s Individual Investor Group.

Nilus then served a five year stretch as an editor at Standard & Poor, where he authored The Standard & Poor’s Guide for the New Investor.

For the next 15 years, Mattive helmed a variety of successful newsletters and trading services.  This includes a recent stint as chief investment writer at the Palm Beach Research Group, where he expanded his expertise in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency.

Nilus has appeared on several major media outlets, including BusinessWeek, Dow Jones’ MarketWatch, and Fox News.

Nilus Mattive holds the title of Income, Dividend & Crypto Analyst for the storied financial research publisher Weiss Ratings. He also serves as co-editor of their monthly investment newsletter Weiss Crypto Investor.    

Weiss Crypto Investor, Nilus Mattive

What is Weiss Crypto Investor?

Weiss Crypto Investor is a monthly cryptocurrency investment newsletter co-edited by Nilus Mattive and Juan Villaverde.

Every month, subscribers receive a new batch of analysis and recommendations based on what Nilus describes as “the only scientific crypto ratings system in the world.”

Nilus and Juan steer their readers towards the latest opportunities, while warning them off “hyped-up cryptos” that may look good to the uninformed, but should be avoided at all costs.

In addition to the monthly report, Weiss Crypto Investor members also receive the five-times-per-week Weiss Crypto Daily, filled with breaking news and recommendations that can’t wait until the next issue. 

Isn’t Crypto Dead and Buried?

Nilus Mattive is well aware of the present negativity surrounding cryptocurrency.

He’s well aware of the spectacular collapse of major players like Luna and the FTX exchange.

And he’s definitely well aware that “long-time crypto naysayers” like Warren Buffett, Jaime Dimon and Charlie Munger are all taking an I-told-you-so victory lap right now.

But despite all that…

Mattive makes the case that not only has crypto’s demise been prematurely reported, but that Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies are primed to launch straight out of the grave and into the stratosphere.  

Nilus Mattive insists that instead of cutting their losses and running for the hills, savvy investors should be diving headfirst back into the cryptocurrency market. 

As the crypto analysis guru puts it:

“One good crypto investment right now could be worth keeping your money in the broad stock market for the next 7,600 years!”

So why exactly is Mattive so confident in his forecast? What is he seeing that so many other market analysts have missed?

Crypto and the Dot-Com Bubble

In assessing the current state of the crypto market, Nilus Mattive draws upon his experience as a young stock analyst in 2001.

2001 was when the out-of-control dot-com bubble finally began to burst.  Within a year, hundreds of once super-hot tech stocks were trading for pennies on the dollar, and investors watched $5 trillion in wealth go up in smoke.

But after that smoke cleared and the dead weight fell away, a handful of those tech stocks not only recovered…they skyrocketed.

Mattive points out the example of Amazon.  At the height of the tech bubble it was trading at $100 a share.  After the collapse it was going for $10 a share.

A lot of investors cut their losses and ran.  But what if they’d stuck around…?

At its most recent peak, Amazon stock was trading at $3,500 a share.

That’s a 350x gain.  Anyone investing just $1000 in Amazon back when everyone else was cashing-out would now be sitting on $350,000.

Also a victim of the dot-com burst, Apple was seen as a dead man walking in 2003, trading at just 20 cents a share.  

Imagine getting in on Apple at 20 CENTS A SHARE!!! 

Nilus Mattive believes that the patterns observed during the 2001 tech stock implosion are currently repeating themselves in the crypto market.

He believes that the latest crypto crash, much like that tech bubble, has served to clear the decks of a lot of overvalued junk.

Nilus argues that, as before, a small number of the truly worthwhile players, such as Bitcoin, will bounce back…and then just keep on bouncing higher.

And he’s convinced that investors can exploit Bitcoin and other select cryptos to amass potentially life-changing returns.

Just like those brave souls who took a chance on Amazon and Apple when they hit rock bottom in the early 2000s.    

The Weiss Ratings System and Warren Buffett’s Blind Spot

Nilus Mattive draws much of his confidence from the predictive power of the Weiss Ratings System.  This proprietary ratings system identified Apple as a BUY way back when “prices were low and skepticism was still high.”

Mattive points out that the system also predicted the bottom of the last crypto cycle.  

For investors who dove into the crypto market at that point:

  • Bitcoin jumped over 20x.
  • Ethereum surged 54x.
  • Cardano exploded 102x.
  • Chainlink skyrocketed 234x.

And the Weiss Ratings System is indicating that crypto has again hit rock bottom.

With cryptocurrency appearing to follow the same adoption curve as the internet and all other major new technologies over the last century, Nilus predicts that the sector is primed to explode in one last, great surge.  

And Warren Buffett? Mattive points out that he was painfully behind the curve when it came to tech stocks as well.  

Buffett waited years to finally invest in Apple and Amazon, leaving hundreds of billions of dollars on the table because he didn’t understand the internet any more than he understands crypto.

