America’s “Permanent Recession”



Former Goldman Sachs Director Reveals The REAL Reason Why 263 Million Americans Could Face a: 

“Permanent Recession” 

Nomi Prins here… 

After spending years as a former Goldman Sachs director… 

I must admit, life in America is not as it seems. 

And thanks to recent unprecedented decisions by a strange force of unelected officials…behind closed doors, in this building… 

Americans may now experience a level of financial insecurity and suffocation of freedoms bigger than the crisis of 2000… 2008… and 2020 – COMBINED. 

Months from now we may look back to – this moment – as the end of the middle class. 

Stephen Roach, a former chairman at Morgan Stanley, says: “U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before.”

Newsweek says: “[This] Will Be The End of American Freedom.”

And HuffPost says: “[This] Is Making The Rich Richer, and Leaving You Behind”

My investigation reveals Americans will be forced to make a drastic decision…

Become one of the ‘new poor' in America… 

Or ‘the new rich'. 

While everyone else could end up in “Permanent Recession.” 

This is why I traveled to Delray Beach, Florida to investigate this phenomenon, and reveal the TRUTH about what's happening across the nation… 

Unveiling a strange $40 trillion shift coming next to America… 

That will allow the rich to continue to get richer – all while millions of other Americans continue to suffer. 

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Nomi Prins
Editor, Rogue Economics

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