The team at Weiss Crypto Investor doesn’t want their readers to make the same mistake.

Nilus Mattive and the expert analysts at Weiss Crypto Investor have created a promotion filled with the resources investors need to navigate this potentially once-in-a-lifetime crypto opportunity.

What’s Included with Weiss Crypto Investor?

During the current promotion, subscriptions to Weiss Crypto Investor include a special bundle of resources designed to guide investors through the confusing, roller coaster world of crypto.

Here’s everything Nilus is offering new subscribers during the promo:

One Full Year of Weiss Crypto Investor:

Every month, co-editors Nilus Mattive and Juan Villaverde bring subscribers news, analysis, and recommendations hand-picked to help them navigate and dominate the fast-moving cryptocurrency market.

SPECIAL REPORT #1 – How to Earn Bitcoin Without Risking Any Investment Money

Learn a variety of strategies to begin earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to invest any money.

And how to combine these methods to maximize your earnings.

Nilus recommends this report as a good starting point for people who are on the fence about the merits of crypto investing. 

Weiss Crypto Investor, Special Report #1 - How to Earn Bitcoin Without Risking Any Investment Money

SPECIAL REPORT #2 – The Golden Crypto That Every Investor Should Consider in 2023

The Weiss Crypto Investor team explores a special type of crypto that’s fully backed by physical gold.

Every dollar of this crypto has a corresponding dollar of serial-numbered gold stored away in a vault.  And owners can cash out of this crypto for the gold whenever they like.

Mattive likens this cryptocurrency to a “digital version of a gold mutual fund or ETF.”

Weiss Crypto Investor, Special Report #2 - The Golden Crypto That Every Investor Should Consider in 2023

SPECIAL REPORT #3 – Three High-Rated Cryptos with Huge Upside Potential

In this report, the Weiss team spills all the details on their current top three lesser-known cryptos. 

Although these recommendations are definitely targeted at folks who feel like doing a bit of speculating, some of the team’s previous crypto picks have closed-out for huge gains of 333%, 1,148%, and 2,925%.

Weiss Crypto Investor, Special Report #3 - Three High-Rated Cryptos with Huge Upside Potential

The Weiss Crypto Daily

This five-day-a-week briefing keeps members updated on all the breaking news needed to stay on top of the always-changing crypto market.

Access to the Weiss Crypto Model Portfolio

This constantly-updated model portfolio lays out all of the team’s crypto recommendations based on their one-of-a-kind “scientific crypto ratings system.”

The Weiss Video Tutorial Series: How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors

This series of three, step-by-step videos is designed to teach subscribers the Weiss team’s “early-bird, backdoor method” for identifying the best undiscovered cryptocurrencies.

How Much is Weiss Crypto Investor? 

Normally priced at $129/year, during the current promotion memberships to Weiss Crypto Investor are being offered at two heavily discounted tiers.  

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP ($39/year) includes:

  • Digital copies of the Weiss Crypto Investor newsletter
  • The Weiss Daily Crypto update service
  • Access to the Crypto Model Portfolio
  • The 3 bonus reports
  • The special video tutorial series

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ($59/year) includes:

  • Everything included with the Standard Membership
  • Hard copy issues of the Weiss Crypto Investor newsletter mailed to your address

The choice between the two membership plans boils down to whether or not you’d like a physical copy of the newsletter.  If that’s not something you care about, the Standard Membership seems like the way to go. 

Memberships renew annually at $99/year unless canceled by the subscriber. 

Weiss Crypto Investor Refund Policy

Weiss Crypto Investor subscriptions come with a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee.  

If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel anytime within the first year of your subscription and receive a full refund.  

The bonus reports and all your issues of Weiss Crypto Investor are yours to keep even if you cancel. 

Where to Find Weiss Crypto Investor

Weiss Crypto Investor is produced by Nilus Mattive, Juan Villaverde and the team at Weiss Ratings.

In business for over 50 years, Weiss Ratings publishes financial newsletters engineered to:

“…guide subscribers to investments and strategies with the goal of preserving and growing their wealth with confidence.”

Go HERE to learn more about Weiss Crypto Investor and the team of analysts at Weiss Ratings.

In Summary

Weiss Crypto Investor’s current promotion is designed to help investors navigate a potentially historic opportunity in the crypto market.

Contrary to the opinions of naysayers proclaiming the death of crypto, Nilus Mattive and his team believe that the market is merely at a temporary bottom. 

Based on the predictions of the Weiss Ratings System and the similar adoption curves of past technologies such as the internet, Mattive has concluded that the current downturn is just the calm before the storm…

…and that the cryptos that survive this crash are primed for widespread adoption and an explosive growth in value.r

Mattive believes that investors who take advantage of this downturn could see life-changing gains akin to those produced by Apple and Amazon after they recovered from the 2001 dot-com bubble burst. 

To learn more about Nilus Mattive and his strategies and predictions for the crypto market, or to subscribe to Weiss Crypto Investor today, visit the official website.

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